Raniere Claims He’s Dying

He was your Vanguard - lest we forget.

According to one of our many sources at the Metropolitan Detention Center – which is where Keith Alan Raniere has been residing for the last two years – he is depressed and reflective, as people often are when they know they the end is near.

And he is telling anyone who will listen that he hasn’t got long to live.

The Metropolitan Detention Center. Inside this facility resides one sick Vanguard.

Before we take this news without a grain a salt, we must consider several other sources who knew Keith intimately – and who have reported that Keith often said he was at death’s door when he was playing his role of Vanguard to a host of adoring women.

One of his girlfriends reports that he would hold his heart and lie on his couch at 3 Flintlock Lane in Knox Woods – and claim life was ebbing out of him because of something she had done.

Keith’s couch where he often received services from his women slaves.

In his texts to Cami that were read in court, Keith often told her of his terrible illnesses. He told her he was alternately bleeding from the bowels or vomiting blood because she was not obedient enough or because she had despoiled herself by having an affair with another man.

Cami made Keith bleed on several occasions.

Keith also told many women that he would likely die if they slept with another man.

Once you go Keith, you never get relief.

Women could actually cause his death, Keith claimed, because once he ejaculated on them or in them, it meant he was bonded with them in a special spiritual sense. To betray that bond was to betray the love and spiritual guidance he offered. His sperm, he said, was distilled from his cosmically charged blood. It was his essence – and when he gave it, it brought the woman healing.

But sharing his sperm also took from his vital essence.

When he had an orgasm, it was not for his pleasure, but to heal the woman.  Consequently, he sacrificed every time he ejaculated.

He taught women that their highest pleasure was not having their own orgasms but allowing him to orgasm.

Once he did ejaculate, they had a permanent etheric spiritual connection from his sperm which, he claimed, had both a physical and an astral component.

If a woman betrayed him by having sex with another man, it would send a direct shock wave like a bolt of electricity on the astral plane – an event that could kill him.

He often said if another man’s sperm touched a woman that he was teaching via his own sperm, it would change his DNA structure – and reverberate back, make him ill, and potentially kill him.

This put him in constant danger – for while he had dozens of women he was teaching through his sperm, none were permitted to be with another man. If any of broke their vow of celibacy to him, he could die – and the world would lose his teachings forever.

This put great responsibility on the women of his harem.

One time Lauren Salzman touched a man at a volleyball game and Keith had to cancel his plans to sire a baby with her. That’s how sensitive his teachings are.


If any of these women slept with another man, it could kill the man at the top.

A woman who knew him before he became Vanguard told me she had a relationship with him for several years, all the while believing, because he had told her so, that it was a monogamous relationship.

He lived in her apartment. He explained his frequent absences for days at a time by telling he had cancer and had to make frequent visits to NYC to go to Sloan Kettering.  She would cry with him on the phone, Keith crying even louder than her, as he told her of his painful treatments at the hospital.

He would come back to stay a few days and seemed remarkably well for a man stricken with cancer.

One day, he went again to Sloan Kettering and called her from the hospital to say how bad it was.  He was bleeding profusely from various orifices.

She wept. He wept.

Keith apparently recovered from his cancer.

It so happened that about a half an hour later, he was spotted at a Clifton Park restaurant with his new girlfriend, Toni Natalie, by the woman’s teenage daughter.

When the daughter went up to Keith and tried to say hello, he pretended he didn’t know her.  That’s when the woman realized he did not have cancer – and they were not in a monogamous relationship.

A young Keith Raniere playing video games. Even then, he was prone to deathly illnesses from which he somehow always recovered.

So, these tales we’ve heard from others make it difficult to believe Keith. He has, after all, certainly been the boy who seems to have cried wolf many, many times.

Now, he says he’s dying.  Maybe this time he is. Maybe it is prescience. Maybe he knows that once he’s sentenced, he’ll go to a prison where someone will kill him.  Sex molesters often do poorly in prison.

Now, he’s telling people he will not get out of prison alive. This is a definite change in his demeanor and spirit. He used to tell everyone he would win on appeal and be released any day.

Now, he’s apparently saying he will die soon.

He is sick and getting worse.

Although, insofar as we know, he has not yet disclosed exactly what the illness is, he does look very grave when he speaks of it.

Even when this Adonis was at the height of his athleticism, he could be felled by an unfaithful woman.


