Readers Ask and I Answer Questions on Nxivm – With One Race Baiter – and My Response

There is still a lot more to learn about cults by the study of one cult leader, Keith Alan Raniere.

I get a fair number of questions from readers and usually I try to answer them.

Here are some that came within the last day or so.

A reader asked:

Hi Frank, isn’t the person who made the comment wrong when they said that you, “just walked away”[from Nxivm]?

You couldn’t just walk away because you were named in that LA real estate lawsuit and were being interviewed by the press about NXIVM in 2010.

You also said you talked to [Albany Times Union reporter James] Odato for hours for his 2012 Times Union expose and even sent him documents.

Times Union reporter James Odato broke many of the stories of crime that Keith Raniere and Nxivm were engaged in, but law enforcement in the Albany area never even investigated let alone prosecuted Raniere and Nxivm for anything. 

I’m curious to know, if you hadn’t been fired, at what point do you think you would have walked away from Raniere and his sex cult?

Besides DOS, what is the thing that if you had known about it or discovered it, would have caused you to quit working for the sex cult?

You said shortly after you started working for Raniere, you learned that he was lying about being a celibate monk and that he wasn’t just lying about being celibate but was sleeping with multiple students and board members. Do you regret not coming forward publicly with that information sooner? Even if you didn’t go public with that information, do you think if you had told Mack, Vicente, Edmondson that fact back in 2007, when they were still only a year or two into the cult, that they would have quit or do you think you would have ended up silenced like Synder, in prison like Tighe, or facing trumped-up criminal charges even earlier?


My Answers

By Frank Parlato

Let’s take these questions one by one:

Isn’t the person who made the comment wrong when they said that you, “just walked away”? You couldn’t just walk away because you were named in that LA real estate lawsuit and were being interviewed by the press about NXIVM in 2010.

Right. I did not walk away from Nxivm. I was fired – right after I secured millions of dollars in assets for the Bronfmans.  For several years afterward, I was involved in the lawsuit against Yuri Plyam, the original developer of the Los Angeles real estate deal, but it took up only a marginal amount of my time.

I initiated the lawsuit on behalf of the Bronfmans to gain control of the Los Angeles real estate and I won a preliminary injunction giving me possession and control of the properties on behalf of Precision Development.

It took three more years for the Bronfmans to prevail in Precision v. Plyam.

I was the architect of the original lawsuit in 2008. After winning the preliminary injunction in January 2008,  I advised settlement with Plyam who seemed to be reasonable at the time. Keith Raniere rejected my idea. I was fired shortly after, quite likely because I was investigating what happened to some $65 million in Bronfman money supposedly invested in commodities.

I was fired unofficially in late February and officially in March 2008.  The Precision v. Plyam lawsuit was concluded in 2011. Within 60 days of winning the lawsuit against Plyam in Los Angeles, Clare Bronfman went to the Western District of New York and filed a federal criminal complaint against me and then went to a grand jury and perjured herself to set me up for an indictment.

I did not find out about the grand jury until much later. In short, Raniere/Bronfman did not go after me until after they first used my good work to go after Plyam.

As soon as Raniere won the Plyam lawsuit, he ordered the Bronfmans to go after me. He tried to get Plyam criminally too, but in Los Angeles the feds weren’t interested. They had actual crimes they were working on.

The ironic part of the lawsuit against Plyam was that the Bronfman’s spent about $10 million in legal fees to win a $10.2 million judgment. But they did not get their $10 million back since they bankrupted Plyam by the time they won the judgment.

All they had was a paper judgment worth zero.

To this day, the Los Angeles properties have not been developed. Some were foreclosed. Some were sold at a loss. And on others sit partially built houses, with exposed and rusting foundations, that will one day have to be dug up and removed.

I recovered more than 30 choice parcels of land in Los Angeles County for the Bronfmans. They returned the favor by suing me and going after me criminally. I returned their favor by starting the Frank Report.

Just as Raniere destroyed the lives of his followers, he destroyed the project and, where he could, the properties themselves.

But the answer is “Yes, I could not just walk away”. Raniere obliged me to fight and I did.

The result is he is in prison and I am fighting to not go to prison on completely false charges. I will demonstrate in the future that the federal government can be completely wrong and yet because of their normally superior powers over the private citizen, they needn’t care about justice. Actions speak louder than words. Let me just say that a resounding acquittal is good for the legal system and will likely form a significant part of my upcoming documentary.

