Group of Distinguished German Doctors Claim 5G Connection to Coronavirus

Although it is likely a censorable offense, and something Google will likely shadow ban me for publishing — for it may contradict the goals of Big Tech- there are nevertheless intelligent and distinguished scientists and physicians in this world who think there may be a correlation between 5G and the coronavirus pandemic.

The effort to ban and censor these voices, is in and of itself suspicious.

I do not know if there is any connection between 5G and coronavirus, but I do know that there is a strong effort to silence these voices and label them en masse as conspiracy nuts.

Time and again, intelligent people are offering information, and at least circumstantial evidence, that there may be a link. So why wouldn’t Google, YouTube [owned by Google] and other Big Tech and corporate-owned Google dependent media and Social Media platforms be so quick to label this theory as impossible and tinfoil hat wearing unreasonable?

Is it because they really know there is no correlation? Or is it their own magical thinking?

Or is it because they do know the cause – and it is 5G – or rather that 5G exacerbates coronavirus illness and deaths?

The gigantic money behind 5G makes it obvious that there is a motive to kill any 5G health threat notions.

5G is also of major interest to Big Tech. As we have seen in the past, lives can be sacrificed by big corporations to ensure profits.

Ask Big Tobacco.

Our view: Reject tax breaks for Big Tobacco | Duluth News Tribune

And the surveillance capabilities of 5G make it of interest not only to Big Tech but Big Government. There is no doubt that Google and other Big Tech giants in America fear the Chinese surpassing them in surveillance tech. China has the advantage of having slaves for residents. America has citizens and the troublesome issues of a Republic.

This puts American Big Tech at a disadvantage with China.

Big Tech would do almost anything I think to keep competitive with China, which could mean suppressing evidence of the correlation between 5G and coronavirus.

Because Google controls almost all news in America, [they are in essence the news aggregators for the world] it is easy to understand the labeling of anyone who says 5G might be unhealthy as a crack pot. Googles decides what is news and what isn’t just by ranking media outlets based on their agreeing with Google executives.

It is just the way it is right now because Google has a greater than 90 percent of the search engine users. {It might be a good time to use other search engines like Duck Duck Go or Bing or Yahoo].

Big Tobacco knew for years that smoking caused cancer but they denied it.

Big Tech may know that 5G helps spread coronavirus or helps make it more deadly to people – but like Big Tobacco, it would certainly deny it if it should happen to care about profits more than the loss of lives of some arguably already sick people.

5G is the needed technology to maximize surveillance of the people, which is required for Big Tech to takes its rightful place in American elitism.

All that is needed is more powerful centralized government, like China has.

It is ironic, the Silicon Valley elites who now want an all powerful state to partner with an all powerful Big Tech want to deny Americans the freedoms that they themselves enjoyed to obtain the prosperity and power they now have.

A commenter, Rafael Mendoza Torres brought this to our attention writing: In Germany, a group of medical doctors and psychotherapists wrote an open letter to the Chancellor and ministers of the federal government.

“We claim that there is a connection between mobile phone technology, weakness of immune system and the devastating Corona virus and call for a reduction of the RF burden”.

Open Letter to the Chancellor

We doctors and psychotherapists oriented towards environmental medicine see a connection between radio interference, immunodeficiency and global epidemic.

We call for drastically reducing the burden of high-frequency exposure that is spreading worldwide!

Dear Chancellor,

The inhabitants of the globe are currently experiencing an extensive wave of diseases due to the SARS Corona Virus 2. Elderly people (with often deficient vital substances) and those with previous illnesses or with a weakened immune system (e.g. due to the vitamin D deficiency, which is particularly prevalent in winter and spring) are particularly at risk. The losses in human life and the consequences for the economy and employees due to the politically prescribed massive contact restrictions cannot be estimated, nor can the psychosocial consequences.

We, the undersigned doctors and psychotherapists, consider two other factors to be significant in addition to the above. In addition to the degree of infectivity of the virus, the susceptibility of the “host” plays a role, that is, specifically how well the immune system works and whether specific virus antibodies are missing or have already been formed. In prevention and therapy, the most important thing is to prevent a weakening of the immune system and, in addition, to strengthen the immune system therapeutically.

Immune system damage occurs, for example, from widespread toxins, malnutrition, some medications, air pollution and certain lifestyle factors (alcohol, nicotine).

In addition, there have been new harmful environmental influences for the past two decades, the effects of which we have seen more and more frequently in our medical and psychotherapeutic work. It is about the constant exposure to mobile communications (cell phones and smartphones and the associated base stations) and similar technologies with pulsed radio frequency (WLAN with the frequencies 2.4 and higher than 5 GHz, DECT cordless phones, baby phones, tablets, Bluetooth, ” Intelligent “measuring systems – so-called” smart meters “, radar, etc.).

