Trolls Gone Wild Over New Comments Policy – I Reply to Anonymous ‘Beefs’

Yesterday I wrote in the post Time to Address Comments Section on Frank Report – as We Ready for Larger, More Diverse Audience that I was going to moderate the trolls a little, and redact or delete, even from valuable contributors, mean and nasty comments about other commenters [unless it is done with good-natured humor].

The result was a spate of anonymous comments, some of them obviously from trolls coming out of their collective madness woodwork, replete with nasty objections.

In the interest of clarity, and for the fun of allowing the trolls to be seen in limited doses, I have replied to some of their comments.

These can be found on the original post, but for convenience, here are some of their comments and my replies.

I hope this will further help clarify Frank Report’s new comments’ policy.

One troll used the following six monikers.

  1. The Devil You Know,
  2. Hands off My Idea
  3. The New Family Friendly Frank Report
  4. [Redacted] = [Censored].
  5. Reputable Tax Attorney
  6. Chocolate Cake For Karen Carpenter

I’ll start with her/him.

The use of the bracketed word [redacted] is my editing of the troll. It is redacted not because it attacks me but because it attacks another commenter.

Because it may be easier to read, I will use faces to go along with the various monikers:

Since I don’t know the gender of this commenter, I included one male and one female. Take your pick.

Hands Off My Ideas

“as We Ready for Larger, More Diverse Audience”

Ha! Ha! Ha! What a crock of shit. Is this some mafioso Parlato scam? Do you really think we’re buying that? A more diverse audience? LOL.

When [redacted] stops drinking his prune juice. and your Amway contingent starts selling brownie mix to themselves. Nice try. But you couldn’t even censor everyone’s comments if you tried

You’ve disgraced yourself with this, Frank. But if you rescind the censorship threat, you can win back the respect of your online readers. Nothing else will do. Hands off other people’s ideas. Period.

Frank Parlato

This is the kind of incivility I am talking about.

The Devil You Know

“If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?”

Apparently not Frank, who has just lost the respect of all 1st Amendment advocates.

Frank is willing to publish graphic accounts of prison rape to satisfy his prurient interests but his delicate sensibilities can’t handle the back-and-forth of middle-class, middle-aged blatherskites. Parlato, this is infamy. We demand a free and open internet, a free and open comments section. Anything less is total cowardice. Take your lumps, Parlato. Free speech means tolerating people who remind you that you’re not so great.

Frank Parlato

My main interest is in calming down the nastiness of commenters towards each other. If it is humorous or has a point, then it will be published. If it is simply mean-spirited and inhibits dialogue, or has nothing to do with the topic at hand, it will likely be deleted or edited. This is the new policy. No one is forcing you to read either the posts or the comments.

The New Family Friendly Frank Report

Who are you to define what constitutes nastiness? Jesus Christ, you’ve retrograded. You’re the Ginny Mark Zuckerberg now? Got a handle on what constitutes civility? Everything has got to be all polite like lawn tennis on your blog? A few recent comments here (we know which ones) cracked you. And now this. LOL

Frank Parlato

You’re missing the point. Everything does not have to be perfectly polite, [but what’s wrong with being polite anyway?] but it should be mature.  It should be sensible. And you should use the same moniker instead of different ones each time you post, that would be desirable to me as a publisher.

The reason some of the big social media sites have to moderate posts [and even censor] is that cowardly trolls can hijack a site and cause chaos.

Now I’ll answer your first question: “Who are you to define what constitutes nastiness?”

Because I am merely the owner/publisher of this website.

[Redacted] = [Censored].

And what is with the red lettering of people’s posts? Shit got creepy real quick here. Frank Report RIP

Frank Parlato

You have posted under several different monikers. Why do you bother to keep on commenting? It makes you appear to be a troll. If you don’t like it here, why not go away?

Reputable Tax Attorney

“hiding behind a coward’s mask of anonymity.”
1. Voltaire
2. Mark Twain
3. George Orwell

Frank Parlato

Using pen names, such as Voltaire [François Marie Arouet], Mark Twain [Samuel Clemens] and Orwell [Eric Blair] does not make these men anonymous cowards. They were known to their publishers and to some degree known to anyone who had an interest in finding out who they were. Clemens was widely known to be Mark Twain.

But anonymous trolls are known only to themselves. Their agenda is not to improve the life of humankind as Voltaire, Twain, and Orwell did, but to hurt others. That’s what makes them trolls and cowards.

Reputable Tax Attorney

“Using pen names, such as Voltaire [François Marie Arouet], Mark Twain [Samuel Clemens] and Orwell [Eric Blair] does not make these men anonymous cowards.”

Excuse me? Why did they use pen names in the first place?

The real question is why do you want to know the identities of people critical of your policies? Why is that important to you? Why do you hold that to be a moral imperative? The answer is obvious: it deflects against real analysis and lays bare the insufficiency of your behavior towards others who have different opinions.

Frank Parlato

I think they used pen names for a degree of privacy. But their publishers knew who they were and they were certainly not attacking their publishers.

I do not know who you are, so please don’t be surprised if I don’t publish your criticisms if you don’t have the courage to reveal who you are. If you have moral superiority, come forward and identify yourself. Frank Report does not exist so that trolls can hijack the comments section.

Again, this next anonymous commenter might be male or female. I selected this random photo to represent him or her.

Parlato takes the coward’s way out with new censorship policies

“No editor ever lost an argument on his own website”

Frank is reacting to the recent troll beat down he got when people exposed him for lack of erudition. His monster ego could not handle dissent and now he vows to censor, like any editor from Pravda, any and all comments critical of him.

The human element of heterogeneous opinion will suffer until total Facebook sterility will result, or the site goes off.

No one in the real world actually cares about the tempest in a teapot this comment section can be. More Parlato delusions of grandeur.

