Kristin Kreuk’s Burden of Truth Helps Keep Women as Infants — While Male Bashing

Kristin Kreuk stars in Burden of Truth

[Note this post was modified to incorporate the facts that the age of consent in Canada is 16 and that people can become bartenders after the age of 18.]

By Marie White

Kristin Kreuk is trying hard to be a cutting edge, virtue signaling, feminist actress. She is really hard to stomach sometimes.

Aside from being an atrocious actress, she seems to want to portray women as idiots, infants in mind, spirit and body, no matter what age they are.

I want to thank Life News for the transcript, and providing the clip.

Life News, an anti abortion website, is interested in the offhand manner abortion is discussed in the clip from Kreuk’s show Burden of Truth.

I find the clip offensive for another reason. The clip presents a concept that presumes women are incapable of making adult choices.

In this clip, from “Ducks on the Pond,” an episode which aired September 12, Kreuk’s character [Joanna Hansley] goes to confront a local woman who slugged her in a bar.  An attorney, Joanna [Kreuk] is in her hometown, working on a case against the local steel mill.

The woman who assaulted her isn’t home. So Joanna speaks with her sister, Erin (Sarain Boylan), a realtor.

As Life News describes the scene:

Erin tells Joanna that her sister probably hit her in the bar that night because of her connection with her [Kreuk’s character’s] father. Erin, it turns out, knew Joanna’s [Kreuk] father, a prominent attorney in Millwood,…  Erin was [then] a young woman tending bar at the local golf club who Mr. Hansley had an affair with her back in the day. (Joanna has been slowly learning of her father’s sordid past, including extra-marital affairs.)

“I was just a kid, too,” Erin says to justify herself as she tells Joanna about having an abortion when she became pregnant. “It’s just one of those things.”

“Wow. How casual can you get about the taking of a life?,” Life News comments.

Here is the clip

Shockingly Bad Acting Ahead


Here is the transcript of the clip:

Erin: She only hit you because of me. She doesn’t like it when people hurt me, I guess.

Joanna {Kreuk]: But, I didn’t… hurt you. I don’t even know you.

Erin: Not you. I used to work at the Golf Club.

Joanna: Oh God.

Erin: Behind the bar, you know. You can make some pretty great money if you’re young and pretty. And I was. Men would stick around long after their rounds, you know, the sad guys with the lame jokes and the comb-overs and the sad stories, and… all competing for my attention.

Joanna: And my father was one of them?

Erin: No. He… he was softer. He was nice. He listened.

Joanna: Or he was good at pretending he was.

Erin: Yeah. He told me I could do anything and he was gonna help. Told me I was special. I would never normally fall for that crap, but with him, I don’t know. I liked him. I knew he was married. Our kid would’ve been older now than I was back then. I had an abortion. I was just a kid, too. It’s just one of those things.

Joanna: Is there anything I… can I help? With anything?

Erin: You know how you can help? Wish me luck with the Martins. They’ve got a baby on the way and I’m pretty sure that I just found the perfect spot for themLook, this is just the way life goes. Right? And I’m doing pretty okay right now.

Joanna: OK. Good luck.

Life News, of course, was more interested in the abortion aspect, adding their commentary:

“’Look, this is just the way life goes.’ Well, not for the developing child Erin aborted. That child didn’t get a life at all. How sad that the left has coarsened society so much with this issue that now television dialogue just tosses out such statements. If Erin is truthfully ‘pretty okay right now,’ she should count herself as fortunate. Many women who have abortions experience life-long psychological harm.”

Kristin Kreuk, always on the side of infant women, and against all men including her dad. That makes for good, politically correct, Canadian taxpayer-funded TV.

Abortion aside, let’s look at this. This Erin, the realtor chick, was not a child when this happened with Kruek’s character’s father.

She was old enough to be a bartender, which means she was over 18.  She knew Kruek’s father was married. She chose to spread her legs. She chose not to use contraception. He did not rape her.

[Author’s subsequent note: I originally wrote this post assuming that the ‘victim’ bartender was 21. She does not say in the clip. She may have been younger, but was at least over the age of 18.  In Canada, she is old enough to vote and to consent to sexual relationships. She is old enough to get married. She can make all adult decisions. All 18 year-olds know about contraception. It is taught in school. She was also old enough to make the decision to not have sex with a married man.]

It’s all his fault? Maybe he told her she could be something special, something great. That she could do anything. So what? Maybe she could, if she stopped being a victim.

The scene is childish and grotesque, as Kreuk and the silly “victim” get teary eyed over this.

When I was 21, [and even when I was 18] I knew if a man was married that was a consideration. Erin was a bartender. She had men fawning all over her, according to her own account in the clip.

Yet Kreuk is quick to apologize for her father, as if he was the villain, without taking into consideration that Erin, the bartender, who hopped into bed with him, must have had some free will and a role in her destiny. She was not a little child led by the hand.

Of course, this is just TV.  But TV shows like this purport to teach young viewers. Burden of Truth is a very “preachy” show. And the moral is that it is OK for woman to be a victim if they had an abortion when they were young because they chose to sleep with a married man. It’s OK, because the man is to blame.

At 18 or 19, or 21, how could she be expected to think for herself?

In the scene, Kreuk has to apologize for her dad and offer to do something, anything, for the poor victim to make it up to her.

I have a simple suggestion to avoid such problems like Erin had. Why not advocate on Burden of Proof for raising the age of consent for women? The age of consent in Canada is 16.  That means this bartender could have decided to have sex with Kreuk’s father years earlier, perfectly legally.

