Allison Mack’s Albany Home to Be Forfeited to Feds for Her Role in Sex Cult

Allison Christin Mack was convicted last year on one count each of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

She faces up to 20 years maximum for each count, but will likely receive a far lesser sentence. It is believed that with her cooperation with the feds and her lack of a prior criminal record, her sentencing guidelines are in the 2-4 year range.

In addition to her expected incarceration [no sentencing date has been set], as per a court order today, she will forfeit her Albany-area home at 7 General’s Way in Halfmoon New York.

She lived in the same community as many of the Nxivm inner circle members and close to where her master, Keith Alan Raniere, lived.

Mack has repudiated Raniere – proclaiming in her allocution last April when she pleaded guilty that:

“I became close with Keith Raniere. I joined NXIVM first to find purpose. I was lost and I wanted to find a place, a community in which I would feel comfortable. Over time, I truly believed that I had found a group of individuals who believed, as I did, and who were interested in trying to become better people and in doing so make those around them better. And when I came to that realization, misguided though it was, my purpose shifted from trying to help myself to helping other people. Through it all, I believed that Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people, and that my adherence to his system of beliefs would help empower others and help them.

“I was wrong. And I now realize that I and others engaged in criminal conduct. My misguided beliefs and dedication of what I believed were the principles underlying NXIVM, Keith Raniere’s teachings, resulted in my agreeing to support the criminal enterprise that is alleged in the indictment.

“The goal of the enterprise that I joined was to further and promote the objectives of Keith Raniere. …  Specifically, I concealed Keith Raniere’s role as the head of DOS and characterized DOS as a women’s only organization, knowing that Keith Raniere was the head of the organization…

“Your Honor, having reviewed the charges against Keith Raniere in the most recent indictment and having many months to reflect on my own actions and motivations of others, I have come to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for my conduct. And that is why I am pleading guilty today.

“I am very sorry for the victims of this case. I am also very sorry for the harm that I caused to my family. They are good people who I have hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings. I apologize to them from the bottom of my heart, and I am truly very sorry for what I have done. Through this plea and the help of others, I have begun the process of healing and repairing the relationships in my life.

“I wish to thank the Court, Your Honor, the prosecutors, my lawyers, and, most importantly, my family for their role in this process. I know that I am and will be a better person as a result of this.”

Her life has now changed. From dedicating her life to Keith Raniere, she now is trying to restore a life – any kind of life – and the life she will probably lead for a few years is prison life.

She left her acting career at its peak, when she was starring in the hit TV show Smallville and had millions of fans who adored her charming portrayal of the sensitive and honest Chloe Sullivan.

She moved to Albany to be near her Vanguard and bought a home there. Thereafter, she slipped into madness by following the demon leader of the sex cult as they descended into a crazed sorority secretly led by a man, Raniere, that wound up branding women on their pubic area as slaves and collecting blackmail material [including Mack’s] in order to coerce the slaves into obedience and silence.

It was a madcap scheme destined to fail – and anyone with even average intelligence should have realized that you cannot keep more than 100 women silenced and enslaved by blackmail.  Sooner or later, the secret had to get out and it did. Better yet, I was the happy bearer of the news informing the world of their dirty secret.

Allison Mack certainly did not devise the scheme, but she went down along with leader Raniere [who faces life in prison] and four other co-defendants: Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman who financed the cult; Nxivm President Nancy Salzman; Nxivm Director of Education Lauren Salzman; and Nxivm’s hapless peon, bookkeeper Kathy Russell, who was just too stupid not to plead the 5th when called to the grand jury.

The hapless Kathy Russell, former bookkeeper for Nxivm

In any event, Allison has agreed to forfeit her home in Albany, and the feds will take it.

Let’s take a look at some pictures of the place – and see what the star will give up.

It is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath town-home in the Knox Woods development, a subdivision of townhouses where many Raniere slaves and followers lived.

It has a fully finished basement, one car attached garage, a living room with a cathedral ceiling, an eat-in kitchen, and a first-floor master bedroom suite. It has a new back patio – and there is also a community pool and tennis courts.

The townhouse is worth at best $200,000 and is fairly modest. It is a far cry from the kind of home and lifestyle she could afford when she joined the group. She was introduced to the group by her Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk.

Allison was then starring on Smallville and making an estimated $1 million per year. She left at the height of her popularity on the show, and at her bail hearing in 2018, some eight years after she left the show, she revealed that while with Nxivm, her income was about $70,000 per year – most of which came from occasional appearances at Comic Cons and some residual income.