There is already a wealth of research results on the radio-operated devices mentioned and the previous mobile radio standards 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE), which for the most part turned out to be unsettling. According to the opinion of many industry-independent experts, pulsed high-frequency technology is now considered to be one of the causes of numerous health problems (e.g. sleep disorders, headaches, behavioral disorders, depression and exhaustion), due to increased production of free radicals (“oxidative stress”) (inter alia: Yakymenko 2016)

Furthermore, scientific research is available on changes in the heart rhythm, changes in gene expression, changes in metabolism, the development of stem cells, the development of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cognitive impairments, DNA damage, effects on general wellbeing increased number of free radicals, learning and memory deficits, impaired sperm function and quality (see the list of scientific studies in: International Scientist Appeal 2015, Appeal: Stop 5G: Firstenberg 2018).

Influences of high-frequency signals on the immune system were also determined (infection cluster near base stations, Waldmann-Selsam 2005) (Grigoriev 2012, Szmigielski 2013, Moskowitz 2020). In addition to undisturbed melatonin production (Reiter, Robinson 1995), vitamin D3 is crucial for the functioning of the immune system. The docking point for vitamin D3 (vitamin D receptor, VDR) is inhibited by mobile radio so that it cannot develop its immunoregulatory effect (Kaplan 2006, Marshall 2017) .

Man is a bioelectromagnetic being, the living cells have electrical potentials (in the millivolt range) on the cell membranes. Their function can be disturbed by low-frequency electrical fields and radio. A weakening of the cell membrane potential demonstrably leads to different clinical symptoms.

The Radiation Protection Commission (German: SSK) had already determined in 1991 that radio radiation below the limit values increases the calcium transport through the cell membrane (SSK 1991). Independent scientists are currently discussing the existence of voltage-dependent calcium channels, which, irritated by weak electromagnetic fields, can cause negative effects in the cell (Pall 2018). In a study by the Agricultural University of Wuhan, China, Bai and colleagues report that coronaviruses in the pig’s intestinal epithelium increased the influx of calcium and thus promoted virus replication; The infection can be inhibited by special drugs, the calcium channel blockers (Bai 2020).

A summary of the current scientific knowledge can be found in Diagnose Funk (NGO) (Diagnose: Funk 15.04.2020).

5G is already under construction in major German cities and in individual rural regions. A letter from Transport Minister Scheuer and Environment Minister Schulze from the beginning of April clearly shows what is required of the politically responsible persons in cities, municipalities and rural districts:

“You have to help find the location for the new mobile radio systems and ultimately support the planned transmitters on site” (Südkurier 2020). Three different frequency ranges are used here: around 700 megahertz (used for large events), around 3.6 gigahertz (smart cities), around 26 gigahertz (indoor supply, supply networks). (German Federal Government 2017). This increases the antenna density and thus the radiation exposure of the population many times over. We consider the introduction of 5G and the disregard for the precautionary principle, to be highly risky, as no risk assessment has been carried out, disregarding the precautionary principle, and the few existing studies show highly questionable results. The persistently repeated reference by the industry and the authorities to the supposedly “safe limit values”, which were laid down in the 26th BImSchV, is misleading.

The ICNIRP eV (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), on whose recommendation to politicians the limit values are based, is biased because of its proximity to industry (ICNIRP and EPRS 2020, Starkey 2016 on SCENIHR 2015). The limit values relate only to short-term warming by mobile radio and do not offer protection to the population.
In our view, the current situation with the dangerous SARS coronavirus 2 requires decisive action.

We doctors again appeal to all those responsible in government and healthcare:

1. Stop 5G!
2. Reduce the ubiquitous forced radiation of the population!
3. Educate the population comprehensively about the harmful effects of mobile
radio and the other high-frequency technologies mentioned here!
4. Stop the dominant influence of the ICNIRP and the mobile radio lobby on the radiation protection commission, federal office for radiation protection and government! Instead of promoting state-of-the-art cell phone expansion and the cell phone industry, as before, it is now a top priority to support the health of the population, their ability to work and care by all means.

For the health of all of us!