Notice how Frank has never intervened before when the obvious [redacted] Hinkly/Foster dynamic was in play with evident psychopathology.

This “new comments policy” is all about the bruised ego of a post-sexual hack. Happy comments snipping, Frank!

Frank Parlato

I allow too many trolls on here, demented people who are not sincerely interested in the topics at hand. Their goal – perhaps it is yours too – is to cause discord and not advance the truth.

You write, “Frank is reacting to the recent troll beat down he got when people exposed him for lack of erudition. His monster ego could not handle dissent and now he vows to censor, like any editor from Pravda, any and all comments critical of him.”

But if I really had such a monster ego, I would not have published the comments from the trolls who supposedly beat me down for my so-called lack of erudition [a mistake of a word].

I allow a lot of criticism of myself, like this comment, but I am not interested in making this a forum for trolls. And criticisms should be founded in fact, not just an ill-intent to attack others anonymously – as the coward does.

Imagine how weak you appear – with your self-righteous tone – hiding behind a coward’s mask of anonymity. If you think I am bound to publish whatever lying cowards say about others or myself – you are entirely wrong.

Now if you had a sense of humor, I might think otherwise of you.


Nice Guy is definitely not a troll. He is an engaged reader. Bangkok, on the other hand, lies somewhere in that twilight world between troll and comedian. When he’s funny, he is riotous. But when he is off his game, he gets sore awfully fast.

Here is his view on my new policy – which to reiterate – is mainly to bring a little more civility between commenters.


But I’m addicted to making vitriolic comments, much like an alcoholic is addicted to booze.  I can’t help myself. Nor will I stop. Nor will I respect you. Nor will I get down on my knees for you. You cocksucking leftist.

I will stand up to you, Frank. I will stand up for freedom, honor, liberty and the American way. You filthy Sicilian.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Nice Guy

Bangkok, Frank is not going leftist, far from it, he is going corporate.

Bangkok I am going to miss your insults. You were just starting to hone your craft. Your rifts on [redacted] Johnson were sublime. [redacted] on his radio show was [redacted] hilarious!!! Johnson is such a [redacted].

Bangkok, your true talent lies in your uncanny ability to twist people’s words so they sound like imbeciles. I can’t match you in that arena. Bangkok, don’t let my compliments go to you head you little [redacted]. You are still a [redacted] with your head up [redacted].

Have a good day, you little [redacted] ;).

Frank Parlato

Nice Guy –Bangkok used to be a lot more funny and I enjoyed hearing from him. He has lost his touch, but I hope he can get it back. He has the makings of a comic genius.


You’re a pussy, Frank.

Truth is…

Frank Parlato has just shifted his perspective 180 degrees from what it was last month.

Truth is…

Frank is not merely calling for a bit more civility.

He’s literally turning this place into a “heavy-handed” censorship blog that would make Huffington Post blush with admiration.

Also, Frank is not doing this because he suddenly wants more ‘civility’, as he falsely claims.

Why is Frank doing this?

Frank is doing this because he’s likely been threatened by WordPress (or fears that he’ll soon be threatened) that if he doesn’t “toe the line” and start respecting liberal mob mentality, he’ll have his blog shut down.

Trust me, Frank fears this.

That’s precisely why he’s made this change.

Don’t believe me? Let’s examine the facts…

Half of Frank’s own articles published over the last 3 years, typed by his own hand, have said the most VILE and HATEFUL things about Keith, Clare, Allison, Sara Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lovely Lauren Salzman and every other NXIVM member.

Even his article about ‘horny’ Casper Van Dien was mean-spirited and totally unnecessary —- from a ‘civility’ point of view.

Frank has said such hateful things that even a drunken sailor would blush.

Also… Frank is being disingenuous by claiming that he’s had a moral ‘change of heart’ about such hateful language, since he’s 60 years old and people that old don’t have a change of heart.

Plus, he’s Sicilian and people hailing from that shithole country are natural-born mobsters who swear like drunken sailors from the time they are born.

In other words… Do as I say, not as I do.

As for the ‘larger’ audience that’s supposedly gonna be visiting FrankReport, I wouldn’t hold my breath cuz FrankReport’s 6 million pageviews (from last year) were a result of highly indexed pages about NXIVM during the height of the media coverage.

But now, with NXIVM media coverage at an all time low (and with Frank’s number of daily articles dwindling) I’m guessing that he’s lost nearly 85% of his traffic, if not more.

Frank won’t dare publish his CURRENT traffic figures cuz he knows I’m telling the truth.

Again, if Frank could refute this allegation then he’d do it using FACTS about his current traffic.

Instead, he’ll either ignore this post or possibly delete it —— using his new ‘civility rules’ as an excuse to silence my speech simply because it angers him to his core.

I don’t respect Frank Parlato anymore.

He once told us that it was acceptable for us to call him a pussy.

But now, he’s telling us that he’s a choir boy and such language is not acceptable in his world, LOL.

As for his new ‘racial’ guidelines, I don’t believe for one minute that Frank actually cares about this topic.

He’s merely terrified of having his blog shut down if he doesn’t toe the line and aggressively censor out all speech that leftists might view as against their party line.

Case in point…

I’d bet my life that Frank will allow ANY hateful or insulting posts made against the police officers in the George Floyd case.


Cuz leftists accept hateful words against people they hate.

…But when you say those same words against anybody else, well, suddenly they scream “that’s hate language” and demand that it be taken down. Has Frank drifted too far to the left?

He’s gaslighting us by claiming that it’s all in our imagination.

We’re just imagining that Frank is drifting into leftist censorship territory, according to Frank.

According to Frank, he’s just tweaking his rules a ‘tad’ and making a few minor changes, LOL.

Yeah, like changing from UP to DOWN is a minor change. LOL.

