Marc Elliot: My Story – NXIVM, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, and the ‘Tourette’s Project’

By Marc Elliot 

This is not my first appearance on Frank Report. In the autumn of 2020, some friends and I agreed to work with Frank, despite him being a man who hurt my friends and I.  Our mutual interest was, and is, to investigate possible due process violations against Keith Raniere.

I’ve never made a personal statement on the FR before.

Tourette’s Syndrome 

Starting in 2012, with a team of people in NXIVM, we undertook a mission to help people overcome Tourette’s syndrome, a debilitating neurological disorder, using an entirely talk-based therapy. It had excellent results with a small group of people living with Tourettes. 

Perhaps the most lamentable collateral damage of the destruction of NXIVM, which in part was caused by Frank Parlato, is that the “Tourette’s Project” stopped. This project is dear to my heart, based on my own transformation, and how we helped others.

I want it to continue. 

My life with Tourettes


Nancy Salzman and Marc Elliot

NXIVM, Keith Raniere, and Nancy Salzman [above] provided me the opportunity to live a previously unimaginable life.   

With the recent release on YouTube of the documentary, My Tourette’s,” I felt this was the right time to discuss the project.  I also want to address a controversial topic, which is how two of the Tourette’s syndrome candidates who appeared in the documentary have turned against NXIVM and examine how they and the Tourette’s documentary are part of a civil lawsuit against former NXIVM leaders.

Link to Civil Suit Against NXIVM

To date, most readers of Frank Report know me based on how others label me or how I’ve been portrayed in the media — as a brainwashed loyalist, under the influence of mind control, just a gullible follower.  

Critics of Keith Raniere suggest he does more than lead followers but, instead, brainwashes them. Here is an artist’s lampooning depiction of Raniere, after having washed their brains, carefully drying the brains of three followers, prior to his returning them to their heads. I believe the yellow brain is supposed to be mine.

Sadly, because of what I stand for, I’ve had some people say they wish I would commit suicide. 

Dude misspelled the word weak as :week”, but other than that his message is clear.


Thus, I asked Frank if I could share more about my life since there is so much misunderstanding about me, my association with NXIVM, and the Tourette’s Project.  He agreed.

My Journey

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, I was blessed with a wonderful family and support system.  I had every opportunity provided for me. I played sports, had a wonderful group of friends, and did well in school. My upbringing did not look that different from many other upper-middle class families, aside from the fact that I lived with Tourette’s Syndrome.  

At the age of nine, I was diagnosed with a mild case of Tourette’s, which is considered by the medical community as a genetic, neurological, involuntary and incurable disorder that manifests in vocal and motor physical outbursts known as “tics.”  As I got older, my tics got worse, resulting in violent head shaking, hip-thrusting, and eventually profanity and racial slurs, which only a subset of individuals with Tourette’s exhibit. It is known as corporalia. 

By the age of 15, my Tourette’s was severe. I was ticcing multiple times per minute, making verbal noises and painful body trashes. Though I hated them, I couldn’t stop for more than a few minutes at time.

Tourette’s  challenged me on a daily, even hourly, basis, but I strived to live a normal life and pursue my dreams.  By the time I was a senior in high school, I was captain of the varsity tennis team, student body president, and starred in a lead of our school play “Noises Off.”  

Even though I developed a tight knit group of friends who accepted me despite my Tourettes, there was still life outside that small group.  In public, I faced a variety of discrimination, prejudice and mockery due to my uncontrollable tics. The hardest and most painful part was dealing with the uncontrollable profanity and offensive slurs.  I offended strangers.  I offended loved ones.  And even if people knew my struggle, it didn’t take away the “sting” of hearing those uncontrollable words. 

At the age of 17, my tics were so bad I got kicked off of a public bus for ticcing the n-word and had to find my own ride home from Indianapolis back to St. Louis after attending camp over the summer with friends.

With my family behind me from day one, I formed a belief that I had to be my own advocate no matter how difficult the circumstances.  This inspired me to take responsibility in every situation to create the most comfortable environment for myself and others. 

By the time I graduated high school, I had spoken to various schools and organizations around St. Louis to raise awareness about Tourette’s syndrome.  I enjoyed educating people about Tourettes and my struggle. I knew that as people became aware of my condition, it would ultimately make my life and other people living with Tourette’s easier.  These talks would eventually create the foundation for a way I could help others in the future. 

After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, I began to apply to medical schools hoping to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a surgeon. Thinking I would be committing the next 10 years to training, I decided to take a year off to apply and take the Medical College Admission Test. 

In that year, I also imagined continuing to speak in and around St. Louis and perhaps turning this into something bigger – a professional speaking career in the interim.

After putting together a marketing packet, with the title “Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Noises,” with the help of a family friend who owned a printing business, and with my best friend calling high schools around the country pretending to be my agent, we booked 20 engagements during an eight week period in the spring of 2009 in major cities across the U.S. 

The presentation took my experience of living with Tourette’s and being different to convey a message of how little we know about each other’s lives.  The presentation resonated, I think, with students around the country and I decided to not pursue medical school.

I felt I could help people more emotionally and psychologically than physiologically.  At the age of 23, I moved to Manhattan to become an inspirational speaker and never looked back on that decision. Within my first year, I booked almost 70 speaking engagements around the nation and got picked up by a top college speaking agency.  Within two years I was named 2011 College Speaker of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine.  

