Bangkok: Don’t Shout With the Mob – Debate Suneel If You Can

Ed. Note: Rumors persist that Bangkok is Dennis K. Burke, the former US Attorney of Arizona, now a premier lawyer with Ballard Spahr.  Bangkok will neither confirm nor deny it.

Is former US Attorney for Arizona, Dennis Burke really Bangkok?

Suneel Can Dance

A lot of people believe Suneel Chakravorty started his dancing career outside the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center in the summer of 2020, where, he and others danced to show support for their friend, Keith Raniere, who was in custody, protest the abominable conditions there, and perhaps bring joy to suffering detainees, most of whom were awaiting trial or sentencing.

Suneel with other dancers


Suneel [l] Danielle Roberts back and Eduardo Asunsolo [r]
What few people know is Suneel was once a competitive ballroom dancer, capable of doing sublime steps such as the Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Mambo, Rumba, and the Tango.

As a competitive dancer, Suneel Chakravorty is alternately crawling, leaping, slithering, jumping, and spinning and potentially other verbs, adverbs, and adjectives.

Suneel may have gotten less attention from the male prisoners at MDC than the comely Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette or Danielle Roberts, but his technical and expressive abilities were sharp, deliberate, focused, rhythmic, energetic, at times explosive, and capable of evoking an emotional response and potentially other descriptors.

How to Handle the Mob:

The Pickwickians had no sooner dismounted than they were surrounded by a branch mob of the honest and independent, who forthwith set up three deafening cheers, which being responded to by the main body (for it’s not at all necessary for a crowd to know what they are cheering about), swelled into a tremendous roar of triumph, which stopped even the red-faced man in the balcony.

‘Hurrah!’ shouted the mob, in conclusion.

‘One cheer more,’ screamed the little fugleman in the balcony, and out shouted the mob again, as if lungs were cast-iron, with steel works.

‘Slumkey for ever!’ roared the honest and independent.

‘Slumkey for ever!’ echoed Mr. Pickwick, taking off his hat. ‘No Fizkin!’ roared the crowd.

‘Certainly not!’ shouted Mr. Pickwick. ‘Hurrah!’ And then there was another roaring, like that of a whole menagerie when the elephant has rung the bell for the cold meat.

‘Who is Slumkey?’ whispered Mr. Tupman.

‘I don’t know,’ replied Mr. Pickwick, in the same tone. ‘Hush. Don’t ask any questions. It’s always best on these occasions to do what the mob do.’

‘But suppose there are two mobs?’ suggested Mr. Snodgrass.

‘Shout with the largest,’ replied Mr. Pickwick.

Volumes could not have said more.


Now for Bangkok’s latest commentary:

By Bangkok

I have to agree with Suneel in his article Message to Jury in USA v. Raniere: ‘One Name Good, Two Names Bad’

He does make logical arguments.

Only people who think with their emotions — rather than pure logic — could disagree (read: flaming liberals).

Why is Frank too chickenshit to weigh in on this issue?

Suneel is not afraid to stand up against the mob. You gotta respect that.

However… Suneel seems to have forgotten that Ivy Nevares has repudiated Keith in the harshest terms, so why is he citing her plight as though she’s on Keith’s side?

Ivy’s victim impact statement was likely the best one.

Her emails showed that Keith has major issues with feelings of sexual inadequacy. Keith got very jealous because she dreamed about other faceless men at night. Also, Keith said she was not ‘ethical’ because she wouldn’t lose more weight for him. That’s the language of a very controlling and insecure man, not a great leader looking to help humanity.

Ivy Nevares writes, “I was: an idealistic 25-year-old woman, advocating for free expression and human rights with PEN, the world’s first NGO. There he was: ‘the world’s smartest, most ethical man’ asking me, of all people, to spend the rest of my life with him. Little did I know, he was a 42-year-old manipulative narcissist and sexual predator.”

Frank, maybe you can send Suneel a copy of Ivy’s statement to the court (about Keith) and ask him to write an article defending his Vanguard’s behavior in those emails. How can Suneel defend a man who wrote such emails?

Be a journalist. Do your job. Asshole.

It’s easy to say you disagree with Suneel, especially when you have nothing at stake and nothing to lose.

Any COWARD can give an opinion when he’s got no “skin in the game”.

Let’s have somebody come forward and LOGICALLY refute Suneel’s points without using emotion and insults to help make their point.

Does anybody here have the BALLS?

No? That’s what I thought. 🙂


If Claviger was defending a real client, would he be okay with this kinda witness treatment for all prosecution witnesses?