As for me, I hope that Frank gets CANCER OF THE BUTT before his 61st birthday and winds up departing this earth and going straight to hell, where Satan will surely be there to greet him with a pitchfork up his butt for eternity.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Frank Parlato

Bangkok, I am 65 years old.
{I will also add this which I did not in the comments section]
I was not threatened by WordPress (or fear I will be threatened if I do not toe the leftist line. Word Press has no authority to shut down my blog over content. They are merely a content management system. I control the content. They offer me hacker protection and interface with my posting, where it is easy to post.
If ever they threatened me with censorship, I would merely go to another content management system. 
It is true that my articles over the last four and half years have been extremely critical and oftentimes uncivil towards the now-convicted criminals Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, the lovely Lauren Salzman and many other Nxivm criminals who were not convicted. It proved effective in helping to stop the criminal activities – including the branding, blackmailing, sex trafficking and enslavement of women. I would do it again. 
And if I find other vicious criminals, I will be prepared to be very uncivil. And by the way, I think Derek Chauvin very much appears to be a vicious criminal.However, I do not think the other commenters who run afoul of Bangkok or other commenter-trolls – need to be treated the same way as Keith Raniere.

By the way, as for my article about Casper Van Dien, [which I may take down, so check it out while you can], it was not unnecessary. At the time Casper was working hard to enable India to remain in the Nxivm cult. He told me that what her mother, Catherine Oxenberg was doing – exposing that India was branded and in a sex cult- was far worse than her actually being in it.

I wanted to hit back at him a little for doing that and hopefully get India to realize her mother was right.

After all, India only avoided being one of the defendants thanks to her mother finally getting her out – in the nick of time.

But now that the battle is over, and India is out of Nxivm – and, as I understand it, is writing a book about her harrowing journey – it may be time to take down the post. I have nothing against Casper, but I do think he was dead wrong about Catherine and if he had prevailed, India would have remained in Nxivm and her mother would have been the villain.

Keep in mind that Casper is not India’s father but her stepfather and this went on – my dispute with Casper – when the FBI was investigating and India was in jeopardy.

Casper Van Dien with India when she was a teen.

Posting Less

It is true I have been posting far less of my own work, because I am working on my book, working as a consultant for several clients, am in pre-production for a new two-hour film, and preparing for my upcoming trial. It is a lot to do at once and I cannot post at the same pace I did when the battle with Nxivm was ongoing.

I am always looking for writers at Frank Report and if any readers want to try their hand at it, please feel free to contact me. [ or 716-990-5740].

Pageviews are a product of how many posts there are to view, and how popular certain posts are. I am posting less than half as much as less year. I will soon be posting the stats, but back in April, I posted Frank Report Surpasses One Million Views in 2020.

We may surpass 6 million page views this year. Although it seems we are more in line with about 3.5-4 million page views [unless I find more time to post].

Going back to the comments, Nice Guy asked about my preference for certain commenters.


Isn’t Natask a runner-up?

Peaches gets first place.

Frank Parlato

There are commenters I like to hear from. You are one of them, Nice Guy, so is Natashka. There are many others who advance the conversation, many of them without using monikers.

What I am looking to avoid is giving too much space to trolls whose intention is not to support this website, but to drive others away.

Some of them have a dark agenda, some are merely demented, and some just like playing around to cause mischief and they get a sociopath’s thrill in creating hurt feelings and provoking anger – all from the coward’s perch of anonymity.

Numerous, intelligent people have advised me in the past that for the website to grow to the next level, the trolls must not be fed. Feeding them is allowing them a voice, which they use to disrupt.

Trolls have ill-intentions. They are not supportive of the websites they post anonymously on. They are not even neutral. They are looking to cause harm. So I am going to weed out the trolls…

Nice Guy, I do not think you are a troll, of course. You have a sincere interest in the topics being discussed. But do not be surprised if you do not see comments from trolls … that have no substantive point relating to the topic of the post…

I expect to attract more intelligent commenters this way, [just scrolling back the last few days] like you and Peaches, Mexican Lady, Natashka, Fool Me Not, Paul, Anonymaker, Alex, Scott Johnson, Gin an Juice, Shadow State, Nut Job, Heidi Hutchinson, Anna Lee, Ice-Nine, Mitch Garrity, Flowers [most of the time] Samir Sardana, Fred, Shivani, Just Sayin’, Ken Gibson, Python Swoope, L, smtolle, Erma Gerrd, Diane Lipson, Captain Moonbeam, Kim, Bill, LaLaLad, Retired Inspector, and hundreds of others who use no moniker and appear as anonymous.

Keep in mind also that the website is not for commenters only, but for all readers, most of whom do not comment.

[I have approved 110,447 comments to date – June 14, 2020, on Frank Report].


Mexican Lady

What do you feel you gain by adding this moderation? I feel it might be too time-consuming for you? I think having the comments as they are is entertaining. Perhaps you can have a policy that if someone feels insulted they can email you and you can remove the comment attacks?

I personally find the comment section entertaining. I would leave them as is. You probably have better things to do than moderate the comments, and at the end of the day, it says something that you have high participation.

Frank Parlato

This is a good argument. I will consider it. If it is humorous, I will approve it. But the nasty, mean spirited stuff is really getting old.
On top of that, some people say they feel intimidated by commenting knowing that snarky creatures will attack them for making their points.

So all I am saying is – stop attacking one another with viciousness.

Mexican Lady

I think if people feel intimidated they could post anonymously. It is also helpful to know how to deal with trolls so there might even be a learning experience in Frank Report.  Thanks for responding. Nice work, Frank


There is a lot of valuable commentary on here, but it became very tedious to sift through the comments of some posters which consists of little more than insults and profanity. Maybe they’ll start posting something more interesting, or just wander off and find new pastures.

Either way, it’s good.

At a certain point, the signal gets lost in the noise. In my opinion, this has become gradually more problematic here since March and has become a real problem lately. It has become obvious that any discussion of anything even vaguely political, immediately turns into a sea of insults.

