Is the Coronavirus a Hoax, Greatly Exaggerated, or a Fell Disease That Threatens Everyone? Part 1

Bangkok’s final post with Frank Report, Bangkok Promises to Leave Frank Report Forever: His Final Post Argues That Pandemic Is Overblown and Not a True Danger. argued that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the flu, and something that does not require the nation or world to shut down.

I thought his article deserved to be published not only because Bangkok was making his final appearance on Frank Report, but because an opinion that contradicts the Mainstream Media and Big Government deserves to be published in case there is some truth to it and powers behind the scenes do not wish the common people to know.

I offer no opinion myself, not being an expert.

But I am going to publish some additional articles to explore this issue, for it is worthy of debate.

For my own part, I have only known of three people who I heard got the disease, and I know thousands of people.

One was a 58-year-old man, pretty weak from debauchery and alcoholism, who got it, was hospitalized, and got well. Although I hear he is still generally sickly but continues his dissipation centric lifestyle.

I had a friend who died of COVID-19 in April. She was 79 and had underlying medical conditions. I don’t think she would have died if she had gotten the flu, and I think she would have lived several years more had she not contracted whatever it is that scientists are calling COVID-19.

She was placed on a ventilator and died soon after. Her husband also contracted it, or something similar, and he was hospitalized, placed on oxygen, and almost died. He is 81 and back home.

I do not know how dreadful the disease is, or how contagious, or whether scientists actually understand what it really is.

The rules keep changing all the time for safety and what WHO and others think is going on.

Something contagious appears to be impacting people with underlying medical conditions and the elderly. I do not know how many people get it and suffer no symptoms. I am not convinced that everyone who is listed as dying from COVID-19, actually died from it.

I have observed that the coronavirus has revealed to the world how authoritarian various countries are and I am happy to say that the USA is one of the least authoritarian, if measured by the nature of their commands against the people to halt the spread of the virus.

Unhappily, the arguably most free nation on earth [USA] has reportedly the most case of coronavirus, which some, including many in the mainstream media, are using as an argument for their long-hoped for desire of seeing less freedom in the USA, and holding up slave state nations like China as paragons, praising them and other authoritarian regimes for their greatness in combatting the pandemic.

It is obviously easier to stop a pandemic among slaves who must do everything they are told, than to stop it among free people who are not enslaved by government and must volunteer to undertake some measures to arrest the spread of a virus.

But how serious is the pandemic?

And is it Trump’s [or Republican governor’s] fault that America has the largest number of cases?

As of July 1, and according to the National Review: “71 percent more Americans have died in New York nursing homes than have died in the entire state of Florida, which not only has a larger population but a population that skews older. To this point, New York’s death rate has been ten times larger than Florida’s. So, naturally, liberals are busy concocting a narrative that holds that the failures of the American response to coronavirus have been the fault of Trumpian nihilists in the Red States…

“I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but today it’s clear that NYC has been the key spreader of the infection nationally, and clear, too, that NYC was unable to flatten the curve.”

Deaths per million:

New Jersey: 1,708.7

New York: 1,651.6

Connecticut: 1,212.2

Georgia: 264.2

Florida: 163.2

Texas: 86.1

“… There’s a reason why San Francisco recorded fewer than 50 coronavirus deaths and New York City has about 18,000, and it’s probably not the ideology of its mayors….

“Let’s remember that initial national lockdown efforts were intended to flatten the curve so that hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases, not to shutter the economy in perpetuity (or until a Democrat wins the White House) to ensure that no one gets sick anymore. Other than the New York area, which is led by a [Democrat] governor who made perhaps the single most deadly policy mistake in the entire crisis, [requiring nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients which caused the spread in nursing homes which led to the death of thousands of elderly patients] this goal has largely been achieved.

“In the United States, the death rate (the stat that matters more than any other) has been as low, or lower, than most major European nations:

Deaths per million:

Belgium: 854.0

UK: 657.7

Spain: 606.9

Italy: 575.3

Sweden: 523.7

France: 445.5

U.S.: 397.8

“(All the foreign countries above, incidentally, have some form of socialized health-care system, which I’m constantly being assured by liberals would have mitigated the effects of coronavirus.)