If you want to find blame, blame the laws. Why not advocate for raising the age of consent for women to say, 25 or even 30?  Whenever a woman is finally old enough to be responsible for making her own decision for sex and taking responsibility for them?

Sure a woman’s consequences for having sex are greater than the man’s. She is the one who can get pregnant.

If, at 18, a woman is not old enough to know not to sleep with an older married man without contraception, when will she be old enough? Advocate to raise the age of consent. For in the clip, the bartender, Erin, is legally an adult.

If I found out my father had consensual sex with an adult woman, over the age of 18, I would have said to her:

“Sweetie, I am sorry it did not work out for you and my dad. But you were an adult. You voluntarily spread your legs, cutie, for whatever reason. You knew you could get pregnant. You admitted he was nice. He made you feel good. He did not rape you. You knew women, not men, get pregnant and yet you chose to have sex with him. That’s not my solely dad’s fault. It takes two to tango.”

But I don’t live in Kreuk’s TV world of weak little girls. I’m a woman capable of making my own choices now, and even when I was 18.

By the way, Kruek is embarrassing to watch. You would have to be almost an infant in cultural and artistic aesthetics to not wince at the acting. Maybe she should have taken acting courses from Raniere at the Source. My god, watching her act, I wonder if she did.




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  • OMG, I have not seen such acting skills since our church primary group play. Well writ, Marie. Keep it up!

  • For five minutes this weekend, I thought about watching Kristen Kreuk’s television show, and then I realized I have better things to do like picking my nose.
    Hey, Sultan of Six,

    I know you’re reading this! Have you gone to any comic-cons and spied on Kristen?

    Hey Sultan…I no longer think that you’re as crazy as Gary Busey …..I just think you’re more dangerous. 😉

  • Thank you Ms. White, for introducing some sense here. You are so much more attractive to men because you understand how your sexes weakness causes so many problems that don’t need to exist. No stupid weak women = no Nxivm. Keith knew this. If only all the women on here (FR) were as beautiful, honest, and willing to defer to the safer and greater intelligence of men as you, life would be sweet! But there’s only one great artist MW on Frank report, and sadly, we can’t all have you… Keep it up princess, you are every man on here’s favourite! Don’t listen to the old hags, fags and nags!!

    • Lol deranges feminists with their rape fantasies. Rub their crotches on aubways and buses while publicly reading 50 Shades, all while believing sex is just some terrible thing a man “does” to a woman. Imagine that mentally twisted?

  • Abortion has a profound effect on the fathers too. It frustrates me that this is ignored. The loss stays with them their entire lives.

  • So Marie White is basically agreeing with Marc Agnifilo’s defense of Raniere and DOS. Too bad for Keith that Marie wasn’t on the jury to advocate on Raniere’s behalf and remind the other jurors how Nik, Jay, Sylvie, India, Sarah were all grown adult women in their late 20s or early 30s when they agreed to “spread their legs” and / or voluntarily turn over damaging / humiliating collateral about themselves or their loved ones.

    The next time anyone tries to blame Kruek for introducing Mack to ESP, I expect it to dawn on Marie to respond with an equally lengthy treatise expounding how at the ripe age of 24, Mack was a fully functioning adult woman well capable of using her brain, however little it may be, to make her own decision to attend the seminar.

    The next time someone tries to blame Lauren Salzman for love bombing Mack during her introductory ESP weekend, I expect Marie to vigorously defend Salzman and remind everyone that Mack was an adult woman over the age of 18 and no one forced Mack to get on Clare’s private jet that very weekend and spend her hiatus with Keith and Co. drinking the koolaid.

    The next time Frank laments about the “millions” Mack lost to NXIVM, Marie needs to draw Frank some pictures to illustrate for Frank how within months of joining NXIVM, Mack was already deciding to divert funds raised by her fans to NXIVM projects and it wasn’t Keith’s front woman Barbara Bouchey’s bs that got Mack to turn over her life savings. Afterall if Kruek refused to turn over her life savings despite tremendous pressure from her then koolaid drinking boyfriend, as Frank claims, grown woman Mack should have been equally capable of hanging onto her life savings.

    But somehow I imagine if Marie White were told that the character in this clip was supposed to be 16 or 17 at the time of the affair, she would be claiming that she, the great Marie White, considered herself an adult at 17 and that if you aren’t prepared for your contraception to fail and possibly result in pregnancy, then you just shouldn’t have sex, no matter your age. Guess Monica Lewinsky was just another irresponsible grown woman who was old enough to know she shouldn’t give blowjobs to a married man.

    • “So Marie White is basically agreeing with Marc Agnifilo’s defense of Raniere and DOS. ”

      No, she’s not.
      But adult women have a responsibility to obey the law and not victimize their fellow women.

    • These women voluntarily gave the collateral. Their stupidity began there. DOS is an argument to raise the age of consent for women to 40.

      • To “Jane Chicken Shit Doe #17894”

        Most women I know hold down jobs and go to school and raise children.
        They have no trouble finding good men because unlike Allison Mack they are not looking for “The Perfect Man.”
        They are responsible adults and act like responsible adults.
        Raniere targeted air head heiresses and actresses who live in Fantasyland.

