Has Ben Myers Quit Being a Devout Raniere/Nancy Salzman Follower or Not?

Ben Myers, the husband of Michelle Salzman

The following is in response to my post: NXIVM IT Guru Ben Myers’ Letter on Behalf of Lauren Salzman – Was It Lie By Omission? Was He Trying to Sabotage Sister-in-Law Who Informed on Him?

By Shivani 

Has Ben Myers quit being a devout Raniere and/or Nancy Salzman follower and zealot? Or not?

Has he personally disavowed his commitment as an active Nxivm student, worker bee and acolyte?

How many different sides of what streets could he, Ben Myers – and Nancy Salzman’s underling & son-in-law have been sweating and moaning all over, for years?

What is Ben Myers possibly still trying to hustle?

For these are legitimate questions, under the circumstances and specifically about Ben Myers.

Ben Myers sits in on a Keith Raniere forum – also present are Nancy Salzman, Barbara Jeske, and Clare Bronfman

His name has appeared in the Frank Report quite a few times over the years, with Ben Myers knee-deep in Nxivm, including its messes as a corporation, an entity, as well as his more personally entangled involvements.

Especially well-featured has been the recounting of the troubles which beset a fellow Nxivm member, Daniela after she and Myers had shared a flirtation between themselves, and Raniere was punitive to Daniela over their kissing each other, she and Ben, which Daniela admitted or confessed to Raniere.

As is already common knowledge, Raniere demanded a totalitarian one-way street of fidelity, seemingly insistent upon being the only rooster in his henhouse of slavishly besotted and un-sculpted and hopefully for Raniere, skinny-boned bushes, aka chickens.

A rooster whose owners named Keith with several hens.

Evidently, Ben Myers was not punished for taking part in any kissing. However, Myers might have gotten himself married off, and not so eventually, to Nancy Salzman’s merrily unindicted offspring, Michelle Salzman. The salty dog? Who is Ben Myers? A fooling fool or what?

To err is human, but then go ahead and bury all of the nasty bones, deep down in the all-too-obvious dirt? Does Myers delude himself that his poker face has not drawn for anyone who watches Nxivm closely, and also, no reality?

Michelle and Ben Myers got married. His reward for leaving Daniela to fester?

As a direct result of confession to having kissed Myers, Daniela lost a good slice of her young freedom and was neglected socially, psychologically, emotionally, and simply as a human being. She was maintained captive in a room, with her parents’ cooperation as well, for two years, her Mexican passport and identifications being withheld from her. Her parents, three daughters of theirs, who all had sex with or for Raniere and one son, (Daniela’s brother,) were all living in Raniere’s group, hook, line and sinker. And Raniere’s demands fractured their entire family.

Since Ben Myers does not refer to himself as a member of Nxivm in his letter quoted here from start to end, does anyone know, outside of his Nxivm trio of in-laws and wife, what is his stance or what are his intentions?

Now Ben Myers is about to become a father unless the shoe has already dropped. His wife, Michelle, is one of the fortunate Nxivm members who was never arrested. Apparently, Michelle has been an artist and a designer, among doing other Nxivm tasks, whose graphic talents have been used by Raniere and company.

Take off my belly chain. This sketch by Michelle Salzman seems to depict a DOS slave with her chain.

This letter that Ben wrote on behalf of his sister-in-law, Lauren Salzman, is as disturbing, in many ways, as the similar letter from Nancy Salzman about Lauren deserving leniency upon sentencing amidst the whole Nxivm/DOS saga. Scoundrels and skullduggery?

Noteworthy is that Myers admits or claims to have known Lauren Salzman for a duration of more than ten years. Obviously, Lauren Salzman was professionally and personally all Nxivm, all of the time, for the majority, if not all of that “more than a” decade cited by Myers in his letter addressed to Judge Garaufis. Yet Ben Myers writes his letter as if it were honest and forthcoming and keeps mum about himself, as to his being in Nxivm.