Will Claviger respond?

Or is he afraid of the ‘mob’ along with their fearless leader, Mr. Stank Farlato, Jr., a Sicilian migrant who seems to cave to the mob?

This is a legit issue, yet Frank and Claviger — 2 of the biggest JUSTICE SYSTEM REFORM advocates — have gone radio silent.

When I say ‘witnesses’ — I actually mean all parties spoken about by witnesses to the jury. Not just actual witnesses.

*If a case requires that one person be addressed by their first name only, then all parties (of that same case) should automatically be addressed in the same manner, to keep the trial fair.


My fellow Frank Report readers, you’re all thinking with your EMOTIONS, not your brains.

You’re thinking with pure EMOTIONS, not logic.

Not a single person here has even attempted to LOGICALLY rebut Suneel’s points.

Some of you just create a ‘strawman’ argument, then pretend as though you’ve rebutted Suneel’s points.

Especially RED HERRING’s argument. He doesn’t even address Suneel’s true point. Instead, he just tears down his own straw man argument.

The truth must be told here.

I must speak the truth.

While it’s okay to wanna protect certain witnesses who may feel vulnerable after an alleged sex crime, it’s not okay for the JURY to PERCEIVE that the judge is giving EXTRA CREDIBILITY to any particular witnesses.

Anybody with an IQ over 75 (retard level) would understand that you can’t give more ‘credibility’ to certain witnesses AND STILL have a fair trial.

It’s NOT okay for certain witnesses to be PRESUMED ‘truthful’ by the judge (to be perceived as ‘true’ victims of the defendant) —– because that’s tantamount to PRESUMING that the defendant is GUILTY before the trial is even over.

A person’s FREEDOM and LIFE are at stake during a trial.

Thus, the law says that he must be PRESUMED INNOCENT until he’s convicted, which means the judge shouldn’t be giving the jury any perception that certain witnesses are 100% legit ‘victims’ of this defendant.

I realize that sex crime victims are granted certain anonymity (and that won’t change, mostly for political reasons).

Thus, the only real solution (to help EQUALIZE the credibility of ALL witnesses at sex crime trials) is to refer to ALL witnesses using their first names only, so that the jury doesn’t perceive ANY difference between how the judge views each witness


Editor’s Note on Ivy

The “Inner Circle” of NXIVM/ESPEditor’s note: I suspect the use of Ivy Nevares’s first and last name during the Raniere trial tends to supports Suneel’s theory that the prosecution’s intent was to make the jury believe that two names were bad, one name was good.

I believe that at the time of the investigation, Ivy, like many others, did not cooperate with the prosecution. She left Raniere around the time he was arrested but did so quietly at first.

It is my understanding that the prosecution, after calling her before the grand jury, assumed she was still a Raniere supporter. They included her – first name and last – on their chart of Keith Raniere’s inner circle and made no effort to protect her anonymity.

Maybe someone can explain why that was the case. Why was Ivy’s first and last name used, when Sarah’s or India’s wasn’t? Who made up the rules as to who got first-name-only status and who was revealed publicly by their first and last name?

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  • Actually I am not “habituated to a more cryptic manner of communicating” at all. I am quite a straightforward and boring individual in general, if not a bit clumsy with words at times. Believe it or not, my post of April 21, 2021 at 1:56 pm was spontaneously inspired after reading the post by ‘Anonymous’ of April 21, 2021 at 4:16 am that mentioned “all caps,” and arriving at fond memories of the days when people wrote to each other with the CAPS LOCK key activated … and remembering how back then, political parties (the composition of those parties and the educational demographics of their respective members) felt different than they do today. It was a completely innocent post with no “code” language.

    I guess the text, “(G)ame” could throw some people off but that text used to appear often in menu prompts way back then where textual games were built-in to boring, rudimentary systems built for mundane tasks. Users could exit out of system prompts and play lame implementations of ‘text adventure’ games like ZORK for example. Sigh.