I’m curious to know, if you hadn’t been fired, at what point do you think you would have walked away from Raniere and his sex cult?

I didn’t know it was a sex cult at the time. I knew he had several women, but everyone I knew about was a consenting adult. I had no problem with it. I did not know about any underage girls. I would have quit if I knew that – and reported it to the authorities.

That was obviously kept very hidden.

If I knew he has doing physically ruinous things to women, possibly poisoning them or encouraging their suicides, I would have quit and reported it.

After about three months working for Nxivm, my work shifted to California and I had only phone contact with Nxivm leaders. I was not hired to investigate Nxivm. I was hired to be a public relations consultant and later an all-around consultant.

I spent three months in Albany and about three months in California. Of the first three months, I spend about a month and a half at Clare’s horse farm, about 45 minutes out of Clifton Park, then a month and a half in Clifton Park.  My primary contacts were Kristin Keeffe, Keith Raniere, Clare and Sara Bronfman, and Nancy Salzman. I did not get deep into the bowels of the cult.

In fact, I did not even think of it as a cult at the time.  I met a number of women and men who were close to Raniere and the impression I got was they were happy and looked up to Keith as their teacher, mentor, guru.

The words “slave” or “master” were not used.  They were not branding women then.  I did not know that Keith imposed a rule on the women that he slept with that they could not have sex with anyone other than Keith. It was my impression at the time that he had several girlfriends, but I did not probe into his personal sex life.

I understood there were a number of attractive women who looked up to him and that he likely had intimate relations with them. That was their business, not mine.

At the time, the women all seemed pretty healthy to me. They were slender, but not emaciated. No one complained about being sleep-deprived.  They seemed loyal to Keith and the organization.  As a consultant, I did not see anything nefarious or illegal.

I did observe a lack of general competence in certain followers, but I did not attribute this to mind-confusing courses, hypnotic induction or gaslighting, but rather to the fact that very often people who seek a guru are weak-minded or confused. That is why they go to a teacher. I think if a teacher is good, he might be able to help them become able to think for themselves.

For me, the jury was out then as to whether Keith was a good teacher. He might have been able to help students get to the point where they do not need a teacher anymore. That was supposed to be the purpose of the Executive Success Programs. To get people to think for themselves and become successful.

I found out much later that that was never Raniere’s goal. He wanted permanent dependence.  If I had known that then, I would have quit as a public relations person.

I might not have quit the real estate development project since that was for Clare and Sara Bronfman and I think they had the right to get their money back and make a profit, something which would have occurred if I had not been fired.

Clare and Sara Bronfman struck me as rather naive.  Clare seemed smitten by Raniere, Sara seemed less smitten and a bit more balanced.

My work as a public relations consultant was not to glorify Nxivm or its teachings. It was to try to get them a fair hearing with media.  My strategy was to make Nxivm more transparent, especially with the three reporters who were covering them in less than favorable light: James Odato {Times Union], Chet Harding [Albany Metroland], and Jeannie MacIntosh [NY Post].

I urged Keith to be interviewed and to open up a Nxivm class to allow reporters to attend. To show that this was not a secretive cult, as they were being accused of being, but a group that was well-intended.

Keith Raniere with Loreta Garza around 2007.

I do remember one suggestion I made to Keith to which he agreed. He had quite long hair and a beard which gave him a bit of a Charles Manson appearance and fed into the stereotype of his being a cult leader. I suggested he cut his hair and shave and he agreed he would do that, and put on shoes for interviews.

The media meetings never came off. I went to California, found suspicious activity going on there, sought to investigate the commodities losses, and was fired.

The rest is Keith and Nxivm history.

Besides DOS, what is the thing that if you had known about it or discovered it, would have caused you to quit working for the sex cult?

The child sex abuse. I met Camila when I was there. She was babysitting for Kristin Keeffe. I believe she was around 17 at the time. I saw her as an intelligent young lady. I had no idea she was sleeping with Keith. Neither did anyone else apparently.

I knew of no women who were under age 30 who were sleeping with Keith.  Most of the women were around his age. In fact, some were older [Nancy Salzman and Kathy Russell].  I had no idea he had a proclivity for children.

I knew he had a propensity for lawsuits. At the time, he and Kristin explained the merits of the lawsuits – and bragged that they had top attorneys promoting the merits. I advised them to stop suing people because it was counterproductive.

