MK10ART Paints Gripping Pictures of the Leaders of NXIVM

MK10ART painting of Keith Raniere

In a recent post, many people admired the artwork of MK10ART as she Tells Story of Pam Cafrtiz’s Grooming of 12-Year-Old Rhiannon for Raniere

More of her artwork can be seen here

It seems appropriate to publish some of her other fairly recent sketeches and paintings for our readers’ pleasure.


A sketch of Pamela Ann Caftriz, the number one woman, according to Keith of his harem and his life. He called her his partner of 30 years, She is said to have died on Nov. 7, 2016.

Two things are fair to say: I do not know that he ever called her his partner during her lifetime. Second, she died under somewhat mysterious circumstances. There is probably little doubt she had renal cancer. She was, however, curiously removed from the hospital and may have been poorly handled on the trip home. A witness told me that she was placed in a bathtub – with ice – around the time [just before or after] she died for cryogenic entombment. It is not known where her body is today.


Keith Raniere is being interviewed by his former follower, Emiliano Salinas. Emi was a staunch follower of the Vanguard but when the blubber hit the fan, Emi distanced himself from his leader. While he was spared criminal charges, the son of the former president of Mexico lost his reputation in Mexico and his political hopes imploded.  He has been in virtual hiding for several years.

Viva Executive Success!


Is Nancy Salzman really a bad mother? Some say she is a good one. She brought her daughters into the family business. Got her eldest daughter a top job in the company and even shared her lover with her daughter, the wonderful Keith Raniere.

As for her second daughter, she also arranged a nice job for her in the business she owned in name only, the NXIVM Corporation. Daughter Michelle got to marry a wonderful guy, Ben Myer, best known as the NXIVM chief hacker and the guy Daniela kissed and wound up in her room for two years for not realizing that was her ethical breach.

On top of that, as proof of good motherhood, she encouraged her daughters to shun their father — not because of her divorce of him or any fight they were having – but because the father refused to fire a woman who Raniere wanted fired.

Nancy, as the good mother, knew that if you lose a father it is always possible to get another — but there is only one Vanguard.

Thanks to Vanguard’s efforts, Lauren and Nancy are likely headed to prison. And if I might add one more point in support of her motherhood — Nancy made sure she hopped on the plea deal bus first – ahead of her daughter and despite her having done 10x as many foul deeds for her Raniere, she wangled a better plea deal than Lauren.

Yes, she is one mother.


Another fine lady who has done well under Keith is Clare Bronfman [left] in MK10Art’s sketch.

Clare came in for sentencing on Sept 30, 2020 for relatively minor convictions – with sentencing guidelines of 21- 27 months. But wouldn’t you know it, this loyal gal wrote a letter to the judge firmly saying she would not disavow Raniere. It tickled the judge’s funny bone in such a way that he tripled her sentence over the guidelines and gave her 81 months.


Keith Alan Raniere looks a little ghastly in this painting of MK10 ART.

The original photo –Keith Raniere

We can give a lot of credit to Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente for being stars in The Vow but, at the end of the day, the real star of The Vow is Keith Raniere.


It is a matter of interest to me, who has tangled with all three of the above, that while Raniere is in prison and so is sister Clare, Sara Bronfman, so deeply involved in using her money to ruin so many lives quietly escaped and lives in luxury in Portugal with her husband Basit Igtet, their two children and a raft of servants.

Life is good for Sara who, while playing the innocent dumb bunny, is curiously oblivious, recklessly so, to the pain she has caused others.

Let them eat cake, is a fine motto for Sara.


Yes, indeed Nancy Salzman was attracted to the brain of one great man. Her Vanguard, the smartest man in the world. And she listened to that brain and the dumb things it told her to do – right into an arrest a conviction and a likely to be coming very soon prison stay.


Marc Agnifilo did not have the very best hand dealt to him when he accepted [with a choice retainer] a client named Keith Raniere.

In this sketch by MK10Art – she is reminding us that beyond the charges for which Agnifilo was retained to defend his client, there were perhaps some as yet unproven crimes – the deaths or disappearance of four women closely connected to Raniere.

May they rest in peace.


Pam Cafritz died and left $8 million to her man. Ironically, he has not been able to access that money, as it is being frozen, as I understand it, by the IRS as they try to sort out how much the lad is entitled to get of it. That figure may be zero.

