Health Professional Says ‘Keith Raniere’s Modus Operandi Checks Off All the Boxes of Human Trafficking’

Nxivm Keith Raniere Holding Hands with Unknown Person
Keith Raniere

By Lucid Moment

This is in response to Suneel, who sees the prosecution’s case against Keith Raniere as trying to “dirty him up” while piecemealing and isolating every situation in his trial. Then he can say these situations are not relevant or in themselves crimes.

This is a supreme disservice to all women and all victims of human trafficking.

I am a nurse.

Health professionals are educated about human trafficking so we can see, as best we can, situations as symptoms of a larger, nefarious picture. This education is a requirement to practice our profession in at least two states.

How Human Traffickers Operate

The trafficker does not announce to any of their victims his or her intentions upfront. Their objectives are all the same: manipulation and control for the sinister reality of abuse and exploitation.

When you look at the construct of Keith Raniere’s modus operandi, it checks off all the boxes of human trafficking:

  • After carefully targeting susceptible individuals, Raniere utilized grooming or love-bombing, with flattery and promises of prosperity and help. Only to not help, often not providing living wages, and using threats of legal and social repercussions in the form of collateral.
  • He then shamed, humiliated, dehumanized, manipulated, intimidated, triangulated, gaslighted, and coerced them, until enculturation and bondage seemed to them to be their only option.

The victims do not go around talking about their situation typically — not until they can talk about it objectively in a safe environment. That is how badly damaged they are. To a person who has not gone through [human trafficking] themselves, their emotional pain and feeling of no other way out may not be seen.

But it exists.

Even if they laugh or try to be happy. They are trying to survive. In Raniere’s case, he set the stage up front by providing the mission statement to indoctrinate them:

“There are no ultimate victims.”

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Smiling Nxivm members
Nxivm members in happier days. “Even if they laugh or try to be happy, they are trying to survive,” says reader Lucid Moment about human trafficking victims.

This is why health professionals, who already have a license in health care, have to take continual training in detection in [human trafficking] to help break the cycle.

The victims often hide in plain sight to the outside world, because if they confront it themselves with no one else to lean on, their burden to live like that would be too much to bear.

Nxivm Keith Raniere eating
Keith Raniere likes his sweets, as evidenced in this throwback pic. But Lucid Moment points out that “he created a culture by which he withheld food from his victims”

Raniere created a culture by which he withheld food from his victims. He shamed, humiliated, and dehumanized them by reviewing their bodies for their “correct weight”. This after proclaiming himself smarter and grander than everyone in every way, including ethically. This after surrounding himself, and them with his special group.

So now, group behavior, crowd contingency, entered into the victim’s reaction to comply. Some were, by that time, undernourished and most likely had chronic low blood sugar and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can obscure one’s will, personality, and mindset. This ensured that they were not in optimal physical mental condition to self-advocate.

Does Suneel Understand the Difference: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Behaviors?

During Suneel’s tony college education, did he study the social sciences to be able to differentiate healthy from sick and unhealthy behaviors that, under these circumstances, descend into the criminal realm? In the health-professional training for victims of trafficking, it is taught that traffickers control the food and sometimes fluid intake of their victims.

Check off another box.

Nxivm Daniela Testifies
Daniela testifies at the Keith Raniere trial. “In truth, she was a commodity, not a human being,” says Frank Report reader Lucid Moment.

Another sign is that the trafficker/abuser withholds medical (and dental) care from their victims. Raniere assigned one of the victims to stay alone in a room. He carefully groomed and indoctrinated her parents to not advocate for basic needs of their daughter, like socialization, health care, and further education. Thus time passed with her missing out on normal growth and development. In truth, she was a commodity, not a human being.

Forced abortions. Not, “Gee, our relationship or activity caused a pregnancy, Now what do we do? Well, after much thought and discussion, we have mutually agreed an abortion seems the best answer to this dilemma. Now how can we avert it in the future? Gee, we better get on some birth control.”

No, in the climate of having other women as his flying monkeys, he had these women take them to the abortion clinic. He didn’t want to get his hands dirty. Glad he didn’t have to dirty himself up. In health profession-training for victims of trafficking, it is taught to look for women who cannot advocate for themselves in the clinic.

Check off another box.

What is the big red flag of a trafficked human?


Nxivm Brand Photo
“Truck drivers, as well as health professionals” are trained to recognize human branding as a marker of trafficking, says Lucid Moment.

Suneel, this is well-documented. Truck drivers, as well as health professionals, are made aware of this. You present yourself as a bright, educated individual. This shows some real holes in how you proclaim yourself.

Why are you advocating for Keith?

