Susan Dones: ‘Nancy Salzman Betrayed Me’ — ‘Keith Raniere Is Delusional’

Susan Dones Nxivm
Susan Dones had to defend herself in court pro-se against a battery of NXIVM attorneys. She won.

By Alison McClintock

You may recognize ex-Nxian Susan Dones from her many TV appearances, including Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of Nxivm” and HBO’s “The Vow” Nxivm docuseries. She was a member of Executive Success Programs/Nxivm for about 10 years – and she founded and headed the Seattle-Tacoma Nxivm Training Center.

She left Nxivm and closed her center in 2009 when, along with eight other women, she met with Keith Raniere to try to work out concerns about how Raniere and Salzman were running the company.

Dones was left with the chilling impression that her worst suspicions were confirmed over those three days of meetings.

It was also at one of those meetings where Raniere made the controversial statement, “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs.”

A recent Frank Report post about Susan Dones related her story about how Nancy insisted she write a false profession of her ardor for Nancy, which was later used against Susan in court. Susan’s claim that it was a false letter – and that she had no romantic interest in Nancy was met with skepticism by one reader, who claims he/she is a former Nxivm member; that claim is unconfirmed.

The alleged, anonymous ex-Nxian wrote: “I was in Nxivm, and I had heard that Susan had ‘a huge crush on Nancy.’”

Apparently, that piece of gossip [and it is only gossip since the ex-Nxian did not write that she heard this from Susan] is meant to contradict Dones’ claim that Nancy Salzman tried to seduce her for the purpose of obtaining collateral.

Nancy Salzman in White Shirt and Black Vest
Nancy Salzman, the Prefect, was second in command to the Vanguard, Keith Raniere

Dones says that Salzman attempted to ‘feel her up’ during a car ride. The no-nonsense Dones suspects this act was not a true act of unbridled passion, but rather a seduction assignment given to Mama Salzman by Vanguard/Keith Raniere.

Salzman reportedly followed up the feel by demanding that Dones pen and send a letter to her expressing her romantic passion and lust.

Dones says she had no such feelings for Salzman but gave in to the Prefect’s insistence that sending a phony love letter was some kind of Nxivm exercise in self-improvement.

The problem is that letter could be used as collateral against Dones because she was in a committed relationship with another woman.

The anonymous, unverified ex-Nxian says:

“In fact, what I had heard is that Susan had feelings for Nancy and was upset that the affection wasn’t reciprocated. If that were true, then it’s highly possible Susan wrote a letter to Nancy, got rejected, and then needed to come up with a story for how and why she wrote that letter.”

In reply to the anonymous, supposed ex-Nxivm member, Susan wrote:

By Susan Dones, 

People are going to believe what they want, I don’t care.

It’s odd that I’ve been with the same person [Kim Woolhouse] since 1994 if I had this mad crush on Nancy for nine years, don’t you think? Who would put up with that?

Two or three times in my legal battle with Nxivm, the letter to Nancy showed up.  I don’t remember if it showed up in my first deposition. I do, however, know it showed up in Kim’s deposition, but she already knew about it. She knew about the assignment. She knew about it when I had to do it.

It also showed up at trial while I was on the witness stand  – and NXIVM’s attorneys tried to make me look like a jilted lover. I was questioned about it under oath. My story has never changed about the letter. Nxivm’s story about the letter didn’t work with the judge.

Did I at one time look up to and respect Nancy? Yes.

Did I at one time love her as a dear friend? Yes.

Was I in love with her or crushed out on her? No.

She betrayed me, she emotionally abused me, and she used me for her personal financial gain. Along with Keith, Clare, Lauren and others who were not arrested.

NXIVM group photo
Nxivm Group Photo. Nancy Salzman, second row, 4th from left; Susan Dones, second row, 6th from left.


In reply to Were Raniere’s Legal Rights Violated?

Raniere is doing what he always does. Not taking any personal responsibility for his actions.

He needs to take blame and responsibility 2400 times and maybe he will finally see he was responsible for getting himself right where he is today, GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS.

I didn’t attend the trial except for the closing arguments.

During those closing arguments, the Department of Justice (DOJ) told the jury where they could find the evidence for every count Raniere was charged with.