She had a net worth estimated to be about $8 million when she joined the cult and she soon blew thought it all. She did it all for Raniere.

It is hard to imagine how one stinker could cause so much harm.

Allison Mack was in love with Keith Raneire and left everything for him.


Keith Raniere.




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  • I still haven’t seen any evidence here, that Mack’s home is actually to be forfeited.

    The court filing is actually from Nancy Salzman, in which she forfeits any interest she might have in the property that is actually in Mack’s name. It’s not clear why she might have had any interest, though it could be that there was the potential for the “collateral” nonsense to have created some question about the property’s ownership, and so this may well have been done just done to ensure that Mack has free and clear title to the property – perhaps so that the feds can then seize it from her, but that has yet to be established, and it could also just to be give her free and clear title to the property after the injustice of DOS’ “collateral” extortion. Was there actually any fine, financial penalty or forfeiture agreed to as part of Mack’s plea deal?

    I could write up and file a legal document saying that I forfeited any “right, title, and interest” I might have in Mack’s property, to the federal government. That doesn’t establish that I actually had any claim to begin with, and certainly wouldn’t constitute Mack forfeiting the property.

    • Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman signed similar forfeiture documents last July. The only reason why Nancy had to sign a new one is because of the legal questions that were raised regarding the specific corporation for which she was signing.

      • Claviger, thanks for finally stepping in and addressing the question.

        Have those other forfeiture documents ever been posted? If so, I can’t find them. But that’s what would actually be relevant here regarding Mack’s forfeiture of the property in her name, not Nancy Salzman’s related filing.

        There’s this against Raniere and Mack that doesn’t specify properties whose forfeiture the government sought:

        And there’s this seeking forfeiture of 8 Hale and 127 Grenadier as properties involved in crimes – but no other properties:

        I can’t find a similar filing for 8 General’s way.

        And if Lauren Salzman signed something similar, does that mean that she is forfeiting one or both of the properties she owns?

        p.s. Interestingly, 127 Grenadier turns out to still be owned by 224 Grenadier Court LLC with an address at P.O. Box 38199 in Albany. That entity owns not only 224, but also also 215 as well.

        • I actually wrote about the three forfeiture orders that were agreed to by Nancy, Lauren and Allison back in July:

          The three forfeiture orders covered the same assets because the government wasn’t sure which party might assert claims to which assets. The only defendant who raised an issue was Keith Raniere – who claimed that he owned 10% of First Principles, Inc. That claim was later rejected because, as shocking as it may seem, he could not provide any proof to back up his claim.

          It’s always possible that some unnamed party will step forward and assert claims against some/all of the forfeited assets. That’s why there will be public notices before any of the assets are sold off by the government.

          PS/I’ll talk to Frank about putting up the three forfeiture orders so you can see the actual documents.

          • Claviger, thanks once more, for that additional follow-up – and the link to your earlier piece, which I had unfortunately forgotten about, and didn’t turn up when I tried to search for older references.

            If you’re certain the 3 forfeiture orders were identical, that explains it and settles it – though articles about Mack should either link to the proper forfeiture order for her, and not anything else, certainly not this odd later document for Nancy Salzman. And were there then similar documents filed for the other 2, to correct the same name error?

            Did Lauren Salzman sign an additional forfeiture for the properties in her name, such as her residence, or is the disposition of those unknown?

          • The original forfeiture orders that I referenced were, as I indicated, identical. And I do not believe that the Feds required amended forfeiture orders for Allison and Lauren because they did not assert any ownership in either version of the company.

            PS: We’re working on a way that would allow Frank Report readers to access more source documents.

  • I’m willing to bet she doesn’t do any time in prison. What’s taking so long to sentencing her? She will be confined to her parents home for 18-months and that will be the he only “punishment” she will receive. She should be locked up and the keys thrown away.

  • I’m surprised there aren’t more pics of Allie out and about since she has permission to leave the house quite a bit. Clare too.

  • What is the source for the claim that Mack was worth an estimated $8 million when she joined NXIVM? She attended her first NXIVM event in Dec. 2006, (Smallville’s 6th season) and seemed to have joined right in very soon after. Mack was never the lead of any show, prior to Smallville she had no big money earning credits, and through the first 6 seasons of Smallville, she was neither the lead or even the female lead and started as only #6 or so down on the call sheet on the WB/CW network, which pays less than the other broadcast networks. During her run on Smallville, she never got any other major TV, movie, or advertising gigs.