Maybe the True Story of a ‘Caring’ Madam Could Teach Suneel Something

I am from a town in which a famous Madam once resided and worked for about 40 years. Before she died, she told her story for a book that was written about her. She spilled it all so her story could be told. In it, it was revealed that, yes, she kept, and managed all the prostitutes in our town. She shared how she, herself, was groomed for her job, with lies about who was at the top of the organization.

She was brought to our town under false pretenses.

She let it be known that she was well-known across the region for having “clean girls” and how she was always concerned for their welfare. She proudly told how they had money to send home to the rural corners of the county for their families who needed it. The riverboats brought loads of food for them, she bought them treats, and even bought a favorite, longstanding woman, a brand new car with a full tank of gas to drive around town, to thank her for her service.

By the time the story was over, its intended purpose was met.

One felt sorry for the grooming and coercion done to the Madam herself to get her into her life’s profession, how she saved lives along the way of unfortunate girls that well-meaning persons brought to her doorstep so she could take them into her group and care well for them by having them work for her. How her “girls” were so much happier and better cared for than other prostitutes in other cities — and this was well-known in that part of the country.

Famous Madam Polly Adler
Celebrated NY madam Polly Adler. U.S. history is full of tales of famous madams, often seen as self-made success stories. But is that just putting a gloss on the brutal reality of human trafficking? Credit: The House That Polly Adler Built – Smithsonian Magazine

Interspersed with this story was the revelation that the women were chosen as high school girls, by a custodian employed at the school who looked out for at-risk persons.

They never saw it coming.

A friend of mine in town, whose now-deceased mother was a hairdresser, had a story about the Madam and her (trafficked) workers.

The Madam would bring them to the salon for their hair appointments. When my friend’s mother tried to engage them in normal salon banter, the Madame would tell her, “Don’t speak with the girls. They are not to talk.”

These girls were free? Same climate, same fear.

When I worked as a young nurse in another city, I told a patient, who had a criminal background, what city I was from. Immediately, he said the Madam’s name. “I used to run speed down there for her girls. So they could work all three shifts.”

So the question remains: If Suneel is as bright and educated as he seems, a well-meaning fellow who is just concerned about justice for poor, misconstrued Keith, how can he turn a blind eye to the bigger picture? To the whole construct of Keith as a human trafficker, with all the nefarious sides that come with holding up this kind of activity?

Perhaps the only accolade to be given to Keith is his creation of his sinister reality.

An Anonymous commenter asked the fundamental question of Suneel in a comment:

Who is funding Suneel’s time and effort in his defense of Keith Raniere?

In my many years working as a nurse, I have seen administrative practices in healthcare that over time, it came to be realized, were not best practices for the patients. Despite warnings by the bedside nurses and nurses leaving their professions at times so as not to have to participate in care that was not best for the patients, the one thing that drove the change was not the moral high road.

It was when funding for the practices were cut.

So, Anonymous’ question was spot on.

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  • I do not like to think that women and men do not have the ability to think and decide, that if each one takes responsibility for their decisions instead of blaming others

  • Why do some people believe that all women who are over 21 years old don’t think and are very easy to manipulate? That this thought, in itself, is not a misogyny?

    On the other hand, from my point of view, I don’t consider it ethical to put the photos with the faces of the women who took NXIUM courses.

    • But according to you, they are adults who made their own decisions. Right?

      So not posting their photos would be misogynistic. And treating them like children.

      Isn’t it ethical not to be hypocritical?

  • “Health Professional Says ‘Keith Raniere’s Modus Operandi Checks Off All the Boxes of Human Trafficking”. Who is a Health professional? Why is her or his opinion valid? This is an issue regarding mental process. There were no evidence for Human Trafficking, there were just sayings.

  • Very lucid, thank you. The retort as to the question of how Suneel is being compensated was that Suneel might “have a corner on” that monetary prize award of 35k per winner – amounting to over $1.M going to Suneel alone should no other “winner” emerge.

    IDK if Suneel can take that to the bank or not as a promise to pay – it may be contingent on Keith’s freedom – and it was an anonymous comment reply, what do you think Clav? Would this give Suneel the legal right to solely claim the kitty in compensation for his time and effort defending Keith and making a world class fool of himself whether Keith is ever freed or not?

    Or would Suneel have more of a forced labor and usury claim?

  • 1 suneel dosnt seem inteligent or.educated. he seems like a Guy that was brainwashed at BEST, a pedophile satanic flying monkey at worst . Everyone from asunsolo, to Sara bronfman ,to clyne. Kreuk for example , eveey single person that gives job to.kreuk should be investigated and go through a process of observation, te see if It has some Sort of.conection to a cult or the cía. Thats the difference between Mark Vicente or fionna barnett and these horrible damaging people .