Every single page, every testimony, every picture, EVERYTHING that proved Raniere was guilty of every charge against him.

There wasn’t a shadow of a doubt that he was guilty of every charged crime left in anyone’s mind when the DOJ was done with their closing arguments.

Then Raniere’s team was up to bat.

What a joke.

They didn’t bring one iota of evidence to the table to prove he was innocent of any of the crimes he had been charged with.

Nope. Instead, his attorney told a metaphorical story about a boy who was raised by a dad who made him study hard in his room all alone. He grew up to be a successful lawyer but found out his father never loved him.

What the heck? We were all shaking our heads. Talk about a strikeout for the Raniere Dream Team. First, you don’t put on a defense – and now you don’t have a closing argument?

Then to seal the deal, the DOJ had the last bite at the apple:

They got up and reminded the jury of all Raniere’s wrongdoings. They held up the hard drive with the pictures of the 15-year-old girl’s nude pictures – and they pointed to Raniere.

Raniere looked deflated. He let out a noise as if he’d been punched in the stomach, and then DOJ ended its presentation. .

Sketch of Keith Raniere Trial
Sketch of Keith Raniere at his Trial

After six weeks of testimony and closing arguments, Raniere and his Dream Team of expensive attorneys that very few defendants could even afford (that he didn’t have to pay for) didn’t show up with any sort of defense.

Now, he wants to blame everyone but himself and his attorneys for his own guilty convictions and his 120-year sentence.

He is so delusional, defiant and egotistical that he wouldn’t take the great plea deal that was offered to him.

Now, he’s having a meltdown – and wants his most devoted followers to waste years of their lives being delusional with him and defending his delusion.

His most faithful will not see the truth and will not take in reality-based data. Not after spending thousands of dollars — some of them actually hundred of thousands of dollars — on Nxivm trainings.

They want to say how brilliant this man’s technology is, yet they themselves cannot apply it. They are so blinded by his bullshit.

It always happens when a cult falls apart. There are always a few devoted followers who won’t wake up. They stay to the bitter end, wasting their lives defending their Master.

It’s like a successful medical clinic. Raniere is the doctor who took advantage of his patients.

His staff wants to keep saying what a brilliant doctor he was.

If he’s a criminal, it doesn’t matter how brilliant a doctor he was — he can’t be a doctor any longer. He was a dangerous doctor and needs to be removed from society. The fact he won’t admit he has a problem makes him a dangerous man.

Wake up, sheep!

So sad but true.

And just so you all Keith-believers know, I’ll still be here for you when and if you wake up.

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  • Susan is to be commended for her strength, independence, and Spirit. I admire her and other women who stood up against the moronic “genius.”

  • Nancy and Raniere are both evil pieces of excrement. I wish Nancy would have been sentenced for much longer; she basically gets to skate.

  • When it is proven that someone committed a mistake for several times (the dates he says does not match with reality), how do we know that anything he says after that is going to be true?

  • Personal responsibility extends to more than incoherent lip service because you are under legal scrutiny. No one cares if Keith “believes” he is innocent. It is as legally relevant as if he “believes” he can fly. A jury trial (that he chose) found him guilty. These are disingenuous ramblings meant to both obscure guilt and pretend contrition. And I bet you don’t care what I or others “believe” about Keith’s guilt. You are right. It only mattered what the jury believed. They found him guilty.

    • It does matter cos he felt he did not wrong and was not willing to pretend he did wrong. He upheld what he believed in, even upholding others that are after him, even if they did not. It seems evident to me who behaved responsibly and who didn’t.

  • Susan Dones: “Raniere is doing what he always does. Not taking any personal responsibility for his actions.”