“Most nations that have done better than the United States in this regard (sans Germany) are far smaller, and have an easier time containing spread by shutting down borders; or are more authoritarian, with the kind of pliant populations and governments that some U.S. pundits seem to desire.

“There was always going to be an accompanying spike with more testing and reopening, and states need to calibrate their reactions as the facts on the ground change.”

The above makes sense to me.

In the next two posts, we will hear from other readers.


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Bobby 道勢 (@TeaTownCowboy)

“I have observed that the coronavirus has revealed to the world how authoritarian various countries are and I am happy to say that the USA is one of the least authoritarian, if measured by the nature of their commands against the people to halt the spread of the virus.” — You cannot possibly be serious with that statement. Sure hope it was sarcasm, LOL. We, the US, have turned into Nazi Germany in many cities and states!!!

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Very well balanced, straightforward point of view.

When you say “whatever it is scientists are calling Covid” what do you mean, please? What do you say it could be if not a virus? Is it radiation poisoning as Fred poroposes?

3 years ago

All of this is definitely being caused by 5G, no doubt about it.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Ok, then how can it be “contagious?” (Not that stupidity isn’t.). Or does it only appear contagious bc them who gets it are in the same 5G contaminated environs?

Also, if there’s a doctor in the house — how might EMF radiation cause the thrombosis (clots) being seen in the allegedly “Covid” affected lungs?

And in the Kawasaki disease or rashes in the alleged child “Covid” response?

What about type O blood that purportedly is Covid-immune? What would make it flow better — wait, is O blood higher oxygen or something — than other types under 5G conditions?

(Fred, we have to talk.).

Bobby 道勢 (@TeaTownCowboy)

Why all the lies, Heidi? Why are “they” making vaccines for a virus that has yet to be isolated? Yeah, there are four claims to have done so yet CDC has told us in July no isolates of the virus are available so that tells us everything!!! Did you know the HIV virus was never isolated either??? You should go look up what PCR inventor, the late Kary Mullis, said about that and how he didn’t believe HIV causes AIDS.

That was never widely dispersed, was it???

Bobby 道勢 (@TeaTownCowboy)
Reply to  Anonymous

I don’t know about ALL of it but EMF radiation is a huge danger for the people who are sensitive to it and I’m sure doing some damage to those of us who are not quite in that class. Everybody should try to mitigate whatever exposure they’re under, but plenty of people have NO IDEA.

3 years ago

It is refreshing to see something reasonable being written about the beer virus, particularly the per capita statistics versus raw numbers. LOL

Also, keep in mind the intent was to keep the hospitals from being backed up with patients such that the beds, equipment, and medical personnel resources would become overloaded. LOL

It has evolved into a game of “Simon says” – stay home, go to the bar, close down the bar, put on a mask, etc. LOL

3 years ago

Although you are quite right on most points, here are some facts from the COVID-19 discoveries.

autopsy reports that showed the presence of blood clots in the lungs of patients killed by coronavirus, that the virus caused an alteration in hemoglobin, which could not transport oxygen properly.

“‘ The hematologic factor “was called at that time. It is that the new coronavirus seems to have so many edges that not even specialists get to know it completely, almost seven months after its appearance.

“What is happening with the thromboses that are being seen at autopsy is that the virus causes a change in the endothelium of the blood vessels and those changes alter it and make it procoagulant, which leads to the formation of microthrombi in the small vessels of the lung ”. The hematologist at the British Hospital José Ceresetto (MN 74596) had explained to Infobae on that occasion that “instead of giving rise to disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), it seems that this disorder is generated locally at the level of the lung.”
Now, scientists from the University of Utah Health, in the US, went a step further and discovered that COVID-19 triggers changes in blood platelets, a fact that could be a contributing factor to the appearance of heart attacks, strokes and other serious complications in some patients with the disease.