My presentation, eventually named “What Makes You Tic?”, seemed to captivate audiences of all ages around the nation.  

While at a college speaking conference in Portland, Oregon, I met a fellow speaker who introduced me to Executive Success Programs (ESP), a course on emotional intelligence. ESP is one of the companies under the NXIVM umbrella. 

Over the ensuing months, we became friends and had many conversations about the things I wanted to improve and change in myself.  Even though I was an inspirational speaker, like many people, I had a lot of self hate and judgement about myself.  Through conversations with him, he helped me see that ESP could help me transform those judgements. I decided to take the course. Nowhere on my radar was the possibility of overcoming Tourette’s through courses on emotions or limiting beliefs.

After taking the initial 16-day ESP course, spread over the summer in 2010 in NYC and Albany, I began to see dramatic decreases in my tics.  I still had Tourettes but I began to perceive my neurological condition differently.  After another school year  of speaking engagements, I took additional, higher level NXIVM courses in the summer of 2011 in Albany.  

After two weeks of back-to-back courses, where I worked on my Tourette’s every day, I walked out of those trainings with my tics down around 90%.  The day after, I took a train from Albany to Washington D.C. for a speaking engagement.  Entering the train station in Albany, I walked to the center of the cavernous station and stood peacefully and silently.  For the first time in 20 years in a public space, I was anonymous. I wasn’t ticcing.

Thankfully, my speaking career didn’t end.  Over the next two years I continued to travel across the country to schools to spread a message of tolerance; however, at the beginning of each presentation, I now had to show a video of my life with Tourettes, as one could no longer tell I had lived a single day with Tourettes.

I had to show a video of me ticcing to audiences when I lectured for I no longer ticced.

During that time period I also self-published a book “What Makes You Tic?”  My Journey From Tourettes to Tolerance.  

From 2009 to 2014, I had around 450 paid speaking engagements across the nation.  At the age of 25, living without Tourettes, having traveled to 45 states and abroad to speak, I made the decision to temporarily “retire” from public speaking. 

Though I loved speaking to audiences, I wanted to give to other individuals the same type of permanent breakthroughs I experienced with the tools of ESP. Thus, I stopped speaking and began spending most of my time learning to become a trainer in ESP, starting in the spring of 2014.  

It wasn’t long after I made that decision, I teamed up with Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Brandon Porter and Clare Bronfman to see if what happened to my Tourettes could be replicated with other individuals with Tourette’s syndrome.   I worked with the Ethical Science Foundation (ESF), started by Clare Bronfman, to find other people with Tourettes and fund their training with the hope that we could help alleviate the pain of Tourettes for others.   

Brandon Porter, Carysa Long, Marc Elliot, Nancy Salzman, Isabella Constantino, Peter Antico. Long, Constantino and Antico, as well as myself, all achieved remarkable relief from ticcing.

Within a year, I found someone with Tourettes and the team replicated exactly what had happened to me. The team consisted of Nancy Salzman, Brandon Porter and myself, and, of course, taking direction from Keith. We could not have been more ecstatic with the results we witnessed. Neither could the young individual whose symptoms of Tourette’s, like mine, all but disappeared.  

The person came to Albany over a summer and went onto freshman year of college where no one knew they had Tourettes.  

Our team didn’t stop there. 

Over the next four years, with the ongoing financial assistance of Clare Bronfman, we replicated the results with 10 other individuals with severe Tourettes including a 12 year old.  With these unprecedented and extraordinary results, a filmmaker, Allesandro Molatore, began to document all of this early on, from the start of the therapy to its successful culmination. 

The film, My Tourette’s, took almost three years to complete. I had the privilege of being an assistant producer on the film.  It had its international debut at the Cinequest Film festival in California in 2017.  The film went on to other film festivals around the world and won awards at the Harlem and Milan film festivals.  

Within the documentary, people get to have a front row seat to watch people overcoming this unexplainable neurological disorder.  Using the techniques of Rational Inquiry, using a methodology consisting of only conversations, people got to witness what seems like a miracle, right in front of their eyes. 

At each film festival, moviegoers left in awe.    

For all 10 of the individuals, I played a role in helping them beat Tourette’s.  I stood as the example of how it was possible, and took each of them under my wing as their mentor, as they began their own journey to beat Tourette’s.  

Never in my wildest of dreams did I think I could help people this way.   Instead of using a scalpel, I found a different way to help be part of giving someone a “new life”.   

How could I not be grateful? I ticced an estimated 25 million times in my life and Keith Raniere devised a method that helped me stop ticcing.

So, yes, I am grateful to NXIVM, ESP, and, in particular, to Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman. Over the 20 years I suffered from Tourette’s, I ticced an estimated 25 million times and attempted everything under the sun to get rid of it.

My family took me to the best doctors in the nation, at Yale, Baylor, and Washington University to find treatments.  I tried everything.

Throughout middle school and high school, I took intense neuroleptic medications that sedated me and almost cost me a 5th year of high school.  At one point, I had a medically induced depression where I thought about suicide for the first time in my life.  I tried habit reversal, a type of cognitive behavior therapy.  In high school, I tried marijuana and even got Botox injections straight into my vocal chords and neck. 

