Cuomo Is Actually Quite Brilliant for Copying Trump’s Plan to Restart Economy

By Jonathan McCrumble

New York Democratic Governor Cuomo is looking to copy Trump’s idea of restarting the economy.  His plan IS NOT to just resume life as normal and let maximum infection spread.

Nope. Don’t let the media fool you.

Both Cuomo and Trump are proposing a plan with ‘social distancing’ still in place wherever practical —– while keeping elderly people protected and letting the least vulnerable people return to work and life, with modified social distancing rules still to be observed in the work place, just like South Korea is doing.

Cuomo is actually quite brilliant for copying Trump here. LOL

Actually, both Trump and Cuomo are simply copying South Korea’s successful plan.

With more testing being done, it’ll soon be possible to test the same number of people per capita as South Korea.

South Korea’s plan will be inevitable for every nation to follow eventually.


Because if the government could feed and house everybody in the nation for years at a time, there wouldn’t be any need for employment or an economy in the first place, lol.

People are currently getting temporary aid for rent and food —- but it won’t last very long before very ‘real’ consequences begin happening when their employers either go bankrupt or stay open with lots of layoffs.

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo


1) People support families with a job.

2) Businesses provide those jobs.

3) If businesses go bankrupt (or must lay people off), people lose their jobs permanently.

4) People who can’t get jobs and pay rent will be homeless.

5) The ‘economy’ is more than just ‘corporate fat cats’.

6) Corporate fat cats (millionaires) make up less than 6% of all people in America.

7) Destroying the economy and hurting businesses hurts 90% of America, it doesn’t hurt millionaire fat cats who are already set for life.

8) That’s why Cuomo and Trump have seen the light and are copying South Korea’s plan.

…and once Cuomo begins doing it for NY (the sickest state) every other state will have huge pressure to do the same within a month or two, since people will begin to realize that their temporary layoffs will become permanent if their employers can’t open back up and resume business.

Cuomo is therefore acting smartly.

This is great news. 🙂

Between new vaccines coming out this summer and Cuomo’s plan for smartly restarting the economy, the doomsday-mongers will be left crying that the world isn’t gonna end. 🙂

Some people are gonna be depressed as hell by the time summer arrives and there aren’t 90 million deaths with black helicopters swarming overhead. LOL.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Vaccines May Be Coming Soon

One of the vaccines being developed can be given directly to people who are already infected, such as sick people in ICU units, since it skips the patient’s ‘immune system’ and directly injects the antibodies to the patient.

This is the vaccine that I was referring to when I previous said that it’ll be available to ICU patients long before it’s available to the general public (for compassionate use exceptions).

=========== Quote:

“What my company is doing is adapting antibodies to recognize and neutralize the novel coronavirus. So this would … [be] sort of skipping what a vaccine does,” Glanville said. “Instead of giving you a vaccine and waiting for it to produce an immune response, we just give you those antibodies right away. And so within about 20 minutes, that patient has the ability to neutralize the virus.”


There are others too. Many vaccines are coming very soon.


[Mr. McCrumble has previously published op-eds under the names, Evgeni Von Pussy and Bangkok]


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  • Publicly all you saw was Barr issuing an announcement at a press conference last week.

    PRIVATELY plenty of governors & others hoarding/hiding med. supplies & equipment got visits from federal investigators showing some of them where ‘lost’ or ‘misplaced’ equipment was.

    Think of the “OH SH*T!!!!” come to Jesus moment that Cuomo and many others had the past week when FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS showed up and knew the EXACT LOCATION of some of the stuff that had been stashed for safe keeping out of sight.

    “They know…OMG THEY KNOW!!”

    And by the time Trump holds that presser yesterday, tons of medical supplies and equipment are being ‘discovered’ in warehouses and Cuomo is having to “explain” why he was attacking Trump for not giving him enough respirators when he had TWO WAREHOUSES full hidden away.