The fact that they thought Toni Natalie was, for instance, a thief was their prerogative. They claimed to have ample evidence. I declined to assist them in their lawsuit against her because the amount she allegedly stole was less than the cost of recovery.

Prior to Nxivm, and during its earliest days, Toni Natalie [l] was part of Keith Raniere’s harem. She was later accused of absconding with about $50,000 of Nancy Salzman’s [right] money.
In the matter of Joe O’Hara, I determined that he did nothing wrong.

As for Rick Ross, I felt Keith was wrong to sue him over copyright infringement mainly because it would make my job as the organization’s public relations consultant harder. But I felt Keith had the right, if he felt strongly about it, to pursue a copyright infringement claim.

The bottom line is that the worst thing I saw was the litigation efforts. At the time, I gave Keith credit for being able to make his own judgments about how he wanted to conduct his legal affairs. He had top attorneys and made good arguments over the merits of the cases.

You said shortly after you started working for Raniere, you learned that he was lying about being a celibate monk and that he wasn’t just lying about being celibate but was sleeping with multiple students and board members. Do you regret not coming forward publicly with that information sooner?

That is not correct. I didn’t know at the time I worked as a consultant that Keith and/or the women he was sleeping with were telling students he was a celibate monk. I learned that much later. I knew early on that he was not celibate but I never heard him or anyone claim that he was.

So no, I don’t regret not coming forward. There was nothing to come forward about.

Do you think if you had told Mack, Vicente, Edmondson that fact back in 2007, when they were still only a year or two into the cult, that they would have quit or do you think you would have ended up silenced like Synder, in prison like Tighe, or facing trumped-up criminal charges even earlier?

If I had information then about Raniere which I had later and had I told it to his followers like Mack, Vicente and Edmondson, I think Keith would have gone after me sooner. I might have disappeared like Snyder, but more likely I would have been attacked with trumped-up criminal charges sooner.

I doubt Mack, Edmondson or Vicente would have believed me at the time if I had known and told them things against Raniere.

Allison Mack followed Keith Raniere for several years before joining him in his bed and hot tub.

I was an outside consultant. I would have had to have some pretty solid evidence of wrongdoing.  Even so, they all read the Times Union stories and stayed. They read the 2010 stories about how Raniere lost $65 million in commodities, and they stayed. They read the 2012 Times Union stories about Raniere’s alleged pedophilia and they stayed.

The reason they stayed is that they did not believe the stories were true. They did not believe them because Raniere and his inner circle women told them that they were lies. It is the nature of cults that followers believe the leader over outside sources.


Now for a few more questions from other readers:

From Peaches

Would you get in trouble if you mentioned Slyvie’s last name? 

No, I would not get in trouble if I mentioned Sylvie’s last name. I am withholding her name to protect her privacy. She did get out of Nxivm and she helped in the prosecution of the villainous Raniere. That’s more than Cami did. If it were up to Cami, she’d engineer a jailbreak tomorrow.


From Mexican Lady

Sylvie recruited more slaves than Camilla. Why does Frank Report post Camilla’s picture but not Sylvie’s? Recruiting people into an organization you know is fraud is bad. It seems a double standard on Camilla who is a victim, like Sylvie, in my opinion.

You raise an interesting point. Both were victims and both were to some degree perpetrators. The one difference is that Sylvie is out of Nxivm. She not only is out, she stepped forward and worked to take down Raniere, exposing herself to public shame, etc. by being a witness. That gives her credit in my book.

Camila, on the other hand, not only did nothing to take down Raniere, but tried her best to defend him and continued to work for Nxivm and its gruesome child experiment Rainbow Cultural Garden – even after Raniere’s arrest and trial.

As far as being equal victims/villains, Cami was far more. Don’t forget Cami was out actively seeking virgins for Keith.


An Anonymous Reader [in response to Mexican Lady]: 

Sylvie is a White Lady, [Cami is Mexican] by now you should have picked up on the white supremacy sympathies of this site.

My differing coverage of Sylvie and Cami has nothing to do with “white supremacy.” I think if you read the Frank Report carefully, you will find that most of my targets are “white”: e.g., Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, etc. etc. etc.

Ninety-five percent of the expose targets are “white” because “whites” did most of the crimes in Nxivm.

