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Welcome to the bizarre and sometimes dangerous world of Keith Raniere.

Just like yesterday, Keith Raniere and Lauren Salzman were seen walking from Flintlock and Hale towards Oregon Trail this morning.

Vanguard generally sleeps in the day and teaches women at night.

Today, they were spotted before 7 AM – which is very early for The Vanguard to be out-and-about.  Keith’s hands were reportedly going “a mile a  minute” as they walked .

Everybody in Knox Woods and Stage Run are familiar with Vanguard and many read the Frank Report and send me emails and call.

Moving J’ness #11: A source tells me that Jness #11 has moved to New Karner Road from Apropos, which might explain why there were few cars there yestersday.

Cult Expert Steven Hassan: Cult expert Steve Hassan is interviewed on NXIVM and has come interesting comments.


Chivalrous Brian Elliot: In the video above, Brian Elliott holds the door open for the women entering NXIVM training center on New Karner Road in Clifton Park.
Local Coverage: Both the Schenectady Gazette and the Albany Times Union have now covered the branding story.  So, NXIVM is getting lots of local exposure.
Another Experiment?: A person reports that a 17 year old girl of her acquaintance has been recruited for a NXIVM “clinical study”.  She is concerned.
Dr. Brandon Porter, M.D., NXIVM/ESP’s Experimenter-in-Chief
Is Dr. Brandon Porter doing a study with teenage girls?  
Dr. Porter’s wife, Janie, is standing by ESP. She has posted on Facebook her support for the ESP teachings despite the fact that her husband’s work with the Ethical Science Foundation, under the auspices of Keith Raniere and funded by Clare Bronfman, might result in his medical license being revoked.
It also might land him in prison if the charges are serious enough.
Celeste Kidd McGovern, Assistant Professor of Brain & Cognitive Sciences at The University of Rochester and Director of the Rochester Baby Lab, spoke about the human experiments conducted by Dr. Porter:
“NXIVM-affiliated  ‘research’ (done without ethics-board supervision) had women subjects watch videos of rape, mutilation, & murder during EEG.
No legitimate, ethical scientist would find this kind of thing to be even remotely okay.
NXIVM is a really bad group with a long history of exploiting intelligent, ambitious women (and often their young daughters as well). This is the same group that the NYT reported forcibly branded their most loyal women members.
If there are any legal ambiguities about whether privately funded research like this should have to adhere to basic protections for subjects like ethics board oversight and written informed consent, that needs fixing right away. Not okay.
Justin Elliot: is the young man seen walking with Nancy Salzman in Knox Woods. He often visits and sits on her front porch. The Elliot brothers and others in NXIVM Village are saying [with great awe] that Nancy, who reportedly has breast cancer, will not be taking any medical treatments, but will cure herself using the tools of Rational Inquiry, created by Keith Raniere.
Vany and Kristanna: Kristanna Lokken, the actress who appeared in Terminator III, is an ESP student. She  was seen attending J’ness #11 this weekend. She is reportedly staying at Vany Huber’s spacious home in Clifton Park.
Kristanna Lokken is a semi-local to the Capital District. She is from Ghent, NY, where her parents ran the “Love Apple Farm” for some 40-years before selling it. Kristanna grew up on the farm – and people would stop by their farm store for produce and baked goods. Her pictures were plastered in the store by her then-proud parents.
The farm stand  burned down in 2013 under the new owners but has been rebuilt.
On their very first meeting, Kristanna had sex with Vanguard.
She later had a son whom she named Thor.

According to IMBD:.