Though I tried everything, nothing came close to the tools in NXIVM created by Keith Raniere.  Thus, I have a deep appreciation for Keith and Nancy, who helped me have a new life in a very different way. 

I do not know how anyone could expect me to feel differently about them other than to feel gratitude and enormous respect. 

In my next article, I will try to answer the question of why we released the Tourette’s film now.  In short, there are two reasons: the Frank Report and a woman named Carysa Long. 

Marc Elliot and Carysa Long.

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  • Tourette’s is typically treated with CBT. If they helped you it was by using rudimentary CBT methods. It is not difficult. Although that woman was a “nurse” and not qualified or licensed or allowed to be a therapist, she was acting as one prior to forming a brainwashing cult, and she knew enough to do easy treatment. It’s a shame you had not found a rudimentary simple therapist who knew something about CBT for Tourettes: you would not have supported a crooked pyramid scheme that featured slavery, rape, child abuse, adult abuse, mind control, and was about to get worse as the psychopath who founded it was getting ready to build a torture chamber to use alongside his isolation room where your group kept a young brainwashed and tortured girl alone for 2 years.

  • Taking the tools that helped you, replicating them and using them to help others is completely understandable.

    Supporting Keith and Nancy isn’t.

    They are criminals who have destroyed and damaged many, many more lives than they’ve enhanced.

    Their therapeutic methods were scavenged and stolen from elsewhere, so there is nothing particularly unique to them to be grateful for.

    Your story, sold as a cure (just another lie), was used to legitimize a criminal organisation that existed in order to abuse people. Your story was used to recruit people who were then financially, psychologically, emotionally and sexually abused. How can you continue to legitimise and support those crimes and the criminals who used you?

    However much good the tools you gained did you, it’s inconceivable that you would still support the criminals who gave them to you.

    There has to be a way for you to preserve the good without allying yourself with a malignant narcissist rapist.

  • Marc,

    This was so well written and you could tell it came from the heart. I empathize what you went through when it came to your tourettes. I’m glad that you found a treatment that was able to help you overcome your Tics, which I know can be debilitating at times. Have you ever considered creating a workbook to help others?

    Please ignore those on here who are mocking your condition, as I have learned people who would behave like that towards others over a medical condition, have lost a piece of humanity.

    I can understand from your perspective why you feel the way you do and its a tough situation, mainly because of the help they gave you to overcome your Tics and how that changed your life, and then of course how everything else unfolded with Keith.

    I hope your Tics have continued to stay away and I wish you the best moving forward. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • @Marc it’s understandable that you believe you owe a lot to Nancy. Given that, do you really think Frank Report is the place you want to publish your articles? Look at this article by frank All he is doing in this one is creating a case for forgery and deceit where there is in all likelihood none. I do not know about the other letters, but it sounds extremely plausible that Nancy’s mom either asked or gave someone permission to write a letter in support of Nancy, on her behalf, if she was not in a place to do it herself. However, rather than considering that obvious scenario, Frank is attempting to pain an ugly picture where there is no need for one. Keeping all this in mind, do you really think your actions are supportive of Nancy, or that they show a willingness to negatively impact the life of Nancy, because to you rescuing Keith Raniere is more important? Are you sure, you are really doing the right thing by working with Frank on this?

  • Marc, you never even talked specifically about what “tools” helped you.

    All you did was talk about yourself and nxivm.

  • Marc, Wait a second! You were accepted and attended Washington University! One of the best schools in the United States! If I was your family, I would have been super disappointed that you took time off. Wash U literally would have fast-tracked you once you were in….wow… and you walked away. Maybe you wouldn’t have been a surgeon but you certainly could have used the school to do your own studies and likely you may have found NLP and hypnosis on your own and been a leader in Tourettes backed by University money as opposed to Claire $. As a parent, I am floored. What a missed opportunity.

  • If this all weren’t so tragic to so many, it would be hilarious. Here’s a clue for you, pretty boy Elliot…IDIOT! (oops, that’s MY Touette’s coming through): Your genius guru, Mr. Keith Raniere, is a psycho, sex-fiend PEDOPHILE doing 120 tics in a Federal prison. His partner, one Nancy Salzman — your “My Tourettes” co-star — is a fake RN, she-sheister poised to start serving her prison sentence for her CONVICTION on RACKETEERING charges, and your film fatale financier – remember Clare something, that butt-ugly, Seagrams billion heiress? – is serving out her own 7-year sentence for something or other – probably due to the influence of her estranged, embarrassed, criminal elitist family who should have cut her off and offed your mutual guru decades ago, before the fatality rate among you NXIANs began to mount to relatively epic proportions among self-help cults.

    As you may already know, Tourette’s Syndrome mainly manifests in ADOLESCENTS — children and teens of the age your pedo-peddling partners prefer to corrupt, molest and proffer from through sexual blackmail — and, typically resolves in adulthood. (So much so that medical researchers believe it is neurologically related to adolescent hormones and stresses.) From “Girls By Design” to “Rainbow Culture Garden” down to baby-fucking proclamations made by your imprisoned Guru / Master, currently enjoying a long stint in ‘the SHU’ – perhaps there is a pattern here that has surely not gone entirely undetected by criminal law enforcement experts?

