Cuomo Unnecessarily Resigns From Office – Fails to Throw ‘Hail Larry’ Pass

Andrew Cuomo - had he admitted he was gay he could stay, says Claviger

By K. R. Claviger

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced he is stepping down as Governor of New York.

But in his typical ham-handed way of showing that he’s still in charge, he postponed that event for two weeks (One can only imagine how many files are going to be shredded or burned during that time period).

But if Cuomo had consulted with me and some of my colleagues, he could have avoided this embarrassing end to a lifelong career in politics – and maybe even gone on to higher office.

Just last night, I was discussing Cuomo’s problems with several criminal defense attorneys and political consultants – and trying to figure out if there was any way for him to stay in office.

Image result for pictures of bars
The scene of last night’s deliberations

We began by reviewing what the mainstream media had identified as the three most likely outcomes to his dilemma:

Option #1: Resignation

Although Cuomo had vowed that he would never resign from office, that’s basically the same position that many other politicians had taken before they were confronted with the reality that they would otherwise be removed from office via impeachment.

We thought the most likely time for him to resign would be after he is impeached by the Assembly – and before he faced a “trial” that would be conducted by the NYS Senate (except for the Democratic Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins) and the seven justices on the state’s highest court, the New York Court of Appeals (Please don’t ask me to explain the rationale behind the make-up of the “jury” in impeachment proceedings in New York State because I have no idea who thought that it makes any sense).

Image result for Andrea Stewart-Cousins. Size: 204 x 204. Source:
Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Richard Nixon was in exactly this same position when he decided to get on the helicopter and head back home. And although I don’t think there’s any place for a chopper to set down at the Governor’s mansion in Albany, I do understand why many predicted this is how this little mini-drama was going to end.

Apparently, Cuomo didn’t want to have the word “impeached” associated with his name. So, that’s why he announced his resignation earlier today.

Image result for picture of richard nixon leaving white house for last time
Richard Nixon as he left the White House for the last time

Had Cuomo not resigned, he would have very likely been impeached sometime in the next few weeks. And that impeachment would undoubtedly have been very detailed and inescapable.

As Laura Nahmias recently noted in the  New York’s Intelligencer, “[NYS Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie] badly wants the Assembly’s Judiciary Committee to create an airtight, legally bulletproof, and dispassionate case against Cuomo, so the famously slippery governor can’t somehow escape on a technicality, or distract from the shocking sexual harassment charges against him by nitpicking holes in the legal proceedings.”

Image result for pictures of carl heastie
NYS Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie

Because his top aide Melissa DeRosa had already resigned, Cuomo would have to have dealt directly with Heastie – or rely on less-experienced aides – regarding the exact charges that would have been the basis for the impeachment. Now, there won’t be any need for him to do that.

Image result for pictures of melissa derosa
Melissa DeRosa jumped off the sinking Cuomo boat


Option #2: Impeachment & Removal From Office

If Cuomo didn’t resign, he most likely would have been “convicted” by the members of the NYS Senate (except for the Democratic Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins) and the seven justices on the New York State Court of Appeals (Because its composition is so odd, I just had to describe the “jury” that would have decided Cuomo’s fate one more time).

Actually, in another peculiarity that may be unique to New York State, Cuomo would have been replaced as Governor by the current Lieutenant Governor, Kathy Hochul, as soon as he was impeached – and before he went to trial.

Kathy Hochul will soon be the first female Governor of New York State

So much for due process. Guilty until proven innocent seems to be the standard in New York State. At least for impeached governors.

Although he had steadfastly supported Cuomo as more and more women came forward to claim that Cuomo had sexually assaulted them in various ways, Heastie did a 180-degree turnaround as soon as the NYS Attorney General, Tish James, released the report on Cuomo last week.

Image result for pictures of tish james
NYS Attorney General, Tish James

That’s when Heastie joined the chorus calling for Cuomo to resign – a clear signal that the Assembly would impeach him and leave his fate up to the NYS Senate (except for the Democratic Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins) and the seven justices on the New York State Court of Appeals (OK…that’s the last time I’ll repeat that).


Option #3: Three-And-Done

Per this option, Cuomo was apparently going to agree to “retire” after his current term ends on December 31, 2022 – and not seek re-election next year (His father, Mario Cuomo, also served three terms as NYS Governor – a standard that Andrew was reportedly obsessed with besting).

