Three Women Comment on Worst Abuses in CT Family Court

Every day, more people are seeing what is happening in CT Family Court. It takes time because few want to believe in the depravity of the bad actors profiting in Family Court.

Few who have natural human hearts can believe it. We won’t easily believe there are creatures among us who prosper at the expense of children.

Jocelyn Hurwitz appears human like we do. But her heart is a depraved organ so microscopically small that no magnifying device can detect it.  Her bank account on the other hand waxes larger each day.

Some will sell out children for money. But, no, they do not admit it. Instead, they cry that they do their work only with the best interest of the children in mind.

And ignore the trauma they cause children.

This ugly creature, who goes by the human name, Edward Nusbaum works for the wealthy parent no matter who he pretends he represents. 

Every day, I get calls, emails, or comments. People, primarily women contact me. They lost their children because some bad actors profited.

At first, I did not believe it myself. But there are so many stories. They are not all lying.

All these women who raised their children are not lying. The stories are always the same:

The attorney for the wealthier father gets the judge to appoint a guardian ad litem.

Sometimes this is done in collusion with the attorney for the mother, who knows where this is headed.

Once appointed the GAL gets the judge to appoint a custody evaluator. The custody evaluator who takes her orders from the GAL will suddenly “find” the mother is alienating the children from the father.

On top of that they will find that the mother presents as if she has some “unspecified” mental illness.

Parents and children are separated because that’s what makes the monsters the most money.

Vicious is her middle name: GAL, Attorney Janis Laliberte

Funny too, the children, after losing their mothers, present as if they have mental illnesses. But this time, it is real.

It is trauma. And then the therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, in league with the lawyers, and the GALs, have a rich living off the hurt of children ahead of them.

They can justify the prescription of drugs the children never needed before and therapy for years of once-happy children.

After all, when a child loses their primary attachment figure – in a heartbeat – by the sole decision of people profiting from the custody flip, how can they not have trauma?

Who can explain to them that the world their mother gave them is gone forever because some monsters could make money off their pain?

And so they medicate the little ones to dull the loss of mother and home and family forever.

Of all the criminals in all the family courts in all the world this man may be the vilest who ever lived. Gerard Adelman set the standard for taking children from mothers and placing them with abusive fathers even if he had credible evidence the father was molesting the children. Why?

This policy has made CT Family Court the scourge of the earth, whose infamy one day will be likened to the worst criminals the world has ever known.

Now for some opinions from some elegant and intelligent women.

By Julia

Connecticut family courts have punished protective parents for several decades. The same horrible judges, lawyers and vendors have forced many children to live with parents who practice aberrant and criminal sexual behaviors.

For example: In the Ambrose case, it does seem a father lured teenage boys and young men online and then received custody of his children.

Geoff Herzogg love to go online as Sarah P

Another case: a father, Geoff Herzogg, who often pretended to be a sexually active teenage girl, then received custody of his children.

Another case: a father who was viewing child sexual assault on a computer then received custody of his son.

Another case: a child disclosed the father’s horrible sexual abuse and the father then received custody.

Another case: a father sexually molested his child, and the court forced the child to visit with the father.

How many times has the Connecticut family court system failed to protect children?

The little boy thrown off the bridge … the five children sent to live with the father who then threw the disappeared mother’s bloody shirt in the garbage — and no one seems to be able to understand what happened in that case.

The Connecticut family court nightmare list goes on and on …

Which studies been done to find out how many times Connecticut family courts failed to protect children? If no such studies have been done yet, a discussion to understand why no studies have been done yet needs to happen first.

Brandy writes about the Ambrose case:

There is zero valid evidence presented by Jessica Biren Caverly in the custody report that the mother, Karen Riordan. told the children anything about the father, Chris Ambrose.

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly writes custody reports just as the father wants them.

The children never told Caverly that their mother spoke Ill of their father.

There is no evidence that proves the mother told the children anything about Ambrose’s love of forced haircuts, child porn or of Ambrose being gay – which was widely rumored in his family.

The children found this on his phone and put it out on Pinterest.

Yet Caverly made a recommendation of flipping custody based on Parental Alienation. This was done at an ex-parte hearing that was convened by Ambrose and the guardian ad litem Jocelyn Hurwitz.

The mother was denied the right to cross examine Ambrose and Hurwitz on their opinions stated in their affidavits used to secure an emergency hearing to “save the children” from Parental Alienation.

