Sentencing Date for Allison Mack —Set for June 30th! — May Run on to July 1st…

Allison Mack

The day of reckoning is coming for the actress turned slave master, Allison Mack.

She is set to be sentenced on June 30th.

First, let us quote the text order. Then I’ll explain::

Full docket text:

ORDER: Defendant Allison Mack’s sentencing hearing is SCHEDULED for Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. and, if necessary, Thursday, July 1, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

The court DIRECTS the parties to adhere to the following schedule with respect to their pre-sentencing submissions:

Ms. Mack shall file her objections, if any, to the Presentence Investigation Report by June 7, 2021;

the Government and Probation Office shall file their responses to Ms. Mack’s objections by June 14, 2021;

Ms. Mack may file a reply by June 18, 2021.

Additionally, the Government shall make its sentencing submission by no later than June 21, 2021;

Ms. Mack shall make her sentencing submission by no later than June 25, 2021.

The Government shall submit any Victim Impact Statements by no later than June 21, 2021 and shall inform the court by June 28, 2021 whether any victims wish to attend the sentencing hearing and, if so, which of them wish to speak at the hearing.

Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 5/21/2021. (Freund, Zachary)


June will be a busy and stressful month for Mack.

Here is what is going to happen:

The Pre-Sentence Investigation Report on Mack is probably complete and in her hands and those of her attorneys.  That report was completed by the Dept. of Probation and Pretrial Services, a unit under the judiciary branch of government. It is probably comprehensive and undoubtedly has included the results of interviews with Mack and numerous others, including some who say they were her victims.

At the trial of Keith Raniere, two women who testified were judged by the jury to be her victims – Nicole [of sex trafficking] and Jessica Joan [of attempted sex trafficking]. To be clear, Allison was not convicted of either of those offenses. She took a plea deal on two counts: racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

These crimes carry a maximum sentence of 20 years each. The judge could, if he wanted, give her both maximums and order them served consecutively – i.e., 40 years.

No one expects that to happen.

I cannot guess what the presentencing report will indicate as a recommendation. I believe when she made her plea deal that her federal sentencing guidelines, based on her lack of a previous criminal record, her age, that they were nonviolent offenses, etc.,  were in the 3-5 year range.

Allison came off horribly at the trial of Raniere, with witnesses making her appear to be a ruthless and calculating member of Raniere’s inner circle.

It is also true that Allison cooperated with the government. What that cooperation was is hard to say – but that may help her in so far as the government too will make a recommendation as to her sentence.

Mack has the right to object to anything in the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report, which she must do by June 7.

If there are objections to her objections, the Government and Probation Office can file their responses by June 14.

And Allison is also entitled to make a reply to the government and the Probation Dept. by  June 18.

Then, the Government will make its sentencing submission by June 21 – a document in which they will argue for a certain sentence or perhaps no specific sentence at all.

We will learn much from this document which will be public.

If the government comes down hard on her – and seeks a lengthy sentence – then it will bode very badly for her.

On the other hand, if they do not seek much prison time, or as they agreed in cooperating witness Lauren Salzman’s case – make no recommendation – then she may get a lighter sentence.

I personally doubt she will get no prison time.

Mack will make her sentencing submission by June 25, where her attorneys will argue for leniency, possibly probation and most likely blame Raniere, extol her three years of faultless home confinement, and do the opposite of Clare Bronfman — Allison will disavow Keith Raniere.

At this time, letters of support for Allison will be filed. I expect she will have dozens of supportive letters asking the judge for leniency, explaining that she really is a good person and that she was led astray by Raniere. And by her own desire to do good.

These will be public and we will certainly publish the letters

Now, we come to the most ticklish part of all.

The government will submit any Victim Impact Statements by June 21. This may be D-day for Allison.

How many will there be?

I expect there will be some since sources have told me they intend to file them. How horrid will their tales be? How many will there be?

It may impact the sentencing for this judge appears to read these and carefully too.

The government will also tell the court by June 28 – just two days before sentencing – whether any victims wish to attend the sentencing hearing and, if so, which of them wish to speak at the hearing.

There may be none or there may be many. No one knows at this point.

Very ominously for Allison, he has set not only June 30th for sentencing, starting at 11 – but set aside July 1st too – in case the sentencing runs past the five or so hours allotted on June 30th.

That it would run over, it seems to me, would only occur if there were a bevy of victims lining up to speak.

In any event, on the fateful day of sentencing, the victims, if any, will speak, and then the prosecution, and then the defense will make oral arguments before Judge Garaufis. It seems to be a rule that only victims can speak at sentencing. Her supporters, people who might speak to her character, are not invited.

Then Allison will get to make the performance of her lifetime. How well she does may save her years of freedom and perhaps even years of life. I believe this judge listens to every word and studies every gesture.

It may be a sincere performance or it may be a magnificent acting role – but expect tears and contrition and plenty of it. Expect crying and even the possibility of a brief delay for her to compose herself.

Finally, Judge Garaufis will recite his sentencing memorandum, explaining his rationale – and then he will hand down her sentence. It could run from probation to 40 years and it is anyone’s guess what it will be.

This must be very stressful, since she may have a chance at freedom while still young enough to make something of her life – or she may be an old woman when she gets out. It’s up to the judge.

It is also up to the judge whether she leaves in handcuffs that vert day or whether she is allowed to go home and settle her affairs and report to prison on a given date set by the court.

We will have much more on this later.








Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 5/21/2021. (Freund, Zachary)


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    • In the U.S. criminal justice system, federal prisoners serve about 85% of their sentence if they do not lose any of their “good behavior’ credits while they are incarcerated. And there is no such thing as “parole” for federal prisoners.

      • Do you think that if Mack, a non-violent first time felon, had been sentenced right after her trial…might she have been sentenced to home confinement (because of Covid) and thus been home just like now, but with all these past months counting as time served?