    But don’t let any of that spook you from your quest for Stardom…break-a-leg, kiddo, you’ve got a Hollywood Hit on your hands!

    • Do you have any evidence to back up your claim that Tourette’s Syndrome mainly manifests in adolescents and is typically resolved by adulthood?

      • I think the bigger point is that Keith liked to get his grubby hands all over anything that had to do with teenage girls. You probably know best – does this fit the pattern? The fact that boys get Tourettes more than girls may just be a convenient cover?

    • Your statements about tourettes/Tics is incredibly uneducated and the fact that you mocked what Tics are is disgusting. You are an example of why people face mental health stigma.

      I don’t typically comment at all, but your post was insulting to those who do live with tourette syndrome.

  • Marc,

    If the “therapy” actually worked, then it is due to your efforts and not Keith Raniere’s. Keith is an incredibly skilled charlatan, and probably not much more. Hopefully, you will come to realize this on your own, but at least you are safe from Keith now.

  • Re: My Defense of Marc Elliot:

    In my opinion, Marc Elliot is the only person from Nxivm who has a valid excuse for still supporting Keith and Nancy. He believes they cured him, I can’t blame him for remaining an adherent.

    Marc is the only member of Nxivm to actually try to do something for other people, besides just defending Keith.

    All the rest of the Nxivm members aren’t doing a damn thing to help anyone, except to defend a rapist/pedophile.

    Marc is the only member of Nxivm I have not ridiculed, and never will, because I don’t believe he is an asshole (ass 🤡).

    Hypnosis and self-hypnosis have been proven, scientifically, to help victims of this horrible disease. Stanford University Medical School has proven hypnosis is an effective treatment that works.

    Therefore, I wish Marc the best of luck in helping other victims of Tourettes.

    FYI: If Marc helps out only one person, his time has been well spent!

    • Agree. I’ll add that one thing neuro-linguistic programming is good for is interrupting patterns. Things like Tourettes, stuttering, MPD/DID, etc. are typically helped by interrupting the pattern that sets off the issue.

    • Yeah, you’re right. There’s no way to blame someone who defends a child rapist as long as that someone feels the rapist did them a favor.

      • — Yeah, you’re right. There’s no way to blame someone who defends a child rapist as long as that someone feels the rapist did them a favor

        I said I wasn’t going to ridicule him. I didn’t say I condoned his support of Keith Raniere.

        There’s a big difference.

    • It’s not a disease. It’s a neurological condition. There is no cure. There is treatment. Most likely he would have grown out of it.

      There is no way to translate Nxivm intensives into a financially and practical treatment for almost anyone.

      • Such a carefully reasoned position based on science will not be popular on the Frank Report. There are too many believers in Stone Age religions and New Age poppycock here.

        • Sorry to offend your highly educated self. Maybe Marc could have been better helped by sitting on a couch and talking to somebody a few times a week throughout his teens and twenties. That may have produced some results for him.

          Why is it so hard to recognize that virtually every therapy will work at least some of the time? It’s so hard to admit for people, that they blindly attack someone’s first-hand account if it doesn’t align with their Junior year textbook.

          • I didn’t have the opportunity to attend school beyond the 7th grade, but that hasn’t stopped me from reading.

            Sorry if that offends your illogical self.

            Nothing irritates both intellectuals and anti-intellectuals more than a guy who can build a plane from the wheels up and land it in the middle of nowhere in Alaska in the dead of winter while also quoting Freud and Jung (both visionary, but wrong).

  • Marc, Alanzo, Suneel, Eduardo and Chris Ambrose walking hand-in-hand through the lovely corn fields of Illinois with their shirts off, shaking their booties to house music.

  • Marc-

    It’s incredible that you were able to get over your tics. I have no doubt that you hold Nancy and Keith in high regard due to their impact on your Tourette’s.

    However, I have such a hard time understanding why you continue to support them. I know you keep saying that the truth will come but I have some more questions for you. Nippy and Sarah recruited you and your brothers into Nxivm- what is it that they have shared that you disagree with? What about Allison Mack accepting her wrongdoing? Do you disagree with her experience?

    What are your thoughts about Keith’s harem? Were you privy to this? Was it surprising to you that he had intimate relationships with all these women? Or do you discredit the women who gave their impact statements?

  • “As I got older, my tics got worse, resulting in violent head shaking, hip-thrusting, and eventually profanity and racial slurs, which only a subset of individuals with Tourette’s exhibit. It is known as corporalia.”

    Into whom were you thrusting your hips?

    The Frank Report Wack Pack? Suneel? Eduardo? Alanzo?

    • Mocking someone’s medical condition just shows how low of a person you are.

      Frank, I’m shocked you are okay with this type of behavior. It’s never okay to allow someone to mock people with a medical condition.

  • Hi Marc
    I don’t know much about Tourette’s other than seeing people with it and feeling a bit awkward not knowing what to do for them but to be friendly towards them.

    I cannot watch another thing with Keith and Nancy in it, they sicken me. I once respected and looked up to them. Once I discovered what they were doing behind the training program of NXIVM, I lost all respect for them and will never uphold them ever again.