  • Enter AC. Der Guv. He’s hung up the cargo pants and now he’s going for the Excelsior polo prep pose. Yep, the Empire State’s Emperor Governor Andy the Dandy Cuomo, the Sollozzo doppelgänger sans Sandra, is certainly enjoying the national Klieg as there’s now some significant talk of his being given the nom and nod at the upcoming 2020 DNC clusterfëck, now certainly destined to be virtual. A brokered convention is all but assured as it seems unlikely you’ll get 1991 delegates on the first ballot for a nod. As Creepy Skeevy Dr. Demented Joe Bidin’ (his time) broadcasts from a basement library lockup and spews, drools and drops the latest in cantankerous caterwauling about who (the fœk) knows, Andrew the Dauphin sits back for his latest trip down memory lane moment in free association that started initially as a press conference. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard him wax homespun as he details his years of Sunday sausage and gravy and kids and Italo-American Rockwell vignettes.

    His latest foray into purloined moments of hijacked credit came when he gave a tour of the Javits Center’s transformation into a 1,000+ hospital bed superstructure used to handle patient overflow. It was FEMA, the Feds and President Trump. As a friend of mine said, Andy unlocked the door and let Trump et al. set up shop. The elephantine huevos of these folks never cease to amaze me.

  • New York was no better than California at emergency preparation. In November 2015, the New York State Task Force on Life and the Law published Ventilator Allocation Guidelines. The task force expressly stated that it prepared these guidelines because “pandemic influenza is a foreseeable threat.”

    While the task force boasted that “New York State has stockpiled 1,750 ventilators to help reduce ventilator need in the face of the moderate scenario,” it conceded that it did not have any “current plans to buy enough ventilators for the most severe model.” In any event, said the task force, without enough trained people to work additional ventilators, any further purchases would be a waste of money. Interestingly, New York has always found money for its 750,000 plus illegal aliens. It also pays for sex-change surgeries. It’s always about priorities, isn’t it?

    Our federal system is predicated on the states being responsible for themselves, while the federal government is responsible for the nation as a whole. Democrat-run states, though, have been so busy funding all sorts of politically correct initiatives that they forgot that their core responsibility is to be there for their citizens in emergencies

    Cuomo and Newsom obviously have never heard of federalism. Perhaps the two highest income and highest taxed states in the Union can not afford masks? Maybe they ought to ask for pension contributions from their gruberment folks, since that’s where all the money goes.

    All the Marxocrats do is complain, criticize, deflect, and project. They’ve mastered corruption, now let them live it.

    We are seeing through this pandemic the fallacies of Urbanization and Liberalism.

    Open Borders

    Sanctuary Laws

    • Once again you’re lazily, dishonestly cutting and pasting others’ work without proper attribution – I’m not going to link to it, but it’s easily found by searching for some of the key phrases you’re parroting, apparetly originally written under the name Andrea Widburg.

      This is actually what Russian trolls are doing now, in order to make up for their bad English – find something written by a native speaker, and then just re-use it.

  • So much for that – yet another pivot:

    Trump says coronavirus ‘peak in death rate’ likely in 2 weeks, extends social-distancing guidelines through April 30

    ‘Trump said he’d seen early estimates that 2.2 million people could have died if the government had done nothing in a worst-case scenario, so “if we can hold that down to 100,000” or less, it would be a “good job.” Had the country simply ridden the virus “like a cowboy” and driven “that sucker right through,” the president insisted, disaster would have unfolded.’

    • Misleading and false – just more fake news and disinformation from the sorts of sources that have been for instance been circulating claims for weeks that ““Anybody that wants a coronavirus test can get a test. That’s what the bottom line is,”” while tests remain very limited, and effectively rationed.

      ‘Facts First: There is no evidence that New York did not know ventilators had arrived from the federal government when Gov. Andrew Cuomo was demanding additional ventilators. “Not true,” New York state Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday night. “We knew the ventilators arrived — and we need more ventilators. This is just the beginning of addressing the problem that we have.” Zucker specified that a total of 4,000 ventilators had been received, not the 8,000 Trump suggested here.’

