We Do Have a Cure for the Covid -19 Virus, It Needs More Testing But, it Works!

By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired

Thank God for President Trump. His quick action of closing the border to China and ordering up the CDC saved this country from irreparable damage!

The damage I speak of is not from the virus but is from what the unscrupulous left would have caused by weaponizing a Pandemic.

You can bet your stock (when it bounces back), that they would have! Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have no moral obligation to the American people…only to their “ends justifies the means” party…comrades!

I am not a medical person, not a Doctor, P. A. nor nurse, but I am a well experienced FBI investigator and an engineer with a chemistry minor. I understand the “laws” of probability, common sense, logic and human nature. I always go with my instincts because they have never failed me!

So based upon all that, in my opinion, I believe that we, the United States of America, do indeed have a cure for the Chinese originated, Covid-19 virus! Thank God!

Will it cure everybody? Probably not. But in the small sample, it has cured everyone who was tested. That’s better than the cure for the common cold and the cure for “influenza” because there is none! That’s a 100% cure rate for the small sample of a few hundred but that’s much better than a sharp stick in the eye!

The cure(s) are two related drugs…hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. Chloroquine was discovered by Hans Andersag in 1934. I do not know the chemical is difference between the two, other than they claim that hydroxy is the less toxic of the two. Both have worked in the very small studies against the Chinese Virus that have been conducted here, in the US, under the US supervision with US medical personnel.

These drugs have been in existence since 1934, used on malaria and against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronaviruses with success; and have been around for years. So they are proven safe.

The side effects are well known and similar to antibiotics and many other medicines and still must be supervised by a doctor and only obtained by prescription!


They have been approved by the FDA for Chinese Covid-19 treatment even though they were not originally intended, for a virus that didn’t exist back then, but hey …how many times have they found that “snake bite” serum could be mixed with Coca Cola and then ginger ale and make an excellent highball?

I’m guessing, like antibiotics, there will be about a 10 day regimen of one or two pills, probably two, per day.

So the cure was invented before the freaking disease, how about that CHINA? Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Wait until you see how your threat… to cut sending us 97% of medicine ingredients we need … rebounds…do you need hydroxychloroquine…sorry…America first!!

You will regret that threat…believe me!

As far as how the China Virus sizes up to other viruses, we’ll have to wait and see but here is relatively “good” news;

FIRST-It looks like we are well on our way to finding a cure and may already have it!

SECOND-According to the CDC, from last October 1, 2019 to the recent February 1, 2020 about 12,000 people died, in the US, from influenza but could be as many as 30,000… however, that’s from influenza and NOT China Flu. CDC also reports that so far between 210,000 and 370,000 have been hospitalized from the “regular” flu virus.

Ask the Specialist: Dr. Amesh Adalja on New Hepatitis C Treatments
Dr. Amesh A. Adaljo,M.D.,

THIRD-Infectious disease experts, including Dr. Amesh A. Adaljo,M.D., a senior scholar at John Hopkins Health Security, Baltimore, says that this season we had an influence of both influenza B and A HINI…and now Covid-19..so… only time will tell.

FOURTH-From 2010 to 2018 the flu death toll has varied from 10,000 to 61,000 deaths, per season…with the 61,000 coming from the 2017/18. The CDC and the other experts believe that even the Chinese Covid -19 will not be near the 61,000 death toll from 2017-2018 and IT was NOT designated a Pandemic!

Keep in mind that this China Flu could be worse because it is more contagious, but not more dangerous…or… more dangerous simply because it IS more contagious.

Either way, with President Trump, I feel safe and so should you . It wasn’t the President who tried to tack money onto a “Pandemic Health Scare Bill”,  for absolute BS like the New Green Deal, and Stop Fossil Fuel, like Nancy Pelosi and “Useless” Chuck Schumer did.

Then he claims victory when the Republicans forced THEM to drop the nonsense, go figure! I didn’t vote for either one of those two losers, did you!

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  • The author forgot to mention that this cure MUST include Azythromyacin (Zpack). Not a very persuasive article when something this simple is omitted. Need to fix.