    Did I gain tools and insight, yes? Do people I know grow and it changed their lives, of course? Everyone I know who went through NXIVM has now denounced NXIVM, Keith, and Nancy due to their criminal, bad behavior, the destruction they did to people’s lives, and the lies they told to countless others.

    The good does not outweigh the bad in this situation and they along with Clare Bronfman and the others must pay for what they did to others.

    Because I didn’t know much about Tourette’s I went online and did some research. I went to several websites and I found some good information. One thing that came up in all the websites is that
    • “Although there is no cure for Tourette syndrome (TS), the condition in many individuals improves in the late teens and early twenties. As a result, some may become symptom-free or no longer need medication for tic suppression.”

    • Behavioral treatments such as awareness training and competing response training can be used to reduce tics. A recent NIH-funded, multi-center randomized control trial called Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT) showed that training to voluntarily move in response to a premonitory urge can reduce tic symptoms. Other behavioral therapies, such as biofeedback or supportive therapy, have not been shown to reduce tic symptoms. However, supportive therapy can help a person with TS better cope with the disorder and deal with the secondary social and emotional problems that sometimes occur.

    • Psychotherapy can help individuals cope with the disorder and deal with accompanying problems or conditions, including ADHD, depression, anxiety, and OCD.
    With this being said Marc, it is possible that your time with NXIVM was the right time for you with Your Awareness Training and Your Age for you and those that became symptom-free as others have from their TS and it is NXIVM that was the Magically Cure you are claiming it to be.

    Let’s face it, Marc, you have made money off of your time in NXIVM as a speaker, enrolling others into NXIVM and as a trainer. Now you want to promote your film on YouTube for what reason? NXIVM is a dead horse that is getting a beat down. So now you want to get paid for ads on YouTube for driving people to your site?

    This is sad and doesn’t make you much different than Keith, Nancy, or Clare.

    • “Did I gain tools and insight, yes? Do people I know grow and it changed their lives, of course?

      Tribal thinking is all-or-nothing thinking – the 2-poled, non-nuanced thinking of a fanatic.

      Both cults and anticults think this way.

      “If Keith and Nancy suck, then all of NXIVM sucks and anyone who ever says anything good about their experience in NXIVM sucks, too.”

      This is just stupid.

      It’s the thinking of a blind retard.

      Reason is achieved on a case by case basis, no matter who, or which tribe, benefits.

      The truth is NEVER tribal.

      Stop it.


    • It does not usually improve as they get older. That implies the condition goes away, and it does not. Tics cause the individual steps, anxiety, and depression. Depending on the severity it can also cause safety concerns as well.

      CBIT is the typical treatment for Tics and it doesn’t cure an individual, and they can face numerous relapses throughout their life

  • Marc,

    If you wanted to be a doctor and a surgeon, why not now?

    If your Tourette’s is no longer an issue preventing you from this dream, go for it.

    In the long run, would you not be helping people in a way that you cannot now?

    Or is this a Would Of, Should Of, Could Of, Story you like to tell people that really isn’t true but sounds good in your story of impossibilities with someone in your situation when you wanted to apply.

    Really Marc, a surgeon who had tics as bad as yours: what were you thinking? How unsafe would that be?

    Sounds like a doctor Keith Raniere would like in his experiments and Clare Bronfman would support.

    • Just Sayin’

      There is no reason Marc cannot go on and accomplish his dreams. This is the exact problem with programs like Nxivm.

      Ostensibly, one is enrolled to achieve goals. Eliminate obstacles in their lives. Improve relationships.

      But people get stuck. The goal becomes taking even more costly courses. The obstacles morph and proliferate. The relationships become insular and worshipful of whoever is the leader of “the movement” or “invented the tech”.

      People get derailed in cults. Or defined by the group and in Marc’s case – what should be his past. You overcome a limitation in order to leave it behind. Not wallow in it. That is the whole point of lifting a roadblock to your dreams. To move on and to make them a reality.

      Why can’t they do anything without Keith?

      That’s the difference between a guide/teacher and a cult leader. One promotes independence from them. A mentor hopes a protege will surpass them. A cult leader demands eternal dependence. And “tribute”. That was/is so important to Keith Raniere. Getting ALL of the credit.

  • Alanzo, why aren’t you defending Chris Ambrose from the Anti-Cult Cultists hungry for blood BLOOD BBLLOOOOOODD?!

    Why do you only defend rapist Keith Raniere?

    Who is paying you?

    • Alanzo’s play is being the opposite of everyone else. He likes to be the rub. It’s what gives him joy in life.

      Keith Raniere is his hero and Keith’s followers are his buddies.

      That is why the Frank Report has become his camping site. He enjoys being the defender of NXIVM and the arrested leadership

      Go figure for a so-called ex-cult guy. What is up with this guy is beyond so many of us.

  • Stop giving these liars press time to continue their dangerous cult propaganda. Interesting he mentioned all the medical assessments and treatments but not therapy programs that nxivm repackaged as their own. I can only imagine how he will degrade his 2 friends who are alleging abuse.

    He is an enthusiast for spiritual, financial, emotional, sexual and therapy abuse. He cannot see how his own ego and self-love prevent him from having empathy towards others.

    Has he read or truly listened to the impact statements made by others? Has he considered the ridiculous lies told by the sex perv? They are so gross.