    Is a Risk to have someone that can see such nefariuos accusations and actions and justify with such stupid arguments, the whole thing. For asunsolo and suneel It was just a creepy tradition to have a harem os sex slaves , with kids being rapped, but for fionna barnett a highly inteligent woman, victim of satanic abuse Nxivm was a pedophile Network mkultra related . Or Vicente that totally understand that Nxivm was something dangerous , because the fact of the actions of the cult. Lets go.back to.kreuk, some people Belive that she had sex with Keith , and we know that cults and pedophile networks are a think in Hollywood , feo. Maryling Monroe vecinity to Antón lavey to kreuk making Girls by desing , and having the oportunity ti have a platform still.

    The argument that the lluciferian group uses to defend luciferian group are stupid, without moral, lógic , empathy , studys, etc actually is what the sect did BEST , meaning taking some part of reality and twist It to look like something else completly unrelated thing ,to damage/manipulate people . Is obvious that the goverment protected Nxivm , from the pedophilia for.example.why? Because pedophiles are protected maybe , becasue It was the cía or the demócrats maybe, or.because fionna is right , and theres a darker.truth . Fionna was not.tbe only one that thinks that Nxivm was a pedophile Network , must of the intestigators that i have talked about It , agree with It or.get to the same conclusión , nxvim was bigger that what the media and goverment tells.

    I personally Belive that is a tragedy that someone like Frank has Any Contact with the Nxivm 5 people , they are probably psychos that separate from society so.they cannot body else. And parlato is a Hero . And someone that can show his face for a oerson that a crazy sociopath that enjoyed hurting children with such stupid arguments, ” like It was just kinky sex” they ignore víctims , they attack víctims, and they defend mosnters . So is truly dangerous , the legal system of América is corrupt thats obvious, but.

    If you want to start defending someone from it, start with the actuall inocent ,the american jaula are full of good people , noble working people that where just in the wrong place on the wrong time. Not with the pedophile luciferian cult leader . The worst part s seeing all.these people that agreed with suneel, with those shitty arguments

  • Thank you for bringing up how Raniere’s situation compares to aspects of sex trafficking that one may learn in nursing school. Would it be possible to list all the aspects in one place in this article so it would be easier to identify the full checklist that you present? Also, do you have a reference you could provide for this checklist? Ultimately, the “legal checklist” is what matters for establishing guilt or innocence in a court of law, but it is interesting to see how the “healthcare providers’ checklist” compares. Thanks again.

    • Nxivm: “Building a snider world.”

      What were any of Keith’s qualifications, again?

      What about all the coaches?
      The non-certified therapists?
      Immigration lawyers?
      Who was the certified nutritionist, again?
      What were Vanguard’s degrees for athletic training?
      For taxes?
      Who was the labor laws expert, again?
      Who was trained to deal with childhood sexual trauma? Because I’ve never heard of a road to recovery that included “seduction assignments”.

      And I guess Keith also had some kind of beauty school training where he learned about female pubic hair grooming?

    • And so you want a health care professional, whose skills you hold in contempt, to school you in something you apparently KNOW EVERYTHING about? Trawl for all the data you can find, without a keen sense of discernment you might as well be harvesting dust.

  • I have been a translator for women in third world countries seeking asylum. These are women who are trying to flee because of violence; they have received death threats (not only for them but for their children as well), they also have been beaten and held at gunpoint several times. They fear for their lives and there is a reason for it.

    I come from a third world country where domestic labor is highly coveted yet underpaid; where 67% of the population is considered to be living in poverty or extreme poverty. Here, women in poverty situations often try to get domestic labor jobs so they can send money to their families. If someone would offer any of these women a job in a different country or city and would promise them a place to stay, safety, and a job with which they would be able to feed their children (which often times they leave behind because they cannot take care of them), I’m assuming they would probably take the offer.

    Would you say these women were susceptible to sex trafficking? Most likely.

    So, what makes someone susceptible? In the cases I presented above, I believe it’s their safety (and their children’s) and in the second one, the money to be able to sustain their family. So, how do you know when someone is susceptible? How do you know when someone is not able to advocate for themselves? As Lucid Moment states: ‘In health profession-training for victims of trafficking, it is taught to look for women who cannot advocate for themselves in the clinic’.

    I am a trained psychologist and in our training, we learn the cues of healthy vs unhealthy behaviors. However, I don’t think we need a particular training to know the difference. I have seen women who are not able to speak the language of the place they are brought to, I would say these women are susceptible and possibly not able to advocate for themselves.

