Glazer Wants Judge to Compel Suneel to Turn Over Collateral He May Possess

Does Suneel Chakravorty possess any collateral?

BROOKLYN – October 29, 2021; Attorney Neil Glazer of Kohn Swift and Graf of Philadelphia, the lead attorney in the civil lawsuit, Edmondson et al. v Raniere et al. filed a request to US District Judge Eric Komittee for authorization to issue a subpoena to Suneel Chakravorty, who he says he suspects has the collateral of one or more DOS slaves.

Chakravorty is not a party in the lawsuit. He has Raniere’s power of attorney.

Glazer expressed concern that Chakravorty “possesses and is sharing images of DOS collateral with others” including adult nude images of Camila.

Neil Glazer

Glazer wants the court to order Suneel to turn over to him on behalf of the plaintiffs:

  1. copies of all [nude] images of Camila and any other woman who was ever a member of DOS that are in his possession, custody or
  2. a bit-for-bit copy of any computer or storage device in his possession, custody or control that contains or ever contained such images;
  3. identification of every cloud storage service he has ever utilized or had access to in which such images are or have ever been stored;
  4. every communication concerning such images;
  5. a sworn affidavit identifying:
    1. Anyone he has shown, transferred or transmitted any copy of any such image,
    2. Anyone who showed, transferred or transmitted to him any copy of any such image, and
    3. Anyone he knows or believes has any images in their possession, custody or control, specifying the location and the media on which the images are stored.

The civil lawsuit seeks damages from Clare Bronfman, Sara Bronfman, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, Karen Unterreiner, Dr. Brandon Porter, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Nicki Clyne, for their roles in NXIVM and DOS.

The plaintiffs are Edmondson, Toni Natalie, Jessica Joan, India Oxenberg, Bonnie Piesse, Tabitha Chapman, Ashley Mclean, Ana Cecilia, Mark Vicente, Anthony Ames, four women whose first names only are being used in the complaint (Daniela, Camila, Souki, and Nicole), and some 50 Jane Does and 15 John Does.

[Ed. note: A motion was made by plaintiffs before Judge Komitee asking that plaintiffs be permitted to proceed using first names or pseudonyms. Glazer wants the civil court to adopt the same protocol for plaintiffs as Judge Nicholas Garaufis did for alleged victims in the criminal proceeding against Raniere. Judge Komittee has not ruled on that matter yet.]

Judge Eric Komittee will decide whether to allow the plaintiffs to subpoena Suneel Chakravorty.

In writing to Judge Komitee, Glazer expanded on issues he raised at a status conference on October 15th.

Glazer wrote in his letter about Chakravorty, “our concern with this individual is the high risk that if this evidence is not preserved, it may be transferred to others or destroyed.”

Glazer noted that Chakravorty, “who is not an attorney”, is “a former NXIVM member and associate of Defendant Keith Raniere…. [who] has been directing efforts to prepare and file on behalf of Raniere a motion for a new trial under Fed. R. Crim. P. 33, based on what he alleges is proof that the FBI tampered with evidence introduced at trial to support [racketeering predicate acts of] exploitation of a child, and…possession of child pornography.

“Those predicates concerned lewd photos taken by Raniere in 2005 of a then-fifteen-year-old Jane Doe victim who is a Plaintiff in this action, Camila. He [Suneel] purports to have hired experts who will opine that the metadata associated with these files was altered to reflect a 2005 creation date when they were allegedly created much later.”

Chakravorty publicly disclosed that he has reports from three forensic experts who support his theory that the FBI altered or tampered with photos on a Western Digital hard drive and camera card that were seized by the FBI in a raid on Raniere’s executive library in March 2018.  About 10 months later, the FBI discovered the hard drive contained 22 images of Camila which their forensic examiner said were taken in 2005, based on the EXIF data on the digital photos and other evidence. In 2005, Camila was 15.

Glazer continued, “The hard drive on which these files were stored is the subject of an inquiry by Judge Garaufis into whether the protective order he issued in the criminal proceeding has been violated.”

Chakravorty issued a statement on October 14th, claiming he never possessed a copy of the hard drive.

His statement was in response to Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar who filed a letter with US District Judge Nicholas G. Garuafis advising that she “received a report that Suneel Chakravorty, an associate of defendant Keith Raniere’s, is in possession of electronic discovery materials, including a copy of a hard drive that was produced to defense counsel pursuant to the Protective Order,”

In response, Judge Garaufis issued an order that “All current and former counsel of record for Mr. Raniere are DIRECTED to provide individual sworn declarations identifying any and all persons to whom information covered by the Protective Order was shown or provided to during the course of this litigation…  including a copy of a hard drive, to Mr. Raniere, to Suneel Chakravorty, or to any person not entitled to such material under the Protective Order.”

