Robbie Harvey Facing $150 Million Defamation Lawsuit Launches GoFundMe for Legal Defense

Robbie Harvey Crowdfunds Legal Fees Amidst $150 Million Kassenoff Defamation Lawsuit

“If Robbie is muzzled, then anyone could be the next target,” says GoFundMe page calling for community support.

Social media celebrity Robbie Harvey, with more than 3.1 million followers on TikTok, has organized a GoFundMe crowd-fundraiser to help cover the costs of his defense against a $150 million defamation suit filed by Allan Kassenoff and his attorney, Constantine Gus Dimopoulos. 

The fundraiser, which went live two days ago, has raised $1,612 of its $100,000 target from 48 donors as of 10 p.m. on Wednesday, September 13.

“Will you stand beside us? Will you unite against those attempting to stifle our efforts to report injustices and protect the innocent?” the GoFundMe says in its appeal. 

A Controversial Backstory

Catherine Kassenoff 1969-2023

On May 27, Catherine Youseff Kassenoff, an ex-Assistant U.S. Attorney and the plaintiff, Allan Kassenoff’s wife, publicly disclosed her intention to seek medically assisted suicide in Switzerland that day. This announcement came in the wake of her losing parental rights in a family court in Westchester County, NY.

Four days after her self-reported suicide, Harvey posted TikTok videos reporting Catherine Kassenoff’s death, and included documents and videos laying bare shocking corruption and collusion in her divorce and custody case, which ultimately led to her losing custody of her three daughters,” Harvey’s GoFundMe page states. The page provides a link to one of Harvey’s  TikTok videos of Kassenoff.

Allan Kassenoff “caught on camera abusing his wife. It leads to a horrific ending,” Harvey wrote on TikTok.

According to TikTok’s published stats, Harvey’s videos on the Kassenoffs garnered more than 39 million views.

Standing Up For Free Speech

The GoFundMe page states Harvey reported on “FACTS sourced from Catherine’s court documents, the materials she shared online, and news articles, exercising his First Amendment right to freedom of speech,” as per the GoFundMe page.

The fundraising campaign also pointed out that the Kassenoff case was not the first time Harvey focused on stories of abuse, and pointed out his reporting on other cases involving “victims of New York divorce and family court system.”

Harvey’s Attorney Speaks

Attorney Jonathan Davidoff represents Robbie Harvey.

Jonathan Davidoff, Harvey’s legal counsel, described Kassenoff’s lawsuit as an blatant attempt to “alter the historical record” and a “spiteful revenge attempt” to silence Harvey’s outspoken attempts to expose abuse.

Davidoff said, “In the lawsuit, Messrs. Dimopoulos and Kassenoff attempt to victimize themselves while attempting to rewrite history. Mr. Harvey is committed to vigorously defending the meritless claims assertions…. Mr. Harvey aims to protect not only his own constitutional rights but also those fundamental principles upon which this nation was founded – the right to freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.”

Davidoff said Kassenoff’s lawsuit infringes on Florida’s anti-SLAPP law, which protects against lawsuits aimed at stifling free speech.

Davidoff said, “Messrs. Kassenoff and Dimopoulos will be held accountable for their violation of Florida’s Anti-SLAPP law.”

According to Harvey’s GoFundMe page, the lawsuit could have a “profound impact on the future of journalism and reporting on family courts in America.”

The GoFundMe page says if Kassenoff silences “Robbie’s First Amendment Rights, reporting on injustices by Judges, Attorneys, and Court Professionals in the family law system will be hampered, and certain wrongdoers will NOT be held accountable.”

Community Support

The GoFundMe page states Harvey will use the money solely for his legal defense and donate any unused funds to non-profit organizations working towards change in New York State. 

These include Kyra’s Champions, the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Prevent Child Abuse NY, Sanctuary for Families, Safe Horizons, and Crime Victims Treatment Centers.