    I looked at the transcript from Keith’s sentencing hearing and read his statement and found several moments where he did in fact take responsibility. Because he believe’s he’s innocent, he doesn’t take responsibility for the crimes of which he was convicted, but he does take responsibility for how he understands his actions have impacted the victims who spoke at his trial and at sentencing. Something I have yet to see others do. Here’s an excerpt:

    “The whole issue that’s been brought up about my
    remorse, it is true, I am not remorseful of the crimes I don’t
    believe I committed at all. But I’m deeply remorseful over
    this pain. And I am deeply remorseful over this anger. And
    what I want from all of the victims, all the people who feel
    I’ve hurt them, even if I don’t feel it’s legitimate, I ask
    forgiveness and that at some point in life that I be forgiven.
    And I am deeply sorry. I did not mean to cause this pain,
    cause this anger that is evident. And even with the people
    that I believe really are not telling the truth, I feel
    responsible for that too, and I do feel deep remorse. I do
    not feel remorse for the crimes I did not commit. I’m
    innocent of those crimes. And a lot of the things that are
    said are simply really not true.
    But I am, I will repeat and end with, I am so sorry,
    I’m truly sorry.
    And I’ve listened to everything that each of you
    said, even the things that I didn’t believe were true and know
    are not true, and it’s still painful. Because to get up there
    and speak takes courage, takes upset, takes anger, takes all
    that. That does come from me. That’s something I never want
    to cause in the world, and I have caused in the world. For
    that I am deeply sorry.” – Keith Raniere

    • “Let’s Go There”

      Where was the evidence then that the witnesses were lying?

      Raniere says: “And a lot of the things that are said are simply really not true.”

      He had a very expensive team of lawyers— and his own “genius” brain at work to prove his innocence, or to prove that the witnesses were lying, and yet nothing was offered!
      And no one stood up there as a witness for the defense. Not a single person.

      The only liar in the courtroom was Keith Raniere. A big, fat, lazy, self-indulgent, narcissistic liar.

    • He seemed like one of the most responsible but down to earth people I ever met. Only briefly but the impression was clear. I could be wrong, for sure, but still.

  • Keith’s reputation as vindictive and litigious is well documented and known far and wide. I can guarantee with absolute certainty that he spends more time plotting revenge on his ” enemies” than he does plotting his own legal defense. I really, naively thought the remaining cult was harmless, neutered and not likely to cause mayhem on Vanguard’s behalf. Now, my opinion has been changed.

  • Susan-

    Don’t you love all the Raniere sycophants that are on Frank Report currently? They’re following their master’s orders and making nice with Frank. Frank, for his part, has been welcoming and congenial. I wonder when the honeymoon will end…..

    In the meantime, pay no attention to Keith’s lackeys trying to pull your chain.

    Deep down inside, Kieth’s followers know your words are the truth. That’s why they try so hard to attack you.

  • It’s complicated when a person claims to be betrayed because they are not getting what they want.
    If Susan was clearly owed by NXIVM, why couldn’t she win in court. Maybe she’s wanting more than what she earned out of anger, this makes sense given that people usually feel entitled to to much when they are angry

    • May you need to get your facts correct. Susan Dones won her case in court.

      It was Keith Rainier who didn’t win.

      Matter of fact, Nancy Salzman, Keith Rainier, Clare and Sara Bronfman lost many, many, many court cases.

      Matter of fact, both Keith and Clare are now Federal Prisoner’s and Nancy will be joining them soon.

      That is what happens when they sell a pack of lies, NXIVM trolls

    • Anonymous 6:06pm

      —If Susan was clearly owed by NXIVM, why couldn’t she win in court.

      Just because you are morally owed money does not mean you will get it legally via the court.

      Why does Raniere feel gypped? 🙂

      Susan unlike Raniere did not have access to high-priced famous attorneys. She was up against an entire law firm and she had no legal representation except herself.


  • “People are going to believe what they want, I don’t care”. Then why do you justify? Why do you want to air your concerns?

      • Yeah, maybe if Frank can clear the way somehow for Susan to speak her truth without being summarily assaulted by any exponentially increasing number of trolls on here – lately joined by trollups that make Petalhead look like an unrestrained genius…

    • Are you singling out Susan with those questions or are you asking everyone who’s ever shared information on FR? Do you like people such as Susan sharing information, or do you not want to hear it? Why?

        • They all did this. Pam was my coach but she was more normal and didn’t default into the questioning crap. I was told by Toni that she was just assigned to keep an eye on me.

          • Nutjob-

            Pam is upper echelon. You were in Executive Success before the NXIVM renaming. You missed out on SOP and circa-j*rk-chains and face slapping?!?!?
            I have a feeling that’s where you would have drawn the line.

