Ivy Nevares, writer and dancer, has been a member of his harem since the early 2000s. Mr. Raniere once promised she would bear for him his first born child.

115 Grenadier – Ivy Nevares are you in there?

Answer: Yes she is – but she had nothing to say when a media team showed up yesterday and knocked on her door to as her some questions about NXIVM.

She did peak out through the blinds on the door.

Ivy doesn’t live here anymore? No, in fact, she does.

Ivy Nevares is not with her Vanguard.  He had promised her a child and that he would marry her years ago. Instead, he had children with other women – something that NXIVM members needed to hide from her. She was reportedly suicidal when she found out her Vanguard had a child with Mariana Fernandez.

But good faithful Ivy stuck it out and remains with NXIVM – sans Vanguard. He flew the coop.

Ivy Nevares has aged out of the harem. She is 40.
Her prince charming – Keith ‘Vanguard’ Raniere.

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  • Move on Ivy. He’s gone and not coming back. VanDouche is just a conman. His lips move, and the word salad that comes out may sound sweet and cool, but there is no sincerity behind those glazed eyes of his. You were a tool for his penis for the little while he wasn’t feeling uninterested. He used, manipulated, and dumped you like the piece of trash he is and moved on to the next vagina.




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