Robbie Harvey as he appears in one of the TikTok Kassenoff videos he created.

“Thank you for your assistance, your support, and your prayers,” the GoFundMe page concludes. “Together, we can make a difference and ensure that the truth prevails. Stand alongside Robbie Harvey and the countless victims who rely on his reporting and advocacy.”

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  • Looks like having 3 million followers is worthless when they see through the charade and refuse to fund his defense of the defamation claim. After raising a measly sum that essentially would cover only about 4 hours of a lawyers bill his gofundme is now godefunctme.

  • Have any of you actually read the complaint? Everyone commenting on here must think themselves the pinnacle of honor and integrity. This is heartbreaking. It’s no wonder Frank got as far away from this as possible and reported facts only, from both sides. Robbie Harvey is scum, he profited off of the sensational story of a seriously mentally ill woman and destroyed the lives of her children and their father, who are already going through unimaginable trauma. Sounds like Robbie’s getting exactly what he deserves. Why should he be allowed to profit off of the demise of another? Might have thought yourself a reaper, looks like you are getting exactly what you sowed pal. God bless Allan and his girls. No one should have to live in the hell they are enduring, much less for likes and clicks in social media.

    • Yeah, there is something shaydee about Robbie making money off the pain of women. A real journalist would have given some credit to the Frank Report for 1st breaking the story, not just steal the story and ruin Allan’s career without researching first and only stateting the facts.

  • Harvey went too far but defamation is tough because every allegation he made was first publicly and repeatedly made by a seemingly credible former Federal Prosecutor and advisor to the governor of the 4th largest state (Catherine Kassenoff), with video and documentary support.
    Damages will also be hard to prove too, because while Harvey was the loudest voice, those allegations and very unflattering videos were all out there independent of RH so the same career and personal hits would be a google search away regardless of RH. Some commentators want to compare this to Depp v Heard, but that case was different because, Depp sued person who made the accusations (Heard), not the (many) people who amplified it in (social) media.

    • U clearly didn’t read the complaint
      Allan’s suit is not based on Robbie sharing videos or filings from Catherine’s Dropbox. That’s false. The suit if u read it clearly and meticulously maps out how Robbie defamed Allan with his narrative. Even after he posted the first video he continued on a mission of destruction. When one of the girls reached out to him he mocked her claiming us this u Allan. It actually was one of the daughters. That type of mocking is intentional infliction of pain and harassment which is one of the claims on behalf of the children. Calling his minions to bombard his law firm and clients with harassing calls and demanding Allan get fired is harmful interference with business relationships. All of which are well documented in the complaint.
      I suggest u read the complaint before repeating the same narrative that ignorant people before u continue to repeat that he merely shared Catherine’s story.
      If he did he wouldn’t have been sued.

      • The complaint just lays out Allans “narrative”. So what? RH can claim he relied on what Catherine Kassenoff alleged publicly (and repeatedly) and supported with Videos, cps/police reports, court transcripts and evidence of unethical behavior by experts. RH can legitimately report, follow, believe and support Catherine’s narrative if there was a reasonable basis to beleive it. I do think RH went too far in his vitriol and interpretation but it’s not an easy defamation case. And it seems you must agree because your post ignores defamation and focuses on infliction of emotional distress and interference.
        For the interefence let’s not forget that again Catherine Kassenoff already made many accusations against GT (publicly) so it is also a tough case. If RH was straw that broke GT back, not sure that there is a lot a lot of liability. Regardless it’s a tough case and the fact that Allan doesn’t enter all this with clean hands will make it more so if front of a Florida jury.

        • On the other hand, if I made up crap about my ex and then a news publication broadcast what I said as fact without doing any due diligence and my ex got fired as a result of the news broadcast, they would sue the news publication, not me.

