NXIVM’s Raniere-Clare Bronfman Film on YouTube Promotes ‘Talk Therapy’ Relief From Tourette’s

Isabella Constantino appears on the poster of My Tourette's.

My Tourette’s, is a 2017 film produced by Clare Bronfman and features five individuals suffering from Tourette’s syndrome who underwent a novel therapy developed by NXIVM founder Keith Raniere.

The therapy is non- drug based but consists of “talk”, and this “talk therapy” was administered by NXIVM president, Nancy Salzman.

The film has been released on YouTube and is available to watch in its entirety for free.

The film purports to offer hope for sufferers of Tourette’s and other ailments such as OCD, anxiety, ADHD, etc. 

It was screened at various film festivals. And the version available on YouTube is the complete film plus a short introduction by Marc Elliot, who claims to have been freed of Tourette’s through the “talk therapy” techniques shown in the film.

Marc Ellliot appears during the introduction.

Elliot makes an admission in the intro that the film and the contents of the film were the brainchild of Raniere who is now in prison.

Elliot says: “I lived with a severe case of Tourette’s Syndrome for 20 years and eventually became an award winning inspirational speaker, traveling internationally to raise awareness about compassion and Tourettes.

“What you’re about to see will challenge traditional medical knowledge about Tourette’s Syndrome, and potentially many other neurological disorders. What you’ll witness is an unconventional, safe, new, non-invasive, non-meditative, non hypnotic and entirely talk-based therapy that has had a dramatic impact on the lives of a small group of people living with Tourette’s Syndrome.

The film runs one hour and 17 minutes. It is a documentary filmed with a professional budget and if even half the claims of freeing people from Tourette’s are valid, as Elliot says, it offers “wondrous hope.”

From the film’s website: “Five young adults. One syndrome. One last chance. What happens when a successful young speaker from St. Louis learns that his Tourette’s Syndrome, a debilitating neurological disorder deemed incurable by the medical community, could be transformed?… What follows is a journey beyond his [Elliot’s] wildest dreams. The film explores the case study designed to replicate Marc’s results, with the founders and president of ESP and NXIVM, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.”

Can anything good come of out of NXIVM? 

The fact that Raniere is at the bottom of this film and the “talk therapy” could spell some subversive plot and yet can  people evaluate for themselves whether there is something valuable in curing this and other similar maladies.

Presently there is no known cure for Tourette’s, but some people seem to lose the symptoms as they grow older without knowing the cause.

The film does not directly claim to be a cure for Tourette’s but discusses the possibility. It shows five individuals going through the talk therapy. 

While all five seem to have experienced relief from Tourette’s through the film, Elliot is the most vocal about its significance in helping him overcome Tourette’s.

Nancy Salzman is featured in the film, as the one working with the individuals with Tourette’s

Nancy Salzman is silent as she is preparing to go to prison.  Raniere and Bronfman are in prison. 

Two of the five individuals featured in the film are plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Raniere, Salzman, Bronfman and her sister Sara and others.

Attorney Neil Glazer represents the two and about 80 other plaintiffs. They are suing for psychological damages.

One of the subjects of the film, Carysa Long is not only suing but made a video victim statement which was played at Nancy Salzman’s sentening.

Long claimed she was psychologically abused yet, during her 10 minute video, she did appear to tic once, which is quite different than how she appeared in the film before her therapy sessions with Salzman.

Carysa Long, seemingly without tics, is suing for psychological damage.

Trailer – Carysa Long 

Trailer – Alex Hall

Trailer – Marc Elliot

Trailer – Keith Raniere

Trailer – Isabella Constantino

Trailer – Nick Letter

In his opening, Elliot addresses the strange contradiction of a potential cure being offered by a convicted felon, Raniere.

“What you’re about to see will also challenge another narrative about the group and the person behind this medical breakthrough, NXIVM and Keith Raniere. Currently, Keith Raniere is serving a 120 year prison sentence. NXIVM has been cast by the media and the government as an “evil sex cult” whose sole purpose was to mistreat people against their will.

“This film gives people a window into NXIVM, and the man behind it, that the government doesn’t want you to see. In fact, the government threatened to prosecute me for simply sharing my story, which you will soon get to see firsthand.

“All I want you to do is enjoy this film and carefully review it, as it could offer hope to those who suffer from Tourette’s syndrome and other disorders like PTSD, anxiety, ADHD and OCD.”

