Kristin Snyder Was Never Known to Be Unreliable, Unstable or Suicidal

Kristen Snyder smiling
Kristen Snyder, who vanished mysteriously in 2003 while attending a Nxivm/ESP intensive.

By Shivani

Many readers are aware of the lengths Scientologists have gone to with perceived “enemies.”

There are distinct behavior patterns present in criminal cult indoctrination; there are weird sexual beliefs, behaviors and rules and typical patterns, as well as escalating criminal actions.

One only needs to observe every comment made here by Nicki Clyne, who looks so very off-center. It is as though Nicki Clyne cannot control herself and is clueless.

Kristin Snyder was no such fanatic.

Kristin kept trying to address during her last intensive that Keith Raniere got her pregnant.

The ESP/Nxivm group did not want what Kristin was saying to be revealed or known by outsiders or by potential recruits who attended the Anchorage intensive. Raniere’s assemblage was a criminal enterprise, now with more than one suspected homicide.

It seems unlikely Gina Hutchinson committed suicide with a shotgun, but the case remains closed.

Gina Hutchinson is unlikely, as well, to have been able to have shot herself in the manner in which she was found. This stood out, at least to me, immediately. Not saying it was impossible, but several details are questionable and even very doubtful.

I’ve felt the same doubts about how Scientology leader David Miscavige’s mother-in-law supposedly shot herself dead. What both Miscavige’s mother-in-law and Gina Hutchinson had done was to object to what each experienced or saw happening.

Both were contending with criminality.

By her claims of being pregnant, Kristin Snyder brought out unwanted exposure to a group who were already leading and being led without a genuine moral compass, a group who lied, cheated, stole and were bent upon deception.

Before her last foray with Nxivm and subsequent to a visit to Keith Alan Raniere in Albany, Kristin Snyder was not suicidal.

No one who knew her mentioned Kristin as having been suicidal, unstable, inconsistent, unreliable or even slightly flaky.

It’s quite possible that Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman and others tried to entrap Kristin, with Raniere and for his sexual conquest, much too hard and too fast.

Did Vanguard and Prefect work together to bring Kristin to her doom?

It appears very likely that she was procured from the time of her first ESP intensive, a high-pressure job.

Most likely it was because Nancy Salzman told Raniere about Kristin’s background since Salzman led the first week of Kristin’s first ESP group. And Nancy Salzman knew what Raniere liked and what he liked to do, so delivering Kristin to him could be a feather in her cap.

This behemoth of falsity, Salzman, had turned Raniere on by bestowing two of her daughters onto him. Some pimp mama.

Michelle, Nancy and Lauren Salzman were all at the service of their Vanguard.

Why was Kristin’s last visit with her family interrupted so much by calls either to or from her fairly new acquaintances, the Raniere acolytes? This interference was what set off alarm bells with Kristin’s father.

As a professor, he would have found that excessive and inappropriate.

Why was Kristin’s last visit to her family constantly interrupted by calls to her from Nxivm leaders?

I can understand wholeheartedly that, especially a professor, would be looking at “Executive Success Program” as crossing the line, inserting itself too much as an entity into his daughter’s family time and intervening too much into her personal life and decisions.

A professor with integrity knows not to overreach teacher/student boundaries and that it is the teacher who must set and maintain those respectful boundaries.

It is difficult when one’s children aren’t children anymore to offer much advice unless it has been sought. It is a matter of mutual respect and of knowing that you have to let go, sometimes even if you can feel or see trouble ahead. Probably every parent has been there or will be.

You might want to say something, very much, and restrain yourself, hoping for the best.

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  • “One only needs to observe every comment made here by Nicki Clyne, who looks so very off-center. It is as though Nicki Clyne cannot control herself and is clueless.”

    Nicki Clyne is posting comments on FR?? 😂
    Frank, since Shivani doesn’t understand the basics about journalism, why are you posting her nonsense as a featured article? I didn’t even bother to read the rest of her drivel after reading that comment on Clyne.

  • do we really to hash this over again?

    the title may be somewhat misleading, because it only applies to her before she got involved in NXIVM – as far as we know.

    by late in the year prior to her disappearance, her family reported disturbing signs of personality changes and instability. this fits with known cases of what can happen when the sort of techniques that NXIVM and Scientology use go awry, as happened most famously in the latter group with the case of Lisa McPherson – see for instance – who stripped off her clothes after a minor traffic accident,

    by the time of her last intensive we have multilple reports from people close to her that she was psychotic, delusional and suicidal. she was claiming to be responsible for the space shuttle disaster, as well as saying she was pregnant, so it’s hard to know if there is any truth to any of her utterances.

    NXIVM is clearly responsible for gross negligence in her case, in several respects that have already been thoroughly discussed. But it’s not necessarily any more nefarious than that.

    Also, coming back to it, another thing occurs to me that I think is a big-picture perspective that may have been missed due to focusing too much on the details, is that if Raniere really had a problem with Snyder, wouldn’t he have had Nancy Salzman fly out and bring her back to Albany to deal with her personally, rather than trying to have the hapless local NXians handle her?

