India Oxenberg Continues to Speak Out; Posts Naked Yoga Photos of Herself ‘Without Shame or Judgement’

India Oxenberg

India Oxenberg continues in her role as the comeback kid. While many people who left DOS or NXIVM did their best to keep their identity hidden, out of embarrassment or fear, India had no choice. Her mother had made her famous – during her effort to rescue her.

India either had to forever endure the shame of being branded with the initials of a most reviled man, Keith Raniere, and being one of his so-called sex slaves, and cry “victim” all her life – be a forever defeated person, or get back up and literally re-brand herself – not as a victim any longer but as a fighter, who survived a dark period and is now still learning, as a pursuer of truth.

After leaving DOS and NXIVM, she starred in the Starz TV docuseries, “Seduced.” She also appeared at Keith Raniere’s sentencing hearing and spoke.

Read her complete statement at Raniere’s sentencing, where she asks the judge to give him a life sentence {He did]: India to Raniere: ‘The Unimaginable Shame of Waiting Naked, Like a Piece of Meat’

She has given scores of interviews and has written a memoir, Still Learning 

Her publisher writes of it:

“Still Learning is India Oxenberg’s intimate, first-person account of how she was lured into and, seven years later, escaped from the NXIVM cult, DOS.

“As the secret sorority within NXIVM’s vast Ponzi network, DOS was created by Keith Raniere and his acolytes to serve as a source of “slaves” to Keith and the other “masters”. Despite the fantastical headlines, the focus of Still Learning reflects what many parents and age peers of India’s will recognize as a far more familiar 20-something conundrum – a new adult trying to discover who she is, and in the process second-guessing the advice of parents, concerned siblings, and close friends who prove to be all too right – about a romantic partner, a sharp turn off of a hard-won educational track, or a dangerous group like NXIVM. India’s is a surprisingly relatable “adulting” tale set amidst one of the most alarming news stories of the day, rich with data on warning signs that distinguish exploration from exploitation.

“This is much more than a survival story; it’s a deeply personal reflection on how to come out (or help a loved one come out) the other side intact, still hopeful, and remarkably adult.”

indiaoxenberg's profile picture

India has also taken to social media and has posted some interesting pictures and comments on her Instagram account; for instance:

It’s been two weeks since I flew to New York to share my victim impact statement; I’m really nervous to share this here. I promise all my posts will not be nearly as heavy, but I thought it might be important to just put it all out there in case anyone finds affirmation or validation in solidarity. I know I have, and I did on the 27th of October when I listened to every other brave human share their truths.

Thank you for your support and kindness it’s meant a lot to hear your stories and comments. Some so hauntingly similar while others are entirely different but finding the familiar. I think that’s what this is all about, being kind to others and open to seeing the things you might not know are going on for someone else.

We will never know everything about anyone, but I think if I’ve learned anything, it’s that we can all use a little more understanding and embracing when we get down to it. No one wants to feel rejected or judged.

Now, on this post and others, any questions are welcome; but I won’t be responding to victim shaming or gaslighting. That’s a big NO for me and I hope we all continue to not engage with that type of harassment so that maybe one day that will be a distant memory… like an old language or outdated vocabulary. I’m sad to say that this type of behavior is what keeps people silenced and protects abusers.

Thank you for listening, learning and growing with me. I’m humbled and happy that I finally feel strong enough to stand up for myself. However, I’m still learning every day. #speakup

– India Oxenberg

She and her mother have a foundation:

I think everyone can relate to being lost and looking for something outside themselves, or having been manipulated and lead down the wrong path. Who hasn’t felt fooled at least once in there lives? I want to make sure that resources and therapeutic programs are availabie for those who want to restart their lives and move forward.

After receiving so many emails from victims of trafficking and high control groups looking for support and help in an effort to leave and reclaim their lives, I knew I wanted to do something to help. My mother and I have a Foundation, “The Catherine Oxenberg Foundation” that is collaborating with Families Against Cult Teachings – FACT. @catherineoxenberg

We want to help raise awareness and support for survivors of coercive control and undue influence. The gift of healing that my mother gave to me when I left is something I will always be grateful for and continue to be💛 even before I was out my mother’s foundation was providing resources and therapy for NX survivors and continues too. #catherineoxenbergfoundation

FACT has been in existence since 2012 helping victims and families struggling with these high control groups/relationships. FACT has assisted many NXIVM Survivors with professional therapy this past year as well as Jeffrey Epstein survivors and they continue to do so….

