Bronfman lawyer, saying her client is innocent, will make second request on freeing Legatus from home detention – in 60 days

She's been skiing high wide and handsome for many a year. But the worm has turned.

Clare Bronfman’s lawyer, Susan Necheles, said after court yesterday that she disagrees with the judge’s decision to keep her client confined to home detention. She thinks the judge punished Clare more harshly because of her wealth.

Necheles also thinks the judge – Nicholas G. Garaufis – will come around in time.

Necheles told Vanity Fair, “Judge Garaufis said that given the amount of wealth, he wants a little time before he relaxes Ms. Bronfman’s bail restrictions and we should come back to him in two months. We believe that this decision was wrong. It was based solely on Ms. Bronfman’s wealth and failed to consider her actions, such as flying back from Mexico and moving to N.Y.C. so that she can be close to her lawyer and work on her defense. These actions are proof that Ms. Bronfman intends to show up at trial and fight the charges.”

Both the prosecution and Pretrial Supervision opposed allowing Bronfman to wander Manhattan freely because that believe she is a potential flight risk.

In court yesterday, Necheles told the judge the conditions of Clare’s house arrest were too strict.

Judge Garaufis did not agree and chose to continue her house arrest.

He did grant Clare one concession – which prosecutors previously agreed to — Clare can leave her luxury Manhattan apartment for a total of 4.5 hours per week – broken up in three 90 minute intervals – to exercise – go to a gym, jog – or shop etc..

This is in addition to visits to defense attorneys, court appearances, medical appointments, or any other Pretrial Supervision-approved appointments.

Judge Garaufis threatened to send Clare to jail if she didn’t comply with conditions he imposed.

“It’s gonna be my way or she goes to the MDC,” said Judge Garaufis, referring to the women’s section of the Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal jail in Brooklyn – where, ironically enough, Vanguard is housed in the men’s section. Maybe that was Clare’s hope all along.

Bronfman’s lawyer, Susan Necheles, said Clare was getting restless in the apartment, especially since she’s used to “running, jogging, and exercising.”

Judge Garaufis also ruled that Bronfman must stay away from anyone related to NXIVM – with three exceptions – one of whom is her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

Bronfman, 39, was arrested by the FBI in July and charged with conspiracy to commit identity fraud and racketeering. Bronfman plead not guilty at her arraignment.

She allegedly obtained usernames and passwords of people believed to be NXIVM’s enemies so their emails could be monitored – and she allegedly led efforts to discredit DOS victims by paying for lawyers to file abusive, costly lawsuits meant to intimidate  and silence them.

She is also accused of facilitating a Canadian woman’s fraudulent entry into the United States, and helping Raniere use a dead person’s [the late Pamela Cafritz] credit card.

After the court appearance, Necheles told reporters , “You’ll notice in the indictment there’s only three things she’s alleged to have done wrong. They have nothing to do with NXIVM. We’re confident she’s done nothing criminal.”

Bronfman also had to post a $100 million bond – among the highest sum ever required of a defendant appearing in Brooklyn federal court.  The Frank Report has questioned whether Bronfman was completely forthcoming about her true assets, including whether she disclosed her multi-million interest in Precision Development LLC which owns real estate in Los Angeles.

Bronfman’s lawyer had asked the court that Bronfman be allowed to travel freely in Manhattan up to to 96th Street, between the hours of 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Garaufis rejected that request and it is expected that after a few months of good behavior, Bronfman’s attorney will make a second request – if Clare does not land in the hoosegow for lying on her financial affidavit to Pretrial Supervision.


Now for a little artwork and photos of the rebarbative heiress.

NIXVM member Clare Bronfman AKA Legatus
Artist conception of Legatus AKA Clare Bronfman.
Artist conception: “The Soul of Legatus. “Vanguard saw beyond Legatus’ outward beauty and viewed her innermost soul.”
After perjuring herself to get innocent people indicted, Clare Bronfman completes in a half marathon in New Hampshire. She finished first among all women on a 500 calorie diet.
After winning indictments against innocent enemies of Keith Raniere and forcing them into bankruptcy, Legatus enjoys an exhilarating session on water skis.

Her master. Keith Raniere, AKA Vanguard. and his stooge, Nancy Salzman, AKA Prefect.

Clare Bronfman, Vice President in charge of Operations at NXIVM, used her wealth and natural born cruelty, to keep slaves tethered to the cult and defectors terrorized and silent.
Time is running out for Clare Bronfman – but she remains firmly loyal to her Vanguard.

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  • The last photo shows Clare as she is, predatory, greedy and evil. I hope the Judge ends up putting her in jail again. She is not going to stop bothering the court. At this point it’s a matter of ego and will for her. And she will use whatever freedom granted to intimidate witnesses and potential witnesses. She already has.