I find people’s different political opinions interesting, but insults and profanity are not opinions, and add nothing of value. The words ‘Civilization’ and ‘Civility’ have the same root.


Frank, this is a pragmatic and a measured decision to cut the dross. It’s been a long time coming.

A friend of mine who has a website gets lots of comments for two distinct occasions each year. He very rarely intercedes to remove anyone’s expressed thoughts. However, it is his website, as the Frank Report is yours. There are those instances when it can be most expedient to bring down your hammer, whether softly or vigorously.

I think that you have described your reasoning well. Also, the stuck piggies will squeal the loudest about this change and the most likely to ignore your reasoning, turn it into an inquisition and HURL. So keep trusting yourself.

Ken Gibson

I think that this is a good move. Off-topic and profane rants are a waste of time. There are important issues discussed here with new
information on many topics that the mainstream press does not cover.

Frank is not preventing anyone from exercising 1st amendment rights. You can find the nearest bathroom wall and scribble away.

Or a website that welcomes inane comments and profanity. They exist, in great measure, so take your pick.


In the end, I am hoping for more civility, and quality traffic. Quality trumps quantity. And I think most of the readers here are premier quality — subtle, intelligent, thoughtful, concerned people. I don’t want to let a few trolls spoil that.


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  • Frank,

    If you don’t do a book tour, after I purchase your book, can I mail it to you with postage paid both ways and get it autographed by you?


    I would greatly appreciate it.

      • Good luck with your book! That is great. One thing that would be interesting for me to read about was:
        a) How you used humor to attack Raniere. I think it is not yet clear how trolling can help beat guys like KR.
        b) Understanding your motivations and world view, understanding more your thinking because it is very hard to keep going even when everyone is against you and calling you crazy, etc. How did you keep the faith?

        Nice work, Frank.

        • It quite simple how humor works. LOL

          It is so entertaining that it gets their guard down and then they start to get curious, and then end up learning. LOL

  • Frank,

    My guess is you are going to time the TV special with the book release close together.

    I am excited for you. Totally stoked!

    I’m sure Raniere has heard about your book deal…..

    His head must of exploded!!!!!!

    Raniere has to be seething with rage at this very moment all the while his sentencing date looms in the near future.

    I think you should send Ranire a postcard photo of you sitting in a chair holding your book in one hand while you hold up high, a libation of some sort in the other hand, like your toasting Raniere. LOL

    Now that postcard would send Raniere over the edge.

    • I would not want to torture Keith and I would be most happy to interview him if he were willing. I would love to get his point of view in the book.

      During the entire time I wrote about him, I tried periodically to contact him to interview him and get his side of the story. He always refused.

    • I’m happy that Frank has vanquished Keith Raniere, since even though I may not like Frank very much cuz he’s an arrogant prick, stopping Keith Raniere was a valuable service that he provided to our society as a whole.

      But I think that ‘celebrations’ and ‘libations’ are a bit premature since, in case you haven’t noticed, Frank’s very own liberty is in jeopardy at the moment ——- and if he starts pouring those celebratory libations too soon, he may wind up inside MDC lockup before the end of the year.

      Frank is rolling the dice with his freedom and I don’t think his readers realize just how serious a situation this is.

      Frank Parlato will be going ON TRIAL for his freedom very soon (certainly before the end of the year).

      He’s being prosecuted by the Federal Department of Justice (DOJ), which according to Claviger, has a 96% conviction rate.

      If I were Frank, I’d be shitting my pants right about now.

      Frank does have a SOLID defense to these charges and he very well may receive a full acquittal.

      But the DOJ is throwing many different charges at Frank, hoping just ONE will stick.

      Remember, Frank must be acquitted of every last charge to avoid prison. It’s not enough to put on a good defense here. Frank must put on a PERFECT defense to EVERY charge.

      Juries are fickle creatures. It could go either way.

      In my humble opinion, Frank is being stupid by not pleading this case down to a low level felony coupled with a 2 month confinement in a minimum security work camp.

      Just like Lori Loughlin recently came down off her ‘high horse’ and pleaded guilty to avoid a long prison sentence, Frank should also do the same.

      If I were Frank Parlato, I’d sure as fuck rather serve a couple months in a minimum security work camp (with non violent offenders) than risk going to MDC (or other federal prisons) for a much longer stay.

      While I agree that the DOJ has grossly overcharged Frank and is not acting honorably here, Frank must accept the REALITY that he’s been indicted —— and that these charges aren’t just gonna magically go away.

      But make no mistake, NiceGuy, Frank is not even close to being out of the woods yet —– and if he begins pouring celebratory libations right now, that arrogance may come back to bite him in the ass.

      I’m sure he doesn’t wanna be autographing your book from a cell at MDC.

      Let’s not count any chickens before they hatch, sir.

  • I think that Frank, our beloved, resident, grandpa-aged asshole, should recruit the fair lady Heidi (Empress Heidi) to write a weekly article on anything she wants.

    While I don’t much [redacted] the fair lady Heidi, her alternative viewpoints would be better than reading nothing but Frank’s predictable demagoguery.

    It would be a welcome change to read something other than Frank’s newfound ‘liberal’ bias (mob mentality) which he silently inserts into every article these days.

    Also, what the fuck is happening with your trial date, Frank?

    You previously posted that it was in May —— but you haven’t posted the rescheduled date.

    It’s not a secret, so why the fuck are you keeping it one now?

    Just post it like you did before.

    If not, then kindly go fuck yourself and jump from a high place, the higher, the better (the top of the Empire State Building is always an option, if you’re looking for a local place).

    Post your trial date.

    I just wanna know when you’re gonna be rolling the dice and placing your liberty in the hands of your fellow New Yorkers. That’s a big day and you seem to be too calm about it.

