Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Omar, and Tlaib Want Socialist Tyranny – They Should Emigrate to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Venezuela, China and Get It Easily

By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI Retired



The ignorant radical left…Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  [AOC], and her crew of Congresswomen Pressley, Omar, Tlaib and others just don’t get it!

Besides the American heroes, of about 1,500,000 Americans, who fought to defend, protect, and preserve our Constitutional Republic, and made the supreme sacrifice, their lives, there are many millions more of law enforcement officers…. Federal, State, Local who took the same oath and have survived the very dangerous career of crime fighting.

They made sacrifices to save lives and our Rule of Law. They did it so ignorant people like AOC and her crew, can parade freely, without the worry of tyrannical oppression, threatening or disrupting their radical gatherings to spread socialist ideas.

There is no doubt about their plans to “change” America to a tyrannical, socialist nation.



The “we” I speak of, also includes the legally ARMED, 130 million US citizens who believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and … almost forgot … the 2nd Amendment, thank God!

You see, these uneducated “kids”, were apparently elected to public office, recently and by mistake. They believe that our current Constitutionally elected President, under our Republic, is tyrannical and the AOC Socialist, or Socialist/Communist, or Socialist/Democrat or Islamic /Socialist plan is NOT tyrannical.

My goodness “kids” what do you think Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Venezuela, China, even Sweden and Denmark and Russia are?

What would happen if they tried to impeach their Saudi King, or Iranian Ayatollah?

They are all Socialist nations that are ready made for you…go there, check it out…and stay there! Overthrow the Saudi King or the China leader, Xi Jinping “President”, instead of “General Secretary”, under Xi’s one-party leadership. It should be easy for you four to get elected…after all, they only have ONE party!


If you believe that these other countries are so much better, go to any American College (like any New York State College). Try to count the number of “foreign” exchange students from socialist countries, getting their education for engineering and medicine, HERE!

Why not in their own countries that are so much better?

Ask them if they ever spoke out against their Saudi King, who owns their houses and their land, and pays for their education but tells them who they will work for and what they will do for a living forever!

Ask them what would happen if they spoke out against their King, like you, AOC, speak out against our ELECTED President… the tyrant!!!

Our Constitution does not allow for a socialist society! Our military men and women, the lawmen and women who took that oath will not allow you or anyone else to destroy our Republic! Just because someone told you geniuses that socialism is better, doesn’t make it true.

Had any of you attended history classes, you would have learned that America’s Rule of Law is the most successful governance in the history of the world. Her way of life is the most prosperous. It is the only country in the history of the world where its residents can travel, live, prosper, and educate themselves freely without “papers” or governmental intrusion and you four geniuses have a better idea?

As long as it follows the Constitution, and our Rule of Law…good!

Why don’t you, Congresswoman Omar, explain to the American people, how it’s possible for you to swear, under God, to protect, defend and preserve a Constitution that your beliefs prohibit… like the separation of Church and State, our first Amendment…you should read it!

In America, if you violate our Rule of Law or Constitution (no matter what your beliefs are)…you won’t like what happens…prison here is not good either…I’ve been in many, talking to people like you…who violated our Rule of Law that I personally put there!

I understand some of the crew have had some serious legal problems, like Immigration fraud, campaign funds fraud…great. You’re off to a good start!

Let’s see what happens now that your voting constituents understand how nuts you all are!

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Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

WOW. Appreciate your strong passion for our U.S. democracy, Mr. DiLaura.

Perhaps these women — having experienced the ‘tyranny’ of dictatorship in the lands from which they hailed — are likewise anxious to preserve the liberties they love about our system of government and fear losing that to the TYRANT currently in the Whitehouse — who reminds them of the corrupt, self-serving oppressors they and their families fled.

Mauricio ricardo
Mauricio ricardo
3 years ago

O Venezuela it’s your fucking fault. you are killing a country for your ideals. ideals that your presidents sticks in his fat orange pedo malignant narcissist( i would say sociopath, but he’s fucking stupid) killer, asshole every time he wants. Remember the children on cages, well I don’t have to tell you anything he so fucking criminal and stupid, he already fucked up your systems\country. Venezuela suffers your inability of accepting the different and your corruption.ypu are a belic, a criminal country even when humanity ows ypu Hollywood or other great things, the USA is the war dog of jews and the uk .

Mauricio ricardo
Mauricio ricardo
3 years ago

You sound fucking crazy. At least paranoic, if not totatlly bat shit crazy. The mk ultra, roy pedophile cohn, the prosecution and murder of comunist, are the best examples of how fucked up are you. You are so fuckiing igronarnt to this themes, that bitch, ypu cray cray. Comunist has flaws, like the frankestein, neoliberalism satanist -monarchy ypu defend so much. I dont know if the fbi tprture you, but im sure you have seen the system face tp face, so ypu know at least how fuxked up is the system ypure defending. I believe in attachment, ego, and mind training,sorry i find tpttaly creepy, you dont see how necesary is some change. I dont care if you become russian, trumo is a cunt and if ypu defend any part of him, ypu are a horrible person. He a pedo, and a product of ypure fail ecconomkc system. If russia and china are shit , its because usa its satanic, and the world stupid. So they have tyrants, likebush, reagan etc they dont have so muvj pedosatanic accusations thought. Just think ablut franklin, saville or palestine.

3 years ago

It is even worse than Socialism.
These women are hard core Marxists and Omar and Tlaib want Sharia Law imposed on America.
What is Sharia Law?
Islamic Law.

And under Sharia Law non- Muslims must pay an INFIDEL tax.
The Infidel tax is called the Jizya.

“Jizya or Jizyah is a per capita yearly taxation historically levied in the form of financial charge on permanent non-Muslim subjects”

This Infidel ta can be as high as 40%.
So all of you Liberal Retards who want to import Muslims had better be prepared to convert to Islam or pay up.

3 years ago

Preach it!

It’s a bit scary how much traction these socialists have gotten amongst the youth of our nation over the last several years. This is one of the side effects of replacing history classes with those dubious classes such as gender studies, etc.

3 years ago

Mr. M J. Gary DiLaura,

I agree with your article passionately and completely.

I believe in the freedom of speech and thought. However, these women and other individuals want to overthrow our capitalistic democracy. You are not being melodramatic. A socialist/communist ideology has no place in America.

You are speaking the truth.

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