    I have seen women who are so scared they cannot even speak, I would also argue these women may not be able to advocate for themselves.

    I would like to point out some facts in this case that I think are relevant. Regarding the victim: she was able to move back and forth between cities (we know at least NYC-Albany) in her own vehicle, which means she wasn’t physically restrained — she could leave, as she did eventually– she lived in a different place as the defendant, which means she had access to food and liquid at any moment; she had a career, which means she was educated; she had friends, which means she was not isolated. Would you say this woman would be able to advocate for herself or not? If not, why not? What was her susceptibility?
    And if she was indeed able to advocate for herself what does it mean she has been deemed to be a victim?

    Sex Trafficking is a serious offense and not to be taken lightly. This is why I agree with Suneel that we need to be more critical about what we are looking at. If we are not critical, we are unequivocally doing a disservice to all women, men and children victims of human trafficking.

    • The victims in the Nxivm case were not meant for “resale” like your victims are. Nor were they allowed sex with anyone else, so the standard and facts are different.

      Ask yourself why you weren’t called to testify?

      • Hi, thanks for bringing these points to light. I am wondering where you read she was not allowed to have sex with anyone else? I keep referring to one woman since she was the only one who testified in regards to sex trafficking.

        And I think is interesting your last question, there was only one ‘side of the story’ presented at the trial, why was that the case?. Anyone who testified on the side of the defendant was automatically taken as a participant on the RICO act, so basically, you are either a victim or a perpetrator.

        • I don’t believe any of this, Pioneer of Possible. IMO, you are lying. As you are claiming to be a professional psychologist with a material involvement in this attempt at building a case for retrial, why do you not identify yourself? As a professional psychologist and not just an avid reader of pop-psychology, your distinction between degrees of sex trafficking targets sounds inauthentic to me. It seems to turn on the oft-repeated [by nx-redux] claim that only those ‘slaves’ bred into extreme poverty and beaten to silence, deserve emancipation, representation and justice. Your understanding is crude, lacks technical nuance, and contains very little information other than a desperate and irrational desire to carry on culting.

          I think the plight of the poor in Mexico is not made any clearer or helped in any conceivable way by being usurped in the pettish tantrum of an ignorant bourgeoisie cult member. No Passaran.

          • “.. As a professional psychologist and not just an avid reader of pop-psychology…,’

            badly formed sentence.

            Just to be clear, I’m not a Psychologist and reading a bit of pop-psych. or doing a few 101s in the course of my professional training, doesn’t make me so.

        • Hi Anonymous, why would you like to know? Why would it be relevant? And sorry if I missed some earlier replies, sometimes I just don’t go back to them and, if you are who I think you are, I believe in another one we ran out of space to answer back.

      • DOS doesn’t exist any longer. However, I don’t see how knowing this information would be relevant to the point I was trying to bring up. I was part of the community and all the info I shared you can find in the transcripts.

        • The standard NXIVM cult evasion when asked a direct question.

          Evidence of shame. They are only brave when their actions are hidden in the shadows.

      • Hi, Anon, can you please expand on this concept? Would like to understand what you mean by it? Thanks

        • Apparently, DOS didn’t teach women how to use a web search engine.

          Stuck in the cult habit of believing that eternally asking questions will give one the upper hand in breaking someone down. That only works in the NXIVM echo chamber, not in the real world.

          Cockroaches scatter when the light shines.

          • Rolling on the ground. The NXIVM playbook is well known in FR.

            To the pro-Keith newbies on FR: Now might be a good time to stop the acts and be real. The acts gave Vanguard 120 and some of us know your signs.

          • First of all, you got me on the not knowing how to use a search engine hehe, definitely not my forte. Second, I was honestly curious about the concept you brought up (relative privation), I didn’t understand what you meant so I appreciate the explanation. My questions are honest questions, as a forum with free speech I believe it’s valid to pose them as there exists the freedom to answer them or not.

        • A trained Psychologist and you have to ask for a breakdown of the concept of “relative privation”

          Even to a lay person, that phrase surely speaks for itself.

  • Re Bashing Suneel:

    I have mentioned before I am not going to ridicule Suneel anymore.

    Suneel, unlike Eduardo, has not made groundless misogynistic comments.

    Suneel has tried to put forth moral and rational arguments in defense of Kieth. Suneel is right about the prosecutors using the “group blow job” as a slur. The pyramid structure was somewhat used as a slur as well.

    Suneel lost his entire world. He apparently loved Keith Raniere as a friend and mentor.
    Regardless of how we feel, he lost an extended family he greatly valued through no fault of his own.

    I don’t believe Suneel deserves all the insulting comments. Suneel was never involved in anything nefarious with regards to Nxivm.