Aschermann, Christine, Dr. med., Nervenärztin, Psychotherapeutin

Bergmann, Wolf, Dr. med., Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin, Homöopathie

Dohmen, Barbara, Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin/Umweltmedizin

Foerster, Hans Christoph, Dr. med., Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin

Hecht, Karl, Prof. em. Prof Dr. med. habil., Experimentelle und klinische pathologische Physiologie, Neurophysiologie

Kammerer, Michaela, Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin

Kern, Markus, Dr. med., Facharzt für Psychosomatische Medizin

Krout, Monika, Dr. med., Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin, Elektrobiologin

Mutter, Joachim, Dr. med., Facharzt für Umweltmedizin und Hygiene

Röttgers, Gabriele, Dr. med., Ärztin für Allgemeinmedizin

Waldmann-Selsam, Cornelia, Dr. med., praktische Ärztin


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  • Once again, both your theories are BS…

    First for google censorship…you like to censor, they aren’t surveying much of the content…they have automated algorithm who make these decision and it’s absolutely not an accurate one…

    I was there when Google appeared , i used it at it’s beginning and it was precise and all but it’s an outdated (yet it’s frequently updated) system which is inaccurate…

    It’s not censoring it for the sake of hiding the truth but for the sake of avoiding to hit another conspiracy theory for TRUTH SEEKERS…

    You don’t seem to understand how absurd and crazy you sound when you talk about this…the little credibility you had is gone since you started with this story!

    Even some nutjob around here refuse to believe this BS (yet believe many other silly stories).

    Second, this 5g correlation is completely ridiculous as pointed regularly around here , in the comment, most of the most damaged region with covid 19 don’t have any 5g covering…

    Reminder, despite your BS card made up by a nutjob a few weeks ago, most of europe isn’t covered yet, most of usa isn’t either…africa, let’s not talk about it…asia does have some coverage but the area covered aren’t that touched…

    If you want to make a correlation, do it backward as it seem it’s were it’s 5g covered that the virus has spread the least…

    Also i love the distinguished german doctors….

    Psychoterapeut,Homeopath,Neurophysiology,psychosomatich medecine…the few doctor potentially being appropriate to open their mouth are not high in reputations…

    The rest of allgemeingmedezin’s are for most just average (with debatable reputation or supporting “alternate medecine”…without admiting it)
    And the only potential knowledgeable person on the subject:

    She has a background unconnected (at first)with electrobiology (pediatric,oncology, hematology…).
    Her point over wireless technology is more of a personnal study, not something she builded her PhD on…
    And while she is a member of a respected group, the group itself doesn’t seem to support fully the “theory”…

    Because it’s making no sense, it’s debunked by the ABSOLUTE UNDOUBTED AND FACTUAL REALITY and their reputation in engaging in such absurd connection would definately be more than damaged…

    If she is really behind those absurd accusation while the coverage of 5g isn’t at all fitting the spread of the virus over germany, it’s a career suicide so make sure you actually didn’t got false info…
    In the other case, it would mean that you risk a lot as this is damaging for her reputation and credibility (although with your reputation and credibility, the impact would be meaningless and minimal)

    Also the same person is behind some debatable theories and didn’t demonstrate anything as she (much like some of the hydroxychloroquin lovers did) didn’t follow the proper method to do an accurate laboratory experiment…

    Like bringing a lama with heart monitor and pointing the effect of a mobilephone antenna (4g, BTW, not 5g) and but without counting that the lama could be disturbed by the city life itself…
    The margin is also quite low and not quite conclusive.

    Science needs proof and while there isn’t any doubt about the impact of some of the wireless wave impact on health (including wifi, btw), the effect on long term seem to show that…well not much as there are so many variable to take in account.

    Nobody did a proper monitoring of every little point as it would require a huge amount of guinea pig putting their life on the side for atleast 30 years and be sequestred in a proper controlled area.

    There is a reason why no respected scientist would risk their career on this…

    Put please, keep on believing whatever you want…just don’t expect people to take you seriously anymore after that.

  • The problem Frank, is that none of those doctors are working in the appropriate specialities, and will not as a consequence, be taken seriously. For good or ill, that’s how it works. Homoeopathy is almost universally considered to be pseudoscience in the world of medicine, and Psychotherapy fares little better.

    I will be surprised if they even receive an acknowledgement, let alone a reply.

    Personally I am open-minded about the topic, but not many in the medical field are.

  • Just googling the names on the list doesn’t convince one that these are “distinguished” German doctors. Wolf Bergman is a homeopath. In other words, he believes that diluting a substance as much as 1000 times (or even until the substance can no longer be detected) with alcohol or distilled water and then shaking it and striking it ten times hard against an elastic body activates the energy of the diluted substance. Thus, rattlesnake venom diluted 1000 times or more and “succussion” (activating the vital energy) will cure a rattlesnake bite, etc. His inclusion does not inspire confidence in the contents of the letter.

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