    Apparently many things in this world end up misinterpreted these days due to people’s negative worldviews…there’s no need to read in to my post of April 21, 2021 at 1:56 pm too much. I guess that would be difficult for some people to believe in our sadly declining society where no one is supposed to give anyone the benefit of the doubt any more. And I guess it’s easier to believe negative stuff in general; there’s a bunch of writing out there by people lucky enough to have had a predictable enough life to complete their academic credentials, suggestive of a negative bias in our brains, built-in to protect us “in general” “from everything” and in particular “the unknown.” Thoughts that someone could write a nice post with no agenda just because they had a nice thought, is like … IMPOSSIBLE to believe; instead, there ‘must’ be some ALTERNATE, TERRIBLE AGENDA … “written in coded language” … involved … right? And so people jump to conclusions and think the worst, especially when they have been LED DOWN A DARK, SELF-SERVING PATH by MANIPULATIVE, VINDICTIVE, (and perhaps most importantly) HEARTLESS people. Anyway. Exploring that area a bit more, some here seem to make fun of J.C. but I actually do believe He wants us to be patient with and to find ways to FORGIVE everyone around us, even the MANIPULATIVE, VINDICTIVE, HEARTLESS ones. You can laugh at me if you want, I’m used to it (for many other reasons).

    Thus is the struggle of the indie artist in their respective fields, constantly misunderstood, sometimes beaten like a drum, but we have to find ways to keep trying. Tons of work remains to be done out there as our world continues to change. The quickly approaching next generations of political, sociological and technical evolution call for fierce ethical advocates in complex arenas. And so some of us continue our struggle to get there in one piece, against all odds.

  • Friend, could you kindly hand your device to someone who speaks or writes in a little less, say, coded language style? I appreciate the effort and I’m sure you make sense to some but for those of us who really aren’t “in the G” or the know, who really don’t have a clue, it’s a bit difficult to follow and dangerously open to misinterpretation. I’ll also thank you and believe you are obliged to contact the FBI on behalf of anyone you suspect is or has been put in harm’s way. Bangkok’s return to this forum interestingly coincides with some very recent, familiar events from his 2018 reign of terror.

    • LOL. This is quite comical.

      Question for Mr. Stank Farlato, Jr…

      Frank, over the last 3 years, how many times has Bangkok insulted Clare Bear and her Vanguard? 100 times? More? Yep.

      How many times has Bangkok insulted Carlos and Emi Salinas as being underhanded crooks? At least 30 times. LOL.

      Do you really think an attorney, working for NXIVM (with alleged ties to Salinas) —- would actually insult Clare Bear, Vanguard or Salinas publicly — even once?

      Duh, fellas.

      Sometimes I wonder how such conspiracy theories are born.

      You fail to see that for every time Bangkok argues for Keith’s release, he writes another 3 comments shitting all over Keith and his perverted lifestyle. He likes to advocate for the devil. Pretty sure Frank already recognizes this.

      As for the rest of you… Haven’t you recognized that Bangkok has made several comments — in the past — telling Claviger that convicted felons don’t deserve any mercy and should rot in hell, yet he’s recently changed his tune and argued in favor of justice system reform.

      So which is it? Where does Bangkok really stand? You’re not supposed to know. That’s the point.

      He’s in the business of pissing people off and business appears to be good. 🙂

      I am Bangkok’s friend. He’s not available right now (for medical reasons) so I am here in his stead. 🙂

    • Oh. I see. You are talking about how the word “friends” in my other post could perhaps be twisted back in to meaning the name I used to post here. But that is not what I meant. I meant friends, as in, people who at one point we may have thought were decent, who we later learn things about.

      About your other comment–Not sure what you meant by that. Despite all of my frustration with complicated circumstances I somehow try to sustain the belief I was raised with, that people in our government are not dumb, generally want to do the right thing and can see who is who, and who did what. Of course when things get complicated it is a true SHAME if anyone tries to INTENTIONALLY take advantage of the complex nature of a situation to make someone look bad who truly didn’t act with bad intent. So. There’s that.

  • I’m speaking on behalf of my friend, Bangkok, who has currently been admitted to the hospital for worsening symptoms of Kung Flu.

    Just yesterday he was fine but today things took a turn for the worse.

    He is currently not on a respirator yet, but if his battle with Kung Flu worsens, as doctors expect, he may soon be on a respirator and unable to speak. He may even kick the bucket and be gone from this world. Pray for him.

    Therefore, he wanted me to speak on his behalf to set the record straight, using his own computer.

    Although he cannot confirm or deny any allegations regarding his identity, he has advised me to contact an epitaph engraving company (just in case he loses his battle with Kung Flu) to include the following phrase as part of his tombstone inscription:

    “He never visited Arizona — cuz it’s too fucking hot there.”

    As for my own opinion, judging by how overweight and bald this Burke character seems to be, I doubt it’s Bangkok —– cuz Bangkok is god damn GREAT LOOKING. Plus he’s not fat.

    But that’s just my opinion. I cannot confirm or deny anything officially. Believe what you wish.