However, down in Mexico, there were some villains and they get their fair share of criticism – the Boone brothers, the Garza sisters, Mariana Fernandez, Emiliano Salinas, and Alex Betancourt to name the most prominent.

If you want to know the main reason why Cami is still fair game in my mind: She is still in Nxivm, while Sylvie is out.

When Cami quits [for her own good], I will stop posting her picture. It has nothing to do with being white.

Yes, Cami was a victim, but when she came of age, she became a perpetrator of Raniere’s cruel goals. She actively sought out virgins for him to deflower.

If Sylvie were to rejoin Nxivm, I would publish her picture and first and last name.

I met both Cami and Sylvie in 2007, and they both looked to have pretty similar skin color to me.

Of course, there are people who will object to that statement of my non-differentiation between peoples of England [Sylvie] and Mexico [Cami] in terms of race. They are probably the same kind of people who say I am not white because my ancestors were Sicilian.

I am OK with that by the way.

I don’t think of myself as white or non-white and I don’t like to answer forms that ask my race.

And I don’t really like responding to ignoramuses who want to make race an issue on this website.




















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  • I hate to break it to Mexican Lady, but the entire NXIVM Mexican contingent is white also. Does she need her vision checked?

  • Gene
    Frank, if you thought the girl in Upper Anchorage, was Kristin, where is the photo proof, age, and why have you NOT told the Snyders about this trip to the Upper Anchorage area?
    Do you have a photo? May we please see it? Maybe the Snyder family would like to rule out the possibility- that it is Kristin?
    Will you please put the issue to bed, and show us the photos? Please?

  • Kelly
    Frank, I was wondering, if you thought you saw Kris when you went to the upper part of Alaska – and you went to see the Snyders, why didn’t you report this finding to them?
    Why didn’t you get a photo of the girl to show to them? Why not an address?
    Do you ever intend to tell them about this evidence? Will you ever tell them?
    Why or why NOT?

  • Frank, Italians are white. Sicilians were invaded and occupied by gross muslim a-rabs who shit on them. Perhaps Sicilians are genetically different from most Italians due to the muslim rapes, but Italian is Italian, which is European. White means European, just like yellow means East Asian. Whites come in all types. From jet black hair to blonde. Dark eyes to blue. Pale skin and olive. Western Civilisation comes from the Greco-Roman heritage. Greek and Italian. America was originally ethnic Anglo Saxon. Well not all whites originate from Britain. When you fill out a form, tick WHITE with pride.

      • Nor were the very white Irish. Re-read the above. America was initially Anglo Saxon and Protestant. They didn’t like anyone who was not both. Not every white/European person is Anglo Saxon. There are Mediterraneans, Eastern Europeans/Slavs, Scandinavians and Germanic people. White is white. European is European. If you originate from Europe, you are white.

        • The point is other ethnic groups were not initially welcomed to America, it took a generation or two. The ethnic groups you mention are mixtures of African, Arab, Mongol, etc. There is no pure white European. Even Europeans originated from Africa, if you go back far enough. This entire argument is just a Libtard game played to cause division. LOL

          • No, Europeans are not “African, Arab, Mongol”. In that case, Chinese are African “ if you go far back enough”. Go back further and they were organisms in the sea without eyes. European is European. They are the youngest race/ethnic groups and have different genetics amongst themselves. Europeans evolved into something else from where they migrated from. Being raped by muslims does not stop them from being European. Spanish were occupied by dirty muslims for three centuries. The Sicilians, Greeks and Balkan people were violated too. European genes can be traced with DNA testing to the continent of Europe. Their most recent ‘cousins’ are different people. Libtards certainly love division. If your ancestors date back thousands of years in Europe, you are European and white.

  • Hi Frank.
    I feel flattered I was included in this article. Thank you. It makes me feel important and loved.
    However, I later saw the photo of Cami, which I argued was unfair to post.

    This whole thing made me feel the following: It felt like I was invited to a lovely dinner, great food, good music, loving my date, but then…I was raped in the back alley by my date 🙁

    I did not like that.

    Shouldn’t we focus on exposing the big fish? What about posting the pictures of the Boone brothers and Levy?
    I think this is complicated because Frank Report is now a bigger platform. So why would you go after little fish? (similar to what you said to Keith about going after his exes (little fish not worth it) ). Isn’t going after little fish like Cami similar to being a bully like Keith? What is the difference?

