500 Calorie Diet Created Ideal of Female Beauty for Keith Raniere; His Teachings Explained

The long term result of the 500 calorie diet is the ideal body, according to the new standard of beauty which DOS and Mr. Raniere are teaching the world.

It is ironic, of course, that Keith Alan Raniere is in federal prison and on a diet that the prison decides he should have.

This is ironic because Keith controlled the diet of others, especially his slave women for years, while eating whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

Dietary considerations played a vital role in Raniere’s teachings, especially for the women of DOS, his secretive women’s group.

Let’s look at his teachings, if for no other reason than to examine the cult use of low-calorie diets to gain control of followers and the possibility that the law of karma is in operation here – since Keith is being punished by having the worst diet imaginable.

Keith taught his women that the presence of excess fat can disturb the transmission of his energies to women. He encouraged women to be vegetarian and offered instructions on overcoming bodily urges and “emotional viscera” toward food.

DOS women were aided by one of three diets, distinguished by daily caloric intakes: 500 [Advanced], 800 [Standard] 900 [Women with Defiance Issues].

Allison Mack, one of the leaders of DOS, helped oversee dietary compliance of other women in the group.

The 500 calorie diet consists of a small quantity of plain low-fat yogurt and a small quantity of fruit in the morning.

Lunch and dinner consist of foods such as plain squash, kale, cucumber, zucchini, fermented cabbage and radish [Kimchi], and shirataki noodles [10 calories per 4-ounce serving.] Beverages consist of lemon water with stevia, probiotics and Zevias, a calorie-free sparkling water.

Sugar-free gum is on the menu and can be taken after every meal for dessert.

The 500 calories diet prescribed for women of DOS for advanced spiritual growth is less than half the calories prisoners at Auschwitz Concentration camp received daily.

Auschwitz prisoners daily diet was: Breakfast: Half a liter of boiled water with grain-based coffee substitute, or herbal tea. These beverages were unsweetened. Near zero calories.

Lunch: A liter of watery soup, with bits of potatoes, rutabaga, groats, rye flour, Avo food extract and sometimes meat bits: 350 –400 calories.

Dinner:  A third of a loaf of black bread [300 grams], served with a small piece [25 grams] of sausage, or margarine, or a tablespoon of marmalade or cheese.  900 –1000 calories.

At Auschwitz, insufficient nutrition and hard labor contributed to the destruction of the human organism, which gradually used up its stores of fat, muscle mass, and the tissues of the internal organs. This led to emaciation and starvation sickness, the cause of a significant number of deaths in the camp.

The ideal body weight for an advanced woman of DOS


500 calorie diet.


aushwitz diet
The 1300 daily calories fed to prisoners at Auschwitz.


images (1)
Pre DOS, Allison Mack


Too few calories can lead to premature aging.


Keith Raniere has shown women that the ideal is the woman on the left, while the woman on the right is seen as grotesque in DOS. Ironically, many people would say the opposite. The woman on the right is attractive while the woman on the left is grotesque.

While some scientists say the human body needs 1200–1500 calories a day for brain function, heart function, digestion, and other activities if one is immobile – and more calories depending on exertion. Raniere said those scientists were wrong.

Raniere preached that if a woman is free of “disintegrations” and emotional viscera, she will not need to eat much. It is disintegrations and viscera that need to be fed, not the body itself.

Women on 500 calorie per day diets often stop menstruating. That was often Raniere’s test to see if a woman was truly
Advanced” for he believed that menstruation indicated a lack of spiritual advancement.

Women on the 500 calorie per day diet also reported they felt exhausted, felt cold, had hair falling out, experienced blood sugar drop, had heart palpitations, suffered fainting spells, had sudden blood pressure drops, and felt an uneven weight distribution.

Raniere explained this is a temporary phase and prescribed long distance running to help a women get into better shape while on the low calorie diet.

Gallstones, fatigue, bone and muscle loss, electrolyte imbalances were also felt by women – and Raniere made use of two professionals Dr. Roberts D.O. who, as a DOS slave, was available 24 hours and Dr. Brandon ‘Mengele’ Porter, to reassure the women that they were on the right track reducing their calories since Raniere knew more than all the medical people in the world put together.

This woman is about 15-20 pounds overweight, according to Raniere’s standards.


Once a DOS woman gets to the ideal weight, she becomes joyful and buoyant.