    Bangkok deeply regrets making enemies with certain people on FrankReport and elsewhere. He’d like to ask for their forgiveness and prayers in his time of need.

    Kung Flu can attack anybody, any age, any time. Even younger people. It is a virtual death sentence. This is a serious time for Bangkok. He needs your prayers and good wishes.

    Bangkok also wanted to admit that Mr. Claviger was right all along about Kung Flu being so dangerous.

    Bangkok was dead WRONG for trying to minimize how dangerous this virus really is.

    For that mistake, he wishes to apologize to Mr. Claviger.

    Bangkok’s heart is now open to receiving Mr. Claviger’s message that Kung Flu is the most horrible plague ever to strike humanity.

    We must all resist wanting to go outside ever again.

    We must stay home. We must wear masks. We must remain 6 feet apart, even while copulating.

    Bangkok’s fate now rests in the hands of his Savior, Jesus Christ. We’ll see what happens in the coming days.

    • Friend is TRULY sorry to hear about Bangkok’s battle with “Kung Flu” and concerned to know if it is the same Kung Flu he has been fighting or a dangerous variant from somewhere else?

      And also, to what Bangkok owes his admission to the hospital yesterday, if Friend had something to do with it, directly or indirectly …

  • Ok, this was an entertaining article. For real. I had a good laugh.

    I will now address Bangkok’s bold accusation in the comments section of the related article linked from this one, titled, “Bangkok: ‘The Possibility I’m Dennis Burke Can’t Be Ruled Out’,” where Bangkok made the following accusation: ““A Friend of the Good Guys” is likely an even WORSE attorney than Claviger as if that’s even possible. LOL.”

    I must admit, Bangkok’s bad attorney accusation also has me laughing out loud. It does. I have always appreciated a good sense of humour. I will note that the laughter is not directed AT him, or anyone else. It is perhaps a natural reaction arising from a sense of ridiculousness, blowing off some steam from years of suffering through a very crappy series of events that didn’t need to happen. Or maybe they did. But not because of me.

    Time will reveal who the bad guys really were, and perhaps no one will be more surprised than Bangkok himself when he learns things were not as bad as he assumed they were with his always cynical and negative worldview — at least not relating to the person he thought was bad.

    I suppose years of a experience as a prosecutor will do that to you — make you expect the WORST from people, even if it turns out they sincerely WERE your friend, trying to do the right thing for everyone, the way they said they were.

    Sometimes, our “friends” deceive us. I’m closer to being able to recognize that this week, reflecting on everything that has happened. Truth be told, that was never my style. Sadly, it’s starting to look like someone else was. (And I’m not talking about Bangkok.)

    Moving Bangkok knows, even a lousy lawyer can sometimes make a difference in a case, if he’s got the truth on his side.

    And maybe that’s why Bangkok may have learned so much about the topic of ineffective assistance of counsel, from his experience with “Clare Bear,” for precisely that reason–he didn’t have the truth on his side.

    Notwithstanding however such valuable experience was gained, Bangkok is now an expert on ineffective assistance of counsel, as can be seen in his Frank Report musings and in other places as well.

    There was an article recently in the Arizona Republic that said even non-lawyers will be allowed to own law firms and practice law in Arizona, soon.

    Maybe considering our respective capabilities, we can all start a firm there, licensed or not. LOL.

    “Bangkok, Claviger & Friend, experts in ineffective assistance of counsel.”

  • LOL. Bangkok virtually shouts and bullies throughout all he posts—using all caps for words and the like—and he’s commanding others not to shout with the mob. If you read much of anything Nicki and the rest of the NXIVM dead-enders write or tweet, this is also a common theme.

    • In the days of Electronic Bulletin Board Systems, (BBS’s), we used to post messages written in all caps, it was a common style of writing. Back then, “system prompts” often used lowercase, and the Republican party in California was full of wealthy people with enough education to write useful recursive loops in Pascal without causing stack overflows.

      Message from: Joe (11:43am)





      Would you like to (R)eply, (D)elete, or Play a (G)ame? ==>

      • Oh, and there’s no “coded message” here. I was honestly just reminiscing about Bulletin Board Systems and the days when the Republican party was a bit different than it is today. Yes, I’m that boring. LOL.

        • Perhaps you are just so habituated to a more cryptic manner of communicating that you don’t realize you sound nutzo to plain English speakers. Though it appears you are catching onto the pitfalls of twisted interpretations of your meaning and intent.