      • If they do that, Bangkok will never get laid. He’ll have to go back to his Boy Scout Troop. ☹️

    • Thank you Shadow. The human branding done by the infamous Dr Danielle Roberts, the recording of Allison Mack and Raniere discussing the brand, the pornographic photos of a minor and Keith’s hairy exhibit photo shown to the jury make it unlikely that I could’ve done much to get Raniere an acquittal had I been on the jury. If I were on the jury I think I would have vote guilty on much of the racketeering charges. But I might have hung the jury on the sex trafficking. Let’s be honest here– how many of you women out there would have given collateral including close up vagina shots and confessions that would destroy your family – to get into a sorority?

      No one, but no one is talking about personal responsibility. All of these women were of age. It’s about time women start taking responsibility for their actions. If they had there would have been no monster rising called Keith Raniere.

      • Exactly what you said, Marie. The civil suit with all the adult cry babies blaming others for their problems should be interesting to study as well.

      • Your welcome, nxivmart.
        From the beginning, I have argued that the women of NXIVM bear great responsibility for the damage Raniere caused.
        Had they refused to enable him, Raniere would just have been a chubby lazy pizza munching pervert.
        But these women recruited for him and financed him.
        Women had the power to stop his madness but their enabling of him over time just made his insanity worse and worse until women were being branded with hot irons.
        And the government can not always protect us from our follies.
        Sometimes, we have to take responsibility for doing what is right.

      • It is time for judges to start treating women and men equally, and for women to receive the same punishments as men for similar crimes.


    “Of course, it is understandable that the French government take precautions to stop the potential spread of Covid-19.”

    But Kook probably thinks it’s racist for the French and other European governments to take precautions to stop the inevitable spread of third world migrants to their country.

    Turkish dictator Erdogan has opened the gates for an estimated 3.6 MILLION rapugees to invade Europe and fuck up the demographics, culture and everything. Only white countries get fucked with this invasion.

    Kook probably thinks it’s racist for America to take precautions to stop the inevitable spread of third world Latin maraca shakers from flooding the country, changing the demographics by being the fastest growing ethnic group in a land they don’t deserve to be in, by building a wall and having strong immigration laws.

    Kook’s own race are responsible for the coronavirus. It is believed it spread through the illegal Chinese trade in endangered Pangolins (endangered because of the Chinese). The same people who invaded and still occupy Tibet and has concentration camps for Chinese muslims (muslims being pets of liberals). The Chinese scientist who discovered this new virus tried to warn people but was silenced by the Chinese communist regime. Now the disease has spread like Chinese immigrants in Canada… and the scientist DIED from the virus.

    No one is allowed to criticize the Chinese, can they? That’s “raaaccciisssttt…”

    What is worse, being wiped out in your own country by a disease of chow mein origin, or being replaced in your own country by invading leeches? Hint: both are shit.

    • What a pathetically tenuous segue into your constant litany of anti-liberal/anti-Hollywood/anti-Kreuk bashing and race-baiting, Bang-cock.

      • Get out of America Spanky. Go back to Pakiland and spread the same liberal bullshit there. You can’t debunk NOTHING said above. You know it’s true.

        • I was born in America. My father was LEGALLY brought to the country by the U.S. Army from his country to work here, where he eventually served and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel with full benefits. I’ve paid at least a half million dollars in federal, FICA, and state and local taxes.

          America IS my country. So fuck you.

          • No it’s not. If a dog is born in a stable, he is not a horse. Weak immigration laws is why you are in the US. Pakistan is your country. It’s not very liberal there is it?

          • You are ALL immigrants, America, every last man jack of ya, the indigenous people of your land are where you put them. You all know where that is.

          • You cretinous imbecile.

            ” If a dog is born in a stable, he is not a horse”

            being born in a stable has no effect on ones genus, fool.

            If Jesus is born in a stable he isn’t an f-ing horse either.

          • I may have replied to the wrong anon. Sorry. My Horses for courses comment was aimed at:

            March 1, 2020 at 9:45 pm

            In case I got that wrong.

          • “being born in a stable has no effect on ones genus, fool.”

            But you don’t believe in genes Spanky. It’s all just a “social construct” to you. You said it. You think genes don’t matter. We don’t like your funky genes. They are alien.

            “You are ALL immigrants, America”

            Wrong. Pioneers built America and established it before fellow whites came over. As long as they are white, they are welcome as whites are the real Americans. Whites immigrated to another nation built by whites.

            “the indigenous people of your land are where you put them. You all know where that is.”

            They don’t want to be Americans or Canadians. That is why they choose to live in their non diverse ethno camps. Also, when white explorers were exploring the US/Canada, they travelled places without any humans living there. In those regions, untouched, whites were the indigenous.

            To be an immigrant, there needs to be a nation state to go to. Whites built from scratch. More whites came. Good.

            Nobody in US/Canada/Europe/Australia/NZ looks at a third world person and sees a compatriot. Just an invasive species that won’t fuck off.

          • 1) Not me dummy.
            2) The person said *genus*, not *genes*, which are different terms with different meanings. The former is a metaphysical categorization. The latter is a biological structure.
            3) Dogs and horses are a species under the genus animal. So are humans. There is no species or genus under humans.
            4) Being a citizen of a country is a political designation. It has nothing to do with genus or genes, “genius”.
            5) Nice straw-man. I never said “genes don’t matter”. I argued that race is primarily a social construct because groups of independent people created various shared cultures and mores due to geographical isolation. A small 0.1% genetic variation had nothing to do with it, and the sometimes dramatic physical differences that exist across a spectrum of gradations in humanity simply happened over a long period of time due to the sometimes vast differences in the environment which were completely outside of human control.
            6) Your simplistic view of pioneers and Native Americans in US history is utterly laughable.
            7) The much larger circle of people that subsume your tiny little circle of like-minded bigots is not classified as “nobody” just because your vision is blurred by your bigotry.