When a person reduces his caloric intake either because he has no access to food or because she is on a special spiritual diet – all fat in time disappears from the body


emaciated 1
The long term result of the 500 calorie diet is the ideal body, according to the standard of beauty which  Raniere taught women. It is possible that he not only liked to subdue women with starvation techniques but that he sexually preferred the super skinny.


This full figure woman is not acceptable in DOS society. If she were a member she would be required to lose 80-100 pounds.


paloma mariella
This woman is at least 15 pounds overweight according to DOS standards. Yet DOS women admitted it was hard to lose that last 15 pounds that made all the difference between pleasing  Raniere and being just short of what he desires. This woman above is too fat for Mr. Raniere.


emaciated 1
This woman has hit the DOS mark.


Keith Raniere wanted people to stop misunderstanding him, he said in a video.


nicki clyne
Nicki Clyne a slave of DOS and its present leader, shows that zero-calorie water with stevia or other no-calorie sweeteners can make one feel guilty – even though there are no calories.


bronfman running
Clare Bronfman completes a half marathon in New Hampshire.


At the right weight, a woman will be as light as a feather.


Keith Raniere says fat on women disturbs the transmission of essential energy to him. But he said nothing about fat on him.


Tubby Keith Raniere shakes hands with his consultant – Richard Mays.


skinny bvr
Clare Bronfman, who made Raniere’s control of women possible, was headed toward the right weight, but still had a long way to go.


bronfman running
Like many of the women of DOS, their upper bodies are too fat, but their lower bodies seem to get close to the correct proportions through running and maintaining a 500 calorie diet.


An overweight [fat face] Nicki Clyne, Basit Igtet [Mr. Sara Bronfman], Allison Mack [note her legs are close to the stick figure legs preferred by Mr. Raniere], a DOS slave, and Clare Bronfman [face and upper body too fat].
Raniere currently is on a 2000-2400 calorie per day diet at the prison he resides in, and when the commissary is open, he chows down another 500-1000 calories per day in snacks. This is from four to 7 times what he prescribed for his slave women.

But the food is just as unpalatable as what he forced upon his women.

So yes there is justice in this and karma seems to have had its sway.



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3 years ago

It still seems to me that it probably has to do at least in part with Raniere’s arrested development, being stuck somewhere in his adolescence when girls who were then around his age might have had that waifish look. His lifelong harem member Karen Unterreiner, who he met when she was 16 or 17, is an example of someone who never really outgrew that body conformation. Allison Mack is another – I think she was picked for Smallville because she still had the look of a high school girl even as an adult, plus it always strikes me that she has teeth and gums that look like those of an adolescent.

Also, his preference for women with full pubic hair is typical of what he would have seen in pornography during his youth in the 1970s, before shaving started to catch on in the 1980s. Generally, his lifestyle of staying up late and sleeping in, eating pizza and getting blowjobs, and so on, seems like an attempt to live out an adolescent fantasy.

3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker


Great summation!!!! I believe you are right on the money.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy7.21

I agree with AM on this, too. In fact, there was a girl who posted on FR last year who knew the beast in Middle School in Suffern, NY — she surmised Raniere got hooked on her Twiggy look and discussed how he’d tried to blackmail her into sex with him.

Seems to me he also kinda added to or superimposed other adolescent girls — some he’d raped — over Twiggy — not only physically but like he adopted, incorporated their personality’s into the schtick, as well. My sister, btw — God’s honest dare I say for science — had a huge bush, plus a lot of the Buddhist, Shaman, spiritual stuff is pure Gina. I’m sure he’s done the same to others in his “need to exceed,” as L once put it well.

That’s why I liken him to a demon — a soul snatcher. Isn’t this something Narcissists do? Must be a technicle term for it. Not a God but mebbe a Satan complex?

3 years ago

I’ve suspected that as well – the incorporation of particular traits of individuals into his mental picture of the “ideal woman”. And yes, as a Narcissist, no one would ever measure up to that complete picture permanently which is why he was always in Pygmalion mode – trying to “improve” the models he already had to create that ideal. Perhaps also part of his “need” to own many women – no one woman could match the ideal.