        • That’s possible — but I haven’t heard of any other cases that were treated like that. I think most courts simply delayed sentencing because of COVID-19 — and left those yet-to-be-sentenced convicted defendants who were already on home confinement to just maintain that status.

          I believe that pre-trial and pre-sentencing home confinement should count for something: maybe a half-day of prison credit for each day of home confinement. Especially since when federal prisoners are released from prison, they are generally required to spend some time in a halfway house — and to then be on home confinement for a period of time.

  • She should get probation not more punishment. She made some mistakes. The huge one being following Keith.

    His main issue was the underage Cami. He should have waited till she was 17.

    • Jill, it seems that you are very misinformed, the relationship between Stretcher and Keith began long before the group called DOS was formed, even long before Allison was part of the inner circle.

  • They should be socking it to Nancy Saltzman first. Horrible lady. Not that Mack is much better. I can’t stop thinking how nefarious it is to be siphoning scads of unreported cash to her house because she knew damn well in her heart of hearts it was all about her and Keith and little else – what a horrible person.

    • The idea that Nancy will have years of solitude where she will be only accompanied by her breath and her stench gives me a very happy and joyous feeling inside.

  • Finally, you have the opportunity to post real journalism. You have been desperate for months, Frank.

  • I hope the very best for her. I fully understand the influences she was under, and I’m impressed with the humility and grace with which she has conducted herself through this entire debacle. Doubtless, she will be judged but I hope it’s not too severe, and remember, there are others as culpable that haven’t been charged.

    • I agree, 101 Percent. I’ve followed the dirty deets of this case closely – too closely for my own good – in hopes of getting answers and closure on my sister’s death, of course – for decades now and I deeply regret not reaching out to Allison and her family more directly far sooner to warn them.

      Each time I’ve tried those efforts were shockingly misconstrued to suit some often nefarious agendas that were never my own.

      I believe Allison was and continues to be hard targeted, used and exploited beyond what most of the other victims and survivors have endured, save maybe the Mexican and other child victims, some of whom have yet to be counted such as the Rainbow Vulture Garden experimentees.

      Allison fell victim to not only Keith’s disease and Nancy’s avarous but to the many characters involved in this epic, tragic saga in need of a high-profile scapegoat to project and justify their own guiltiness or mere participation.

      Allison’s huge mistake was hanging onto her forced, deeply entrenched delusions about KAR and his acolytes’ true, various agendas: disguised by their collective “mission,” even past the point of ignoring her opportunity to plea, nay, be heard at all in KAR’s trial proceedings.

      Remember that the context of Allison’s choices not only while within the “eye” of the NX cult – that always had her role playing on camera (where she’s been placed since early childhood) – but the situation that continued long past her arrest to this day includes a Hollywood tabloid media perspective and limelight-seeking ‘victims’ (none need take offense), who cast Allison as the Femme Fatale of this tale long ago.

      This is all on top of the fact that Allison STILL lacks independent counsel acting purely in her interests.

      Anyone interested in justice could have and did see this coming – all the financially dependent defendants were given little choice but to sign away their rights re: the blatant conflict of interest with Clare (and Sara, at least) Bronfman footing their legal bills and calling the shots in collusion with the likes of Salinas lackey Dennis Burke, the famed Floridian Daddy/daughter pedo protectors, the Gregaros,’ and an assortment of other pigs y puercos at the feed bin including fucking Michael AvenantI, no less. (Btw, any bets on who’ll be representing the ex-potus DJT in his upcoming pedo case? Agnifilo has dropped a hint or two on record that he’s down for it.)

      And now we see evil Allison’s most photogenic, inter-racial “victim” attacking Mack in FOX news sound bites – though Jaye’s not quite ready to discuss NXIVM per se, she’s sure grandmaster mistress Allison intentionally caused her more pain than anyone, indicted or not!

      Fortunately, we are blessed with the wise Judge G who’s presided through all of this madness and well demonstrated his integrity.

      IHMO, Allison Mack deserves the same treatment India Oxenberg, any of the slaves who got out in time to avoid being charged, get. She is not on par with Lauren Salzman, certainly not Nancy Salzman, nor many of the uncharged guilty parties as this commentor points out.

      Allison “took the fall” and the saddest part for me is that when she did only the vultures showed up to feed on her carcass.

  • I hope the good Judge Garaufis might consider a well-supervised, lengthy community service sentence for Alison. Something she might gain an actual skill in: cooking, building, basic engineering, mechanics, plumbing, etc. Something real that doesn’t involve being able to create or ‘treat’ another human’s existential crisis.

  • She should pay some penance. Not forty years, but something. She needs to really learn that artificial power doesn’t give you a pass to rule and destroy other people’s lives under false pretenses because of her own obsessions/ perversions.

  • “How does one prepare for a career in custodial arts?” – John Bender, The Breakfast Club

    I have a feeling our Ms. Mack will soon be well versed.

    • Snorlax-

      That’s one of your best zingers in a while!

      You, my friend, are back to form…

      …Top-shelf Liquor…

      “Belvedere Vodka’s Belver Bears”

  • This is what’s going on. Among all the old tried and true advice about how to behave in prison to survive to the end, there is a new variable for women. There is little to no one doing a damn thing about it. The ACLU is actually fighting to make it happen. They are now funded by the very people that profit from this ideology. Heads up, Alison, this is important.

    “trans” rapists

    The judge has issued a ruling in Andrea Kelly’s motion to intervene against the ACLU’s attempts to prevent the lawful public disclosure of records about male transfers into Washington State female correctional facilities. Judge Thomas Rice, who expressed clear indications from the beginning of the case that he sympathizes with the ACLU’s attempts to protect males transferred into women’s prisons, denied the motion to intervene and removed Kelly from the lawsuit – but not before Ms. Kelly obtained critical information from the Department of Corrections as part of the DOC’s court filings in this lawsuit.