      Here’s a rough timeline of what happened:

      ‘Cuomo said last weekend that the state needed 30,000 ventilators. Trump tweeted Tuesday morning that 400 ventilators had been secured for New York City. Cuomo replied at a news conference that 400 ventilators were not cause for self-congratulation, adding, “What am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I need 30,000?” It was later on Tuesday that Vice President Mike Pence announced that 2,000 additional ventilators had been shipped to New York that day and that 2,000 more would be shipped the following day.

      Cuomo told CNN on Friday that Trump was “incorrect and grossly uninformed” in his comments about New York having been unaware of a stockpile of ventilators sitting around in New York. Cuomo said the state does not need to dip into the stockpile at the moment; he said his estimate of 30,000 ventilators needed is about the expected peak of the crisis in approximately 21 days, not about the present moment.
      “So the point is, ‘Well they’re in a stockpile, you must not need them’ is just ignorant — of course you don’t need them today!” Cuomo said. “You need them when you hit the apex, which is 30,000. We’re not there yet.”‘

      • Gov. Cuomo is asked about Pres. Trump’s claim that New York has ventilators in storage: “That is incorrect and grossly uninformed.”

        He then says: “We have ventilators in a stockpile, and we didn’t send them to the hospitals yet.”

        CNN doesn’t expect people to notice direct contradictions like that….

        And I’m sure their viewers DON’T notice it.

        You clearly haven’t watched the news… People were dying we need them right now we need 30,000 meanwhile you have 4000 sitting in a warehouse that you’re not moving he said in that same clip he wasn’t going to give them to the hospital yet…

        • It’s not a contradiction if you pay attention to the facts, and think things through.

          There is not a ventilator shortage, yet – people on ventilators are already dying, because even intensive care can’t save everyone. Planners are trying to make sure they have enough ventilators in stock and available to send out to hospitals for when the surge comes and the number of patients spikes up by as much as an order of magnitude, in the next week or two, so that people who could be saved don’t start dying just because there’s not enough equipment available.

          It’s like the 1st quarter of a football game where a coach has 11 players on the field – but only a dozen suited up on the sidelines in reserve, not the 35 (out of the total of 46) that they’re supposed to have to deal with rotations and injuries as the game goes on. The team is going to be doing fine at that point – but by halftime they’ll be in a world of hurt.

          This is also how businesses manage their supplies – they don’t have enough on stock only for today. Even fast food restaurants function that way – if, for instance, they knew there was going to be a big football game in town over the weekend and a surge of customers, they’d want to have more stocks than normal, and would be panicked if it was getting towards the end of the week and their extra supplies weren’t on hand, even if they were still able to serve customers just fine at that point. If you don’t understand that, I’m left to wonder, have you ever even worked in the real world out beyond mommy and daddy’s basement?

          • Spin away slick. Anonyfaker, it is clear that you have never dealt in reality. You see everything through the left-wing lens. Too bad your single-parent mother didn’t make you join the military instead of letting her mooch off of her your whole life.

          • Anonymous troll, you can’t challenge me on any substantive grounds, and so can do nothing more than spit insults, and piss and moan like a petulant, impotent child.

            Between college and graduate school I joined the Army and was a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) defense officer, on active duty and later reserve service. I have more knowledge and experience in that and several areas relevant to what is under discussion, that you probably do about anything other than whatever multi-player games you waste your life on in that basement.

  • This is rich…lol

    Whoa — Andrew Cuomo says he will sue Rhode Island if governor there (a Democrat) doesn’t roll back the policy requiring New York travelers to quarantine.

    Cuomo would lose but all of a sudden a democrat leader believes in borders????