Catherine and India Oxenberg

She praises her mother and grandmother:

There is so much to be said about the strength of women. I am lucky enough to come from strong stock as my friend likes to remind my mother and myself when she refers to my grandmother Elizabeth.

I couldn’t have done any of this without them. That statement is beyond an understatement.

Just yesterday my mother sent this quote.  “Sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness… until it flowers from within” 🌼

I thought this was more than appropriate, especially for today. #internationalwomansday2021

Most things take time. Time to heal, grow and learn.  Experiences passed down through generations can feel like a propeller in life or a roadblock. I think supporting and sharing honestly can make those transitions so much smoother, not saying it won’t be painful or even at times pleasantly surprising, you’ll never know until you dive headfirst into something new. #stilllearning

Thank you to all the amazing women I have in my life. I can’t believe I have so many 🙏

Thank you for helping to remind me about the seeds we all have inside waiting to bloom❤️


This recent post is interesting considering India was required, as part of DOS, to pose for nude photographs and submit them as collateral.

I think most of us can all relate to feeling like we have or had “body issues”

I don’t even like referencing to my body as having an issue like I have in the past.  I’ve come to realize, that way of thinking was part of the problem in the first place.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life trying to change myself, my body, my beliefs based on what other people liked and wanted and in the process forgot about what I loved and believed was beautiful.  I’ll be 30 soon and just now feel like I can say “I feel comfortable in my skin.”

For many years I thought escaping or changing myself was the answer and I had it all backward.

Recently while traveling I asked my fiancé to take some photographs of me while I did yoga naked in nature.

0 people 0 pollution 0 fear. Surprisingly!

I felt so free in that moment and so positive about my body, it reminded me of when I was a child.  Without shame or judgment just free and safe.

I’ve never asked anyone to take a photo of me like that and I was curious about how I would feel given my history of forced photos, those photos always left me feeling uncomfortable, pressured, and confused. Trust & Consent is everything 💗

I wanted to heal that, flow through it and see myself like I had when I was a 3-year-old climbing trees in the backyard before Society interfered.

It was seemingly so simple “hey will you take a picture of me” but became much deeper than funny memories from our trip.

I know that healing is a journey and some days are better than others (can’t sugar coat that) but letting my instincts tell me what I need and building that trust starts from the inside out; no skipping around it.




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  • I’m getting tired of women today stripping naked for photos and posting them for all the world, always with the excuse that they are reclaiming their body and their lives and gaining ’empowerment’ blah blah blah. I’m a woman in my 60s. I have always been comfortable with my body, never felt ‘body shamed’ whatever that stupid phrase means, and and it has never occurred to me, even in my darkest hour, that posting naked photos of myself is an option from my ‘toolbox’ of coping skills or to prove my worth.

    I am no prude. I would just prefer that women desperate for attention and acceptance from others (be honest and) post the naked pics and say ‘don’t you think I’m hot/aren’t I brave for showing my tits? Please please please say yes.’ Instead they shroud themselves in the moral cloak of ‘bravery and helping others’ and it’s so transparent that it is cringeworthy. It’s ironic because that’s the neediness that got some of these women into NXIVM in the first place.

    Helping others is commendable, but doing it through naked photos makes absolutely no sense.

  • At least we know that unlike Dr. Roberts (as evidenced by her recently published yoga poses), India doesn’t have her head up her ass.

  • India, I’m glad you were able to ask for a nude picture instead of feeling like you must provide one. That must have felt pretty good.

    My heart goes out to you with hope for your dreams and your future.

    From the heart of a friend that you’ll never know and never meet, I hope you’ll remember there is really nothing special about being naked. It’s the state in which we are all born and the state in which we all are (once we take our clothes off, lol!). Don’t ever let anyone convince you that it’s very special to be naked or that it matters much at all.

    The world is full of enough of its own trouble and pressures to worry very much about such a thing (unless perhaps you are being exploited, or possibly exploiting yourself or others. Not saying that’s what’s happening here. I’m just saying.)

    In my experience a person will always be remembered more for the kindness they demonstrated to others rather than how good or not they felt about their own body.

    Consider those who are born or made disabled. Maybe lacking body parts or ability and/or beauty. All are worthy and perfectly created no matter how the world might judge.