  • Pea Onyu,

    You have my full respect. I know that others here have given you a hard time and questioned your authenticity, but I know that you’re a good person inside.

    May I ask you a few questions?

    1) Have you ever fucked Vanguard? If so, was it kinda like fucking porky pig?

    2) Was the aroma/scent from your full bush pussy enough to emit sufficient pheromones to get him partially erect?

    3) How many times has Vanguard tuned you up? (eaten your pussy, sans garlic)

    4) Did you ever get tired of having to fake an orgasm after that slob of a manpig got done feasting on your vagina? (I imagine it was akin to getting eaten out by a farm pig. Kinda gross.)

    5) If Vanguard gets convicted and can’t tune you up (eat your pussy) for 15-20 years, will you remain celibate? Or will you get some fresh young dick to take his place?

    Please understand that I’m asking these questions with the utmost respect.

  • Disappointed she couldn’t get out
    To order her minions about,
    Clare tried giving a nudge
    To that obdurate judge –
    He said no! What an obstinate lout!

    Now she’s restless at being locked in –
    She expected her lawyer to win!
    And a treadmill to run
    Is not really much fun –
    It’s erased her big NXIVM grin!

    • There once was a woman named Clare,
      Had the face of an menstruating bear.
      She gave Keith a hand,
      She pushed the DOS brand,
      And now will wind up in the can.

  • It’s unbelievable how rude the judge is to Clare. Threatening to put her in MDC if she doesn’t do it his way. Who does he think he’s talking to, some common criminal? She could buy and sell the judge 10 times over. You don’t talk to a Bronfman family member that way. This is a family of world class power and prestige. And what has Clare done. They’ve proven nothing against her. Zero Nada. Zilch. This judge is mad. And he’s dangerous. He should be removed from the case and removed from the bench. And Clare has the power to do it. This judge does not understand what he is doing to her. She needs to get out and be free. 90 minutes three times a week is insufficient. She needs to get out for hours every day. She runs 35 miles per week. At 4 miles per hour that alone is 8 hours or so. He’s copping up a blessed angel. She’s restless at home. Confined in her apartment separated from all her friends who she loves so well and treated to such kindness. The Nxivm members miss her sweet ways and the way she always looked after them with generosity and great care. God Bless Clare Bronfman. And I’m not going to say who I am so Shadow State can just stop trying to guess

    • – “And I’m not going to say who I am so Shadow State can just stop trying to guess”

      Why wont you say who you are? Are you a coward? Are you ashamed of yourself? If you are so obsessed with NXIVM, why don’t you just wear it publicly? You come across as ashamed of yourself or just a troll.

      If you are Nicki Clyne, are you afraid of what people will say about you? How you went from being a spoilt brat on a shitty television show to giving everything up to worship a pedophile criminal who could not give two shits about anyone but himself?

      Are you Lauren Salzman? Pimped out by her own mother to a pedophile rapist prick?

      Are you just a piece of shit troll?

      I would love to hear some juicy NXIVM stories you have “Pea”. How about how many viagra pills Keithy boy takes? How many did he take before he, to use your term, ravished Kristin Kreuk?

      • Keith never took Viagra. He is all powerful and he knows when a women is impure and his seinsibilities bring a sobering reaction. He has taught that it is the woman’s fault if a man does not perform. No Viagra is needed. More likely the woman needs to lose disturbing fat weight or has intervention issues or is impure or disloyal. This whole conversation. And the stupidity of the people here is annoying.

        • Do you make little Keithy’s weiny erect? If you fail, is that an ethical breach?

        • If this is annoying then you can leave Pea brain. You have been exposed as a fraud, and a LIAR. Remember all the BS about your family name….now you have revealed Pea is not your real name. You probably do belong to NXSCUM, as being a liar is a requirement.

          • Actually, I doubt it. I think Pea is just getting his/her trolling jollies with their comedic take on the big VG and his NXIVM horde. Personally, I don’t mind a little good humor to make it easier to mentally grasp this madness, but Pea’s brand of wit is just not really all that witty.

        • But Pea, how could you possibly KNOW if Keith took viagra or not? Unless you had him under constant surveillance, it would be impossible to know what medications he took. And we all know every second word out of Keith’s mouth is a lie, so even if he claimed to have never taken viagra, his claims are meaningless.

          You’re definitely a troll.

    • How hypocritical of you Pea! You now admit you do not believe in what Vanturd has taught you. You have just been exposed as a troll and a fraud.

    • “Who does he think he’s talking to, some common criminal?”