  • THE RIGHT SIDE, Please allow me to clarify a few points;

    FIRST-Our President is sincerely and honestly trying to protect you and me…never doubt that.! He isn’t doing it for money,he has some;nor fame,he has a little of that too; nor glory, as he has that as well from all the failed projects he took over and made GREAT again! That includes the mess Hussein Obama, his Muslim predecessor left him… insane EPA Regulations; oil dependency on our freaking enemies; a Military decimated with homosexuals ,gays, lesbians…a real fucking fighting force; supported by broken planes,guns with no ammo and us allowing Saudi Arabia to control our economy. Remember Hussein bowed to the King whose Nation sponsored the death of more Americans than Pearl Harbor?

    SECOND-He shut the borders to China, who I believe send virus carriers to New York and California, like Muslums wearing a suicide vest …intentionally!

    THIRD-He shut down industry/restaurants to separate citizens and give us time to find a cure.

    Well it worked…we are well on our way to stopping what China did to us and we damn well better learn a lesson. He will severely reduce ties with China!

    Then there is the opportunists who use death, turmoil, disasters to benefit themselves. You know who they are because every time they feel an opportunity to screw the President..they do it. He closed the fucking border to China two weeks after he heard of the virus but had to fight his way through to the truth…it is the most contagious virus we have seen…China didn’t tell us that did they? So he closed the border.
    Who screamed …”Trump’s panicking, he’s ruining our economy, he’s a racist…he’s not doing enough,he’s doing too much”…? Schumer, Pelosi, AOC , Cuomo DemoCRAP leaders…all.

    Mark my words, Governor Cuomo will be the Democrap Presidential candidate…They are finally coming to the realization that Trump is correct…Biden has indeed lost his marbles and can’t put two sentences together that make any sense…they, the Demcrap Party, is about to get a thief among thieves for a candidate…

    Ladies and Gentlemen I present Governor Cuomo…New York’s’ worst governor ever, except for his father Mario! Cuomo is going to do everything he can to try to rattle the President but Trump doesn’t rattle like the toy doll Cuomo is! Cuomo is going to take the 42 billion dollars for sick New Yorker’s and use it to pay off New York’s debt, all $6+ Billion, and then spend more on Medicaid. He forces the counties to pay for what all the other States pay…and then blames the Federal Government for his ineptness, greed, and desire to be EL GUOPPO…EL PRESIDENTE! This is his chance… he thinks…go for it Andy… go for it and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

    He gives illegal aliens benefits that we pay for to the tune of mega millions because he thinks they will eventually vote for him! He will use Virus money to pump up New York’s economy so he can leave with at least one accomplishment…he left NY with a surplus…all from Covid-19 money… designated money, for the sick residents who need all those ventilators…that he forgot were in his warehouses! He needs more ventilators like he needs a new watch!

    For New York, losing Cuomo will be like getting rid of the China Virus! We ,New Yorkers, will get rid of a governor who “Forgot” to put the Casino money designated for the taxpayers of New York in New York’s latest contract with the Seneca’s and drove NY to the brink of bankruptcy…spending taxpayers money like a drunk sailor!

    The only good that will come from Andy Cuomo running for President is that ..he can’t win and the rest of the country will get another 4 year term from a true Patriot, Donald Trump and…we will return to a Republican House and get a Super majority Senate…all thanks to Andy Cuomo, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC,Omar, Schiff and …you know the rest!

  • Only A Fool Would Believe The Virus Numbers Reported By China, So, Of Course, Hillary Steps Into The Breach

    And what, may I ask, is the point she’s trying to make? That the education system of the United States, ate up with leftists and marxists like herself, has failed to teach the public basic hygiene? Does she not recall that during her obscene time as secretary of state, over 4000 people died of H1N1? Should we point out that, under democrat rule, the average life expectancy of Americans declined? Even further, why does she feel the need to be heard? Isn’t losing a primary to an al qaida terrorist and a presidential election to an “inexperienced” political outsider enough of a message for this fool? Without the money you stole from the earthquake ravaged Haitians, what and where would you be? Just another run of the mill deviant?

    How much longer do we have to suffer this thing?

  • MORE SILVER LINING?Coronavirus Economic Fallout Expected to Destroy Hundreds of Main Stream Newspapers, Magazines many of which are left wing hypocritical rags.