But it may be irrelevant anyway since he is in federal prison and his modest needs are taken care of by the taxpayers. As readers know, Keith lived, as he and his followers assured us, like an ascetic, a renunciate.

The list of names at the side of the painting are the helpers of Keith Raniere who transported the dying Pam Cafritz to her home at 21 Oregon Trail where she died.  Sadly, I was told, while carrying the nearly dead burden, they dropped poor Pam on the ground and reportedly broke into laughter at their slippery handedness.

Placed in an icy bathtub, Pam was supposedly put in a cryogenic tomb. I have two comments about that: (1) If her body has indeed been entombed and not cremated,  an autopsy should be done to find out if she was poisoned; and (2), perhaps less seriously, I was told that Keith kept their home on Oregon Trail precisely the same as on the day she died. He told his followers that when he brought her back to life, he wanted her to return to the same comfortable home she knew when they were together.

What a kind-hearted man.


A gripping portrait by MK10 ART of Clare Bronfman alongside the notorious KR brand. The judge hit her harder in sentencing because he deemed her to be “willfully ignorant” of the foul deeds of Raniere and his branding plans. She had argued that she knew nothing or little to nothing about the blackmail and brandings of DOS. The judge argued that that kind of ignorance was deliberate, criminal, and worthy of additional prison time.


Lauren Salzman often appeared in NXIVM commercials with her hairless cat.  While she had a hairless cat, she had a hairy husband as the prosecution was fond of showing us in pictures.


Difficult to view pictures ahead

Children are advised to run when the gent below is around. [though he may not be around for the next 120 years more or less – and by that time, they will be substantially older]


This photo of Keith Alan Raniere was used as an exhibit at his trial.

Also an exhibit at trial

An earlier photo of Raniere before he was even a Vanguard.


MK10ART’s very interesting portrait of Sara ‘I got off Scot-free’ Bronfman with the brand of the man she supported with more than $100 million.


Keith, the benevolent thinker


Was he a narcissist?


A picture of this writer addressing the media about Keith’s life sentence outside the courthouse on October 27, 2020, the day Raniere was sentenced to 120 years.


Sarah Edmondson’s brave act of showing her brand on the cover of the New York Times provided ocular proof that the stories I had written for months – about women being branded – happened to be true. It started an avalanche and the world’s smartest man was soon swept away and smothered by it.


Finally, a gruesome, cadaverous painting of Pam Cafritz who met her end before Raniere was convicted. Indeed, he was at the top of his game when she died in late 2016. She was not around to watch his fall. But for so many years she had enabled his harem, keeping the ladies pacified, serving them, cajoling them. making them understand that they were privileged to be with the world’s most wonderful man.

All the while, there is evidence, and plenty of it, he was undermining her health and mental stability…


Many thanks to MK!0ART for her superb artwork She has captured the spirit of the leaders of NXIVM in ways that photos could not.



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  • MK10, you have captured the spoilt gob on Sara Bronfman — perfectly. Your art is as brilliant as ever.

  • Love the piece with Agnifilo in the graveyard with the Lost Women of NXIVM head stones. 👻

    One of him and a few others who sold their souls long ago pissing on the graves would be a bit more eerily real. 😈

    Did Frank complain about the lack of hair on his Publicist portrait? I remember him with more in the back but been awhile. Love that one, too.


  • In the text accompanying that wonderful art, the Salzman paternal estrangement is given a spotlight.

    It is likely that Keith would have found any reason to come between daughters and their fathers. Unless the father was a Nxivm true believer.

    Dads were a threat

    #1) because any decent father would have driven straight to Albany and kicked vanguard’s cowardly ass.

    #2) Keith wanted to be both father figure and sex partner to his harem. It’s that incest vibe he loves.

    But first, starve them to look prepubescent.

    • And here you have it in a nutshell, just as can be noted, if one takes time to really look at Keith Raniere’s childhood environment, providing one can delve behind the “curtains.”

      A kid who could never experience “safe” boundaries while he was forming his own psychological, mental and spiritual identity. Poor little child-fucker, huh? Just a gigolo who found Nancy Salzman to become his head pimpmama frontwoman. Swine meets swine.

