‘Pocahontas’ Is a Joke, but Apparently Some People Aren’t in On It

By Dr. Nicholas Waddy

[Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: www.waddyisright.com. He appears weekly on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480.]

Dr. Nicholas Waddy

Every conservative knows that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, in addition to being a sanctimonious stealth-socialist and the bane of Mike Bloomberg’s existence, is a nominal Native American. That’s a polite way of saying that, for years, she falsely claimed not only to have Native American ancestry but to be an “American Indian.” She made those phony claims, moreover, at times and in circumstances when they could potentially bring her personal advantage: when she was looking for work as a high-priced corporate legal consultant, for example, or when she was looking to advance her career as an Ivy League professor.

Needless to say, if a Republican engaged in this kind of conduct, he or she would be accused of “cultural appropriation,” at best, and criminal fraud, at worst. But for Liz, lying about her heritage is just another day at the office, seemingly.

As reported by Fox News, this week over 200 Native Americans issued a letter to Sen. Warren stating that her actions have “perpetuated a dangerous misunderstanding of tribal sovereignty” and created “the most public debate about our identity in a generation.”

The truth, though, is that, while many Americans, including President Trump, are laughing at “Pocahontas,” and many actual Native Americans are harshly criticizing her, others are taking a cue from her special brand of deceitful self-promotion.

For instance, political authorities and the courts have weighed in on specious claims by individuals that they belong to minority groups. After all, if such claims were to gain recognition, affirmative action would cease to have any practical meaning or effect.

Hiring isn’t the only way that fraudulent claims of minority group status impact federal, state, and local government. If a business can claim to be minority- or women-owned, it often can qualify for special benefits or greater access to government contracts — just like Elizabeth Warren, charlatan extraordinaire, gained an advantage over other lawyers and professors by falsely claiming to be an Indian.

While there are ways that federal lawmakers can reform this process, in the interim the absolute worst thing we could do is to make it easier for swindlers like Elizabeth Warren to get away with their mendacity and fraud. Baseless claims of Native American ancestry, for example, ought to be quickly exposed, and the perpetrators of these falsehoods should be prosecuted, wherever and whenever appropriate.

Unfortunately, however, Sen. Warren’s bad example has helped to normalize this atrocious behavior. All across this country, there are now groups making false or highly dubious claims of Native American ancestry and heritage, often in order to obtain access to lucrative government contracts.

A Los Angeles Times investigation found that at least $800 million in federal contracts have been awarded to state-recognized “tribes,” which the federal government cannot verify are, in fact, Native American.

In their letter to Sen. Warren issued this week, the 200 Native Americans stated, “Rather than using evidence of Native ancestry, these fake tribes rely solely on family stories and commercial DNA tests.” In other words, these charlatans are following the Warren playbook to a tee. With the standard for “Indianness” set this low, the potential for gaming the system is vast.

That’s why it’s so distressing that a new bill before Congress, the Lumbee Recognition Act, would lower the bar for federal recognition of Native American tribes even further.

The Lumbees, a state-recognized “tribe” in North Carolina and the focus of the proposed bill, have claimed, at various times, to be related to the Croatans, Cherokees, Siouans, and Cheraws, but what they really are is an ill-defined group that the federal government has declined to recognize for over a century. The Director of the Office of Tribal Services even once testified to a “major deficiency” in their claims: “the Lumbee have not documented their descent from a historic tribe.”

Image result for The Lumbees, a state-recognized “tribe”
What makes an Indian authentic? The preferences they get over other Americans.

Fast forward to the early 21st century, however, and federal funds are flowing more freely than ever. The Lumbees want “in” on this largesse. And if the federal government grants their wish for federal recognition, there’s no telling which of the other state-recognized pseudo-tribes will come next.

In a sense, we should thank Elizabeth Warren for opening the eyes of the American people to an alarming trend: duplicitous people are attempting to take advantage of preferences and services offered to minority groups by falsely claiming membership therein. One is tempted to call this “the ugly side of identity politics,” but, since I have yet to find an appealing side to this odious by-product of leftism, I will simply say: enough is enough!

Liz Warren and the Lumbees should cool their jets, therefore. The last thing this country needs is to expand the circle of group preferences — especially for people who don’t belong to protected groups in the first place.



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    • Kim Snyder
      Elizabeth Warren is NOT a Native American Indian. 1 percent does NOT qualify as an Indian. You got to go to college free? That is bull!
      You have to be 50-90 percent Indian to qualify- to be an Indian.
      You have NO markings as a Native American Indian. You are NOT dark skinned- you are Not dark haired- you are NOT a Native American Indian. Get over it
      You try to make the rest of us look 👀 like we are crazy! Stop claiming something you are NOT.
      I have been to Cherokee several times- researched my history, since I was born in Aiken, SC.
      I am dark haired, skinned- hard blood 🩸 draw. You need to stop 🛑 lying!!!!!!

      • Kim- Myth 1. Free College. 🤦There is no free college for Native Americans. There are sometimes💰 scholarships and grants available, mostly by the individual tribes themselves, for their official members.

        Myth 2 – Joining a Tribe. Many people think that if they can only figure out which tribe their ancestor descends from, they can join. This is untrue. Each tribe is a sovereign nation, and they get to determine their criteria for membership. Most tribes require a specific % of Native “blood,” called blood quantum, in addition to being able to document which tribal member you descend from. Some tribes require as much as 25% Native heritage, and most require at least 1/16th Native heritage, which is one great-great 👴 great👵 grandparent. 🤯
        Kim I found this📲 information online using Google. Google has an endless amount of facts. I highly recommend it 👌

    • I’m just glad that a communist will not be on the Democratic ticket for the general election.