      • Mr. President, while you’re here, could you please explain why the NDNY and your home State of New York have not investigated the Albany DA’s office for its role in abetting the NXIVM crime syndicate — linked for decades to Mexico’s corrupt, violently oppressive, drug cartel rulers?

        Also, what’s the rate for a room at Mara Largo with a view unimpeded by any cell towers?

  • I checked for updates, and here are a couple of good science-based articles that showed up in the news:

    Could Chloroquine Treat Coronavirus?

    5 questions answered about a promising yet problematic and unproven use for an antimalarial drug


    This article does a very good job of pointing out all the faults with the one small-small scale trial that leave scientists dubious, and the problems with proceeding rashly before the drug combination has been properly tested:

    ‘This is insane!’ Many scientists lament Trump’s embrace of risky malaria drugs for coronavirus

    ‘When President Donald Trump recently touted the common malaria treatments hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine as potential remedies for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), he ignited unprecedented demand for the drugs—and set scientists’ teeth on edge. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) agrees the compounds are worth testing more fully on the pandemic coronavirus, few drug or infectious disease experts—not even the president’s own advisers—share his optimism that the drugs could become “one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine,” as he tweeted. And many are critical of the small French clinical study of just 42 patients that seems to have touched off most of the excitement.’


    • How are the girl scouts doing in your communist utopia of China. Not too many since their forced abortion kill mostly females.

  • Advice to readers from the Right Side 3-26-20; Please don’t try to compare any testing China does, to testing the US does. There is no comparison in technology, quality control, or skill of workers. If we were on a par with China, their pipe fittings would fit together…but they don’t. If they can’t make pipe fittings that fit …they can’t make anything of quality! My Opinion!!!

  • It is dangerous for you to be promoting a drug that does not cure Coronavirus.
    If it were true, no one would be dying today!

    You are playing with people’s lives

    • Here is some danger for ya buddy. Your friends the Communist Chinese are giving Europe a good ass fucking.

      Low on supplies or money, allies like Spain, Italy, France and Japan have had to turn to China for help.

      “China creates the poison and sells the solution to it,” foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang told Fox News.

      China has used its money, medical equipment and teams of doctors and nurses in a high-stakes campaign to show the world

      China is busy moving in on some of America’s closest allies.

      “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” Dimitar Bechev, a senior fellow in the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, wrote. “There

      is no better illustration that the medical supplies and crews of doctors China has been supplying to Italy and other European

      countries battling COVID-19. Beijing does carry a large share of the blame for the global pandemic… but now it seeks to shape

      the narrative of the crisis unfolding …”

      In Spain, for example, Health Minister Salvador Illa announced Wednesday that the country had bought $467 million

      in medical supplies from China, including 950 ventilators, 5.5 million testing kits, 11 million gloves and more than

      half a billion protective face masks.

      Soon after receiving the supplies, the Spanish government announced plans to return 9,000 “quick result” test

      kits to China, El Pais reported, because they were deemed substandard, specifically the sensibility of the test was

      around 30 percent, when it should be higher than 80 percent.

      China admitted that the kits they sold to Spain were bought from Bioeasy, a Chinese company not licensed to make them.

      The time and money Spain wasted on faulty supplies could have devastating effects on a country that is now in its second

      week of a national lockdown after cases of COVID-19 spiked.

      buying substandard product will always bite you in the ass. We all know china wants to be the world leader

  • I’m sorry, Mr. DiLaura but that “MD INDIA” advertisement — from the land of so many incurable diseases it’s a wonder it hasn’t rotted off the face of the earth — promoting Chloroquine as a distinct cure for Covid-19 — says it all.

  • March 13: We all gonna die
    March 20: The economy gonna die.
    March 27: Is coronavirus that bad?

    6 months later, back page bottom right corner.
    Antibody testing shows millions got coronavirus with no symptoms. It was all for nothing.