“Announced on Facebook that she is expecting her first child, but has not revealed the child’s father nor its sex. [February 2016] She gave birth to a son named Thor  in May 2016. Child’s father is unknown.’
Kristanna with son, Thor.
Vany and Thor Sr.? Vany was once married to Mauricio Nasta, a wealthy Mexican who lives in Los Angeles. Upon their divorce, she was reportedly “set up for life” – unless, of course, Vanguard decides to get back into commodities trading again.
  Vany Huber seems to have given up men and lives alone in a large home in Clifton Park. This is not meant to be sarcastic. 
 Vanguard usually requires DOS slaves to forgo sex with everyone but him.
But there is at least one man who is blatantly trying to date Vany Huber.
Whether she’ll be allowed to date another man after being with “Thor” (her personal name for Vanguard) is anybody’s guess.
At one time, Vany was suspected to have been the ‘beard’ for in-the-closet Emiliano Salinas, son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas. Emiliano is co-owner of the Mexico City ESP Center. His business partner is Alex Betancourt. They are also lovers.
Alex Betancourt [rear] Emiliano Salinas [front.]
During the time the society columns of Mexican newspapers were reporting Emiliano’s relationship with Vany, Emiliano was in a romantic relationship with Alex.
Sources who know Emiliano say he did not know he was gay until he was told he was gay by Vanguard and Prefect. He seemed to like women when he first started at ESP.
Ninfa Salinas took ESP classes and then got out and never returned.
Emiliano also dated Ninfa Salinas, a former ESP student and daughter of Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas, the owner of Imagen Television. Emiliano is also reported to have had a fling with heiress and ESP member Sara Bronfman.
Most of the old timers of ESP knew that Alex wanted more than a business relationship with Emiliano. Reportedly, Vanguard advised Emiliano to begin a gay relationship with Alex. Emiliano accepted the judgement of his Vanguard that he really was bisexual.
Vanguard discovered that Alex Betancourt had been Mussolini in his past life and told him and others, according to sources.
Emiliano left both Vany and Alex to marry Ludwika Paleta, a Polish-Mexican actress. Alex was crestfallen. Vany seemed to get more deeply involved in Vanguard.
Emi and Ludwika [through a surrogate mother in San Diego] had twins – a boy and a girl.
Emiliano and her have an “open marriage”. Ludwika was sleeping with ESP member and actor Mark Hildreth. Emiliano has started sleeping with Alex again.
Ludwika bought a home in Clifton Park.
Meantime, Emiliano is said to be spending a lot of time in Clifton Park collaborating with Keith Raniere on plans to sue enemies and bring criminal charges against enemies in Canada, the US and Mexico.
Ludwika Paleta on the beach.
Ludwika and Emiliano have received the most media coverage they likely ever had in their lives with the branding story hitting all over Mexico. This may hurt Emiliano’s presidential aspirations. Emiliano has generally denied knowledge about the branding, but later supported an Official Statement that suggested that the DOS women were separate from NXIVM.
Emiliano and other Mexican ESPians said I made up the entire story.
Actresses Heaven: Other celebrities not much reported on, but who are deeply involved in NXIVM include Grace Parks and Luis Miguel. Other celebrities who have taken NXIVM/ESP trainings – and are supportive of Keith Raniere – include Jennifer Aniston, Gerald Butler, Rosario Dawson and Carolina Kurkova.
Penelope Cruz placed her child in a human experiment created by Keith Raniere. She placed her child under the care of DOS branded slave Michelle Hatchette.
Penelope Cruz had her child in Keith Raniere’s child care experiment called Rainbow Cultural Garden in Miami. It is not known whether Penelope’s child is still in. Some say Penelope got her child out recently. It is a fact that DOS slave Michelle Hatchette was conducting the experiment on Penelope’s child for Keith Raniere.
Executive Success Comes to Nicki Clyne
According to India Oxenberg, Allison Mack married Canadian Nicki Clyne. Another source says it was done to allow Nicki to stay in the US. All three women are branded.
Married by Vanguard? Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack.


A source says, Nicki Clyne got a raise! She was making $15 per hour working as the Producer of Knife Media – a Ranieire company. She was working under the table for awhile. My source says Clare Bronfman raised her up to $17.50 per hour.

The money laundering Clare had to do to pay Nicki became a lot easier after she got married to Allison. Before that, she was on a visa that did not allow her to do certain kinds of work. But visa fraud is part and parcel of everyday life at NXIVM.

A lot of Grace is missing

Keith Raniere appears with Grace Park in a video that appears to have been removed from the internet.


Grace Park: After DOS first broke on the Frank Report, Grace Park had to literally beg Keith to take the YouTube videos of her and Keith down. Keith refused at first. Then sometime after he learned about the New York Times was coming out with a story, and the time it actually came out last week, Keith agreed to take the Grace Park videos down.

It is not clear what promises, if any, she made in return.

  Kristin Kreuk was one of Vanguard’s most ardent students for a time, She dropped out quietly.


Kristin Kreuk: Actress Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM/ESP very quietly after she recruited Allison Mack and others into the cult. Her silence on the branding scandal may mean that Keith has “collateral” on her.


Vanguard offers a continuing education that never ceases.


Julia Berry Lopez: As I reported yesterday,  Julia Berry Lopez was promoted from Analyst to Lead Analyst, and Writer at the Knife Media [Formerly the Knife of Aristotle]. This was indicative of “success” available to people in Executive Success Programs.