Concerns over Ambrose’s inappropriate conduct – getting into bed with his son despite protests of the child- was reported to Caverly and Hurwitz by the children – not the mother.

Riordan was trying to prevent this inappropriate conduct.

Once Ambrose had the kids his conduct grew worse.

The children reported it to hospitals and therapists.

To suggest three kids lied, after they were taken from their primary attachment figure, their mother, undermines the needs and experiences of three children.

They deserve to have their experiences and feelings taken into consideration.

Ambrose used alienation and his money to avoid being exposed for using Riordan as a beard- and to avoid paying alimony and child support.

He possessed a custody evaluation by Caverly on his computer in 2018 – one year before he filed for divorce.

Attorney Neil Ambrose got the children for a day while his brother Chris Ambrose got the court to void the hold on the children by DCF. Together they thwarted a serious investigation into Chris’ alleged pedophilia. 

Chris is an attorney; so is his brother, Neil Ambrose.  He knows the courts and judges. Ambrose was also a screenwriter. He got fired for plagiarism.

But the wife and kids are liars?

The Ambrose-Riordan kids are 15, 15 and 12. The system – under Ambrose’s financial control- abused and delivered them to the abuser. The mother has no contact with the children.

How did Riordan have no complaints against her by her children, or any history of abuse, become, once in family court, a villain?

The custody evaluator, Jessica Biren Caverly colluded with the GAL to line her pockets with the sole payments from one parent- the father- while withholding payment information from the mother.

Caverly was a “hired gun” custody evaluator which is why her evaluations are sealed and parents can’t get a copy.

There are credible allegations of Caverly “switching out contracts” in collusion with the GAL and attorneys.

She is hired by CT GALs and her report is used to flip custody to the abusive/less preferred/historically part-time parent.

Her “diagnoses” are not medically sound, and she fails to follow DSM-V guidelines. She said Riordan had an “unspecified personality disorder” which is not a disorder included in the DSM-V.

Caverly lof course must be protected by CT Court judges because without her “reports” the judge and GAL can’t have an ex-parte hearing to flip custody.

They make their living abusing their power, billing the hell out of wealthy families.

In Ambrose’s case, it was a bargain. He simply gave them money that should have gone to his wife of 18 years.

The wife who raised the kids without incident in CT while Ambrose was in California.

The GAL in this case, Jocelyn Hurwitz is highly sought after. She controls the narrative and silences even the highest quality psychiatrists like Dr. Dorothy Stubbe.

Highly credentialed advocates for the children are silenced, dismissed, and eliminated from the children’s lives.

She did this in the Bugsy v Bugsy case and put two girls with an abusive father and no contact with the mother who raised them.

Like Riordan, Marlana Bugsy was also a special-ed teacher with no history of any complaints, accusations of abuse, or mental illness.

Yet Hurwitz, working for the father, took the mother out of the children’s lives.

By Candace

Dr. Robert Horwitz forced my children and I into sessions with my ex, who was diagnosed sociopathic.

What I witnessed was so sickening, I cannot even refer to him as a doctor. Rather, I will refer to him as Horwitz.

As the children and I tried to speak, my ex twisted our words and got louder and louder. He was talking circles around us. Refusing to let us say a word.

Horwitz allowed this to go on. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it. My children were crying. I was begging him to make it stop. It was absolutely traumatizing. I have never experienced anything like it in my life.

Horowitz also told me things behind closed doors that he refused to put into writing. Such as, the best thing that could ever happen to my children would be if their ‘father moved away’.

Horwitz was aware that my ex’s second wife was physically assaulted during a ride home from one of his appointments, because she didn’t say what my ex wanted.

Knowing the danger involved, Horwitz forced my children to get into the car with their father after a traumatic and heated session. They were kicking and screaming, yet Horwitz felt it was in their best interest.

I don’t know what the deal is with this system, but it is absolutely disgusting. And this man has been mentioned more than once.

I have first-hand experience. I also audio taped one or two sessions because I was so blown away with what he allowed.

If I wasn’t so scared of retaliation, I would happily make those public to stop him from doing this to anyone else.


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  • Complaints filed in Connecticut against GALS useless. A few I know of. All dismissed. Heard earfuls about Sue. The least they could do is get her off the grievance committee. The fox is guarding the hen house.. American Bar association SOS already.

  • Children continue to be ripped out of their homes, away from their mothers, and traumatized by attorneys who have no business being gals.

