Roger Stone: I Am Being Treated Differently Than Hunter Biden and Rev. Al Sharpton –Why?

Roger Jason Stone, Jr.
Editor’s Note: While the DOJ and the media parrots love to claim that Roger Stone lives in luxury, I have to disagree.
I have been to Roger Stone’s house recently. It is a modest, rented townhome, with two bedrooms and two baths, and much smaller than the rented home he lived in when two dozen jack-booted federal agents raided his home to arrest him as part of the Mueller prosecution.
For a period of time, Stone did not have a car, and I lent him my car for a time. He has a car now, but has been so poor at times, I believe, at the old house, he actually took in a boarder.  I can attest to the fact that he is NOT living a lavish lifestyle.

Whenever he goes out, he is recognized. Supporters wave and cheer him. Some ask for his autograph. He also is heckled. Once at a restaurant, a woman seemed to come out of the shadows, came over to the table and thrust a folded white paper on the table. Then she ran away and out the door. We opened the paper and found nothing inside but a written message which read, “you’re an asshole.”

Why this woman, who evidently had been dining there and likely did not expect to see Stone, needed to act in such an impulsive manner, choosing to case aside civility and restraint, is hard to fathom.

I looked at her as she ran out the door, and could see she did not look insane. She was dressed well and might have a husband, perhaps children and a good job. If she had accosted a black man in this fashion and there was video, she would be labeled a “Karen” and possibly “canceled,” if the video went viral.

But her disease was the same: She could not control some irresistible impulse to storm our table and make her statement to Stone.

Here is Roger Stone’s statement about the recent civil lawsuit sprung on him last Friday.

By Roger Stone

Call it Witch Hunt 3.0.
The civil suit for $2 Million(!) in back taxes announced by the Biden Department of Justice against me and my wife when we have have neither under-reported income nor hidden any asset and they they know we have no assets is politically-motivated harassment fueled by the partisan prosecutors fury and liberal hysteria over the fact that President Trump saw the clear corruption of my trial and had the strength and the courage to correct this injustice by issuing me a grant of clemency and a full and unconditional pardon.
Now, Robert Mueller, I am not a convicted felon nor did you have any evidence against me as you were forced to admit by the court in the long hidden sections of your report.
That was Witch Hunt 1.0.
Please recognize the Justice Department filed their civil suit at 6 PM on a Friday with no notice whatsoever to my tax attorneys with whom they have been in regular contact. This demonstrates the political motivation of these highly contrived charges. In fact months of on-going good -faith negotiations between my tax attorney and the IRS to settle this debt went silent the day after the Inauguration of Joe Biden and after we submitted a MOUNTAIN of updated financial information in on-going settlement negotiations
The claim in the lawsuit that the IRS terminated my settlement agreement is false and a fraud upon the Court. My tax attorney formally informed them when I was simply unable to pay.
My unpaid tax debt from 2007 and 2008 was $800,000. We were reliably paying  down on a monthly basis until the expense of my legal defense and trial preparation for their prosecution of me and the drop of my income being unable to work after being charged and vilified by the fake news media and then gagged by the judge, thus unable to write or speak – this cost us our home, savings, my car, a 2012 Jaguar, most of our insurance and we are essentially broke. 
The $2 million debt includes interest and penalties the Government has refused to waive in ‘compromise and settlement” negotiations. Had Mueller’s Dirty Cops not tried to frame me, I would have continued paying until I left this mortal coil.


That my wife and I owe a significant amount in federal taxes has been a matter of public record for several years. This is not news. We had worked diligently with the IRS to pay down our debt until we were financially destroyed by the politically-motivated and corrupt Mueller investigation under a settlement agreement, making over three years of escalating monthly payments on time without missing one per a settlement agreement adjusted by the IRS multiple times.

The claim that my wife and I are living a lavish lifestyle is a laughable joke in view of the fact that we are virtually bankrupt and struggle to pay for housing, groceries, medical and dental expenses and gas for Mrs. Stone’s “luxurious”  2012 Audi with 98,000 miles on it.