3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

“I think she was picked for Smallville because she still had the look of a high school girl even as an adult”

Smallville first aired in Oct 2001 so started shooting that Spring or Summer. Mack only turned 19 that July so wasn’t an adult when cast.
BTW–Kreuk was 18, Superboy was 24 and Lex Luthor was 29

3 years ago

What’s-a-matter, Frank? Are you too pussy whipped to mention the woman who helped suicide my sister, who roped you into her machinations from the start, or are you counting on your buddy Roger Stone, who also played you on his hunt for Trump campaign donations, and his expertise at playing politics (HA! Look where it got him) to do right by you ?

3 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

Asked a straight forward question here. not printed. Mentioned the She, and asked if ultimately Parlato’s aim, concerning your sister Gina, and kristin Snyder is/was true.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Every time I read a NXIVM diet story I’m reminded of my sister’s skeletal frame when she passed.

Gina also had a full course NXIVM dinner — a pack of zero calorie, sugar-free chewing gum — in her pants pocket.

There’s much evidence that Raniere AND IMHO, Kristin Keeffe, possibly others among the NX top tier were actively attempting to ‘suicide’ Gina for decades prior to her death — however they did not succeed until she was in the ultimate emaciated, ‘spiritually advanced’ state Raniere demanded of his devotees — especially those he was trying to break, Allison Mack foremost among them —thereafter.

Gina and Kris Snyder’s deaths, along with those who were hospitalized for ‘psychotic’ episodes while taking NX courses — and I know of some who had them but recovered, hopefully recovered, without treatment — speaks, screams, volumns as to Keith Raniere and his partners’ goals for their followers: DEATH.

I support and pray for Allison Mack and the DOS slaves fully in their recovery and thank God that they were spared the fate that Raniere had in store for them that certain NXIVM leaders — including ALL the Salzman’s — WELL KNEW of from, at least, the time of Gina’s passing and Kris Snyder’s disappearance.

One obvious question: Why wasn’t Nancy Salzman eating doo-doo balls like Barbara Jeske or drinking a milky white substance like Pam Caffritz as Vanguard prescribed when she got cancer?

Allison’s gullibility and loyalty following the prescribed diet for “spiritually advanced” females AND in sharing diet tips to her NX friends — who were all competing for NX status — underscores her innocence.

3 years ago

The obvious answer to this is that Nancy Salzman was instrumental in putting together the cult concept and techniques used, and is not one of Keith Raniere’s manipulated victims. Therefore, it is also questionable that Nancy Salzman believed she was an incarnation of Hitler. The question is, if Keith Raniere brought up these connections with guilt from other existences, why didn’t Nancy’s secret remain that she was an incarnation of Hitler, and was spread? Probably because Raniere and Nancy wanted it that way and used it. You can be a very bad person, namely a born-again Adolf Hitler, and still be “Prefect” in a people-improving, ethical organization like NXIVM. This extreme selection was well-intentioned and served a purpose, namely as illustrative material and part of the manipulation of people. Nancy Salzman was the living example of this, so to speak. And if you label people who believe this in this way, other than Nancy Salzman herself, you can create feelings of guilt in others that they would not otherwise have. Nancy Salzman was an informed woman in everything she did, she didn’t believe in Raniere’s miracle medicine, and psychic powers and super intelligence. She saw in him what he really was, an impostor like herself.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


3 years ago

“Allison Mack, one of the leaders of DOS, helped oversee dietary compliance of other women in the group”
You just can’t accept the truth…you have to continuously lie about her position…
She was never a leader of anything and that is clear from the trial…She was as much a slave as each of the other members…
Even if Cami was a sort of leader (a real one, and one that knew the real purpose of DOS contrary to Allison, she wasn’t a leader either…
Only Raniere controled them.

I remind you, ‘mister i refuse to accept a fact and prefer fantasy’, that Allison was victim of this diet and for a longer time than most of the “victims”

“Women on 500 calorie per day diets often stop menstruating. That was often Raniere’s test to see if a woman was advanced for he believed that menstruation was a sign of lack of spiritual advancement.”
Seriously…like Raniere believed his own shit…he knew why he did that and it wasn’t spiritual…
His absolute hate of women is nothing spiritual.
You continuously try to take down Allison while you find excuse for the real monster, it’s making you as psychopathic as Him!

BTW, this whole article isn’t explaining anything at all and a nutritionist should probably look into it…
The fact is that he use this diet to control them and that’s it…

The low calories forced the body to take his energy from non vital function , including thinking.
It’s a know effect of starvation and it’s scientifically demonstrated by an experiment done for the US government during WWII.