      Pea Onyu, Clare is certainly no common criminal.
      She is a master criminal.
      “She could buy and sell the judge 10 times over.”

      Pea Onyu, Clare has already bought many judges ten times over.
      “You don’t talk to a Bronfman family member that way. This is a family of world class power and prestige.”

      Pea Onyu, the Bronfmans are a family of liquor peddlers with ties to organized crime going back 100 years.
      “all her friends who she loves so well and treated to such kindness.”

      Pea Onyu, You and Clare make such a lovely couple together.
      “And I’m not going to say who I am so Shadow State can just stop trying to guess”

      I don’t have to guess any more because I know you’re Nicki Clyne.

    • it falls flat when you’re not touting the magnificence of your Demigod Vanguard, Pea. Clare’s just not a real sympathetic character – she hasn’t spent years building up a portfolio of patents and degrees and glorious accomplishments from her childhood years and she certainly doesn’t equate in intelligence with VG’s highest IQ in the world. About all you can say about her is she inherited a lot of money. And it sure looks like she spent that money both foolishly and vindictively.

      Stick to the mighty VG for your trolling – it’s much funnier.

    • Today in Pee’s Urinal—More Trolling. Don’t ignore it, that would require an effort it is not worthy of. Just don’t pay attention. that doesn’t require any effort. All it wants is just attention for it’s sorry narcissist self.

    • Your stupidity is beyond limits pee on you. The Bronfmans used to be gangsters and now are privileged brats. They need to be locked to stop them to continue hurting others and even their own selves.

    • And then there was Pea Onyou
      Has seen loads of Vanguard goo
      So when they’d screw,
      She would take his load too,
      til she could flush it all out in the loo.

    • Hey, Pea, “they’ve proven nothing against Clare” because it hasn’t been to trial YET.
      It’s sad how bad you are at lying. And, how is lying “ethical behavior”?

    • Are you really this idiotic or are you pretending? Serious ? I welcome Clare to the real world, where did you get the idea that because she inherited money she didn’t earn that she’s superior to anyone?. Do you really believe this judge doesn’t know how to read right through this pathetic person, confinement in her luxury apt. Is not her punishment, if she can’t adjust to the minor and believe me they are minor limitations how do you think she’s going to survive a 6×6 foot cell? Because the 3 years they are talking about right now is the best scenario, outside your bubble the indictments here are still in the beginning stages with more to come. I suspect you’ll be invited to the party. See the corruption her money paid for is over for the most part. VANGUARDS creepy little cult didn’t get away with his criminal activities because the law thought he was innocent , he understood the greed and got his stooge to pay the fees. It wasn’t his money.
      Well pea gotta go

  • Johnsonian
    Good point. But are you surprised these frauds turned out to be such hypocrites? I’m not.

    Shadow , you don’t know for sure that Pea is Nicki., that’s pure speculation. I still think Pea is probably just a troll who was never involved in NXIVM.

    • Pea’s rhetoric is just too over-the-top, too vacuous. I don’t think this is a NXIVM follower. I think it’s a garden-variety troll. Who nonetheless manages to get everyone riled up and speculating about her/his identity. It’s a game.

  • Clare is right, a luxury apartment is no place to spend months awaiting trial. She should be in the MDC.

  • Hey Frank, wasn’t a key pillar taught at NXIVM meetings is that *there are no victims*?

    Didn’t they chant: “there are no victims, therefore I won’t choose to become a victim”?

    Or something like that?

    Yet Clare and her attorney have done nothing but claim “victim” status and cry about every little lack of luxury.

    And Keith has chosen to be a “victim” by complaining that jail conditions are violating his civil rights, by repeatedly complaining about his health to jail staff and faking illness, and by having his attorney suggest that all of the witnesses are out to get him via lying?

    I wonder how Pea Onyu would respond to this fact about her Vanguard claiming “victim” status —- especially when he teaches everybody else that there are no victims. What a fraud.

    • FYI Pea Onyu is the DOS slave Nicki Clyne.
      Nicki is concerned with prisoner rights and so is Pea Onyu.

      Nicki became so concerned with prisoner rights about the same time it appeared that Nicki’s wife Allison Mack was in legal jeopardy.

  • Sara can pay for NXIVM expenses, [to help keep NXIVM members from going to the feds].

    If the Bronfman sisters have arranged to set up off-shore bank accounts to pay witnesses to keep quiet or to tell the NXIVM narrative under oath in court, we are talking about the potential crime of CONSPIRACY TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE.

    Supposedly Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne have all agreed to testify in court that Raniere had nothing to do with DOS and the sex slave ring.