          • Heard was the author of the Washington Post op ed. I guess the determining factor will be whether AK can prove that Harvey knew his claims were false or likely to be false. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

        • We shall see. Robbie was made aware that potentially he’s relying on games information from Catherine’s very select Dropbox. He spoke of a content creator with a Patreon. Alluding to @Geneva. He mocked one of the kids who told him u don’t know the whole story. He was made aware and therefore Allan will likely have a strong defamation suit since he continued on his quest to destroy Allan and his family.
          Even if he doesn’t win all the claims Robbie will most likely lose the anti-slapp motion. Hopefully this will prevent other content creators like Robbie who have huge followings to do a better job fact checking.

      • Having someone that is abusive working for a law firm that represents the public and businesses alike, is unacceptable, and it’s the public’s right to make sure that people like Allan don’t practice law…. He’s an abuser And a liar he makes false statements to the police to have his ex deceased wife arrested. those kind of people should not be working in any law firm and it’s in the public’s best interest for him to not be a lawyer!

  • 1st Robbie is more like a troll not a reporter or journalist
    2nd Robbie picked this fight with Allan. Robbie, told Allan on a video with Allan’s work building in the back, that he was coming for him. Now Allan is coming to your town in Florida.
    3rd Robbie makes Catherine look like a victim of abuse, when it’s her abusive behavior that led to her demise and suicide (still no physical proof).

  • Allen is the one who rewrote history. Lawyers as litigants have an even greater weapon upon entering court- that’s the parental alienation playbook and names of the post sought after vendors (gals, therapists, supervisors).

    I all happens so quickly, and once wheels are in motion, little can stop it.

    When Catherine stood up as Allen rewrote history and defamed a loving mother, whenever Catherine stood up – it was parental alienation or she was interfering with his custody.

    There was no peace anywhere.

    Catherine loved her girls.

    Unfortunately the criminal family court racket proved too much for her. She will join so many heartbroken and defeated parents whose lives were also taken by family court.

    • Show me proof of anything u r saying staring with Catherine loved her girls. No proof. No goodbye. No letting them know that she had a terminal illness (bc she didn’t). She destroyed their lives

    • I believe it was Catherine who rewrite history as the nannies and therapists all verified Allan’s rendition. Maybe don’t rely on a Dropbox of a vengeful mentally ill woman

      • Hearsay by nanny is not verifying anything…it’s just Hearsay Statements.
        Also it wasn’t Robbie that had Allan fired it was everyone that made phone calls Because they wanted to hold a company credible and not have them have abusive people working for them which I think is something of a public interest… so what is Allan going to be suing the thousands of people that made phone calls???!!
        I mean come on!! You can’t blame all the actions of everyone on tiktok upon 1 person!!
        These videos made public by Catherine influenced people To share them and expose the abuse that she endured starting on Facebook and then on Instagram and then on tiktok And everyone was going to do what was done anyway; whether Robbie posted already public videos, or not.

        Other public influencers were publicizing these videos before Harvey did on other platforms and it had a shocking influence on the public because this is and should be a public concern when a woman is having her rights violated and being abused!!!

  • So he is asking for the public to help fund HIS defamation case and at the same time trying to scare his audience that we will all lose our right to free speech. Nice try Robbie. You shouldn’t have crossed the line..This is what happens when you bring a knife to a gun fight. How selfish of you to put your wife through this during her battle with cancer

  • The role of religion in family court system and child welfare. The yeshivas University is a highly regulated Orthodox private university in New York. Graduate school of law and medicine. Includes a social services program. There is a minimum requirement of 2 Jewish study courses. Daniel Pollock has been a professor since 1980. Has held executive management roles and policy maker positions for social welfare. Involved in human services. Human services is completely typed with the fatherhood initiative welfare reform act. The study of child abuse and child and family services . Has testified in several court cases involving child welfare. I would be interested to see how religion has played a role in the child welfare systems in the United States. How it’s effecting family court cases and CPS.