The cast and crew as per IMDb:

Directed by

Alessandro Molatore

Writing Credits

Alessandro Molatore (writer)


Isabella Constantino

Marc Elliot

Alex Hall

Nick Letter

Carysa Long

Keith Raniere
Nancy Salzman 

Produced by

Clare Bronfman producer
Marc Elliot associate producer
Alessandro Molatore producer

Music by

Héctor Ruiz (as Hector Ruíz)

Cinematography by

Adrian Fernandez
Alessandro Molatore

Film Editing by

Alessandro Molatore

Production Management

Santiago de la Paz post-production supervisor

Sound Department

Pablo Lach re-recording mixer / sound mixer
Christian Tapia music mixer
Melanie Tort audio post coordinator
Alejandra Ríos Rosales foley editor (uncredited)

Editorial Department

Mónica Stiauren post-production assistant
Øyvind Stiauren colorist
Edith Sánchez conform editor / video mastering
Joakim Ziegler digital cinema mastering / digital intermediate producer

Music Department

Diego Benlliure composer: incidental music
Josefa de Velasco score orchestrator
Paulina Márquez music supervisor
Melanie Tort music production coordinator
Juan Andrés Vergara composer: incidental music / musician

The film was screened at

Cinequest Film & VR Festival (2018)

Harlem Film Festival (2018)

Milan International Film Festival (2018)

Green Mountain Film Festival (2018)

Roma Cinema Doc Festival (2018)

Vail Film Festival (2018)

Ischia Film Festival (2018)

Arizona International Film Festival (2018)

Newport Beach Film Festival  (2018

View the film on YouTube.

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Frank Parlato


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  • I’d also like to share another of keith ranieres shining works. It is the patent application for “whether a luciferian can be rehabilitated”

    It discusses such things as providing the luciferian with negative stimulus such as “Examples of the tactile stimulus 18 include, inter alia, touching a dead person or dead animal.”

    It’s just a normal part of determining whether a luciferian can be rehabilitated.


  • Dr. Larry Nassar also helped people as an osteopathic physician. Doesn’t mean his specific “therapy” towards young patients was ok, and that he shouldn’t rot in jail. Raniere was getting his sexual needs met in sick ways even while he was helping other people with their Tourette’s, personal growth, etc. So sick and pathetic that Marc Elliot cannot see this.

  • Frank, I already sent you recently just as I informed you long ago…Marc Elliot, anyone still involved in this sham production, are an endangerment to society of the highest order…being financed by the Bronfman and possibly Salinas bloody fortunes. As I disclosed in a prior post, and many are well aware – particularly the VICTIMS of one of their vicious verbal assaults on a group of disabled children at the Malibu Dog Park in early May 2018. They intentionally staged and inflicted emotional distress on me, the other parents transporting the kids, and the other caregivers in the Creative Steps, MJSC Hand-in-Hand group by having ‘bad actors’ swear us out trying to goad me to act in their defense, I suppose. This incident WAS reported along with other incidents, some of which I have mentioned in the comments section and are ON-GOING. It is a targeted attack along with this specious grab at notoriety by their re-releasing of “My Tourettes.” CRIMINAL INSANITY that is harmful endangerment to the public. I’m asking witnesses, including Ethan Farr, Theresa Fazio, Lisa Szilagi, Dylan’s caregivers and coaches in the program who witnessed this and other incidents, including the incident at Chuy’s restaurant and in other public forums, to please come forward at report to the FBI. THANK YOU!

  • Grasping at straws is what Marc and Nicki are doing.

    As if Marc getting through his Tourette’s Syndrome, bringing others into NXIVM, and having a positive result somehow outweighs all the criminal activities Keith Rainier, Nancy Salzman and their co-criminals were up to.

    The American Justice system doesn’t work that way. I’m not sure what the Justice system does.

    NXIVM believers have this fantasy world they are living in. Where they are cooking up these ideas of

    Fixed Tourette’s Syndrome

    17,000 members but most never meet Salzman or Raniere because they never went to Albany NY

    Tainted Evidence by the FBI

    None of them testified in Keith Raniere because they say too afraid by treats from the prosecution. What was going to happen to them?

    Well no defense was put on period for Keith Rainier. Even he didn’t testify in his own defense. No exhibit, no witness other than the prosecution, nothing

    Tourette’s Syndrome can and has been successfully treated long before NXIVM and will be after NXIVM.

    Marc just can’t make the same money from selling courses for it, bottom line.