    The court records revealed the answers to many of the questions our client sought to obtain from the Washington State Department of Corrections through her Public Records Act Request, and also corroborated whistle-blower reports from local radio station KIRO-FM that a serial rapist is now being housed in the Washington Correctional Center for Women. However, the judge also granted an injunction against the public release of the responsive documents.

    These records confirm our suspicion that the ACLU of Washington is seeking to suppress public records requests which prove that male rapists are being housed with vulnerable women in Washington prisons, and that there are official complaints of sexual assault by these men from within the prison.

    In March of 2021, local radio station KIRO-FM ran a story that included the claim that, “A half dozen men have been transferred to the Washington Correctional Center for Women, according to an employee at the facility.” According to their reporting, the whistleblower also revealed that a male inmate with a history of sexual violence had raped a female prisoner upon arriving at the women’s facility.

    Among those transferred to the women’s facility were Donna (né Douglas) Perry, who was convicted of serially murdering victims of prostitution, and Hobby Bingham (who now goes by “Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love”). Bingham was convicted of raping a 12-year old girl.

    These reports prompted multiple Public Records Requests from the media, as well as from our client, who submitted her PRA request on March 10 (view the full case timeline).

    The Washington Public Records Act guarantees that citizens have the right to access public records, and requires the government to respond to requests within five days. Only personal student or patient information, employee files, and some investigative records are exempt.

    The request asked for documents pertaining to:

    A complete and accurate count of inmates who identify as transgender (gender identity differs from sex identified at birth) in the custody of the Washington Department of Corrections [please break this information down by location]

    Number of inmates that have been transferred from a men’s facility to a women’s facility since January 01, 2021

    Total number of male persons who identify as female, non-binary, or any other gender identity that are currently housed in a women’s facility

    Number of inmates who have transferred from a women’s facility to a men’s facility from January 01, 2021 to March 18, 2021

    Number of female persons who identify as male, non-binary or any other gender identity that are currently housed in a men’s facility

    In the following weeks, the ACLU of Washington and Disability Rights Washington (DRW) filed a lawsuit to prevent the release of documents requested by our client and members of the press. The ACLU claimed this was necessary for the “safety” of their clients who were supposedly at risk in the women’s prisons.

    Although the judge has granted an injunction preventing the full release of the responsive records, the information in the judgment itself confirms the reporting of KIRO-FM.

    In a list of responsive documents identified by the DOC (documents that answer the questions from the PRA requests), the records reveal the following:

    Number of inmates that have been transferred from a men’s facility to a women’s facility since January 01, 2021: 3

    Total number of male persons who identify as female, non-binary, or any other gender identity that are currently housed in a women’s facility: 7

    Number of inmates who have transferred from a women’s facility to a men’s facility from January 01, 2021 to March 18, 2021: 0

    Number of female persons who identify as male, non-binary or any other gender identity that are currently housed in a men’s facility: 1

    The DOC records also confirm that there are prison infraction records and PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) records against several men who are currently housed in women’s prisons, including 309 pages of infraction records for a particular male inmate. However, the federal Judge has decided that none of those documents can be released to the public under the PRA, pending the Judge’s final rulings on the ACLU’s claims that releasing these records would violate the male prisoners’ privacy rights.

    Despite the information obtained from the court record, the decision and logic of the judgment itself create a dangerous new precedent. WoLF has obtained descriptions of the responsive documents listed in the court record, including PREA complaints against violent male sexual offenders who have raped and terrorized women both in and out of prison. However, the judge has enjoined us from releasing these documents, citing his concern for the “safety” of the male prisoners.

    From the beginning of this case, The Honorable Judge Rice has shown a blatant disregard for the safety, dignity, and human rights of women — treating both female prisoners and our client with outright contempt.

    The decision has invented a new, completely fictional, exception to the Washington Public Records Act, and the state has failed to meet its legal obligation to release the records to the public.

    In fact, our client still has not received a response to her first request: “A complete and accurate count of inmates who identify as transgender (gender identity differs from sex identified at birth) in the custody of the Washington Department of Corrections [please break this information down by location].”

    In an ACLU webinar hosted last week, ACLU lawyer and spokesperson Chase Strangio named WoLF as an “enemy,” and claimed that the public records requested by our client were an “excuse to hype up a false sense of some sort of safety crisis,” “FOIA abuse,” and “the ultimate gaslighting.”

    But Judge Rice and the ACLU have all read the same documents we have — which prove that male rapists are being admitted to women’s prisons under “gender identity” policies and raping women in these facilities. However, throughout the course of the case, both the judge and the ACLU have pretended that they do not know this, that women’s concerns about being housed with these men are unfounded, and that the male rapists and murderers are the real victims in this case. This, in fact, is the ultimate gaslighting.

    WoLF is committed to fighting the ACLU’s attack on freedom and women’s rights at every turn. In the coming weeks, we plan to announce our next legal action to protect the rights and dignity of incarcerated women. We’re continuing our fight in the courts, and forcing the ACLU and gender ideologues across the country to stand up and defend their attack on women.

    Please consider donating to the WoLF Legal Action Fund to support our legal efforts to defend women’s rights and freedom.

    I am not affiliated and I don’t profit from sharing this.

  • For those with all that insider US Prison information, the folks at could really use your help in whistleblowing on the consequences of putting men that identify as women in women’s prisons. The only reason there are details is because Prison employees were whistleblowers. Frank, this is going to be “a thing” in the very near future, heads up.

    • “The Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla is the nation’s largest female-only prison, stretching 640 acres across flat farmland and housing 2,640 inmates of all security levels. One inmate described cramped cells with eight women per room, bunk beds 4 feet apart, a shared restroom, and an uncovered shower.

      The Chowchilla facility now houses 11 male inmates, including men convicted of rape and murder, said Lauren Adams, legal director for Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF).

      More men will likely transfer to CCWF in coming months. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has received 255 requests from male inmates wishing to transfer to female prisons since a state law took effect on Jan. 1 permitting inmates who identify as transgender, intersex, and nonbinary to choose between male or female prisons, according to a Los Angeles Times report. Only six female inmates have requested transfers to male prisons.