    • New Englanders. The gate to the religions being engaged in the countries appears to be through the health and human services. Unfortunately it’s unclear if Nancy Johnson knew about the future of what appears to be letting the religious organizations involved in government affairs. The federally funded fatherhood initiative and child welfare systems. It is being reported to influence the New York court system. It’s appears possible that the Democrats who are in power may have a hand in opening the gate. The health and human services departments in the country are appearing to play a significant roll in our family court system failure. The federally funded fatherhood initiative welfare reform act is running the courts system. The colleges are deeply intrenced in the department of health and human services. These programs and fundings need to be under heavy oversight. Connecticut appears to be using it to go to the beach ⛱️. There are significant donations to Connecticut schools related to family court and DV from rich men. How is this playing a role in policies related to childrens welfare?

  • Spare me. Harvey isn’t being victimized he is the victimizer. He isn’t reporting “news” he is sensationalizing and defaming solely to make money for himself. You want the attention, you pay the lawyers. Leave the gullible alone to save whatever money they might need for their own litigation.

    • Where’s the defamation? He’s exposing family court corruption, litigation abuse and abuse to chilldren who were torn from a healthy mother for profit.

      Family court is racketeering. So lucrative a business judges, attorneys, and court vendors will go to great lengths to conceal their actions.

      They’re all on it together. No oversight. Judicial review and the BAR are a joke. They criminalize parents and ostracize any ethical attorneys that try to uphold Justice.

      Harvey should put out more info- no be deterred by the machine that’s trying to silence.

      Our constitutional rights are compromised and it gets worse each day. The first amendment is attacked with gag orders in family courts and loss of money, sanctions and theft of children if you dare to speak out.

      Harvey will prevail.

      • The only profit was by Robbie who lined his own pockets off this family’s trauma
        Not one of u Catherine supporters have ever shown actual proof of corruption. Saying that the children were torn from their living mother is not proof that’s just repeating a false narrative that was never proven. To the contrary there’s ample proof that she wasn’t so loving and the children weren’t torn from her.
        If u actually read the complaint it mentions nothing of Robbie being allowed to show the videos on his platform. It rather addresses the defamatory language in which he presented them.

        • Marc Abrams’ report was a major factor in this case, and many others. Abrams is into BDSM and asks women about their sexual proclivities. Furthermore, he diagnosed Catherine with an “unspecified mental disorder.” Call that what you want, but it’s not proper. I don’t think Catherine was perfect, and maybe she got what she deserved, but Marc Abrams should not be anywhere near a courtroom for this kind of evaluation.

          • Marc Abrams can’t name a specific personality disorder as he was the neutral forensic hand picked by our lovely Catherine to determine what’s in the best interest of the kids. He wasn’t doing a deep dive into each of their personalities and diagnosing them. Since he wasn’t her psychologist he couldn’t officially diagnosis what her personality did purser was so he says unspecified as it seems clear she suffered from something which is y the court was lenient with her about violating court orders.
            But again what corruption is there in the kassenoff case on the side of Allan. No one has yet to show me actual proof. Only speculation. Same people who call Catherine a loving mother but show no proof of that. A loving mother doesn’t unalive herself with no proper goodbye to her children. Or no goodbye at all. A loving mother doesn’t claim to have a terminal illness and not let anyone know including her daughters so they could prepare themselves. A loving mother doesn’t launch a destruction campaign against the dole provider of her children. A loving mother wouldn’t unalive herself and not fight for children if she truly believed they were living with an abuser.
            I could go on.
            She was no loving mother show me proof.
            Abrams might be a creeper
            Abrams might have posted inappropriately on Facebook
            But keep in mind he was chosen by no other than the “loving” mother

  • It’s really hard to pick a dog in this fight. In terms of the Catherine/Allan saga I’m on “they both sucked and those kids are going to need years of therapy for it” team but Robbie Harvey is a narcisstic disingenuous d-bag who CLEARLY distorts aspects of this case (things are out of order chronologically, he embellishes facts he does not know etc.). He also as an aside spreads misinformation on other topics on his page. I weep for no one in this matter other than those girls.