Julia Berry Lopez was reportedly seen waiting tables at the Half Moon diner on Grooms Road. This was not accurate. She was not waiting tables. She actually achieved the success promised by ESP and was able to afford to eat at the Half Moon diner where she chowed down on a modestly priced meal.

As a Lead Analyst at the Knife, Ms. Berry earns as much as $17 per hour. The average annual cost of the intensives each year for her and her husband Juan [who also works at the Knife Media] – is about $50,000.

But after paying for the courses, the couple should still have about $20,000 left over and you can live on that and even eat at a diner once in a while.

When will Julia finally learn enough to graduate from Keith Raniere’s teachings, where executive successes is something she can achieve on her own? Almost every college and teaching program has a curriculum that finally ends – and the student is said to be ready for success in what she is being taught.

Not so ESP. The curriculum is never ending. As is the cost.

Bad Food? Back in 2010, NXIVM claimed Susan Dones ‘conspired with her friends to file false claims with health authorities in New York about food poisoning at a `Family Values’ event hosted by NXIVM.’

Their evidence was an email from Dones to two individuals in which Dones references the event and, after asking whether her friends have “pull with the health department,” notes that NXIVM’s cafe inside their teaching center on New Karner Road might not be a legal cafe.

A comment today conforms with what many have said about the NXIVM cafe

I’ve eaten at this illegal cafe. They used to use cash and I bet they didn’t claim the cash they charge either or pay taxes on the income from the cafe. After awhile they set up a system where you could put in a debit card and punch in what you bought. If it’s true they don’t pay taxes, here’s another business to look into.

V-Week Liars: At V-Week 2017, during the Pride and Prejudice module, Nancy Salzman taught a new twist on an old subject. She taught that keeping a secret and lying about it to preserve that secret builds character.

One suspects Vanguard and Prefect added this to the module to indoctrinate people to lie about Keith’s harem, money laundering, visa fraud, women being branded, women being imprisoned, blackmailing, perjury in court cases, etc..

Keith Raniere is credited with inventing the world’s first multi-level marketing blackmail and human trafficking scheme. Now he has added a novel teaching: Lying to keep it a secret builds character.

Vanguard is a crafty teacher, by his own admission.

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6 years ago

So how does the conversation with parents to go… ‘I’m part of this group some media already call a cult. So is my partner, and my boyfriend. But don’t worry this self-help groups isn’t linked to that one. So please be assured when I take your 14 year old daughter on an away weekend.”

6 years ago

Re. Frank C who left a comment here:
I always wonder why someone would want to defend and protect people who are undeniably evil. If you arent interested in reading this report, then why do you? And why leave a comment (purposely filled with mistakes to disguise your real identity) about something that you’re apparently uninterested in and that shouldnt effect your life? I mean, can you explain why you took the time to read and comment here?

Unless you really do have your own personal interest in this case….which is what I’m betting on.

Kreuk's collateral?
Kreuk's collateral?
6 years ago

I assume Frank uses “KK’s collateral” loosely, and not the DOS kind which post-dates her NXit. My guess is he could mean embarrassing secrets she might have “confessed” during intensives or EMs…if anything.
Kristin’s major vulnerability, in this outsider’s opinion, would be if NXIVM did in fact have significant involvement with Girls By Design. Fronting a website that (if it hadn’t failed) could have lured impressionable young FANnies to a child molester would do great harm to her reputation and career.
Or maybe Frank just put the words “Kreuk” and “collateral” together to drive web traffic. KK seems to be a reliable generator of comments (like from me). For her sake, let’s hope the mainstream media doesn’t try to increase eyeballs by linking Kreuk to branding and/or Vanguard’s harem.

6 years ago

Kristin and Kendra (her partner on the project) said GbD had no association to NXIVM when certain fans expressed their concern on a fan forum many years ago when I used to periodically browse and post on them. Kristin stated it was a goal of hers to do something for the self esteem of teen girls even before she joined NXIVM (her own issues being a reason as to why she joined it in the first place) her first thought being to start a magazine until she found out how much upfront money it cost.

GbD appears to be on hold or now defunct. Kristin when asked about its status in an interview, stated that there are organizations she supports that do the same or a similar thing, e.g. “I Am That Girl”.

6 years ago
Reply to  SOS

Kendra Voth was a member of NXIVM at the time. Kristin was a proselytizing active member, already having recruited Alison Mack. I’m sure they were sincere in wanting to help young girls but this could so easily have become a gateway to the cult. At the very least it shows incredibly bad judgement.

6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas.

Your comment is close to victim shaming and implies that they already knew of the behavior of Raniere with respect to teen girls at the time and would have actively allowed it.