    • The World’s Smartest Defender of Child Rape™ and Harvard-Trained Blow Job Analyst™, Suneel Chakravorty, is as child rape defense and blow job analysis does.

      Describe: to say or write what someone or something is like

      Insult: to offend or demean

      A description of offensive behavior is indistinguishable from an insult.

      • I agree with you.

        Suneel has a misogynistic world view.

        The acts he is defending are unacceptable in any culture or subculture. The entire point of view (from the DOS/Nxivm perspective) is built on the unsubstantiated idea that women have it easier and are treated better than men.

        And that they lack innately certain qualities: an ability to keep commitments, logic and reasoned thinking, being able to “keep secrets”, they are primarily takers, not givers (this from a dude like Keith who is a deadbeat dad).

        Oh, and they are gluttonous pigs.

        Here are some statistics of that cushy female life in the USA:

        1 in 6 women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime..

        Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes.

        1 in 5 girls under 18 has been a victim of sexual abuse.

        It starts as early as in the first year of life. And women in their 90s have been raped.

        Of all the women murdered in the USA, about a third are killed by a domestic partner.

        Much abuse, child sex abuse, rape and domestic violence go unreported.

        And that’s not getting into pesky issues like lower pay, workplace harassment, and often being the sole provider for children.

        Or just the freedom to feel safe in your own home or walking down a street.

        So f×ck anyone who spreads dangerous lies about the safety of women and children.

        The rest of us in 2021 are into educational and informational programs to change these “sad” (Nxivm apologists favored word) statistics.

        And actually build a better world.

      • I just meant showing the guy some kindest and understanding would help him find the truth faster.

        Shitting on him serves no purpose.

      • —Your opinion has no influence, NiceGuy 666.

        Well, then I guess we have something in common. Thanks for sharing!

        How do you like living in the Elm Creek area in Plano, TX? I’d like to be neighbors!

        Here is the place I’m looking at:

        It comes with free amenities like AC and the use of the community pool.

        Let me know what you think. 😀

    • I’d argue that Suneel is not blameless. He blindly followed a leader and ignored many warning signs. It’s one thing to defend Keith on FR, but if Suneel is still rocking blinders as to KEITH’S nefarious actions, he’s stacking up even more blame.

      If Keith didn’t want his group blowjob to come up in court, he probably shouldn’t have asked for a group blowjob. If Keith didn’t want his pyramid businesses to be used by the prosecution, he shouldn’t have structured all his businesses this way.

      • NutJob

        Re Cutting Suneel a Break.

        All I meant was showing the guy some empathy. You are well aware of the fact I usually dump all over the Nxians. I am not defending the guy and I’m not say people shouldn’t hammer Suneel’s BS about Keith.

        I just meant people could attack Suneel’s belief without the personal attacks.

        Suneel needs to come to terms with the truth. Personal attacks will only push him away from finding the truth.

        At the moment, I’m going back to my Nice Guy routes.

    • If that’s the way you all feel….

      I’m going to go back to shitting on everyone!!!!!

      Hey Nutjob,

      Nancy Salzman gave her daughters away to Keith Raniere for his carnal pleasures.

      Have a great day Mr. ‘sissy pants’!

      • Be yourself. Remember how fun it would be when you’d rip on idiots and then have to apologize after sleeping on it? When you are breaking yourself off into parts, it’s tough to be yourself.

        Nancy would do some ‘parts’ therapy on you. And then maybe headlock you into agreeing to a past life regression…

    • NiceGuy, thanks for your comments. I find them to be decent and kind. If you have any criticisms of me or my viewpoints, I would gladly hear them out and respond to them.

      • Of course you would. You are hoping to polish the jagged edges off your, ” I love my amoral cult leader friend, forgive his repulsive, sexual, deviant, crimes and set him free” boulder with which you’ve saddled yourself .

        Any free assistance from more cognitive & socially aware people outside your cult bubble is grist for your mill.

        But you will never grind that boulder down to changing either wide public opinion or Keith’s legal fate.

        You might make the boulder a little lighter for yourself and easier to carry over time.

        That is called justification.

        But therapy would be healthier and more efficient.

  • I really liked this post. I’ve actually enjoyed a lot of the posts and comments here at the Frank Report. So many thoughtful people here.

  • Lucid moment, I question the reliability of determining trafficking with your criterion. If the definition requires you to be an expert to determine if a law has been broken, it creates a problem in my opinion. I do not want to my rights to be free being determined by a so called expert in the social sciences.