    Nicki can’t get the love of her life back. She is stuck. Committed to a man who is never going to see the outside of prison as a free man & she cannot legally talk or email him.

    What kind of life is that for a smart attractive woman?

    If you believe he is your everything, not much of a life. Not in my world. She gave up everything, her family, a successful film career & now she will grow old alone, a prison widow

    • None of the die-hards criticize Marc for, “profiting off Nxium, being a professional victim, using the Nxium case to stay relevant & be in the public eye”.

      Marc did not even testify on little Keith the vanguard’s behalf. Years later Marc is still trying to make a buck off of Nxium and it’s unproven medical cures ( which sure didn’t help Pam, Barbara, Jim or others).

      I guess if you are a male who is hopelessly devoted to Keith the “ethics” are different!

    • “Well no defense was put on period for Keith Rainier. Even he didn’t testify in his own defense. No exhibit, no witness other than the prosecution, nothing.”

      That’s because he and the defense team knew he would’ve been scoured upon cross examination by the prosecution — “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” Then there would be no “Woe is me!” martyr complex for himself and his remaining dead-end followers to wallow in.

    • This is the problem with an anticultist’s thinking – they can’t distinguish between different individuals in the ‘cult’.

      Just like a racist’s thinking about the races they hate, they think they’re all the same. If one African American gets caught robbing a liquor store, then they all did it. The next time they see a black person walking on the street, they think they’re planning a liquor store robbery.

      “As if Marc getting through his Tourette’s Syndrome, bringing others into NXIVM, and having a positive result somehow outweighs all the criminal activities Keith Rainier, Nancy Salzman and their co-criminals were up to.”

      See how “Just Saying” ties these completely different things together?

      Completely different people, completely different circumstances – just completely different worlds. But in Just Saying’s mind – they’re all the same.

      There is a core stupidity which expresses itself in things like racism, sexism and anticultism. And it’s a core stupidity which can never be repaired or healed in the individual. You must simply expose and humiliate their stupidity so the anticultist is too afraid to express it in public. Like back a few years ago when racists used to hide.

      We need that for Anticultists now.


      • –See how “Just Saying” ties these completely different things together?

        No dumb, dumb. That is not what Just Saying is doing. That is what the NXIVM dead-enders are doing.

        They attempt to cover the bad (convicted for crimes) with supposed good (NXIVM helped thousands of people).

        One has nothing to do with the other. You can do good all your life and then rape or murder a child. None of the former disqualifies the latter.

        It has nothing to do with racism, sexism, or anti-cultism. It has to do simple logic.

      • There is a core stupidity which expresses itself in things like racism, sexism and anti-anticultism, as demonstrated by Alanzo. Alanzo’s is a core stupidity which can never be repaired or healed. You must simply expose and humiliate Alanzo’s stupidity so the anti-anticultist is too afraid to express it in public.

      • Please,

        Where’s that proof to back up your claim that Marc Elliot was “threatened by federal prosecutors” as you wrote, Alanzo?

        You’ve got lots of new comments posted in which you call people names but no time to help Marc out by supplying the important data?


      • Alonzo you sound like a bitter old trotskyite unable to exist except as part of a faction. Your struggle seems unreal.

        Fifth columnists, I suppose, are always with us.

        • Rosa –

          I used your comment to learn more about what ‘trotskyite’ and ‘fifth column’ mean.

          I can be a pretty ignorant American when it comes to this viewpoint,

          It was illuminating.

          Thanks for this.


  • I support Alanzo’s right to show us what a self-righteous “former” $cientologist he is.

    Did he ever achieve the state of Clear?

    How many Hot Pockets does he eat in a day?

    Does he microwave them or just let them thaw out to room temperature?

    Is he just a Marty Rathbun clone who couldn’t manage to get a payoff from David Miscavige?

      • Just to make sure I’m clear on this – his clay class only taught the basics of clay making on a standard table, and didn’t incorporate a potter’s wheel? I’m sure those who reached Clear would be potter’s wheel experts.

        • What you describe, Nutjob, is what people learn in kindergarten. Basics of Clay on the table. And even in kindergarten, you often get a spin at a potter’s wheel and have work fired in a kiln.

        • Nutjob

          I always think of Alonzo as more of a
          “straight-wire” type. It’s kind of like
          straight-laced, but with a kinky side.
          Straight-wires sometimes “arc” out on a wild side. Mmh?