Kreuk's collateral?
Kreuk's collateral?
6 years ago
Reply to  SOS

Other posts and “sources” have said that NXIVM was involved in the creation of GBD, and others have said that it spouted ESPian-like philosophies.
I do believe KK had good intentions and thought about such a site before ESP. But the very fact that this popular and intelligent head of GBD–who many girls thought of as a role model–was known to be a ESPian, that would draw many girls to the cult who wanted to be just like Kristin.
KK would not have to intentionally “recruit” girls–but she would do so just by her association with NXIVM and her popularity and reputation, whether she wanted to or not.
Even assuming KK did not know THEN of KR’s past statutory rapes…it NOW makes her look like an accomplice–unfairly or not.
But Kristin should have known that her celebrity made her a poster-girl for NXIVM in everything she does, like Tom Cruise is with that other cult. The question is, was she the poster Girl By Design of Vanguard…or just of her own bad judgement.

6 years ago
Reply to  SOS

What don’t you get here? NXIVM is a group that purports to promote ethics and executive success. If Kristin and Kendra wabt to start a business that helps teen girls with self-esteem and reaching their potential, then it would be logical to discuss it with members of a program would supposedly help in achieving that because that is what people are paying money for its classes to learn.

“NXIVM philosophies” are not unique to NXIVM. Most of it is stolen and there isn’t something remarkable about the idea of people wanting to reach their utmost potential and find success in whatever endeavor they seek. None of these ideas lead down the slippery slope of becoming a front to recruit teen girls so that Vanguard can eventually fuck them. People in the outer layers of this group were being thought reformed into believing Vanguard was a monk and that he had no attachments and that he had a harem was all rumors and lies trying to stop the mission. It was only the inner layer or those close to it who knew about his behavior.

Stop ignoring the fact that love bombing, thought reform, information control, manipulation, etc., are part of these programs. These programs rely on the trust of friends to recruit others, many of whom are on the outer layers of the onion.

It only looks like bad judgement in hindsight.

Frank C.
Frank C.
6 years ago

Welcome to Frank Report, and the opportunist mind behind that. Yes you sir we still waiting to know were all your sources are, You are not better than the stupid magazines that we can find int the Supermarket. How much are you making with all of this. Are you have enough evidence to present in court, for your well-kown legal case, is this so personal to you. Let real journalist take care of the information and Law take care to investigate about what is really important about this case. You are just trash and shit that want to feed the hater eaters. You do not help to find the truth about this. You just put your shit on the top of the real facts and make a mess with that.

6 years ago

Vany Huber wants Thor, who she thinks is Vanguard? LOL.

I didn’t think the cult made people that deluded!

I could understand why she would want Thor if the picture was Chris Hemsworth in her head, who at least fits the description of the comic book character in size and musculature.

But Thor as Vanguard, aka Keith Raniere? Don’t make me laugh.

Not Kristin
Not Kristin
6 years ago

Why do you keep reporting on Kristin? For media coverage? She has been out of ESP for at least 4-5 years.

6 years ago

“Her silence on the branding scandal might mean Keith has collateral on her.”


Or perhaps she doesn’t want to be tied up in litigation for years and lose all of the money she’s worked hard for to a conman who uses other people’s money to do the suing.

Or perhaps she simply doesn’t want to go back in again so to speak after she got out for whatever reason well prior to the establishment of DOS, and has moved in with her life. As I stated in another comment, she is completely not at fault for recruiting Allison and the situation she is in today. That would be guilt by association and victim shaming. She was just a means to an end and certainly another conquer fuck attempt for the Vanguard. The people who are at fault are the ones who created a false mission and sold it to her for nefarious purposes to sell to others. That’s how cults work.

I don’t know her except as a fan, but I am just offering some educated guesses as to why. I do know a lot of her fans disliked her association to NXIVM and posted about it on her fan forums and she seems to value some of their opinions as she recently stated in an eOne interview.

There is also the question of what type of collateral you suggest he has on her if DOS is a relatively recent NXIVM creation – within the past year or so – and she was out several years before then.

Perhaps you should call out and ask Richard Branson on his opinion since he took part in NXIVM, lent them his island, and appears to mingle with the Bronfmans? After all, he has the financial wherewithal to go head to head with “The Vanguard” and his control of the Bronfman money.

6 years ago

A mind is a horrible thing to waste. When one gives up their free will to think for themselves, their minds waste away.

6 years ago

Vanguard and his group in a nutshell.

comment image

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