Yes, after I lost any regular monthly income, our meager savings, my home, my car, most of our Insurance and after making over three years of escalating monthly payments on time without missing one per a settlement agreement adjusted by the IRS multiple times, I ran out of money to pay them.

You can’t get blood out of a Stone.

Evidently, I am being held to a far different standard than Hunter Biden who is, in fact, living a lavish lifestyle and the status of whose federal tax investigation we have no report on whatsoever. Hunter just moved into a $2.5 Million dollar home in the pricey Hollywood Hills that rents for $25,000 a month or the Reverend Al Sharpton who is reported to owe more than $8 million in unpaid taxes.
Rev. Al Sharpton
The DOJ’s claim that we secretly live a lavish life-style, is pure bunk. I sold my car to pay the lawyers but a friend died and left Mrs. Stone a 2006 Mazda with 120,000 miles on it. The transmission died last week and the cost of replacing it is greater than the value of the car.
I still have no regular income.
The false claim that we are living a lavish lifestyle is to discourage the hundreds of Americans who supported my David and Goliath fight for freedom with their dollars and prayers. Don’t be fooled ,

The total censorship of all my words or books on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has taken its toll in the sale of my books. The destruction by the FBI of all of my digital broadcast equipment has made getting my new video/podcast up and the smear tactics used against me have soured two promising podcast/radio deals.

My Podcast “Get Stoned – your daily run-down on politics with Roger Stone” and “Perfect Clear” with Tyler Nixon will debut soon at
This civil suit is, however, a clear sign that the smear campaign of “guilt by association” to tie me baselessly to the illegal events of January 6th  (Witch 2.0) has failed.
In fact, any statement, claim, insinuation, or report alleging, or even implying, that I had any involvement in or knowledge of any unlawful acts by any person or group in or around the U.S. Capitol or anywhere in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, is categorically false.

This is yet another example of the Democrats weaponizing the Justice Department in violation of the rule of law. Having failed to destroy me in their fabricated Russian collusion investigation and, having failed to find any evidence whatsoever that I had advance knowledge of or was involved in any way in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, the DOJ is harassing me and even attacking my wife with a lawsuit rife with outright falsehoods and willful misrepresentation of the facts.
These charges are both contrived and sensationalized. The claim that my wife and I funneled money anywhere to live a lavish lifestyle is preposterous and will be exposed at trial as patently ridiculous.
The revenues to the LLC cited in the DOJ complaint have been fully reported in our tax returns for 10 years and all appropriate taxes have been paid or will be paid when due. The Government’s depiction of this as a tax shelter is therefore categorically false. In fact, it has been our principal vehicle to do business.
We neither under-reported income nor hid any asset or income. By law, the assets of the Trust owned by my wife and her sister are not protected from seizure by the IRS and all are reported on the public record. Nothing illegal or uncommon there either. 
In fact, the IRS has failed to credit me with a $40,000 payment on my 2008 taxes. The Government’s case is so weak as well as factually and legally inaccurate that I am certain if put before a fair judge, I will win in court. The road to that day is long and expensive.
We have survived only through prayer due to the generous and strong support by many great patriots who contributed to the Stone Legal Defense Fund the Stone Family Support fund.
Thanks to the US Department of Justice, my wife and I are still struggling to recover our financial footing and we will have to consider filing bankruptcy, having spent everything we had for my legal defense in the Russian collusion hoax. The Department of Justice is fully aware of this. We have no assets to hide. Their motive is revenge. Their goal is harassment.
Yup, it’s Witch Hunt 3.0.

This is so transparent a political hit. I will fight these politically-motivated charges and I will prevail again. Americans who want to help me in this epic battle can go to
Roger Stone still did nothing wrong!

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  • Democrats and liberals are mental midgets, at best. Frank would be doing the decent and civilized world a favor by IP blocking them or deleting all their comments from this site.

    Liberals lie. All the time. They lie.

    And then they deny they lie.

    • Does your use of lower case letters in roger stone’s name indicate that he was a slave and not a master in NXIVM, Mexican Lady? LOL.

      Senator Gaetz, who has hired Stone as a consultant for his DOJ sex probe, may want to take note that Stone once consulted for a sex offender now serving a 120 year sentence, as well. LOL.