Image result for Mario Cuomo. Size: 98 x 100. Source:
Former NYS Governor Mario Cuomo. Now, he’ll still be the only Cuomo to be New York State Governor for three full terms. 

Although Heastie had denied that he would negotiate any such deal, this option actually would have made a lot of sense for all the concerned parties.

Except for one thing…it would have left Cuomo as the lamest of lame-duck governors for another 17 months – which is like 100 years or more in political time.

Although this option made a lot of political sense, I didn’t think it would happen because Cuomo’s accusers – and the mainstream media – were never going to be satisfied with such an outcome.

Especially not when there are so many important issues that need to be addressed – and resolved – in the upcoming months.


Option #4: The Hail Larry Pass

Although the mainstream media never discussed this option, here’s how I think Cuomo should have proceeded.

Image result for picture of cnn news roundtable

I would have advised Cuomo to hold a press conference at which he would admit that he’s gay – and say that his inappropriate actions against his various accusers were simply a matter of his “over-compensating” so that he could remain in the closet.

And before you Frank Report readers dismiss this scenario as the result of too many late-night drinks, you need to be aware that rumors about Cuomo’s sexuality have circulated throughout Albany, NY – and elsewhere – even before he and Kerry Kennedy divorced in 2005 (Although that’s when the divorce was finalized, it had apparently been discussed since as far back as 1997).

So, let me explain how Cuomo could have remained in office if he had simply come to me for advice.

After he announced that he’s gay, he would have publicly apologized to all the women he mistreated – and asked for their support as he tries to find his way in the world as a 63-year old gay man who has finally come to terms with true sexuality.

Are you telling me that the Assembly and Senate were going to kick him out of office after that sort of admission?

Nope…that would never have happened – at least not in New York State.

And if he could have arranged to get one of his reported boyfriends to stand with him when he made the announcement, he may actually have gotten elected to a fourth term next year.

Especially if the boyfriend’s name was Larry!


About the author

K.R. Claviger


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  • Cuomo resigned for a few simple reasons:

    1. He knew his jig was up. He could face removal from office by the State Legislature;

    2. He’s facing serious criminal charges and is still likely to be indicted.

    3. Resigning could deflect attention from his abhorrent complicity in the deaths of over 1,000 elderly nursing home patients;

    4. By resigning on his own accord, he might avoid having his pension and life-long top-tier medical insurance taken away.

    Make no mistake. There is virtuous intent in his behavior. To him the only important thing to Cuomo is himself.

    Good riddance.

    • I think the biggest consideration that led him to resign is that by doing so, he retained his eligibility to run for statewide office at some point in the future. In a primary field that could have as many as a dozen candidates, he could still be a formidable force.

      • Hey Clavinger,

        Are you still going to cover the topic about the videos from the NXIVM trial being released to the public that we discussed?


  • Hey Clavinger,

    Whenever you would like to reply to me about when you’re going to do the posts discussing the ability to obtain the court videos of the NXIVM trial, please do so ASAP. I think this is very important to discuss on a republic and constitutional level, and many other levels as well. The courts are a public office and “WE THE PEOPLE” should have access to the uncensored videos of the defendants who owe a debt to our society and our elected officials in order to ascertain them and hold them accountable.

    I thought at least the people on here would agree with something as wholesome as that! But unfortunately, I’ve had to deal with two people’s mental disorders and quite disturbingly, one of them was none other than Frank Parlato himself being a “mentally ill” dick to me for responding to another troll who decided to randomly pick a fight with me about this!

    It’s very shocking to me because I would’ve thought that a self proclaimed “patriot” like Frank Parlato touts himself to be, would’ve found this topic to be an essential contribution in his collection of NXIVM articles and would’ve been thankful that I have raised a serious and sound issue in our country that would’ve been so deliciously vital in his eyes to discuss, seeing the fact that Frank claimed on Vice that NXIVM is “an American story” after played our national anthem on his piano! I also thought that his fellow readers would have enough common sense and maturity to agree with that and would actually support me in my endeavors to discuss something like that and it being brought to light, seeing the fact that this affects all of us in our nation as a whole! Instead, they just teamed up on me so they could shit all over me and have the audacity to mockingly talk shit about it afterwards! These two morons have demonstrated to me that our country is in even more danger domestically than I thought! Not just the Big Tech and the fake and lying MSM, but also by small time press that are wannabe and so-called, “patriots” that is owned by a immature fraud!