    • My Starbucks doesn’t have a drive-thru and thanks to social distancing I will probably be dropping f-bombs.

      Anchorage police are fucking retards just like Kim Snyder. For the record, Kim is not “Retarted”. Just ask Claviger. He disproved Kim was officially retarted. Thanks for all the hard work, Claviger.

      Hiedi Clifford should have been investigated along with everyone else that was in close proximity to Kristin Snyder. People such as Esther Chiappone Carlson, Ed Kinnum, Elaine Smiloff, Heidi Clifford, Kenny Powers.

      Frank, you did a lovely job BTW speaking to them. Kim and her family just rolled over and went to sleep before, during and after Heidi Clifford and Kenny Powers signed Kristin’s presumptive death certificate.

      Have a great fucking day.

    • Something happened to Kristen Snyder during the course of her involvement with the NXIVM gang.

      Something that pushed her into a desperate mental state.

      The only persons who would object to an Exploration of the circumstances surrounding Kristen’s mysterious disappearance are members of the NXIVM criminal gang.

      • I have always said that Snyder’s death should be re-investigated – if only to expose the full extent of NXIVM’s negligence.

        Sensationalism doesn’t help, and may even hinder. People like the authorities who need to be encouraged to re-investigate the death, won’t be impressed by anything that sounds too much like a nutty conspiracy theory.

  • Kim Snyder
    Kris’ behavior set off alarm bells with me as well before she made her last visit home. She was acting weird in Colorado- before Christmas, you skipped that part!
    Kris was acting weird when she picked me up from my home in January 2002- I didn’t know what was wrong with her- but now I understand what was going on.
    Kris was never unstable- mentally ill- or anything else. Nancy Salzman’s story doesn’t hold water.
    People who lived with her the last 2-3 weeks should have reported her behavior as bizarre!!!!!!! They did nothing! They did NOT take her to the hospital- they did NOTHING.
    There is a lot missing from tour story. Maybe you would like to call & talk to me.

  • Neil Glazer’s law suit against the top members of NXIVM focuses on how they engaged in the unlicensed practice of Psychotherapy.

    “None of the Plaintiffs consented to be the subject of the unauthorized practice of
    psychoanalysis, psychology or mental health counseling, and indeed none recognized that they
    were psychotherapy subjects, because those elements were masked within the larger frame of Rational Inquiry. Many of the Plaintiffs suffered emotional and psychological injuries as a result
    of their subjection to the Rational Inquiry methods and the highly abusive environment of the
    NXIVM community.

    Pages 13 and 14 of the Glazer complaint.

    NXIVM’s defendants used both Rational Inquiry and EMs, Exploration of Meanings, to bully and browbeat people into accepting the NXIVM’s view of reality.

    As for Nicki Clyne, in 2017, using the pen name Monte Blu, Nicki spewed out a whole mess of teachings from Scientology.

    Monte Blu comes back to chide Frank Report
    July 24, 2017

    “Monte Blu writes:
    It is evident [from this post] that you elected to show photos of V [Keith Raniere] out of context to make him look like he has no overarching, integrated message.
    Is it not a sign of your mental disintegration to try to make Keith look disintegrated?
    Keith tries to help people become fully integrated and lead humanity to a more noble civilization.
    Suppressives will rise against him during his quest to bring a more ethical, humanitarian world where we smile and the world smiles with us; where no one rejoices in another persons suffering; where parasites become producers and shifters become ethical.
    This is what Vanguard offers us if we are not too disintegrated to see.
    By trying to destroy Vanguard, you only destroy others who are shaken by the false representations of V you create.
    In the end, you cannot hurt V for his mission is greater than any one in history.
    Xenu, Lucifer, Hitler, all tried to destroy greatness and failed and in so doing destroyed themselves.”

    Let’s examine Nicki’s (Monte Blu”s), passage.

    The terms “mental disintegration” and “Suppressives” is directly borrowed from Scientology.
    Supposedly Nancy Salzman had taken classes in Scientology.
    Rick Ross found that NXIVM and Salzman had borrowed or plagiarized a lot from Scientology.

    And Nicki Clyne cited the mythological character Xenu who comes from Scientology.
    Xenu is supposed to be an Intergalactic dictator who captured people and flew them to earth in DC-8s, old jet liners from the 1950s, and threw them into a volcano which was exploded with Hydrogen Bombs..
    The spirits of these dead people became Thetans who inhabit the bodies of us Earthlings.

    All of this nonsense recited by Nicki Clyne is regurgitated Scientology stolen by Nancy Salzman from L. Ron Hubbard, the hack science fiction writer who created Scientology.

    Scientologists attack Psychotherapy but Scientology uses Bullying, Brow Beating and Peer Pressure to impose its own bogus version of Psychotherapy.
    In the case of Kristin Snyder I believe that she was bullied to the point that she had a nervous breakdown and committed suicide.
    Sometimes bullying that results in suicide is treated as murder.

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