Former Nxivm Member Ivy Nevares Comes Out Against Nxivm and Dancers on Twitter

Ivy Nevares

For years, Ivy Nevares was a dedicated member of Nxivm. At one time, she was also Keith Alan Raniere’s favorite girlfriend, a role she rose to and later lost in his constant maneuvering of women in his harem.

Ivy co-wrote two books with him and for years he deceived her, saying he would sire for her an avatar baby.

Ivy believed it, I suspect, because she believed in him.  He spent years abusing her, dangling a serious relationship and a child before her, while secretly mocking her and openly punishing her to ensure she did not have success in her life and was dependant on him.

But she thought his cruelty was actually discipline meant for her betterment so she endured because she wanted to be a better person.

His cruelties to her were remarked upon my many ex-Nxivm members. But she did not know he intended to be cruel.

He punished her for gaining weight and this woman, with remarkable discipline, reduced her daily caloric intake to 500 then 300 calories. She became obsessed with her weight, to please Raniere, while all the while the monster did not care, as he stuffed his own face with pizza with hot sauce and chocolate cake and laughed at the women who starved themselves.

After telling Ivy she could not cut her hair, for it would be a breach against him, she let it grow. He, in turn, mocked her behind her back, when it grew down past her feet.

Sure it would be easy to mock her, as Keith did, but she was faithful and fiercely determined and consequently, like all who were faithful to Raniere, she suffered at his hands.

Ivy has come to realize after more than 15 years in Nxivm, that he was a monster from the start, that there was never any good in him.

Recently, she has taken to Twitter to publicly repudiate him and warn people about the new dance-protest group, weareasyou AKA The Forgotten Ones, led by seven Nxivm members. The group dances nightly in front of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, where Raniere is being held awaiting sentencing.

I think her Twitter posts are interesting because they are authentic and reveal how a former lover of Raniere’s now feels about the psychopath that stole years from her life.  Ivy joined Nxivm in its early days, throwing away a promising career in NYC as a writer and editor.

On her Twitter account, Ivy describes herself as “Editor, Writer, Author. I wield a pen, rather than a sword, as carefully as I can.”

She started tweeting about the dance group on July 9.

If you’re following #WeAreAsYou and come across @WeAreAsYou , be warned: Some of the organizers belong to the sex trafficking ring #DOS and support convicted pedophile #KeithRaniere. They are Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Michelle Hatchette, and others. #NXIVM #SOP #cult


On July 12, she Tweeted,

To the #DOS and #NXIVM organizers at @WeAreAsYou: Why only protest injustices at #mdcbrooklyn? Why not also at #MCC and #Rikers? Why nowhere else in the country? Come clean. You owe your innocent followers that much. You owe #BLM that much. #WeSeeYou #WeAreAsYou #KeithRaniere


July 13

@WeAreAsYou #DOS and #NXIVM organizers: Keep dancing for your #sextrafficking master #KeithRaniere each night. Keep defiling #prisonreform and #BLM as you are. Keep insulting the art of dance itself until you #comeclean. We see through you, #weareasyou: we are NOT as you.


July 14

Oh boohoo! @WeAreAsYou stopped its livestream because their #DOS and #NXIVM organizers were bombed by the press and trolls who demand they #comeclean. Will you? Or will you keep dancing for your #pedophile and #sextrafficking master #KeithRaniere? #weareasyou we are NOT as you.

 July 15,
@WeAreAsYou: “To have everything put under #MeToo  and say ‘these people that complain about a sex cult’ are the same as victims of actual abuse…” You PUBLICLY invalidate and shame victims of #KeithRaniere, #DOS and #NXVIM. You are sick. #cult


July 15

@WeAreAsYou: “In America, we don’t say the N-word and we think we don’t have slavery because of that.” Mmm, #NXIVM, tell us all about #slavery and your master #KeithRaniere. Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette: would you please stand up? #cult

L-R DOS slaves Danielle Roberts, Nicki Clyne, and Michele Hatchette dance for their sex-slaver master, Keith Alan Raniere, now in custody at the MDC.


July 15

Tweeting out a link to the Forgotten Ones press release, Ivy commented:

@WeAreAsYou : It goes to show #KeithRaniere didn’t teach critical thinking, but rather spinning word salad. “There’s no good deed that won’t have hate.” I see, truth is now “hate.” Say those words to yourself when you look in the mirror, you puppet.