      • Thanks. I kinda understand your point better with this post. I still think it is very complex. I think Camila can’t get out because she is a victim of sex trafficking. Hence why I would focus on the big fish. The Boone brothers, Levy, their families, etc.

        I have to say. Great work in reporting, Frank. You are a great publicist because you are capable of engaging audiences. You take the time to cultivate an informed participatory audience. I think that was how you are able to compete with Main Stream Media, such as the New York Times, etc.

        Kudos and keep growing!
        But go after the big fish. I don’t think the slave minions matters so much.

        Keep growing!

  • “This is the kind of writing that I like to see in Frank Report. First-person, or corroborated witnessed stories. ”
    Hmm…where did you see that?
    Also, Frankie doesn’t like corroborated witnessed stories as it breaks his fantasy stories…
    Now give him rumors, conspiracies, and such fake stories, that is his stuff…

  • “do you think if you had told Mack, Vicente, Edmondson that fact back in 2007”
    First, Parlato only cares about Parlato…but to his defense, I doubt it would have changed unless he told Allison before they started to manipulate her mind (and it started really early (just not at the same level as around 2012-13)…
    As for Vicente and Edmondson, they never would have left as Vicente isn’t the brightest (it’s not his first cult) and he was making money…Sarah was also making too much money to care about what is right or wrong.

    Also, Vicente and Edmondson were in for longer than a year back in 2007…and Allison entered in 2007 (well, end of 2006).

    “I would have quit if I knew that – and reported it to the authorities.”
    Seeing some of your perverted articles, I doubt so… I’d believe more easily that you would have joined Raniere…Sorry but hard to see it otherwise while you seem to have the dirtiest most perverted mind that I’ve read (not even worst than Raniere but on par)

    “I might have disappeared like Snyder”
    You give yourself too much importance Frankie…if he killed her, it’s likely partly for what she knew but mainly because she was a girl.
    He hates girls and that is why is he trying to destroy them.

    “I doubt Mack, Edmondson or Vicente would have believed me at the time if I had known and told them things against Raniere.”
    Before they started to manipulate her mind, Allison would have believed it as she was doubtful about this (until her fantastic and adorably perfect friend helped her by using the trust Allison put on her…).
    Edmondson and Vicente, well it’s complicated to know how much Sarah knew (she knew a lot but how much…she never told the truth about that and avoid the subject (and the trial)).
    Vicente, on the other hand, knew well and knew it was true but he could give two craps for other peoples’ lives…best example is his own confession about seeing Allison being destroyed by Raniere (and Raniere confessed it), possibly trying to kill her and yet, Vicente just walked away and ignored her.
    Better yet, he and Sarah decided to blame (knowing fully that she wasn’t behind anything) Allison.

    “Would you get in trouble if you mentioned Slyvie’s last name?”
    Actually, what is the point of this? except shaming her anormaly…
    I know, USA doesn’t have justice and it’s sad but forget “an eye for an eye” and don’t forget that Sylvie was coerced to do what she did…
    Sylvie isn’t the only victim who did what she did…Nicole could have done it, she was following the order (even the most unacceptable) and it was a matter of time until she would be asked to do the same!
    Jayes pretty much did it but luckily her “victim” refused in time.
    India did worst and extorted from Jayes’ financial advantages (jewels)
    Allison did too…
    But they were all coerced to do it and technically, it means like they were forced under pression which means that the criminal is the puppeteer (Raniere in this case).

    Plus most of the people who know more about this cult know who is Sylvie, what is her last name. it’s not like her description fit many people in the cult.

    “The one difference is that Sylvie is out of Nxivm”
    Now that’s BS, you don’t care if people are out or not…or else you would stop on Allison.

    “As far as being equal victims/villains, Cami was far more. Don’t forget Cami was out actively seeking virgins for Keith.”
    Actually, Cami did breach the limit as in her case, she entered DOS fully knowing the real purpose (before giving any kind of collaterals) and was supportive of the idea…
    But to her defense, she was dragged in the cult when she was young by her completly wacky family…and to add to the gruesome, she was also perverted by Raniere since she was a teenager (one of the underage victims is her after all).

    So while, as an adult, Cami showed no compassion, empathy or human sane reaction, she was abused, manipulated and forced into this life for so long that I assume it felt completly normal for her…
    Between her crazy parents supporting this cult and Raniere’s manipulation, she was given rigged dice to play since her young years.