          Dennis Burke doesn’t have to be Bangkok to be involved in protecting Emiliano Salinas, or any of the other NX Mexican elite, from prosecution in the US. If, in fact, he or any of his esteemed colleagues are involved in that effort, which does include portraying “enemies” and “friends” alike as being just as criminally insane as many of them most obviously are.

      • Mexican Lady-
        Bangkok, 2 years ago, using an alias, pretended to be a former member of law enforcement — and a coworker/friend of Dennis Burke — speaking to Bangkok (himself) in the 2nd person. Sometimes Bangkok’s character would lapse and speak to himself in the 3rd person, very amusing stuff. During those episodes, I believe Bangkok was high on drugs. 😂

        Bangkok would say things such as “You used to be one of the best ATF agents and then you lost your way, Dennis”, or my personal favorite, “Denni, call me! I remember when we were rookies making arrests, pounding beers and scoring pu-tang.”

    • Definitely the best Frank Report conspiracy!
      Best Frank Report conspiracy runner-up is:

      [redacted] Scott Johnson [redacted],

      New Orleans [redacted],

      [redacted] transvestite hookers.

      Secret government agency and a used box of condoms.

      • I remember that conspiracy. It got very ugly for a time, but it was not a box of [redacted] but a box of Amway [redacted] and as I recall Amway lawyers [redacted] and were quite sorry that they tangled with Scott Johnson.

  • “Maybe someone can explain why that was the case. Why was Ivy’s first and last name used, when Sarah’s or India’s wasn’t?

    Wasn’t this already answered? First names only were used for the women who were in DOS, unless you were one of the first line DOS masters who gave collateral knowing that Raniere was the master, wanted to have sex with him, have his babies, be branded with his initials, etc. So as ridiculous as it was not to use Sarah or India’s last names given how much their last name’s had already been used in public, during the trial at least, that was what they decided to do.

    • Anon Apr 20 10:25, exactly!

      Those who were plainly lied to were victims of psychological abuse and therefore deserve the fullest protection available under the law.

  • The “Name Game”. What is your name? Who are you?

    Ultimately, with all testimony, the name is a “Brand”. Is the point of completeness to offer from what point of view the observations or opinions are offered. A child sees things differently than an adult or elderly person. So, disclosure of a witness’s age and recognizing at what age the person was when observed or opinion formed is important when judging the completeness and validity of the statements presented in testimony. But whether the witness is 14 years old, 14.9 years old it really has no bearing on the merit of the statement and testimony.

    Thus whether it is:


    With or without reference delimiting a middle name or initial. In this example, I will use Q for Que. And Public for the last name.

    So if Susan is referred to as Suzy, and her legal name is Susan this is only an issue if the name is meant to deceive the court or jury. And that is the job of the opposing party to demonstrate and bring forth.

    But when the standards are the person must be 17 to avoid statutory rape, the only important issue is whether she is telling the truth as she knows it.

    The suggestion to throw out valid testimony for a “name game” ruling when the violation is an age matter is ridiculous.

    Suzy or Susan Que Public was raped at 14. Groomed to be a sex slave. And others knowingly conspired with and attempted to conceal the perpetual rape and avoid prosecution.

    Stupid argument: The court did list the entire name.

    • “S” could also stand for “Sargeant” or for “Scapegoat” or for “Scare tactic” and there does happen, by sheer coincidence, to be an LAPD police Sargeant named Todd Doyle in this saga whom Frank Parlato and Jeff Apple dealt with on behalf of one of Frank’s alleged “dear friends,” nay, “sidekick” who was being harassed and threatened, including death threats in Spanish made on her family based in Albany, NY.

      What they don’t tell you in fairytales is that there are knights after a King’s ransom who’d rather slay or, maybe Stone is more apropos, hapless “Queens” than fire-breathing dragons.

    • Benjicarver, you make me laugh because it’s quite interesting to me how such an able bodied woman with 2 perfectly working appendages needed help wiping her own ass. These people seem so unable to do even the basic things like toilet themselves without assistance. Needing masters and blackmail etc.

      No sense of personal responsibility for themselves. What a horrible and destructive cult!

  • I find it interesting that you speak of having a logical debate on the actual merits and facts of the case, while at the same time being so emotional yourself. You bring up some excellent points that I actually agree with. However, you also revert to your base instincts.

    This was not written by somebody that actually wants to have an adult conversation on the merits and facts of the case. This was written by a juvenile bully who simply wants to call people names and have a tantrum.

    When you are done having your tantrum, perhaps somebody will engage you in an adult conversation. Until then, go to your time-out chair and think about what you have written.

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