      The thing is, this does not excuse the way that Raniere has been and is. Others endure traumatic upbringings and make the exact opposite decision in their minds and hearts.

      Some seek to heal and to help, to be protective of others’ well-being.

      Others lose it somehow and, often unconsciously, to some extent, choose a path of destructiveness.

      Raniere has some modicum of intelligence, which is not exceptional at all. His intelligence was twisted all to hell, though. He is completely stuck and does not comprehend that at all.

      And so he will remain, outside of some miracle occurring. The only cure for Raniere would have been preventative, would have happened long, long before he began to escalate behaviorally.

      One can note that Keith Raniere began to manifest diagnosable indications of personality disorder as far back as late elementary school, early middle school age.

      Childhood acquaintances of his have told a few stories, exemplifying Raniere’s early behaviors with them personally.

      Raniere exhibited specific symptoms: deceptivity, exaggerations, need for dominance, and a craving to “mess with” the perceptions of, particularly females, who happened to be in his social environment at school, etc.

      His troubles were brewing almost all of his life. The stage was set. That is, unless Raniere happened to have been born “psychopathic.”

      That does appear to be something that happens every so often. A completely rotten cookie slips onto the cookie sheet and survives. It is still mysterious.

      • To your point, Shivani, even Keith’s Dad – a racist, sexist bluebeard Madison Ave. madman himself – down to our mutually favorite mother Pimptress, NX President, Nancy Salzman, herself – diagnosed KAR as a dangerous psychopath long ago. James Raniere warned Barbara Bouchey and even before her testimony, some of the early acolytes, of what Keith was up to – James told tales from school on Keith when Keith cut James out of the action (and I think that might have included young Upstate fresh ‘Country’ puss as well as $$$) and Nancy flat out declared Keith “delusional” before, I presume, discovering the Joy of pimphood as a poor man genius’s Ghislaine Maxwell.

        Personally, I think there must be a genetic component to narcissism plus an environment that turns it malicious, analogous to benign or malignant cancer tumors. I wonder at the apparent proliferation of this “ME” disease in American culture where a little narcissism seems to have become a survival mechanism due to greed worship and extreme tribalism has taken hold for, possibly, the same reason.

        Survival of the “fittest” or most suited to survive socially and otherwise may make narcissists of us all.

        All told I have more sympathy, and that’s not much trust me, for Keith than Nancy Salzman and those more normal brains who knowingly took full advantage of Keith’s warped psyche despite the ghastly harm his condition inflicting on so many true victims.

  • MK-10,

    I love “The Vow” at the top!

    It’s eerily dark, and haunting. I think it would make a great book cover for a Steven King type book or a cool wall print.

  • Parlato, you, truly are a rat-dirty-bastard! You are a creature of the sewers.

    You claimed, you, weren’t going to be showing the Raniere fur-burger pics anymore. You’re a sick man, Parlato!!

    This is your worst offense; since you posted the pic of the willowy Kristen Kreuk embracing the vile Mark Hildreth, simply to torture, the pious Sultan.

    You are a fiend!

  • The Pam C. That evokes a police sketch is dreamy good. The look in her eyes…

    Do you think someday we could submit questions for this artist? Thru you, of course.

    One I have: Do you start with an idea? A feeling? Is it a combination? Is it clear to you what you are creating at the start or does it evolve?

    * I know that sounds like many questions.

    Rounding it up to: What is your creative process?

    2nd query: Do you have a favorite Nxivm piece you have done? So far.

    Thank you!

    • “Is it legal to mummify your cult leader?”
      – Mr. Shadow

      …Aren’t you the Frank Report’s resident Taxidermist?

      P.S. Do you taxidermy pets?

  • To see more MK10ART is a big treat. For me, there’s the first look and then, most often, I come back to look again and again, as there’s always more simmering through the artwork than what one sees the first time.

    To see and to sense visual workings capable of evoking feelings, thoughts and visceral responsiveness will always be an amazing experience.

    Thank you to the moon and back for giving such artistry a front seat at Frank’s. Maybe there aren’t words to express how seeing this kind of creativity manifest can take the viewer somehow to an experience beyond words.

  • Absolutely wonderful artwork as always; very intense and evocative in this instance. It’s been a joy to follow the evolution. Bravo!

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