      Amie Ichikawa, a former CCWF inmate and founder and president of Woman II Woman, said California’s law has created a toxic environment where female inmates who experienced trauma are unable to heal. “Prison is already difficult,” she said. “Now they have to shower, use the toilet, and share 6 feet of personal space with violent men.”

      There’s a reason people don’t know what’s going on. The media is suppressing it.

      • I only would hope that anyone would consider how horrible prison IS before they resort to crime? Thanks for making this point – I hope potential criminals will think about prison life BEFORE making poor choices.

  • From the NYTimes: In many ways the compelling new podcast “The Turning: The Sisters Who Left” unfolds like a [documentary on NXIVM.]. It opens with a woman, Mary Johnson, hoping to escape the religious order in which she lives. “We always went out two by two. We were never allowed just to walk out and do something,” she explains. “So I wouldn’t have been able to go, you know, more than five or six paces before somebody ran up to me and said, ‘Where are you going?’” It is what she wants to flee that makes “The Turning” so fascinating. Johnson spent 20 years in Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity

    One sister quotes Mother Teresa saying, “Love, to be real, has to hurt.” If you heard the same words from any other guru, you’d know where the story was going.

    • I had a strongly Catholic friend who went to work with Mother Theresa in Mumbai a couple of decades ago. It had been an ambition of hers since she was a child, she used to send her pocket money, do sponsored runs and swims, etc. She was also very brainy, studied medicine at Oxford.
      She abandoned her dream after three months— left both Mother Theresa and the Catholic Church. Her description of the woman and her practices were horrifying.

      • Mother Teresa was named a Saint and given the Nobel Peace Prize.

        Vanguard was named a criminal and given 120 years.

        Poor Keith…he just chose the wrong con game.

  • Great read!

    I am betting the Judge gives Allison 2-3 years.

    I remember the first time the Judge met Allison, as reported by Diane Lipson; the judge asked Allison, rather oddly, if she had, earlier, been in the courthouse cafeteria. He clearly has a soft spot for Allison…

    …Add to that, the judge’s reaction to the testimony of Lauren Salzman….

    ….And Allison is getting 2-3 years!

    Maybe if Allison wails away and shakes she’ll get a 1 1/2 year sentence.

    I expect if this happens, a certain Chicagoan will have an aneurism or go postal!

    • Oh, for G’s sake NG, Hizzoner does not have a “soft spot” for Allison. You’re all being brainwashed on here by your own sexism if not the subliminal forces of the Elephant God’s bully Shaman, not to mention the anal probing aliens.

      Reread the court record: Allison had the balls to request a pee recess that Judge G granted saying he saw her earlier in the cafeteria (drinking coffee) clearly meaning he believed she honestly had to pee. While in the ladies’ room, Allie took cred for giving them a potty break saying she, “took one for the team,” by having the courage to ask for a recess.

      Shadow pounced on this event that, yes, Diane Lipson reported, in the comments accusing Judge G of already going all soft and googly on Allie, ‘admitting’ he fell for her on first sight in the cafeteria.

      Shadow was projecting his own dark desires for Allie onto Judge G. Shadow may not be a stable person, IHMO. Her Majesty’s Opinion, mind you, does not reflect that of the ChiCom people or Chairman Xi.

      Btw, NG, wasn’t Shadow the one who reposted the Miami Herald Epstein story here first as you construe nor does he have about as much actual Insider info on pedo investigations as Q Anon ever did, maybe less.

      • —NG, wasn’t Shadow the one who reposted the Miami Herald Epstein story here first as you construe nor does he have about as much actual Insider info on pedo investigations as Q Anon ever did, maybe less.

        …..And I have thanked Shadowstate on multiple occasions. The US press ignored the Miami Herald story for about
        2 years. After I read the article Shadow shared I sent it other people, because I was astonished any Prosecutor would cut such a sweetheart deal with a prosecutor with a sex criminal. Nobody cared until the #METOO movement.

        • Shadow did not repost the November 2018 Miami Herald Epstein story on here or anywhere, Nice Guy. Heidi Hutchinson reposted the Epstein exposé for Frank Report when it first broke (and also sent it to her friends).

          Frank was (at first, at least) interested in hiring Heidi to, in part, further investigate this and other pedophile stories that aparently ran afoul of the Q Anon (unsealed pedophile indictments) “spin” certain, more conservative, media outlets made of the Epstein affair while other media outlets indeed remained largely silent and, eventually, the likes of Brazilian Q Anon supporter/spokesperson Paul Serran appeared on FR spouting the Q conspiracy cover-up not only negating Donald Trump’s and Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein but claiming the Trump admin and deep state insiders (like Shadow) were set to unleash all law enforcement hell on every VIP pedo in the land starting with Epstein who was soon found lifeless in his MDC cell on his second alleged suicide attempt.

          So if your Shadow worship is based on his news-breaking insider info and apparent concern for saving America’s youth from savage celebrity pedophiles like Allison Mack you need to reexamine your facts and internal motives.

        • Oh, I see, I had a typo in the post above. Should read: it was not Shadow who reposted the November 2018 Miami Herald story exposing Epstein & Maxwell and alleging, per depositions taken in a civil suit, that Donald Trump raped a then 13 year old Katie Johnson.

          Per Johnson’s deposition, Trump tied the girl to a bed and smacked her across the face during one of three sexual encounters arranged by Maxwell and Epstein.

          Yours truly posted that Miami Herald story when it broke.

          Shadow, Shlock, Bangkok, etc. posted the Q Anon twisted versions: demonizing Democrats (only) much later.

          You know, the propoganda fictions with Monarch child sex slaves, Pedo pizza parlors, blood sacrifices, etc.

          So I’ll just accept your belated gratitude you’ve shown Shadow and your on-line stalker resignation letter.