  • Anybody that thinks THAT Stone got a fair trial is a kangaroo. Judge, prosecutors and jury forewoman all agreeD – the quicker we convict him, the better we be.

  • Frank, you wouldn’t publish my benign comment suggesting Stone is in a lot of trouble if you read the indictment — you don’t want to publish anything too close to the truth regarding your friend Stone. You’re not a journalist, you’re a yellow journalist.

  • Do we know who or what was behind the drone attack targeting Roger that exploded a “cattycorner” building near his orifice yet, Frank?

    Geez, even FOX isn’t investigating this harrowing attempt on his life.

    Terrorists Lives Matter!

  • Roger is a victim of association

    The DOJ couldn’t prosecute Trump so now they’re going after Roger Stone.

    Guilt by association and public opinion is not justice.

    Any plea deal Roger makes is out of desperation, and not necessarily guilt, because Roger is old and any significant sentence is a death sentence.

    Please read the piece, written by a retired Supreme Court Justice, Frank Report published last week regarding plea deals and the DOJ.

    • When the government has you in the crosshairs, they will use all of their unlimited resources.

      If I were Roger, I’d cut a deal.

      Risking your life on the role of the dice is not worth it.

  • Has he changed his look? I think he could become unrecognizable with a little effort and blend in more. A little stubble/beard, longer hair and perhaps dye his eyebrows to match his hair. I doubt he would be bothered by anyone. I know we could say “Why should he?” but it might make a difference to his quality of life. I’d hate the attention.

  • Frank have you asked Roger about the MyPillow guy’s website, We know Roger Stone is super pumped for it, unfortunately, it hasn’t launched yet, which apparently should be very disappointing to Roger:

    “Speaking from a site that lets users post without censorship or bans, [Roger} Stone said Frank [frankspeech, not frankreport] would “be different because conservatives, republicans, Christians, libertarians and just free thinkers will not be censored or banned.”

    Stone, who was a close Trump adviser and ally, noted: “In fact, No one will. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a communist, a socialist, a liberal, conservative, a progressive, a libertarian or even a vegetarian, everybody will be allowed. I, for one, can hardly wait.””

    I don’t know why Roger would say ‘even a vegetarian’, perhaps he is surprised vegetarians have opinions and use the internet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    It must be an amazing success because despite it looking like it was built in about 10 minutes, it claims to have had 2 billion user requests to sign up. Pretty amazing considering that in just 48 hours he got about 30% of the entire world’s population. What’s even more amazing is that the US only has 328 million people, so there’s a lot of international interest. I’m guessing a lot of these international users don’t speak English and have no idea what the fuck they just signed up for, perhaps they just thought it’d be awesome.

    So even though Frank Parlato is a semi-delusional right-winger, I’d still like to thank FrankReport for letting us write things like “fuck shit cunt and pussy” especially in reference to assholes like Donald Trump, a God-fearing Christian that holds Bibles upside down and grabs women by the pussies. Frankspeech, however, does not allow swear words, porn, or using God’s name in vain. So if you want to say that shit, say it here.

    The End.

  • An article by Roger Stone saying he doesn’t like lying, unfair, underhanded tricks. What’s next? An article from Capt. Kangaroo saying he’s sick of the tv airwaves being used for children’s programming?

  • Stone: “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.” Stone has been a crook since the Nixon days and never changed.

  • Stone, like Raniere, dug his own grave and now wants to blame an unfair government witch hunt for all his problems. Trump is going to pull the same excuses if he gets indicted for tax fraud.

  • I know he’s your friend, Frank, but this is my dissenting opinion to Stone’s pathetic attempt above to bilk people of their money. And, you have been stressing of late the importance of presenting alternative views.

    The first problem here is that there was no “Russian hoax” and Stone”a contrived attempts to blame the Democrats and “Fake news” is as ludicrous as Trump’s claim that he did nothing to incite the January 6 riot, and it was, too, another hoax. It is so interesting how only these powerful Republicans are beset with so many hoaxes. Such bullshit.