He omits certain facts; unquestionably Myers eschews being forthright about a huge facet of who he himself, Ben Myers, is and has been. As a Nxivm acolyte and loyalist, Myers doesn’t offer a crumb.

These letters from what look to be some self-satisfied liars who are unconflicted about continuing to lie, whether by omission or commission, seem to be tacitly, implicitly and perhaps complicit, useless drivel, right from the belly of the Nxivm beast itself.

Ben Myers sounds as if he is interested in exploiting musicians business-wise now, from what I might be observing from his letter shown here at the Frank Report. A high-tech WHAT is this guy?

Is there anything genuine about this Ben Myers man at all? What is in it for him?

From what can be seen here, there’s everything to question about this character, and there’s nothing to take at face value or to trust. This propounded invisibility to which he treats himself as a Nxivm diehard schmuck, as well as an “activist” against Nxivm proponents, renders Myers’ letter to any judge, and in any instance, meritless.

These are merely the words of a person who is, at the very least, a liar, and a dissembling sort of a “man,” by omission. Or more than by omission.

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  • What are all the loyal, cult-ie, spotted leopard, devout followers doing to prove their undying allegiance to THE MISSION?

    1. Overflow parking each morning for breakfast at Nancy’s house, as they brainstorm over what THE MISSION actually is…
    2. Crazy search going on to find another 240 IQer to replace good ol’ Vanguard.
    3. Ben has locked in a gym rental for 5 nights a week of midnight volleyball fun!!!
    4. All the women are lining up to have their run-away bushes branded with Nancy’s initials.
    5. To prove they are all-in, they are taking headers into trees and lapping up mud puddles.
    6. Ripping 600Mill in cryptocurrency
    7. Still not ever having sex cause poor Keith would disapprove.
    8. Waking each other up at all hours of the night to grow their bad-ass-bitch muscle.

    Seriously, do you all really think all these ex-NX aren’t trying to move on with their lives? I’m not saying they aren’t idiots to believe it – but they all thought this Vanguard dude was the smartest guy on Earth and they should listen to his wisdom in order to improve their lives. Vanfraud is now gone. He’s been shown to be a conman. It’s over. I know that’s not as juicy as what shadow likes to claim, but uh, it is what it is.

    There’re like 5 dead-enders and they don’t even know what they are dead-enders about – they just think Keith shouldn’t be in prison.

    • There are way more than 5, dude. They are not trying to move on with their lives. Like animals that were accidentally let out from the zoo and are walking around among us, they are curious and comical entertainment. I wish they’d wake up, but since they don’t want to, and I don’t even know these fucking people, I’m happy to watch them and be entertained from time to time.

    • NutJob-

      I hate to agree with you,
      but when you’re right, you’re right.
      Let’s have a beer some time.

      PS is it OK if Shadow still hates
      Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne?

      • Does he really hate them if his walls are plastered with their pictures? Other than maybe Scott or Bangcock showing up, nothing would be more entertaining than a beer with Shadow. The questions to toss at those three would be limitless.

  • A leopard does not change its spots.

    And NXIVM still exists and it will rise from the ashes under a new name.

    Nicki Clyne has set the narrative on her Twitter page to charge prosecutorial misconduct making Keith Raniere and all of his followers into victims.

  • Of course, he’s still in. So is Michelle. What I don’t fucking get is why Nancy can’t (or possibly won’t?) unwind them. Isn’t she an expert in this shit? How do people stay in when the person that they got instruction from says it was a lie. I don’t get it. Unless, of course, Nancy is totally full of shit and is still loyal too.

    • I agree, Ice-nine.

      And Kim Constable’s letter in Lauren’s defense reads like Kim has seen Lauren (Zoom?)
      So all the cult-ies are in contact, running their scams, “creating a better world” and full of sh×t.

    • Nancy full of shit, how dare you say that about the Prefect.


      Of course, she’s full of shit
      She is no victim, she’s right up there with Clare and Keith, she was Keith #2 & Clare (and Sara) funded it all.

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