    “Ninety-five percent of the expose targets are “white” because “whites” did most of the crimes in Nxivm.”
    Well out of this, 95 percent is against one of the victims so don’t blame people for lying about you when that is what you do …95 percent of the time.

    “When Cami quits [for her own good], I will stop posting her picture. It has nothing to do with being white.”
    Although you don’t post about her that frequently, I say BS.
    Allison is out and yet you try to tie her to other unproved crimes and rumors you make up…
    Same will happens to others as you care about clicks, not the truth.

    • “Allison is out ”

      That is debatable.
      Here is how her alter ego refers to her on Allison’s Instagram fan page:

      213 posts
      114 following
      If you don’t like the brilliant and talented Allison mack feel free to move along

      👸👸👸❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #inspiration #beautiful #gorgeous #amazingwoman #greatactress #blessed #caring #gentlesoul #unique #extraordinary #exceptional #angelic #heavensent #captivating #majestic #devine #freeallison #goddess #queen #phenomenalwoman #intelligent #compassionate #hero

  • Fascinating, Frank! And wittily writ at that!

    Takes me back to the whole Precision v Plyam trial — sitting there in the LA courtroom incognito — seriously, with dyed hair and fake granny glasses. I was scared as hell of Keith — this was after I blew the whistle on Keith’s pedophile past and my suspicions about his role in her death. And during the trial, it was clear there was a strategy, an agenda going on to set Frank up next in their scapegoat line-up just as I knew Joe O’Hara too was subjected. That’s was always Keith’s pattern to destroy the men.

    So many facets to your story, Frank, I’m confident you’ll prevail if there’s any justice left.

    I’m sure all your loyal readers do want to hear more about your case. What do your lawyers say about that? OK to discuss?

  • 1. Why didn’t you attend a class before recommending other media attend it?

    2. The Ross lawsuit had no merit, all that Ross did was publish something that was given to him. That is clearly not a crime. The person that gave him the information probably violated the NDA, but that has nothing to do with Ross.

    3. O’Hara did nothing wrong – does that include the Texas crime he was convicted of?

    4. Raniere sleeping with multiple women isn’t illegal, but it is something that makes the public relations task virtually insurmountable, and I would be more concerned about that than the lawsuits, which many companies use to resolve issues, whether their motivations are good or evil. However, openly having sex with multiple women has disaster written all over it, especially since it wasn’t in the context of a social framework that supports this arrangement, such as Muslims and Mormons.

    5. ESP is supposed to stand for Executive Success Programs, not Extreme Sexual Pervert.

    6. The only race discussion on this site should be whether someone is a member of the human race, I don’t consider any of the NXIVM creeps to be members, they are subhuman.

  • This is the kind of writing that I like to see in Frank Report. First-person, or corroborated witnessed stories.

    I am the long-time lurker who asked for Mr. Parlato to write more about the evolution of his understanding of NXIVM and the Intensives.

    What I meant by Mr. Parlato “walking away” from NXIVM was that when he was fired from public and press relations and damage-control of the Los Angeles real estate fiasco, he didn’t immediately launch a media counter-offensive or counter-sue for a share of the Los Angeles real estate that he had salvaged for the Bronfmans and was arguably contractually due to him.

    Mr. Parlato didn’t stir up the (murder) hornets’ nest. It was Raniere getting Clare Bronfman to get the Feds to press criminal fraud charges that stirred things up. That led to the creation of Frank Report, which proved that the keyboard is still sometimes mightier than the sword.

    Although it did still require Raniere making serious exploitable mistakes.

    My own hypothesis is that the death of Pam Cafritz removed the last moderating influence on Raniere, and he let his Luciferian sociopathic nature completely free. That’s what caused him to cross the lines and make the mistakes.

    Karen Unterreiner may have been a moderating influence at one time, but she seems to have distanced herself years earlier.

    Perhaps Mr. Parlato could comment on these notions.

  • Great article, Frank. I think what sets this site above others is the interactions between readers in the comments section and you as the creator educating us on the evils, not only on Nxivm but also on political issues.