          • You are not American nor the same as a white person. You are foreign. You would never call a white guy with paki citizenship a real Pakistani. A citizen but always not a real paki. America is just Europe 2.0.

          • Hey dummy, the American designation is not equivalent to “white person”. That is only a definition that exists in your mind and the minds of like-minded bigots. A non-American telling an American who an American is, is quite laughable.

            And no I’m not “foreign”. I have foreign heritage like all legal immigrants, but I was born and raised in America. I watch American sports, I pay American taxes, I listen to American music, etc. This is the only country I have known and ever lived in for a long period time except for Japan, where I lived on a military base for about two years when I was between two and three years old and so I can’t even remember it. America was not founded on your imaginary principle that only white people can legally immigrate here.

          • “The person said *genus*, not *genes*, which are different terms”

            Don’t patronise me you burnt poo stain. I know what’s what. The human genus is
            *homo* and the human species is *sapien*. In the recent past, you dismissed the genetic differences between human breeds. Pakis (👳🏾‍♂️) are a different breed then whites (👨🏼). No matter how you try and spin it, we all know your are foreign aliens. Chimps have over 96% same DNA as humans. Among the human breeds, the genetic differences make groups different. Like dog breeds. You are brown. You are a brown breed. You can live among whites, you will always be brown. You and your NEVER TO EXIST offspring would have to breed with whites only to remove the dirty brown genes from your genetic line. What an insult, punjabis thinking they are one of us. A poodle and a Labrador are the same species. They are different breeds.

            America (and Canada) is a European nation on the North American continent. The biggest mistake the line of governments ever made was bringing in aliens from outside Europe and the European gene pool. What a gargantuan mess. Don’t accuse others of being “racist”. Only one breed is being invaded and treated like a doormat. The resentment is becoming volcanic.

            How many masturbation sessions have you had this year to Kristin Kreuk? All that low testosterone semen encoded with the genes of the brown people breed slipping through your fingers like a sieve.

          • I think it is about time to bring this argument to a close. I don’t condone racism against any race. I want you both to have your say and I believe in freedom of expression. But this is rather a waste of time. No one is reading it but you and Sultan. Wouldn’t it be better if you and Sultan just exchanged emails or phone numbers and you could carry on this topic privately?

            It is not serving any purpose for the Frank Report.

          • Don’t compare me to him just because I don’t kowtow to his shouting down at everyone and his utter bullshit.

            There is no argument on his end. I’m not the one who’s a bigoted asshole with anger management issues who resorts to constant ad hominems and uses outdated and non-scientific classifications and compares human beings to animal breeds:

            I’m not aware of any open forum platform that doesn’t have Nazi or KKK in the title, or wants to be taken seriously, that allows such morally distasteful and vitriolic bigoted attacks against individuals or groups of people to take place and go on longer than this one. Free speech has nothing to do with it. Free speech is only an absolute due to the freedom of the human being and any powers that flow from that freedom, e.g., speech. Otherwise, it doesn’t exist in practice or in law anywhere, especially when it comes to its consequences. It is legally regulated both de facto and de jure within a spectrum of laxity and strictness.

        • You’re not even American. Stick to complaining about, and telling other people to leave your “own” country, racist, whiny bitch, loser.

          • “You’re not even American.”

            When a paki, one of around 500,000 in America makes such a statement, you know the country is fucked.

          • “A non-American telling an American who an American is, is quite laughable.”

            Why are you telling someone what their nationality is or is not you stupid prick?

            America is a white nation. You are not white. So, ergo….

  • Kristin has been in the entertainment business for 19 years. Been in multiple tv series and movies, earning millions. You can’t fake fans or or success. As for this episode from the 1st season of BOT, Kreuk plays a Lawyer who was as much as Amoral and Godless as her Dad who she loves. She later finds out that Dad is not as perfect as she thought he was and uses the same tactics to fight him and wins. What ever abortion insensitive remarks she says is a character Kreuk plays. Her character is slowly changing in the next seasons. Kristin’s acting is good, has gotten a lot of good reviews for her work in this series. Of course if you are going to bash Kristin because she is Kristin then nothing she does will work for you. As for me, and many of her fans, we will enjoy her work. Lol

    • She literally facilitated one of the most notorious and sexually sadistic criminals of our time. Maybe if she were truthful in her real-life role, we wouldn’t be discussing her shitty acting. I understand that this is only TV. The real victim in that scene is the one without a voice.

  • Since Kristin Kook thinks North America is a racist, sexist society, she should move to Islamic Iraq.
    Sultan of Six will help her move.
    Channel 4 News is from Britain.

    The nine-year-old child forced into marriage in Iraq

    The facts are shocking – young girls, some as young as nine – forced into marriage – in a country which should give women equal rights in everything from education to marriage and divorce.

    After decades of war, extreme poverty and violence in Iraq – the number of children forced into early marriage has risen sharply. And successive Iraqi governments have tried to scrap the laws guaranteeing women their rights – provoking outrage with one attempt to lower the legal marriage age to nine. So how is all this affecting women in Baghdad?

    • Since Kristin Kook thinks North America is a racist, sexist society, she should move to Islamic Iraq. says:

      Spoken by a clueless old white man.
      There is NO QUESTION that N. America is racist and sexist and it has always been so. The only question is, to what degree is it so?