            Was Pam charismatic? My theory is she had to be good at wooing people over in order to be Keith’s wingwoman.


          • Lol. Yes, they usually default into the “Socratic” inquisition on what internally triggered your illusory distrust as opposed to that external stink of toxic bullshit emanating from their lips.

            Use logic, Nutjob! What Luciferian flaw, past trauma, or what have you caused you to recoil from baby fucking?

            I always thought of Pam as a gullible, lost heiress airhead until the truth about Rhiannon emerged.

            Toni was ASSIGNED to you? Is that in her book? …Don’t make me beg! (I’ve got your back in case of a Schlock ghost or a Bangkok attack.)

          • Toni told me that Pam was keeping an eye on me for Keith and that what I told Pam was as good as saying it to Keith. Keith never liked my presence there and would pounce at any opportunity to make me look stupid.

      • Nutjob, it’s just NXIVM trolls taking out their anger because their Master is behind bars and they can’t do shit about it.

        Their arguments are being shot down by logic and they can’t stand it.

        Nicki Clyne is getting a divorce and most likely going to be thrown out of the country. So they are sad they are also losing their #2.


  • “She left Nxivm and closed her center in 2009 when, along with eight other women, she met with Keith Raniere to try to work out concerns about how Raniere and Salzman were running the company”.

    People used to believe that once they are part of something, they have the right to CHANGE AS THEY WISH what others created. Why don’t they create their own? And more than that, they demand something they have not earned. I do not like how you run your company. Well, walk away.

    • But, Joshua, you participate here. You didn’t create this platform. And there are all kinds of criticism of both the commenters & the Frank Report itself. And Frank himself. And did you never, ever hear what happened to any close person to Keith or highly involved in Nxivm who “walked away”? Why don’t you ask Frank what happened to him? To so many others? You are utilizing something Mr. Parlato created. Why not give him that respect? And listen. Overall. Listen.

      • Maybe. But he couldn’t, and not merely because he was a narcissist. Keith’s inner world (one of a sociopath) is built on secrecy, and so was it for the inner circle of his cult. If he let people go, they would expose his lies and NXIVM as it was, would cease to exist. It would’ve just happened sooner.

        • Maybe. But I think Frank would have quietly left, if allowed to. And one of the reasons I (quietly) left is because I witnessed him not let somebody walk away. Whatever the answer is, he didn’t balance it well enough. If he’s released on appeal, let’s have a chat with him to help make sure his next run as a cult leader doesn’t smack into another brick wall.

        • Keith—By not letting people simply walk away kept others from walking away out of fear.

          One of the tenants of Islam is that if a Muslim leaves Islam, they should be subject to death.

          All cults treat apostates with hate and retribution.

          At times throughout history, Judaism and Christianity had similar rules.

      • Nut-

        That’s for sure! Frank and Sarah Edmondson would have walked away.

        I don’t know how you explain it to a newbie without going into a dissertation.

  • Dear Katherine. I’d like you and others to reconsider your definition of gossip and hateful expression. If I spoke directly to your ex-lover and wrote on this blog that they had a bad view of you and published their comments to me, even though I got it directly from your lover, I believe it’s still gossip and bad for society. In fact, I believe much of this blog content and comments are gossip and destructive. I think opposing views can be expressed in a way that is constructive and not destructive. Jesus was said to have hung around with people who were despicable in their actions (e.g., thieves, whores, murderers, etc), but he had the ability to separate their acts from their person-hoods. I do not have that ability, but I think it would be good if all of us pursued this goal.

    • Dear GOD and little Lord Baby Jesus and the BOP and all that’s sacred and holy in the world of justice and sinners — please, please keep Keith our Savior safe from any harm to his anus.

      Please, please hear our prayers, oh mighty ones — see how good is our intent, how useless is this blog, how well we wield the power of our Vanguard and bring the evil to their knees to pray alongside us.

      In the last days of Democracy, we cower before thee, begging only one final act of salvation for Keith Raniere’s anus.

      Let him not mingle among those that would ravage his flesh and let him be kept deep in the womb of the center of our dying Nation.

