Del Negro’s Letter Supporting Clare Fails to Mention His Role in Nxivm

Jim Del Negro

James Del Negro offered his support to Clare Webb Bronfman in a letter to the judge, Nicholas G. Garaufis, who will be sentencing her on September 30th. For some reason, he forgot to say he’s a staunch member of Nxivm and the leader of the Society of Protectors in his epistle to the jurist.

Jim wrote:

Dear Judge Garaufis,

I am a 52 year old mechanical engineer and entrepreneur with (4) step children and spouse [Esther Chiappione Carlson. a green sashed Nxivm leader]. I grew up with a Catholic upbringing, which has been the foundation with which I have grown my values of attempting to being an honorable and caring person towards others.

Jim Del Negor’s “spouse,” Esther Chiappone Carlson. One of Jim’s step-children, Robbie, was the locus of insane jealousy by Keith Raniere – the Vanguard of Jim, Esther, and Clare – because he had an affair with Cami.

Although I have failed at times, I believe I have become a more caring and honorable person with age and wisdom and have become more humble and understanding of others over the years.

I have known Clare Bronfman for about 17 years now. During that time I have found her to be a person who is concerned for the welfare of others and someone with great integrity.

Clare Bronfman

In December of 2007 she asked me to help her with a business situation where she suspected a business partner of possibly stealing from her [This is the Los Angeles real estate investigation which I led and was responsible for recovering $26 million of her and her sister, Sara]. During my investigation, [it was not his investigation, it was my investigation] it looked more and more like the person was in fact stealing from her. She was very concerned that we make sure and take every opportunity to allow him to explain himself even if delaying could cost her more money. She was very respectful of him even when it was evident that he was not respectful of her. I believe the situation demonstrated her commitment to justice and treating people fairly.

During the time when I was in Los Angeles, helping her with her case against her partner, I was going to miss a volleyball game which was important to my friends and I. When she found out about it, she offered to fly me back to New York so I could be with my team. [Wow. This cost her what $500? For a person with a net worth of several hundred million. It would be like one of us spending $5].

I thought it was a generous offer, but not necessary, as it was costly and would possibly be detrimental to our work in LA. She insisted that I fly back and play with my team and bought my ticket for me. This may not seem like a big deal, but it was very meaningful to me that she cared enough to know what was going on in my personal life and help me where she could. I believe she did it, not because I wanted it, but because she wanted it for me. I think it speaks to her caring nature and consideration for other. [Yes, she wanted Jim to play volleyball with her Vanguard.]

Clare is always looking out for others. Many times she would call me and ask me how one of our friends were doing, thinking they were struggling, and asked me to see if there is something we could do to help. She is always giving her time and resources to others that are in need. I was struggling financially at one time and she helped me by giving me a job which allowed me to honor my existing financial obligations, so it did not affect my family. [But, Jim, whatever that job was, it was approved by Keith and it had something of value in it for him…You could not possibly have gotten a job without Keith’s approval. And BTW, Jim, did you report your earnings from the job on your income tax returns?].

She supported many friends this way, [All because Keith wanted it that way. All her friends were Nxivm members. She was funding Nxivm.] and did it in an unassuming  quiet way which was discrete, not looking for attention  or praise for her good deeds. In fact I find her embarrassed by attention and does not want recognition for all of the good things she does.

I find her to be very concerned with how to help others in the world and has dedicated much of her time and effort supporting broad initiatives [all Nxivm-based initiatives] that she believes would help others. One of her projects was the World Ethical Foundations Consortium, which was designed to bring leaders together to promote ethics [by following the most unethical person, Raniere]. I participated in the inaugural event and was impressed with the people who she brought together to promote non-violence and working together for ethical solutions to the world’ s problems. One of the participants was Russel Means, a Native American Activist from the Lakota tribe. In another event the organization brought [paid him more than $1 million] the Dalia Lama to Albany NY to speak on compassionate ethics. [During that meeting, the Dali Lama actually asked the press to investigate Raniere.] It was a truly inspiring and uplifting event.

Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman – sadly both will be lodged in prison for a long, long time.

I can’t say enough about her as a person who is well intended and looking to do good in the world. I put my reputation [What reputation do you have Jim other than being a Nxivm member- and an alleged rapist?] behind her one hundred percent as someone who I trust and believe in with all my heart.