Volleyball does not figure into Keith Raniere’s future. But does he even have a future?

Image result for life in prison

Keith Says He Will Be Sentenced to Life

Keith Raniere is also telling his fellow MDC inmates – and the guards there – that he knows his sentence is going to be life in prison.

He said that Judge Garaufis’ disposition and the Pre-Sentencing Report – which he describes as a work of horror-fiction–  ensures that he will be sentenced to life.

The judge is biased and the probation officer who wrote the report is also very biased.

Then he says melodramatically, “I know the official sentence is going to be life in prison, but what does it matter really? Even if it wasn’t a sentence of life in prison, it will still be a life sentence for me.”

He also repeats the line he uttered in the courtroom just before the jury announced its verdict in his case: “This is not justice.”

Has Money for Commissary

Image result for prison commissary

We have also learned from various disclosures that Keith appears to have an ample amount of money.  At least enough to purchase the maximum monthly allotment of commissary.

Still, life is bleak.

Except for his various trips to the courtroom, he has not been outdoors for almost 2 years, for there is no outdoor recreation at MDC.

He used to walk several miles every day when he was free – and especially enjoyed the night and early morning air in Knox Woods when he was accompanied by one of his slaves.

Keith Raniere walking with DOS slave Dani Padilla

Vanguard can’t win through joy anymore. He is morose and reflective.  To one observer, he seemed as if he was almost repentant about a life misspent.

All we know for sure is that he claims he is dying, that he thinks he will get a life sentence when he is sentenced on April 16th, and that he has money to spend.


He left on the outside about two dozen women who made life vows to never be with another man.  Several of these are already dating or in relationships with other men.

Could this be the cause of his life ebbing away?

Or is it just natural for prisoners at MDC to lose their health? Isn’t that part of the plan?

Most prisoners there are pre-trial detainees who have not been convicted of anything. They are technically innocent until proven guilty.

What better way to ensure they will lose their case then keep them in a torture chamber?

It ‘s difficult to meet with attorneys at MDC – and it’s difficult to get the necessary paperwork to defend oneself.

No one can remain healthy at MDC with the bad food, the bad air, the bad lighting, and the lack of sunlight.

The goal of prosecutors who fight bail and keep people awaiting trial locked up at MDC seems to be to cripple the defendant’s chances of defending himself – and to ruin his health so he won’t have the spirit to fight.

It is medieval.

Raniere has already spent two years in this hell-hole. Of course, his health is deteriorating – and his spirit is waning. That happens to almost everyone at MDC.

How bad is it really?

If he hadn’t used the “I am dying” routine over the years,  it would be a lot easier to assess his true condition.

Is he just an ordinary conman – right down to his fake “I am dying” routine?

Or is he one of the great criminals of our time or maybe all time?

A display at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum of great criminals may one day include Keith Raniere.






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  • I’m just wondering if Keith can get Corona Virus through being forced into having anal sex? If so, he is at that age range where Corona could be dangerous to him. Perhaps he’s had a vision of Corona being injected into his nether regions and complications causing his death? That conceivably could happen in Prison.

  • Another tragic cancer death; The General Manager of Purchase Power. A nice man who spent time with the gang. Might not be related at all.

  • Conditions in the penal system like this, are also partly the result of the attitudes of a lot of people that defendants wouldn’t be in court if they weren’t at least probably criminal types who are guilty of something even if not the specific current charges, and who ought to be locked up in a cage and treated like animals at minimal cost to taxpayers – we see those attitudes expressed here, and you have to own it.

  • Personally I want Vanguard to at least live for 2 years….

    ….So he can receive the full prison experience.

    It ain’t over till the fat-man comes.

    Whoops, I meant it’s not over until the fat lady sings!!!!

  • I’m dying, too. Dying of laughter, every time I think of Raniere, his ridiculous behavior, and the support of his small gang of evil followers, mainly women. LOL

  • If it’s true we get to see this last footage of Epstein, how will the ones who reported missing footage and sleeping guards be explained? I wonder the authenticity of the video. The whole scene of a notorious criminal being whisked away on a gurney from inside the MCC is definitely a tad bit abby-normal.

    • Most things are explained by what’s now been revealed about the MCC’s operations being sub-standard and understaffed – actually, there have been revelations for a least a couple of years, including warnings that conditions at MCC were ripe for things to go wrong, but those were largely ignored.