      • Paul, you and I had a bet a millennia ago whether or not Raniere would do 20 years.

        You chose less than 20 years and I chose 20 years. We were both off — by over
        10 raised to the 2nd power.


        Paul, my gut tells me this time we will both be over the “spread” by 2-3 years.

        After much thought, I believe she should get 4 years. The judge seems to have a weak spot for Allison. So I’m guessing she gets under 3 years.

        Allison Mack has the girl-next-door looks and a definite naivety persona…Add to that the fact she is a good act actress; plus the judge is a man…And you have a defendant who will be shown some level of “favor”.

        What everyone seems to forget — is Clare Bronfman is ugly as sin. Who feels sorry or cares for an UGLY woman?

        When’s the last time we have heard about the disappearance of an ugly woman?

        Ugly women disappear all the time.
        Nobody cares (other women don’t care) and so the media don’t report it.

        What if Lacy Peterson or Natalie Holloway were unattractive, fat, or black? You would’ve heard about them.

        I’m guilty, we all are, of being biased and swayed by looks.

        • F×ck off “other women don’t care”. Thanks, SIR, for telling women, how they feel.

          Oh, whatever would women do? Without the intellect of dumbasses like you?

          • You’re so dumb-

            “F×ck off “other women don’t care”. Thanks, SIR, for telling women, how they feel. Oh, whatever would women do without the intellect of dumbasses like you?” -You’re so dumb

            Look at the number of books published about Jacqueline Bouvier and Princess Diana. There are many women, who have done 10 times, as much for the world as Jackie or Diana has. Jacqueline and Diana did jack-shit and yet they sell more books than any other women. Why?

            Men don’t buy books about Jackie and Diana; women buy all the books. Why?

            Last point:
            Women buy People Magazine, not men. Only the attractive women, who disappear or are murdered make it into the magazine. Why?

            I may be a dumb-ass…But at least, I realize, that we live in a shallow as fuck world.

            You wanna be pissed off, be pissed off at the matriarchy!

          • Forget that. What would they do without plumbers or electricians who are all almost exclusively male??

    • So the Judge will ignore the dozens of women who were “sex slaves” under the command of Allison Pimp Mack?

      Let’s read just a snippet of Joan’s testimony about how Allison Mack recruited a new sex slave:

      JOAN: Me and Val went to Vancouver together to do the “The Source” program, where she met Allison. And I thought she would be good for it. […] Allison, after meeting her, said: “I love Val, I want her to be in it. I think she’d be great for you.”

      Joan proceeded to try to enroll and recruit Val, to no avail. So her master, Allison Mack, jumped in and used her superstar allure to recruit Val right then and there.

      MARK LESKO: And was this an instantaneous recruitment?

      JOAN: Yes. This was a very unorthodox way of being recruited. But because Val was so excited to join, we then phoned in India with a video call. And she introduced her as, like, “This is your grandmaster.” Because I was her master. So Allison was her great-grandmaster.

      MARK LESKO: Did Allison tell Val about the brand or tattoo?

      JOAN: Yes. She said that part of it is that you’d get a brand, but “it’s like a tiny tattoo”. She said, it’s a sisterhood thing, and that it represents the symbols of the elements.

      MARK LESKO: Did she, in that conversation, mention that the brand was, in fact, someone’s initials?

      OAN: No.

      MARK LESKO: Was Val told that any men were involved with The Vow?

      JOAN: No.

      Val started to provide collateral to Joan. As was the norm, Allison instructed Val to come to Albany to spend time with them. But it so happened that Val booked a dance gig, and couldn’t come.

      JOAN: So I let Allison know that, “Oh, Val booked a job, so she’s not gonna be able to come”. And Allison looked at me and said, “Well, maybe you need to remind her that she doesn’t have a choice”.

      Val wound up going to Albany to join the “slave pod”. What Allison Mack reportedly liked to call “The Agency”.

      JOAN: There was a time when I asked Allison if I could see her brand, Oh, can I see your brand. She said, No, like I didn’t deserve the right to see it but she said, “Oh, it’s a beautiful symbol”. […] From what I’ve seen, it’s a very disgusting, disturbing mark which eventually scarred where it had, like, puffed-up skin and something that looks really painful.

      Soon, Joan testified, the DOS membership seemed to be in control of all areas of their lives.

      JOAN: Every morning, right when we wake up I would have to say, “Good morning, M” – for master – to India; as well as take a three-minute cold shower.

      The leaders of DOS also directed them not to cut their pubic hairs or get Brazilian waxes. But the most disturbing part for Joan was about to unfold. Allison Mack phoned her from San Diego to discuss “something important”.

      JOAN: First she prefaced it with, “You’ve been doing so great. Everyone in the community loves you. You’ve been so amazing.” […] And then she said, “Well, me and India have been talking and we wanted to give you this special assignment.” […] And she said that the assignment is for me to seduce Keith and have him take a naked picture of me and send it to India to prove that I did it. […] My mind was just blown. It was like my whole world was crumbling.

      She testified that Mack told her that this was going to help her get rid of all of her sexual abuse trauma. Still, according to Joan, her “grandmaster” lied to her on a very fundamental point.

      Nice Guy:

      That is not a “wing woman.”

      If you can read that and not figure out that Allison Mack is a filthy Pimp, then there is no help for you.

      • Shadowstate, please read the following. I am NOT BEING FLIPPANT!!!!!

        —That is not a “wing woman.”
        If you can read that and not figure out that Allison Mack is a filthy Pimp, then there is no help for you.

        Shadow I agree with you, that Mack deserves prison time. I’m not like NutJob, Frank, Claviger, or Heidi.

        I do not believe anyone, who turns other women into sex slaves or concubines should walk away with a slap on the wrist.

        I had an incredible God-awful childhood; that doesn’t mean I get to break the law and claim victimhood!
        I believe Mack deserves 3 to 4 years.