  • Why is Marc Elliot sharing his story on FRANK REPORT, the site that took down Keith Raniere for his many legal and moral crimes??

    Of all places. Why?

    • Regarding, why write articles for the Frank Report?

      There are two very good reasons Suneel and Eduardo are writing articles for the Frank Report:

      1. Suneel and Eduardo are attempting to sanitize their search results so that only these semi-positive positive articles come up. If individuals read the negative ones, they’ll discount the negative articles.

      2. The second reason is obvious, the two gentlemen are trying to increase their SEO rankings.

      This current endeavor is Suneel’s idea. Suneel is a clever one. His idea started to work immediately. That’s why the other “two” joined Suneel. Sneaky Suneel!

  • Marc – is it possible to feel gratitude and enormous respect towards Keith and Nancy AND simultaneously recognize that they did bad shit?

    Even Nancy finally sees who Keith really is. You can take the good out of NXIVM, use the good to help others, and not support the bad. By standing next to and supporting Keith, you are supporting the bad, and it is blocking you from positively impacting others.

    • Hahahaha!

      You buy this horseshit, Nutjob? Come on! You are too smart for that.

      Tourette’s doesn’t work the way he claims.

      He’s lying all the way to the bank.

      Please tell me you aren’t an Alanzo sock puppet. Please.

      • What is the horseshit you refer to? The only horseshit I see are the blinders Marc continues to rock in regards to the third best problem solver in the world.

        • Dearest Nut Job,

          Anonymous 1:44pm is not me!

          I’m done arguing with you. I’ve given up. 😉

          Yours forever,

          Nicest Guy

          • To Everyone:

            Marc truly believes Raniere and Nancy cured him. He’s not budging! You all have a better chance of parting the sea – or making Clare Bronfman beautiful – than you do of getting Marc to see the light.

          • You can always tell the Scientology stalkers by the way they post links to supposedly Scientology-critical websites that are secretly controlled by OSA.

    • Hi Nutjob, I think it is absolutely possible to believe they did bad things and hold a space for them in my heart, knowing how they helped me. To date though, I don’t believe they have done bad things and many top lawyers across the nation believe that as well. No there is no evidence to support these charges against Keith. Right now I understand that’s hard believe with the narrative that exists but in time that will come out.

      • Oh, dear God. So much worse than I thought, Marc. Nancy admitted guilt. Was she lying?

        Name these, “top lawyers across the nation”. Please.

        And do you mean the defendants’ paid lawyers? Lol.

      • “ To date though, I don’t believe they have done bad things ”

        Have you read the court proceedings and victim statement? Even if you don’t believe half of it, it’s still overwhelming evidence.

        Marc is cured of TS but his years in NXIVM have infected him with another disease.

        • I think we should separate Keith from Marc’s story. Keith is a separate issue I feel.

          Only because this is a personal story. I’m not trying to disrespect anyone who has been impacted by Keith.

      • The perv had top lawyers. He had a jury of his peers (even though they probably didn’t sexually abuse underage Cami). The jury listened and reviewed the evidence presented by the prosecutors and defended by top defense lawyers.

        The narrative and facts were presented at the trial. It’s so sweet you have a place in your heart for this creep. I can’t imagine any of these victims having to be sexually abused by this man. Or, having to pose a certain way to satisfy the kinks of this man.

        Cami is not lying.

        Dani is not lying.

        You have sold your soul. God’s wrath awaits you.

        • To clarify, Nxivm did not “CURE” Tourettes. Keith did not “CURE” Tourettes. Nancy did not “CURE” Tourettes. ESP did not “CURE” Tourettes.

          To date, there is no “cure” for Tourettes.

          There is treatment.

          As many comments have previously documented, these treatments include similar practices to Nxivm’s.

          Often people with Tourettes simply age out of it.

          Some people with Tourettes may not even feel they need to be “fixed”.

          But again… Nxivm did not “CURE” anything.

          The courses were a “treatment” and Marc believes it worked for him.

          It was not a scientific study. There were no medical evaluations. Before. Or after. No baseline was established. No accounting for how or why people were asked to participate. No peer review. No follow-up data. No control group…

          It was kinda, sorta a loose social experiment with one desired outcome that skewed very, very, very heavily toward it succeeding.

          And a movie. Entertainment.

          Clare’s money was spent only with the full and unquestioned predetermined result of it proving Keith’s genius and ESP/Nxivm being validated.

          That is the exact opposite of how an objective scientific study should or would be conducted.

          IF anything was “proven,” it is only that one person (who also has a financial/career motive heavily invested) benefited.

          That’s it. That is the absolute only positive outcome that one could claim.

          And you would have to include making the movie into the equation of that outcome.

          It’s not practical to scale or duplicate. Even IF it benefited one man.

          And it’s not a “cure” for Tourettes.

      • @Marc it’s a wonderful view to hold those who have helped you in your heart, even if they have done bad things. I would though question in that case, how have you been holding space in your heart for those who used to be your friends whom you believe to have hurt you or your current selected few friends, as a result of the events of the past few years? Have you worked to build the relationships that have broken up, or have you only been punishing them / protecting yourself by creating distance?

