Two Pages From Textbook of Now Defunct Vanguard University

Shortly after starting DOS, the ever entrepreneurial Keith Raniere launched “The University of Higher Education” to students of Executive Success Programs (ESP). Tuition was $5,000 per month.

It was yet another of his rapacious schemes to fleece all the money from his followers.

It was a very selective university since members of the public could not make an application to attend [though it is unlikely anyone would have desired to attend from outside Nxivm]. There was no information available about The University on any website.

The “Professors” of The University selected the students [actually recruited them]. The professors were the coaches, teachers, proctors, and head trainers who taught Executive Success Programs.

The curriculum was a closely guarded secret. Frank Report was the first and only source to report on it. And we found out a little bit about it.

Now that The University is shuttered [the campus was at 455 New Karner Rd, Nxivm’s headquarters in Colonie NY], it is high time to review it and perhaps this is for the benefit of the students who paid up to $60,000 per year to attend and never got a diploma.

One of the books studied at The University was George Orwell’s “1984”. This is ironic since the founder of The University, Keith Raniere, operated his cult much like a Big Brother figure, spying on his followers, repressing their speech, and punishing those who thought differently than him.

Ayn Rand’s works were also part of the curriculum.

There were also classes in logic and grammar.

About 60 students were attending at its peak in 2017 (That means The University was generating $300,000 per month at that time).  Because of Frank Report breaking the news of the branding and blackmailing of women that was going on simultaneously, a number of students dropped out.

In addition, some students thought the course was not worth $5,000 per month since they already learned its curriculum in middle-school or high school.

A friend of higher learning sent us a sample of what students were being taught.

The following are two pages from one of the textbooks used at The University.




See the difference a comma can make?


Once Grandma was included, thanks to the movement of a comma, she picked up her walker and was able to skip. But where did the dog come from?

The University was not accredited by any accrediting body, [only Vanguard himself] and a degree from it would not have qualified a student for employment where a degree is required, with the possible exception of ESP.

Reportedly, students were promised that if they graduated from The University,  they would be hired at ESP and permitted to sell Intensives, the life coaching seminars offered by ESP.

The curriculum at The University was said to be similar to what was taught in Intensives, only it lasted longer than 16 days. Courses lasted for six months to two years – although The University closed after about six months due to Raniere’s fleeing to Mexico to avoid arrest. That did not work out well for him.

Proponents of The University said the cost of the courses – $60,000 per year at The University – was comparable to costs at other universities such as Princeton, Penn State, and Cornell. They maintained that a student can learn at a much higher level and a faster pace at The University since it is based on the secret knowledge of Keith Raniere.

Students at The University were not allowed to reveal what they learned since they signed confidentiality agreements not to disclose anything taught at The University.

It is believed to be the first university known in modern times that prohibited its alumni from revealing what they were taught.

In the end, some of its choicest students – such as Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Rosa Laura Junco, Daniela Padilla, Dr. Danielle Roberts, and others – went on to distinguish themselves quite famously in their professions, so it has some alumni that are well known.

But the vault of knowledge that they were supposed to learn was truncated in the very middle of The University semester when the rat ran to Mexico. Readers know how well that worked out for him.

Even Nicki Clyne has not done anything to bring back The University, though she is still fervently hoping to bring back DOS.


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  • When can we see the rest of the curriculum, such as it is? I’m still waiting to see all of Vanguard’s brilliant “modules”, etc.

  • “See Dick and Jane Run” Vanguard University style

    See Dick and Jane.
    Dick and Jane are each five years old.



  • Putting in and taking away commas is what someone with FAR too much time on his hands does. Now that Raniere has even more time on his hands, one wonders what he is doing with it? LOL

  • Are you kidding with this book illustration? One does notice immediately that the comma after “Mommy” on the second cutesie-wootsie storybook page, is a punctuation error. How egregious! But by this point in Flabturd’s academic castration, who would’ve given a damn, never mind noticed? Old Numbnutz himself was his very own boiled, know-it-all froggy.

  • Vanguard was a multi-orgasmic stallion. All the females were hypnotized by his powerful virile member. There is no other explanation for his sexual success. He was an Alpha male.

    • Raniere was no stallion, he couldn’t even get it up. The cooperative females around him are what made him “successful,” he’s not but a Beta male, if that. LOL

    • To Rafael Mendoza Torres:

      How would you know that Vanguard was a multi-orgasmic stallion?

      Did you have sex with this multi-orgasmic stallion?

      Was Vanguard a Gay multi-orgasmic stallion?

      • I don’t know, but it’s easy to intuit from the notches on his penis. Mister Vanguard is a natural sex hunter. Some are born like this. The question is whether he will be hunted in prison. If you make a mistake, you may end up selling condoms with skirts and skates at Tea time.

  • Did somebody say Nicki Clyne??? PAGING SHADOWSTATE

    While this Comma Module that Frank shared is important and very impressive information, there is another part of the curriculum that is even more mind-blowing. The next sentence is repeated. But watch how the meaning of the sentence changes based off of which word is emphasized.

    I did not say he poked Vanguard.

    “I” did not say he poked Vanguard.
    I did not “SAY” he poked Vanguard.
    I did not say “HE” poked Vanguard.
    I did not say he “POKED” Vanguard.
    I did not say he poked “VANGUARD”.

    I know this is overwhelmingly impressive. We call it the Probe Module. No need to thank me for sharing the brilliance of Vanguard U and saving you the tuition. For this knowledge I am illegally sharing, I give tribute to Keith Alan Raniere.

  • This had nothing to do with teaching anything. It was a way to torment and humiliate the people that took it when they realize one day that they spent a fortune for an elementary school education. He just wanted to fuck with them and laugh at them, and taking their money was an added bonus.

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