  • Another Silver Lining

    The hypocritical leftist leaders of the European Union, home of the Globalist One World Government tyrannts.

    COVID-19 – The European Union Unravels – European leaders are reverting to the very nationalism they have publicly claimed to despise

  • Besides Dr. Fauci, other highly-trained and experienced adults in the room have a different take on things as well:

    Top Pentagon officials estimate coronavirus outbreak will last 3 months

    ‘Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Tuesday from the Pentagon estimated that the country could grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic rocking the nation for at least 10 weeks.

    “It looks like it has an eight- to 10-week period,” Esper said. “We need to plan for this to be a few months long, at least, and we are taking all precautionary measures to do that, to be in it for the long haul.”

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley took it a step further.

    “You’re looking at eight to 10, maybe 12 weeks, something like that, call it three months,” Milley said. “Some of that depends on what we do as a nation to mitigate it, to flatten that curve so to speak. But we, the United States military, we’re going to do this as long as the mission takes.”’

  • At last, you join us with your Gin and Chloroquine, Bangquo! Its called Science method Mr. Crumble, it is a rigorous unending process of revision carried out in the arena of peer-review. Thats how we know we can derive some useful information from it. It is falsifiable data. It must be altered in line with additional evidence, improved evaluation of existing evidence, its live, predicts inductively, gives us help rather than hope, whereas you reason like a member of the late Spanish Inquisition. Good Day Mr. Crumble.

  • If it’s a “Natural Outbreak”=Whoopsie, we overreacted.

    If it’s an Accident from a Bio Lab=We didn’t know what we were dealing with cause the CCP wouldn’t cooperate.

    If it was DELIBERATELY RELEASED=It was an ATTACK, a SLOW MOTION 9-11 the President is moving MOUNTAINS to defeat.

    Dr. Charles Lieber, the Chemistry Head of Harvard University.
    4 Days after the CDC got the ability to take samples from a #COVID19 Patient, a Woman in Chicago, our 1rst identified Case, Dr. Lieber WAS ARRESTED.
    For not disclosing he was receiving $ from the CCP

    As he was granted over 12 Million in Research funds from the DoD & NHO he was required to profess any & all other monies her received especially from Foreign Entities.
    He didn’t.
    Not only did he DIDN’T, he spent 9 months of every Year from 2012 to 2017 IN WUHAN CITY.

    Doing WHAT, might you ask?
    Why, helping the CCP build their BRAND SPANKING NEW
    That went online in Jan of 2018
    Say, what is Dr. Lieber known for?
    He’s a Pioneer in NANOTECHNOLOGY.

    We have a Pathogen that can be asymptomatic for up to 20 Days, that is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS during that incubation period<—-highly unusual as most flu & colds aren't contagious until YOU ARE symptomatic.
    & it kills 50% of anyone over the age of 80 who get it

    Dr. Lieber was trying to harness Nano Tech to use it against Viruses/Pathogens to treat/cure them.

    A Noble Goal.

    BUT (& it's a BIG BUT!) the CCP is INFAMOUS for buying/stealing Tech/Gear/Tools & then USING it for purposes the people they bought/stole it from never considered

    This is called DUAL USE TECHNOLOGY & the CCP are masters of it.

    Here's a link to THE LIEBER GROUP.

    It's still up.
    Home – Lieber Research Group
    The Lieber group is focused broadly on science and technology at the nanoscale, harnessing the unique physical properties of novel nanomaterials to push scientific boundaries…

  • Joe O’Hara and AnonyFaker have claimed that 2.2 million deaths would happen in America from COVID.

    This prediction was based on a report THAT’S NOW BEEN DOWNGRADED BY 96%.

    That’s right.

    The scientist who authored the original report (which suggested that 2.2 million Americans would die) has now publicly admitted that his data was ‘faulty’ and ‘wrong’ —– and he’s now LOWERED his death prediction by a whopping 96%.

    Yes, I said 96%.