    It is also a mischaracterization, or bad reporting, to say that she left Smallville. The show was ending and she appeared in a number of episodes during the final season and moved to NY to pursue acting in theater. Whether her failure to land any significant roles played a part in her becoming more entrenched in the cult or whether her attachment to the cult inhibited her ability to get more work would be interesting to know. Maybe it was easier and more gratifying for her to be the “leading lady” of JNESS than to slog it out auditioning and being rejected like other actors of her caliber are subjected to. Also Mack was never as popular or in demand as her groupies thought or promoted. Tom Welling has nearly 900k followers on Instagram. Even before her DOS exposure and legal troubles, Mack had barely over 100k. And even though she started her Twitter account at the supposed “height” of her “popularity,” she only has 128k followers, so clearly not an actor with millions of adoring devoted fans.

    • For all of Allison Mack’s pretensions about being a Shakespearean actress, at best she was a modern day Noell Neill or Phyllis Coates.
      An actress in a fantasy TV show designed to entertain slow witted children.

    • Good questions. I think I’ve seen the figure that Mack was making $1 million per year on Smallville – which may or may not be correct, or have been true for all the years she was on the show –

      Also, I think we also have yet to see any proof that Mack is actually forfeiting her house. All there is, is a section in a filing by Nancy Salzman in which she forfeits any interest she might have in the property, that is actually in Mack’s name.

      p.s. A quick search turned up, first, a reminder that Mack’s bond was set at $5 million, which means she likely has significant assets; and secondly, this, which may or may not be based on any sort of good information, as I can’t readily find any figures for her per episode or per season salary:

      “2. Allison Mack

      Estimated Net Worth: $7 million. Playing the best friend of an epic superhero can pay off, at least it can if you’re Allison Mack and play the devoted Chloe Sullivan. Allison made her mark on the small-screen in her Smallville role, but her success didn’t end there. She went on to other roles including playing Amanda on the super quirky, saucy-dog-talking series Wilfred. All of her work means that Allison Mack currently has a personal worth estimated at around $7 million.”

      • If Frank or Dawn are getting their information from a site like, they might as well be using The Onion as a source and what they post should be treated the same as if it came from The Onion or Mediamass. Most actors lose 25% of their paycheck right off the top paying manager and agent fees, then they lose more for taxes and union dues. Even if Mack was earning $1 mill in her last two years on Smallville, that doesn’t mean that is what she netted, especially after deducting living expenses and whatever money she wasted on NXIVM.

        • “Most actors lose 25% of their paycheck right”

          This is only true if you have both an agent and a manager.

  • To discover the true hideous nature of Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman, let’s look at this passage from the complaint filed by Neil Glazer.

    ” Many DOS defectors began writing to Defendants, including Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman, and Clare Bronfman, pleading for
    their collateral to be returned or destroyed. No collateral was ever returned or destroyed. ”

    “In fact, at least one DOS member’s collateral was released in retaliation for her
    speaking out against Defendants, NXIVM and DOS. That collateral had been edited by Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack”

    pages 145 and 146 of the Glazer Complaint.

    Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman can cry to high heaven, they are both scumbags.

    • These people willingly gave collateral making them culpable for their own actions. Ironically enough the same people that overlook this are the same people that warn youths not to send revealing selfies because it may come back to haunt them one day. Those that gave collateral were adults and should have known better. These adults ought to have never given the collateral away in the first place.

  • “She lived in the same community as many of the Nxivm inner circle members ”
    She didn’t live in this house at the time she was inner circle…she officially joined the inner circle around the time she was coerced…not before.
    But she moved to the Albany area end of 2013…unfortunatly, it was to be close to her master as her mind was already tempered around that time…
    But she wasn’t inner circle then.

    ” and the life she will probably lead for a few years is prison life.”
    I know it would please you to see a victim in jail but that’s lame, even for you…
    She’s just trying to heal (now that her mind is getting unclouded)…

    BTW, it’s not sure that she’ll do any time as the delay in her sentencing is reaching an abnormal time…
    She technically is already in prison if we follow the logic presented by Judge Garaufis (September 2018…he clearly stated that it’s prison for him).
    Since she never committed any crime (except the collection of collateral for which she pleaded), she has been cooperative since the beginning…she could very well not spend time in jail by the time she is sentenced.
    I remind you that in the end, she didn’t commit any crime but the collection of collateral…something that, in normal times, would give her a maximum of 2 years but more likely probation…

    “she slipped into madness by following the demon leader”
    No, the facts show that she “slipped into madness” after he and the Salzmans’ many manipulations and THEN she followed the demon…
    This is extremely important as it’s circumstantial evidence…Allison wouldn’t have “participated” unless they abused and coerced her.
    This is a fact, a fact showed in court and this is the difference between a perpetrator who is willingly following and someone coerced to do a crime and who is a victim.