    You recently asked us what we would be interested in on your site. One thing that comes to mind is your firm belief on free speech. I’ve given it more thought and Google comes to mind. I’m seeing all the censorship going on. Public protest recorded are being taken down of controversial things going on here and other places of the world. My question is, is Google allowed to censor what we are others put online? Does Google control and have the right to control free speech through the main outlet of communication? I see the internet as the wild west, but as a journalist, if you yourself were to be censored would you see this as a violation of your constitutional rights? Would a journalist have a dog in the race to fight against something like this if it were to happen?

    • Google can’t censor Frank’s website. They can make it appear lower in search engine results. That’s why people need to use other search engines and support breaking up Google into two search engines, one for Libtards (the existing company) and a conservative spin-off, which will search for all points of view, no matter how Libtarded they are, because we believe in the strength of facts and logic and enjoy Libtard views for entertainment purposes. LOL

    • Google is a company. They are not the government. So yes, they could censor whatever the hell they wanted to, though it would not be advisable to do so.

      • Google not only could, but they do, censor whatever they want to. However, they could also be broken up under anti-trust laws. LOL

  • NXIVM was primarily a white clique, except for the rich Mexicans, who were practically white anyway. Diversity of cultures wasn’t celebrated and was accepted as long as you had money.

      • Beans are hybrid Spaniards, indigonous and some have African blood. Beans are in general not white, but have white blood.

      • It’s estimated 85% of African Americans are of Caucasian decent because they were raped by slave owners. M

        Don’t believe me? Ask the descendants of President Jefferson. They passed a DNA test. President Jefferson was a slave raper and that is a fact.

        • Most blacks in America have Native American decent due to being enslaved and raped by Indians. 10% of the Choctaw tribe were African slaves, as an example. Indians used to rape their African slaves. These tribes did not want the 13th Amendment and fought wars against it. Where are the blacks on Indian reservations today? Indians don’t like ‘diversity’.

          • The Children of Jefferson is verifiable.

            Your BS covers a very small amount of African Americans.

            Keep dreaming princess!

  • Katie
    Why didn’t you finish the investigation into Kristin Marie Snyder’s death, and why is it you seem to have NO interest in it anymore?
    There seems to be a lot of different answers on that? Have you decided that it is suicide instead of homicide?

    • Perhaps there’s no more information to investigate. Why hasn’t Snyder’s own sister (and why are you using the name “Katie?”), mother, and other friends and family continued the investigation? Is Frank supposed to do EVERYTHING?

    • Hi, peanut gallery here…..IMO she could still be alive. She was part of the Nordic Ski Patrol.
      I wonder just how well Kenny Powers “groomed” Kris. I wonder how much Kris really loved Heidi Clifford and vice versa. In the Lost Women of Nxivm, Clifford didn’t come across like she cared much for Kris. The one thing that sticks out is how she didn’t say anything about Kristin’s pregnancy to save her own ass from being a target of an investigation. I love how ID had her in silhouette in the beginning and then later not.

      • Peaches, Heidi at first refused to go on camera. Then she agreed to go on in silhouette, then finally she agreed to go on camera with me. I doubt she had any direct involvement with Kristin’s disappearance and I doubt that Kristin is still alive, but I can’t rule it out.

        Right after the Lost Women aired in the USA, someone called and said he knew where Kristin was living – up in remote Alaska. I chased it down and the woman was the same age, was a Nordic skier, and looked just like her. I thought I had a match only to find this second “Kristin” had relatives who could positively rule out her being Snyder. But the resemblances and the low profile were shocking and for a moment, I thought I had one of those rare breakthroughs.

  • The one thing I will say for NXIVM is that it is not racist.
    While most of the members were white it had many Hispanics, some Asians, and one African-American.
    And most commenters on the Frank Report avoid making racist comments.
    And it is not racist to say the Wuhan Flu comes from China because it does come from China.
    I have never attacked Kristin Kreuk for her heritage.
    I have attacked Kristin Kreuk for her lack of acting talent and her virtue signaling.

    • One Black? It’s called a token. LOL

      Another reason why there was only one Black is because most of them can’t afford to pay. LOL

      Why did you bring up racism in terms of the coronavirus? LOL

      I’m sure Sultan is quite proud of you. LOL

      • Why did you bring up racism in terms of the coronavirus? LOL

        Heidi Hutchinson attacked me as Racist a while back for calling it the Wuhan Flu or the China Flu and I told her politely told her where to stuff it.

    • It’s not the Wuhan Flu…It’s the Chinese Flu.

      Just like the German measles or Spanish Flu. Or even Montezuma’s revenge.

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