    So far, it seems like you’re the only voice of reason left on this website. Look forward to hearing from you about this.


      • “Chill daddy-

        You can get the transcript!“

        Dude! Me and Claviger were already discussing this! It’s completely different by looking at the video and it opens many doors to whole different multi-faceted levels of interpretation, from tones to facial expressions, attitudes, and a whole lot of other things that a transcript could never provide! I know that you can get transcripts! Frank Parlato has posted many of them already! Just stop sticking your nose into shit that doesn’t concern you! I’m so sick and tired of talking to somebody and a whole lot of other people feel the need to chime in and say things that they don’t even know what they’re talking about! You need to “chill” out with jumping into this!

  • Anonymous
    August 11, 2021 at 10:16 am

    There you see the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats go after all abusers, even if they are their own.

    It was Leap Day of Leap Year.
    Friday February 29, 1980.
    There you see the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats go after all abusers, even if they are their own.

    I had just finished my last class of the week in Lincoln Hall on the University of Illinois campus.
    A crowd was gathered outside the near by Assembly Hall to hear Senator Teddy Kennedy speak.

    Teddy was running for the Democratic Presidential nomination against Jimmy Carter, an unpopular incumbent.
    The Illinois primary was in a little more than two weeks.

    I climbed to the balcony to watch the spectacle.

    Teddy’s plane was late because of the weather.
    When he arrived the crowd was ready for the toss pot Teddy.
    At the time the student body, filled with business, engineering and science students, was heavily Republican.

    Teddy starts out,
    “There are three great issues in the nineteen eighties……”

    The crowd roars back, “Chappaquiddick, Chappaquiddick, Chappaquiddick!”

    Then the crowd starts chanting, “Where’s Mary Jo, Where’s Mary Jo, Where’s Mary Jo?”

    Then the crowd starts a roaring rendition of “Did you drive here, Teddy?”

    Ah, for the good old days.

    But if Anonymous thinks the Democrats are so pure, he can ask Marilyn Monroe how the Kennedy boys abused her to the point of suicide and how Roone Arledge of ABC News, a close Kennedy friend, spiked the story.

  • There you see the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats go after all abusers, even if they are their own. Republicans defend their scum

  • Interesting article. (btw, never heard the gay rumors!)

    My personal opinion: this is a coup. Cuomo is actually too “conservative ” for the new New York left.

    He was AG under Spitzer and took the job the same way! And then disbanded the Moreland Commission when it started investigating HIM. Spent billions on failed….construction projects.

    Leticia is after his job, and when she gets in, WATCH OUT.

    At the end of the day, there’s lots of stimulus money in the budget. Cuomo wants it to go to his construction cronies, and Leticia and Co have other plans, to be announced, no doubt.

    Always remember to the New Yorkers jumping in joy: The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

  • “But if Cuomo had consulted with me and some of my colleagues, he could have avoided this embarrassing end to a lifelong career in politics – and maybe even gone on to higher office.” KR Claviger

    Start the day out with a laugh!

    In truth, Cuomo should stand trial for the deliberate murder of thousands of New York nursing home residents.
    Cuomo was told not to place recovering Covid patients in the same facilities with immune-compromised elderly people.
    Cuomo deliberately ignored the advice and ordered nursing homes to accept contagious Covid patients.

    President Trump stationed a US Navy hospital ship in the harbor to take in contagious people and protect the elderly.
    Cuomo deliberately chose to ignore the offer.

    President Trump used the National Guard to set up a make-shift hospital in the Javits Center for recovering Covid patients.
    Cuomo deliberately chose not to use that facility.

    The blood of thousands is on Andrew Cuomo’s hands.

    And Cuomo deliberately ordered his staff to destroy documents implicating him in this mass murder.

    Radio host Mark Levin exposed Cuomo’s act of mass murder.
    Elderly COVID-19 Positive Patients Sent To Nursing Home on Cuomo’s Watch!? | LevinTV

  • I would tweak that Larry defense a tiny bit.