    • There are levels. Then there’s moronic, which apparently also has levels..and so on…as far as you wish to spiral down into this infinite regression of bs. ‘data’ Why bury yourself alive in an abyss of your own making? Choose Life. In an instant, everything in it can begin to get better.

  • You make a pretty iron-clad case that the activities described constitute human trafficking.

    My question is how you know that those activities took place? (your source) For instance: “he withheld food from his victims.”

    I haven’t read the FR in-depth so I may have missed it, but was he the one who prepared the victims’ meals (and, therefore, withheld food?)

    And I’m confused about the brand because the story has shifted so much about how/when/who was involved with that. I also wish there was more information on the abortions because I think it is a bit of a slippery slope to be so negative about abortions (even multiple abortions) as it should be a woman’s right to have one (or multiple) if she wishes.

    I don’t know any details about those abortions, so I’m not trying to argue…I’m just extremely cautious about putting a shameful light on the whole thing because I think it subtly erodes women’s rights.

      • LOL, I’ll accept it as a compliment that you think I’m Suneel, as I appreciate the way he has written his POVs so far.

        Still curious if the author has more info for me or could point me where to look re: food, brand and abortions. I’ve read parts of the trial transcript and watched The Vow but I am certainly not fully versed in this whole saga.

  • This was a great article. Very interesting. I really liked how you humanized victims. I think that is exactly what the Sunny guy is missing. He assumes everyone has to act
    Like him and if they do not, he assumes they are lying. He does not see the huge hole 🕳 he has in his knowledge.
    Considering he cleaned Clare’s ass, probably Clare is paying for him. Sad…

  • Regardless of male or female, I believe that a human being’s climate and fear do not make them victims. I believe that every single human being has the power to overcome the climate in which they find themselves and the fear they may feel. Hope, love, and joy in a peaceful world are all possible for every one of us.

  • This post if full (in it’s entirety) of misinformation from a nurse standpoint and from facts of what actually happened. I’ve looking into this case thoroughly for a few months and just to give an example to say that Keith instructed Daniella to stay in a room and groom their parents into…,etc. It’s false. This was not the case and it was clearly demonstrated at the trial.

  • I am guessing that the author of this piece and Suneel are working with very different versions of what actually happened. One version was designed to get a man in prison for life. The other version was what really happened.

    • Yep.

      And claiming there are allegedly DOS women who loved slavery…doesn’t mean the victims feel the same way as they do.

      Let’s all agree. Women can feel differently from each other about things.

      So basic.

  • It sounds as if you knew this people, as if you were there, but you express that you were not there.

    You have to be careful with that conflict. The lives of this people where the opposite of what you’re describing. The only abuse to those people in this situation is by people who write about them as if they where victims of their own lives.

    You might be right that there existed intent that was not stated in this sexual alleged encounters. That’s why the elements charges of sex trafficking and RICO include prior knowledge by the victim of the nature of the transaction, the intent. By your logic, this charges should be dismissed. Remember, the only evidence the strongest investigative agency in history found of alleged sex trafficking was a single act of oral sex between 2 women, Keith was ironically not physically involved. If there was more, why was no evidence found?

    • ” Keith was not physically involved.”

      So. You allege that Nicole drove herself alone to meet a person she never knew the identity of (Hmmm. Who set that up? Oh yeah, Keith) at a location that she didn’t know…

      Then blindfolded herself. Tied herself to a table. And also videotaped the sexual assault?

      There are some big holes in your reasoning. This is just one example.

  • Hi Lucid Moment,

    Are you aware that woman could choose not do something in DOS if they felt it went against their values? Are you aware that women actually had left DOS prior to 2017 and their collateral was not released? I think you have a lot of misinformation about the group.

    • Andy, were you in DOS? Why didn’t the “happy slaves” testify? I thought it was all about being a bad-ass empowered woman? Not a coward too worried to testify if a man they loved had his very life of freedom on the line? People step up when they believe someone is innocent. Sounds like DOS failed in its mission. Which…was…what, again?

      • Due to the hate against the NXIVM, it was difficult for anybody to stand up. Also, because the prosecution blurred the lines between victim and victimizer, any member of DOS was at risk of being arrested.

        • This is the weakest, most unsubstantiated, bogus claim the Vanguard dead-enders make.

          You had the moment you had all been training for and you wussed out.

          All those readiness drills, starving and fluffy pubic hair failed you when you could have stood up and been brave.

          An average, non-branded slave, non-Nxium trained citizen would have done right by the person they loved if they truly knew that they were being falsely accused.

          It would be the “ethical” choice.

          P.S. Every time you post “DOS doesn’t exist anymore”. I think you protest too much. And I am certain that it does.