    If I was facing a trial date from the DOJ — which has a 96% conviction rate — I’d prolly be shitting my undies.

    I realize that you have a solid defense and stand a good chance of being acquitted —— but you’re still rolling the dice with your liberty and, at your advanced age (65 is fucken old), I’m not sure why you didn’t just try to plea bargain down to a couple of months in a minimum-security work camp.

    Why not enlighten us to any non-privileged info?

    • I agree Heidi is a brilliant writer and I wish she would write more. As for my trial date, the reason I have not posted a date is that I don’t have a date. The pandemic has pushed back my trial and many others. When I get a date, I will let my readers know.

      I am proud to be a grandpa-aged asshole [65] but have no grandchildren. It is curious, but I love this time of my life, feel spectacularly well, can still do [and regularly do] a headstand for 10-15 minutes at a stretch, can walk 10 miles or more at a stretch, regularly climb up and down the steep Niagara gorge, and, not that I am a violent person, [i would never pick on you] but, even at my advanced age, I could probably whoop your ass with one hand tied behind my back, despite the fact that you are reportedly one-quarter of my age.

      • LOL. A nice reply. 🙂

        Yeah, you do seem in better shape than most 65 year olds. I’ll give you that.

        …And I have little doubt that if you and NiceGuy ever got into a rumble, you’d get the better of him and he’d prolly wind up as your personal bitch afterward. 🙂

        But seriously, if I had to guess, I’d say that your blood sugar is way over normal and you are a diabetic or pre-diabetic —– which is why you’ve been HIDING out in your home, under the covers, trying to avoid the COVID virus cuz you’re scared shitless.

        As for walking 10 miles… I’m guessing that you haven’t gone for a long walk outdoors since the pandemic broke out last March, for fear of catching COVID and winding up on a ventilator due to your (likely) high blood sugar problems.

        You eat too many fucken carbs, Frank, which means it doesn’t matter how many fucken miles you walk cuz those carbs are fucking up your body and making you very susceptible to COVID complications. 🙂

        Stop stuffing your face with carbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Save yourself before it’s too late, sir.

        Use the Keto diet for improved health.

        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • Bangkok, I just came back from a 5 mile plus walk wherein I walked down the Niagara Gorge, walked along the lower Niagara for several miles, then climbed up the gorge – between the whirlpool and Devil’s hole then walked some additional miles.

      • Scott doesn’t mind. LOL

        Anonymous is a just another ghost of Scott, there is a lot of diversity among us ghosts of Scott. LOL

        You can tell who is the real ghost of Scott because he doesn’t make stupid comments. LOL

        • No he doesn’t make stupid comments, he makes [redacted] comments. LOL

          Tell us again why you can’t use your real name anymore? LOL

          • Frank, why did you redact the words “extremely intelligent?” LOL

            Tell us again why you’ve never used your real name and are too scared to pick up a phone? LOL

    • Here’s the comment that Scott left for “Mike” at that video: It’s all about you, isn’t it, Mike? How many times did you say the word “I” in your comment? A life well-lived is in the service to others. Sounds like you did very little of that, or you wouldn’t feel the way you feel or lived your life centered around your three favorite words: me, myself, and I. We all get old (hopefully) and die, the question is what we did with the dash: LOL

      That’s a very weak song as well. LOL

  • ” It proved effective in helping to stop the criminal activities”
    It proved nothing…and if your input was ever considered as a base for the trial, everyone would have been acquitted as you were extremely aside of the truth.
    You still frequently take liberty with this story by providing false accusation , shady source and many of your latest articles on the subject are pathetic and childish.

    And to be clear, if anyone (including the authorities like prosecution or the judge) were reading your blog, no one have giving it credibility (and rightfully so)
    And between your obsession over certain member, the fact you give a voice to a few …well to follow the new policy,i’ll filter what i think and say “limited” people…
    When you support conspiracy theories that make no senses , don’t expect anyone sane to take you seriously anymore.

    “After all, India only avoided being one of the defendants thanks to her mother finally getting her out – in the nick of time.”
    Absolutely not…it’s her cooperation (it was clearly stated in trial…at the same time as Allison did, India gave a usb device with data on what they had access to)

  • Hi Frank. That is 100% me. I identify completely with Frida Kahlo. A very creative soul. Thank you . This was the best day of my life.
    I am very happy. Have a magnificent day 🙂 Nice work

  • Frank, just please never, ever censor anything from Nicki Clyne. It’s just too good. Where is she btw? (oh yeah, and thx for the shout out!)

    • Sure thing “Pea”!!!!!

      Frank will not censor you, if you are Pea.

      You are not Pea!!!!

      Of course not!!!

  • To Frank & Bangkok,

    I believe after the mental anguish and inhumane treatment Bangkok has endured at the hands of the insufferable Frank, there are only 3 ways to rectify or remedy the situation.

    1. Frank allows Bangkok to write the forward for his new memoir.

    2. Frank adds Bangkok’s name to the dedication list of Frank’s book. Bangkok’s name would, of course, appear at the top of the list. Top billing!

    3. Frank sends Bangkok a free copy of his book, first edition, hardcover, autographed by Frank along with a few words of flattery to Bangkok. Now that’s fair!

    Come on Frank!!!! Be a stand-up guy!

    • 4. Frank DEMANDS that NiceGuy 666 and Bangkok come on Scott’s show, and they show up, or 1-3 are off the table. LOL

      • Scott, while I would like to see Nice Guy and Bangkok come on your show – for it would be fun for all concerned including your audience, I cannot say that this wish of mine rises to a level of a demand.

        • Frank,

          RE Your Memoir:

          Sincerely congratulations!!!! I hope you got a fat advance.

          So was I right, about a year ago, when I believed two of your articles were partial chapters and the reason you never shared the moment you and Raniere locked eyes in court was you were saving it for your book? I figured. You never responded to any of my book questions.