    India, you are equal and worthy and perfectly created. Don’t let the critics bring you down. It’s your life to live.

    I wish you well and I wish you peace. Not joy, which is fleeting, like all the passing things of this world. God bless.

        • If you don’t speak the fried rice language, how would you know it is “gibberish”?

          Also, the little chow mein race baiter clearly speaks fluent English, so he/she can post in English.

          Why post in the pak choi language? Trying to be difficult?

          Have you seen Chinese writing? It looks like a retard testing out a biro.

          • I like chow mien and also chop suey. I would use an online translator to get an understanding of what the Chinese writer means. I also like fried rice. I am less fond of pak choi but with certain braised meats it is actually quite good. But I don’t care for it otherwise. Maybe I should give it another try.

            I recall once at a Chinese restaurant in Fort Erie, Ontario, being served what I was told was pork and after eating a fair amount I began to sense it was not pork because of the curious aftertaste. It was very good in a way, and leaner than pork. About half way through I said to my dinner companion, “this I think is cat.”

            It turned out that it was.


  • India-

    If you read this, you should know you are a beautiful and strong young woman. You don’t have to take your clothes off to get attention.

    I apologize for saying a bunch of rude comments.

    • India or Catherine- I wanted to add I was a total asshole and after everything you’ve been through, you did not deserve to be treated in such a manner by me or anyone else!

      • Why is Niceguy apologizing?

        1. His wife (yawn, once again) caught him typing under the covers at 3 AM and read his FR comments.

        2. Niceguy is so discombobulated with all his pseudonyms that he can’t remember if he is a horny douchebag or a horny lurking nice guy.

        3. He misses the days of daily apologies and is self-sabotaging in order to come full circle.

        4. PLEASE!!!!!!! MORE PICTURES!!!!!!!

        5. Just to be clear – PEASE MORE PICTURES!!!!!!

        • His wife caught him posting on Frank Report, much to her disgust, so gave him an ultimatum: apologise for criticizing the whore… or she wont thrust inside his anus with her strap-on.

          Niceguy enjoys a good colon/prostate pounding. Clearly, he gave her his answer.

          • Nice Guy, I did not want to redact this comment because I thought you might like to give this individual a piece of your mind. Please feel free to make an unredacted comment in reply.

          • Frank,

            I’m not gonna say anything rude. It’s well known all gay men have homoerotic fantasies, about married men getting slammed in the ass. This poor bastard, probably, is a transgendered to boot. “Thrust inside his anus with her strap-on”; It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess who my wife is in that fantasy.

            My bet it’s Eduardo….

            …..It’s definitely not Shadow. He is definitely straight, albeit a cankle hater; and Bangkok (she) would never be so obvious.

            If anything we should all feel sorry for this poor cock-sucker. 😉

          • Rated-PG version:


            I’m not gonna say anything rude. It’s well known all gay men have homoerotic fantasies, about married men getting slammed in the ass. This poor bastard, probably, is a transgendered to boot. “Thrust inside his anus with her strap-on”; It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess who my wife is in that fantasy.

            My bet it’s Eduardo….

            …..It’s definitely not Shadow. He is definitely straight, albeit a cankle hater; and Bangkok would never be so obvious.

      • Very fishy.

        In the span of a single thread, Niceguy pulled a ‘180 degree’ turnaround from his previous position about India.

        Just yesterday, Niceguy criticized India’s thirst for media publicity.

        But 24 hours later, he’s LITERALLY begging for India’s forgiveness in the SAME THREAD, even though nothing has changed.

        …and now he’s begging for Catherine’s forgiveness too, WHAT THE FUCK?

        Methinks somebody got to him.

        It was either Frank or his wife.

        Frank may have emailed Niceguy and asked him to go easy on India, cuz Frank is friends with the Oxenbergs.

        Frank does have email communications with Niceguy. That much I know for a fact.

        Frank’s a slippery bastard too. He may be trying to sway the conversation in favor of India.

        If it wasn’t Frank, then maybe Niceguy’s wife saw his postings and ordered him to change his tune. He’s already said that he won’t stand up to his wife. She literally owns his actions.

        Either way, methinks something smells VERY fishy with Niceguy’s abrupt change of attitude.

        Cuz nobody can change their minds “180 degrees” so fast, unless something happens to provoke such a change.

        That’s pussy behavior, bros. I sure as fuck won’t beg for anybody’s forgiveness.