    • Is that something you can document? I’m sure it will be posted if the women involved will back up your claim. Is that the only misinformation? I and probably most of the users on this forum would be interested in hearing them, please post them.

      And “the collateral wasn’t released”, how does that make anything better? The threat is still there, how would they know it wasn’t going to be released, or released later at a stage where it could do maximum damage? Living with constant fear and worry, some might argue that is worse in the long run, never knowing if your life gonna fall apart tomorrow. And did they get any other threats? Many were sued into silence or threatened with suing.

    • Andy-

      Just because one person’s collateral (blackmail) material was not released does not mean another person’s material won’t be released.

      Where is your logic?

      Why was the collateral not handed back to the women when they left DOS?
      Why was the video of Sarah Edmondson’s branding released by members of DOS?

      Your DOS is not answering that question, is it?

  • This is spot on. I remember when India said, ” I didn’t see another life for myself”

    She explained that she felt trapped in DOS. In Albany. In Nxivm. Then Brooklyn. She felt she could never have a normal or even different life than the one she had been ensnared into by Raniere & the pimp ladies

    She was broke now, estranged from her family, deeply ashamed. India felt all her options were gone. She’s branded. Blackmailed. Participating in criminal behavior herself.

    But India had Catherine. A mother. A true bad-ass. Not a fake feminist brainwashed “sister” to help her. India’s “sisters” (repulsive for them to claim that title) failed her miserably. India had become physically and mentally ill. The “sisters” did nothing to help her. Only her real relative, her fearless and truly loving mother, was really there for India.

  • The trafficking wasn’t for the resale of disenfranchised female victims. It was to build his harem for a constant supply of sex partners subservient to him.

    Mainly, disenfranchised actresses and senoritas. The branding on the pubic area made them his sexually forever. He owned them. For his use only, as he forbade them from having sex with others.

    This is different than the traditional pimp who rents victims out to make him money.

    Vanguard trafficked for his own control and pleasure, under the guise of ’empowerment’ a term used just like ‘hate’ is now. Useless marketing to camouflage intent.

    My opinion.

    • I think there was a point at which this information was revealed, although I can’t find it now. The vast majority of the women in DOS were not sleeping with him, and many chose not to receive the brand.

  • Suneel’s ignorance about exploitation, consent, and the humanity of women prevents him from understanding basic decency.

    Is Suneel neurodivergent? And by that I mean, I suspect he’s not wired for empathy and lacks the ability to accurately access social cues. It would make sense of a Harvard grad displaying substandard critical thinking skills.

    • What’s really disturbing is the idea that all his crimes and things that he did for years will just go away because of an error in the proceedings or hate against Vanguard.

      Only a person in love, brainwashed or a complete psychopath displays that kind of behavior, ignoring all evidence and seeing only what he wants to see, in his case is probably a combination of all 3.

      And their website, Make Justice Blind, is a joke. All other convicted that are in worse situations than Vanguard, and have suffered real injustice, are not even mentioned, just their leader. They have no shame, and it’s an insult to those who have suffered real injustice. Their website should be Free Our Beloved Cult Leader, at least they would be honest about only caring about Vanguard

  • What has happened to the podcast Raniere Speaks? Did anyone win the grand prize? It sounds like only Suneel has entered the competition.

  • Im sorry but this recounting of the story is absolutely not based on the truth. You were not there. Your story is based on lies. I promise you.

    • Were you there? The witnesses testified under oath under penalty of perjury and were backed up with other written and recorded evidence. That’s how it works.

    • There’s nothing more reliable than a Drinker of Keith’s Kool-Aid™’s promise!

      Unfortunately, that’s not admissible in court.

      A pinkie swear cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die promise, though, that’s grounds for an acquittal!

      You screwed over your Vanguard by not providing such testimony to former President Trump sooner.

  • A well-thought-out, well-written piece that is informative and to the point. Thank you, Lucid Moment. And good analogy, too: a madam can probably claim ‘hands-off’, the girls were adults and willing, but that does not make her less guilty, legally, morally or ethically. The question really is: “Who’s paying” – and Suneel’s testimony for Clare B. raises another question: he made a big deal of caring for her, even having to take her to the toilet in graphic details, etc. Was it out of caring for her as a friend, or did he suck up to her on the suggestion of his master, in order to keep the flow of money open? Because since her sentencing, he has (they have) not uttered one single word in her defence. And if Clare is at all guilty, it is because she was persuaded by KR to participate in his illegal schemes. Nothing in her pre-KR life indicates that she was that way inclined.

    • Bronfman may not have been inclined toward illegal activities prior to meeting Raniere, but she was strongly inclined towards being stupid and there’s a very thin and fuzzy line between those attributes.