      Video of outside Epstein’s cell during his first suicide attempt was lost due to broken cameras and mistaken handling of recordings. This was given lots of media attention, confusing matters.

      Video of outside Epstein’s cell during his actual suicide show the overworked staff, on their forced second shift of the day, napping or sitting on the computer – and no suspicious comings or goings. This was not well reported, as there’s not as much interest in follow-up on stories.

      The whole Epstein story is abnormal, beginning to end. And no suicide I’ve known of personally, was exactly normal.




    • KR is one of Frank Report’s most valuable contributors. I vouch for him. And I verified his source on this story.

      • But will you also vouch for Claviger’s left-winger attitudes with regard to American prisons?

        What about you, Frank?

        …Were you being ‘unbiased’ and acting as a true journalist when you began trashing MDC as a hell-hole last winter?

        Or were you thinking about your own potential for incarceration when writing those BIASED articles?

        Can you honestly say that your own future trial (with the potential for jail time) has no bearing on your own attitudes when supporting Claviger’s LEFT-WINGER views of prisons?

        FYI: I agree that you’re being unfairly overcharged and will likely be acquitted on all charges. No arguments there. I’m merely saying that the ‘potential’ for jail time (no matter how remote) is likely affecting your own journalism when writing about prisons.

        Doesn’t that make your view BIASED and non-trustworthy for your readers?

        Can you honestly answer this question for us, Frank?

        Or are you too much of a COWARD to answer?

        Also… Will you vouch for the fact that when Claviger sat for his BAR exam, 6 times was a charm for him?

        • Hell hath no fury like a lawyer scorned, apparently. Especially by an ever so wealthy client that looked and seemed like such a sure fire mark!

      • Thanks for letting me/others know. I will now assume that when I am reading articles about NXIVM on Frank Report that you vouch for the authors and that otherwise they would not be on here.

        You can’t be too careful on the internet, anyone can write anything these days and then claim to be whoever they want to be.

        In fact, you vouched for an author of whom I quoted: Omar W. Rosales who wrote the book “American Cult NXIVM exposed.”

        Thank you again, Frank.

        • Not sure if you are trying to be sarcastic or not, but Frank is only specifically vouching for Claviger there.

  • “If any of these women slept with another man, it could kill the man at the top”

    I plowed out one of the dumb sows in the photo for years. Obviously they were not all loyal and he didn’t die…..then again what do I know, maybe that’s what’s killing him 🙂

  • Any idea if Camilla writes to him or still carries a torch for the guy? I bet a lot of these nuts miss the good old days and hate that it all went to shit.
    Stupid Vanguard tried to branch out too fast with the noobs. That, and his crush on Edmondson. He could still be doing his thing

    • Once again I have to agree with Mitch!

      If I keep agreeing with Mitch; I think it means we’re simpatico….I can only dream of having a best friend!!!

      If I remember correctly Frank Parlato believes at least 40 of them would gladly go back, today.

    • Epstein was incarcerated — and died — at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, which is in Manhattan. The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is a separate facility located in Brooklyn.

      • Well, I’m an idiot. Sorry, I should really think before commenting. Really got my hopes up, though.

        • It’s a common mistake that shows up in lots of media stories — even ones in The New York Times.

          And there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions. IMO, that’s the best way to learn.

        • It’s an easy mistake to make – I’ve tried to follow the case, and have to keep checking to be sure I’ve got the two straight.

          It’s the sort of significant follow-up that tends to get missed – and thus contributes to our bias towards going with first impressions, even when incorrect – there’s this:

          Security footage confirms no one entered area Epstein was jailed the night he died, attorney general says
          “Barr said that he personally reviewed security footage that confirmed that no one entered the area where Epstein was housed on the night he died.”

          Interestingly, the only detailed synopsis of the video that I could find is in the foreign press:

          ‘Surveillance video showed Epstein being taken to his cell by Noel at about 7.49 pm after he met with his attorney, the indictment says. Noel was filmed briefly walking up to the door leading to the tier where Epstein’s cell was at about 10 pm. ‘This was the last time anyone, including any correctional officer, walked up to, let alone entered, the only entrance to the tier in which Epstein was housed until approximately 6.30 am,’ the complaint says.’

          Apparently, we’ll get to see it all – eventually:

          Prosecutors to Present ‘Hundreds of Hours of Video’ Related to Jeffrey Epstein Death at Jail Guards’ Trial
          ‘Last week, Attorney General William Barr told the Associated Press he personally watched security footage that showed no one entered the area where Epstein was housed prior to his death.’