    Think about that number. 96% percent wrong.

    In fact, he says the death rate could be much lower than his new prediction.

    Holy cow.

    The liberals are speechless but yet they can’t acknowledge this new reality.

    Missouri Joe (aka Joe O’Hara) can’t admit that he was wrong and apologize to us. Neither can AnonyFaker.

    Instead, these 2 guys are doubling down on their faulty numbers. They just can’t let go of their debunked fantasy.

    Frank, you have a responsibility to keep Joe honest about this new report. If he keeps penning articles then you need to remind your readers that his data is based on a DEBUNKED report.

    The tide is turning and you need to keep your readers informed of the truth.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • That’s wrong – again.

      You’re the one who can’t let go of your continuously debunked attempts to deny the gravity of the situation in the world around you. We’re seeing you stuck in the same sort of frantic denialism that the NXians would have been in when confronted with the ugly reality of the failure of the leader and ideology starting in 2017.

      You’re dishonestly misrepresenting, the small, honest revisions made on the basis of new data and analysis. And you’re misleadingly conflating the worst-case scenario, which stands only slightly revised, with the best-case scenario – which still only stands if extreme measures to mitigate the risk remain in place, and succeed.

      From the conservative National Review:

      No, a COVID Scientist Didn’t Walk Back His Prediction

      And, again, from the scientist himself:

      “I think it would be helpful if I cleared up some confusion that has emerged in recent days. Some have interpreted my evidence to a UK parliamentary committee as indicating we have substantially revised our assessments of the potential mortality impact of COVID-19. This is not the case. Indeed, if anything, our latest estimates suggest that the virus is slightly more transmissible than we previously thought. Our lethality estimates remain unchanged. My evidence to Parliament referred to the deaths we assess might occur in the UK in the presence of the very intensive social distancing and other public health interventions now in place. Without those controls, our assessment remains that the UK would see the scale of deaths reported in our study (namely, up to approximately 500 thousand [and 2.2 million in the US]).”


  • Epidemiologist Behind Highly-Cited Coronavirus Model Drastically Downgrades Projection:

    Yeah, it’s a 2nd article about the same famous scientist who downgraded his projections.

    But since many worldwide politicians have used his original ‘study’ to base their actions on —– it’s important to understand that he’s basically flip flopping and admitting that he made a HUGE mistake.

    Oh yes, baby. 🙂

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Quote from twitter:

      It’s hard to overestimate the significance of this change. UK Imperial College is the source of all the apocalyptic warnings that have been adopted by the US media.

      Oxford researchers found numerous consequential holes in UKImp data last week and were excoriated by the press for it.

      • This is the same study that the US media used to force liberal politicians to shut down their states asap.

        You need to keep exposing this shit, Frank.

        The tide is turning. 🙂

        This is just like the UVA rape story. At first, if you questioned it, you were branded a ‘denier’. But once the facts started getting checked in detail, the liberal idiots were forced to switch sides, one by one, until the truth had come out.

      • Wrong again – the Imperial College report was not the only source, just the one that apparently finally pushed the adminstration to confront the undeniable gravity of the situation.

        Before that, there was this from the CDC:

        CDC’s Worst-Case Coronavirus Model: 214M Infected, 1.7M Dead
        Mar 13, 2020

        As well as this, among others:

        Coronavirus outbreak in US ‘at best could be 10 times worse than bad flu season,’ expert warns
        Published March 13

        ‘and Prevention (CDC). Prevention is key,” Dr. Linda Lee, chief medical affairs and science officer at UV Angel, told Fox News. “This could look like Italy, where the infection rate is doubling every few days and they now have more than 12,000 cases and over 800 deaths.”

        Lee cited an estimate from Johns Hopkins’ Clinicians’ Biosecurity News based on previous flu pandemics that said as many as 200,000 to 2.9 million patients in the U.S. may present with COVID-19 and need a hospital bed, which would wreak havoc on the health care system.