        • Kristi Wachter’s database at truthaboutscientology.com is an incredibly useful database in finding out whether and when a person is or was a Scientologist.

          For instance, Kevin Forney’s entry shows him taking the “Handbook for Preclears” course as late as 2018, on the “Freewinds”, no less, a cruise ship that Scientology owns only for the most “upstat” and “in-ethics” Scientologists.


          And yet a blog post a little later in 2018, written by Mike Rinder himself, reports that Kevin was “out and in hiding”.


          This is a disinformation technique that Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs uses to try to disassociate their operatives from the Church so they appear to be “out”. And who better to declare you “out” than Mike Rinder himself, the Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs, directly under David Miscavige, who ran all fair game activities against Scientology’s critics for 22 years, and who reported to David Miscavige on these activities every day.

          In the world of Scientology, nothing is as it seems.


        • Hi, Alanzo! [waves]

          Feeling a bit paranoid that your old OSA pals are keeping tabs on you?

          Dude, they don’t give a rat’s ass about you. That’s why Marty got a payoff and you didn’t get a dime.

        • LOL! Well spotted, Anonymous.

          Only a Scientologist would give a fuck if Alanzo was lying about reaching the “State of Clear”.

          Why? Because who could possibly leave Scientology, expose its criminal activity and be such a Suppressive Person as Alanzo after experiencing such a glorious experience as “The State of Clear”?

          This is probably Kevin Forney, an Office of Special Affairs (OSA) operative out of the St Louis Church of Scientology. He is the son of long time director of the St Louis Office of Special Affairs Ellie Forney.

          Kevin works closely with Jeffrey Augustine and Karen de la Carriere, two Scientologists who are posing as Anti Scientologists and who operate a paid information control and character assassination network, targeting any critic who focuses on the criminally indictable activity of David Miscavige.

          Kevin, Jeffrey and Karen pose as rabid antiScientologists while they spread disinformation and distract the public from the murders made to look like suicides that Miscavige and OSA have committed, such as Kyle Brennan, David Miscavige’s mother in law Flo Barnett, and independent Scientologist Ken Ogger.

          I know that this sounds incredible, but that was one of Hubbard’s main teachings for the destruction of his critics: This is so incredible that no one would ever believe it.

          One of their operations in this vein is thoroughly documented and proven – when they took over their main enemy and began posing as the Cult Awareness Network in the 1990’s.


          I know I’ve pissed off a lot of AntiNXIVM people here by criticizing their belief in brainwashing, questioning the evidence presented at the Raniere trial, etc. but now a lot of you are being duped by Scientology’s OSA operating right here on this blog. When they are not murdering critics and making those murders look like suicides, they’re sending their kooky internet operatives out to do stupid shit like this.

          You don’t have to believe me.

          Just keep watching.

          You’ll see it.


          • No, Alanzo.

            You’ve pissed people off because you are unnecessarily rude.

            You call people names.

            You are very judgemental and arrogant.

            The list goes on and on.

            You routinely confuse disliking the messenger with disliking the message.

            This is not just one person’s experience of you. Many online groups have invited you to leave them.

            You are a really ineffective advocate – both for yourself and for your beliefs. Maybe someone else is better suited for that role?

            It is important to ask yourself if you are hurting or helping a cause that you believe in strongly.

            In the case of Nxivm, it’s the latter. I don’t care about Scientology. At all.

          • Alonzo, I see your point about the distraction techniques that you claim those 3 Scientologists are using.

            It would be the same as the propaganda campaigns that are reportedly at use right now in North Korea and were used in Hitler’s Nazi Germany. It’s not as if you don’t make some valid points.

            But to paint all “anticultists” as blind or whatever else isn’t very fair. I mean, what makes it so hard to believe that an actual majority of people who have pierced through the veil of secrecy created by these elite and high control organizations can’t see or think for themselves?

            I mean, could at the very least, maybe just a possibility exist that we actually are completely independent and free-thinking people just as entitled to our own opinions as anybody else?

            And furthermore, that if we hold different opinions from you that we don’t necessarily need to be convinced to see things your way, either? (Looking at you, Nicki Clyne).

            I hope you understand I’m saying out of love and kindness that I worry your perception might be skewed because you spent too much time on the inside of a group like this.

            I wonder, has it become hard for you to believe in the goodness of people because you’ve experienced so much through a dark lens?

            Alonzo, I don’t think people here are out to get you as much as you think. And if any Scientologists really are here trying to mess with you, they should back off and leave you alone.

