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Is there another Vanguard University?
I received this email asking me to note that Allison Mack never went to Vanguard University. But actually she did – the Vanguard University in Colonie, NY at 455 New Karner Road. Of course, it was not an accredited University but, nevertheless, it costs $5,000 per month. Sadly it has closed down its halls of learning when Vanguard went to jail.
In any event and happily for those who want to attend a university with a great name there is another Vanguard University.
I am sure it is a lot cheaper than our Vanguard University.
Here is the email I received:
“I am reaching out on behalf of Vanguard University. We recently came across the following article that references Allison Mack and Vanguard University. We would like to clarify that Allison Mack is not and has never been a student at Vanguard University. We are requesting that the article be updated to remove the reference to Vanguard University.
Thank you,
APRIL CONN Account Coordinator | [c] 951.201.7981 |
Reveille, Inc. 1931 Newport Blvd. | Costa Mesa, CA 92627 |
So there.
Soares was in bed with NXIVM?
An interesting letter to the editor at the Times Union. The writer, Lynn’s son was railroaded into prison by the brutal king of malicious and politically motivated prosecutors, P. David Soares – the man however who turned the other cheek for Keith Alan Raniere.
Here is Lynn’s Aug. 19, 2008 letter: . :

Letter: Ex-NXIVM insider had troubling access

Kristen M. Keeffe, once a member of NXIVM’s inner circle, is now providing critical information for the prosecution as outlined in the article “Heiress posts $100M bond,” July 28. Perhaps her inside knowledge of how this group operated will help eradicate it once and for all.

But when she was an active member, Keeffe and NXIVM loyalist Clare Bronfman were instrumental in filing lawsuits to silence and bankrupt Keith Raniere’s detractors. Bronfman had the money and Keeffe did the legal research.

In 2012, Joseph O’Hara, a former consultant to NXIVM who threatened to report its unsavory and illegal activities, sued Raniere and others over a 2007 larceny case brought against O’Hara that was ultimately tossed. When the larceny case was being put together, Keeffe spent two weeks as a “guest” in Albany County District Attorney David Soares’ office helping to gather information for the criminal case.

Everything about NXIVM is creepy. But it’s disturbing that a high-level member of this group had access to Albany County resources to further its own sordid and despicable goals. How did Keeffe even know or imagine a district attorney would allow such an outlandish request?

Lynn Rothenberg



Clouds Gather For David Soares

And here’s the Albany County District Attorney leading the charge to un-do legislation that is intended to look at prosecutorial misconduct. No conflict-of-interest there…


Silver Bay YMCA

Silver Bay doing a thorough cleansing of beds and linens too?

Silver Bay YMCA was the home of Vanguard Week for the past dozen years or so. This year, the 10 day celebration of the nativity of Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard was canceled for unknown reasons.

Looks like major renovations are being done now that the sleazy NXIVM cult is out!