    Sue Coussineau is known for this and she continues to promote sadists like Bruce Freedman- for his “therapy” which endorses parental alienation and vilifies mothers.

    She drains family banks and sat on the “CT task force” and is involved with the AFCC. She was on the judicial committee to silence parents.

    Follow the money… if the judges would ever order financial disclosure of the fathers. Ambrose got away with no financial disclosure – not even an affidavit on record as he liquidated and moved all assets into his name only and paid off court hired guns and psychologists.

    Stay away from: “Drs.”Bill Horn, Debra Gruen, Robert Horwitz, Jessica biren caverly, Bruce freedman, Linda smith- they’re all child abusers.

    Stay away from attorneys/gals: Edward Nusbaum, Rick Rockwell, William Brown, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Candace Fay, Janice Laliberte, Debra Marino, Nancy Aldrich

    Fairfield county family court attorneys are all suspect and protect each other. It’s all for money. Sacrifice lives for loot.

  • Nusbaum is a snake. A tiny little worm who drives expensive flashy cars to make up for his stature.

    To reward his violation of laws and betrayal of his client, Jocelyn Hurwitz and Nancy Aldrich had Nusbaum join another case they both were on in Sept 2020-

    Nusbaum actually sat with Aldrich and Hurwitz in August 2020 as he had just betrayed Riordan- signing agreements without her knowledge or consent. These people are criminals.

    Look at the ct court docket. It’s all there. Criminals who practice no law but make phone calls laughing all the way to the bank.

    Their time has come. Keep exposing. Slow and steady…

  • Typical of surtin people.When the Truth is being exposed people try to distract from it. Attorneys. We see you. Now trying to get frank to shut up. Turning the blogs nto something it’s not. Keep writing Frank. Peaceful exposure.

  • More names Frank! We can make these guys lives a living hell but why stop at just them. Let’s hurt all of them till they do the right thing!

    • Bricks through their windows should get their attention – just like it did a long time ago. If we have to let’s find these kids ourselves and bring them justice by keeping them from these abusive parents.

          • I am opposed to violence. There are better ways to secure change. Writing for instance.

        • Unsolicited advice for Frank: I’d be careful about posting these trollish threats bc I think someone is trying to entrap you by (clumsily) trying to incite readers into making threats (probably hoping you would appear to support the threats too) so that this blog gets flagged for potential fed criminal investigation like the FCC blog. I don’t agree with these family court posts but I also don’t support entrapment.

          • Little doubt someone is trying to flip this like they flip custody – by making it about violence or anti-Semitism when it has nothing to do with Judaism or taking the law into one’s own hands.

            Just the opposite, Judaismn is pro-family and the only way to change these travesties is to reform the law not do violence to anyone.

      • I think this comment is probably written by a certain person who is jealous that the feds aren’t shutting down Frank’s blog like they’re shutting down his (and possibly arresting him)…

        so he is trying to inject and incite criminal physical threats and anti-semitism into this blog with the hope that he can make Frank suffer the same fate.

        Or, it could be one of the fathers who were smeared at this blog trying to get it shut down in this way since it worked for that vile circus blog.

        My money is that it’s the anti-semite himself because he has demonstrated envy of the FR in the past (he seemed really pissed when the Hartford Courtant mentioned the FR but did not mention the FCCircus, for instance.)

        • “Anonymous
          October 12, 2022 at 10:28 pm

          … What is that nonsense about blood tests? There are thousands of illnesses that aren’t detectable with a blood test. I guess by that logic we could only know if kids are abused by giving them a blood test? Observable behavior indicates nothing? Yeah, ok. Get a grip.”

          Here’s a grip: Blood tests probably don’t detect evil provocation, either.

          Behaviors of children and parents lured into “family court” traps (some traps cost $700 an hour) are usually the same and blood tests aren’t required to diagnose that suffering.

          The predictable behaviors usually showing up in these cases are: extreme stress, extreme depression, extreme anxiety, weight loss, weight gain, substance abuse and usually trauma. Sometimes extreme trauma. The worst lawyers count on it.

          (By the way, it’s the parents and children who eventually display those behaviors in “family courts”, not those paid thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars — and sometimes millions of dollars — to conduct their cases, projects and research.)

          “Yeah, ok. Get a grip” seems to mean: “Yeah, whatever. Let’s disregard the details of what’s actually happening”.