  • Why are ALL these child abusers so outrageously ugly ????????????They all look the part. Every single jerk on this blog that abuses their kids looks like a serial killer with a nebulous pooper scooper stuck up their clogged up anal retentive hairy shat infested hole.

    • Why do all unintelligent people with nothing of value to say find the need to use language that right away you can tell they are ugly people inside & out ! Your comment adds not credence to this article nor to the situation . It’s dumb comments like yours that pokes fun at a serious situation and become a distraction !

  • This man is Pau Rigo, 83 years old. Today he has sat in the dock for killing one of the 4 thieves who robbed his house. The old man is accused of murder with incomplete exoneration of self-defense for which the prosecution is asking for 4 years in prison. On February 24, 4 hooded men robbed his house, locked his wife in a room and forced him to go to the safe. There he took the shotgun he had stored and hid waiting for the robbers to return from gagging his wife, taking the opportunity to shoot one of the assailants who died. It is a disgrace that organized crime in the form of “justice” and “politics” that has infiltrated the governments of all the countries of the West should put an old man in jail for defending his family from criminals.

  • Florida is a terrible place to use the Anti-SLAPP laws. They are very narrowly tailored and construed.

    I would love to see Robbie Harvey’s lawyers make a forum non conveniens / transfer argument and get the case moved to the SDNY. There is no way Robbie Harvey doesn’t take them to the cleaners under NY and 2d Circuit law, which is much more favorable than FL and 11th Circuit law to all types of newsgathering and press activities, and provides far broader anti-SLAAP protections with real teeth.

    New York State law protects “any communication in a place open to the public or a public forum in connection with an issue of public interest” or “any other lawful conduct in furtherance of the exercise of the constitutional right of free speech in connection with an issue of public interest . . . .” N.Y. Civ. Rights Law § 76-a(1)(a)(1)-(2) (McKinney).

    The NY law makes it easier for a defendant to obtain dismissal of a SLAPP suit. A defendant may file a motion to dismiss demonstrating that the legal action involves “public petition and participation,” and then the burden shifts to the plaintiff to show that the lawsuit “has a substantial basis in law or is supported by a substantial argument for an extension, modification or reversal of existing law.” If the plaintiff fails to carry this burden, the court must dismiss the case. To survive a traditional motion to dismiss, on the other hand, a plaintiff merely needs to establish a claim that “cognizable at law.”

    If I’m Robbie Harvey, I ask for the move. The factual issues all relate to events that had their center of gravity in New York. Depositions and discovery can best be accomplished there. He has a shot.

    And if he gets the move, he had a legit chance at an abuse of process counterclaim and Rule 11 sanctions.

    Kassenoff might have filed in MDFL to save face, knowing the case didn’t have real legs, and hoping for a money whip.

    In New York, Harvey can take Kassenoff to the cleaners.

    • Good advice that I hope reaches Robbie Harvey and his attorney. Someone should make sure that Harvey is aware of this advice.

      • I would be careful of following that advice Harvey as you never know if it’s being sent by the wrong people to lure you to a NY court, where many of the players you have talked Badly about are friends with the judges who would handle your case. Tread lightly Harvey. You are brave and understand that when you speak truth many will try to take you down. You are the only man I’ve ever seen who fought so very hard to expose a system that is truly hurting it’s own people. Westchester court are by far some of the worst in this corruption dating back to the Kennedy’s and their divorces I’ve read… Her girls are now living 24/7 with him, who is now in charge of their food, home, and ultimately their entire lives. They will likely do and say anything he wants them to in order to survive. Stockholm syndrome and coercive control.

    • Your Substack page is worth reading. It should be pointed out.

      This is Satire?
      This is Satire?
      Calling all Thought Criminals. Exposing Corruption, Oathbreakers, Gaslighting, and Censorship. This is Satire? Read and decide. Comments or tips: or (239) 631-5957.