          A bit more perspective:

          William Barr: Jeffrey Epstein’s death was ‘perfect storm of screw-ups’
          ‘“I can understand people who immediately, whose minds went to sort of the worst-case scenario because it was a perfect storm of screw-ups,” Barr told the Associated Press.’

          And the guards’ position – their excuse is that they were overworked, and standards at the facility were lax, which may be true, though it still doesn’t look good for them:

          Jeffrey Epstein’s guards are scapegoats of broken system: defense attorneys
          “Noel and Thomas are accused of failing to check on the notorious pedophile every 30 minutes, as required, and allegedly fabricating documents claiming they had done so. Instead, court papers say, they dozed and surfed the web, while sitting in a common area just 15 feet from the creep’s cage.”

          Also, just last week, there was a further reminder of just how far the operation of the facility falls, from the standards we expect – and assume – it would meet:

          Feds find smuggled gun in Manhattan prison where Jeffrey Epstein died
          “Federal investigators on Thursday found a loaded gun that had been smuggled into the Lower Manhattan prison where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself last summer.”

          • There was a very, very strange message posted to 4chan ten minutes before there was any public announcement that Epstein was dead. I don’t see this message referenced here at all.

            The message read:

            “Not saying anything after this pls do not try to dox me but last night after 0415 they took him [Epstein] [to] medical in a wheelchair front cuffed but not 1 triage nurse says they spoke to him. Next thing we know trip vans show up? We do not do releases on weekends unless a judge orders it. Next thing we know, he’s put in a single man cell and hangs himself? Here’s the thing, the trip van did NOT sign in and we did not record the plate number and a guy with a green dress military outfit was in the back of the van according to the tower guy that let him through the gate. You guys I am shaking right now but I think they switched him out.”


            How did this person know Epstein was in a single cell and hanged himself, ten minutes before the news was released? You can read a timestamped image of the message here:


            People familiar with the prison’s protocols and terminology said this source sounded like a genuine guard of some sort inside the facility. Terms like “front cuffed”, “triage nurse”, “trip van”, “tower guy”, “We do not do releases on weekends”, all sound authentic.

            They say that no one went in or out of that section of the prison that night … I wonder. I’ve seen the pictures of the “Epstein” corpse and his cut throat, certainly doesn’t look like a bedsheet did that. It’s all very fishy. I’ve tried to see who actually identified the body, this is not clear. Many people have said there are discrepancies between the man pictured in the gurney and photos of Epstein.

            Did some poor idiot have the great misfortune to look like the perv and thus get taken out, so his body could be substituted? Did anyone note whether the corpse had a peculiar egg-like penis? The same organ that Epstein said he would like to have preserved, along with his head? Frozen, so that they could be reactivated one day, when medical science finds it can bring a dick back to life?

            Not only did Epstein not kill himself … the guy who didn’t kill himself may not even have been Epstein. Again: how did this source know that Epstein had hanged himself, ten minutes before any public announcement? I can’t see any reason to rule that this information is obviously false, it should be included in the debate.

          • Also, as to the supposed 4chan message Fred references, I’d point out:

            * It’s not surprising that word of Epstein’s death leaked out before an official announcement was made. People like to tell friends – and even try to sell stories to the tabloids. Just look at the recent case of officers who took pictures of the Kobe Bryant crash scene and then shared them around; people in our legal and prison systems do not always act like the professionals as we expect and hope they might.

            * A fact-check shows that the alarm about Epstein’s death was first raised at 6:33 am, and the4chan post made at 8:16 a.m, so someone with access to inside information, or just monitoring EMS channels (which can be done through online services), would have had close to 2 hours’ time to concoct a conspiracy theory based on information leaking out prior to the official announcement at 8:54 a.m.

            * Many of these things do indeed turn out to be hoaxes, and often rather convincing-seeming ones – like the apparently fake story about Kreuk sent to Frank recently that sounded like it could be a real first-person narrative, but turned out to have basic facts wrong.

            Obviously, some very clever people like to concoct and spread hoaxes for their own perverse reasons. And that’s not even taking into account the state-level actors now known to be using misinformation and information warfare to try to sew discord and distrust in the democracies and free press of America and Western Europe.