        I’m only confused by your vindictive almost sadist, view of what Mack’s punishment should be.

        The only time I poke fun at you is when I believe you have crossed a line; one should not cross.

        I myself am guilty of the same transgression as you. Rapists, men who beat women and pedophiles disgust me, beyond words. If it were up to me they would have their eyes SEARED SHUT. I know it’s completely wrong however if the opportunity arrived I would gladly [redacted]

        Do you realize your feelings on this matter are not logical or rational? Because I know mine are. Nothing will ever change how I feel. I mean it. I just can’t act on my feelings and still be the man I need to be.

        My last question is rhetorical. I am not expecting an answer, simply making a point.

  • Boo Hoo Hoo!
    Poor Allison.
    She must be the poorest, most deprived girl in Southern California.
    My eyes are filled with tears.
    Forget about the Southern Californians living in tents.
    Forget about the people living in cardboard boxes under the freeway overpasses.
    All Allison has is three hots and a cot for the next several years.
    Save your sorrow for those who really need it.

    Here is a tour of the El Paseo shopping district of Palm Desert about 110 miles east of Allison Mack’s home.
    Palm Desert is one of the ritziest areas in California.
    Notice all of the closed stores in one of the most affluent areas in the Southland.
    May 2, 2021

    • California is a sh12hole’s sh12hole. You’re right about that. But I was born on the East Coast, so maybe I’m prejudiced.

      • Walgreens and CVS are closing many of their San Francisco stores because of widespread shoplifting.

        You are right on target.

        Organized Crime On The Rise In San Francisco As Businesses Close Their Doors & Residents Bolt

        • Shadowstate-

          I’m so sorry to burst your bubble!

          “Seven of the top 10 states in 2018 in terms of highest homicide rates were — sorry to President Trump and Gov. Reeves — red states. The top five were Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and New Mexico. New Mexico would be considered the only blue state in that group.”

          ”2018 data, the most violent states, in order, are Delaware, Louisiana, Missouri, Alaska, Maryland, New Mexico, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas. If there is a pattern, it is that most of these states are in the U.S. South. States in New England, in contrast, are all at the bottom of the list.“


  • If you’re reading this Alison, heed my advice. Document the trans-identified men currently being housed in California women’s prisons. Women are being raped in prison in the US, Canada and UK, to satisfy the desires of the prison population. Whatever your position on Gender Ideology, know that intact men that are sex offenders and murderers, merely have to say the magic words and they must be considered for transfer to women’s prisons.

    Do you want to redeem yourself in the eyes of women? Document the state-sanctioned comfort women in California prisons.

    Go to Twitter- Keep Prisons Single Sex USA and Heather Mason in Canada.

  • If she is sentenced to prison, she is a chauvinist.
    Women are ALWAYS innocent.
    Freedom for Allison!

  • Some real news and Judge Garaufis presiding – so glad to hear! Finally, something worthy of reading and not speculation as to what may have happened to some camera!

  • I think the judge will see her intent as good, meaning she really believed she was helping others while in a kind of discombobulating state of cultic brain fog, and see her as more manipulated than malicious, even if she did a lot of bad things. So, I think she’ll get five years maximum.

    • Mr. Shadow-

      …And to think Robyn might be referring to a particular hater [you].

      We can only hope, my dear sweet Shadow!

        • Mr. Shadow,

          —Do you think words will deter me?

          Uhhhhh….I don’t know how to respond. What exactly am I trying to deter you from?

          —branding women on their “pussies.”

          Technically, the women were branded on their Mons Pubis.

          I am so glad you don’t know where I live.

  • 18 years. Anything less would be a miscarriage of justice.

    Raniere got 120 years. 18 years is a mere 15% of that. Mack was his trusted lieutenant, eager to do his bidding. She was instrumental in carrying out the slavery and branding sub-cult that was DOS. She not only carried out Raniere’s wishes, she eagerly innovated. Her initials are branded onto bodies entwined with Raniere’s. She extorted and held blackmail. She meted out punishments. She took obscene photos and forwarded them to Raniere. Cooly lying to her victims every step of the way. She benefited from their forced labor (the nice legal term for slavery).

    She was essential to the sex trafficking operation. Raniere couldn’t have done it by himself.

    She got lucky when the Feds dropped the sex trafficking charge. She’s clearly guilty of that offense, given the facts that came out at trial. She practically ran the sex trafficking operation.

    Without that lucky break, she might well be serving life in prison. The Feds did her a big favor and my guess is that’s the only favor she’s gonna get. Judge Garaufis is going to come down hard on her. Very hard.

    And it will be right for him to do so.

    I have yet to see any evidence that Mack cooperated with law enforcement. All of her records were seized, and some of the material was used in court. That’s not cooperation, that’s search warrants. She attempted to interfere with Raniere’s arrest in Mexico, chasing after police vehicles.

    Since her guilty plea, on parole, she got up to her old tricks, infiltrating a university class and collecting highly personal information including phone numbers from her fellow students. She apparently still thinks “feminism” is a kind of espionage on the vulnerable. She was forced to drop the class when students discovered she was a predator in their midst.

    I don’t think Judge Garaufis will be lenient to Ms. Mack.

    • You just stated a whole mess of things as facts that none of us can confirm to be true. Especially the stuff about her infiltrating her college class to perform espionage on the vulnerable. I hope for Allison’s sake the judge isn’t as swayed by rumors as you are.

      • On the record testimony repeatedly ties Mack to the sex trafficking aspects. She made a plea deal for racketeering-related charges but it doesn’t wipe those events away. She made a deal in order to avoid her own trial but there’s a blushing amount of sworn testimony that puts Mack at the center of a lot of horror.

        The Cal Berkeley incident did happen. It’s documented – a cursory google search establishes it as factual on a number of serious news sources. She was allowed by Cal not to disclose her criminal record because it’s a policy at the university making it her choice to do so. Her motivations for not disclosing it herself are less understood and are up for debate. That she didn’t? Whatever she intended, it looks awful. The optics are really, really bad and suggest that she may still have deficits in terms of good judgment.