Please consider this letter when you evaluate her future.


James J. Del Negro

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  • Unbelievable, he can barely write at all, but it is the content of this letter that is so shocking. Clare’s ‘humanitarian’ largesse consists of flying him to a volleyball game? That is all he could produce as a testament to her morality? Pathetic. He says he is a mechanical engineer, and I’ll give him that engineers do not spend most of their college careers in English lit classes and can be poor communicators because their skill set lies in other areas, but good grief. This comes up over and over again and I recall someone even said in The Vow that Raniere’s charlatan word salad sounds good to people who have very little fluency in psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, sociology, at even a magazine/junk science level. No sane person with a solid common sense background would swallow Nxivm’s garbage unless they had serious personal issues, but witnessing the idiocy of people like Clare up close and personal should have sent a grown man running to do something legitimate with his life. The ‘tech’ cobbled together from various sources is not even original to Raniere and a culturally literate person should have been able to spot it; with this letter, it is made plain why Del Negro could not. Allison Mack was forced to drop her classes at Berkeley but I hope she pursues some higher education and wakes up to the reality of Keith’s shallow pretentiousness and outright plagiarism in many cases. This letter demonstrates what an idiot this person is, but it also does no favors in the overall picture of the types of mentally vulnerable people who were conned by Keith and Nancy.

  • Two thoughts on Del Negro’s ridiculous letter:

    1. Jim was part of the World Ethical Foundations Consortium. How ironic because while Jim was in LA he had sexual relations with his coworker’s wife in the coworker’s home while the coworker was asleep. (As reported in the Frank Report)

    2. Does Jim understand he is an adult man? Jim Del Negro said “I was going to miss a volleyball game”. Clare offered to fly Jim back to New York from LA so he could be with his team of middle aged adults.
    Is Jim nuts? Quite the important event….Volleyball between adult friends.

    Dear Jim Del Negro,

    World Ethical Foundations Consortium?
    You sanctimonious fool! You banged another man’s wife while you were “teaching” her ethics. WTF?

    Jim should be congratulated! He has the dubious distinction of having written the lease damaging letter of support for Clare Bronfman thus far.

  • It sucks how unfathomable wealth can land in the hands of a standard-issue, Grade-A idiot like Clare Bronfman. No one should be allowed to inherit so much money. She’s a totally unremarkable (and uneducated) person — I hate that someone like her can be so rich when so many people live without. Think of all the good she could’ve done with $200 million.

  • Too bad Jim Del Negro did not tell the judge how when he was in Los Angeles helping Clare with her business dealings, he was “raped” by a 5 foot tall 100-pound Asian woman.
    I am sure the Judge would be impressed!

    Men of NXIVM- How James Del Negro stands tall – but claims he was raped by a short Filipino woman

  • It just goes to show that NXIVM is alive and well. Otherwise, wouldn’t these “people” say to Clare, “I’m sorry, I cannot write you a letter of support because I denounce NXIVM and all that it stands for.” Nope — they continue to stand by and support the financier and the organization.

  • I don’t know how the US legal system works but in the UK if you have lots of letters all just saying much the same or not well written, you might as well not bother with this kind of thing.

  • That’s not a real friendship that Jim is describing. It’s a highly conditional cult friendship, where the loyalty ends the minute you walk away. Then, no more volleyball for you!

  • Dear Judge Garaufis, Clare really helped me get over a sexual assault, hell, a rape I endured at the hands of a tiny married woman, funnily enough, while I was fighting to save her millions in LA. And she never minded wearing the cow udders us SOP members saw fit to prescribe her, you know, for all her entitled envious ways and I can assure you, there was no hidden joke about her being a ‘Cash Cow’ implicit in this, um, punishment at all, at all.

  • The letter sounds like it was written by a 12 year old. Is Vangreaseguard’s legal team employing child labour?
    Seriously-this story gets more twisted and unbelievable with every delusional Nxian submitting gushing bullshit cult drivel to the court.
    I say Garaufis will pop a gasket at sentencing.

    • I imagine most of the Nxium primates are on this level, hence Raniere’s runaway success in controlling such a large herd for so long. You can’t help but admire the erudition. Truth be said, I’ve been constantly gawking as I was reading the submission.

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