          The partial chapters by the way are excellent. I still kind of remember the one where you explain how Raniere and NXIVM slowly ensnared the various women into DOS; Your explanation is one of the best explanations of a somewhat complicated subject I have ever read. It really is quite brilliant.

          I would greatly appreciate a simple one-word answer Yes or No.

          I am definitely purchasing your book if it’s anything like those two articles, it will be a great read. I hope you do a book tour around New England and the Tri-State.

          Re Bangkok:
          I sincerely believe you should send Bangkok a signed copy of your book with a few kind words.

          Bangkok seems to be joking around on the surface, but on some level, I think the kid feels rejected.

          Bangkok, if you read this, I’m not trying to be an asshole or a dickhead.

          • Nice Guy, the book is not a memoir but rather a serious history of Nxivm – it will include my role as well. Thanks to one critic, it will also include an earlier attack on me, where two politicians and one writer went after me and I ousted all three of them from their jobs. It took me five years. And also when the owner of the Maid of the Mist went after me – and I wound up taking away his boat monopoly. This is to demonstrate the kind of work it takes to succeed.

          • Frank,

            I was not trying to be flippant with the word “memoir”. I am positive you have an incredible interesting back story; there is not a doubt in my mind, too bad you won’t be sharing it.

            After following the NXIVM story for so long I have a Bachelors degree on NXIVM.


            My guess is you have been sitting on some serious gems, like the Raniere-Parlato courtroom stare down, in anticipation for your book…..

            ….Gems like when you, hid a mother and her child to protect them from an evil man and his lackey centillionaire (it’s a word) willing to spend any amount of money to find the mother and child. That could be a whole chapter or two alone.

            Not to mention the mysterious couple who tried too drop a laptop off with you, in most likely a feeble attempt to frame you for kiddy porn.

            Frank your book, I am sure will be a page turner. No doubt.

            I was simple stating that all of the regular commentators, like myself, on the Frank Report would love to know your back story. I am sure it’s an engrossing story to tell. How could it not be?

          • I’m looking forward to Frank’s book which will elaborate on the topics I mentioned and more!

          • Frank,

            If I at all offended you with the word memoir I meant your story or narrative in regards to NXIVM.

            To be clear, by memoir, I didn’t mean like you writing a Sally Fields or Joan Baez memoir.

            My apologies.

          • I was not even slightly offended. Memoirs are good in certain circumstances. I have something else in mind for my book.

        • I used the word DEMANDS because Bangkok DEMANDED that Scott answer certain questions. LOL

          Turnabout is fair play. LOL

          • Scott,

            So Bangkok is your second interest after Amway?


            My feelings are hurt. I thought I was second in line after Amway. I feel like a jilted lover. Boohoo.

            Why am I the one you, whose name you add 666 to then? You don’t use the 666 label/suffix for Amway.

            Imagine Amway666, now that has a ring to it and makes total sense.

            Johnson you are a hard nut to crack, sorta speak. I normally understand everyone eventually, mind, body, and soul. Once you understand yourself, who you are and who you are not, it’s easy.

            You on the one hand are an easy read, on the other hand you are a perplexing individual, not everything adds up. Somewhere there is a little bit of a void. In physics the word dark matter is used to describe the amount matter that exists in the universe, but is undetectable. (Dark matter is something of a misnomer. It’s not dark.) You have some “dark matter”.

            What am I not able see in you?

            I will figure you out eventually.

            Goodnight! 😉

          • You flatter yourself, you and Bangkok are near the bottom of Scott’s interests, NiceGuy 666. LOL

            You have no interest in “reading” Scott, you won’t even pick up a phone NiceGuy 666. LOL

      • Niceguy666 again?

        Scott you still see me as, Satan, your evil tormenter.

        Scott I find it odd, you see me as the devil in your allegory. Are you then the hero?

        666? It’s so random. Why not Dutch-68* or 69?

        *Dutch 68: You do me, I’ll do you tomorrow.

  • I missed a lot these last couple of days and still need to catch up on parts 2 and 3 of Nancy.

    Major life-changing events have occurred and being ordered to stay in their houses for months is never going to help the crazies on their keyboards. I fully support and understand this. I fear it’s a time-consuming job editing all the craziness though.

    Thanks for the shout out, Niceguy. I am thoroughly stoked to have made the intelligent list Frank (cue the insults 😆). I might have a drink and fry some brain cells.

  • Hey, Frank…

    It’s interesting that you expect people like me to be more respectful and civil —- even after you recently took the time to call people like me “snarky creatures”.

    Hey, Frank…

    A ‘creature’ is not a human being.

    Thus, you have decided to partake in ‘nastiness’ yourself, whenever it suits your purposes.

    However.. Like most hypocrites, you don’t see your own nastiness as ‘nasty’. You create an exception for yourself and your cronies.

    Like most 65 year old grandpa-aged assholes, you see yourself as 100% virtuous even though you’re anything but that.

    Don’t get me wrong, sir. I consider it a badge of honor to be called a snarky creature. 🙂

    I’m simply pointing out your own hypocrisy.

    In fact, for all the people screaming about my nasty posts —– there’s been more nasty comments directed towards me (by sheer volume) than every other poster combined, with the exception of Scooter Johnson (who is universally [redacted].

    Yet with the HUNDREDS of nasty insults made about me on this blog —— have you EVER heard me complain or ask that those insults be deleted? Nope.

    In fact, my fair lady (Empress Heidi [redacted]) has posted all kinds of nasty, abusive and [redacted] comments about me over the past 2 years — things that Frank knows are [redacted] yet he didn’t hesitate to post them.


    Cuz Heidi is Frank’s friend —– and his ‘civility rules’ don’t apply to his own cronies.

    How many comments has Heidi made (or agreed with) which said that Bangkok is really Dennis Burke, a former US Attorney for the leftist Obama Administration?