What concerns Glazer, however, is not that which is under inquiry by Judge Garaufis.  According to the government, the nude images of an adult Camila and possibly others are not discovery materials covered by the protective order in the criminal case.

“For this reason, these images are beyond the scope of Judge Garaufis’ current inquiry,” Glazer wrote. “… but are of equally serious concern: nude images of Camila taken when she was an adult and a DOS ‘slave… Such images were kept as ‘collateral,’ meant to enforce slaves’ compliance with all demands of their ‘masters,’ and to ensure their continued silence about DOS and what was taking place within the group. It is blackmail material, which the jury concluded was used to extort slaves.”

Camila’s master was Keith Raniere. She was one of eight first-line masters. DOS had 105 female members when it disbanded in 2017 and one male, Raniere.

Nicki Clyne

Glazer added, “DOS collateral was compiled and stored on hard drives, including drives possessed by a defendant in this action, Nicole Clyne, another vocal advocate for Raniere who Plaintiffs have learned currently resides with Mr. Chakravorty.

“We were recently informed that Mr. Chakravorty shared these images of Camila with one or more third parties. He apparently shared these images because they relate to other evidence of the child exploitation and child pornography predicates underlying Raniere’s racketeering conviction. The prosecution also presented to the jury later-dated photographs of Camila that showed a surgical scar on her abdomen from an appendectomy performed when she was sixteen years old. This evidence supported the prosecution’s contention that the lewd images of Camila were taken when she was younger than sixteen because those images did not show an abdominal scar.

“Mr. Chakravorty claims that the images he has shared do not show the scar, which he asserts somehow proves that the government may have altered the photos introduced at trial.

“We do not know how Mr. Chakravorty obtained these images. Nor do we know if he has, or has knowledge of the whereabouts of, other DOS collateral. The fact that he is co-habiting with Defendant Clyne (who was a DOS ‘master’) both explains how he obtained the images he shared with others and raises the concern that he may have or have access to other collateral. If this public supporter of Raniere possesses and is sharing images of DOS collateral with others, it is of grave concern. Not only is this collateral significant evidence in this action, but the mere possibility of its dissemination is a continual source of anxiety and trauma for all DOS victims, including Plaintiffs.

“We respectfully submit that these circumstances warrant prompt action, because (among other things) the proposed discovery may provide a basis for injunctive relief regarding the storage, safeguarding and ultimate disposition of this highly sensitive material.”


By injunctive relief, Glazer hopes to compel Chakravorty to surrender the DOS collateral or at least be forbidden to share it, should he possess it.

Frank Report contacted Chakravorty. He said he does not possess any DOS collateral and will issue a written statement concerning the matter.

“I believe in transparency,” Chakravorty told Frank Report. “I do not possess nude photos of Camila nor do I have any DOS members’ collateral or nude photos. There are a number of assumptions Mr. Glazer has made concerning myself that are not quite correct and I plan to set the record straight on Frank Report and possibly directly to the court.”



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  • Nicki Clyne and Suneel Chakravorty are a match made in heaven! ❤️

    Nicki was on a Sci-fi show and Suneel looks like a space alien.

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            How’re you doing you little alien 👽 looking douche bag? Did Keith teach bullying women is moral? Taunting Cami with her adult nudes is so moral. Are your parents proud of their Harvard boy, who became a fuck up? Don’t you have a sister? What if someone was holding nude pics of her over her head?

            You are an ugly little sniveling, coward, who picks on women.

          • Suneel-

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        • Thanks for sharing. But you’re not too old to start investigating $cientology’s crimes. It is a fine hobby.

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        Take care!


        I wouldn’t have written the rap, if I had known you are you, I just realized it.

        Take care!

      • Pyriel-

        Suneel seemed so familiar and then it hit me. 🧑🏽‍🔬=👽

        Side Note: Suneel has a multimillion dollar pad in NYC. It’s not hard to understand why he and Nicki are roommates. LOL

        Happy Halloween 🎃 from across the pond!!!

  • The two of them as roomates has had me laughing for hours…there are just so many jokes to make pondering their daily life together. Seriously though, is Suneel Felix Unger and is NC Oscar? Nah, Nicki isn’t as funny as the Oscar character. Truly a miserable odd couple.