      • Here’s the VIce article:

        Recently, a student alerted VICE that Mack’s participation extended to a summer course that involved deep discussions of personal trauma, a fact the student was horrified to learn only after the class was over. “She’s taking classes with women who are the age that she used to seek people out to recruit—exactly the demographic that she used to target,” the student told VICE. “We were all just unknowingly exposing ourselves to this person.” 

        • I happen to know with 100% certainly that Allison was taking that class because she’s in therapy for trauma and the therapist wanted her to be around others who had experienced trauma so she would feel less alone. I also know without any doubt that the student interviewed for the article was Hillary Clinton’s daughter.

          Hmm, wait, no I don’t, but sounds about as believable as her performing espionage while out on bail

          • The issue was that her behavior in class mirrored her previous recruiting techniques.
            By recruitment, I really mean pimping for a cult leader.

    • I think people have tended to also overlook that she absconded with KR to Mexico and that was actively involved in the planning to remove themselves from the country. The salicious details of what happened while there before KR was arrested have a very ‘lets all eat cake and bully the victims’ is 0% helpful.

      Neither is being a predator who shows up in a women’s studies class and refuses to disclose that you are directly tied to horrific sex crimes, because you weren’t convicted of them.

      She’s tried, I guess, to look sympathetic. It’s mostly not worked and I’m glad it hasn’t, she shouldn’t be viewed with sympathy.

    • Shadow??? Dat you? Come on, dude.

      Glad you showed your true cards with the “predator, university class” spin.

      You’ve built up some good FR street cred. You either pantsed yourself, or got carried away.

      • NutJob-

        Shadow has written, a prolific, 257 articles, covering the crimes of “Pimp Mack.”
        He single-handily wrote more articles about Allison Mack than the Associated Press.

        It’s Shadow’s time to shine…
        …Don’t wreck it for him!

        I loved the 5/21 10:20 comment.

        The Top 10 LIst was mostly accurate.

        Just three things were wrong:
        1. My nephews say I look like a tall Dwarf.
        2. I own a Pit-bull rescue, not a cockapoo.
        3. The guy who turned me out didn’t name me Prince. He named me Paris.

    • You serve up plenty of food for thought. Diogenes and that lantern of his!

      Once while I was still underage, my future L.A. boy huzzband had only first brought me to L.A.
      He and I visited a household in being rented by his old guy pals one day.

      I met what might’ve appeared to be five gentlemen hippies, their pets and whatever else was there at the house.
      A couple of hours later my LA beloved and I were departing the house, out down its yard past a few bushes.

      From those bushes we heard loud muttering and whispering.
      It turned out to be coming from three of those gentlemen roommates who actually live in the house
      Out hiding in their own frontyard bushes. Not far from a public sidewalk.
      One had lost his pants, somewhere along the way into the shrubbery
      And was worrying aloud, nearly shrieking, in a case of severe anxiety
      about the FBI coming to get not only him but all of them.

      Three weeks or so later, LA boy brought me back over there
      Why I am still unsure, even more than fifty years later

      The guys were still nervous wrecks
      One was locked in the main bathroom and would not emerge
      One of their pets had gotten sick and died with nobody noticing
      The bushes were flattened-looking and shaggy
      In front of a charming architectural gem of a California bungalow

      This reminds me a lot of Allison Mack, whether it makes any sense or not.

        • Shivani has a unique way of writing which I have come to appreciate.

          It’s esoteric in a good way.

          I would say it’s more of a Shroom trip than an acid trip. I haven’t done either, but they have been described to me.

  • Frank:

    You were recently asked if Leah Mottishaw is still part of NXIVM

    She is!
    Posted Yesterday

    I just wonder if it’s possible that Allison and Lauren went a little bit too far with how they in particular treated some of their slaves and that’s where the problem lies?

    “Almost right away, DOS pushed me right where I was hesitant to go business-wise. I had just joined DOS and was working to secure a consulting client. This potential client had not responded to an email and I planned to wait “another few days” to try again with them. Through DOS I was challenged to reach out “early” (earlier than I felt ok with) and it turned out that trying sooner netted me success! The biggest lesson was that at times it’s worth listening to trusted advisers about breaking your own rules and trying things that go against your inclinations (like revisiting a potential client sooner rather than later) because you might discover a new – even a better – way of doing things.”

    — Leah Mottishaw
    thedossierproject’s profile picture
    #NXIVM #DOS #thedossierproject #truth #speakup #womensagency #womensempowerment #thevowhbo #thevow #seducedstarz #believewhom

    slebaron’s profile picture

    lucylufrank’s profile picture
    It seems like you’re saying here that Dos pushed your boundaries and through that you found success. I’m glad you had a positive experience. I’m sure there were many wonderful things about Dos. I don’t think anybody is saying it’s all bad. I just wonder if it’s possible that Allison and Lauren went a little bit too far with how they in particular treated some of their slaves and that’s where the problem lies? Would love to hear how they potentially “let the side down” ethically here and therefore would that explain the very different experience those small number of women report?

    bandicrawford’s profile picture
    This makes me truly happy for you, and also sad that so many others might not be able to be a part of it. It really was an opportunity by the sound of it and it’s lovely to hear so many success stories.
    1d1 likeReply

    1 DAY AGO

      • You would be surprised at how being held down naked for a branding of Keith Raniere’s initials and all those close-up vulva photos can make the humiliation of a sales call seem like nothing.

        Just like once you’ve completed your “seduction assignment” of Keith, you can use a port-a-potty on the third day of a music festival and be a little less grossed out.

        It’s the little things that make being a “slave” to a repulsive, criminal, violent man worth it!

    • She conveniently forgot Mark and Bonnie were already calling attention to Allison’s unstable behavior before she had slaves. Keith cultivated and tested for these behaviors. Those women are sociopaths.