        “At best, this could be 10 times worse than a bad flu season,” she said. “At worst, it could result in a pandemic that claims the lives of millions of Americans.”

    • No, you’re just propagating misunderstanding, if not even fake news. The scientist involved has posted to Twitter, and this has now been added to the article that you cite:

      UPDATE: Amid widespread reporting on his new death rate estimates — including by White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx, who cited his 20,000 estimate during a press conference Thursday — Ferguson issued a statement on social media Thursday to “clear up confusion” about his revised estimates:

      I think it would be helpful if I cleared up some confusion that has emerged in recent days. Some have interpreted my evidence to a UK parliamentary committee as indicating we have substantially revised our assessments of the potential mortality impact of COVID-19. This is not the case. Indeed, if anything, our latest estimates suggest that the virus is slightly more transmissible than we previously thought. Our lethality estimates remain unchanged. My evidence to Parliament referred to the deaths we assess might occur in the UK in the presence of the very intensive social distancing and other public health interventions now in place. Without those controls, our assessment remains that the UK would see the scale of deaths reported in our study (namely, up to approximately 500 thousand).

  • Frank, if you’re looking for ‘real’ COVID data from worldwide experts who disagree with the media hype, you should read this page:

    Every day they publish new results on this same page. You’ll see daily updates from around the world.

    One of the main things being repeatedly emphasized is that every hospital ‘death’ around the world is currently being reported as ‘death by coronavirus’ IF the patient tested positive for the virus. However, this is even being done if the patient was admitted to the hospital for other life threatening illnesses and did not die of pneumonia or breathing related complications.

    In other words, when 80-95 year old patients wind up catching the virus while lying in their hospital bed waiting to die of another serious ailment, the doctors will officially count those deaths as “coronavirus deaths” — even if they did not die of breathing related issues.

    • That’s a piece attributed only to a supposed anonymous “Swiss medical doctor” – often a sign of misinformation, providing the illusion of authority but with no actual way to verify whether it is from a legitimate source or a complete fabrication.

      SWPRS or Swiss Propaganda Research appears to be a conspiracy theory website – I poked around a bit and noted that in a piece titled “Das American Empire und seine Medien” – The American Empire and its Media – they pillory Fox News as connected through the Bilderbergers to the Trilateral Commission. The site is completely anonymous, with no information about its staff or authors.

  • In a new fact sheet, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that Covid-19 is in fact spreading slower, not faster, than influenza by a factor of about 50%. Moreover, pre-symptomatic transmission appears to be much lower with Covid-19 than with influenza.


    New scientific studies show that Wuhan death rate from COVID may be lower than flu.

    A new epidemiological study (preprint) concludes that the fatality of Covid19 even in the Chinese city of Wuhan was only 0.04% to 0.12% and thus rather lower than that of seasonal flu, which has a mortality rate of about 0.1%. As a reason for the overestimated fatality of Covid19, the researchers suspect that initially only a small number of cases were recorded in Wuhan, as the disease was probably asymptomatic or mild in many people.


    According to the latest European monitoring report, overall mortality in all countries (including Italy) and in all age groups remains within or even below the normal range so far.

    According to the latest German statistics, the median age of test-positive deaths is about 83 years, most with pre-existing health conditions that might be a possible cause of death.

    A 2006 Canadian study referred to by Stanford Professor John Ioannidis found that common cold coronaviruses may also cause death rates of up to 6% in risk groups such as residents of a care facility, and that virus test kits initially falsely indicated an infection with SARS coronaviruses.


    Bloomberg report:

    99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says


    Report: Spain reports only three test-positive deaths under the age of 65 (out of a total of about 1000). Their pre-existing health conditions and actual cause of death are not yet known.


    Regarding the situation in Italy:

    Most major media falsely report that Italy has up to 800 deaths per day from the coronavirus. In reality, the president of the Italian Civil Protection Service stresses that these are deaths „with the coronavirus and not from the coronavirus“ (minute 03:30 of the press conference). In other words, these persons died while also testing positive.