            As thorough as Fred sometimes seems to be, providing all sorts of references and technical details, I’d expected he’d do better than just quote a dubious supposed 4chan posting, and citing the debunked gurney photo theory. Or maybe he has his own agenda that determines what gets treated with seeming rigor, and what just gets repeated credulously.

          • Am I the only one thinking AnonyMaker got bored with us dunces and concocted Fred so he could interact with himself?

          • I was more interested that no one here seemed to have picked up this story. Just the timing of this 4chan message seems to indicate this was a genuine prison insider. Of course there are hoaxes and disinformation agents, but there’s something about this message that rings true. Even if it’s a hoax, it’s an inside hoax and worth noting.

            So I just raise it as information, that’s all, someone should include it in the picture. Why has it received so little traction? Can you tell me who actually identified Epstein’s body? I’ve gone through all the paperwork one can find online, I can’t establish this.

            The pathologist hired by his brother clearly thought this was a homicide, not a suicide, so they’re questioning the official narrative. But would his brother say anything, if he saw that the body was not the right person? I think not.

          • Nutjob, Fred is almost a dream come true in terms of getting to see a cultish true-believer type at work – particularly since we don’t seem to get real NXians here.

            I can’t even keep up with properly responding to his voluminous output, so I certainly wouldn’t have time to conjure him up.

          • I read both you Anonymaker, and Fred. I think you are both have keen and mostly rigorously explained interests in something outside of yourselves and that makes you interesting. AM at times I find your tone patronising and sometimes bordering on the supercilious, and this can be just as damaging, if not more so, than the plain silliness, of some of Fred’s views in my mind.

            No wonder liberalism is getting such a bad rap atm, I have to agree with some of its detractors: a sense of rank superiority and an overweening sense of entitlement, is a poor advertisement of the benefits of a decent family life and education, founded on the merits of Reason and other equally important Liberal arts.

  • Vanguard, if you’re reading, remember your own lessons: ” Freedom is NOT being able to do what you want.”

    Chin up, big guy. You’re FREE.

  • Boohoo, Boohoo.

    Old VanStinky is sick. Cry me a river.

    Maybe Kristin Kook can come and liven him up with her Sex Questions for Teen Girls.

    “Teehee, Teehee.

    Oh, Ladies! Let me tell you about the wonderful life of mulatto slaves in New Orleans who were constantly raped by their owners!”

    Hugs n Kisses!
    Kristin Kook and Kendra Sloth

  • Ha! Nicely done, Heidi. He was probably hoping for a conjugal visit – might get a lot more than he bargained for.

  • I do have to give the rascal credit. I wish I could find women stupid enough to believe that shit.

  • Hilarious that Keith seems to think the same FEINTS that worked on naive girls ‘in love’ will do the trick on his fellow inmates in men’s prison.

    Is he that desperate to get laid? Perhaps he’ll be obliged with a mercy fuck.

  • “I was lying on the floor bleeding out of the mouth for fifteen minutes” Keith Raniere.

    By the time his cellmates get through with him, he’ll be bleeding out of the ass.

    Sanford And Son: This Is The Big One!

  • It’s gotta be the direct shock waves that are killing him. All Keith’s ladies must be in their “available” glory as they hit the town finally being free of the nude emperor.

  • Y cuando Dany le pidió salir porque se estaba deshaciendo? No tuvo compasión por ella…karma…karma…

  • You don’t have to listen to a Keith Raniere anymore. We know what he is and what he’s gonna stay. And we know exactly what his future holds. He still needs people to listen to him, but there are no longer people who will believe anything he says. And there are also no more people who want to know something from him, at least his fellow prisoners. Let him talk to himself, or speak to the walls.

  • Claviger’s comments about MDC are woefully ignorant.

    I implore Claviger and Frank to watch a few episodes of BANGED UP ABROAD (formerly called ‘Locked Up Abroad’).

    MDC is like a HILTON HOTEL compared to any prison in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Chile, Costa Rica and many other nations.

    Most prisoners in these other countries don’t even have a proper cell to live in.


    *Instead, they get thrown into a big, overcrowded cell with 30 other inmates —- with no beds and a single bucket in the corner to shit in.

    *Cockroaches by the thousands.

    *No toilet paper unless you can purchase it. Many prisoners wipe their butts with their hands.

    *Many inmates are forced to sleep on the crowded floor just inches away from other foul smelling, dirty inmates who haven’t washed in weeks.