The 700-acre camp was founded in 1902 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. For many of us it will always be remembered as the place where slave women were indoctrinated into the way of the Vanguard.
Crazed Concepts – there are NXIANS in the woodwork at NBC
I get all kinds of emails from flakes and anonymous folks such as Sears Doe [a relative of Jane’s I presume].
She says NXIVM has infiltrated NBC Universal in Studio City.
Just for laughs here is the email [I get lots like this and can’t afford the time to reply.]
Hi, I work at NBCU located at 10 UCP, Studio City. In Q2 2018, we discovered that many NXIVM cult members were armed with guns in the office. The security department has documented this event and is aware of the slave cult. NBCU is stonewalling civil authorities from disrupting the corporation. NBCU is continually sponsoring the slave cult because they employ hundreds of NXIVM cultists and they have given positions of leadership in the human resources department. Currently, NBCU sustains the armed salve cult with no liberty for the victims. NBCU has coerced people into slavery at workplaces in Los Angeles, Denver, and New York. For those who refuse, the company becomes hostile and retaliates via armed coercion, termination, and deportation. Authorities have not informed the public of the current danger at NBCU and other workplaces.
In Q2 2018, there was an investigation by the security department which exposed NBCU’s slave cult and discovered fourteen guns inside the office at 10 UCP using a contracted K9 unit originally brought for the USH theme park. One of the armed cult members is director Bill Endow of Burbank. He was not fired because the human resources director, Hayley Seifert of Denver, and her boss, VP Alison Osterbur of Denver, are cult members who support slavery at NBCU. Currently, Bill Endow, Hayley Seifert, and manager Jose Romero-Lobo of San Gabriel are the principal cult leaders and collude together to commit slavery. They recruited two female subordinates to become sex slaves, manager Pamela Cepeda Robledo of Palos Verdes and engineer Volha Chukh of Studio City; the women traveled to the NY cult compound for slave training fully paid for by NBCU as a business travel line item. Both these women are immigrants on company sponsored work visa and cannot speak about NBCU’s coercion without getting deported. So, these women act for the company cult to recruit, coerce, and retaliate. Other NXIVM cult members employed by NBCU are: director Ross Alexander at 5 Times Square, VP Alvin Valerio at 10 UCP, VP Braxton Perkins at 10 UCP, manager David Dattner, manager Gerald Fontejon of Eagle Rock, architect Armen Abelyan of Burbank, engineer Chris Willets, engineer Kenville Thompson of Van Nuys, engineer Sargis Sargisian of Glendale, engineer Marvin Vasquez of North Hollywood.
Additionally, Jose Romero-Lobo and his wife are leaders of a second cult in San Gabriel which is mostly black people who are coerced via her job at LAUSD schools and ownership of community outreach programs. I have concern that those people are similarly victims of armed coercion, slavery, and fleeced for money by these husband & wife cult leaders.
There are more victims of NBCU’s slave cult. Several years ago, a cult member targeted me for cult recruitment which I declined numerous times. Then he led the other NBCU cultists to be hostile and retaliate against me, and they made my job miserable for years. The cult is in many departments. The other thirteen guns were held in other departments to commit coercion into slavery. I’ve seen a girl report the cult to security and then bolt out of the lobby to run away. I never saw her again. I’ve seen Koolaid containers thrown in protest in front of the lobby, into the pond, and on our street for years. I’ve seen the security supervisor resigned his position after he exposed it; seemingly because he did not want to tolerate the armed cult and the company wants to. The rest of the security department seems coerced and complicit. External intervention has been hindered increasingly; to the point that the fire department is escorted closely or refused access.
The NXIVM cult members operate in the workplace with sustained support of the Comcast NBCU company to commit slavery. The cult is prevalent in large parts of Comcast NBCU and the company has victims and coerced slaves in LA, Denver, and NY. I suspect there’s armed coercion and slaves across the street at Warner, which sponsored the original cult leader named Allison Mack. And Sony Pictures because a coworker was a cult victim of the Sony sect across downtown. I’ve heard hints about another adjacent Hollywood studio but everyone is too afraid to bad mouth The Mouse.
The company operates through armed coercion of subordinates and direct reports to commit slavery. They are most successful in coercing minorities and visa-holding immigrants. This is still ongoing right now. It did not stop by arresting the previous cult leaders or exposing them. The cult members dove further into secrecy and it made them more hostile, bitter, and nasty. The security department is helping to occlude interference of the company. My desired solution is:
1. Conduct an eager investigation to discover the facts.
2. Bring fines upon the corporations which are sponsoring slavery.
3. Remove all cult members from workplaces in Los Angeles, Denver, and New York so all victims are never coerced by armed threats and slavery and many other forms to their lively hood, social status, employment, or deportation. Important: Total removal is the only way it will stop. You may be able to use existing anti-gang laws to obtain civil injunctions. Or be more creative and coerce them.
4. Inform the public – identify specific corporations and persons which create the ongoing danger of the armed slave cult in our community.
5. Notify each current and former employee and contractor to discover all victims, provide information about legal options, and provide assistance to seek justice.
6. Draft new laws to help prevent cult coercion including programs for notification and identification.
7. Move a lot faster and be effective.
I believe you are capable in your positions to protect Americans. The best of the best got the job. So, this should be easy.
In Due Spite,
Sear Doe

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  • I had always wondered what they had on David Soares. When I heard about Keith Raniere’s plot to force one of the women to seduce a guy in order to have blackmail material on him, it seemed pretty clear to me.

    Makes perfect sense something along those lines transpired. Or perhaps one of the guys.

    Either way, it’s quite clear they must have had something on him. Most normal, sane people find it utterly shocking that Keefe was working on that case.

  • Cuomo signed! It doesn’t change my opinion of him but it would sure be a step in the right direction. DA’s will have to answer to someone for the remarkable number of plea deals? No doubt a political move for him but wouldn’t it be a blessing for other states to now follow. I had taken a break from fake news this passed week or two I missed this good news. Thank you Frank Report I always check in here.
    I must add it looks pretty sad that the people fighting protection for the people are employees of the people.
    Overall New York is making some positive changes this year wether they want them or not.

    • Sorry Heather it is all smoke and mirrors . Nothing is going to change for the better in New York until their swamp is drained of corrupt scum like Cuomo and his evil ilk.

    • Soares is already fighting it, and Cuomo signed it on the proviso they work on adjustments to keep it within constitutional boundaries. It seems like a great idea. but it means nothing unless they can actually put it to use. At least it draws attention to the need for some method to prevent and amend corruption in the system. I’ll applaud Cuomo for it once I see some real results – otherwise it just feels like a political “pat me on the back” without any real action.

    • We can always count on you to regurgitate information you’ve read and post links to prove it to be true. But you left us hanging – let me finish with some thought provoking questions for you:

      – Do any of the sororities or fraternities at Vanguard University require pledges to get branded?

      – Could Raniere have named himself after the University instead of the video game?

      – Did any of Allison Mack’s family graduate from Vanguard University, and did the sweet connotation from “Vanguard” University lead our precious Allie down this dark path?

      – Allison has done some bad, bad things and deserves punishment. Maybe some lashings… What do you think naughty Allie deserves?



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