            But you do piss people off with your inflammatory and insensitive comments. You even accused me of not believing Sad Guru might have killed his wife because of my religious beliefs which I had never shared with you.

            In some ways, many on this forum could be kinder. There’s a lot of jokes made pointing fun at other people, and sometimes not very nice ones, but frankly, that’s the nature of comedy! And people were born to laugh!

            What’s not cool is stepping into a group flaunting an attitude of superiority and calling people names like anticultists and insinuating that they are stupid.

            This is why people don’t like you.

            If you want sympathy then give sympathy. If you want to be heard, then listen. Do unto others you know?

            And also? Do not be surprised that people who disagree with will become inflamed when you you continue push your beliefs on them. You’re in the wrong place if you think if that a lot of people here aren’t more than tired of pushy people trying to sell their versions of reality as a kind of absolute truth.

          • I appreciate your comments, My2Cents.

            Yes. Over the years, dealing with this kind of harassment, I have made a series of decisions that have led me to become overly pugnacious.

            21 years ago, when I first left Scientology, I knew that I would have a fight on my hands. So I picked the name “Alanzo” which means “ready for battle”.

            OSA got me fired from jobs, they tried to destroy my family, they hacked into my computers and email accounts, they hired PIs to follow and intimidate me, and they repeatedly called my 83 year old father to harass him about his son. They were able to drive a wedge between us knowing that the main reason I got into Scientology in the first place was to reconcile with my father.

            My father died before I could convince him OSA was lying to him about me.

            But that was a long time ago. Yet the harassment has not stopped. In fact, about 5 years ago I took down my blog and deleted all my email accounts. And over the next few months, I saw a sustained online campaign to rewrite my history and take what I’d written out of context, even adding in passages I never wrote, to completely bury and discredit me and all the work I’d done to expose Scientology and David Miscavige.

            I knew then that I could never quit. Because they will never quit.

            And so here we are, with me being overly pugnacious.

            Don’t get me wrong: Being overly pugnacious is all my fault.

            Not theirs.

            I got involved in the NXIVM debate because this was a community that has succeeded in criminally prosecuting Raniere for his criminal acts – something that has never happened to David Miscavige and the other criminals at the top of Scientology.

            So I came here to see what I could learn. I’ve learned a lot. And just one of those things that I’ve learned is that I have become overly pugnacious to the point of harming my own efforts.

            So thanks, My2Cents. Again. I appreciate your comments.


      • Alanzo must have slept his way through the PTS/SP course and managed to pass by giving the ED a blow job (on Hollywood Blvd maybe?).

        His ability to “detect and handle suppressive persons” on the Frank Report is abysmal.

        He hasn’t managed to attain his stated goal of “humiliating” us into shutting up about his child molester idol Raniere.

        • Buns,

          LMAO! I knew Alonzo back in the day. He was so busy giving [redacted] he’d wear knee pads and a lobster bib.

  • Why why why many friends do I have?

    Your your your your all a bunch of anti-cult cultists! A bunch bunch bunch bunch of of of haters!

    M m media media hate hate bias.

    D d d data data data data data

    On on on on only c c c cowards p p post anonymously.

    I I I I I am s s s so enlightened.

  • Nancy, Marc, Clare, y’all minions and sicko-phants whose favorite gaslighting trick on me (besides plaguing me with the ominous number 7, oooooooooo) seems to be swearing me out in public (back in 2018 they called in to stores I was at when they couldn’t get a swearing fool on site pronto but lately they’ve recruited store clerks at misogynist, Indian-run shithole markets, and even sent a swearing fool into the courthouse clerk’s office, LOL) it’s getting a bit tiresome with just the same old, single syllable swear words so I was wondering if you could spice it up with some action to better effect. Like, instead of just saying, “shit, shit, shit” how about dropping trou and taking one like they do in thoroughly corrupt “shithole” Countries this Nation is hell bound to become, thanks to the likes of you…