  • People who hate Keith HATE powerful women
    DOS is a sorority to make us STRONG
    Reverse Keith’s gender reverse the verdict

    Gloria Steinem said

    “Any woman who chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of the status quo will treat her as something of a dirty joke. She will need her sisterhood.”

    “A pedestal is as much a prison as any small, confined space.”

    “Once we give up searching for approval we often find it easier to earn respect.”

    “We are the women our parents warned us against, and we are proud.”

    “Girls need to know they can break the rules.”

    • Told everyone. The “hate” mantra is starting! How predictable! Can’t you guys come up with something new? You’re in the real world now and embarrassing yourselves.

    • Why didn’t you “sisters” stand up for your “sisters” like Clare? Or Allison (also Nicki’s wife)? What about Nancy? Kathy?

      You all clearly only care about Keith. The man in all of this garbage fire. That says more than any quote by someone else. Judging by your own words & actions, it is all about the only male.

      Not all the many women victims. Not the female co-defendants. Not your “sisters” India, Jessica, Sarah, Camilla (who was a child when her nightmare began), or Nicole. Not Sylvie. Keith Keith Keith.

      It’s who you live for. A man. You are not fooling anyone.

    • Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is learning.

      We must develop ourselves and fulfill others. We are being called to explore the universe itself as an interface between health and growth. The nexus is approaching a tipping point.

      The future will be a zero-point invocation of freedom. The Goddess will amplify our connection to non-local serenity. It is time to take science to the next level.
      Who are we? Where on the great path will we be awakened? We are in the midst of a spatial awakening of stardust that will enable us to access the stratosphere itself. Our conversations with other beings have led to an invocation of hyper-eternal consciousness.

      In other words: Quit searching for approval here then. Without this site, you have no eyes on your libelous bs at all, at all.

    • You mean being a DOS sex slave= powerful woman? That’s an interesting way of being “powerful”

      “Once we give up searching for approval we often find it easier to earn respect.”
      “….. She will need her sisterhood.”
      Aren’t you contradicting yourself? You are in DOS seeking approval of your master and sisters, and not strong on your own.

      “We are the women our parents warned us against, and we are proud.”
      My parents were part of the equal rights movement for women, the women, your parents warn you about, can you specify, it could be anything, but that’s maybe the point, of being the misunderstood and underdog, and only your sisterhood and master can understand you?

      “Girls need to know they can break the rules.”
      How old are you? Seriously? That’s the kind of statement you make as a teenager and feel ashamed of later on in life.

      I feel sorry for you, that you are so deeply indoctrinated and justify being a slave, as the only way you can be powerful.
      Read some books about cults, I hope you will wake up sometime.

  • Here’s a confirming article:

    Vanguard hits most of these: this was like high tech trafficking. Use mind control to erase their Fight or Flight, then move in.

    “Traffickers often operate by:
    Using violence or threatening the person or the person’s family members;
    Harming or depriving the person of basic necessities, such as food, water, or sleep;
    Making false promises of love or companionship;
    Making false promises of a good job and home;
    Isolation from friends or family;
    Limiting freedom of movement;
    Controlling the person’s identification documents;
    Threatening deportation or law enforcement action;
    Garnishing the person’s salary to pay off alleged debts;
    Preventing the victim from attending religious services.”

    As for branding:

    Also spot-on:

    He brands his initials on them.

    Absolutely disgusting. To show ownership.

    Keep defending, Suneel

  • “After carefully targeting susceptible individuals, Raniere utilized grooming or love-bombing, with flattery and promises of prosperity and help. Only to not help, often not providing living wages, and using threats of legal and social repercussions in the form of collateral“

    This is based on a foundation of false information.

    • After carefully considering all the well-documented evidence you present, FB8, I’m surprised your Vanguard didn’t opt to have you serve as his attorney.

  • Raniere’s major concern was that he wasn’t shooting blanks, so the pregnancies were proof that his little guys were swimming around. He was too busy eating pizza with hot sauce on it to simply have his sperm tested.

  • Thank you for this clear and concise explanation of the realities of human trafficking. After the moronic turn these Nxivm apologists have introduced to this site, I felt nursed back to health and balance of mind after reading it. Thanks, once again, and if you are working during this current crisis, I hope you and your family stay safe and well.

  • Well written, and spot on. You pulled the evidence together and applied it to the real world.

    What is truly baffling to me is how the current members, including Suneel, just don’t see it. Everyone else gets it –why doesn’t he and others?

    I would venture they are getting marching orders from somewhere nefarious.

    Thank you, again.

    ( I am sure those still brainwashed will follow with their ” hate” diatribe, the word of the day.)

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