Michael Rosenbaum Had to Kick Allison Mack Out of His House

Michael Rosenbaum
Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luther

Thanks to LaLaLad who brought this to my attention: According to Showbiz Cheat Sheat:

Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luther on the TV show Smallville, had to kick Allison Mack out of his house.

On a 2020 episode of “Inside of You”, Rosenbaum recalled a disturbing incident with Mack. Sometime after Rosenbaum left Smallville, Mack reached out to him and asked to come over for a visit. But she showed up at his house with two friends.

“She’s in the vicinity, she comes over the house,” Rosenbaum recalled. “And she walks in and [when] she walked in she was a different person. She walked in like she owned my house, like literally, she owned my home.”

Michael Rosenbaum portrayed Lex Luthor on the Superman television series Smallville, a role that TV Guide included in their 2013 list of “The 60 Nastiest Villains of All Time”. Shown here with costar Allison Mack.

Rosenbaum said that Mack and her friends casually walked into his kitchen, pulled out pots and pans, and started cooking. When he asked what they were doing, Mack said they were making food because they were hungry.

Rosenbaum was uncomfortable with this invasion of space. So he asked Mack and her companions to leave. But her male friend became physically and verbally violent.

“‘You just come in, you start cooking in my house, you guys don’t even say why,’” Rosenbaum said he told Mack and her friends. “Why don’t you guys just go. I’d actually like you to get the f**k out of my house.’”

But the actor noted that Mack’s reaction to him was even more bizarre than the visit.

“I remember I was waiting for Allison to sort of jump in and say ‘I’m so sorry, no no, he doesn’t mean this,’” Rosenbaum revealed. “There was nothing. It was just like, it was almost like they were zombies. That’s how I remember. I’ll never forget it.”

It is not known who the two male friends .with Allison were but it does sound a bit bizarre that they would come over and just start cooking at another person’s house.

On another episode of Inside of You, Rosenbaum said that Mack tried to get him to take Nxivm courses.

“I remember one time,… Allison [said] “Hey, you should try coming to it,’” Rosenbaum said. “And I was like, ‘No. I don’t know. It’s not for me.”

Allison Mack and Tom Welling, who played Clark Kent in the TV show Smallville.

Another of Allison’s co-stars, Tom Welling, who played Superman in the series, told Rosenbaum, that he knew nothing about Nxivm or Allison’s involvement in the group other than that he knew that Mack was part of some personal development group.

 “I didn’t know anything about it. … I was very surprised to read anything about it,” Welling said. “It sounds very bizarre. Allison was always a nice person around me —  It’s also funny that people think that we would know or that we would have some perspective on it.”

When first asked about the allegations against Mack back in 2019, Welling said, “If it’s true, it’s a tragedy.”


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  • This is just how powerful mind control can be. It creates a person who is effectively a sociopath who is literally running a program as if they were a computer that only runs instructions given to it. Everything “Lexy” describes is eerily familiar from my time in the PUA community. Not only my own behavior which was limited to personality and clothing/style changes but I recall other dudes who were infamous on YouTube for creeping out every random girl he approached as he himself saw him as being Casanova, and no amount of negative feedback from the women he approached or people that witnessed it could phase him or break him out of the spell.

    And something has to shock the person out of it. You can’t really blame the person for it except for any crimes they commit that they must take responsibility for.

    That’s how it all starts out though, a self-development group. NXVIM is not the only one, there’s also Landmark Education, Scientology, Bikram Hot Yoga, etc…. In many cases, they use genuine self-development/therapy techniques developed by someone else… There are still millions of hot yoga places around the US but some have changed their name to remove the association with Bikram yoga.

    • Philip Levens and Kristin Kreuk had an affair on the set of Smallville. I was one of many PAs on the Smallville show over its 10 season run. The affair was well known amongst the production crew and other actors. Kristen and Tom Welling never messed around. Kristen seems attracted to brainy deep thinking men not hunky-jock types.

      • –Philip Levens and Kristin Kreuk had an affair on the set of Smallville–

        Were you one of the PAs who had to clean up the set after them?

        Did you keep a used condom as a souvenir?

      • That didn’t even make it around as a rumor because it didn’t have a sniff of credibility.

        Kristin doesn’t seem attracted to anyone. Or anyone male at least. She’s 38 years old, still unhitched, and without kids. How many women as attractive as her are like that? She’s quite possibly just asexual.