          Here’s what’s actually happening:

          “Court-licenced abuse (no blood test needed) is taking a heavy toll on protective mothers. After turning to legal professionals for help, many are left with a heartache (no blood test needed) that negatively impacts the entire family. These loving and responsible mothers (no blood test needed) experience agony (no blood test needed) daily; the night is fraught with grief (no blood test needed). Domestic abuse used to be hidden and perpetuated behind the closed doors of the family unit. Today, in 2020, it continues to be hidden, perpetuated and enabled behind the closed doors of the family court.”

          No blood tests are needed to detect obscenely destructive systems of government. Human decency and common sense tell us: Dangerous family court cases don’t belong in for-profit, purposely adversarial systems without oversight.

          The only reasonable explanation for such destruction of children and families is: The worst family court systems were designed that way on purpose.

          The question isn’t: “Why do parents and children act so crazy when family courts destroy children and families?”
          The question is: “Who’s destroying children and families throughout America and all over the Western world?“

          More questions:

          Who benefits when American children and families are destroyed?
          Why do we allow it?

    • When justice is on the side of truth, that could be something someone wanting to ruin everything would write.

  • Thank you frank for highlighting all these jews who are ruining our judicial system and stealing our children, but why is Julia hiding the other names? If she is only listing the jews then I guess that is OK. Keep up the great work!

    • This is not a matter of Jewish or non-Jewish. That is a great way to protect the criminals – call them Jews and then the accusers are anti-Semites. It’s a technique to make the accusers worse than the criminals and marginalize them. FR is not buying into that.

      There are criminals of every religion, race, gender and nationality. In CT, in family court, there are the worst and most hardened criminals profiting from stealing happy childhoods for money.

        • I did not write this piece. It was the contribution of three readers. Plenty of other articles name plenty of other perps.

      • But you keep focusing on these two Jews so it must be for a reason. Your saying we don’t have to be so open about it…

        • This is trolling, and you are defending these criminals by trying to distract from the real issue to try to bait this into anti-Semitism. This issue is not about Judaism. This is about criminal behavior regardless of race, gender or creed.

  • The Ambrose clan is totally conservative and parents would never accept a homosexual son.

    Read the report. Ambrose is either lying or telling the truth but he says his father beat and abused him.

    Ambrose presented and still presents as effeminate.

    He takes photos of other men and evidence shows he’s watched homosexual porn for decades.

    He has to hide it in his own mind. The entire extended family believed him to be gay from a young age. He married to put what he saw as “accusations” to rest.

    It’s so sad and painfully obvious. But even at 60 he refuses to come to terms with who he is.

    This is not a healthy man. And he lies to everyone quite successfully.

    He convinced an entire Hollywood production team, room of writers, actors, and executives that his script for Instinct was written by him for that show. And his talented acting, ability to lie and lack of conscience let him pull off this CRIME! He accepted payment for plagiarized work!!

    That is theft. Just like his theft of his wife’s inheritance and all money.

    The bigger the con the greater the reward for psychopaths like Ambrose.

    He is one evil man with no friends nor loyalty to anyone.

    • I think it’s more likely he wanted his kids in his life simply because he wanted his kids in his life, not because he was trying to hide that he used his wife as a “beard.” When he filed for divorce he proposed shared custody. K screwed it up by going bonkers and acting against her own best interests, sadly. If she just showed up on day 91 for supervised visitation and demonstrated that she could behave in an adult manner, she’d likely have some custody of those kids today. Quit blaming the father for the mother’s bad behavior. If anyone is to blame, his initials are PB. I sincerely believe she was taken advantage of during a vulnerable time by that sick predator who scared the living daylights out of a woman going through a personal crisis and terrified her into following his harmful, destructive advice.

  • Why have you permitted these abuses to flourish in your state? Children are getting abused and ignored by your family court system.

    Mothers are getting railroaded by your family court system. Justice is being subverted by your family court system.

    At the very least, these cases, judges, attorneys and psychologists need to be investigated.

  • Candace – your experience with horwitz is spot on. He does take pleasure in watching mothered and children suffer. There is no empathy and he laughs along with the abusers as he dismisses the claims of children.

    Along with the gal and father, they eliminate anyone who dies not believe in parental alienation. He is an old timer who is totally protected. He is the wolf who guards the henhouse.

    He sits on boards at the AFCC and the child task force committee to investigate abuse in family courts.

    The criminals investigate their own crimes and abuse of power.