        Why are you posting at Frank Report even though there are numerous avenues in today’s world to post your articles and views? Don’t you think that knowing how much some of your friends have been negatively affected by how Frank writes about your friends, is a good reason to use another platform? Is it not an act of choosing to negatively impact their lives by continuing to post on Frank Report?

    • He is a Oblivious to anyone else’s pain. He doesn’t care and continues his evil descent. Does he dare look into the eyes of Cami and Dani or their vagina’s since keith the perv had a fondness for those pictures.

  • Marc-

    Did Nancy Salzman teach you self-hypnosis?

    Self-hypnosis is a valuable tool in treating tics. I am sincerely curious – and would greatly appreciate an answer. Thank you!

  • Hi Marc,

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. NXIVM clearly changed your life in all the best ways. It can be so difficult to make sense of someone being so good and helpful and also engaging in abuse. So many families go through a similar situation, for example, a man who is a wonderful and loving father to his son, while also sexually abusing his daughter. Both can be true. Picasso was a genius artist and a misogynist. Hitler was a vegetarian. The examples are endless. But when it is someone that you personally benefited from so much and saw so much good, it’s especially hard to believe that they can also inflict so much bad.

    Wishing you all the best,

    A kind stranger

  • Dear God. “Next article”?!

    We GOT it, dude. This was already waaaay too long.

    You had Tourettes. You believe it was cured thru Nxivm/ESP/Keith/Nancy.

    There is zero scientific proof.

    There’s a movie. Clare paid for it.

    There is a civil suit.

    We. Got. It.

    Highly concerning and unethical that Keith got his pervy paws on a 12-year-old to experiment on in all of this snake oil show mess…

    BTW, good people do bad things. Bad people do good things. None of this redeems your cult leader.

  • Your story is incredibly inspiring, Marc.

    I am aware of some of the courage you have to get your story told.

    It is mind-blowing to me that anyone is anything but supportive to you.

    I am firmly on your side, and I will help in any way I can.


    • @Alanzo, you know it’s not mind-blowing for you that anyone is anything but supportive of Marc. You know very well the evils of the anti-cult and that is your reason for why people are not supportive of Marc. Because there are good people and there are bad people. The anti-cult is full of evil people who want to harm Marc and other people you like.

        • Marc has got an eager fellow to join him for an “amazing car ride” if he ever visits the sophisticated metropolis of Peoria.

          Congrats, Alanzo! You finally made a friend!

          Marc, if you ever need to declare bankruptcy, Alanzo can provide sage advice.

  • From the bottom of my heart I am thrilled that you found a treatment that worked for such a devastating disease. Of course you would feel unwavering gratitude and loyalty to those that helped you, nobody should expect you to feel otherwise. I’m also disgusted by the way you have been bullied on-line, and I’m sure, sometimes to your face.

    People are never all good or all bad. While Keith and Nancy helped you, they also destroyed countless lives and they themselves have told people they are not worthy of life and heartbreakingly some have believed them. While your success story is amazing what would you have the authorities and Frank do with the information that Keith is a sexual predictor and Nancy his pimp. Should we all just turn our backs on the pain and trauma of so many women and girls. Yes girls, Keith had sex or was grooming to have sex with 12 year old’s. Women were being branded with his initials like cattle. Forced into insane diets to the point of no longer menstruating which can have devastating results in their fertility.

    Perhaps you can replicate the treatment and help others. Then, at least, something good may able to salvaged from the hell that was Nxivm.

    I wish you luck in your endeavors but do not expect sympathy for these predators.

    • FACT: None of the women who had sex with Vanguard ever developed Tourette’s. Keith’s semen prevents vocal tics when taken orally.

    • It’s not a miracle and nobody claimed it is. Google would be your friend, but I doubt you believe anything search engines spit out. You believe only what you believe.


    SARAH EDMONDSON, et al.,


    KEITH RANIERE, et. al.,

    :CIVIL ACTION NO. 20-CV-485


    TO THE CLERK OF COURT: Plaintiffs in this action file this Notice pursuant to paragraph 2 of the Court’s March 3, 2020 Order, Dkt. 51 (the “Stay Order”). On October 6, 2021, final adjudication in the trial court of the last defendant in United States v. Raniere, No. 18-CR-00204 was entered (Dkt. 1131). Pursuant to paragraph 2 of the Stay Order, Plaintiffs request the Clerk of the Court to “enter on the docket a notice advising the parties that th[e] Stay Order has been lifted” and to reset all deadlines.
    Dated: October 7, 2021
    /s/ Neil L. Glazer Neil L. Glazer William E. Hoese Steven M. Steingard Stephen H. Schwartz Craig W. Hillwig Zahra R. Dean
    Aarthi Manohar
    1600 Market Street, Suite 2500
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    (215) 238-1700

    Aitan D. Goelman ZUCKERMAN SPAEDER
    1800 M Street NW, Suite 1000
    Washington, DC 20036
    (202) 778-1800

    {00222438 }

  • I have tried to reach out to Mark on twitter but alas no response. I developed a tic in 2008 which was formally diagnosed as being related to PTSD which escalated in 2006 because of legal action from a member of the EDUCO cult, here in the UK. At that time I did not know of their involvement in EDUCO and it was around this time that their prominence in the UK operations of EDUCO was growing. I had been led to believe however they were in danger and I was concerned for them.