  • Suneel’s Sick Collateral Game…

    Suneel is playing a very sick game with the DOS blackmail collateral. It’s a childish game of, “I got it, I don’t got it”, which 5-year-olds play with parents. Suneel has alluded, many a time, to possessing the blackmail material of the DOS women, and when he’s confronted – he always plays coy.

    “No, I’ve never held any collateral. I have never said anything of the sort.” -Suneel

    I call it a “sick game”, when someone pretends to hold blackmail material, over the heads of victims, like an ANVIL, which can be dropped at any moment.

    The women are fearful of having their false confessions and pornographic photos released and Suneel relishes in this fear. After all, they hurt his Vanguard, and Suneel is making them pay.

    Once upon a time, I believed Suneel to be a good person, caught up in a cult.

    Now, I know better. He’s a smug zealot who relishes in the taunting and tormenting of women by playing a very sick game.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Allison Mack is actually in a better position than Nicki Clyne right now?

    Yes, Allison is in prison. But she doesn’t live with Suneel.

    And Allison will be free soon enough. Nicki will be chained to Keith and all of this for the foreseeable future.

    I think I’d rather do a short prison term and move on, than be living with Suneel and Michelle and whoever else and clinging to the past and Keith forever.

    Allison will be out in the world eventually. Dating, hanging with her family. Working.

    Nicki will still be visiting prisons and acting a fool. Defending Keith and Nxivm.


    • Allison is in a better position than Nicki. As you say, she is out of the cult. She paid a high price for her enlightenment (or survival), but an end is in sight.

  • Whenever you have the urge to type in the word “collateral” please put in parentheses (blackmail material).

    For example “X has the collateral (blackmail material).”

    This statement conveys the true essence of the NXIVM case.

  • Now Nicki Clyne wants on the Law Suit Band Wagon

    Twitter two days ago

    Looking for an ace civil attorney. Bonus points if they take pleasure in debunking defamatory lies and exposing bogus media narratives.

  • Co-habiting with Nicki explains so much. “I was never in possession of the collateral … but the person in possession of the collateral is 5 feet away from me right now.”

  • Suneel and ‘transparency’? As it turns out, he has a power of attorney for KR, so can anyone really believe he’s unbiased, and ‘only’ spending his time in search of ‘justice’? Should his vested interest not have been declared in the spirit of ‘transparency’? All of Suneel’s evasions (how reminiscent of KR himself – he learned well at the feet of the master/s) will mean nothing unless he’s compelled to testify under oath … and even then. Sorry, Suneel, I started out sympathetic and ready to give you the benefit of the doubt that you came from a good (if a little deluded) heart, now … not so much anymore.

  • Suneel might not have in his possession any collateral or hard drive now.

    He would have had to have seen it and shown it to others to have written his stories and to have the other Raniere faithful say they also believe the data was “messed with by the FBI agent” because they had seen it with their own eyes.

    Even Frank says he was shown it by Suneel in his last post.

    So who gave this “data” to Suneel? He never signed a protective order to see it from Raniere’s attorneys. It would have been a no-no for the experts to show it to Suneel Chakravorty.

  • Suneel is right about the EXIF data being changed, but he doesn’t realize who is behind it. Scientology. They have lots of plants throughout the federal government. Search for “Operation Snow White.” They will also put child porn and other documents on his computer. He doesn’t realize how much danger he is in. Search for “Paulette Cooper.”

  • Look at those eyes. How could you not believe every word he writes?!

    Plus, he’s been trained by The Smartest Most Ethical Man on the Planet.

    Case closed.

    Poor Suneel is being harassed.

    I hope he runs for president.

  • W Nicki Clyne? And why, pray tell, would a supposedly successful entrepreneur who sold a business for a tidy sum and from a moneyed family need a roommate?

      • They have much in common: their love for Keith and they’re both good dancers. Suneel won’t get lucky because of Nicki’s vow to Keith.

          • Umm, it’s been said he’s married and has a child previously here also your stalking skills have been known to be incorrect in the past.
            Because someone dances, doesn’t mean they’re gay (Patrick Swayze was an excellent dancer). It’s just an exampl, so don’t go crazy.

          • Huntingforpeople2:

            Yeah, gay men never marry women and start families to hide their sexuality. Never been done. Especially in cultures who condemn that lifestyle. Suneel doesn’t exactly carry himself like Patrick Swayze though, does he? I wonder how many straight men shake their ass outside of a prison for another man….

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