  • Will be interesting to see if Allison makes a statement about her sham marriage to her ex-wife Nicki. And likewise, if Nicki submits an impact statement and if that would be for or against her. I bet Nicki is a coward and says nothing to help her.

    Pea, do you have any insights on this matter?

    Slap my heinie.

  • Wow. As I live and breathe…I thought I would have lost my teeth and been back in diapers by the time this happened.

    • The virus delays stretched the time between the plea and “the final act.”

      There’s been a lot of time for Mack, ankle monitor frequently being plugged into an electrical socket, and her with her big, vapid, pasty grin cemented in place, to fester, to be stuck, cloistered at her parents’ house. School didn’t work out for her. Students felt ill at ease with her as a participant in their educational environment. Who can blame these students? Not I.

      Well hey. Hay for a horse’s arse. That’s some closet Mack’s arranged for her big, morbidly obese EGO. Like R Kelly’s goddamn perv Closet, which he saluted in song. And look at him! Uh huh, let’s have a good long look. Crying in his soup. Wah wah.

      On July 29th, Mack reaches the age I’ve called “Jack Benny” for most of my life, the age of being thirty-nine. Jack was always 39. I loved Mr Benny. However, Mack’s Peter Pan image is all hot air to me. It does not make her deeds excusable, either.

      It isn’t easy to figure out, not yet with what’s showing so far, who Allison Mack is now. What is to trust?

      She was living for so long in a kind of a rotten and twisted, completely fractured fairy tale, without her relationships being grounded in reality. She was even willing to deceive women and to lord it over her “slaves.” Who does this? Someone who is blinded. Yet Mack chose her blindness, as a supposedly fully capable adult woman. And the she stuck to it like she was made of superglue. For years.

      And she was PROUD of herself for it. Holy shit. Proud and strutting like a nasty, cruel sharpshooting, power-maddened concentration camp type of a kapo, just so that she could make brownie points for herself in Raniere’s fiefdom of group insanities.

      Her mind boggled all to hell, and Mack was clueless? I don’t buy it. I see her as thirsty, more than as clueless. I see her as nauseating, more than as naive.

      If you are in showbiz at all, this sort of naiveté is among the first ones to go, even if like Mack, you are not a vamp, or someone who can be seen as suitable to portray beauty or to be cast as a romantic lead…or a desirable conquest for a leading loverman.

      The Rhett Butlers don’t even look twice at the Macks. She would be backstage boiling sheets and boilin’ up some water, dressed in a gunny sack. Hee hee

      So, about the criminal Mack. What are the answers? What I know is that I do not know. There is still going to be a lot more to see and to consider.

      The judge and the will of the people whom he represents, will deliver his reasonings, at last and soon. Something is coming to an end, but what? What is over, and what is not over?

      The only thing that I can measure is this. Looking at Mack right now, that is one person who would not be welcome anywhere NEAR to my grandsons.

      One is turning 13 in only two days. He is already hitting six feet in his height! But he is far from ready to become a whole man. His brother is only a year younger and turns 12 very soon(!) in June. No Allison Macks, I pray, will ever, ever get anywhere near them. We teach them the ropes as they grow and as appropriately as possible and with a lot of attention.

      I hope that both will have the sense to say no to all big Macks.

      And, with regard to Allison Mack, that feeling of “NO” might not ever change.

      Not really. So it feels like there’s nothing to trust about her. Even now. I just watch but would want her kept away, most definitely, from anybody I love, not wanting them to be hurt, messed with or even more grievously harmed, by whatever Mack has embraced.

      Never. That is how it is. Nothing to trust. I wish it were otherwise. It is not otherwise. Cradle to grave. What has changed? Who has changed? Who has not changed at all? Dunno. But it is all muck, seemingly muck that’s coming apart. There’s no receipt, though and no guarantee has been offered, either about change. Primal and primary change of heart and mind.

      There hasn’t even been a fake divorce done yet to rinse away that fake marriage to Mister/Madam, the tricky dicky Clyne, the loudmouthed Canadian court jester, right out of an exceedingly crappy, d-listed horror movie.

      Maybe it is past the time to wake up now, alas and all ass, all of you crummy mofo cult-addicted creeps. Wake up or bug off, dirtbags. Waddle away. ASAP. Go kiss Ramtha or Salma Hayek, her damn disciple who would prefer to keep that hidden under a bridge. It is not working, Salma. The bridge stuff.

      When is somebody gonna be a man about that Mack Crack Whack marital mess? Or could somebody be a woman? Get it done. The social security benefits from fucking with spiritual herpes for another fifteen or so years just aren’t worth putting in so much time on an old and decrepit, insincere contractual agreement that has been being called a marriage.

      Ok. Our house is now full of boys until it isn’t. It’s official. Hoo boy! We have two extra fellas here now to keep us all company tonight, everyone has a bed and will be safe and snug. I feel very lucky and happy about having some good company. This is it, I insist to myself like a dreamer.

      Life is beautiful. Sometimes it feels too beautiful. Say right now, life is almost too beautiful, not to be missed.

      One mama, me, (the mama’s mama)
      four young boys with dreams of their own
      five formerly homeless kitty cats
      and two or three hermit crabs
      Once is never enough
      with days like this

    • Yeah. Now that you have spoken, made your bleating fucked-up decree here, gee whizzerootie,
      Hoo fucking ray
      we can just go chew nails, forget the whole thing, huh. The buzzards will do the clean-up job.

      All is hell?

      Not around here it isn’t. U flatheaded sapsuckah. Huzzah.

    • Tess-LA-Subsidized –

      Omg the outrage, I feel!

      You have successfully trolled me. I am outraged by your comment.
      And now I will respond in a very banal and polemic way!

      You are a wickedest-dumb-person! How can you say what you say? My day is ruined. Boohoo!

      There! Do you feel proud with yourself or not so much?

      Bangkok, I though you said you were going away till Summer?

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