Bangkok: Attack Scientology, It Should Be Fun

By Bangkok

I have no love for Scientology.

I think it’s largely an insane organization managed by turds of humanity.

Their leader is probably mentally unhinged, since he allegedly beats his employees and puts them into a place called ‘the hole’ — according to Leah Remini.

Mike Rinder and Leah Remini are former members of the Church of Scientology and are now critics.

Nor do I have any connection to them.

I often post about my Lord and Savior —— yet, in reality, I’m an atheist who thinks all religions, including Christianity, are largely man-made delusions. There is no such thing as heaven. 🙂

My knowledge about Scientology comes from a TV show by Leah Remini that I watched on Netflix (they had a full episode about Robert Minton, and others, who were fair-gamed in a way that I never thought possible).

According to this TV show, they even tormented the company who gave employment to Mike Rinder —— for no reason other than they employed Mike Rinder. They also allegedly paid garbage men $20 per day just to give them people’s garbage each day, so they can sift through it.

They tend to do insane things.

David Miscavige leads the Church of Scientology

Apparently, they have the budget (and tenacity) to hire dozens of people to watch a single individual and torment them for years, which doesn’t really make sense to me, but yet they did it —- according to Mike Rinder and Leah Remini.

Keith Raniere never directed any operations like that.

If you wanna take on Scientology and expose them, I have no issues with that. That’s great. Have at it. It should be entertaining. LOL.

I agree that anybody who believes in Xenu is probably a mindless freak. 🙂

According to L. Ron Hubbard, Xenu [above] was the dictator of the “Galactic Confederacy.” He brought billions of aliens to Earth in space crafts 75 million years ago. He stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs. The spirits of these aliens are called Thetans, and they haunt humans, causing them spiritual harm.
Too bad Xenu never met Ramtha [above].
I just wasn’t sure if you knew how naughty they were, in terms of harassing people. I have no contact with them and would never contact them for any reason.

Anyway, have at it, Frank. Expose Scientology, if you wish. Should be fun. 🙂

Frank’s Reply

L Ron Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology with some strange teachings and beliefs.

I have no reason to attack Scientology or expose it. I have some friends who are members and several who were members. I don’t know enough to form an opinion.

I believe most organizations that call themselves churches are self-serving.

What I like about Scientology is their indenture is shorter than other religions. It is a mere 2 billion years, as opposed to eternity.

Hell lasts a long time.

Sea Org has a relatively short contract expiry.

Xenu is no more creative than Moroni or Moses.

Some say Scientology does terrible things to people who try to leave it. That may be true. The Roman Catholic Church priests did some cruel things to boys sent by their parents to learn.

Church of England Diocese of Chichester clergy.

Muslims have been killing infidels for almost as long as Christians.

Muslims killed thousands on 9/11.

Buddhist monks do all kinds of foul things to women who believe in their magical powers.

Lama Wangdu reportedly likes to drug women before raping them.

Every religion is full of cheaters and foolish stories to entice the gullible.

So David Miscavige may have killed one or two people who got in the way. It would not surprise me, but I have to see the evidence.

As for Scientology’s teachings, I am glad to take a look. But I won’t judge them with a double standard.

If L. Ron Hubbard saw Xenu in a burning bush, or John Travolta healed lepers with an e-meter, I’ll take that with the same grain of salt as when someone says Krishna raised a mountain or Christ walked on water.

Scientologist John Joseph Travolta demonstrates the e-meter.

Or I can eat a wafer or touch the feet of a smelly guru and have my karma disappear.

He cleanses your sins and molests little boys. Then he takes one of these wafers, and all is forgiven, and the Lord has freed him to do it again.

Guru Dawee lets his disciples eat his excrement for enlightenment.

Or take the patent-pending tech of the world’s smartest man, become clear or unified, and stop being suppressive.

Keith Alan Raniere knows all, including how to land in prison for 120 years.

Yes, human gullibility is not confined to Scientology.

Father Moses King David Brandt ‘Chairman Mo’ Berg of the Children of God, had some pretty wives. Berg died in 1994, but his followers believe he continues to lead them from beyond the grave.

Ervil LeBaron, religious atonement sometimes means murder.

Meanwhile, let’s visit some Hindu Temples…

Boy, those yoga asanas sure do work.

I believe in miracles.

When Moses parted the Red Sea, it made it easier to get across.

Jonah was lucky that when a whale swallowed him, he came out the front end, not the back.

It was easy enough to get two of every animal to peacefully board the Ark.

But honestly, it was a little smelly once they set sail.