    He’s a sadist.

  • The unspecified personality disorder is complex Post tramatic stress. Often found in victims suffering from all kinds of abuse. Including Legal abuse and financial abuse. Stripping away your ability to take care of your children as well as yourself.

    • No, that sounds more like the possibly stress-triggered mania that was mentioned in the report, not a personality disorder. The report acknowledged the potentially negative impact of the stressful situation, that wasn’t ignored.

  • By 1984, a small group of individuals chose Los Angeles, California; Hennepin County, Minnesota; and, Connecticut Superior Court for federally-funded research.
    “… The mediation samples were drawn from the client population of three courts which offer in-house mediation services. These courts are the Los Angeles Superior Court, Hennepin County Court in Minneapolis and the Connecticut Superior Court. Although all three programs are unique in many respects, they also have many characteristics in common. For example, at all three sites, mediators tend to have an educational background in social work or another helping profession. All three programs are mature and have been in operation for at least five years …”


    The federally-funded research concluded, “many of the individuals who belong to the AFCC are not mediators but are judges, therapists, attorneys, researchers and court administrators” (p. 11)

    How did judges, therapists, attorneys, researchers and court administrators organize and control a state chapter of a national private organization called “AFCC” and not formally register as members of that private corporation in the state of Connecticut until 2013?

    Also at this point, what difference does it make? 🤷‍♂️

  • “Ambrose used alienation and his money to avoid being exposed for using Riordan as a beard”

    Why in the hell would he need a beard? Cuz Hollywood only employs heterosexual screenwriters? Give me a break.

    • As I understand it, the allegation of him needing/wanting a beard was not for Hollywood but for his family- particularly his ultra conservative dad.

      • Even if he married K only to please his family, which is total conjecture, I still don’t see how that has anything to do with his wanting at least partial custody of his children. Lots of people marry spouses they aren’t actually head-over-heels in love with because they are getting up there in years and would like to have children before it’s too late, it could have been that. Even if he is gay, most gay people dream of having a family the same way many straight people do (I hope I’m stating the obvious?). Not that his motivations for marrying have anything to do with the present-day custody issue anyway, IMO.

    • Ambrose needs the beard because he’s in denial of who he is. NYC and LA are the best places to be homosexual re acceptance, but if you’re a closeted homosexual, you live in denial and a facade is needed.

      He married her because he was nearly 40 and many questioned if he was gay – which he denied. Marriage to Riordan secured the image that he wanted.

      Self-hate is rough. Ambrose can’t accept who he is. Instead he’ll secretly watch homosexual porn, the adventures of Zach and Cody, enjoy sexual hair fettishes of men hair shaves… just a few reasons he married her to cover up his true delights. 🤣

    • I think these guys need to be stopped whatever the cost. I live in CT and I bet I can make their lives miserable enough for those children to be saved.

      • Yeah – they need to be hurt like they are hurting their kids. Bet a bring through the window would make them reconsider. Any more names you can add Frank?

          • wisdom! …..of the kind that understands no one has to hurl bricks thru anyones windows, or take into account the creed colour class of the perpetrator of evil deeds.

            The big troll-tell for me is they always assume their targets have the brains of a rocking horse…and can be way laid by irrelevant bs.

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right and you’d be arrested for saying, “Boo”. Then you’d go to jail and that will make everything worse. The Bad Guys control Connecticut family courts so bad guys under them do as they please. They create the problems. They would just problems for you, too.

        Then, mainstream news working for the bad guys would report you said, “Boo!” and try to make everyone trying to help look bad.

        That’s the bad guy play book. They’ve done it already. It’s all they have to make themselves look good.

        The way to help the most is: talk with people about whatever concerns you about what’s happening.
        We could also could print on a few ages of paper:

        The truth is always fair.

        The truth is always fair.

        The truth is always fair.

        The truth is always fair.

        (simple messages are easy to remember and knowledge is power)

        Cut the notes into strips of paper and distribute the notes wherever you go for a few weeks. Bulletin boards, libraries, community centers, religious centers, coffee shops etc.

        We just need more people to know what’s happening. Most have no idea 😴 💤

  • You seem to mean well but are lazy and keep parroting the same misinformation, such as, “She said Riordan had an “unspecified personality disorder” which is not a disorder included in the DSM-V.”

    Here is a link I found after doing a half-second Google search:

    Why don’t you try doing a little independent research instead of just repeating the same lies and inaccuracies put out by extremely biased parties?