    Is nobody even the slightest bit interested in the fact that the $8 billion emergency spending package has to be spent within the next few days, and we finally got our stimulus package passed, and suddenly the narrative is shifting towards, “this maybe was all wrong”

    Track the money and you can find the real story

    • The banks that got the money for small business loans, will keep that money and not give small business loans. This is what happened in the 2008 financial crash and they never repaid the loans.

  • If it’s really that much of a cure, then people being given it in trials such as already are going on at hospitals, should be marching out the doors healthy in increasing numbers, and we’ll know within a week or two due to a growing body of success stories, and spreading experimental use on seriously ill patients, right?

    The reality-check is that the South Koreans are, typically, already out front of the US administration – by at least a couple of weeks.

    South Korea experts recommend anti-HIV, anti-malaria drugs …
    Mar 12, 2020

    “South Korean experts are also recommending the use of hydroxychloroquine in combination with the anti-HIV medication. ”


    While they’ve had a lot of success starting early with the sort of proactive measures that limit the spread of the disease – the sort of things we still need to be primarily focused on here – they haven’t eradicated the problem, even with increasing use of the hydroxychloroquine cocktail:

    South Korean new coronavirus cases +104, and deaths +5


    The Chinese had actually tried chloroquine before them, and found its value very limited – as is likely to apply to hydroxychloroquine and multi-drug treatments, which may offer further incremental improvements in outcomes, but still far short of curative or miraculous:

    Expert consensus on chloroquine phosphate for the treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia

    “Here we found that treating the patients diagnosed as novel coronavirus pneumonia with chloroquine might improve the success rate of treatment, shorten hospital stay and improve patient outcome. ”


    Finally, even Vitamin C might be an equally or more promising treatment (this article also mentions the New York city hospital trials of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin), showing that, typically, different theories abound – only some of which are likely to pan out at all, much less be a cure rather than just a piece of the puzzle:

    New York hospitals treating coronavirus patients with vitamin C

    “Seriously sick coronavirus patients in New York state’s largest hospital system are being given massive doses of vitamin C — based on promising reports that it’s helped people in hard-hit China, The Post has learned.”


    It’s also fairly easy to use The Google to fact-check and answer the question the author left hanging as to the difference between the quinine-related compounds:

    Chloroquine (Aralen) vs. Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil)

    • Good to see that you, AM, and our esteemed, leading medical experts are coming to their senses.

      Funny, the first thing my “crazy genius” PTSD Navy veteran brother told me to do for prophylactic effect was drink a gallon of orange juice daily or take activate-C supplements.

      That was 3 weeks ago and despite being around several sick people (before the isolation rules), and having had some flu-like symptoms myself, I feel better than I have in months and am now symptom-free. (Trying to get tested but, hopefully, over it if it was the Covid-19 strain.)

      I’m also doing a mineral water soak daily in natural hot springs, fasting and sweating (in a sauna or by exercising) every other day and taking CBD edibles when I can afford them.

      And staying far away from any 5G cell towers.

  • Excellent editorial. Now tell that moron governor in Nevada who has tried to ban it for Covid out of spite. Glad to hear it is made domestically–as all of our essential meds should be after this nightmare. To think we might have been subjected to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, good grief. Fire up domestic pharma manufacturing, it will provide good clean jobs at all skill levels. It is a matter of natsec. Plaquenil can cause eye side effects but people need to bear in mind that patients with rheumatic diseases take it for minimum one year before they even know if it is going to work or not, and so yes they can face serious issues but they are taking it longterm not for a week, not even a standard course for malaria. People in ICU will do just find with it for a week–especially if it will save their lives, I mean the list of side effects for any drug is scary but most don’t experience them. There are some real wise-asses on twitter who I can’t wait to rub their nose in this. Trump could cure cancer and they’d stand there calling him names, pitching tantrums, fine they can just refuse it for themselves and their loved ones if it enrages them so much that there is a treatment for this Chinese virus.