    I’m as anti-liberal as they come. Not sure how anybody could mistake me for a liberal, LOL.

    A guy who goes by the moniker “Friend of the Good Guys” (another ally of Heidi) has posted many [redacted] claiming that Dennis Burke is Bangkok —— and Frank just posts these comments as though they could be true.

    FACT: Frank has direct knowledge that it’s not true —— yet he refuses to admonish his readers.


    Cuz Frank doesn’t give 2 shits about the truth.

    Yes, Frank knows what my IP address is.

    Yes, Frank can verify that it’s not a VPN.

    Yes, Frank can verify that my IP address comes from a mainstream Internet provider and that it’s from the SoCal area.

    Yes, Frank knows god damn well that I’ve never posted from the SHITTY state known as Arizona.

    Yet Frank refuses to admonish his readers that Heidi has been [redacted]. He refuses to conclusively say that Bangkok is not Denny Burke.

    The only place hotter and more miserable than Arizona is Texas.

    If you’re from Texas or Arizona, I feel sorry for you cuz that’s just too much heat for any kind of pleasant life.

    Getting back on topic…

    It’ll be interesting to see if Frank applies his ‘civility’ rules to Heidi, Kimmy, Missouri Joe or any other of his favored cronies.

    As for me, I truly dislike Frank, Heidi, Joe and Claviger too.

    It’s not just an act. These people are all self-righteous [redacted] in my humble opinion.

    Why should I be respectful towards these hypocrites?

    I was taught to only respect people who EARN my respect.

    Well, guess what?

    …Frank and Heidi (and Missouri Joe) have not earned any respect from me.

    So until these ]redacted] apologize to me and get down on their knees and beg for my forgiveness, I ain’t showing them JACK SHIT worth of respect.

    Have a good day.

    PS — I couldn’t care less about the Dennis Burke comments, I’m simply pointing out that Frank routinely posts LIES which he knows are not true — and he refuses to admonish his readers regarding this topic. In other words, Frank is a hypocrite. 🙂

    • Bangkok I do not think you are Dennis Burke and yes your IP address is SoCal. I love the state of Arizona.

    • Many people love the free State of Texas, second in population to the once-great and now Communist regime of CA. LOL

      Scott doesn’t care about what people think of him, he knows that his mission is to educate others about Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

      At least Frank isn’t a [redacted] like you and NiceGuy 666, as well as many others on this website. LOL

      In fact, Frank is the only person Scott is aware of that post on this website who have come on his show, except for Ben Szemkus. LOL

    • Who cries more?

      1. A colicky baby
      2. Locked up Vanguard
      3. A radio host with no callers and no listeners
      4. Sensative & stupid 2nd graders
      5. Dick Vermeil
      6. A turned out niceguy
      7. Soft & uncoordinated HS football players
      8. (Redacted’s) mirror
      9. Bangcock every time she types

      • Nutjob, this strikes me as humorous, but I want to hear from Scott, Nice Guy and Bangkok to see if they are offended.

        • I have confidence in Bangcock and niceguy. But, Scott? To avoid needing his authorization, I deleted #10 – “A (redacted) soap collecting MLM wiz who calls a tin can a radio”
          #3 was referencing Peter Mingles. But I think Pete’s cool with it. I’ll shoot him over a waiver.

          • Authorization for WHAT? LOL

            You are free to post your [redacted] comments, Nutjob. LOL

            The name is Peter Mingils and I’m quite sure Peter couldn’t care less about your erroneous opinion of the show – shooting him over a waiver makes no sense, unless you’re a [redacted]. LOL

            Scott has almost five years worth of weekly shows discussing Amway and other MLM scams – that’s called a body of work. LOL

            Trying (and failing) to make fun of someone speaking up about Amway and other MLM scams rather than the scam artists is just plain [redacted] and [redacted]. LOL

        • It is impossible for Scott to be offended by a nutjob, particularly if they call themselves Nutjob. LOL

          Who do you think Scott is Frank, some snowflake Libtard? LOL

          He’s offended that you think he may be offended. LOL

          Scott says let the comments fly, posted immediately, just like the good ‘ole days – he may even start using his real name again. LOL

          Scott has been getting flack online since he started complaining about Amway’s tool scam in 2005 – do you really believe the [redacted] measure up to the abusive he’s already beaten down? LOL

          • I think you are confused about why you receive flack online. Is it possible that you bring it on yourself? Is it possible that there are dozens of people who would have jumped on your anti-Amway bandwagon errrrrr unicycle, if they weren’t repulsed by things you type?

      • I am most definitely not offended! 😉

        In the words of the immortal and omnipotent Bangkok….

        “I bid you good day. :)”

        BTW Nutjob, you are only “turned out” if you don’t get paid for your services rendered.

      • Scott has lots of listeners and lots of guests, including Frank. LOL

        Also, he doesn’t cry, he educates others about Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

          • You don’t know what it sounds like NiceGuy 666 – because you are too [redacted] to pick up a phone. LOL

          • Frank,

            The word, “crying” is offensive?

            Are you attempting to neuter Scott, Bangkok, Nutjob, and myself? The four of us make the Frank Report comment section what it is today.

            You should understand I feel emasculated!

            I feel like I did when my wife forced me to watch American Idol in Season 6 (which is arguably the worst season).

            Frank, I hope you aren’t trying to drive the four of us away. The four of us are like herpes; we are not going anywhere!!!!! You are stuck with us riding along on your nutz sack.

            We are the Four Horses of the Apocalypse!!!!!