        In fact, I’d like to double-down and say that Suneel and Nicki Clyne should fact-check everything India is saying.

        I’m only asking them to expose TRUTH, nothing more, nothing less.

        Why does that sound so bad to pussies like Niceguy?

        What the fuck is wrong with the TRUTH, bro.

        I don’t know why Niceguy is suddenly turning into a pussy —- cuz he used to be a man’s man.

        I implore him to stop this pussy shit ASAP.

        Stop being a pussy and be a MAN, for god’s sake. Show some SELF RESPECT.

        Never BEG a WOMAN for forgiveness. Especially some bitch that you’ve never met — and her mom too, LOL.

        Have a good day. 🙂

        • We are owed an explanation on a glaring red herring in this rant. Babcock clearly types “cuz he used to be a man’s man.” When exactly did Niceguy used to be a man’s man?

          Was it the time his wife banned him from participating on FR? Was it the time he pleaded with Frank to post one of his comments as an article? Was it all those times he begged Babcock for acceptance? Was it the time he didn’t know what state his precious Red Sox go to for spring training? Was it the time he met Johnson in New Orleans? Was it the time he bawled like a school girl when Ulf Samuelsson ended Cam Neely’s career? Was it all those times he’d wear his pink Sox cap and do the wave at Fenway? Was it the time he gave Ben Myers the stink eye at a Macy Gray concert? (hint – the Cam Neely sobbing is the only acceptable answer)

          • Bangkok,

            My spiritual son, I am so sorry I let you down, like that time your mom banged your best friend without a condom.

            I won’t let you down again.

  • I think India Oxenberg is using her new media platform to obfuscate the truth.

    India is attempting to turn herself into a modern day Joan of Arc, a hero of the women’s movement.

    I implore Suneel and Nicki Clyne to politely respond to India’s comments and to refute those comments (on their own website). If not, the world will simply believe whatever India says as though it’s unquestioned fact.

    Nicki Clyne has “inside knowledge” about what India was saying and doing immediately after the arrest of Keith Raniere (when India was working alongside Nicki at a cafe).

    Nicki Clyne could probably refute much of what India is now claiming.

    For example, India is claiming that she was only staying in DOS because she feared her collateral would be released.

    The problem (with that story) is that the collateral was NO LONGER an issue AFTER Keith’s arrest, yet India remained in NXIVM for months after that. The embarrassment of being a ‘sex slave’ in DOS was already exposed to the world, yet India stayed for several months anyway.

    India failed to leave NXIVM (after Keith’s arrest) and she fought hard to defend NXIVM for several months, which indicates that she wasn’t just staying there because she feared her collateral would be released, IMO.

    India is trying to rewrite her own history into something more palatable for a hero of the women’s movement.

    Also, in my opinion, India’s nude photos aren’t designed to make other women feel better.

    She’s not a ‘fat’ or ‘out of shape’ woman who is showing great courage by releasing such photos.

    She’s certainly not as thin as a model, but she’s still in better shape than many women out there. Thus, I think she’s looking for praise about her fairly thin body. I don’t think she’s trying to make other women feel better about their own bodies.

    I think she’s rather self-centered and is trying to launch herself into real fame, in her own right. Fame which doesn’t require reciting her mom’s credentials or her grandmother’s titles.

    Catherine Oxenberg talks about how India’s privacy is so important. Yet India is doing everything possible to get media attention whenever she feels it’ll benefit herself financially or otherwise. It’s a total joke, IMO.

    You can’t ask for ‘privacy’ if you launch yourself into a media spotlight on purpose.

    Now she’s trying to SHUT DOWN ‘free speech’.

    India is now trying to claim that anybody who criticizes her point of view is a “victim shamer” —– which is another way of saying that she can claim anything she wants about anybody else, without having to be debated or verified for truth.

    Why is that true? …Because if you question what she says, well, then you’re a ‘victim shamer’. LOL.

    It’s a classic attempt to shut down any speech that might make her look bad.

    I implore Suneel and Nicki Clyne to respond (to India’s comments) in a professional manner, on their own website, and to refute her points as politely as possible —- to expose any misinformation wherever possible.

    The truth shouldn’t be hidden regardless of who is shining a light on it.

    • Who cares what India does. I think this is giving her too much value. She doesn’t have really anything interesting going for her. Responding to her statements is giving her more visibility.