      By Richard Luthmann · Over 16,000 subscribers

      NXIVM Fake News: Luthmann Exposes Bogus Reddit “Reporter”
      Is “Incorruptible_BK” – Supporting Pedophiles and Abusers? Luthmann Says YES.


      • Does Luthmann seriously not understand that someone posting in an Internet forum is not a reporter??? is the equivalent of hanging around a water cooler.

        • Anonymous, September 16, 2023 at 9:38 am:
          That’s not the legal standard. A journalist is a journalist if they behave like a journalist. In fact, your “water cooler” argument is the same argument the US Government used to discredit Glenn Greenwald when he broke the Edward Snowden story:

          Remember, at the time Greenwald had a successful practice of civil rights law to become a full-time reporter for the Guardian. And Greenwald still “wasn’t a journalist.” He won the Pulitzer Prize.

          Your argument is pure horseshit. It’s about whether the speech deserves press protection and whether the speaker was engaged in newsgathering and reporting.

          • I think you lost track of my “argument” maybe. I’m saying that BK on Reddit has never identified as a reporter or journalist that I know of. I’m not talking about Harvey. As far as I know, BK does not have any defamation lawsuit against him at this time so who cares if they meet the legal definition of a journalist or not?

      • Thanks. I throw stuff up there that is edgy or off-topic (politics, sports, etc.).

        Also, Frank is too classy to go after amateurs like Asshole_BK and his six-person-deep Reddit echo chamber also known as the “Island of Misfit Toys.” But I will. That guy is such a tool. If you saw the evidence, it’s clear I tried to present Irascible_BK with evidence contradicting what he was stating as actual fact. Imbecilic_BK wouldn’t even respond or provide an email address. He’s not a journalist, and don’t get fooled into believing he is. In any event, I have discovered who Incorruptible_BK is and what his ax to grind with Keith Raniere is. Maybe his new name will be Impotent_BK by the time I’m done with him.

    • I am sure Fla District Court (any ct really) would be happy for an excuse to get this madness off their docket. This is a contentious divorce action (against an already deceased spouse) masquerading as a defamation suit. Utter waste of time

        • Wow you’re a tough guy !
          I guess you learned nice manners in prison ! Why is it all these Robbie Harvey trolls condemn violence , scream that others are abusive when they are the most abusive characters who use bullying tactics that they stand on a platform condemning ! You are a grown ass man commenting on a blog as if you’re at a sleepy bar or a drunken tailgate event . I would think considering your relationship w/ Frank , you would show self control & treat your comments on his blog respectfully!

    • No way Robbie would win the motion to transfer. On what basis? Plaintiff made it easier for Robbie by suing in his district. There’s no financial burden on Robbie. He would lose the motion to transfer simply bc he prefers the statute in NY. Point of origin in most videos is his home in FL. It would be a waste of his limited financial resources

      • The weight of gravity of the litigation is in New York. All of the witnesses to be deposed are there. All of the records are there. When Robbie subpoenas the Greenberg Traurig management to prove he was a “sub par Marine,” those depos will be in NYC. Robbie can expand his “resources” and make a shit ton of money video taping those depos and cutting them up into TikTok videos. One thing lawyers hate is going under oath.

          • Hey Peaches,

            “Sub Par Marine” refers back to the movie “A Few Good Men.”

            Jack Nicholson called the dead marine he had ordered beaten a “Sub-Standard Marine.” But this was only after he said that he “wasn’t to be touched.”


            It’s kind of my short-hand for saying that Allan Kassenoff is full of shit and he’s going to get SLAUGHTERED if he ever goes under oath.

            And that: “He was a ‘Sub-Standard Lawyer’ at Greenberg Traurig” might explain his firing. The managing partners may have been looking for a trap door for him for months. It’s the nature of the corporate world. I know the feeling…and nowadays try to avoid such negativity at all costs. Why spend so much time playing “shitty” chess when you can go fishing or camping and solve all your problems in one fell swoop? Much more therapeutic.

