Judge Garaufis Should Take Into Consideration the Disappearance of Kristin Snyder When Sentencing Nancy Salzman and Raniere

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, the sentencing judge for Keith Raniere

By Shivani

I hope that Judge Garaufis is aware of what is being reported here about Kristin Snyder being given the opposite of help by the staff of the ESP, Raniere-and-Nancy Salzman-styled intensive.

I hope that he has received relevant victim-impact statements specific to Kristin’s disappearance, and that the Judge and prosecutors know under what circumstances Kristin was last seen alive.

How did Kristin Snyder get her Toyota pickup truck and drive it to Seward where it was found?

At that 2003 Anchorage intensive, Kristin was completely disregarded as needing medical help. Yet no one who was in charge there was qualified to treat Kristin or to make medical decisions on her behalf. This mistreatment of Kristin seems to have gone on for several days and, that is incredibly callous, irresponsible behavior on the part of all staff involved. Instead of giving genuine help, group leaders accused Kristin of being an “attention seeker.”

They kept pulling her in and out of the group setting.

Finally, Kristin was ejected from this group and driven away by a stranger (to her), Elaine Smiloff  – and then Kristin was never seen again.

Elaine Smiloff picked Kristin Snyder up from the intensive in Anchorage on Feb. 6, 2003. Kristin was never seen again.

After all, both Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman are awaiting sentencing for Nxivm-related crimes. Kristin Snyder cannot give voice to the impact that her Nxivm association had upon her, but there are those who can. What greater or more terrible impact could there be than to live the rest of your life, never seeing one of your family or loved ones, not ever again?

The understanding has been that Nancy Salzman was actively communicating and commanding the Anchorage, Alaska ESP staff to mistreat Kristin Snyder  – and that they deliberately followed her orders. Their motive was to keep lying and pretending that Keith Raniere was a celibate, but certain staff members were among those who had personally had sex with Keith Raniere.

Even though Esther Chiappone Carlson had been having sex with Keith Raniere for several years, she claimed Kristin was a crazy liar for suggesting that Keith was anything but a celibate.

Kristin was treated as if she were a crazy liar for saying that Raniere might have impregnated her not long before that Intensive program.

It has been reported that Kristin was telling the group that Raniere had raped her, not that sex with him was voluntary. It has been said that Kristin was saying that she might have been drugged to get her “prepped” for Raniere to get to have sex with her.

Yet Kristin was completely disrespected and was gaslighted by those supposedly running a self-help “seminar.”

Nancy and Lauren Salzman had drugged difficult students before, as Lauren admitted on the witness stand in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere. Was Kristin Snyder drugged?

The admissions by Lauren Salzman in court testimony about her and her mother, Nancy Salzman, secretly drugging another “difficult” participant during a group intensive in New York, are now known. A lot more is known now.

Hopefully, Judge Garaufis is taking this into account.

Pre-sentencing for Raniere and for Nancy Salzman, etc., would be a very good moment for Alaskan investigators to reopen their case, regarding Kristin Snyder’s disappearance and supposed suicide. Please do the right thing. There has been more than enough suffering for the Snyder family, as well as for people, anywhere and everywhere, who have been harmed by Keith Raniere and his fellow criminals.


These two desperadoes, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, will be sentenced sometime in the future. Do they know what happened to Kristin Snyder and how she came to disappear?

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3 years ago

Kim Snyder
Horacio, you are a stupid troll! Get off of the blog- you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.
Keith was there- if you read my interrogation from the 1st pm of being in Anchorage, you would see that Keith was there- cursing me, being rude, makes you look like a fool! Go away!
You need to know what you are saying before you say anything else.
I am NOT a liar- you need to NOT talk to me any more- and stop bad mouthing the victims.
Go away troll!

Late to the Party
Late to the Party
3 years ago
Reply to  Kim

What? Keith was where? Heidi Clifford’s house? Is that what you are now proposing Kim Snyder? Was it Keith then who drove you all to the library thingy? And when did you get into law enforcement? According to school reports, you never got out of special ed. But we are supposed to believe you interrogating Keith? Please honey, you could not interrogate a wet paper sack! This above all other CRAZY Kim Snyder has spewed and vomited on this blog is by far the nuttiest! And when all the nonsense is taken in its entirety, it is patently clear nothing coming from Kim Snyder can be taken seriously.

Kristin Snyder was also tired of her parents bothering her about the myriad of nonsense Kim got herself into on a regular basis. Fucking ridiculous! Heidi has said on far too many occasions Kim is mentally challenged, she also urged Kris to wash her hands of Kim. Straight up!

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Thanks for writing a more reasonable article, Shivani. Glad you dropped the over the top language and focused on the issues.

3 years ago

Kim Snyser
We had Kris for 35 beautiful years- and Keith had her, maybe 3 months. The grief that I have in my heart ❤️ right now, is very strong and hard to deal with. The pain that Keith & his minions have thrown at our family- he can’t fix, ever. Keith seduced. Raped & killed my ONLY sister. Why? Because he did NOT want another child. He is such a jerk!!!!!!!
Keith and his minions need to be sentenced- and thrown in jail, with life sentences- never to be heard from until they die. They need bread 🍞 and water 💦 only.
Keith starved the girls let’s see what he thinks about the diet that he put them on. No more luxury foods.
Keith is a seductress, rapist and killer. He does not deserve to see the light 💡 of day again.
I have been waiting for these articles to be put up on Kris for a long time- Keith and his minions have gotten all of the nasty “Hero” accolades- and why? Yea- why? I would like to know. They are worms 🐛- nothing but. They all need to be executed, and just be forgotten! Amen!

3 years ago
Reply to  Kin

To Kim:

We all feel for you and your family.
We wish you the very best and pray that you see Justice done and find closure.

Shadow State

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Kin

There needs to be a lot more evidence to execute anybody.

Horacio Steamer
Horacio Steamer
3 years ago

Keith was THOUSANDS of miles away in fucking ALBANY at the time of Kristin’s death.

Thus, it’ll be IMPOSSIBLE for the judge to consider any of this DRIVEL during his sentencing —– and Frank knows it.

You can’t use 3rd party ‘gossip’ — in a court of law — to claim that Keith is connected to a death.

Heck, you can’t even prove that Esther was part of this death, LOL, other than gossip and innuendo (no witnesses).

…And unlike Esther who was there, Keith was thousands of miles away.

Without some proof (other than wacky Kim Snyder spouting off her nonsense) you can’t prove JACK SHIT.

Judge G. will NEVER consider this bullshit for sentencing. Frank knows it.

Have a nice day. 🙂

3 years ago

“Keith was THOUSANDS of miles away in fucking ALBANY at the time of Kristin’s death.”

That is irrelevant if there is an interstate conspiracy.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

The point is Raniere probably can’t be convicted of a crime that would result in an execution. But keep up your “undefeated” record of missing the point. LOL

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

I agree with your points, but you’re still a blatant coward for dodging my show. LOL

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