      I think if you ignore her, she will go away. I tried watching Seduced. It was super boring.

      I don’t think this woman has anything there that is worth the fight. So what if she is just bragging that she is hot? Let her brag.

    • India never said the reason she stayed was fear of her blackmail being exposed. She said there was always a fear that it would be. She specifically said breaking from the cult and regaining her critical thinking was a long process.

      My favorite was when you said we should get batshit crazy Nicki Clyne to tell us the real deal. Lmao! I needed that. Thanks retard.

    • —Nicki Clyne could probably refute much of what India is now claiming.

      I’ll say this about Niki Clyne—She is a good person because she could sink India if she wanted to, but has said nothing about India. I’d say that speaks volumes about Nicki’s character. Nicki has character.

      I’m not a Nicki Clyne fan; I do believe she is a good person and has not said anything too damaging about India. I respect that!

      • ==I’ll say this about Niki Clyne—She is a good person because she could sink India if she wanted to

        LOL at “good” person. She openly supports a convicted child pornographer and should’ve been long ago convicted statutory rapist. She also constantly avoids how she was clearly deceptive in DOS, and she’s as insincere (if it wasn’t for her master being in prison) as it comes in her calls for prison reform.

        And how the hell would you know if she could “sink India”, whatever that even means?

      • WTF could Clyne say about India that could be remotely damaging? Do you know something? Or are you just running your gums before you rest up on the fence as you and your aka’s usually do?

        I believe Nicky is about as good as you are nice, Guy.

  • Okay, nice message, nice pictures. Fine as far as it goes. As long as she does not become one of those celebrities who constantly over-shares. The spotlight can be addictive.

    • Diane-

      I guess you mean like Paulina Porizkova using her late ex-husband’s death to get attention well as build her brand on social media. She claims he was an asshole and we all know there are two sides to every story,
      and so far we’ve only heard hers. Ric is dead and his kids seem to have loved him.

      • Who is Paulina Porizkova? Do you have to know her? And who is Ric? Did I miss something that I don’t know who that is? Of course, I can search for her on the Internet, but even if I do, she is not relevant to me.

          • And Paulina Porizkova was the lead singer? Or just the wife of a lead singer. Only the second one is true, so I don’t need to know who she is!

  • India was in a high control group from about 19 years old

    She might be all over the map for a few years experimenting with her freedom & recovering.

    In some ways, her critical thinking and natural growth/maturity were hijacked.

    The woman literally had to learn to eat normally.

    She’ll figure it all out for herself

    • How do you explain all the other whores on Instagram getting their ham sandwiches out for attention? Technically, they are in a high control group called “woke”. Utter cunts.

  • Does instagram actually allow naked images on its platform? People get kicked off these platforms for a lot less.

    Getting your bare ass, pussy and tits out in public does not make you “powerful” or “fierce”.


    It’s one of the easiest ways for a female to get attention when you have no talent or anything interesting about you.


  • These are similar to the pics of Danielle the doctor on Instagram . Is this a competition between ex nxivms???

  • Frank, so far I’m still waiting for your photo montage, with you posing in the nude. Maybe having a neat snort of scotch and pursing a cigarillo between your lips, SPIRITUALLY back to nature and as contented as a piggy at a poop festival, glorying in a vigorously enthusiastic piggy-snorting pile. Perhaps Toni Tattlelee will help with hair and makeup? She has talents. Really she does. Coiffure angel. I like that about Toni. She really understands a hairbrush, so bless her Leo heart. She is much more snazzy than most of the old Raniere crypt keepers. Toni, no doubt, knows how to trim bushes well, too. I would like to thank Toni, for once.

    By gum, Frank, I am a woman who has a dream! That dream did not die at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. Not one bit. So, Frankly, Parlato. Come on and get naked. About Dr. King, however, I am still crying sometimes, over what was done to him, then and there. The deliberate genocide of an intelligent man will never be forgotten. Heart and soul. But let’s get back to getting naked and cheering everybody up. Up up up.

    I’d send in a nudey contribution myself, if only I knew how to use the internet for more than rudimentary typing and taking still life photos of my patio headquarters, with its ever-changing decor. (I have no idea how to include illustrations.) Possibly it is better that you are not deluged by my surrealistic photographic and videographic taste, anyhow.

    Meantime, kindly allow some analysis of India’s modelling. Mmmm- kay? Allow me this at least, if not full frontal nudity. Let us not be cheap, after all.