    “As a gay man of a certain age, I mistakenly believed that I was exercising my gay friend privileges when I fondled the women that i knew professionally”

    Cuomo could then continue,

    “You’ve all heard the rumours. This was my mistake. Believing every person that I worked with knew those rumours were, in fact, true and (dramatic pause) I am gay”

    Wrapping it up,

    “I. Now realize that the cliche of the gay man who is allowed to grab women’s body parts and comment freely on their outfit is a dated, offensive, stereotype. And for that I am sorry. I will try to be a better homosex- ( Cuomo whispers on hot mic – “do they call themselves homo anymore?”) Uh – gay person.”

    “I am deeply sorry for all my groping. And also the nursing home stuff”.

  • Mr. Clavinger, I see that you’ve returned long enough to write this article, but still haven’t gone through what you promised in regards to all the things that we’ve discussed in a previous comment about obtaining the court videos of the NXIVM trials?! Is somebody not “keeping their word” again, due to a lack of “collateralizing your word” in order “to build a conscience”?!🤨 🤔🤪😜

      • Anonymous too
        August 11, 2021 at 8:34 am

        “Shut the hell up and get your own videos if you want them that bad.”

        Excuse me, asshole,

        I wasn’t even talking to you! Claviger and I discussed this in a previous comment threat and he said that I raised a good and valid point and that he wanted to discuss it because it was important!

        Despite this not concerning you, I will entertain your imbecilic trolling in hopes to give you a proper social education that you seem to be sorely lacking in (unfortunately, I feel that due to your clearly demonstrated and obvious incompetence due to the fact that have the audacity to run your mouth and disrespect me about something that you have no idea what you’re even talking and isn’t even your business to yap about in the first place, that it will be a waste of time and perhaps even too late for you to have any proper social skills due to you being socially and mentally arrested, but nevertheless, it’s worth a try)!

        The problem with your stupid logic about “[getting my] own videos” is that apparently, you can’t get them! We were trying to discuss the possibility of obtaining them and if it isn’t possible, the constitutionality of this to our republic for the courts withholding them for US citizens despite, being a public office and working for us! This had absolutely nothing to do with you and you don’t even know what the fuck you’re even talking about! So why so don’t you follow your own advice to “shut the hell up” and mind your own fucking goddamn business, you worthless parasitical piece of fucking shit! FUCK OFF!!!!!!

        • This is pure comedy gold– pretending to be outrageously angry because someone happened to comment on an open forum and gradually going berserk – it is one of the best imitation of a mentally ill person trying [but failing] to be insulting with a “cleverer-than-you” shtick and finally descending into uncontrollable derangement.

          • ‘This is pure comedy gold– pretending to be outrageously angry because someone happened to comment on an open forum and gradually going berserk – it is one of the best imitation of a mentally ill person trying [but failing] to be insulting with a “cleverer-than-you” shtick and finally descending into uncontrollable derangement.’

            Frank, I was nicely talking to Clavinger and I wasn’t even talking to this guy! I’m not “pretending to be outrageously angry”,
            I’m tired of people being assholes on here for nothing!

            I love how you turn this into this was all nothing but,

            “because someone happened to comment on an open forum and gradually going berserk”,

            Awe, the poor whittle soul just “happened to comment on an open forum”, and that’s all that happened?! Really?! Dude! I wasn’t even talking to him and he just randomly decided to be a dick and said,

            “[s]hut the hell up and get your own videos if you want them that bad.”

            When he doesn’t even know what is being talked about or he wouldn’t even say something that stupid! This is a guy who decided that he would just randomly be an asshole to somebody who was just minding his own business and nicely talking to somebody else and you are this mentally retarded that you would boil his immoral social conduct down to he just merely, “happened to comment on an open forum”?!

            And then to top it all off, you want to use big words (and of course when I say, “big words”, I mean they are too “big” for your brain) that you don’t really know, like, “berserk”, “mentally ill”, and “derangement”!

            Well let’s start of dealing with each of these words, shall we?!

            The word, “berserk” started around 1844 as an alternative word for berserker. Berserkers were warriors who fought with superhuman strength and frenzied, uncontrollable force. They were unruly gangs in the medieval times who worshiped the god Odin and would randomly attack citizens, guards, nobles, etc for no reason other than mug, harass, or instill fear for some reason to further their criminal objectives.

            Sounds like projection, Frank! I was talking to Clavinger and was randomly attacked by this guy and then you join in and decide to be a dick with him! What you and him did to me would be more on the lines of what that word originated from!

