Amanda Knox’s DNA Was All Over Crime Scene

Insofar as Amanda Knox has joined in the case of Keith Alan Raniere, readers of Frank Report seem to be interested in knowing more about her.  There are those who think she is innocent of the murder of Meredith Kercher and others, such as Liz Houle, whom many readers know from her artwork which she signs MK10ART, who think Amanda got away with murder. Frank Report is interesting in hearing both sides of this controversial story.

Here is another offering from Liz.

By Liz Houle

(This is an extract from an article written on You can read the complete article here:

Amanda Knox’s supporters have lied about almost each and every facet of Meredith Kercher’s murder.

One of the hoaxes is that “only Rudy Guede’s DNA is all over the crime scene.”

Rudy Guede was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of Meredith Kercher. The sentence was reduced to 16 years on appeal – and later confirmed by Italy’s Supreme Court.

This is simply not true.  It is indisputable that there was a huge bloody footprint on the bathmat in Amanda and Meredith’s shared bathroom. The footprint matched Raffaele Sollecito – Amanda’s partner.

But there were no bloody footprints leading up to this footprint. Police sprayed luminal and found that the bloody footprints had been cleaned up. Who did that? Rudy? Raffaele? Amanda?

The bare footprints in the hallway matched Amanda and Raffaele’s feet (Rudy had shoe footprints leading out of the house.)

Then there was the DNA. It showed copious amounts of Amanda’s DNA which, the experts concluded, could only have come from Amanda’s blood mixed with Meredith’s blood. Skin cells from touch DNA would not have left this much DNA material. This suggests that Amanda and Meredith were both bleeding the night of the murder, at the same time.

Blood was found on the faucet tap and on a cotton bud box above the bathroom sink.

“Barbie Nadeau told Denis Murphy from NBC that the mixed-blood evidence in the bidet convinced Dr. Stefanoni that Knox was involved in Meredith’s murder:

‘The most damaging forensic evidence against Amanda was what the prosecution’s expert said was mixed blood DNA of Amanda and Meredith found on the drain of the bidet.’

‘Barbie Nadeau: She was convinced that it showed that Amanda Knox was involved in this crime.’”

Where was Amanda bleeding from? It could have been a bloody nose or neck. She had a neck wound deep under her chin that went unnoticed by authorities for almost a week before they took a picture of it.


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  • I see the kooks and nutcases are still clinging to the “Amanda Knox guilty” idea. It’s over people. The verdict is in. The whistle has blown. The science has spoken. You lost. It’s finished. Amanda Knox is innocent. The black man with rap sheet did it. Try not to go all the way to your graves being delusional crackpots and face reality.

  • I lived in England when the Brit was murdered and saw the way Knox lied about a black man, then cried about how the Italian police were inept, then saw how her US supporters with $ rode roughshod all over the Italians.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Knox is sick and guilty. Please let her enjoy the company of like-minded people – they deserve each other and probably glory in their crimes together.

    Too many people get away with murder and get attention for it. Where is the sympathy for their victims?

    • The police believed they had recovered a hair from someone of African ancestry from the body of the victim. They also misinterpreted Knox’s Americanism of “see you later” texted to Lumumba as a definite plan to meet later that night.

      At 01:30 in the morning the police bullied Knox into naming Lumumba which she recanted the very next day.

      The “investigation” was a complete clown show that focused on Knox because the prosecutor Mignini is a pervert who can’t control his fantasies about nubile young women engaging in depraved sex acts in service to Satan.

      Google Mignini and “The School of the Red Rose”.

    • There is everyone’s individual DNA in there home, and if someone turned up dead in your home with the police finding a mix of your blood with the victims at the location of the staged break in your home created to give the appearance of motive, You be arrested and likely found guilty. If you additionally confessed to being in the house the night of the murder and wrongly accused another man who was the same ethnicity of the killer, you’d be arrested and likely found guilty. If your boyfriend withdrew his alibi and neither of you could give a straight answer on what you were supposedly doing a few days beforehand, the night of the murder, besides killing Meredith Kercher. YOU WILL BE ARRESTED AND LIKELY FOUND GUILTY. It’s irrational to believe all that came from distress from interrogation. Amanda Knox is guilty as sin. Her release was a total miscarriage of justice.

  • Living near Seattle I heard and watched everything I could about the Amada Knox case. She was a hometown girl who was wrongfully accused of her crime and wrongfully accused of the crime of her roommate’s death.

    Everyone in our area prayed and supported her and her parents’ quest for her freedom.

    I was so happy to watch her plane land in Seattle and her final come back home to Seattle “for good” after winning her freedom.

    I was shocked and saddened when I heard Amanda had taken up with a psychopath like Raniere and his Believers without doing her full homework on all his criminal activities.

    Holly Batshit, Amanda? Just because you were falsely accused and put in prison doesn’t mean everyone who has been found guilty is in the same situation you were.

    I live close to the Seattle area and I’d be happy to meet with you and share my side of the story, the side you are not hearing from Raniere’s faithful Believers.

    As a matter of fact, there are many men and women who can share their stories of torture by NXIVM when we spoke out about their crimes hidden behind their training programs. There are a number of legal documents before Rainiere’s court case that you might have been lied to about.

    What do you have to lose by getting both sides of the story, gathering as much information as you could use to make an informed decision before you could be made a total fool of and lose credibility?

    I have always respected you, what you had to endure, how you have pulled your life together after such a horrible ordeal.

    Mine was not as horrible as yours, but I’ve had to rebuild after my experience with NXIVM.