      Mr. “Love It Or Leave It” Shadow obviously can’t see that racism (and to a lesser degree, sexism) has been getting worse, or at least much more out in the open and more free to express itself.

      Don’t blame KK, or even the KKK, blame yourself. Not LOL.

      • “Spoken by a clueless old white man.”

        Whites are the greatest race on Earth. Nothing clueless about it. Just the fact you brought up his race, which is irrelevant, just proves the scathing hatred for whites in their own countries.

        “There is NO QUESTION that N. America is racist and sexist and it has always been so.”

        Wrong. All foreigners in America are treated better than the people whose country it actually is. Nobody owes you fools anything. You can vote and cast out the votes of real Americans. Mexicans, including illegals and those granted citizenship after being born to illegal aliens, are out breeding Americans in their own country. They drain welfare funded by real Americans. They can do anything and everything. Plus affirmative action, being granted privilege for your fake victim status and nobody being allowed to call you out on anything. White liberals will go out of their way to ruin the lives of anyone who speaks out against non-whites. No racial group on Earth is more tolerant to the point of self-destruction than white nations. Full stop. If you don’t like it, LEAVE. Women in white countries live the most comfortable lives on Earth, especially if they are not white. Go to muslim, African and Asian countries and look at women there before you shit on the land you have no gratitude for. Fuck you.

        “The only question is, to what degree is it so?”

        Not at all, especially compared to all the shit hole countries, filled with those taking over white countries.

        “Mr. “Love It Or Leave It” Shadow obviously can’t see that racism (and to a lesser degree, sexism) has been getting worse, or at least much more out in the open and more free to express itself.”

        No asshole. People have had enough and speak out against all the shit harming them and their countries. And that’s awesome. More will speak out.

        “Don’t blame KK, or even the KKK, blame yourself. Not LOL.”

        The privileged foreigners like Kristin Crooked deserve blame for spoiling great nations with their takeover and race baiting. Stop bringing up the KKK whenever anyone calls you out. And whites have nothing to blame themselves for. Other than not using their firearms to assert themselves against you dumb fucks.

        • — All foreigners in America are treated better than the people whose country it actually is.

          LOL. You should see how the citizens and rulers of Middle Eastern Gulf countries sycophantically suck up to the whites and other Westerners who work there while treating foreigners of their own religion like second class citizens.

          • No, whites are not treated better then natives in Allahu Akbar countries. Rich Arab countries love money. They don’t care what you are, as long as you are rich. Saudi Arabia and Israel are business buddies. They have no interest in the poor or anyone else. Whereas in white countries, anyone non white, rich or poor gets pandered to and you know it.

        • You make me proud to be part of The Great White Race.

          But I’m confused when you say: “The privileged foreigners….deserve blame for spoiling great nations with their takeover and race baiting.”
          Our leader, Trump, is the grandson of a privileged foreigner, so does Trump deserve blame for spoiling our great nation with his takeover and race baiting.?

          • Hello Spanky. You are not part of the white race.

            By “foreigner” that means anyone not European, though black conservatives with centuries of presence are welcome.

          • “You’re not considered an American by the American government.”

            I’m an illegal?

          • Shit anonyfaker, your leader Obama is a fuckin Muslim of African decent. The damage that POS did is still harming this great nation.

        • —Just the fact you brought up his race, which is irrelevant…

          Says the whiny bitch who brings up race in practically every comment.

          • No Hasif, you brought up he was white and therefore “clueless”. Cunts like you love to say “old white man” as a diss. You are brown and gross. And you don’t know which comments belong to who.

          • No I didn’t because I didn’t write that comment you bigoted buffoon. I wrote the one on “March 1, 2020 10:17 pm”. Just because you think I write everything you respond to doesn’t mean that I do, which makes your “you don’t know which comments belong to who” comment even more glaringly ironic.

            Almost everything you post is a whine and bitch moan about race, “libtards”, and how immigrants are invading “your” countries.

            Why are you even posting on a site hosted in America? Go bitch and moan on a site hosted in your own country.

          • “Why are you even posting on a site hosted in America? Go bitch and moan on a site hosted in *your own country*.”

            Wow… Jaw dropped lower then your self esteem Haroon.

          • LOL. Too stupid to see the point.

            You don’t get to define what country a person belongs to just because you’re a bigoted piece of shit who groups the countries you want to under your arbitrary “white people” racial designation. I am an American who is considered such by the US government because it is a political designation and I am a natural-born citizen. You’re not considered an American by the American government. If you tried to seek asylum at a US embassy in a foreign country, they would accept me, while they would turn you away and tell you to go to your own embassy.

            So fuck off and bitch and moan in your own country.

      • Mr. “Love It Or Leave It” Shadow also complains endlessly about America, in his own covert way.

        I suspect that even if he’d lived in what he now probably imagines was the supposed “good old days,” he’d have sat around complaining in much the same way (and amount), except about Italians (many originally illegal immigrants) and Catholics rather than Mexicans and Muslims, and the looming threat of Bolsheviks and anarchists destroying the country (all of those where popular topics of bigotry and conspiracy theories a century ago).

        • Anonymaker:
          People who come to America legally and learn English and assimilate into American society and adopt America’s culture and standards and values are always welcome.
          People who still have loyalties to their old countries would be better off returning to those countries.