    “collecting blackmail material [including Mack’s]” and “Allison Mack certainly did not devise the scheme, but she went down along with leader Raniere ”

    I advise you to use your brain…if you have one.

    “went along” after her collateral was taken, hardly a “went along”…especially when most of the “victims” did the same crime as Allison under the SAME circumstances…
    There isn’t such a thing a “went along” or “willingly” when you are coerced.

    And, once again, this is without considering ALL the facts around Allison’s fall…the fact that she was starved, sleep deprived, mentally controlled (through the many “technologies” like E.M.s) or the serious possibility of Allison being drugged by Raniere (the powder in the water)

    “She did it all for Raniere.”
    No, it’s through time, so at first, it’s for Nxivm’s curriculum…like many people.
    She was already out of cash when she was dragged into the inner circle.

    Don’t try to connect Allison further than she is.

    Some people call me an apologist but I’m not…I’m realistic and I READ THE FACTS, I don’t interpret them…

    Until 2013 (when she was doing the extreme diet and used (already) the powder), she was pretty much normal and not interested by Raniere more than by his teaching…There was even a point a time she tried to avoid him…something his lovers were not doing (it’s on her blog).

    e\At the end of 2012, she still had a boyfriend but he didn’t want to be part of the cult (for Allison, it wasn’t a cult…).

    It’s after years of mental abuse through E.M.s and after she started to be coerced (which started in 2014) that Allison got closer to the inner circle…

    I suspect that it was planned by Raniere as the little conversation He, Vicente, his wife, and Allison had was obviously “staged” by Raniere to be able to abuse Allison further and finally control her.

    She joined the inner circle around 2015, the same time as she joined DOS (summer 2015). It’s also at that time that she started to have a “relation” with Raniere…hardly a loving relation but much like Nicole and the other victims a FORCED relation.

    The “threesome email” is clearly showing this side…when someone likes something they don’t say “fighting with my viscera”.
    She tried to give some sense to this act (that she obviously wasn’t used to) and the “thanks” part is obviously the usual “forced” thanks that Raniere was requiring (as Nicole explained in court)

    Don’t ignore that she was “fully coerced” at the end of 2015…circumstances are important and so is the chronology.

    It’s AFTER that event (coercion) that she started to really be his puppet, not before… and that is telling us what?

    That she was not willingly doing it…it was all progressive until the end of 2015…at that point, she was stuck in the mud completely.

    Between the E.M.s, the starvation effect and the potential drugging, she was unable to think properly.This is why she is a genuine victim.

    Other victims did the same (crime) as Allison but not under the same circumstance, with way less abuse…does that mean they willingly did the crimes?
    They at least did it more willingly than Allison but nobody is saying they aren’t victims (except me, if you consider that Allison is not a victim herself)

    People like Sarah E recruited tons of people(including Allison, KK and Nicky) under a fake statement and selling moon parcels to them…not under any kind of abuse but many consider her to be a “victim”

    Is it fair? It’s simple, either each of the victims of abuse (including Allison) are victims OR all of them are criminal…

    And don’t come with the “she is both victim and victimizer” as this works only if Allison committed the “victimizing” crime BEFORE she was forced…and the facts show that it’s ABSOLUTELY NOT the case.

    It’s not even debatable as everything I said is not based on rumors…it’s coming from testimonies!

    • Fact. Your an idiot
      Fact. She is both victim and criminal
      Fact. You should break your comments up into smaller sections as not to lose the interest of the reader.

      • Brooke- There is no need for poster to break up their comments into smaller sections. It did not lose my interest, only to those with short retention spans. Your “facts” are only your opinions. If you don’t want to look like an idiot yourself, back up your claim with actual facts. Remember it is better to stay quiet and let people believe you’re a fool, than to say something and remove all doubt.

