Can They Dance for Raniere at Supermax? Readers Express Concerns About Dance Protest and I reply

Aerial view of Florence Colorado supermax facility where Keith Alan Raniere may wind up at,

Letter from a Reader

This came to me by email from a reader who suggests that the Forgotten Ones’ goal of having dance troupes at every prison is nonsense, not the least of the reasons being that most prisons are located in secluded areas and are gated. The prison buildings are set back from the road and, therefore, prisoners usually cannot see out prison windows to the streets where dancers might prance about to protest conditions there:

Aerial view of Florence Colorado supermax facility, that Keith Raniere may wind up being assigned to thanks to the nightly dancers who are entertaining him at MDC. As you can see, the dancers, who will have to congregate outside the gated walls, will not be able to do much dancing for Raniere to view if he winds up here.

Here is the informative email:

I am enjoying your coverage.  I am particularly enjoying your reporting on how upset some inmates’ relatives have been when they learn who these people really are.

They have already rebranded, and are now “we are the forgotten ones.”  The web address redirects to  So, not only have they changed their web address, but they changed from a .com to a .org

The new website also has a few pages with info, or whatever.  Interesting that they claim to want to have a ‘dance troupe’ at every prison.  I think inmates in most prisons likely cannot see a group of people out dancing beyond the facility’s outer fencing.  But then, we know they are not really starting a movement any more than when Raniere started that in l’akesh nonsense.  Self-serving drivel is all it seems to be to me.

They write “Please follow us and contact us at @WeAreAsYou on Instagram if you would like to perform for those incarcerated at MDC Brooklyn or any other facility.

“We would love to have you.  We are looking for [sic] have as many different dance troupes on our roster so that ultimately every night, every prison in the United States will have an hour performance which those inside can enjoy and their friends and family can also attend or live-stream.

“If there is any way you would like to support, you can reach out to us at or DM on Instagram @WeAreAsYou.

This is starting to look a lot like the Acapella festivals that NXIVM was promoting for a while.


A Friend in Need

Another reader sent me this email:
I just discovered that a distant high school friend of mine is involved in this organization after he posted a bunch of things involving these dance protests on his FB. At first, I was mainly confused why they would protest at that particular jail but I soon figured out the connections and saw his name on your website and also the names of other people on your website replying to his post.
I have some screencaps of the conversation but nothing newsworthy. Mainly the reason I’m contacting you is if you have suggestions for how to help this person escape or undermine the organization. I’m also worried about him recruiting other friends of mine (who do not realize this isn’t just a well-meaning protest).
I replied:
That is the great question. How do you help a person escape from Nxivm? Many have escaped thanks to articles published here and the subsequent arrest and conviction of Keith Raniere.
The ones who remain are the true diehards.  If everything that has been revealed about Raniere has failed to persuade them to leave, I do not know what will work.  Many friends and family members despaired for years of getting their loved ones out. Most of them are out after the crushing prosecution of Nxivm.  The ones who remain are the truly brainwashed.
I know of no cure. If you find one, please let me know and if there is anything I can do to help, let me know. As for the Nxivm members using this protest to recruit others, this is always a possibility. Hopefully, anyone who is approached will at least do an online search of the individuals and be forewarned.

Reader Blocked by Dancer’s Instagram



Another reader sent me the following email:

I’ve been a keen reader of your articles on and followed you since you first reported about NXIVM being a sex cult.
I became aware of the weareasyou Instagram account from yourself in which some of the remaining NXIVM members are dancing every night in front of MDC. This morning (UK time) I posted a comment on their latest Instagram post about the podcast with Eduardo Asunsolo. In the comment, I wrote “This guy and all the women in the previous videos are all linked to the sex cult NXIVM. Please visit to find out more”.
A few hours after I posted the comment, they blocked me. Stupidly, I forgot to take a screenshot of the comment to send you as evidence, so I’m not sure if it’s still up there. I do have a screenshot of proof that they did indeed block me. I thought it would be good to make others aware of their true nature, NXIVM and Keith Raniere, as the majority of other comments on their posts are positive and praising them.
If anybody else posts comments on their account mentioning NXIVM, they will most likely end up being blocked too.
I just wanted to make you aware and thanks for being a pivotal force in taking them down. Hopefully, the remaining members (e.g., Nicki Clyne and Dr. Danielle Roberts) will also face justice soon.
Many thanks
My reply is as follows:
Thanks for your email. I hope that no one is fooled by the dancers into joining Nxivm or worse, DOS, and get themselves branded.
Dr. Roberts, who performed the branding is there, ready to brand women, as she has done in the past.
As for justice, it seems that Nicki Clyne and Danielle Roberts have done some possible criminal deeds. Dr. Roberts is likely to lose her medical license. As for Nicki, it does not appear she is not going to be charged with anything. Although that could change.
I would hope that rather than punishment for these two, and the others who continue to follow Raniere, that, instead, an awakening occurs and they realize that they have been misled by a psychopath, the man for whom they are foolishly dancing.
That would be better than justice. It would represent a cure. They are dancing for freedom for Raniere and supposedly a cure for the horrid conditions prisoners endure at MDC.
Although I am not willing to go out and dance for it, I wish that the remaining brainwashed individuals – whether here or in Mexico – would discover the truth about Raniere and learn to depend on themselves for growth. And, of course, free themselves from him.
Finally, you mentioned justice. The dancers might be doing something to bring a form of justice that was unintended by them.
I do support the better treatment of prisoners. But I do not think these particular dancers [because of who they are] will do much good for the rank and file prisoners.  However, they may be able to bring some kind of rough justice to Raniere.
As I wrote in a previous post, their dancing, according to them, caused prison officials to move Raniere to another cell [which may be the reason they have moved their dancing to the other side of MDC].
I also wrote that their dancing might lead to a recommendation by the Federal Bureau of Prisons [BOP] that Raniere be assigned to a more secure prison after he is sentenced.
The BOP can report that Raniere has Manson-like devotees who come to the prison every night, pretending to dance as a protest of conditions at MDC but are likely really there for Raniere. “When we moved him to another section of the prison,” the BOP could truthfully report, “the dancers moved to that side of the prison and continued their dancing, which included doing flips and standing upside down with their legs spread wide open and gyrating in some kind of possible psycho-sexual gesture.”
They could even write “It appears these dancers are really here to serve as some sort of distraction while another group prepares to carry out an escape attempt for specific prisoners”. That would probably get Raniere sent to a super-max.
The end result of all their dancing may actually be a recommendation by the BOP for a supermax facility for Raniere – where no one can visit and he will never see any dancers.
Whether that will be justice or not is not something I am prepared to judge, but I know a few hundred victims of Raniere who will most certainly agree that if this happens, it will be a unique and fitting kind of justice.
Ironic, too, it was Nicki Clyne’s inadvertent posting on Instagram that led to my publishing where she and Raniere were secretly hiding in Mexico that led to his arrest.
Nicki Clyne reveals her location on Instagram. I published it and wrote that if she was in Puerto Vallarta, so was Keith Raniere. The Feds found him there shortly afterward. So, it seems, we have Nicki to thank for leading the feds to Raniere’s hideaway. Thanks, kid.
It would be ironic indeed, if Nicki Clyne, who in 2018 gave away Raniere’s hiding place that led to his arrest, now, by her dancing leads the BOP to recommend a supermax prison for her leader.
With followers like her, who needs enemies?

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  • Thanks for the continuing coverage. In that vein, and on topic with this post, what is the current thinking on when sentencing will take place? There are undoubtedly many other Federal inmates in that NYC facility awaiting sentencing and one has to assume sentencing procedures are continuing despite the pandemic. There must be some indicators to suggest when sentencing might take place,

    Also, what is the current thinking on where Raniere might end up being assigned? As stated in the comments, I too doubt Florence, CO will be his ultimate destination, but where is the good money being placed on his new home?

    Last week in a fit of insomnia, I explored Google Earth to look at the land around most of the Federal BOP medium and maximum security facilities, and I found none that any “dance troupe” could get close enough to allow any inmates the opportunity to view any “performances”.

    They can’t possibly think their worshipped one will see the light of day for many decades.

    In many respects, the similarities to the remaining NXIVM cultists to the Manson family in the years post-incarceration of Manson, are eerily similar. Many kept the flame burning for many many years. It’s certainly not inconceivable, some of these followers might be instructed to proffer sexual favors upon outsiders in order to obtain commissary contributions for Raniere in his ultimate home. It was long-rumored this was done on Manson’s behalf for quite some time after his imprisonment.

    One, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme who herself was imprisoned for her botched attempt to shoot President Ford, held on for many years and now in her paroled life, resides in Upstate New York her elf. How ironic is that?