    First, India does not stand straightly and is not concentratedly stretching. Rather her hips are tilted back, slightly away from her central core, which is the spine itself.

    What this shows is sexual confusion, regarding her own self-identity. Involuntarily, without awareness, the pelvis tilts. In India’s case, she tilts back, AWAY from others and away from her very own core of energetics; i.e., there is blockage, unconscious rigidity and a withholding of herself.

    This is not unusual or unnatural, particularly in India’s case, as she sold herself short for years, naive and unprepared to think for herself, co-dependent. Now she’s trying to restore herself, and only she can guage her behavior, in terms of what her motives are, in terms of her own depth or superficiality.

    It is a good thing that India does not think of herself as an electrician, for she could demolish an entire apartment building. She has not learned yet how to discern whether or not she is even grounded, while looking for new definitions from out of her own, still actively fomenting, noisily bubbling “image-worthy” rehabilitatory attempts.

    How clumsy is this offeratory from India Oxenberg, with its essentially unrecognized inner and outer chaos? India is not ready for any solos or closeups yet, never mind any revelations. But she is under pressure to look good, to sell herself, to fumblethumb her way into some status of what is really false perception. “Lookie, lookie! I am good now. Seeeeeee?”

    Yes, I see. Ho hum. Also, everybody has a naked body readily available to study, to despise or to enjoy. We are all commandoes. It is just a shot away. Remove your shoes. Oooh. Toes!

    Thank God India did not treat the world to anus sunning. I might as well look at the bright side of things. There were no starfish photos to aid in our obtainment of freedom and enlightenment. So hooray for that. There is a reason the good lord did not put our anus upon our foreheads. We would’ve been shitheads.

    This is quite typical, the tilted-back alignment of one’s pelvis, especially to be uncertain about one’s own sexuality at India’s age, and to feel insecure about what one does and does not want to give or receive. Indefiniteness, uncertainty, a withholding, a tension is showing, and often this is not a conscious withholding at all. It simply hasn’t been noticed yet or mitigated. It just shows.

    Her second pose also indicates India’s lack of sheer concentration and inability to be one with the posture which she (haphazardly, casually, unmeditatively) has taken. This, however, also demonstrates the westernized misconceptions about what Hatha yoga is, as though it were some form of calisthenics, which it is not.

    Nevertheless, India will, no doubt, receive kudos from her fellow bimbos and of course, from bimbo men too, for being so open, (hahaha) so trendily creative and so gosh darn brave. Big so what.

    “Must be jelly, ’cause jam don’t shake like that.” Try the blues, the sorrows, the desires, the love, the incredible liveliness and the rythym, the percussion, the mouth harp, the voice of America. What treasures are in our very midst. Let go. This is immensely stretchy.

    It, this posing exhibition from Oxen B., does remind me of when I first went to the real India long ago and began to acclimate to the hilarity of the Indian attempts at using western advertising on billboards, storefronts, etc. Some of it was so awkward, so very misconceived, and one puzzled as to WHAT was trying to be sold at all. Every street was full of advertising which seemed to be showing how Mad Magazine Meets Mumbai. What a riotous heaven it was of mangled, comically fractured messages.

    The media was ready but the message got lost, somewhere in an ancient purple haze.

    I am not sure what the young lady, India, is trying to do and simply see her as a work in progress, like everyone is. If I could caution her about only one thing, it would be to really, really listen to herself and to really take the time to become increasingly centered in that self-trust. No one can ever take that from her!

    When you are still quite young, often you are in such a hurry. You do not find peace or depth by hurrying, though. Take your own time and make it real. There is nothing to prove, and there is nothing to fear.

    And these aren’t just words. Find your adventures, be true to your own experiences. Question everything, watch and listen. There is no hurry.

    There is really no image, either. What is real never disappears. Evaporation, yes. Finality? Never. There is no end.

    Jack had no beanstalk to climb. He only required a beanstalk to be able to tell a good whopper. This is not a mystery or a koan, being and nothingness. All is here and all is now. Even if somebody wants to miss it all, being and nothingness has all of time to wait to be noticed. It is not a societal activity. You’re on your own. Naked or not.

  • Watch out for rattlesnakes. They get between your legs and you start to dance the dance of the sun.