    • But she moved to the Albany area end of 2013…unfortunatly, it was to be close to her master as her mind was already tempered around that time…

      WRONG Allison purchased her home in Clifton Park in October 2011. As early as July 2007, Allison was already redirecting money donated by her fans to a NXIVM related company run by Lauren. April 2008 she is already openly defending NXIVM and her 10C company on the acapella forum. In 2010 she moved to NY. March 2012, she was on her blog calling Keith her dear friend and mentor and people who live in the area are reporting seeing her walking with KR and she’s making JNESS recruitment videos. Here’s some of her tweets from 2013.
      @allisonmack Oct 27, 2013
      Listening to Keith Raniere explore thoughts on media, love and humanity. Mind is blown. I am so inspired.
      @allisonmack Oct 23, 2013
      an early morn walk w. my sweet and wise mentor and friend keith rainere always put a spring in my step and a light in my heart. thanks…

      I don’t think even Nicki Clyne ever fawned so openly over Raniere or recruited so publicly for the cult.

    • Allison Mack is not only guilty of collecting collateral, of which she released a branding collateral tape to humiliate and silence a victim, but she is guilty of committing 2 felony counts of racketeering with predicate acts consisting of much more than putting her name on slave’s financial assets and sending X-rated slave photos to Keith.

      Her 2 felony counts have 20 year maximum prison sentences and she needs to serve some time in prison unless the SDNY Federal Criminal Justice Division is a complete farce.

      She hasn’t been sentenced because she is not done cooperating, more indictments may be coming, this is the usual standard procedure for cooperating defendants who become prosecution witnesses.


      Ms. Mack became so involved, federal prosecutors said, that she began recruiting other women into a secret sect within Nxivm in which women were branded with Mr. Raniere’s initials and were forced to have sex with him.

      “I was lost,” Ms. Mack said on Monday, while pleading guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges related to her role in the group.

      In a lengthy, tear-filled confession at Federal District Court in Brooklyn, Ms. Mack admitted to luring women into Nxivm (pronounced NEX-ee-um), where they were extorted and coerced into following Mr. Raniere’s orders.

      “I must take full responsibility for my conduct,” Ms. Mack, 36, said.


  • Allison was never in love with Keith. Fucking her mind into confusion so that she believed in something that wasn’t real isn’t the definition of love.

      • Mack wasn’t in love with anything or anyone. Any beliefs or thoughts inculcated into her or mind or the minds of anyone else that was part of this manipulative organization for several years who was “taught” by the untrained and unregulated Raniere, the Sleazemans, or any other member of his inner circle needs a complete format of the part of their hard drive that was affected by the virus (a mind wipe). They are likely planted, subconscious thoughts that have no legitimate experiential basis, and any belief that a person made their own independent choice under the direction of NXIVM is a false one, because they were likely all indirectly coaxed into them under a manipulative, controlled decision process.

        • That’s why they need the maximum time allowed in prison, because it allows time for the “mind wipe” you mentioned to occur. In this case it’s too bad the brain can’t be treated like a hard drive, so time, including plenty of time to think about what they did, to pass to allow these changes to take place. It also helps that their fellow prisoners will beat the data out of them and keep them from wanting to “reload” their minds with the NXIVM garbage again.

      • Hi Scott,


        I didn’t think of that I’m gonna take out some money.

        it’s official as of today Coronavirus beats the Spanish flu


        Corona kills 3.4%
        Spanish Flu 2.5%

    • That beautiful KM and AM say otherwise. Allison surely did love her Master. The inner-circle totally loved their master, you Anonymous fool.

      • The only fools are those who thought that love in any real sense of the term could come from such a person. Being a “master” at usurping the ideas of others as one’s own, conniving, manipulating, grifting, and wasting people’s time is worthless.

  • If they are still wearing his brand with pride, I personally wouldn’t trust them.

    Hope the court inquires.

    It’s like a Nazi wearing a swastika while swearing off Hitler.


    “Coloring contest!
    All ages. Color in this #Girlsbydeign picture and post to hashtags #Girlsbydesign #mk10art #nxivm #kendravoth #kristinkreuk
    Your art may be featured on Actress Kendra Voth has produced multiple Godzilla videos according to Kristin Kreuk is currently acting in TV show ‘Burden of Truth'”

    Why was the Kendra Voth article taken down?

    • Kendra had one bit part 18 years ago. Her only acting since was pretending she never buried her tongue in Kristin’s unshaved place. Color me green with envy.