July 15 

Powerful. A legitimate movement calling out @WeAreAsYou  and its #DOS and #NXIVM organizers for hijacking a noble cause to serve their #pedophile and sex-trafficking leader, #KeithRaniere. Believe it now. BEWARE of this group and #wearetheforgottenones. #comeclean #cult #SOP #ESP




July 15

@WeAreAsYou  rebranded its website to “The Forgotten Ones.” But with a #cult leader like #KeithRaniere, who’s a convicted pedophile and sex-trafficker, how would any of you #DOS and #NXIVM organizers ever be forgotten?
{Ivy minces no words. She is calling Raniere a pedophile and sex trafficker. Her leaving Nxivm is complete and represents a 360 degree turn in her viewpoint. She formerly defended and praised him on her blog and writings.]
July 15
Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, Eduardo Asunsolo, Marc Elliot: stop this fucking nonsense. Tell us who #KeithRaniere really is and what he’s done. Tell us who YOU really are and what you’re doing. Above all: tell us why you continue supporting him.

OMG your tags!!  KKW, really? Why not tag

and show us who the real #DOS #SOP and #NXIVM members are? Why hide who you and #KeithRaniere really are? #WeAreAsYou #cult

Ivy Nevares wrote two books with Keith Raniere, one with a foreword by the Dalai Lama, and co-wrote dozens of articles in Mexican journals.
The Sphinx and Thelxiepeia: Raniere, Keith and Nevares, Ivy
Odin & the Sphinx
She has now taken up writing against him.  This is a fascinating chapter on cults, and the one that Raniere led. It fell apart and many of the women he hurt are now putting their energy into paying him back.  That is only fair.
Raniere is suffering now.  He has been in custody for more than two years, almost all of it at the squalid MDC prison where no prisoner gets to go outdoors. Think of that — for more than two years, Raniere has never been outside for a walk, or a breath of fresh air, to enjoy the sun or feel the rain. Most prisons have yards for prisoners to get outdoors and claim the birthright of every human – to allow nature to heal them and balance them.  But not MDC. And not Raniere.
He is now the slave of the state, who is under orders 24/7, just as his women were for years.
Keith Alan Raniere has little to smile about anymore. He is a prisoner at MDC in Brooklyn and no amount of dancing by his followers will change that.
It is not clear when Ivy actually left the Nxivm cult. It may have been as early as mid-2017, or as late as 2019. She was not the first to leave and not the last.
I recall hearing how upset she was upon learning that Keith Raniere and Mariana Fernandez had a son together in August 2017. She had thought that she was to be the one to bear his child, as he had promised.
The leaving of Nxivm can only come at the right time. Ivy was not ready until she was ready.  Back in 2016, I wrote an email to her urging her to leave Raniere. I reach out to Ivy Nevares and Keith Raniere.
She did not respond.
Again in 2018, on March 21, just five days before Raniere was arrested, which came as a surprise to all of us, I called out to her in the post:  115 Grenadier – Ivy Nevares are you in there?
She appeared to still be living in Knox Woods, Raniere’s old subdivision. She did not respond to my question.
Now, today, she is out and calling Raniere what he truly is.  I called him that years ago and she did not believe me.
Today, I watch the videos of Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette and the others foolishly dancing for their master Raniere and I remember too that Ivy was a dancer, who danced at Vanguard Week for her master, Raniere, for several years.

Ivy Nevares 2016 at V Week.

I can’t help but think that the awakening that Ivy had, sometime between 2017 and 2019, will come one day to Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts. Michele Hatchette and the others.  It has to happen.

Raniere is going away for years – and will likely be moved out of state to a high-security, possibly even a supermax facility.

And just like Ivy, and so many others, who woke up one day and realized Raniere was a con artist, a monster, a creep and a fool, so will the remaining members, sooner or later.

They will wake up. They have to.


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  • Yes, 15 years. I’m pretty sure a 15 year relationship was consensual. Brain washing is a perfectly acceptable excuse for your behavior if you grow up in North Korea, but Albany???

    • I truly pity your ignorance & hope in the years that have passed since you wrote this wilfully ignorant comment, you have come to comprehend how ridiculously uninformed you are, word salad does not equal critical thinking, & facts matter ugh

  • 15 years?

    So, are people going against Vanguard because they’re jilted, or because they finally get it?

    • Smart? LOL

      What makes you say that, because anyone who was part of Raniere’s inner circle is smart? LOL

      • No. I talked to her and and she’s definitely not stupid. What is stupid is using the letters Lol when writing a response to something that wasn’t even funny. In my opinion of course.