They tested a diet(less violent) on a group of people (300 if i remember correctly).
All those people where tested for their sanity, health and other parameter and considered fit for this (the guinea pig accepted this in exchange for not being sent on the battlefield…)

A test of 6 month showed that the people following the diet lose their abilities to make decision, they were influencable..
But also that some lost their mind (one of them cut 3 of his finger).

If you did a bit of research (that is what a INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST is doing…) , you would have understood the whole purpose of this diet.

In reality, it’s a “clever” diet that emphaze on giving as little chance as possible for the victim to understand how dangerous it is for both their both and their free will…
Add to this that some were still able to ,sort of, think for themselves , he added the sleep deprivation (same result as semi starvation, lose of decision making power amongst other things) and the drugging…

This diet was nothing more than a way to weaken the people to force them to follow his order brainlessly…
The first victim of this (not chronologically, i wouldn’t be surprised if he did on other girls before Allison or planned to do on some other), is Allison…

This is why chronology of the story and FACT CHECKING is important…
pre-2006 : Allison was an awesome girl, adorable, caring, generous and willing to do only good for others.
end of 2006 : She enter the cult, with a bit of scepticism but had her hand forced by a friend she trusted to the most…She didn’t wanted to continue , she felt this cult was awkward but she believed what her “friend” told her.
beginning of 2013 : Raniere find a hole in her shell, he used a weak moment to “help her”.
He start to propose her the diet (she broke up with her Boyfriend at the time…and i assume he managed to convince her that it was only her fault)
2015: He controlled her enough (throu her diet and possibly the drugging) to gather sufficient collaterals against her that he pushed her to give the ultimate collateral.
At that moment, both on her writings but also her action, it’s obvious that the REAL Allison isn’t in control anymore…
Frequently she questionned herself about this (it’s not obvious from her writing but we saw that she was sometime (when away for some days from NYC) considering seriously to leave…
2017: Allison is rarely in NYC for the beginning of the year until the scandal broke…at that point, her envy to quit the cult was blocked by the situation…She couldn’t do a move on one side or another…
One side was harassing her with lies and manipulation, the other was harassing her with lies and false rumors.
Raniere was controlling her and the “outside” created a fantasy story about her leadership and blamed her for EVERYTHING…finding excuses for raniere while he is the sole culprit!
Worst, it was Raniere’s plan all along, it’s a fact proved in court and it still work on the most idiotic.
end of April 2018: Allison is arrested.
She start to eat normally again, she start to sleep properly and she wasn’t manipulated mentally (nor throu drug) anymore…
She slowly got back to herself (just like India did…it take time because even if you give the right food, your body as been damaged and sometime your mind will fight against the “reality”…
you start to understand (probably) that you got into something quite terrible and insane).
Quickly she cooperated (which shows the impact of the coercive material…as soon as her collateral isn’t a risk anymore , she cooperated).

After month of fighting, she was healing(ish because the situation is surreal for her…she don’t understand how it happened) and her mind was going back to normal.

She is close to who she was before this terrible experiment now, minus the idiotic people who decided to ignore the abuses she had to face and decided to make her the principal culprit (because let’s face it, that is obvious that many still follow Raniere’s plan in blaming her…especially her (but due to the amount of nutjob, i’m not surprised).

Facts ignored by FR and it’s reader is the impact of the circumstances, what happened…it doesn’t matter, it’s nothing but a conspiracy and fake news blog nowaday.

They prefer to defend some of the real culprit (who didn’t had redeeming circumstances…)people like Lauren, Nancy or even the esther and other enablers like Sara E.

In a proper judicial system, not one guided by “greed of power” of the attorney or the greed of money of some loosy lawyer, Allison would have been saved, not destroyed further !
But this is US judicial system for you…

In developped country, only the real cult leader is worried by justice…in USA, the victim are the culprit ! Viva US DoJ

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


Emma Watson Talks Sex and Consent: ‘I’ve Become Slightly Fascinated by Kink Culture’

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Emma Watson is a Feminist Spinster

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

“She enter the cult, with a bit of scepticism but had her hand forced by a friend she trusted to the most…She didn’t wanted to continue , she felt this cult was awkward but she believed what her “friend” told her.”

You wrote this under FACT CHECKING. But where did you check this “fact”? Seems like opinion, or guessing, or hoping.

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