      • I’m not taking it as a prophylactic (maybe I should be?) but have some for an auto-immune rheumatological disease. I started it several times in the past but could never manage to consistently take it for the year required to see if there is any improvement due to other issues. Taking plaquenil for a week or three should in majority of people present no side effects at all, it just isn’t that type of drug that is life interrupting. I read one patient had it intravenously in the hospital and they thought he was dying but he got up and left a few days later. Taking it for years and waking up one day with occluded vision is scary but that is not common, it happens, but some people take it for years and years for lupus, are closely monitored by an eye doctor, and are fine. A rheumatic disease can be so miserable and painful people are wiling to take that chance, it can be like having a flu that never goes away with horrible pain and eventually organs are effected from the disease, including lungs. I found this dosing explanation to be interesting: https://www.drugs.com/dosage/plaquenil.html Also, the Zpaks they are coprescribing seem an essential part of the treatment for covid. It may be that there are also genetic factors, there was a family in NJ that had four members die quickly and the rest hospitalized so they were looking into a genetic vulnerability. Other genetic profiles may be the ones exposed to covid and don’t even notice. So if this could treat even one third of the patients, and something else treats other strains or genetic populations, it nonetheless makes it a godsend.

        • I didn’t answer your question exactly: I have an auto-immune disease, Sjogrens Syndrome, that basically took everything in my life from me, career, social life, daily normalcy, not one aspect untouched. It has taken me years to adjust, but I have managed to create a different life with what I’ve got left. I am on permanent shelter-in-place. It may be something of a gilded cage for which I am grateful but it is still a cage. For people getting cabin fever and wondering what to do with themselves, believe me, they should be thankful that at least this will end for them. I’ve been living like this and will be living like this for the duration. So yes, I have some plaquenil, however I would gladly trade this bottle for having my health back.

          • Bless you, Brigid, I wish you all the best. I have a relative in a similar catch-22 situation with Plaquenil and control of a painful rheumatic condition, it seems like everything she takes makes things less worse in some ways with trade-offs, but she wouldn’t be without it. I wish she would try an adaptogen, like ashwagandha, but she’s really wary of ‘alternative’ meds, which I get. Its easy to stay well on simples, and vitamin supplements when you are basically healthy, far more risky when you have an underlying condition.

  • The medications work no better than bed rest, fluids and vitamins. %100 no doubts. False education like that is dangerous in a time like this and people who aren’t actually verifying info before they comment publicly are adding to general fear. Ridiculous.

    • Kim Chi, Stay home, sniff your air freshener, drink your Koolaid but stay away from adult things and science…I’m not sure your brain will take the strain. The Right Side

  • HCQ has been used to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis since 1955.
    It is cheap and relatively safe if used properly.
    If it is effective with the Chinese virus, the crisis is over.
    Good news for America is bad news for the Democrats.


    Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), sold under the brand name Plaquenil among others, is a medication used for the prevention and treatment of certain types of malaria
    Hydroxychloroquine was approved for medical use in the United States in 1955
    In 2017, it was the 128th most prescribed medication in the United States with more than five million prescriptions.

    • Lol, Jj. Yes, by all means Scott Johnson, Bangcuck, Shadow, Flowers and all the unidentified asshole trolls on here should promptly begin taking copious amounts of Chloroquine. Unless they have lupus or anything it’s indicated for besides Covid-19.

      I’m certain Keith Raniere highly recommends it for all his yet loyal acolytes and hope Clare is having it smuggled to him in the body cavities of his KKK prison protection squad, as well.

      • An 80 yo woman here in NY recovered in4 days while taking chloroquine. We don’t know if that is proof it works, but there are more stories like this and so what do we have to lose?
        Drinking tonic water gives us something – chloroquine is prescription only, so the well can only source quinine which is natural medicine. Why bash a natural med or its synthetic derivative?
        Neither quinine nor choroquine have lethal side effects.
        Yes, Vit C and other things are great, but we already know about them, so no need for a long article about Dr Pauling etc. Garlic, ginger, ginseng, lots of things help.
        Quinine is just one more herb, found in tree bark.
        Why exclude it?

        The only reasons might be to bash Trump, hurt the US, or support Big Pharma.

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