A map of NXIVM/Raniere/Bronfman criminal enterprise?; Reader advises “Read Keeffe-Bouchey” transcript

Contained in the flow of emails commenting on my Cult of NXIVM series is this:

“I’m surprised you aren’t making more noise about the revelations in the Kristin Keeffe / Barbara Bouchey transcript:

2015 03 24 People v BB Keeffe Transcript

“Kristin, who is now safely overseas someplacewith little Gaelen, says she was part of the plot for NXIVM to bribe a Mexican judge to issue an indictment to put Bouchey, Toni (Foley) Natalie, Susan Dones, and Kim Woolhouse (all NXIVM defectors) into a Mexican prison, intending to stage a fake anti-cult conference to lure them across the border.  See page 29-31.

“Also, the Mexican cash scam on page 32.  They would charge students in Mexico the usual rate, but record it on the books as free scholarships.  The cash was smuggled into the US.  The jet that Keith talked the Bronfman girls into getting would have been ideal for that.

“But the biggest criminality is that NXIVM put Daniela Fernandez under house-arrest in a bedroom for 3 years!  See page 34, also page 40.  She and her mother seem to now be in Mexico, and perhaps could be persuaded to go on the record.”

I am not certain that I agree that the “biggest criminality is how Raniere allegedly locked Daniella Fernandez in a room, although stealing the freedom of someone for years is certainly as bad or worse than any of the crimes Raniere through the Bronfmans have alleged against their enemies.

As I previously reported on Nov. 26, 2015, in THE BRONFMAN/RANIERE CULT DEMANDS INVESTIGATION” published in Artvoice and the Niagara Falls Reporter, ” and in www.frankreport.comseveral NXIVM members know about the imprisonment of Daniella Fernandez, an illegal alien who was allegedly imprisoned for two and a half years in an apartment owned by NXIVM Properties Inc. at 12 Wilton Court, a townhouse in Knox Woods in Clifton Park three blocks from Raniere’s townhouse.”

Daniella was placed in isolation with only a pen and paper in order to work on her “issues”, her confinement supervised by Lauren Salzman, daughter of NXIVM president Nancy Salzman.

Both mother and daughter, sources say, were/are romantically involved with Raniere whose love cult practices I reported on in Cult of NXIVM Part 4: Raniere’s Harem .

Fernandez’s ordeal ended when she escaped by climbing out the second floor window of the suburban Albany home and returned to Mexico.

While Daniella was in confinement, her sister, Marianna, also an illegal Mexican alien, was (and is) living just three blocks away at 3 Flintlock in Knox Woods, as a live in lover of Raniere’s.

Completing the ménage à trois of Raniere and Marianna is Raniere’s longtime lover, Pamela Cafritz, the daughter of wealthy DC socialites Buffy and the late William Cafritz, NXIVM insiders say.


marianna fernandez
Along with Pam Cafritz, Mariana Fernandez (above) is the third member of Raniere’s ménage à trois at Flintlock in Knox Woods in suburban Albany.   Reportedly, Raniere bedded Marianna throughout the time he was imprisoning her sister, Daniella, according to NXIVM sources familiar with Raniere’s living arrangements. Did Mariana know about her sister’s imprisonment?

In any event, returning to the topic that started this post, the recent email recommending  that I report on the Keeffe-Bouchey phone call transcript, let me assure readers that a synopsis of that transcript with the necessary explanatory notes is coming soon.

In the meantime, for those interesting in reading the raw transcript, here it is:  2015 03 24 People v BB Keeffe Transcript.

Keeffe and Bouchey, both inner circle NXIVM members and former lovers of Raniere, present a fascinating view of NXIVM, Raniere, and others in the Cult as they speak to each other on the phone.

For present members – particularly Raniere’s present lovers – the conversation – which is punctuated by a dread – a fear – as much, or more, than a loathing of Raniere – presents a stark view of what the future holds in store when the inevitable break with Raniere  comes.



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