Sahih Bukhari vol. 7, 65: “Narrated Aisha that the prophet wrote the marriage contract with her when she was six years old, and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: ‘I have been informed that Aisha remained with the prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death).'”

The angel Moroni gave Joseph Smith gold plates. Too bad he lost them, for it would be great to look at them. But we believe.

Be of good cheer.

And repent ye sinners… starting with Bangkok and Dave Miscavige. And those silly people who believe in Scientology.



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  • Arthur C. Clarke was asked by likely a Scientologist, a leading question once, on a radio show, the call in portion.

    Here’s the link to the radio question asked, and Clarke’s short answer:

    In a nutshell Clarke said: “….I never knew Ron Hubbard, he was quite a good writer. But I’m afraid he went crazy and turned on alot of other people crazy ……”

    That kind of is the best shortest answer on Scientologists and Hubbard.

  • Ted Bundy was a good person 99% of his life and most people liked him. I’d need to see him raping and killing in order to believe otherwise.

    – Literally Frank Parlato

    • Theodore confessed to 20 murders. I believed him then and have no reason to doubt it now. The question of whether he is responsible for an additional 12 – 16 murders is what I would consider if I had the time. I do not.

      I do not recall writing anything about Bundy to date, other than he reminded me a little of you.

      • Frank I think you said something similar….

        Such as:
        OJ Simpson was a great guy everyday of his life except that day he killed Nicole.

        • Kid, you’re fresh, you’re funny, you’re great. I want you to know something, from my heart, I never liked you.

  • Bangkok, didn’t Flowers claim Scientologists were stalking and harassing her? Wonder whatever happened to that one.

  • One of my favorite responses Frank. The vulnerability or gullibility in all of us- mixed with humor and historical perspective. The plight of humanity is the same; merely variations of seeking greater purpose.

  • I’m a Scientologist, and I resent you comparing our science based beliefs to the crazy cock and bull stories of myth based religions.

  • I need to respond to clear the record, since Frank has selectively edited my comments to obfuscate my true point.

    Frank edited certain parts out of my comments ——- which made it clear that I was merely responding to his own paranoid comments from a different article that he wrote, where he implied that I was aligned with Scientology simply because I knew about Robert Minton’s ordeal. lol.

    In the link shown above —– he used the TITLE of the article to ‘imply’ that I was secretly aligned with Scientology, LOL, simply because I advised him not to make Alanzo’s crusade the new topic of his blog.

    I basically told him that it was fine to write a few articles about Scientology, here and there, if he really wanted to —— but that he shouldn’t go overboard and let Alanzo goad him into making his Anti-Scientology views the new ‘focus’ of his entire blog.

    Frank responded by implying that I was somehow associated with Scientology, lol, which I thought was very paranoid.

    Therefore, in response to Frank’s paranoid comments —– I made this new comment to demonstrate that, after watching Leah Remini’s TV show, I came to the conclusion that Scientology was an insane organization run by people that were probably unhinged, and to let him know that I had no problem with him choosing to attack Scientology, if he really wanted to. …and to make it clear that I had no connection to them whatsoever, as Frank was trying to imply.

    By the way… All of these comments were made more than a year ago, not recently. LOL.

    I’m not sure why Frank would misrepresent very old comments of mine — since his TITLE makes it seem as though I suddenly said “attack COS” out of the blue. When, in reality, I was merely responding to his paranoid accusations from a year ago — making it clear that I couldn’t care less if he attacks/exposes COS (while still making it clear that I prefer not to read Alanzo’s theories too often on this blog, since he doesn’t present his views in a credible manner like Netflix does).

    Have a good day. 🙂

    • These comments are a fair & truthful clarification of your article, Frank.

      Please don’t purposely hide this clarification from other readers, and please don’t edit it either.

      • You could have simply backtracked by quivering “Tttttake it back Frank!!! I don’t want those crazies going through my garbage and disclosing my expunged juvie skeletons!”

    • Bangkok, when did you stop leading Scientology? I was told you are David Miscavige. Nice Guy’s pool guy told me.

      • Hey Anonymous 5:07-

        Bangkok knows NiceGuy didn’t write that insult because:

        1. NiceGuy’s insults are funny and cruel.

        2. NiceGuy is dog’n Bangkok’s mom so he gotta be nice to the little shithead. FYI: She cleans NiceGuy’s pipes’ out better than drano.

        3. Scott Johnson is NiceGuy’s pool cleaner. Scott don’t know dick about Scientology. Although, Scott does know his way-around a dick.

      • Hi Butt F’ck!

        Did you miss me, dear Alonzo? Actually I never left.

        What’s it like being a loser who has been hated on the internet since its inception?
        People hated you back in the AOL and Yahoo Geocities day.