    In the prophetic words of Leonard Cohen:

    https://www.bing.com/videos/search?view=detail&mid=B60DF30121CEB8731EEDB60DF30121CEB8731EED&q=everybody knows song&shtp=GetUrl&shid=bb292e98-7070-42cc-b845-bf869c96f371&shtk=TGVvbmFyZCBDb2hlbiAtIEV2ZXJ5Ym9keSBLbm93cyAoTGl2ZSBpbiBMb25kb24p&shdk=TGVvbmFyZCBDb2hlbiAtIEV2ZXJ5Ym9keSBLbm93cyAoTGl2ZSBJbiBMb25kb24pIChPZmZpY2lhbCBWaWRlbykgTGlzdGVuIG9uIFNwb3RpZnk6IGh0dHA6Ly9zbWFydHVybC5pdC9sY19zcG90aWZ5IExpc3RlbiBvbiBBcHBsZSBNdXNpYzogaHR0cDovL3NtYXJ0dXJsLml0L2xjX2FwcGxlIEFtYXpvbjogaHR0cDovL3NtYXJ0dXJsLml0L2xjX2FtdSBZb3VUdWJlIE11c2ljOiBodHRwOi8vc21hcnR1cmwuaXQvbGNfeXRtIEZhY2Vib29rOiBodHRwczovL3d3dy5mYWNlYm9vay5jb20vbGVvbmFyZGNvaGVuIEluc3RhZ3JhbTogaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuaW5zdGFncmFtLmNvbS9sZW9uYXJkY29oZW4gLi4u&shhk=4QDsoG3b7racJ5xbMgBxiA%2BvKtEcWrB2sRAhPvakVG8%3D&form=VDSHOT&shth=OVP.Kq6SaENuzKNBgvK3dXXYVgHgFo

  • Hey Nicki, Marc, Dani etc.

    Behavior Therapy has successfully treated Tourette’s for over 45 years. Nate Azrin, Ph.D. was a behavioral psychologist and researcher that wrote a popular book describing some of the methods.

    Please see: Habit Control in a Day: The Breakthrough Book that Describes Professionally Tested New Methods for Eliminating Stuttering, Nail Biting, Hair Pulling, Muscular Tics, and Other Nervous Habits (1977).

    • Yes, thank you, Tom G. Behavioral therapy helps a lot of conditions including this one. Which none of these people were qualified to provide.

      I think their followers are astonished not because of anything too remarkable but because they are ignorant and uneducated.

        • No. Its just that you gain more of a breadth of education by learning from many teachers and many organizations than just one teacher and one organization. That’s all.

      • Yes, their world view is very limited. Nxivm seemed to select or attract many people who did not have a strong educational background (Bronfmans, Mack, Clyne etc.) especially in Psychology. It became easy to sell them on the idea that Raniere invented all significant personal growth methods.

  • Elliot wants you to think Raniere doesn’t deserve prison because he helped people. Newsflash: just because he might’ve cured your Tourette’s doesn’t mean he wasn’t a sexual predator and criminal.

  • Speaking of that busy Canadian Beaver Nicki Clyne On Twitter some 16 hours ago Nicki’s page promoted the Tourete’s film.

    This is my friend @marce_speaks. When I met him, he had Tourette’s Syndrome so severe that he chomped the air and ticced curse words, among other things. He had a successful career as an inspirational speaker, sharing his story and teaching about tolerance. Little did he know, he was about to embark on a journey of a lifetime, one that would lead him living without a trace of Tourette’s, and having to reconcile what that meant about who he was and his place in the world. I am excited that the film documenting his story and how he paved the way for others to overcome the same affliction is finally public. Visit http://www.mytourettesfilm.com or click the link in Marc’s bio. With discipline, belief, and will, anything is possible! 💪🏻✨

  • The film was posted to Youtube on September 20 and Nicki Clyne commented on it on Twitter on September 21.
    Today is September 22.

    Nicki Clyne
    Sep 21
    Marc Elliot (
    ) overcame a severe case of Tourette’s Syndrome with the help of Nancy Salzman and NXIVM. They then went on to help others suffering from the same affliction with unprecedented results. It was all captured in this documentary.

    Nicki has been a very busy little beaver (Canadian).

    • Your so right, Shadowman. I never watch the LibTard fake news and I was one of the PROUD PATRIOTS who fought on J6 to overturn the rigged election. Now that I’m out on bail I’m telling everyone in the ER as I’m waiting for my Obamacare ICU bed to open up that masks are unconstitutional and covid is a DemoCRAP hoax!
      Trump in 2024!
      Trump Jr in 2028
      Ivanka for First Lady Forever!

      • Whatever you do, Magaman, don’t let any hospital put you or your relatives and friends on a ventilator.

        Hospitals are paid more to find that you have Covid and then are paid even more to put you on a ventilator and inflate your lungs like a balloon.