          Do I need to beat a dead horse?
          My brother, who is more pro-Trump than I am, adopted two boys from Russia.
          Those boys learned English and now speak with a standard Midwestern accent.
          They are Protestant and they are very pro-Trump and pro-Ronald Reagan themselves.
          They know that their lives in America are far better than they would have been if they stayed in Russia.

          And if you think that Bolsheviks and anarchists are dead threats just listen to the Anti-Fa nitwits who support Bernie Sanders and have taken over the Democratic Party.

          On 5 Jan. 2020, left-wing activists and antifa black bloc militants gathered near Seattle City Hall to protest a conservative rally by the Washington State 3 Percent. There were four arrests after antifa militants allegedly threw rocks at police and assaulted people. These four antifa militants were arrested and charged:
          Katherine L. Silverberg, assault
          Nicholas James Armstrong, reckless endangerment
          Jonathan Cribbs Lee, assault
          Jeremy Newton, obstruction & reckless endangerment

          Violent Seattle Antifa Protest (5 Jan. 2020)

          • “In the U.S., more people are killed by far-right extremists than by those who are adherents to Islamist extremism,” said a former senior Justice Department official for national security…..the menace from homegrown extremists grows more explicit, …“Some white supremacist extremists argue that participating in mass attacks or creating other forms of chaos will accelerate the imminent and necessary collapse of society in order to build a racially pure nation,” it said. The FBI described “racially motivated violent extremism” as a “national threat priority” equal to the threat from the Islamic State.

            Anyone who reads the FR can see that all the anger and hatred and threats in comments come from white bigots.

            This report ranked homegrown and white supremacist groups highest among terrorist threats in 2020…New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness

          • More lies from anonyfaker. Yea pull a phony statistic from a source only you and your fellow leftist kooks believe. White extremist my ass. Get back to me when anyone has topped what your fellow muzzies did to America in just one day.
            Don’t forget all the terror caused by your great African descendants in virtually any major US city, perpetuated mostly on their fellow blacks.

          • —a phony statistic from a source only you and your fellow leftist kooks believe–

            I need a laugh, so tell me where you white shitpremicists get your statistics.

            Or stare in the mirror for a full minute while repeating “Am I really superior to anyone?” If you answer yes, then you are just as mindfucked as the worst members of Nxivm. Sad

          • This isn’t an uncommon tactic by fake news nyt and other leftist media outlets.

          • Yea the loony leftists and their bogey man white supremacist fallacy. Islamo supremacists are the biggest danger and make the NXIVM cult look like infants. Not only in the USA but world wide. Communist China showing the Islamo cult much love. Gotta love those yellow supremacists.

          • Please reveal the truth, Truth.
            What is the truth about White Supremacists? That they don’t exist? That they aren’t white? That there are only a few and they are actually very nice boys and one is a Jew and another loves a black girl but won’t ask her out because he’s afraid his white dick is too small? That they don’t really feel supreme, and in truth feel quite inferior so that’s why they lash out and talk tough? That their comments here on the FR about the White Race being the greatest race and only white immigrants are welcome, etc—that was just jokes posted from a juvenile troll or a Russian bot?
            Again, please, Truth, tell us the truth about white supremacy so we can all be as wise as your comments have proven you to be.

          • As I pointed out elsewhere, there are lots of people in your own backyard who even after generations, don’t meet your standard and “have loyalties to their old countries”:



            Are you going to get busy going around Chicago to all the places flying Croatian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian and other flags, and providing venues including churches where those from immigrant families can continue to speak those mother tongues, or at least running clubs and venues exclusively for those ethnic groups, and tell them they “would be better off returning to those countries”?

            Maybe things aren’t quite that simple. It’s that search for unrealistic simplicity – and to see oneself as belonging to some class or group that allows others to be blamed and scapegoated – that is part of the dynamic that draws people to cults, like Allison Mack.

        • AnonyMaker,

          Shadow would never say anything about the papists and their master in Italy, the Pope…..

  • Women are not responsible for their actions until at least age 30. They’re silly little creatures. Raise the age of consent to protect them. The 18-year-old in the story was not old enough to consent to sex. Look at the consequences: she got pregnant. She had an abortion. Men don’t get pregnant. Men don’t have the consequences. Raise the age of consent to maybe 40 because then women are mature enough to decide to have sex and understand that they have to accept the consequences.

    • What age should a “mature” man be required to be in your world, Jack, before he is allowed to responsibility have sex and father children, then accept the consequences of fatherhood and support and raise his kid?

      Why do so many writers with dicks write like dicks?

  • This reminds me how all the Hench Women of Nxivm blame Keith for all their problems. Even Kim Snyder blames Keith without proof of poison milkshakes.

  • Kristin Kreuk is beautiful and I am going to try to steal her away from Sultan. He may have seen her first but I am speaking up first. Kristin would you consider meeting me with the object of possible matrimony? I can make you forget all about Sultan.

    • Haha, what? You can’t steal someone away from another person, just like you can’t make someone love you. Besides, Sultan and Kristin don’t even know each other.

      • “Sultan and Kristin don’t even know each other,” not true.
        KK send SoS a DM thanking him for his tireless efforts to free her from Nxivm, and invited him to Toronto where they spend the weekend in the bridal suite. (from a vetted source)

          • LOL Where do you get this stuff from Spanky? You really are an internet creeper.

