Former Nxian: Raniere Is Acting out of Self Interest, but His Remaining Followers Aren’t Aware

Editor’s note: Frank Report is aware of the identity of the writer of the post below and this person was a member of Nxivm and wishes to remain anonymous. 

By a Former Nxian

Lucas Robert’s letter in support of Keith Raniere is a beautiful letter, and certainly a letter very similar to something I myself may have written in support of Keith in the beginning of this in 2017.

Very few of us had a true experience of NXIVM – most of us were people that signed up for the Executive Success Programs 5-day or 16-day “intensive”. It is that coursework where the vast majority of people with positive things to say, like Lucas here, refer to when speaking positively of Keith.

Here is the missing information that the majority of people are missing:

1. It is hypothesized that Keith does not feel feelings inside – he is an expert actor, has amazing discipline, and is an expert salesperson. It is hypothesized he is a sociopath. Keith is not acting out of love – he acts out of self interest, and plays a long game that most people cannot see or fathom.

2. Keith is a proven pathological liar. There is plenty of evidence to support this – what I have observed is that, rather than look at the data, “believers” in Keith will ignore the evidence, and challenge a person “accusing” Keith of lying to show the lie or prove the lie. This is a sign of sociopathy, because in these cases, a person is ignoring evidence of harm to people, and defending a person demanding evidence in order to level what they perceive as an interloper’s accusation.

3. Keith and the inner circle, including Nicki and Michele, actively sold a false image of Keith to the ESP community. The image they sold was Keith as a monk-like renunciate, working tirelessly to improve the world. The truth is, Keith is mentally ill and has a sex addiction, including child rape, and made very few inventions that worked, and zero defendable patents. While it is true that Keith struck gold with his assemblage of Rational Inquiry, the negative impacts to society he has been found guilty of far outweigh the positive impact of Rational Inquiry. Nicki and Michelle can’t see they are the arms and legs of Keith’s lie to the ESP community, and it was not Frank Report’s coverage of facts that disrupted the community, but Nicki and Michele and the inner circle who all knew they were selling a character of Keith that was partially true, and partially not just a small lie, but a huge criminal coverup involving sexual blackmail and child rape.

I feel that if the Nxivm-5 and other “believers” would read the above 3 facts and really let them soak in, the world would be a better place and everyone would be able to move on and begin healing more effectively.

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  • I agree that KR is mentally sick. He appears to have suffered from bipolar disease and megalomania for decades. Alas, nobody stopped him and, thus his supporters got affected with the same destructive spirits. Very sad. 😔,

  • Maybe the supporters have traits of narcissistic personality disorder in different levels or some sort of perversion, that’s why they identify so strongly with Raniere. I believe that if from this point further they are fully aware of their actions and they remain to follow a sociopath, maybe at the end of the day they are too!

    • I’ve been thinking that, too. When reading all these letters of support, I am bewildered. Most specifically, I don’t see these supporters feel remorse for any of the VICTIMS. In fact, it’s like they berate the victims, even the CHILD victims! What the hell!

      At least ACKNOWLEDGE there were victims. Acknowledge women now have a jerk’s initials forever on their body. Acknowledge a girl was locked in a room.

      I am wondering the psychological issues going on behind the scenes.

      If you acknowledge the good, fine. But ignoring the bad makes me suspect.

      Victims of narcissism eventually learn they were controlled. The only people who are unable to realize the damage they cause are….the narcissists themselves??

    • The sabbatical of Nicki Clyne, oozing her hallucinated but still odorous crap, wallowing in the land of “liberty,” where she is such a blinded slave to an inhumane conman and pervert, could soon come to its end.

      First, however, comes at least one wild card. That is Allison Mack, ready-or-not, when she receives her sentence. It is a sideshow on the overall chessboard.

      Porky Pig hasn’t played the final notes yet. That’s all, folks.

    • Letting them run off-leash has hurt those in jail and themselves. It seems purposeful to plead insanity or impaired judgment when it’s their turn in front of a judge.

      Don’t you think every last one of them has been surveilled for years now? In this current climate of mass arrests and deportation, it seems Nicole is running free because it serves the Feds. They’re saving her for dessert.

    • I found it interesting. Thanks! So strange that only Nancy’s name appears there. Maybe she is actually the most manipulative. She got the lowest sentence from them all. Maybe Nancy is the smartest one. She is a more evolved psychopath than Keith. Keith is actually not even mentioned.