          • The “crying” term was used in Nutjob’s June 16, 2020 at 10:33 am comment. I already said that I can’t be offended by a [redacted] who calls themselves Nutjob, so why would you think I could be offended by a guy who uses the same term and is [redacted] o come on my show? LOL

    • “However.. Like most [redacted] you [redacted[

      I’ve followed this site long enough to know [redacted]

      • Frank is even limiting the speech of Flowers, the most beloved Frank Report commenter of all! How many times over the last year has Frank and Heidi complimented Flowers for her deep insights, keen wit, and congenial demeanor? One time? Ten times? Try hundreds of times!

        Who has Frank Parlato become?

        Does Frank Parlato know himself?

        And after reading Bangkok’s vitriol redundant diatribes, I have been moved to speak up.

        I don’t actually care. I am just bored.

        Frank can do what he likes with his website and if you don’t like it, you should leave.

        I have no life so I am not going anywhere even if Frank turns this website into a wellness blog.

        • Bangcock is updating his resume in case the wellness blog materializes. Frank may need writers to tell us to mix in a salad.

        • Niceguy- the fact that Frank redacted my comment, (which was partly a cut & paste quote from a previously posted comment), should be a clue as to why Frank has allowed certain comments to be posted about me.

          Do a little research ,Niceguy, in regards to the questions I posted on Roger Stone’s article, which Frank published a few days ago.

      • Congratulations, a hat trick of [redacted]. LOL

        It doesn’t count if you typed it, though – that’s like taking credit for scoring in your own ice hockey goal. LOL

      • WFT?
        Why redact my comments, some of which were quotes from comments you previously published? You posted it the first time, so does it make any sense to redact the same remark when it was cut and pasted into a new comment?

        Frank, you can go [dedacted] yourself!!!

  • “I think they used pen names for a degree of privacy.”
    I have to laugh. Voltaire used a pen name to obtain a degree of privacy? Something of an understatement. Actually Voltaire used several pen names, all for the exact same reasons: to keep the Machiavelian Parlatos of the world at arms length. :

    You seem to think “outing” someone who has published under multiple pen names on your site is some incredible scoop. Actually you have yet to address the real issue: why is the identity of someone who writes on your blog more important than the ideas he/she addresses? Shades of Trump wanting the name of the author of the best-selling tell-all by Anonymous?
    You’ve recently outed yourself as a second rate intellect. You’re going to have to live with it. I wash my hands of it . A real embarrassment.

    • Voltaire was Voltaire, the people like [redacted] who relentlessly attack others on this site and make false accusations deserve to be outed.
      Thanks for using your real name. I use my real name.
      So does Frank.

    • Frank is hardly Machiavelian [sic – when you try to use big words, at least spell them correctly so others don’t think you have a second rate intellect], and you didn’t even state why you think he is, you just threw out a name accusation. LOL

      The issue is consistency of thought – using a real name, or at least a fake name traced to a fixed social media account, allows one to determine whether the person is consistent, but Frank doesn’t give a f*ck about those issues. LOL

      Scott decided to swim in the anonymous comment feces after two years of using his real name. LOL

      When did Trump say he wanted to know the name of the anonymous author? LOL

      Besides, the book didn’t have much of an impact – and I learned something, I didn’t even know that Libtards could read – go figure! LOL

      The real embarrassment is that you live in Jersey City, NJ. LOL

  • Thanks for the clear explanation Frank. I think that you’ve made the right call at the right time.

    All the best.

  • Anarchy Zones spread across America as Democrats order police to stand down.

    Owen Shroyer guest-hosts the show to break down the latest developments on Antifastan AKA the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in Seattle, including news that more such lawless areas are popping up in other cities now that Antifa is emboldened and police are demoralized. Shroyer also discusses the media’s sudden pivot from cheerleading the race riots to condemning President Trump for daring to hold a rally in Oklahoma next week amid the discredited coronavirus pandemic.

    • CHAZ has been renamed CHOP: LOL

      It turns out the homeless stole all of the “Autonomous Zone” food, so they asked their mommies and daddies to send them vegan food and gator aid, so they recognized they are far from autonomous. LOL

      People are taking these punks way too seriously, it’s the wimpy politicians that are making them appear stronger than they are. LOL

    • “Skepticism among some Republicans about the real threat of the coronavirus pandemic, that may have been influenced by racial attitudes, could shift as positive cases of infection are now climbing in areas with strong support for Donald Trump, research suggests. 

      Vulnerable populations in rural, conservative-leaning areas of the country, meanwhile, where health infrastructure is poor and public spending on health is low, could face increasing risks from Covid-19 at a time when job losses have led millions to lose health insurance.”

      “Coronavirus cases are now growing quickly in some rural and exurban areas with strong Trump support. Covid-19 cases are climbing in Arizona, Florida, South Carolina and Arkansas, and in Texas hospitalizations for Covid-19 are up 42% since Memorial Day.”

      – Tom McCarthy

      • What would you recommend as the alternative? LOL

        Further choke the economy by staying home for a few more months? LOL

  • Here is a story people should be furious about.
    Andrew Cuomo, the Clown who put contagious Covid patients in nursing homes to infect and kill elderly residents, has released hundreds of prison inmates who have gone on a crime spree throughout New York.

    Gov. Cuomo’s New York: 250 Inmates Freed from Prison Rearrested 450 Times

    At least 250 convicted and accused criminals freed from New York’s Rikers Island prison have been rearrested 450 times thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) jailbreak directive.

    New York Police Department (NYPD) data reported by NBC New York’s Melissa Russo reveals that since Cuomo issued a statewide order demanding jails and prisons release inmates to abide by social distancing measures in late March, at least 250 inmates from Rikers Island have been rearrested.

    While the mass release of convicted and accused criminals in New York continues and violent crime surges, Mayor Bill de Blasio is vowing to cut NYPD funding. The reduction in funding for the police would come as murders have jumped 160 percent over the last week and burglaries are up 402 percent.

    • At least they don’t have to worry about defunding the police, they are quitting in droves. LOL

      Just think how much will be saved in salaries and benefits. LOL

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