            But nevertheless, if me fighting back against a random attacker is ironically considered “gradually going berserk” in your twisted perception, then despite me knowing that it’s contemporary usage has to do with people using it as an insult, and the original meaning had to do with a bunch of medieval thugs randomly attacking innocent people who were merely just minding their own business (much like what has been done by both you to me here) and me using their own methods of combat back against the TRUE berserkers is “gradually going berserk”, then I’ll just know that you’re an idiot whose whole world is upside down and take your undue criticism of my method of combat against random attacks of internet trolls as a compliment!

            Now let’s go over another word that you ironically use, “mentally ill”

            According to “” the definition of “mentally ill” is as follows,

            “Significant changes in thinking, emotion, and/or behavior”


            “Distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities”

            It is incredibly ironic that you would use this word, Frank! Seeing the fact your own “thinking, emotions, and/or behavior” in regards to having the capability to facilitate proper ascertain who started this and you recklessly boiling down somebody’s bullying behavior to me and my rightful retaliation to it as just simply,

            “because someone happened to comment on an open forum”

            that I am,

            ”gradually going berserk”,

            has demonstrated that your faculties of “thinking, emotions, and/or behavior” are severely impaired! It is also ironically interesting that this also qualifies as,

            “Distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities”.

            Seeing the fact that this is your line of “work” and a major outlet of your “social” environment and your “problems functioning” with “thinking, emotion, and/or behavior” in this situation to have even the slightest bit of morals, wisdom, or common sense about who truly started all of this and properly rebuking the right individual worthy of it, and then would even be depraved enough to be ironically,

            “finally descending into uncontrollable derangement”,

            enough to chime in with the provoker in this situation while you project your disease onto me to gaslight me, clearly demonstrates that YOU ARE THE ONE who is “mentally ill”!

            Despite me already touching on this a little bit, it’s time to educate you on your last word that you use which you obviously lack comprehension in as well, “derangement”.

            Let’s look at the definition shall we?!

            Derangement: “the state of being mentally ill and unable to think or act in a controlled way”

            Well since I’ve already demonstrated who’s really the “mentally ill” and “unable to think or act in a controlled way” individuals, I don’t think we need to be redundant here!

            I think you have demonstrated, Frank the reason trolls feel so welcome here is because YOU ARE ONE AND FEED THEM! Both of you have no clue what you’re even talking about and then you have the audacity to run your mouth about,

            ‘it is one of the best imitation of a mentally ill person trying [but failing] to be insulting with a “cleverer-than-you” shtick and finally descending into uncontrollable derangement.’

            Hey Frank, did you know you know that a common symptom in many mental disorders is projection?! That means that you take what you are, because all you truly know is yourself, and either consciously or subconsciously, accuse others of what your guilty of! Maybe you should actually try think about that for once before you attempt to pull another one of your immature and imbecilic ‘imitation[s] of a mentally ill person trying [but failing] to be insulting with a “cleverer-than-you” shtick and finally descending into uncontrollable derangement’, and then project it all onto me!

            The real sad part about all of this, Frank, is despite you projecting onto me that I’m just “pretending” and this is all just an “imitation”, YOUR “berserk”, “mentally ill”, and “uncontrollable derangement”, unfortunately is not you “pretending” nor is it an “imitation”! And unlike somebody with your twisted taste of “comedy” due to you being “mental ill”, I do not find somebody being a dick to a random individual who wasn’t even talking to them, the victim retaliating against it, and then you chiming into the abuse and slandering him with the other bully and projecting your genuine mental illness onto the real victim to gaslight him, when you should’ve rebuked the other troll and been a responsible owner of this website, instead of being a troll yourself, to be “pure comedy gold”! I actually find it to be very disturbing! I hope that you can find the mental health treatment that you, Frank! You seriously need it because your brain and reasoning capacity doesn’t work right! You are seriously one hell of a broken cuckoo clock!

          • Yes. The trouble with method acting is it always ends up in the Stanislavski hospital. Sirens, derangement — The End.

          • “Blah-blah-blah ToolBag!”

            If this comment is referring to me, then you should know that it is very obvious anybody with enough maturity and a brain in their head, that the mentally retarded punk kid randomly running around and randomly “blah-blah-blah[ing]” other people’s conversations is the REAL “ToolBag”!

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