  • Hey Nicki, if you’re reading this, please stop defending this guy before you end up in legal trouble. Look at the picture of you that Page Six used for their article and think about why they chose it. I’ll give you a hint: It’s because they think this is your future. Again, please change course. It’s not worth tossing your life out for this guy.

  • As i stated in my yet to be published comment to this story, which started as a comment, I totally disagree with “…it was not Frank Report’s coverage of facts that disrupted the community, but Nicki and Michele and the inner circle….” It was the information on this website that disrupted the NXIVM cultists. LOL

  • It’s amazing …just amazing…I knew Keith Raniere when he and I went to day camp in Rockland County together (Camp Ramaquois) in the early 70s – LOL, we were friends. He hung out with my friends and I – you could see the bones of this malevolent behavior even back then – the self-aggrandizement, self-superiority, apparent quiet demeanor- No one back then could have predicted this but…eventually everyone thought he was a free radical…blows my mind that this is the same guy but it is down to his walk, demeanor and look even the hair back then as well.

  • “has amazing discipline,”

    “Keith is mentally ill and has a sex addiction”

    These are two contradicting assertions. Addicts don’t have “amazing discipline”, especially when it comes to their addictions.

    So the idea that he has “amazing discipline” is moot, because he was always getting what he needed, e.g., sex, from multiple people. He may have not been getting whatever he wanted from a person at a particular time, and this may have come across to other observers as showing discipline or patience as he slowly manipulated the person into getting it, but that is not really discipline.

    • Hehheh! he has discipline because every time he jumps through one of his own spark-note hoops, he gets a big kiss on his wet noodle from one or three of a harem [a coven?] of lotus eating slaves.

    • That’s not true. Addicts can be very disciplined in some areas of their life whilst losing control in others, often as a coping mechanism for the stress of that discipline.

      • Agreed. Lack of discipline in one area does not negate discipline in others. Eugene Fodor, the Tchaikovsky Competition laureate, was a superb violinist (the discipline of practicing for hours a day, years on end) and a heroin addict (no discipline to control his addiction).

      • What’s not true? That was the point. It’s very difficult to support a general claim that someone has “amazing discipline” as if it’s something that applies across the board. It often has to be contextualized. And in Keith’s case, I have no idea where he showed it. In his ability to lie through his teeth and not flinch? In his ability to execute a con over multiple years? Discipline is primarily a positive word. Manipulation is not. If discipline is discussed as something which applies in general, it is the lifestyle of those who are ascetic or close to it that is being referred to as they are moderate and don’t go to excesses. Engaging in superficial relationships and promiscuity (or any of the seven deadly sins) is one of the first signs a person lacks discipline.

    • I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to be more disciplined at playing “the long game” than Keith. But he played the game for very undisciplined purposes.

        • Probably. But, if so, aren’t we splitting hairs?

          Plus, think how disciplined he must have been to win the East Coast Judo Championship.

          Plus #2, I once saw him eat a whole box of Tofutti Cuties without coming up for air. The focus and discipline that took was impressive.

  • Héctor (Daniela Padilla’s father) & Nicki Clyne’s (Mrs. Allison Mack) letters to the judge are overwhelming non-personal & paraphrased.

    “I find this idea completely ABSURD and even OFFENSIVE — as a WOMAN and a PARTNER of Keith’s for over a DECADE….” according to Clyne.

    [emphasis mine]

    “What was intended to be a Short TIME to think things overturned into something Very LONG (about TWO YEARS) with no change in Daniela’s DESTRUCTIVE ATTITUDE; Constant REQUESTS for more opportunities and Tireless Broken PROMISES,” Héctor claimed.

    ‘…tireless broken promises.’ ??? seriously?

    They’re not even pantomiming authenticity. Nicki’s recollections of intimacy are mostly clinical/masculine.

    It’s as if they’re both filling out the same questionnaire or Federal application, with each answer limited to three lines of written text – with a proctor prompting they pack in ‘…as much factual data (dates, times, titles) and definitive fervor…’ in the short amount of space allotted for each answer.

  • This is it. This one article sums up the entirety of Keith’s 20 year run with ESP/NXIVM. It just has taken some people longer than others to realize the truth.

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