I reach out to Ivy Nevares and Keith Raniere

The following is what I emailed today to Ivy Nevares, a co author with Keith Raniere, one of his harem members and NXIVM/Executive Success Program member. The reason I wrote to Ivy is because I have received some troubling info about her and the alleged manipulation she has received at the hands of Keith Raniere.
The email speaks for itself:
Ivy; I would like to speak to you regarding NXIVM, Keith Raniere and other matters.
I have received certain information about you which suggests that you may have been deceived by Mr. Raniere and by some of his female followers.
Among other things this relates to is the not cutting of your hair as penance for some alleged “ethical breach’.
I want to give you every opportunity to give your side of the story and more importantly if you are trapped and need help to escape from the deception, I would like to try to offer you that help.
Of course if my source is wrong and you have not been misled (i.e. you did not falsely believe that Keith was going to marry you, etc.) then please be so kind as to speak up in defense of Keith and the truth.
I do not know if you have to seek his permission to speak with me or not, but I promise you that if you do speak or write to me I will faithfully report your views and position.
I will also, if you prefer, keep your communications with me confidential.
If you are happy with your life and have not been misled, than your saying so might go a long way to countering the many negative claims about Keith and his destructive influence on women.
I have a website www.frankreport.com that you might consider visiting.
I wish you well.
I can be reached at frankparlato@gmail.com or phone 716-990-5740.
Frank Parlato
PS: Also please note: That if you are required to inform Keith of this communication, you might also inform him that he may also contact me and I will very gladly discuss his side of the matter and make as much space available to him as he desires to present whatever he cares to present. In the interest of truth I would certainly urge him to consider it.

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