  • Toronto Star

    Canadian connections of Keith Raniere’s NXIVM sex cult ran deep

    By Sarah Berman Adapted from Don’t Call it a Cult

    Sun., April 18, 2021

    In this excerpt from “Don’t Call it a Cult: The Shocking Story of Keith Raniere and the Women behind NXIVM,” Sarah Berman looks at the group’s heavy connections in the artistic world, and in Canada.

    • I have to read Berman’s book.

      Interesting that Berman notes how Mack & associates were recruited into the cult thanks mainly to Sarah Edmondson’s “hustle”. Interesting because Edmondson claims in her (self-serving and dishonest) book that she barely knew Mack, and had little connection with Albany.

      Interesting also how hard the “virtuous” Mark Vicente worked to promote Nxivm. He and Edmondson were active and enthusiastic recruiters for the cult.

      Now, of course, they try to pretend otherwise.

      Such horrible people.

  • IMO, all yoga should be practiced in the nude, photographed and posted online. Kidding about the last two. Although if you want to do the last two, that’s fine too.

    • Uhm, do you have any idea, how India at a trim size 2 and in shape is helping other women get over their body issues by being photographed nude?

      I don’t get it.

          • Drinking Coffee-

            Exactly! It’s a modern quasi-cliché! Quite a few women claim to be helping women by posting naked photos of themselves. Years ago I would have agreed, now it’s platitude-ish.

            The only Woman to Change Culture via Naked Pictures:

            The only woman, I know of, to post naked pictures of themselves, and thereby change popular culture is Demi Moore. Demi Moore, at 8 1/2 months pregnant, naked except for body paint, graced the front cover of Vanity Fair in 1991; after that women literally stopped trying to hide their pregnancies almost overnight.

            Please Note: I’m not a Demi Moore fan.

  • Meh. Why do some women think taking off their clothes in front of possibly the whole world is “liberating” or “empowering”? Isn’t it more of the latter to only uncover yourself for someone important to you—like a significant other—which effectively says they have to be someone special to you and prove it first in order to get visual and/or physical access to your beautiful body? After all, visual access is a form of occupation.

    Dirty, creepy, and perverted heterosexual men would love to have a easy visual access to female sexuality. Today’s free Internet porn is a dog-send for them.

    • —Dirty, creepy, and perverted heterosexual men would love to have easy visual access to female sexuality.

      Quite the observation! You just described every man on planet earth.

      BTW: Homosexual men actually have more sex than heterosexual men; because we heterosexuals are stuck with people (women) like you. That’s why us heterosexuals turn to porn. You should feel ashamed!

        • Please refer to me as Uncle Leroy Bangkok when I’m in character.
          Men are men—I’m clearly being flippant, but I’m also speaking the truth, which makes you mad. I guarantee at some point your own father has yanked his Yoinker to nude women in a magazine.
          I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that you are Girl Scout Cookies.

  • It’s all so sadly predictable, this rebranding oneself. It’s great she left the cult of course (reluctantly and only with a lot of outside pressure) but it’s a bit thick that she’s now portraying herself as heroic, strong, and a reliable advisor to others.

    She was heavily involved with Raniere’s cult and eagerly did his work for him. She barely escaped prosecution herself. So she’s among the last people who should be offering advice or guidance to anyone’s “life journey” (puke!)

    India describes herself on her Instagram bio as an introvert. Seriously? She’s marketing herself. As Noble Victim. That’s what her professional life consists of now. Gimme a break.

    It’s all so LaLa Land. So slick media savvy. So fake and manipulative.

    Yeah I’m glad she rejected the cult. Finally, mostly at the behest of her mother and with a lot of expensive help. But India can’t claim it was her own doing. She can’t claim she’s a Strong Independent Free Thinking Woman. She was a gullible fool who joined an obvious cult.

    I do not think well of these people who once did Raniere’s work and are now eagerly profiting from their status as ex-cult members. People like Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente and India. Fools who did a lot of harm via their “mistakes” ought to show a lot more humility and lot less self-promotion.

    • Doesn’t everyone nowadays? The pathetic, shallow, contrived nature of social media. Most people don’t hold a camera to snap fond memories to look back on. Their first thoughts are how cool they would look on SM. It’s a sad aspect of these times. How much time wasted getting that perfect shot to be admired by people who are barely acquaintances at best. No thank you, I don’t want that life.

      • It must be pretty boring living in that mind of yours—inventing rumors and then pretending as if you didn’t.