    • MK10 Art is brilliant. Thanks for the heads up. I dont suppose we’ll see her work again here, the real work of a political cartoonist. I think Frank has sacred cows, and MK10 may have depicted one of them. The other artist on here is more FR in that, more MGTOW friendly.

  • In the old days of Hollywood there was an actress known as Madcap Mabel Normand.
    This comedienne was born in Staten Island , New York around 1896 and died of tuberculosis in 1930.
    Her tuberculosis was brought about by years of alcoholism and drug abuse.

    Madcap Mabel Normand was known for doing Madcap things like drinking champagne and eating ice cream for breakfast.
    But Madcap Mabel Normand never went so far as to brand women and turn them into sex slaves.

    “But despite her successful career, she suffered from many private troubles. She had alcohol troubles, used cocaine, and often went to wild, all-night parties. On February 22, 1930, after being admitted to a sanitarium, Mabel Normand died from tuberculosis at the age of 34.”

      • Maybe.
        Mabel Normand was a central figure in the mysterious murder of movie director William Desmond Taylor in 1922.
        Normand was the last person to see Taylor alive except for the murderess.
        Most observers believe that a woman named Charlotte Shelby murdered Taylor.
        Shelby was the mother of movie actress Mary Miles Minter.
        Shelby was afraid that Taylor was romancing her daughter.
        Ironically William Desmond Taylor was probably gay.
        A good book about Mabel Normand and her involvement with William Desmond Taylor is Sidney Kirkpatrick’s “A Cast of Killers.”
        In a strange twist Normand came from the New York City borough of Staten Island and from what I can tell Allison Mack’s sister in law possibly came from Staten Island.

  • My takeaway: Allison betrays her master after vowing to help him. No honor. No value for her word. Hugely disintegrated.

    • Only a few do not betray. Almost everyone else does. All you need to do is offer them something they really want, e.g., money, fame, women, status, etc.

      I’m Raniere’s case, the betrayal was easy once someone greater in power was put over him. The guy was an obvious charlatan. There was nothing he stood for, and so it was easy to knock him down.

  • And the fun is just beginning for Allison Madcap Mack.
    When Congress saw fit to pass the RICO Act in 1970, it included a civil lawsuit provision to make sure that Crime Does Not Pay.
    This civil lawsuit provision allows the victims of Rackets to sue the perpetrators for Triple Damages.

    For a full copy of the lawsuit against Allison Madcap Mack and her friends consult:

    For information about this lawsuit, please call Neil Glazer at 215-238-1700 or email him at

    Let’s look at some of the charges made against Allison Madcap Mack under the Civil Provisions of RICO.


    18 U.S.C. § 1962(c) (against all Individual Defendants on behalf of all Plaintiffs)

    The Individual Defendants including (Allison Madcap Mack) conspired to operate and operated a racketeering
    Enterprise. Through this racketeering Enterprise, they operated a pyramid scheme, physically
    and psychologically abused people, and engaged in, among other criminal acts: (i) mail fraud and
    wire fraud, bilking Plaintiffs and others out of large sums of money, (ii) forced labor and
    trafficking in forced labor, and (iii) forced sexual slavery and trafficking in sexual “slaves.”

    Defendants knew they were managing and operating a racketeering Enterprise
    that destroyed hundreds of lives while Defendants enriched and aggrandized themselves,
    maintaining a highly abusive environment that enabled Defendants to manipulate and coerce
    members into doing as Defendants commanded, for both financial and psychological gain.

    Mail and Wire Fraud in Violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1341, 1343

    1591, and 18 U.S.C. § 1593A, BENEFITTING FROM SEX TRAFFICKING (against all
    Defendants on behalf of Plaintiffs

    (B) FORCED LABOR—18 U.S.C. § 1589, CONSPIRACY TO VIOLATE 18 U.S.C. § 1589,
    (against all Defendants on behalf of all Plaintiffs)

    U.S.C. § 1590, and 18 U.S.C. § 1593A, BENEFITTING FROM FORCED LABOR
    (against all Defendants on behalf of all Plaintiffs);

    (D) PEONAGE —18 U.S.C. § 1581, CONSPIRACY TO VIOLATE 18 U.S.C. §
    1581, and 18 U.S.C. § 1593A, BENEFITTING FROM PEONAGE
    (against all Defendants on behalf of all Plaintiffs)