  • Robbie Harvey should feel embarrassed for starting a Go Fund Me to pay for his legal troubles..Where was the Go Fund Me when his wife had cancer? To ask for money from a following of primarily women in the middle to lower income class is pathetic. Get a real job Robbie with benefits..Stop acting like you are a victim in this situation that you created

      • Everyone has the right to donate ! What isn’t write is preying on people because you know their vulnerable & hang on your every word ! Everyone has the right to donate when they are presented with the truth & that scare tactics that are actually false is another way to lure them The way this gofundme is written is the same way Robbie Harvey presented his videos – he has you believing he’s all good when the reality is he’s not protecting Free Speech there are numerous other claims in this complaint – he needs money to protect & defend himself from actions he knew were reckless & wrong !

    • There is nothing wrong with asking donations for the cause of reporting on family court matters. We need all the help we can get. Limited on reporters. So ask away and people have the freedom to choose for themselves. It American.. free to donate to the cause of your choice.

      • Robbie was on a smear campaign. He did nothing but hold back court reform. He has shown no proof of any corruption on the side of Allan or Gus or any of the players. He’s chosen select videos and filings from a Dropbox that intentionally omitted the majority of court filings. He did no research and added narrative which was defamatory

        • It made me sick when Harvey was on NewsNation and said, “It’s not against the law to yell in your home. But that’s where _I_ come in!” as though it was his job to be the judge, jury, and executioner of Allan. It was truly disturbing, and I hope Allan and Gus put him through the ringer.

      • That’s what he’s trying to do but morons like u believe this pathetic soul had some altruistic mission beyond lining his own pockets. This suit is about taking care of his kids by getting the truth out so he can get a job and take care of them. If u cared about the kids u would encourage people to hire him. U think Robbie even contributed to the go fund me for the kassenoff kids?! Better yet, did you?!

    • What’s pathetic is Allan asking for 150M like he’s some international superstar? Please. What a loser. And this lawsuit shows what a classic narc and litigation abuser he continues to be. Does he have any thought that the real impact on his kids is losing their mother?? Harvey didn’t cause that. ALLAN DID

  • Rob Harvey has collected less than $2,000. He is in big trouble. Even with a viable defense it will cost tens of thousands to reasonably defend this action.

  • Hay attorneys, you are officers of the court. You service the public. Your actions and conduct are not private. The people have the right to report on them . Just like the politicians. Don’t practice law or run for office if you don’t want the public to contact you or state displeasure about your conduct.

    • People have the right to report on anything. They don’t have the right to make stuff up and publish lies about anyone. Even attorneys.

        • All I can say is read the lawsuit. There’s a link to it in the New Yor Post article. Harvey lied numerous times and the proof is all over the internet and in court records.

      • Harvey didn’t make it up. Catherine dumped the information. Irregardless of her own conduct which is not innocent of some mistakes or wrong doing. The information is there to support the statements. .

      • The same should be said about attorneys making stuff up about opposing sides and putting things the court records that are untrue.

  • What a joke. Harvey manipulated women to get them to tell him their stories and then puts on his act including fake facial expressions and angry tone to have click bait to make money. Now he wants those same people to pay for his lawyer who lost his own divorce in the same court and wants to get revenge against his ex-wife’s lawyer. Harvey for himself into this by exploiting women and rather than share the money he makes off them for food causes lines his own pockets and then has the temerity to exploit these women further by asking them to pay Davidoff to defend him. Glad to see almost all of his alleged 3 million followers are not falling for this sham since only 50 have contributed pennies to this joke. But at least now he can afford to have a 2 hour consult with the lawyer who is about to beat him in court…..

    • Hopefully you had a hearty laugh at this profound joke, but your comment has no hint of laughter.
      What do you care? It’s not your money and it’s not your defense.

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