            So presumably the dickhead on the right of your dream spank is the one dicking her? LOL. He looks like a cuck. And he is one of the dickheads responsible for the propaganda? If your dream spank gives him her pussy and got him a writers gig AND got him Canadian tax payer dollars too, what does this cuck contribute to the relationship LOL. Why do cucks wear wooly hats indoors? You wear turbans indoors right?

  • A simple google search indicates that in Canada, you can be a bartender at age 18, not 21. This is true of many states in the US as well.
    There is a significant difference in judgment between an 18-year-old and a 21-year-old. So, I’d say the premise of the clip, exploitation of a teenager even if it is not rape, holds up.

    • Dianne- I considered myself an adult at age 18. If people think that women should not be responsible for their actions, including sex, even by age 18, then shouldn’t they be advocating for raising the age of consent? Otherwise, the law assumes we are responsible for our own decisions. The premise of the clip is to blame men for women’s decisions, which only perpetuates the woman-as-victim narrative. When we stop blaming men for our decisions, we will then achieve women’s empowerment. Also, I think the constant ‘blame the man’ narrative is bad for society and bad for men. It is a form of prejudice. And prejudice, in any form, is intolerable.

      • Shouldn’t a 30ish adult married man choosing to have unprotected sex with a teenager also be blamed for HIS decisions?

        I wonder who had the power in this relationship–a teen with a high school education struggling on a bartender’s salary, or a mature successful lawyer who probably is the most powerful man the girl in this small town has ever met?

      • Marie, its ironic that you are doing exactly what you claim others are doing – but you are blaming women instead of men. You are also totally ignoring the facts in the situation presented in this fictional drama, and are not using any logic to draw your conclusions.

        Why blame just the woman for an unwanted pregnancy? Do you think she became pregnant by immaculate conception?

        How about you consider some other questions- such as what responsibility should men have for birth control? What responsibility do men have to support illegitimate children? If this character’s wife had decided to kick his disgusting ass to the curb, would the wife be entitled to compensation for emotional pain and suffering and for being exposed to the risk of STDs?

        That actually never happens (in Canada), but it should – punishment for cheating spouses. Lol.

        • Marie, do not answer flowers. You have better things to do. Go back to painting pretty pictures of Frank. Flowers is a woman scorned and will never understand the point of your well-written article because she’s always ready to argue nonsense 😜 Besides, she thinks Frank is a lier.
          Have a nice day.

          • “Dr.,” the word is “liar,” not “lier.” Where did you go to med school? LOL

            The bottom line is both were at fault. Case closed. Back to your kitchen duties, ladies. LOL

          • I understand logic, fairness, and even how to spell the word “LIAR”.
            Marie can’t answer me because she’s too illogical to make any sense on this topic… and it sure is hilarious how you gave her an excuse to further avoid displaying her lack of logic.

          • I understand logic,

            Flowers, just when I think you can’t top your own bullshit, you pop this gem outta your poopchute.

          • Logic is difficult for you and your kind, Trees. Can you explain the logic of placing the sole responsibility for an unwanted pregnancy on the woman but deciding that the man should have no responsibility at all?

            I doubt if you can explain that (or you would have already explained it, if you could).

          • Can you explain the logic of a man having no legal say in the future of his unborn child? Flowers logic in your simple mind is a relevant as most of the fairy tales you believe.

          • In this fictional drama did this cheating man offer to pay child support? Did he ask to be a part of the child’s life? Did he tell his wife and kids about his affair?

            Put on your thinking cap and use a little logic, Trees. What do you think?

            Those of us with logic already know the answer to those questions.

    • “So I’d say the premise of the clip, exploitation of a teenager even if it is not rape, holds up”

      It is not real though, is it? It’s fiction. The whole show, based on reviews by tv fans easily found online, suggest it is propaganda, with an obvious liberal agenda. Only one type of person is evil and everyone else not of that persuasion is a victim of the first type, incapable of wrongdoing. Perhaps Kristin Kreuk should go live in China and spread diversity there, like the Coronavirus, instead of taking other people’s tax dollars to talk down to them in their own country.

      • Kristin Crook(ed) can’t make these shows in China, she is a half-breed and the Chinese don’t like anybody who is not full Chinese lineage. Plus, there is no free speech in China. And finally, Sultan’s heart would break. LOL

        • “she is a half-breed and the Chinese don’t like anybody who is not full Chinese lineage.”

          Correct. Yet they are happy to live in everyone else’s country and accuse their very patient hosts of being ‘racist’. Chinese supremacist anyone?

          “Plus, there is no free speech in China.”

          Because of PC liberal filth, free speech is eroding in Western countries, causing mass resentment.

          “And finally, Sultan’s heart would break.”

          Sultan does not have a heart. He has a beetle exoskeleton, cherry-sized ‘balls’ and a short thin brown tentacle that he strokes by pinch gripping with his thumb and forefinger, like squeezing the guts out of a worm. That’s unfortunate.

      • Scott I’m cooking Doo Doo balls just for you. Thanks for correcting my spelling. I’m only a doctor of bullshit. Graduated top of my class 😁

  • In Canada, one only has to be 18 years old to bartend, NOT 21 like in the U.S.! Please get facts straight.

    • NXIVILLE, you beat me to it. I just made the same point on a comment. But I’d like to add that even in the US, there are many states where you can bartend at age 18.

    • NIXIVILLE OBSERVER- Get your facts straight. At age 18 with his license to serve, my son serves libations every day and makes a pretty decent living at it and doesn’t fuck his customers just because they tell him how nice he looks or how great he will be one day.