    As Professors Ioannidis and Bhakdi have shown, countries like South Korea and Japan that introduced no lockdown measures have experienced near-zero excess mortality in connection with Covid-19, while the Diamond Princess cruise ship experienced an extra­polated mortality figure in the per mille range, i.e. at or below the level of the seasonal flu.

    Current test-positive death figures in Italy are still less than 50% of normal daily overall mortality in Italy, which is around 1800 deaths per day. Thus it is possible, perhaps even likely, that a large part of normal daily mortality now simply counts as „Covid19“ deaths (as they test positive). This is the point stressed by the President of the Italian Civil Protection Service.

    However, by now it is clear that certain regions in Northern Italy, i.e. those facing the toughest lockdown measures, are experiencing markedly increased daily mortality figures. It is also known that in the Lombardy region, 90% of test-positive deaths occur not in intensive care units, but instead mostly at home. And more than 99% have serious pre-existing health conditions.

    Professor Sucharit Bhakdi has called lockdown measures “useless”, “self-destructive” and a “collective suicide”. Thus the extremely troubling question arises as to what extent the increased mortality of these elderly, isolated, highly stressed people with multiple pre-existing health conditions may in fact be caused by the weeks-long lockdown measures still in force.


    A new French study in the Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, titled SARS-CoV-2: fear versus data, concludes that “the problem of SARS-CoV-2 is probably overestimated”, since „the mortality rate for SARS-CoV-2 is not significantly different from that for common coronaviruses identified at the study hospital in France“.

    • That first link, actually to a newsroom “Q&A” and not a fact sheet, appears to me to say something rather different than what is being interpreted and, regardless, leaves out quite a bit of important context, such as acknowledging that COVID-19 has an apparently mortality rate up to 30 to 40 times higher than that of seasonal influenza:

      “The reproductive number – the number of secondary infections generated from one infected individual – is understood to be between 2 and 2.5 for COVID-19 virus, higher than for influenza. However, estimates for both COVID-19 and influenza viruses are very context and time-specific, making direct comparisons more difficult.
      While the range of symptoms for the two viruses is similar, the fraction with severe disease appears to be different. For COVID-19, data to date suggest that 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic, 15% are severe infection, requiring oxygen and 5% are critical infections, requiring ventilation. These fractions of severe and critical infection would be higher than what is observed for influenza infection.
      Mortality for COVID-19 appears higher than for influenza, especially seasonal influenza. While the true mortality of COVID-19 will take some time to fully understand, the data we have so far indicate that the crude mortality ratio (the number of reported deaths divided by the reported cases) is between 3-4%, the infection mortality rate (the number of reported deaths divided by the number of infections) will be lower. For seasonal influenza, mortality is usually well below 0.1%. However, mortality is to a large extent determined by access to and quality of health care.”


      A quick fact check shows that the last appears to be copied in whole, unattributed, from a site called Swiss Propagand Research, and a piece attributed only to an a supposed anonymous “Swiss medical doctor” – now that’s reliable.

  • Re Partisanship:

    Is it at all possible for America to go back to to the days when citizens identified themselves as a Americans first and foremost?

    Today Americans identify themselves by political party affiliation, religion, cultural ethnicity or “sexuality”.

    No longer do Americans identify truly as Americans.

    My family and I are life long Republicans. I don’t hate moderate Democrats.

    Bernie Sanders and the “Squad” are a different story. They are only Democrats in name. The whole group are socialists. As liberal as Obama and Clinton were both Presidents were nothing like Sanders and the squad.

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  • Cuomo is not brilliant. I’m already tired of seeing him on TV every day. LOL

    Bangkok, you should be leaping at the chance to make me look like a fool, but you know you can’t do that and I would make YOU look like the fool you are. You demanded I answer 11 questions and then added other questions, but you are too much of a pu$$y to come on my show. LOL

    Now everyone knows that Bangkok and all of her “also known as” names, all of which are anonymous, is just a big, yellow bellied chicken. LOL

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