    *100+ degree heat with high humidity in the summers with no air conditioning.

    *Super cold temperatures in the winter, with no blankets unless you can buy them on the black market.

    *Even most ‘food’ must be purchased from the senior prisoners (gang leaders) who receive the food from the guards and dispense it at their own pleasure.

    *Inmates can also buy guns (and sometimes grenades) in many of these prisons, as the guards don’t venture inside the prison very often and will sell these things to the prisoners for the right price.

    *The guards are usually located outside the prison, not really caring what happen inside.

    *Shanks (homemade knives common in American prisons) are not very common in these other prisons.

    Why not?

    Cuz REAL KNIVES and MACHETES can be bought for cheap, lol.

    Fighting with a ‘shank’ will leave you desperately outgunned in these prisons.

    As for Claviger complaining about MDC not being very ‘convenient’ for attorney visits, LOL, the inmates in these other prisons often have to wait YEARS just to get a trial date. They are not presumed innocent either. In fact, they are presumed guilty unless they can prove themselves innocent (which is almost impossible).

    Claviger has no clue about this stuff.

    The pussies housed at MDC (who think they have it bad) are staying at a HILTON HOTEL compared to the people in South American and Mexican prisons.

    Claviger has NO CLUE about the truly bad prison systems of the world.

    His argument about American prisons being ‘below human standards’ is woefully ignorant.

    Claviger is an example of a LEFT WINGER who hasn’t figured out how to remove his head from his culo.

    MDC is fine. Try doing time in any prison south of the American border. You’ll be SCREAMING to come back to MDC in a heartbeat.

    Joe O’Hara might also think that he knows a thing or two about bad prisons, but trust me, Joe stayed at a HILTON HOTEL compared to any prison south of the American border.

    Claviger and Joe O’Hara are both ignorant as fuck about prisons.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Bangkok knows about prison conditions.

      Bangkok knows about the law.

      Bangkok knows about prison conditions in Mexico.

      Bangkok is a former prosecutor.

      Bangkok is Clare Bronfman’s former lawyer, Dennis K. Burke.

    • Who the fuck cares what goes on in other country’s prisons? What Claviger was trying to point out is what’s going on with Raniere at MDC.

      In the beginning, your rants were mildly amusing. Now, you’re just as irritating and predictable as Scott Johnson.

      Maybe you should take up a new hobby.

      Or, better yet, maybe you should just go away – and take Scottie with you.

      • Oh, NO! Now I have to try harder. LOL

        But it’s okay, you’re not seeing my best comments, they’re not getting published, or at least not published in a timely manner. LOL

      • Knowing that my comments are actively agitating assholes like you is the best compliment you can pay me. 🙂

        Hint: If you were smarter, you’d simply ignore my comments instead of letting them agitate you to the point of blowing a gasket.

        Duh. 🙂

        Better yet, if you had anything interesting to say then maybe you wouldn’t feel so inadequate.

        I’m guessing that if you had a heart attack or got struck by lightning and went down for a dirt nap, there wouldn’t be many people missing you or even noticing your absence. Well, maybe Heidi Apple would miss you. That’s one, at least.

        Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Whether he dies or not, or spends the rest of his days in jail, good riddance. The guy hasn’t learned a damn thing. The fact that he faked that he had cancer as an excuse to screw around is something only someone of ignoble character would have the gall to do. It’s all the more gross in irony when one considers the notion that he was likely the primary stress causes to a number of females close to him who were stricken with the disease. This is just another childish, insincere cry for pity from the Grandmaster Fake. And if it isn’t, who cares? It’s just retribution that no one would care for the grown up spoiled brat that cried wolf more often than one too many times.

    • The good news is we wouldn’t even know about this if it weren’t for a source that we don’t even know is legitimate. Raniere is behind walls that nobody can hear unless the information is carried outside. LOL

  • It’s all semantics – technically, we’re all dying. Some of us will just last longer than others.

    The health card is one of his oldest games. When I knew him, he had “a blood clot in his brain” that could kill him if he got too stressed and his blood pressure went up. One of the symptoms was that he would “faint” when he was stressed – which was basically any time I didn’t do what he wanted me to do or disputed something with him. It’s an effective way of pushing one into cognitive dissonance – you think he may be faking it, but you can’t risk pushing it because you might actually hurt him badly. As with all his games, it got bigger and more grandiose.

    Older and wiser…

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