      Angels are coming, angels are coming, they shout:



      • Your prayer will not be heard, unless you invoke the god known as brahma and the god of many names, and end with “Amen … and A woman” (as per the pastor who led the prayer for the opening of Congress recently.

    • —Hung around…Murderers, etc), but he had the ability to separate their acts from their person-hoods.

      That quote you are poorly paraphrasing is a ‘Parable’. It’s not a commandment or meant to be followed verbatim word for word.

  • Has Susan heard any of the statements or claims made by what she calls his “followers?” They submitted to the court evidence that was corroborated by experts around the world that the alleged child porn had been planted on the hard drives. Even the prosecution’s own FBI witness testified, under oath, that while it was in their procession, an unknown person accessed it. How does that make them blind followers? It seems like they’re trying to hold prosecutors accountable who unfairly tried to convict their friend.

    • Please delineate the “evidence that was corroborated by experts around the world that the alleged child porn had been planted on the hard drives” — and I’ll respond to it.

      • Delineate? That’s an SAT word. Try using the word ‘explain’. Fancy words. I bet you read the New Yorker and eat arugula. Don’t worry I do to 😉

          • My inarticulate verbiage was meant to point out that your words are above the common people’s vernacular.

            Do you think Bangkok or Scott knows what delineate means?

            Bangkok probably thought you meant desalination.

          • I am so thrilled to see a sparring of semantics here. Keith would love it.

            Meanwhile, where is Nancy Salzman?

        • Yes, you “do to.”
          But can you “do it to” in a half-a-dozen languages? Or is English the only tongue you crucify? And you do know that this is merely an olde New England
          leg-pulling. Yes you do two.

          • Also, does one really HAVE to be embarrassed today, if it just so happens that the New Yorker came every week in the mail to the home and hearth, even 20 years or so before one busted out of a womb?

            Ah the magazines and the newspapers, the pocketbooks and the hardbacks, including the December, 1953 premiere issue of Playboy and every single Robert Frost poem handprinted, the wonderful old novels, dictionaries, the volumes of encyclopedias, the law books, the MUSIC SHEETS, Charles Schultz, Henry Miller, Mad magazine before it even came in magazine form and still looked like a dime novel. Bonjour Tristesse. Piaf filling the air, Paganini, Elvis, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Maria Callas, Peggy Lee, Ella and Satchmo, Pyrenees Basque music. Flamenco.

            The media is the Massage. Eh, McLuhan? Eh, B.F. Skinner? Forever?Heh heh

            Toe shoes with lamb’s wool and beautiful castanets. The piano and the drums. For every child. For taking flight! That is one dream of mine, not paucity or dullness.

            Nah. I loved every page and wanted to hear every note, right out of the gate. Only sleep could ever interfere. So what? A good vocabulary and multitudes of lively info, ever changing, is a cornucopia of sheer pleasure. You don’t want to need to stay out of the kitchen.

      • Below is the link to the summary document of the all the tampering evidence which includes all the relevant links to further documentation. As I mentioned before, what I found most surprising was the prosecution’s own FBI witness testified under oath an unknown person accessed the hard drive while it was in their possession.

  • Interesting reading and the modus operandi seems to fit to a T in my opinion. ‘Required’ reading for the nxivm5 (only half-joking).

    Susan, I would love your views on this although I can understand you have better things to do with your life and want to remove yourself from all this drama you’ve been subjected to. Also want to say how admirable your attitude is: grounded, clear, factual, forgiving, but no push-over.

    • Great link.

      This is spot on: “As they face failure, arrest, indictment, or dismissal, they will endlessly air their grievances. Narcissists are natural wound collectors and as such, they have been collecting and nurturing social slights and perceived wrongs just for this occasion. They will wallow in victimhood claiming they have been relentlessly and needlessly persecuted. They, of course, expect their attorneys, followers, or enablers to subserviently echo their flatulent claims.”

      • Raniere used this same pissant bow on his fiddle repeatedly. He was going to get sick and die if anybody had sex with anybody else had he told them that rule of his. His sperm was SPECIAL SAUCE. His penis had to be the biggest and grandest penis wherever he brought it, and elsewhere. But he would have a tummy ache or barf blood while on the phone with one of his sucker girlfriends if she crossed one of his fucking haywire lines.