  • Raniere is unlikely to be sent to Florence, Colorado for a variety of reasons but he is likely, in part due to his followers still being followers, to be sent somewhere with Special Administrative Measures (SAMS) which will prevent him from having any significant outside contact. All mail to him and from him will be carefully reviewed with very strict limitations on who he can communicate with at all. These demonstrations will be the proof presented to the BOP to get him the SAM designation. It will not go well for him. .

  • I have to say that opening your legs upside down “vessel” like the Nanteos Cup is akin to doing something that in a popular old movie ends well for just one person in a famous hat, a secret walkway, and a knight. Stay safe though folk,s you will need it!

    P.S. The vessel is the womb upside down BTW.

  • I’d like to think that the women who pleaded guilty did it because they were disgusted by the kiddie porn, and that finally broke their loyalty to KAR. Of course, that could be wishful thinking.

    Maybe the remaining followers intentionally don’t read the news? Maybe they think it’s all lies and Keith couldn’t be a pedo and was framed? Again, I’m totally giving them the benefit of the doubt that they wouldn’t actually support pedophilia. It just seems easier for me to believe that they all scream “fake news!”, rather than “sex with kids is fine!”

    • Well, the pedophilia secret was out in February 2012 and, to this day, that didn’t stop anyone from joining in nor did it stop Keith and NXIVM from carrying on with it.

      Camilla Fernandez, for one, was raped at the age of 15 thereafter and, again, no one’s been prosecuted for that recent crime well within statutes but, alas, there’s a wee jurisdiction issue —Donaghue conveniently passed up to the NDNY before being promoted by AG Barr to a spot at the main DOJ. IDK why anyone would pass the ball to a place where no player’s standing to catch it when he could have put it in the hoop with the other EDNY charges. Sure smells to me.

      • When the accusations came out in 2012, KAR told his followers that it was lies to damage the organization. His followers didn’t condone underage sex, they just trusted him over the media.

        Here’s a silly comparison. Both 2020 candidates have been accused of rape and underage sex. Both of them have accusers. Do you believe both Trump and Biden are pedos? It’s possible, but I kinda doubt it. I also don’t want to believe it either. In order for me to believe it, I need a lot more than just rumors. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. If hard evidence emerged, I would, of course, change my opinion. I say this because I think that for many of KAR’s followers, the federal kiddie porn charge was the hard evidence that forced them to change their views. Not rumors. Federal friggin charges with evidence and photos and testimonies.

    • I believe their dancing proves they support Keith’s illegal perversions, not to mention, Eduardo, claims he’s Keith’s friend for 10 years now and that everything people read here on Frank Report and elsewhere is fake news and that it’s all a defamation of Van Douche’s character.

    • Raniere taught sex with minors, why would I give them the benefit of the doubt? LOL

      I must have been out of my mind when I wrote that comment. LOL

  • Keith Raniere’s fate is sealed, whether a few more followers dance for him or not. It won’t make much difference now.

  • The smartest man in the world does not have to worry. Its virile mesmerizing member will dominate the hardest elements of the prison. It will be King Vanguard and all the prisoners will be his cheap whores. His buttocks are safe.

    • Thank you for exposing this on Milenio. I think many are not aware that the cult is still active. There could be trafficking still in place in Mexico. Thanks for the hard work.

  • The only way to make these nutjobs see the light is to prosecute them. LOL

    Otherwise, they will find new people to victimize. LOL

    I’ll bet MDC took away Raniere’s “window seat” on the MDC airplane, there aren’t enough windows for all 1,600 prisoners to have one. LOL

  • “Should a mother abandon her child and shun him because he murdered someone and is in prison? No #theforgottenones and so it goes for the rest of us.” Jim Del Negro

  • Nicki Clyne is the Blew Harrymore of DOS. She has the same non-hairdo, and Drew Barrymore showed off her tatas to David Letterman on Channel Whatever.

    Unfortunately, Meghan Markle already scored that nickname, but there are still plenty of good nicknames in this Flabturd stash.

    • In fact, Nookie Clone blew it on top of a pole down in Mexico. She really, really blew it, as Frank has kindly pointed out, and the least that we can do is to thank Nookie. Not many women blow Poles down in Mexico. This is the dumbing down of the age of Aquarius.

  • You are trying to get the BOP to put our Keith there. Shameful. We are dancing peacefully and for the uplifting of the prisoners there. How could anyone think that this should mean more cruelty for Keith. You are perverted. And need mental health therapy.

  • Frank thank you for your reporting. I see things much clearer now. It is important to expose these evil bastards. They are continuing to recruit, continuing the trafficking. Force is needed to stop them. I do not feel sorry for keith. he needs to be stopped

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