    After this legal action I withdrew and suppressed my concerns. Over the intervening years, until November 2020, I would call out a name which was beyond my control and left me with a reminder of someone who disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

    Of note is that since November 2020 when I found out about EDUCO and this member’s involvement in the group, and they and their brother’s involvement in rebranding the EDUCO Cult at a “Summit” meeting with their leader “Dr” Tony Quinn in 2010, and their enduring involvement (confirmed by attendees of the Seminars) this tic has ceased. It’s gone.

    I had this tic from 2008 until early this year. I’d love to hear from Mark but alas he won’t respond. I wonder how many others have suffered a nervous condition because of the nefarious activities and threats by Cultic groups. and I wonder if this was the motivation of Keith and Nancy to work in this area.

  • “As I got older, my tics got worse, resulting in violent head shaking, hip-thrusting, and eventually profanity and racial slurs,..” and “I began to apply to medical schools hoping to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a surgeon.”

    What puzzles me, Marc, is why you thought you could function as a surgeon with those indications. I mean, a surgeon must have a steady hand when operating. If you suffer from violent headshaking and hip thrusting, common sense dictates you cannot function as a surgeon. So why pursue it?

    “I do not know how anyone could expect me to feel differently about them other than to feel gratitude and enormous respect.”

    I am happy for you that you overcame your illness. It must be fantastic to be free of these tics. If 10 people were cured of Tourett’se using the same program that helped you, as you have said, I would say that it is a viable cure to Tourette’s. No small thing indeed.

    So I understand you are grateful to Nancy, Keith, and Clare. I can also understand that you want to be loyal to a friend in need.

    What I don’t understand is that you turn a blind eye to all the nefarious things that they did. And you do that when you say you have enormous respect for them. Helping you heal from your disease doesn’t give a free pass to child exploitation, don’t you think?

  • PacerMonitor:

    Edmondson et al v. Raniere et al
    New York Eastern District Court
    Judge: Eric R Komitee
    Referred: Cheryl L Pollak
    Case #: 1:20-cv-00485
    Nature of Suit 470 Other Statutes – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
    Cause 18:1962 Racketeering (RICO) Act

    misc Letter Mo 10/11 1:06 PM: Letter Opposing Ex Parte Motion to Proceed Anonymously by Clare Bronfman (Martin, Craig)

  • Glad you and others are better Marc

    Hanging on to NXIVM, WTF

    It’s just NLP dude, nothing special

    Keith & Nancy are criminals and con artists

    The problem with you finding other professionals to help you with your project is it isn’t attached to a network marketing business.

    You don’t make the enrollment money off getting the people involved in the project.
    It’s time to move on, dude. Nancy won’t be available to help you for 6.5 years once she goes to prison.

    Keith isn’t going to see the outside as a free man.

    You’re being attached to this burned-down Cult isn’t helping your cause. Who in their right mind wants to be involved with Keith Raniere or Nancy Salzman ever again?

    • “It’s just NLP dude, nothing special” I agree. NLP with some hypnosis tossed in.

      Nancy and Keith were both excellent at NLP and hypnosis. Keith always wanted to learn anything that could make him look like the smartest person in the room. (Sorry Aristotle – I know you think NLP and hypnosis are pretend words that people only pretend give them results)

          • You really should take some legitimate psychology courses, you’d learn a lot.

            But you won’t read about NLP because it was seriously studied in the field and given up because there was no evidence to support it.

            Science is a bitch.

            But most people don’t let lack of evidence get in the way of their pet beliefs.

            Worry not, plenty of NLP gurus out there ready to take your cash. Certainly Marc will.

          • Anonymous
            October 13, 2021 at 2:45 pm

            Hypnosis is very real and can have unintended consequences.

          • The psychology “field” has been screaming that since NLP became a thing. This is mostly because the NLP “field” aggressively attacked the psychology field for not getting fast enough results. Of course, there would eventually be studies to “prove” what the psychology field wanted.

            What is so ridiculous about the entire topic is how broad-ranged and multifaceted NLP is. It is like saying “NXIVM had no benefits. Here – look at these studies.” You’ll find evidence to show what you want. Don’t let actual results get in the way of your beliefs. It’s easier to simply call people like Marc “liars”, and call the people getting results “quacks”.

            I know I’m sounding like it, but I’m not an NLP guy, and know all about NLP limitations and exaggerations. I also know the NLP “field” became a mini-cult of its own. I proudly grin as I channel Alanzo and point out that you are part of the anti-NLP cult. Anyone who says NLP is the cure-all (like was pitched during the 80s) is an idiot. Anyone who says NLP never works and is nothing but snake-oil is also an idiot.

          • Nutjob talks like an Alanzo sock puppet. Whether he is or is not a sock puppet is irrelevant.

            Sock puppet is as sock puppet acts.

        • Both were used on Marc. Lump, judge, get on your high horse, or do whatever you feel like. It doesn’t change the fact that both were used on Marc.

  • That girl Carysa is really something else. After seeing the movie on YouTube, I can’t understand what she’s claiming to be a victim of. Craziness. Glad to hear your story, Marc. There’s definitely more than what meets the eye when it comes to NXIVM.

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