        This was the guru of his own personal havoc. What a sap. No rehab to fix it.

  • This article has no influence on my opinion of Nancy. This story sounds more like sadness than actual wrongdoing, I still think very highly of Nancy and her warm heart.

    • Nancy is a criminal. By her own admission. So do you mean in a ” thief with a heart of gold way”? Because she is definitely a criminal. Just ask her.

  • She is a much more forgiving person then I could ever be. No way I would tell these remaining supporters that I would still be there for them when they wake up after what they have put you through.

    I do wish she would have shut her center down immediately when she found out about how bad Keith was. I can understand it obviously was not that simple but she probably could have saved a few people from a horrible experience in Albany.

    • We live the life we want. If she is living this life, it’s because she has chosen it. No one is to be blamed. If she doesn’t like the drama, why does she continue to fight for it?

  • I believe you, Susan.

    Nancy is an evil witch.

    But I don’t believe that Lauren abused you since she’s a fine person and a lovely lady who was groomed from childhood, by her own mom, to do Keith’s bidding. How can you blame her?

    Thus, if Lauren mentally abused you, then it wasn’t her fault. It was her mom’s fault.

    Lauren deserves to get probation while Allison deserves 7 years in prison.

    Why? Cuz Allison wasn’t groomed by her own mom to join Keith, yet she still joined him anyway.

    Allison is evil incarnate. She was rich and had no financial reasons (or family-related reasons) to join NXIVM —– yet she still did.

    That means Allison used her own free will to do evil. Even Frank is wrong to forgive her.

    Lauren is the most innocent of the bunch. She is gonna get probation. Just watch.

    Lauren is just as innocent as India.

    Allison will get 4-7 years.

    Will Claviger agree with my expert reasoning?

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • What excuse-ridden tripe for Lauren. Lauren was an adult when she joined NXIVM. She knew who Raniere was for over a decade and still supported him because she wanted to have his avatar baby. She helped imprison Dani for two years, was willing to share Raniere with many other women, perform group fellatio on him with his first line slaves, and take the brunt of police force while he cowered in a closet in Mexico. Bangkok, do you really think you’re going to get “sloppy seconds” of a woman who banged the troll multiple times?

    • Bangkok-

      Amore, amatory, amorous and enamor are, but, four words which come to mind when reading your comment young Bangkok.

      “Lauren was groomed by her own mom.”

      “Thus, if Lauren mentally abused you, then it wasn’t her fault. It was her mom’s fault.”

      No truer words have ever been spoken by a xe or ze. Your defense of the virtuous and chaste Lauren Salzman is more noble than the defense of “family values”.

      I remember when Mr. Parlato coined “Bangkok of Six.” I was outraged with Frank, because you, Bangkok, truly love Lauren(a real women) and the other guy simply lusts after Kristen Kreuk a 1/2 Asian—1/2 elf celebrity.

      Bangkok, my spiritual bastard son…. Once the virgin Lauren Salzman is behind bars, ze needs to compose a letter telling Lauren the truth….In the letter you are a lonely xe, they, or ze; and you believe in her innocence and beauty.

      BTW: No one knows your gender identity or sexuality so I am now using gender neutral pronouns when referring to you such as Ze, Xe, and ‘they’. The Frank Report supports the LGBQT community.

      Politically Correct Gender Pronouns:×585.png

    • I’m gonna assume you’re kidding around, but their sentences will take into account their crimes, behavior post-conviction, the presentencing report, level of cooperation and victim statements, and probably more

    • Lauren had graduated from college and spent the summer traveling Europe before joining the ranks of NXIVM with her mother.

      She wasn’t some teenager, who didn’t know right from wrong.

      It was an easy job that gave her a lot of power. Head of Education. It brought her more money than most people in ESP/NXIVM made.

      Lauren Salzman hand-picked every intensive she wanted to Head Train and charged 100.00 – 500.00 for an EM.

      When people step out of line, Lauren was sent in to mind-bend them back into place by her mom and her lover Raniere.

      Because you have a little hard-on for her, don’t be a fool, Bangkok.