        From WebMD

        Complications of Ventilator Use

        Ventilator Complications: Infection

        Ventilator Complications: Lung Damage

        From USA Today
        Fact check: Hospitals get paid more if patients listed as COVID-19, on ventilators

        The claim: Hospitals get paid more if patients are listed as COVID-19, and on ventilators
        Sen. Scott Jensen, R-Minn., a physician in Minnesota, was interviewed by “The Ingraham Angle” host Laura Ingraham on April 8 on Fox News and claimed hospitals get paid more if Medicare patients are listed as having COVID-19 and get three times as much money if they need a ventilator.

        On April 19, he doubled down on his assertion via video on his Facebook page.

        Jensen said, “Hospital administrators might well want to see COVID-19 attached to a discharge summary or a death certificate. Why? Because if it’s a straightforward, garden-variety pneumonia that a person is admitted to the hospital for – if they’re Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it’s COVID-19 pneumonia, then it’s $13,000, and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.”

        Jensen clarified in the video that he doesn’t think physicians are “gaming the system” so much as other “players,” such as hospital administrators, who he said may pressure physicians to cite all diagnoses, including “probable” COVID-19, on discharge papers or death certificates to get the higher Medicare allocation allowed under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.

        USA TODAY reached out to Marty Makary, a surgeon and professor of health policy and management at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, about the claim. Makary said in an email April 21 that “what Scott Jensen said sounds right to me.”

        PolitiFact reporter Tom Kertscher wrote, “The dollar amounts Jensen cited are roughly what we found in an analysis published April 7 by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a leading source of health information.”


        • Shadowstate, since you obviously spend a lot of time on the internet researching various topics, I’m surprised you haven’t already uncovered the numerous articles which document the fact that this story about extra Medicare payments for COVID-19 patients is total bullshit. Here’s one of those articles: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/medicare-hospitals-covid-patients/

          And while I’m at it, Shadowstate, let me explain why I have so much trouble with people like you who share their opinion about things like COVID-19. To begin with, I really don’t care what you – as an individual – choose to do in terms of getting vaccinated, wearing a mask, etc. What I do care about is that you try to convince others that they should follow what you think is the correct course-of-action in terms of COVID-19.

          Just like me, you’re not a doctor or a scientist – and you personally know nothing more than I do about COVID-19. So, why not just STFU – and be happy that we live in a country that lets you (and everyone else) make their own decisions about most health care issues?

          PS: I think I know the answer but, just for chuckles, what’s your opinion regarding the new Texas statute that bans abortions when the fetus is more than 6-weeks along in its development?

    • Aristotle’s Sausage
      September 22, 2021 at 9:03 am
      There’s all sorts of hilarious bullshit on YouTube.

      The best TV show ever produced is on Youtube.
      Sledge Hammer!
      It’s “Dirty Harry” on steroids!
      Sledge Hammer! – S01/E01: Pilot

  • Why share that film now? They probably wanted to share during the trial and filmmakers were too slow and years later they are sharing the movie.

    NXIVM can’t execute. Even with billions. If the heads of an organization are idiots, they just can’t execute. Losers.

  • Nicki Whine thinks this film was prevented from being released by the US government. Pray tell, why would the US government care at all about some unknown person’s anecdotal experience concerning such a limited medical issue? Does she really think that this limited release of a NXIVM favorable video, using one of her favorite terms, is going to change the narrative?

    John Gacy was a clown that brought joy to hundreds of kids. He was still a sicko who murdered dozens of humans. Perhaps the US government had an in with Hollywood and was secretly behind all of those anti-clown horror films just to get their man?

    It appears that long-term participation in NXIVM does not create critical thinkers, but neurotic individuals.

  • Tourette’s tics tend to reduce with age and any number of hobbies or activities requiring concentration. Almost all of those activities, btw, don’t require selling crappy seminars or adopting the belief that Keith Raniere’s jizz is electrically charged

  • There’s no breakthrough here. Talk therapy is one of the long-standing recommendations for how to treat Tourette’s.

    Also, it is very common to age out of Tourette’s. Right about the age of the people in this movie.

    And it’s really irresponsible to say that this is somehow going to lead to other Neuroscience or neurological breakthroughs.

    There’s no basis for that whatsoever.

    There’s no basis to even say it’s been proved that talk therapy “cured” their Tourette’s.

    Just being the subject of the film could have impacted their Tourette’s.