  • I noticed India’s naked yoga photos on her Instagram account and I chose not to refer to them.

    Posing naked like that weakens her argument that she is a “victim”.

    Didn’t Raniere like to talk to his female followers while they were naked in front of him?

    • —I noticed [got aroused by] India’s naked yoga photos on her Instagram account and I chose not to refer [share them] to them.

    • —I noticed India’s naked yoga photos on her Instagram account.

      Some one has a shit load of free time.

    • “I am here for orgasm and lust.
      For the virgin and the whore, who is all of us.”- Mama Gena

      Mama Gena sounds down to earth. I’m am sure India will in good hands.

  • Well, for crying out loud.
    Frank, let’s all get spiritual and do some naked posing, ffs. End world problems for once and for all.

    You own this joint, so it’s only right if you get to go first. Okay?

  • Toronto Sun

    HUNTER: Book blows lid off NXIVM sex cult

    Author of the article: Brad Hunter

    Publishing date: Apr 17, 2021

    How did a slew of young, attractive and wealthy women fall into the clutches of a charlatan?

    What made them do his vile bidding in the sexual exploitation — and occasional torture — of women just like themselves?

    Vancouver author Sarah Berman sought to discover how ostensibly normal women fell into the clutches of self-styled guru, Keith Raniere.

    In her new book, Don’t Call it a Cult: The Shocking Story of Keith Raniere and the Women of NXIVM, out April 20 (Penguin-Random House), Berman does a deep dive into the group.

    [ … ]

  • Good for her if she can do that freely, on her own terms and not with threats hanging over her. Viva naked yoga in nature!

    • Therefore, new slogans should emerge from it: ‘Viva naked success!’ or ‘India’s naked success!’

  • I know India’s Instagram posts, both the photos and her writing on them. It’s a good story that you chose to feature in the Frank Report. It also occurred to me that it would be a good and worthwhile story to write about. But you don’t have to nudge a good journalist to do that, you have to make them think of it themselves. And you are.

  • Like her or not, she is a stunning woman.

    I feel the need to provide the reminder that she was one of the very last to leave NXIVM and not really by her own choice. She was back against the wall by the federal prosecutors who made it clear that she either cooperate or risk facing charges. Charges, by her own admission in her own documentary, would have been justified.

    She is doing the celeb image rehabilitation thing, seeking sympathy and trying to paint herself as a heroic victim but the simple fact is she is neither. I am truly curious why she is putting so much effort into rehabilitating her image. She claims to just want to quiet life with her significant other yet she keeps seeking the spotlight. What is her endgame?

    • Immediately thought what is her end game too… Kardashians and Paris Hilton taught us leaking sex tapes, forgetting to wear panties while wearing short skirts and other antics drive fame to fortune… is joining a sex cult with close up crotch shots, branding and collateral the new “leaked” sex tape to grab attention, reality TV deals, books, media tours, sponsors? Authentically inauthentic with neon dollar signs flashes through my mind like a sleazy bar off the Vegas strip. Ultimately, the cult defined her and gave her an edge to figure out how to earn a living and be relevant. Ironically, her pussy is still her only asset to relevance and power.

      • Oh—she was born into a family of highly specific relevance and attendant powers. I don’t doubt the power of her pussy but just as most of us are not defined by our genitals, it doesn’t define her. It seems to have overwhelmed your judgment though, ironically.

        • Great pretense to the facts. India demonstrates the new way to pimp out tragedy, terrible decisions, her lies for manipulating and using other people as a purported remorseful member of a sex cult with her own slaves that now posts nude photos on social media [after being supposedly forced to pose nude with up close crotch shots while active in the cult] as part of her new brand.

          How is this any different (other than your grandiose statement that screams entitlement) than the Kardashians or Paris Hilton? The facts do seem like the endgame is branding for fame, dollars and contrived relevance.

          Interestingly, the rumor is Kris Kardashian arranged the sex tape for the one daughter and India’s mother got her involved with NXIVM… so many tactical comparisons between the two sets of mothers/daughters to first have their daughters caught-up with something shamefully sensational and then leverage media/social media to get business deals. The other commonalities just haven’t been stated yet.

          • Is there anything more grandiose than declaring oneself a Goddess?

            Your command of irony is special—thanks for the good laugh.

            And, yes, my entitlement is quite ridiculously abundant—surpassing my wildest dreams. Sorry about that.

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