      • Her lover Raniere, as Lauren testified, gave her no nookie for about a six year stretch while this executive banshee lady, with the courtroom drama and crocodile tears, was waiting for her avatar baba louie. Come off it. Lauren knew damn well that her chubby jackrabbit Master was shacked up with his younger, better-looking Mexican branch of the harem. She was on the bench in the frigging dugout. A lot. Who does this?

        What the hell did Lauren Salzman pretend to herself and to everybody else that she was loving? A slot machine?

        Lauren also knew not to bother Raniere during the daytime while he got his sleepy- poo. Jesus, God and Mary. Boo hoo hoo. Anybody want a suckah?

        These diehard cultie “inner circle horseshit” chicklets often pretend that they had no clue about how Raniere screwed anything he could and that he had no taste at all! Ridiculous. Half of their gang-up battles were fueled by jealousies which Raniere, the turd-bag, promoted so sagaciously, for his viewing pleasure.

        Trophy collector. Vagina scalps. The hypocrisy about Raniere’s sexual habits, and also about the trail of abortions, is nauseating if you want to look at the truth instead of the long, extended phantasmagoria of some strange bullshit. Call a sexologist, save a lot of grief.

      • Anon 1/8, 1:19:

        Not only what you have stated, but also the idea of the scene in Halfmoon. The perception of being big fish in a small pond and thinking it was exceptional. Saratoga society being a goal, not to mention the Mex scene. The Sports Barn, for god’s sake.

        Got to hand it to Keith for taking advantage to attain these goals while also taking advantage of knowing what people want. Acting the renunciate mostly because it is boring.

        Lauren wanted to share his jaded outlook.

    • Bangkok is still in love with Salzman’s huge nose. Is that because it covers up his small d!ck when she sucks it?

  • I love how plain-spoken Susan always is. Refreshing!

    Of course, the leftover Nixers would do well to heed her warnings and, of course, they will not – to their own peril most of all.

    Nice post.

  • It’s interesting to hear different versions of the same story regarding Susan Dones’ letter. On the one hand, we have Dones giving her direct version of events, and on the other, we have an anonymous person saying they were in NXIVM and telling what they “heard” about the situation. Since anyone with anonymity can write basically anything they want on the internet, in this case, presented with no other information, I believe Dones’ version of events holds more weight. The comments by the anonymous person do bring up something interesting to consider though.

    What if Dones and the anonymous person are both right in their own way? Who’s to say someone didn’t tell Nancy Salzman that Dones had feelings for her? If that were the case (which it may very well not be), would it change Dones’ interpretation of the situation? It’s something to think about.

    • I dunno. If somebody said to me, “hey, so-an-so has feelings for you,” somehow it still does not occur to me to grind on their private parts or to “cop a feel.” That would be a fatuous excuse for behaving invasively, going after somebody who might, maybe, kinda, sorta like “me.”

      Holy crap. Who is driving? Some self-besotted jackass who cannot even drive. The old Saltbag saw an opening, and she took advantage of it. And people think what? That Raniere was in the backseat controlling the sexuality of Nancy Salzman, groaning “now grab Susan by her jugs,” and poor, poor Nancy had no free will whatsoever. Enough with the blindfolds of denial. Come off it. Collusive co-conspriator and honest-to -God pimpstress for profit and delusional self-glorification. The costume ball is over.

  • What do you guys think of Facebook and Twitter censoring Trump indefinitely?

    I think that measure just incites more violence because Trump’s side feels silenced. Thoughts?

    I like that Frank Report discussed with the audience what to do with Scott Johnson instead of just silencing him. That is a difference with big tech companies that don’t discuss their decisions with anyone else.

    • Mexican Lady, a big part of the problem is media. It is biased to the point of corruption, completely ignoring even the Hunter Biden scandal and spinning everything.

      The Chinese own the Bidens.

      Most Trump supporters are on Parler now, searching for the truth.

    • Frank Report hasn’t been used for protests, uprisings and revolutions like big tech has. The Arab Spring owes its success to Twitter and Facebook. If anything, it’s just taking the TV remote from a senile old man that was just fired. Who cares, our country doesn’t operate via Twitter.