      • Peaches, that may be because most of the customers who hit on him are either gay men or old women, and he wouldn’t tell you about all the hot, younger girls anyways. What teenager tells their parent about their sex life?

      • LOL at Amway boy who lives off his wife, runs a website no one reads and and radio show no one listens to, and leeches off of this website as free advertising, telling another person to look for a job.

        • I don’t live off my wife, people read my website and and [sic] people listen to my radio show, and I don’t advertise, I educate, and I have a job that pays me six figures. LOL

          By the way, is it going to be Bangkok or you who calls into my radio show to go over the 11 questions he asked me? LOL

          Enquiring minds want to know. LOL

          • Six figures? And that is why you worked for Amway……Wow….

            ….It all makes sense now. Thanks for filling in the blanks……

            Oh by-the way…..

            “Miss Reality”—called and she wants you to comeback to earth.

          • I wasn’t making six figures in 1993 when I joined Amway. My upline included two medical doctors and two airline pilots, so your ideas of who is involved with Amway is erroneous, as usual. LOL

          • Scott,

            Just so you know….

            The two spaces to the right of the decimal-point do not count towards the “six” figures of your 4 figure paycheck. 😉

            You whacky tards always make me laugh!

            Have a great day!

            …..And remember to put the seat down before you drop a deuce.

          • How much would you like to bet, NiceGuy? How does $1,000 (one thousand dollars) sound?

            Just so you know, the term “dialing” a phone number refers to the old-fashioned rotary phones, you have to push the numbers with your finger (you can use your flabby crank if you want, since it’s always in your hand) on modern phones. LOL

            …..And remember to push the green circle with the headset, or the number won’t be called. LOL

            And whatever happened to you and/or Bangkok calling my show and asking me the 11 questions he asked me? LOL

  • Nice KKKonservative virtue signaling. But why do you stop caring about these children the moment they are born?

    • Actually asshole Conservatives don’t stop caring. Most of the social service agencies outside of the government are religiously affiliated. What the hell have you fucking atheists ever done for you fellow human beings?

      • Those religious organizations “live off” the support of their followers. Sure they get government tax breaks as do all non-profits, but they’re typically not government sponsored nor subsidized.

        • Of course they live off the donations of their followers. Nobody puts a gun to their head to donate like an Atheistic government does. You are about as shallow as your mother, flowers.

  • What silly posts that exist here criticizing Raniere and what he did in NXIVM and with DOS. Those women were adults. They chose to spread their legs, get branded, and have abortions. Stop treating them like infants and white male bashing.

    This “article” is embarrassing considering this blog’s house special of NXIVM content which is the only thing that has put it on the majority of people’s radars. But I guess the contradiction of victim criticism is cool as long as the content it’s cooking up displays its hammy gall at one of its significant audience’s favorite targets.

    • Unless Kruek’s’s character’s father was collecting blackmail material on the young women he seduced, it’s not the same thing.

      • Of course, it’s not the same thing. That’s the purpose of analogies. They’re similar enough to make a point about a particular similarity.

        I mean, who forced the women in DOS to give up nude photos or the like? Why didn’t they just walk away when they heard about such silly requirements for female empowerment? Weren’t they adult enough to make the decision not to do it?

        Isn’t it ironic, because I’ve heard the same argument put forth for the women in NXIVM by those defending the group–or even actually caustically criticizing the women–here and elsewhere? In fact, the crux of it is in the actual statement made by Raniere, et al, soon after DOS was exposed! This article is not only a direct attack against the skills of an actress but an indirect one through the content of her show in which the author of it effectively victim shames a fictional character using a similar strategy to the one Raniere himself employed!

  • Kristin is a brilliant actress and beautiful, people like you who try to say she isn’t are just jealous of her looks and her success

    • Kristen Kreuk is brilliant at deceiving her fans beautifully. I highly doubt the beautiful Marie White has a jealous bone in her body towards a shitty actress that enrolled her best friend into a cult who’s leader is a child rapist. KK was a yellow sash I believe and worked hard at recruiting for a pervert that branded women on their pubic. She’s a fake phony moron. She’s a misogynist pig.

    • So, the author believes men have no responsibilities? It was okay, according to her, for the male character to cheat on his wife, (with a girl young enough to be his daughter) not use birth control, and to not care about this girls emotional or physical health? Not to mention that this cheating man also didn’t care about his wife and kids, at all?

      It’s the man who is the real “baby” in this situation….another Peter Pan-type little boy, who was unable to grow up and act responsibly towards his family and towards others….just another abusive male narcissist.

      It’s sad to see a woman write an article like this. Marie, don’t you realize that you are acting as a flying monkey for abusive males?

      BTW, the drinking age in Canada varies- in some Provinces it is 18. In BC, where I live it’s 19, and that age has been changed over the years. You really should do a little research before you spew such garbage. The point here really appears to be to berate women for having had an abortion and to insult Kristen Kruek. Odd.

      • It’s like the acting father is to blame for an abortion that she chose to have. KK, ” let me know if I can help” recruiting crooked actress blah blah blah. Someone throw that bitch a bone. She looks hungry.

      • I think there’s plenty of blame to go around, and the show didn’t portray that. I think that was Marie’s point. 18 is old enough to own some of the blame.

        • Yes, Mr. Parlato, I’m real. Thanks for asking. I was annoyed when I wrote that earlier. I still think someone could throw Kristin’s anorexic looking behind a bone though. She looks hungry. I wonder if the lack of nutrients is causing her lack of judgment.

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