    This post is replete with lies and inaccuracies.

    • Anonymous,

      You seem to mean well but are lazy. If you would have spent more than a half-second looking for the definition, you would have found: “This diagnosis is given when you have the characteristics of a personality disorder, but you don’t fully meet the criteria for any specific one.”

      Child custody can’t be flipped without a label.

      What characteristics have you displayed during the past week?
      Sad? Tired? Angry? Frustrated? Happy? Nervous? Alert?
      All characteristics of a personality disorder, but not any one in particular.

      How do you think the mother felt in that horrible situation?
      Sad her children were suffering? Angry they were being put through hell? Nervous that the court wouldn’t protect them? Those are all characteristics of a personality disorder, but not any one in particular.

      The mother and her children were put though hell and your comment is replete with lies and inaccuracies.

      • “Sad? Tired? Angry? Frustrated? Happy? Nervous? Alert?
        All characteristics of a personality disorder, but not any one in particular.”

        False. Those are potential characteristics of a mood disorder, not a personality disorder.

      • Like it or not, Unspecified Personality Disorder is a disorder that is in the DSM. Period. The OP said it’s not a disorder in the DSM. That is false. It is a disorder in the DSM. Why does that seem to be so hard for so many of you to understand? Why the denial of plain truth?

        • “Plain truth“. Hhmmm. Well, that settles it then.

          But … couldn’t the lab report from the blood work done more clearly explain the “disorder” to help common folk understand such a nebulous diagnosis?

          If Dr. Caverly ordered no bloodwork and if she didn’t reference any medically appropriate tests for her particular brand of diagnostics, the following probably explains how those providing oversight allowed Dr. Caverly to reach her spurious conclusions:

          “Clinicians may thus encounter individuals who do not meet full criteria for a mental disorder, but who demonstrate a clear need for treatment or care. The fact that some individuals do not show all symptoms indicative of a diagnosis in these individuals should not be used to justify limiting their access to appropriate care.”

          Oh. And, since there’s no objective professional oversight in Connecticut’s dangerous family court cases … and the vendors enjoy near-total judicial immunity … that means Dr. Caverly was able to say, do and write whatever she pleased.

          That’s the plain truth that actually settles it, isn’t it?

          • The plain truth is that Unspecified personality disorder is a disorder in the DSM. The original poster seemed to think it was very important that this disorder was supposedly not in the DSM. They are the one who was giving the DSM so much weight, not me.

            What is that nonsense about blood tests? There are thousands of illnesses that aren’t detectable with a blood test. I guess by that logic we could only know if kids are abused by giving them a blood test? Observable behavior indicates nothing? Yeah, ok. Get a grip.

        • Let’s see your degree in psychiatry. You are misinterpreting. And you are holding on to a useless unspecific term for dear life.

          You need it badly it seems. 🤣

          • I diagnose you with ADHD inattentive type. You’re clearly incapable of staying on topic.

    • Dummy Ambrose. The DSM-V does not allow an unspecified personality disorder to stand on its own.

      One has to qualify fully (meaning at least 5 characteristics demonstrated over the course of specified number of years with onset at given age). There is no diagnosis of any personality disorder.

      Yes, Caverly, like you, mislead the public. You think you can grab a few characteristics from here and there, pile them up and make it a disorder!

      And we know you’ve now immersed your entire being into the computer Christopher!

      Regardless of your ignorance, children are not stripped of their mother because of any disorder. There is zero evidence of any abuse.

      No allegations by her children or any children and she’s cared for many and taught too.

      You can’t keep them locked up and guarded forever Christopher.

      You’re self hate is everywhere.

      Find a guy, settle down, and live authentically. It’s hard after decades of a double identity but you’ll finally be at peace.

  • Thank you Frank for your help and service to expose the family courts system in Connecticut. There are problems through out the country.

    I have spoken to countless women and a few men. This is still happening with a few cases. Thanks to you the system is being exposed. It’s going to take more than a few laws to be passed.

    Connecticut has done a lot to protect themselves from being held accountable. There is insensitive for financial gain even though funding. Until funding is with held for the violations of rights it will continue.

    Absolutely no one is getting held accountable for the mess going on in Connecticut family court. The “problems” with the system have been withheld from the public until reporters like Frank got involved. Keep going Frank the residence of Connecticut, most important the children need a voice!

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