    • Mexican Girl-

      He incited a riot. Twitter is a business. Twitter can do what they want. It’s not a public entity.

      Are you a capitalist or something else?

    • There is a fundamental distinction between public platforms and media outlets. Media outlets can publish whatever they want in whatever manner they like. Public platforms should not be censored.

      • Your kidding right. Public platform like FB and Twitter stop whatever they want all the time. The media report whatever they want.
        Free speech no longer happens in the US anymore. The media controls what we can and can’t hear.
        Frank has been more than fair about posting

  • What’s crazy to me is people keep talking about Raniere being found guilty as if that means it’s true, and all this “evidence” against him without specifying a single piece of evidence that proves he committed any crimes.

    I’ve read the transcripts and watched the documentaries and, while I may not agree with or understand everything that happened (because I wasn’t there), I can’t for the life of me figure out how he was convicted of charges as serious as sex trafficking and forced labor. I didn’t see anyone tied up, trapped or even looking particularly scared or stressed, and they only seemed to claim they were coerced once they started profiting off their new roles as victims and whistleblowers.

    From what I can tell, the real “sheep” are the people who believe the claims of disgruntled ex-girlfriends and employees without asking any questions. Show me the evidence and I’ll change my mind, but so far I haven’t seen it.

    I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, but all these people claiming that Keith ruined their lives appear like they have their own issues that have nothing to do with Keith. If I’m being honest, the NXIVM 5 at least sound rational and make sound arguments, even if they haven’t backed them up completely yet. I guess we’ll see. Curious to see how this all plays out.

    • Bahahahahahaha, guess we will see when he doesn’t get a new trial and he still spends the rest of his life in prison.

    • Show me the evidence and I’ll change my mind. But, so far, I haven’t seen it.

      Court records are available to everyone. Also, it should be possible to request a copy in braille or audio if that’s the problem.

    • So you did not pay attention during Raniere’s entire trial? You will find the evidence presented by the prosecution and by witnesses, days and days of it, as well as the evidence submitted by investigative sources and their testimony, if you decide to make yourself specifically aware of it.

      Unfortunately, Raniere offered no defense. There is no ball in your park. I am not sure where the team is meeting for any barking seals but have fun.

  • Bloodthirsty Federal cop deliberately murders unarmed woman in US Capitol!

    Emerges Of Capitol Police Shooting Air Force Vet Ashli Babbitt At Point-Blank

    You can see the officer looked right at her before pulling the trigger. Additionally, there were cops armed with AR-15s right behind her.

    Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt, 35, was a wife and a 14-year veteran who served four tours with the US Air Force and worked as a high level security official throughout her service.

    “Her husband says she was a strong supporter of President Trump, and was a great patriot to all who knew her,”

    The US government hires murderous psychopaths to serve as police officers!

  • Keith’s ride in the prisoner transport from MDC Brooklyn, 80 29th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232 to USP Lewisburg, 2400 Robert F. Miller Drive, Lewisburg, PA 17837 was only 183 miles and took just over 3 hours.

    • Didn’t Clare Bronfman recently make that same trek to the same destination near the prestigious Philly firm representing the defendants in a massive civil suit?

      Looks like someone’s following the money. And doesn’t give a fuck about the optics. Or Raniere’s (not) sorry ass.

    • But were there snacks or beverages? 3 hours shut in a vehicle with PervBoy could take a lot out of whoever had to accompany him. Crackerjacks, iced tea, something.

      Also, Mr Parlato didn’t mention any cavity searches, but deck the halls, Raniere is getting some orientation training everywhere he travels now. Prison is a billions-of-dollars industry for lots of oddball reasons. Very untherapeutic for the weak, for the possessed and even for the strong.

  • From Wikipedia
    United States Penitentiary, Lewisburg

    As of 2009, USP Lewisburg was designated as a Special Management Unit intended to house the most violent and disruptive inmates in the Bureau of Prisons. Although most USP Lewisburg inmates are housed in the SMU, there remains a work cadre of approximately 200 inmates in the USP’s general population.

    Register Number: 57005-177
    Age: 60
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    Located at: Lewisburg USP
    Release Date: 06/27/2120

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