Back in the 1990s Keith Raniere wanted to learn how to gamble and he lost a lot of money at it as well.

You may still contribute to Vanguard Library … and receive the gift of joy

A reader was kind enough to share:

You Didn’t know there was a Vanguard Library? Here is a post about it from SID blog:

Vanguard’s Birthday Gift August 26, 2010

Four years ago, Prefect* asked Vanguard** what he would like for his birthday gift from the organization, to which he responded he would like for us to be joyful! Yet, through our experience of Vanguard’s technology most of us have come to realize this gift – the gift of joy – is undeniably not a gift from us to him, but rather a gift from him to us.

In keeping with our birthday gift tradition, we’d like to offer him our interdependent contribution to his executive library. We would again like to present him with a check on the eve of his birthday that is representative of the sum of monies we have, as an organization, contributed to this library. With these gifts, Vanguard has been able to build a collection of books, media and other resources he uses to further his research and endeavors.

If you would like to give him your gift, we encourage you to do so when you register for V-Week or bring your credit card, cash or check to the V-Week registration desk at Silver Bay. If you are not attending V-Week, you may write to with payment instructions. (If we receive your email by 2:00 p.m. EST on August 26, we can include you in the “checkbook.”)

Additionally, visit our executive library booth in the registration area for “Vanguard’s Birthday Tribute.”

Contribute to this gift by writing something personal to Vanguard about what he means or symbolizes to you, and how he has personally touched or affected you in your life.



*Prefect is also known as Nancy Salzman.

Prefect knows how much Vanguard did for her and she wants you to contribute to it as well, which is why she wrote the above letter.

**Vanguard is also known as Keith Alan Raniere.

Vanguard reading a book to further his research and endeavors.


The only difficulty is where is the Vanguard library going to be located? In Monterrey? Clifton Park? Metropolitan Detention Center?

I’d be very curious as to how much was donated and how many volumes were actually purchased. In other words, what really happened to all the money that was donated in order to buy books for Vanguard?

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  • Why does Keith want a library? So one of his slaves can highlight the best parts of a book (Keith doesn’t read) so he can steal the ideas for his curriculum.

  • The Vanguard Library Con has been going on for decades now. Ever since V-week moved from a 2 day event held at a rustic girl scout campervan moved to Silver Bay, the start for only contributing to some fund for his birthday present happen at Silver Bay.

    The Bronfmans gave him a check one year for a lot of money (it was millions of dollars). It was one of those big blown up checks like you see lottery winners holding up. They had not been in very long but it was such the buzz in the room with them buying their way to the top of the organization.

    Sara, at the time was more popular, on the board, and was flying her queen Prefect all over the world. Clare was like the red headed step child, not so loved… yet. The sight with them on the stage was shocking. Right than I knew NXIVM leaders were going to milk these women dry if not stopped.

    After the check was presented the leadership ran around making sure no one had gotten a picture of the presentation on their cellphones. How could the Vanguard with no money to speak of and owing many States money for his CBI days fines have such wealth to his name.

    The money was to be put in trust for him for research or some goofy thing which never seem to amount to anything productive over the years. To this day, it’s most likely tax fraud if veteran investigation is done on all their non-profits.

    During the years I was there I never saw a large library either. Sharing a house with three other women, it couldn’t fit in there and it wasn’t at the Center. Not with the amount of money I know people were putting into this fund.
    In my opinion, it’s just another way to con people out of their money.



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