    It would mean a great deal to me if you’d be willing to meet, if only on the phone, to hear things you’re not being informed about.

    If you do a search on the Frank Report of my name, you can find parts of my story.

    If you Google my name, you will see several stories I’ve participated in about Keith Raniere and NXIVM.

    Amanda, just get all the facts, please.

    Susan Dones

  • “Amanda Knox’s DNA was all over the house.” Yeah, she lived there. Did you put that together all by yourself?

  • Anyone who followed the Meredith Kercher case knows the article title is clickbait. In the final analysis, there was no DNA from Amanda Knox in Meredith Kercher’s room. There was no DNA from Rafael Solechito in Meredith’s Room. There was an abundance of DNA from Rudy Guede in Meredith Kercher’s room including his DNA inside Merediths Purse and in her Female Reproductive organs. There was Also Fecee’s from Rudy Guggenheim found in the bathroom toilet. Rudy Guede fled to Germany after the murders and was extradited back to Italy to face murder charges. Rudy also confirmed Amanda and Rafael were not in the house that night during a skype meeting with a friend from Italy that happened Germany prior to being captured.

    • Its apparent that the local police were not experienced to handle a case like this, and after they screwed up they refused to admit their mistakes.

      Guede originally said that neither Amanda nor her boyfriend were there that night, but much later he invented some bizarre stories about what happened that night because he wants to write a book about it. Obviously a book about the truth would not sell, so he needs a book about a “satanic sex ritual” or whatever nonsense he’s now claiming.

  • Yeah. She lived there.

    Plus, DNA analysis is not unambiguous. So I definitely don’t trust what looks like a real DNA analysis with some random person’s “explanation” added with MS paint. All I can glean from the original (blurry) image is that they found two different people’s DNA. The key declaring one of the people’s DNA to be Knox’s was added later.

    Wouldn’t trust much that comes from the Italian police on this case either. They’ve repeatedly demonstrated that their primary investment at this point is protecting their image.

    This is not helping Frank Report’s credibility.

    • You can maybe fool some idiots by claiming her bloody foot prints with the victims blood was because she lived there.

  • Has this website now morphed to it “let’s vilify Amanda Knox” who was FOUND NOT GUILTY OF MURDER?

    This is a manufactured “fake news” connection between Amanda and Keith Rainier, much ado about nothing. Looks to me like it’s just you allowing your looney friend to spew their crazy lies, then again, that’s not really unusual for here.

    Frank, what you advocate as journalism on your website gets more disgusting by the day. What the heck are you gonna talk about once Rainier and his groupies are sentenced? Something more current than Amanda Knox, I hope.

  • Guess what, Liz? Your DNA is all over your home. Imagine that!

    What scenario are you trying to present here? That Knox and her boyfriend convinced poor Guepe to rape and murder Meredith? What would be their motive?

    Why is it that you just refuse to admit the inept prosecution bungled the case and could not admit their mistakes?

    Or are you just another misogynist woman who hates “Foxy Knoxy”?

      • NFW
        Are you having difficulty reading my posts? I’ve already mentioned that I’ve seen the documentaries and looked at the facts of this case.

        Your misogyny (and Liz’s) is apparent. Liz’s comment that Amanda is a shriveled up spinster really demonstrates her attitude towards women in general.

        Not that I’m surprised at all- this entire site is misogynistic, no matter if attempts are made to disguise this attitude. We are not fooled.🙄

        Whoever is using the name NFW appears to be the same person who has harassed me and stalked my SM accounts in the past. Care to explain why you have such an obsession?

        • Not again, Flowers – all you ever do is accuse people who respond to a (pertinent to them) comment you make, of harassing you in a variety of disguises, I’ve contributed here since 2017. I’m more of a bystander than a joiner-in, as far as you’re concerned. So I know how this goes.

          My response to your initial comment is all I have to say. If it offends you or frightens you in some way, I wish it didn’t, as it certainly wasn’t meant that way. All the best.

          • [redacted] Why would you make a cryptic comment about me, but then refuse to explain your intention? [redacted] And why would you assume I’m scared of you?🤣

          • I guess “foul” language on this site is no longer permitted by Frank. Sorry about that.

            My question to NFW is what was your intention behind that comment directed towards me, if not an attempt at some type of intimidation?

            Perhaps I’m wrong about your intent, but since you chose first to reply to my comment (which wasn’t about you), I got that impression.

        • Cool story. So when are you actually going to rebut all of the the physical and circumstantial evidence against your foxy knoxy and all the inconsistencies in her statements? A right never.

  • Gee. I dunno. Let’s see. A journalism student, going to an Italian port that is a major gateway for drugs to Europe from Africa. I wonder what she was writing about?

    I do think that the prosecutor in Italy that went after Amanda, was criminally exceeding his authority, and I’m glad Amanda was eventually freed.

    My only criticism of Amanda Knox is that she disparaged Donald Trump, yet Mr. Trump contributed to the “Amanda Knox defence fund”. I would hope she walks back her criticism of him, and maybe thanks him for his contribution to her freedom, regardless of her opinion of him as president.

  • Imagine the raw sense of power upon which Demanda Cockbox surfs. Soon enough, Itt too can look just like Steven Seagal, like another proud and violent greaseball drooling above the law. What’s a little murder or blood? Do not disturb the materialism. Itt is busy. Social-climbing with bodily fluids.

    The mask fails again. No one can edit this ritualism, seeping through the pretty mask, oozing with its maggots. There has been no osmosis, no metaritualistic, Perpetual raw material, eh, Demanda? Check the expiration date.

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