  • Congratulations, Ivy. I’m glad you have woken up. I would be fascinated to hear your story one day. I hope you find great joy in life moving forward.

  • This is fantastic news about Ivy!

    I’ve always wondered about Ivy – if Keith weren’t using, obviously, her valuable talent and skills to strictly his own advantage [Keith did this with my sister, tried to with me, and with apparently everyone in or close to the inner-circle] — if Keith weren’t, obviously, mercilessly manipulating her into sacrificing her creative and life energies to him – making her his slave — and to what potentially tragic end for her? Especially if she’d shown any sign of ambiguity or betrayal before making a clean break — as if there is such a thing with NXIVM— I worried for IVY not only bc of the proportion of her contribution as a writer and ghost writer for Keith and her power to blow his cover should she defect — but bc of her vulnerability as a Mexican citizen given the Salinas (Drug Cartel) element involved with NXIVM at Keith & Nancy Salzman’s and Clare Bronfman’s disposal to silence her should Ivy ever threaten to awaken and expose them.

    Be careful, Ivy, but take heart in the adage that the pen is mightier than the sword and you are not alone, we’re rooting for you!

  • Thank you, Signora Nevares, for your integrity and great writing skill. Truth has, is and will end this lie. Your pen is mightier than Keith’s ‘sword’ for sure. Wield it with great force, you have a lot of support and the enemy is clearly very, very weak-minded.

  • Frank one amazing aspect of the NXVIM girls Is they have skills. Ivy as a writer, dancer and team member. Her loyalty to “her man”. although a piece of evil is an admirable quality. Her awakening and consideration of how she coped with the betrayal of KAR, I project, was personally devastating to her. The fact she is out and publicly commenting must scare all the other DOS, and harem members. If she possess the fabled collateral and writes a book all their laundry could come out. And the heiresses might want to put some hush money out their. And being she is Mexican I wonder why if she is endanger and a threat to the Mexican Nxivm group.

    Thanks for validating it is her. I wasn’t sure. Hope she can cash in on all her wasted years, heart break and suffering.

    • That is the “best” thing NXIVM does to people, directly, or indirectly through its members—waste your years.

      Everybody affected by it in such a way should get a refund on time lost for their part in the NXIVM saga from the Universe, especially those who saw through its charade but were still negatively impacted by it.

    • I think a lot of readers will care and be pleased to see that she has finally broken away. I don’t think she is worthless. Just the opposite, I think she is a talented woman who had good intentions while she served Nxivm and is now publicly condemning Raniere. She is a victim, in my opinion. And her story should be heard.

      • Frank, that is poo.

        At what point do these creatures take personal responsibility?

        Changing their minds because they were personally affected, or because others left and they followed the herd, or they are just attention seekers like Sarah Edmondson (she LOVES the attention) does not mean they are immune from negative comments.

        Everything they did was a choice. If they knew anything bad but ignored it, they are pricks.

        These people like Mark Vicente are trying to rebrand themselves as anti-cult people to justify their bullshit behaviour. Look at Vicente on twitter trying to present himself as an anti-cult expert while attacking Trump and Trump supporters as if THEY are the cultists. It is disgusting.

        When VanTwat was charged, Sarah Edmondson spun it round saying some shit like “this is what we set out to do twelve years ago”. Fucking rifuckulous.

        Karen what’s-her-name too. What a fucking moron.

        If these dickhead “dancers” decide to leave VanTwat, you can’t praise them and claim they aren’t longer horrible retards.

        • Your ignorance is on full display & I have zero doubt that 2 years later you are no brighter & have no deeper insight or comprehension then you did when you penned this sad look at your utter lack of intelligence. Best hope is you have since researched Dunning Kruger Effect & have gained a modicum of insight & intelligence

      • Agree. Goes to show that KAR systematically quashed and smothered true talent and success (since he had none, other than bilking money) – quite the opposite of what was promised in his “courses.”. I wish Ms. Nevares happiness in her new life. Very glad she is out.

      • I am pleased she has broken away. It’s good to read her tweets. I would be really interested in how she got to this place. Of course, it is none of my business but I would find it interesting how she came back. She spent a lot of time there being emotionally abused for so long. Any therapy or deprogramming, I wonder. Good for her.

      • I didn’t say she shouldn’t be heard, I said who cares about what she says. LOL

        Those are two very different things. LOL

    • You, certainly, would know about[redacted]

      Whats Rent-A-Center charging for an
      AC unit and a hibachi grill? [redacted]

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