    If one accepts the premise that it is indeed a psychological condition in some cases, then working on a film and talking about it in and of itself would be therapy no matter who was making the film or what the basis of the film is.

      • The correct interrogative to use would be “How.”

        Grammar is not your strong suit.

        How is your comment, “Alanzo”, anything more than moronic, intellectually dishonest, self-righteous, masturbatory twaddle posing as sophisticated wisdom?

      • That’s such a poorly phrased question that I’m not even really sure what you’re asking, but I’ll change my name just for you!

        Try putting your effort into making a friend in real life. Just one.

        • Can you show why your comment is productive or insightful in any way?

          Can you show why you’re not dishonest when you seek to nullify everything that was presented in the movie?

          No. You can’t.

          Your comment, and your subsequent behavior, is simply more dishonest anticultist negation of your enemy.

          You’re unable to stay on the subject. You can’t make any worthwhile point that brings about anything productive.

          I can also see you’re not used to being challenged for this kind of dishonesty. Everyone here just let’s you slide.

          That’s just more stupid dishonesty.

          Can you do better than this?

          Probably not.


          • @Alanzo, His original comment does have some insightful pieces, even though the one you are reacting to is mostly childish as it is nitpicking on your grammar, rather than asking you to clarify the ambiguity in your question. It seems you are writing off everything in his comment, similarly to how you experiencing him nullifying the documentary. In essence, you are acting no better than him. You could have made some thoughtful points in return, but you didn’t for instance, “while talk therapy has been a recommendation and in use for a long time, it has not given any results as good as those you have witnessed in the firm and especially in Marc.”

            Rather you chose the path of revenge and retaliated. Do you really believe your reactivity will in any way help in turning the conversation into a productive one?

          • “Do you really believe your reactivity will in any way help in turning the conversation into a productive one?


            The truth about anything is both the good and the bad, the negative and the positive, the productive and the destructive.

            AntiCultists are incapable of telling the truth about their targeted cult. As you saw with Dickhead’s comment here, he was not capable of even saying anything benign, let alone acknowledging anything positive in a very human story filled with positive outcomes.

            AntiCultists are here to vent their spleen about NXIVM, and anything and everything related – not to have productive conversations. If they can splatter their toxic puree onto the pages of this blog that, to them, is productive.

            So it doesn’t matter if I’m reactive or if I’m as calm as Jesus.

            It’s very productive to make this point to them, though, and to challenge their reflexive and unconscious idiocy. It’s about the only productive thing you can do with Anticultists. Maybe someday some of them will wake up.

            I did.

            But, with Dickhead here?

            Nah. It’ll never happen.


          • Alanzo,

            You have previously alleged in another comment that Marc E. was threatened by the government and those threats held up the releasing of his YouTube movie?

            That is a very serious allegation. Please share proof of it.

            Even just proof of the threats would be very helpful.

            This is a sincere request.


          • Damn!

            Anti-anti-cultist, bitter Scientology apostate Alanzo really got his feelings hurt!

            So much for that enlightened detachment.

        • @F*** off Alonzo. Are you trying to prove how many friends you have in real life, by posting anonymously on Frank Report?

        • Alanzo,

          Can you show your work on the the federal prosecutors threatening Marc Elliot? Really interested in seeing proof of it.

          You’ve put this very serious allegation out in another comment but not followed up on requests for more information backing this claim.

          Again, this is a sincere I inquiry. If you want people to help Marc out – we need the data.


      • Alanzo, I believe Marc made a documentary and sent it out into the world. People can talk about it, have their own opinions on it, and say what they want. You don’t handle that very well. I recommend a nice harlequin dog walker for you. Go for a walk. Look at things near and far. Get some space until you feel better.

      • Dear sweet Alonzo,

        Anonymous is stupid?

        Coming from the king of:
        esoteric knowledge,
        erroneous information,
        silly pseudoscience,
        sophist philosophy,
        fortune cookie proverbs, and
        and ten cent idioms
        — I’m LMAO at you!!!

        Perhaps, one day, doctors will find a way, to extricate, your head, from your butt canal.

    • Yes, thanks, anonymous.

      Why pay all this money to a bunch of people with a sash color = sales status regime who train their people based on the work of one man vs acquiring a depth and breadth of education and experience such as is required for licensed professionals?

      The fees were probably the same but the rigor and training was not. These guys followed the instruction of a single man and actually conducted illegal experiments involving snuff films. None of them were associated to a legitimate research institution.

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