        My wife is still with me. I don’t want dox you but you know what I’m hinting at….LOL

      • Two sides to every story

        Alanzo: So I let Nice Guy have it, straight between the eyes.

        Nice Guy: Alanzo didn’t fool me for a minute, not this time. I knew I had hold of a red hot poker, and the time to drop it was before it burned my hand off. I stopped at a drive-in for a bottle of beer, the one I had wanted all along, only I wanted it worse now, to get rid of the sour taste of Alanzo and everything that went with it. I didn’t want to go back home, so I dropped by a sex club at Third and Western and went on the other side of a few glory holes to get my mind thinking about something else for a while.

  • Alonzo’s mother’s biggest regret was not flushing Alonzo down the toilet when she had a miscarriage.

    • You said the birth was an accident. Check. You said it was a miscarriage. Check. You said she regretted not aborting her son. Check and double check. You thought you had it cold, all wrapped up in tissue paper, with pink ribbons around it. It was perfect, except that it wasn’t, because you made a mistake, just one tiny little mistake. When it came to picking the victim, you picked the wrong guy, if you know what I mean. It was not Alanzo.

      • Dear Sir,
        An accident?!?
        A birth sir is never an accident. It’s not perchance either, but a simple byproduct of evolution.
        I never claimed it was tidy or “wrapped up”. Seldom is life that way. You’re right about one thing sir: the truth. I obfuscated the truth, to protect her honor. I didn’t pick the wrong guy; I picked the “right guy.”
        The Dame’s boyfriend wanted to entrap her in marriage — he poked a hole in a condom. She had no idea what was afoot. She wanted a child, but not with a deadbeat clod like him.

        A short 3 weeks later trouble ‘emerged’ in the in the form of a fetus (Alonzo). The broad used a coat hanger and pulled it out. The same way a magician pulls a rabbit out of hat. She flung it into the toilet but took pity on this semi-cute baby turd with eyes, splashing around like aquarium exhibit. She let him live! And named “it” Alonzo after her dead pet Guinea pig.

        So there it is…..Mister. The only mistake is the one you’ve made by cross’n my path and attempting to shake “us” down.
        Let’s cut to the chase!
        Gum-shoes like you are a dime a dozen. You want a payoff. You ain’t looking out for the fat numbskull Alonzo, or justice for that matter.

        Hey slick! Here’s an envelope with one grand and a bus ticket to Peoria. Catch the 5:45pm bus. “Don’t come back or there’s a .38 special waiting for you. Nice knowing you fella. Take this pack of smokes with yah too. I quit smoking yesterday day. So long and sayonara!

  • Journalist and author Tony Ortega has been for many years writing a daily blog on Scientology. Recently he added a Substack page with podcasts. Tony does a fantastic job covering all aspects of Scientology. Here is link to the blog:

    • Give it up Alanzo, you have shit in every anti scio blog/forum nest there is. You made your nest, now sleep in hoo. You have found your perfect home here at franks place. You should stay, it’s like that bar “Cheers”. Where everybody knows your name.

      I am not a personal fan of TO, and I can’t stand his “regular” poster idiots, they are a lot like idiots here at franks place. But, unlike frank, TO is a legitimate journalist who reports facts, and not the tablodish fodder written here about Martian babies, and big foot. His reported factual and verifiable content is 100% legit. In spite of SCIO killing his dogs and stalking his entire family, he remains exposing the truth. I wish Frank had that ability.

      • Ortega only posts one side of the facts.

        For instance, in that article I talk about how Ortega reported only the accusations against Masterson, never any of Masterson’s defenses. And with Haggis he reported only Haggis’ defenses, and never any of the details from the accusations against Haggis.

        That’s not journalism. That’s tribalism.

        Some people want that. I don’t. I believe people should question what Ortega writes, and the way he writes it, WAY more than they do.


        • I am a fan of Tony Ortega. I think he has labored away and got the truth out with dogged perseverance.

          The only thing I might fault him for is that he has published no stories about Xenu’s children and big foot’s connection to Scientology.

          • Frank wrote:

            “I am a fan of Tony Ortega. I think he has labored away and got the truth out with dogged perseverance.

            If the truth is only one side’s facts and never the other side’s facts, then yes, Ortega got the truth out.

            But that’s not the truth, as you know, Frank.

            Maybe you don’t know enough about Scientology yet to see the emotional manipulation and outright deception Ortega engages in.

            Keep watching.

            You will.


        • There is where you and I might meet in the middle, ..sort of…TOs ego cannot take criticism. His brigade will attack. They are super immature that way. A lot like you and many others here.

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