    If the Feds can show by documentary evidence that the Bronfmans and these stooge witnesses all agreed to obstruct justice, then that is an additional charge to file against the Bronfmans and their Three Stooge witnesses.

    Just a thought.

  • Clare Bear Bronfman is a spoiled brat and has been most of her life. Her lawyer is crying to the press saying that it’s her daddy and granddaddies money is why the Judge is keeping her under conditions most people couldn’t even think of affording.

    Susan Necheles tells such a sad story of the mistreated rich girl. Necheles says that Judge Garaufis decision was wrong and based solely on Ms. Bronfman’s wealth. Is it because Necheles has been spending too much time with Clare Bronfman and been drinking some Kool-Aid Clare brings from her apartment? What Necheles leaves out is the facts of all Clare Bronfman’s offensives against humanity and how she has used her money to support the NXIVM Criminal Enterprise.

    So let’s have Clare give up all her trust fund so the Judge can treat her the right way. If her wealth is the issue, how about her trust fund gets split up among those she has used her money to destroy their lives. Clare won’t have to worry about the Judge being so harsh on her for being rich! Oh, wait, she might not have much left when this case is said and done.

    Clare, the poor little rich girl, has to stay in her apartment except for a few minor outings. Clare do you need to call the Vanulance. Oh wait, she cannot call her Master for comfort.

    Let’s count the ways her house arrest harms Clare because she is RICH
    1. She has to stay in an apartment (but we know it’s luxurious), Most people who have committed the crimes and harassed those trying to tell the truth, could not afford such an apartment, bail or even the attorneys she has. Intelligent people know it beats a cell at MDC.

    2, She can’t run her 30+ miles a week where she wants. Wow, could Clare afford a treadmill or is not part of trust fund allowance? Maybe if she eats some real food, she might start to get somewhat of a brain.

    3. Oh no, Clare cannot go to lunch with her lawyers. Cry me a river. Had she used her trust fund for raising humanity instead of supporting her VanTard crimes, gambling, and all those lawsuits she wouldn’t be in the situation she caused herself.

    Does Clare Bronfman know most people in her situation can’t afford a lawyer and have to use a public defender represent them? Nor could they afford to buy their lawyer’s lunch.

    4. Susan Necheles said Clare was getting restless in the apartment because she is used to jogging. Didn’t Clare take Human Suffering? How about level 1 training? Why is she choosing to suffer? Maybe her restlessness is caused by time to reflect on her evil deeds and the thought of prison time.

    Why didn’t Clare disclose her holding in California property? If memory serves correct, she also has property in Australia. How about her horse farm? Does she think that just because she doesn’t personally own the LLC that she doesn’t have to claim it? Wonder what else she is withholding from her lawyers and the court.

    • It’s sickening that she complains of being of being confined to a luxury apartment, without the burden of working for a living, and with all her money. I’m so sorry she’s getting “restless.” She should take up reading or use a treadmill. Or watch whatever she wants on TV at anytime. Eat whatever she wants at any time. Sleep as long as she likes in a comfortable bed. Adjust the A/C however she likes it. Call in a massage therapist at any time. All this is more than a person would get at MDC.

      With the likelihood of her intimidation / tampering with witnesses while out, she of all people should be locked in MDC. She’s going to do a lot of damage between now and trial.

  • She is a monster, and belongs at MDC with KR. I never understood this – IMO she poses a greater flight risk and possibility of witness intimidation than KR. Without her unquestioning funding, KR would be nothing but another failed MLM-er. He’s a crappy used car salesman loser, but she made it all happen for him with her family $$$. Why, just to get a pity dick in her? I hope she’s proud of her “accomplishments” in making the world a better place. Anyone who salivates at and enjoys civil litigation is mentally unbalanced, in my opinion.

    That was kind of ugly of me.

  • WAJ at being treated harshly due to her wealth. If anything, the wealthy perpetually get off easier than those who don’t have the same finances. This is what would make the justice system a farcical joke. Justice applied differently to different people for the same crimes due to wealth, status, or something else seen as a positive but having nothing to do with the context of the crime is an imposter that stands in its stead. It effectively becomes just bribery.

  • Right, because Judge’s absolutely love it when you bad mouth their decisions to the press. That should help get a later request granted.

    Many of us would be thrilled to see her bail revoked for lying on her financial disclosure form. My guess is, though, they will claim all those houses that they didn’t list are under some other umbrella or make some other excuse under some loophole.

    Just as good would be to see her breaking one of the Judge’s rules.

    If Clare had a few more brain cells to rub together, she would be wondering why she is paying this woman a fortune to accomplish nothing Clare has directed her to do (get her in contact with witness, end home detention, etc).

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