        • –Kreuk is quite possibly just asexual–

          If so, that would be ironic: An asexual forever linked to a sex cult.

  • There are 24 fundamental rules of firearms safety on the film set safetyontheset.com

    Look at these two idiots violate the first two rules.

    Yes, I know it’s a prop gun.

    “It can’t go off” and “it’s not loaded” are literally Famous Last Words.

    The 24 rules apply specifically to prop guns on film sets.

    There are specialists on set who instruct the actors on handling the prop weapons they provide and supervise. These two idiots have just been told to treat the stage weapon as if it is real and loaded. Fundamental safety practice.

    And here they are, clowning around with the gun (Rule #2)

    Mack even has her goddam finger inside the goddam trigger guard. While they fool around with the damn gun.

    No wonder she ended up in a cult. Takes a special kind of stupid.

  • Why didn’t Rosenbaum tell the story of when Kristin Kreuk visited one evening and went into his kitchen and said I’ll cook you breakfast…and next morning she did.

    • Because it never happened. Rosy has a bit of a crush on her–I mean a lot of people do–but unfortunately for him and others, Kris has a crush on someone else.

      • On who? Mark SOP Hildreth seems like a “beard”…but covering for who?

        • She hasn’t been with Mark Hildreth for almost a decade. She’s with another white, liberal, in her industry guy (like Mark) named Eric who she lives with in Toronto and is a writer on her show.

          • I think the question about Kreuk was that her relationship with Hildreth during her Smallville and Nx years seemed like a sham–and was she in a secret relationship with someone (m or f) on the show or in the cult.
            India said there was lots of swapping in the cult.

          • Oh no, we have to deal with the slap happy super creepy fan boy again !
            Stalkers take your mark, set,

          • —She’s with another white, liberal, in her industry guy

            Sounds like someone somewhere is jealous.

            NutJob is that you?

          • I doubt Mark Hildreth is the one jealous. He had Kreuk in her lovely prime years, even if SOP taught him to share her with his Vanguard.

  • I never heard of Allison Mack before NXIVM news. So she acted in a “B” League TV Series and took herself way too seriously, apparently.

  • I’ve listened to a few of Rosenbaum’s podcasts. He’s kind of a nut himself. Very LA, very touchy-feely, comes off as an arrogant jackass. Very self-centered. This story might be true, it might be invented, it might be greatly exaggerated from something that actually happened. I’m suspicious because when he interviewed Tom Welling they both claimed to be utterly surprised by the whole Nxivm business, both claimed they barely knew Mack or Kreuk, they were a different generation than the girls, older and married, didn’t socialize off set, etc. Now it seems Rosenbaum has changed his story.

  • Ms. Mack clearly lacks a sense of boundaries.
    Starting with the revelations in the Frank Report of June 2017 where Ms. Mack thought it appropriate to brand women like cattle and collect blackmail information about them.
    According to court testimony, Mack took pictures of a woman’s private parts as part of collecting blackmail and then told the woman she had a “beautiful cunt.”

    Continue to reports of Mack acting in an overly familiar manner with an eight-year-old girl practicing gymnastics.
    Add to that the account of the Irish mother of Mack traveling to Belfast to recruit the woman’s daughter to NXIVM.
    Don’t forget accounts of Mack trying to use Twitter to recruit the singer Kelly Clarkson and the actress Emma Watson into the cult.
    Add the more recent stories of Mack in Gender Studies classes acting “Super Participatory” with college coeds.

    Why do you think Allison Mack’s friends call her “Ally Wack”?
    Video Evidence
    Allison Mack: Pinching Hazard

    7 months ago
    Weird coming back to this after what happened

  • What? Wait, if my friend came into my house with their friends and they were so hungry that manners weren’t on the menu, I wouldn’t kick them out. I would ask them to share their goodies and offer them some fresh peaches.

  • This was a Youtube thing fun to watch, but it’s a couple of years old. Still quite funny. No wonder I always enjoy LaLaLad. I love salon gossip and L.A. stories, in or out of L.A. But Frank has been kind enough to bring out some old bag of Mack marshmallows to roast.
    Don’t miss the show.

    It opens with the host chatting not about Mack at first, so there’s an exhalation lull before he steps on the gas. He might be bald. Some things are foggy by now.