    Stone was guilty as hell and rightfully convicted for his prior criminal activity. The fact that Stone was granted clemency and pardoned by the most corrupt president our Country has ever been forced to endure, a petty, greedy little man who sold pardons to the highest bidder instead of giving them to those who earned them, is meaningless. In fact, it’s a joke.

    I don’t know if the new tax charges have any merit, but based on Stone’s history of lying through his teeth, I would imagine they probably do. He has no one to blame for the predicament that he is in but himself. If anything, he has gotten away with murder (not literally) already through the corruption of his powerful political allies.

    Maybe Stone should stop blaming others for his problems and take some responsibility for them. But, of course, he would have to admit that he is, and has always been, a shameless liar, so that will never happen.

    Well, Frank, you definitely helped your friend shamelessly beg for money by posting all the links for your readers to give him cash that he should earn himself, as he appears perfectly able-bodied. I hope none of your readers take the bait.

  • I read the federal tax indictment. Roger Stone made some very unwise decisions, you can read for yourself. He made his own mess. Why is Frank Report covering for him?

  • Willie Nelson will be 88 on the 29th, and he still gets called Woodie by a very happy few. And this Stone situation reminds me of a Willie song about a wounded Woodie, entitled Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.

    Not even a black diamond can hold back a few tears upon reading this Stone saga, brief though it is.

    The Great Woodie, Willie Nelson himself, ought to be the only taxman anybody needs or has needed to see, ever, in this human zoo. All politics aside, Al Sharpton is looking sharp like an anorexic or somethin.’ He is only 66.

    There is nothing to be said about that other guy cited here, that nepotistic, nipple-clutching son of whoever he is. It is too much lower chakra sticky stuff, all clogged up like mincemeat, to mention. I forgot his name. The first prostate?

    One comforting thing about south Florida is that you can still find those chocolate-filled Tootsie Pops at the dollar stores.

  • Why didn’t Stone pay the $800,000 in unpaid taxes that he admits to?

    Why was Stone found guilty on all charges in that “hoax” trial?

    Maybe Stone’s problems are caused by Roger Stone.

    • With all due respect, your attitude gives away your own financial status.

      People that are broke often hate wealthier people.

      …And if those wealthier people are republicans, well, then they’re hated even worse by people like you.

      He already explained why he couldn’t pay back the $800k yet. He’s been footing enormous legal bills and other expenses —– and he doesn’t have the cash to pay it off right now.

      By the way… Since you care so much about taxes being paid…

      Why didn’t Al Sharpton pay his taxes in full when they were due? He owed MILLIONS in back taxes.

      You don’t seem to have a problem with that, and he owed a lot more than $800k. LOL.

      Care to explain? No? That’s what I thought. 🙂

      Thus, it’s safe to say that you’re simply a GOP-hater and probably a broke person who hates any GOP-connected figure who is wealthier than yourself.

      Stop being a hater, sir.

      Hating Roger Stone won’t make your life any better or happier.

      You need to focus on improving your own life instead of hating other people to fill that void.

      Go back to school. Work harder. Stop hating.

      Roger Stone is not the horrible person portrayed in the liberal media — that is, unless you’re a flaming liberal who believes that every Trump-connected person is the devil. lol.

      If so, your own mental condition is the problem, not Roger Stone.

      If you find yourself hating every Trump-connected person while forgiving every Biden-connected family member, then your brain is guided by PURE emotions rather than logic —- and only ‘psychotherapy’ can help you recover and become a normal person again.

      If you look at what Roger Stone was actually convicted of (very minor stuff) and you compare that to Hunter Biden’s ‘uncharged’ behavior, you’ll see that it’s not nearly as bad.

      The act of charging somebody with a crime (while not charging another person for political reasons) does not change the REALITY of what happened in both cases.

      Reality remains the same. Only your perception of it changes.

      It’s all perspective. I have it. You don’t.

      Have a great day.

      • Cast the First Stone said “Maybe Stone’s problems are caused by Roger Stone.”

        From this simple statement, Friend of Bangkok somehow divined that Cast is broke, a “hater” of rich people and Republicans, cares too much about paying taxes and lying under oath, needs to “go back to school, work harder, stop hating”, has a “mental condition” and doesn’t have the “perspective” that he has.

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