In their study, published in the Blood journal of the American Society of Hematology, researchers revealed that inflammatory proteins produced during coronavirus infection significantly alter platelet function, making them “hyperreactive” and consequently more likely to form dangerous and life-threatening blood clots.
COVID-19 causes a lot of inflammatory response and that is what generates in the lungs a phenomenon that was originally believed to be similar to viral pneumonia,” Ceresetto explained. It was thought that the patients died with an inflammatory reaction in the lungs, but it seems that this virus behaves differently from the other respiratory viruses in some respects and that is why now it is being seen that it not only affects the pulmonary part but also the vascular part causing microthrombosis ”.

COVID-19 provokes a lot of inflammatory response and that is what generates in the lungs a phenomenon that resembled viral pneumonia (Shutterstock)
COVID-19 provokes a lot of inflammatory response and that is what generates in the lungs a phenomenon that resembled viral pneumonia (Shutterstock)
According to the hematologist, “inflammatory damage occurs not only in the pulmonary alveolus but also in the microvasculature of the lung, generating a thrombus inflammation caused because the virus affects the pneumocyte and also the endothelial cell in the vascular wall of the lung.” Thus, “not only is there inflammatory damage, but a thrombotic phenomenon also occurs within the lung.”

Experts already speak of “COVID-19 coagulopathy” to refer to thrombosis within the lung caused by the virus that emerged in China.

“Platelets from COVID-19 patients aggregated faster and showed greater spread in both fibrinogen and collagen. The increase in platelet activation and aggregation could be partially attributed to the increased activation of the MAPK pathway and the generation of thromboxane – the researchers specified in the study’s conclusions. These findings demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with platelet hyperresponsiveness that may contribute to the pathophysiology of COVID-19. ”

According to Robert A. Campbell, lead author of the study and an assistant professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, “the finding adds an important piece to the puzzle called COVID-19.” “We found that inflammation and systemic changes due to infection are influencing platelet function, causing them to aggregate faster, which may explain why we are seeing more blood clots in patients. with COVID-19 ”.

“It is as if the patient suffered from acquired thrombophilia: the whole body is predisposed to poor coagulation and this causes four times more venous thrombosis than those registered by other sepsis” (EFE / Luca Piergiovanni / File)
“It is as if the patient suffered from acquired thrombophilia: the whole body is predisposed to poor coagulation and this causes four times more venous thrombosis than those registered by other sepsis” (EFE / Luca Piergiovanni / File)
Previous work has seen an increase in D-dimer, a laboratory marker indicating that clot formation is occurring somewhere in the body. “What is being understood now is why this thrombosis occurs,” said Ceresetto, who pointed out: “On the one hand, what occurs is direct damage to the pulmonary vessels, but it was learned that in these patients the platelets are hyperreactive , and this wants To say that they become more prone to clotting and this is not because the virus gets into the platelets, but because the famous cytokine storm caused by SARS-CoV-2 activates the production of hypersensitive platelets. ”

“It is as if the patient suffered from acquired thrombophilia: the entire body is predisposed to poor coagulation and this causes four times more venous thrombosis than those registered by other sepsis,” said the hematologist. “Andalso more heart attacks and more strokes and all that because the coagulation system is accelerated.”

Asked if this phenomenon occurs in all people who acquire the infection, Ceresetto clarified that, in reality, it depends on viral load: “The more viruses in the patient’s blood, the more the ability to form thrombi increases.” And in that sense, he noted that “older people are themselves more susceptible to thrombosis, like diabetics, or those with cardiovascular pathologies.”

To make their findings, the specialists studied 41 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, of whom 17 were in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and nine were connected to respirators.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Interesting, thank you. I know eating lots of protein helps blood flow. It’s not supposed to help coagulation. It’s like mad science creating this virus. As long as labs hold viruses for study and mutation, like the one in Wuhan, I imagine that we will soon see h1n1 come back as well, maybe something worse.

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