    It was as if Allison and friends came into his house and kitchen like a pack of wolves, and he hadn’t even seen her in a couple of years. She had quit Midgetvilla, or some Supermannish teenage show that this Rosenbaum fellow did, alongside that other co-star of the smallish people series,

    The ABSOLUTELY controversial Kreuk, the still working tv star and ex-Nxivm whatever she was. No one seems sure. What she was. Not a DOS tool, though. She was not that.

    But it went to hell very rapidly in Rosenbaum’s story, as Allison acted like a whack-a-mole at Rosenbaum’s, and he insisted that she and the other women show themselves out of there.

    She had acted pushy and overly-familiar and kind of speedy, he said. Most of all the groupie troupe were planning to make dinner, uninvited and unannounced. Ravenous and weird, rude, lingo-talking strangers, all ushered into this man’s home by Allison Mack, the secondhand Pam Cafritz.

    Cafritz was the Raniere “girlfriend” whose body appears to have vanished, but that was after she was stashed on ice for a stretch. This was yet another odd bathtub incident, commandeered by Raniere’s ineptness. Remember there was a hot tub crash once, too.

    Raniere has had some very strange habits with liquids. It is like he was trying to outdo Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

    Everybody must have seen that Keith was phasing out the older women cluttering up his sperminator stable. Bitter pills to swallow?

    He could be afraid of what some people will eventually reveal about him. Raniere seems to be applying flattery as his chosen tonic to people like Allison Mack, etc. She dispensed brands, deceptively and ceremoniously, to other women, scars for life, and now she has been stuck paying her ankle monitor fees for a dog’s age. A shipwreck with terrible manners as a visitor, Mack is an already aged-out, unglamorous auld girl next door, like Gladys Kravitz was in Bewitched.

  • This is a clear example of the new class struggle that is suffocating the West. Allison Mack on the matriarchal side and Michael Rosenbaum on the patriarchal side. European culture as a whole has been eminently patriarchal, but even within the West, it is possible to observe the confrontation between the patriarchal and the matriarchal mentality, expressed in nations possessed by these concepts. Thus, France, Italy and Canada as modern nations traditionally represent an artificial, soft and decadent mentality tending towards matriarchy, while Spain, Russia, Germany, England and the United States represented the more patriarchal and natural tendency. Within Western civilization, the two principles are debated. Currently, cultural Marxism has tried to annul patriarchy little by little in favor of a matriarchy.


    • Allison Mack’s behavior at Rosenbaum’s house has about as much to do with patriarchy/matriarchy as tacos have to do with jet fuel.

  • Talk about a Big Mack Attack!

    But this story is fishy because it involves Alison potentially eating something and no mention of zucchini.

  • According to twitter, this was an episode with Sarah Edmondson.

    Also on twitter, Nxivm cultist Kristin “mi naw nau nahtheeng” Kreuk was on this podcast twice and said not one word of Nxivm.

    Speaking of, did SultanOfSix ever put his penis in Kreuk’s vagina? Surely his years of online crusading paid off right?

        • Really? Of course it’s racially charged and blatant at that. It’s a mockery of the Chinese accent in transliteration, representative of an immigrant whose first language isn’t English. A person of Chinese heritage raised in the West like Kristin would never phonetically sound like that.

        • If a certain group of people doesn’t like something, the first thing they say is “it’s racist.”

          • “What?!! My hand is not in the cookie jar! My hand is not in the cookie jar! My hand is not in the cookie jar!”

            How does it feel to have to constantly bash others and still fail to feel good about your own selves? To try to fill that void in your soul over and over again with such claptrap. Really sad stuff from really pathetic individuals.

            Poor anti-social, psycho trolls. Their only recourse to “have fun” is to shoot from behind a wall of anonymity, mocking the heritages of people who had no choice in the matter. A temporary shield of “I know you” but “you don’t know me” lopsided vulnerability that they think provides them with the only [worthless] “power” they can seize to prey on other individuals with their impotent mind games. Cowards online just like they’re cowards in real life.

    • Riiiiiiiight. Suuuuuuuure. Rosenbaum couldn’t recognize Allison who he had worked with for years and confused her with someone else. Your story about Twitter is sooooooo believable.

        • This seems like religious bigotry. But it is a statement of fact in a sense too. Pork is forbidden to Muslims and halal is that which is permitted for Muslims. Pork is not permitted. So the imams who have iman will not consider pork halal. Islam is not a cult since it has 1.8 billion adherents. The definition of a cult is based on having a small number of people who often do the same thing that adherents of religions do.

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