    NEGLIGENCE PER SE – Unauthorized Practice of Counseling Professions/Aiding and
    Abetting the Unauthorized Practice of the Counseling Professions and Conspiracy/Acting
    in Concert
    (against all Defendants on behalf of all Plaintiffs)


    RESPECT TO BATTERY (against Defendants Raniere, Lauren Salzman,
    Allison Mack, Nicky Clyne, Rosa Laura Junco, Loretta J. Garza Davila, Monica Duran,
    and Daniella Padilla Bergeron

    Defendants Raniere, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Nicky Clyne, Rosa Laura
    Junco, Loretta J. Garza Davila, Monica Duran, and Daniella Padilla Bergeron aided and abetted
    and acted in concert with respect to the battery described above by either requesting that it be
    done or by participating in the outrageous ceremony with knowledge and intent that the Plaintiffs
    were, unbeknownst to them at the time, going to branded and were branded

    Plaintiffs suffered lasting physical and emotionally injuries as a result of the
    commission of battery upon their persons that Defendants acted in concert with respect to and
    which they aided and abetted

    These high-level defections, along with a stream of defections of DOS “slaves,”
    shook the NXIVM community to its core. Many DOS defectors began writing to Defendants,
    including Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman, and Clare Bronfman, pleading for
    their collateral to be returned or destroyed.
    No collateral was ever returned or destroyed.
    (Allison Madcap Mack and her friends still possess the Blackmail materials in spite of requests to return it. Shadow State)

    In fact, at least one DOS member’s collateral was released in retaliation for her
    speaking out against Defendants, NXIVM and DOS. That collateral had been edited by Lauren
    Salzman and Allison Mack,

    Shortly after the wave of threatening letters were delivered, when it became
    known that NXIVM was under investigation by the FBI, Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Lauren
    Salzman, Allison Mack, and several others fled the United States and went into hiding in
    Mexico. In March 2018 the Mexican Federal Police captured Raniere and turned him over to the

    So, girls and boys, the Fun is Just Beginning for Allison Madcap Mack.
    Madcap Mack is going to be sued up the Keister.

    For information about this lawsuit please call Neil Glazer at 215-238-1700 or email him at

    • If I have a quiet moment at work today, I am going to email Mr. Glazer. I am interested to know what he thinks of your efforts on his behalf.

      • Go ahead.
        Mr. Glazer put the email and phone number up on his law firm’s website implying that he wants interested parties to contact him, particularly interested parties who might become plaintiffs.

  • I’m impressed with your writing, Marie. Have a slight disagreement with your claim that Allison did it all for just “one stinker,” Raniere, and feel that’s oversimplified. I Believe she was more motivated by what Raniere and Salzman (falsely) REPRESENTS Vanguard and NXIVM to be.

    Few saw past that and I just don’t believe Allison was one of those who DID to the extent of some —like ALL the Salzman’s — who were more motivated by their own monetary gain to please Raniere.

  • Thanks for keeping us updated and, especially, for providing the underlying documents.

    However, reading closely, the order just says that Salzman forfeits her interest in those properties – not that the properties themselves necessarily get forfeited and seized, if hers is not the only ownership interest. In the case of one of the office buildings, I think it’s been reported that Sara Bronfman has a partial ownership interest for which she will be paid when the property is sold.

    7 General’s Way is still owned by Mack personally (I just double-checked Saratoga County property records I have previously referenced) so this does not necessarily directly affect her. This may just give her clear title, in case she had given Salzman some sort of dubious “collateral” (I think there has been some reference to her doing something like that) – which could then lead to the property being seized from Mack as the actual sole owner. It’s possible that Salzman has some sort of other ownership interest in the property, like a private note or mortgage, though that’s unlikely; it’s also possible that the property was just mistakenly included in the filing, the sort of mistake that does happen.

    • That’s quite possible, and not necessarily conflicting – like the property Nancy Salzman currently lives in, whoever is responsible for managing them has an interest in keeping them occupied to earn income to pay expenses like utilities and taxes, until the government finally sells them off.

        • That might be a major consideration in Chicago, but not really Knox Woods.

          However, a property owner or manager has various other reasons to want a unit occupied, including having tenants who will perform minor maintenance and upkeep such as shoveling snow, and catch problems like leaks or frozen pipes before they do much damage.

          One or more people or firms must be overseeing the various properties in the area, including the commercial ones, something we seem to know nothing about. Or maybe even Nancy Salzman is doing it since she would have been in a position to know NXIVM’s property arrangements, and her pay for that is how she’s making ends meet.

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