      Trump would have beat him.

      I am just glad there are not as many socialists in the Democratic Party.

      Thank God it’s still America!

      Bernie Sanders support base in California was the Mexican vote.

      The Latinos want open borders and free healthcare for illegals

      ….And the fact that the boat is split between the moderates between Biden and Bloomberg

    • Shadow, thanks for the news update on Tom Brokaw.

      Did you know Richard Mondale lost the election?

  • The Latino Vote is taking over in Texas and California for Bernie Sanders.

    Loving the open boarders and free healthcare for all….

    Scott Johnson better learn Spanish

    • Biden won Texas last night. The legal Latinos are not in favor of open boarders [sic] or free healthcare for all. The governor and Lt. governor, who do not run together in Texas, each won about 50% of the Latino vote. English is safe in Texas. LOL

  • Frank, according to Warren’s feathers on her head she has killed/many men.
    It’s kinda strange a white privileged Doctor is complaining about the Native Americans trying to make a profit. I’m young so don’t beat me up too bad but I don’t understand what any of this article is trying to say, except another politician has lied for personal gain.

  • Ahh Frank, about the racism now creeping in on your site shouldn’t this Dr Waddy be calling the Natives by their rightful name?
    Indians? I believe this is a politically incorrect reference to the Native Americans.

    • I don’t know if it is politically incorrect of not. I have some Native American friends who refer to themselves as Indians. Besides Native Americans could be politically incorrect since America was named after a European man.

      • True, I forgot about that. Maybe Keith was going to become an Indian nation and needed Joe’s help. That seatbelt research got me thinking of him planning a different type of killing for his next assisted suicide/murder or perhaps a bogus lawsuit.

      • And the irony about Redskins is that Indians referred to themselves as Redskins before the white man did.

    • Thoughtful question.

      I recently was at a museum where there was a presentation by a Native American tribal elder, who I asked about that. He said it didn’t matter and seemed somewhat annoyed at the question, but when I pressed him and asked what his daughter preferred, he said Native American. I think it’s better to go with that term, but I’m sure some sticklers consider Indian politically incorrect, even though from what I can tell that’s not really the case. My main problem with the term is that as there are an increasing number of people from India in this country, it is inaccurate and potentially confusing.

      • Yes Anonymaker the Indians from India find it offensive. They don’t like to be confused with American Indians. American Indians are actually Native Americans and Indians from India are truly Indian. Not to be confused with the natives from Indiana….I digress 😊
        Have a nice day

        • My biggest issue with the term, which I brought up in the discussion with the elder, is that it in fact is inaccurate like that, and so potentially confusing, particularly given the increasing number of people actually from India in this country. I hadn’t though of it being offensive to the latter. And the young among them seem to prefer to be called South Asian, I term I now try to use unless I know for certain they are actually from India and not, say, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

          I actually push back against some of the younger generation when I think they take some of the new identity labeling too far, but I think this is a simple issue of accuracy and respect, and it’s time to correct the stupid mistake the Spanish conquistadors made half a millennium ago.

  • So says Dr Waddy, employed at SUNY, one of the largest state-controlled socialist institutions in America.

    Hence, more hypocracy.

  • America must get rid of this Identity Politics that is ripping our country a part.
    Our country must become America First and America Foremost.
    Those who are more loyal to another country or ethnicity are cordially invited to leave.

    Theodore Roosevelt on being an AMERICAN

    “In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.

    We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile…We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.” January 3,1919


    • You live in a city that is full of ethnic neighborhoods including, I see, Little Italy and Chinatown of course, plus Polish Downtown and Greek Town, and perhaps others that don’t turn up in a quick search. Does Chicago still have Catholic parishes with schools that teach in the ethnic language of those neighborhoods they’re in? (I know that some still exist in the US) And then what about The Bohemian Club (Czech), the Sons of Italy (with national headquarters in Cook County), the Sicilian American Cultural Association, and so on – are you out actively protesting all that longstanding non-American identity politics right in your own back yard?

      p.s. Here’s a list of about 3 dozen different Italian groups alone, in Chicago – from the website of Fra Noi, a print and online magazine (originally a newspaper) that ” brings Italy and Italian America to your doorstep”


      Have you checked to see if Fra Noi is carried in the library, and, if so, registered a complaint about “ripping our country a part [sic]”?

        • NiceGuy, thanks for that. I was figuring from the spread of the virus, that it was going to be surprisingly easy to transmit – and on top of it other evidence indicates many carriers may be asymptomatic.

          In one of my other lives out in the real world, I’m a former competitive ballroom dancer limited by injuries but still in demand on the less demanding social scene, including as a teacher, which is partly why I travel as much as I do (hinted at, but not always broadcast, in some of my comments). I’ve been figuring for a while now that activity may go on hiatus before long, as being cheek-to-cheek holding hands with a succession of strangers (or casual acquaintances) is the opposite of best practices in a situation like this – though if I have more downtime, I actually need to resist the temptation to post here more, and instead yet catch up on other activities like church work and art.

          • AnonyMaker,

            Besides the obvious of washing your hands and staying away from large gatherings of people…….

            Stay away from small children!!!!!!!

            As a former head of the CDC has said recently, small children are the number one seeders of colds and influenza; and they are probably helping to spread the coronavirus around communities. Many of the children are asymptomatic or have such light symptoms their parents think they have colds….

            This has actually played out in China and Iran.

      • You forgot the Ukrainian Village.
        And what good would it do if people from all those ethnic groups refused to learn English and assimilate?
        Most immigrants want to assimilate.

        Only the anti-American grievance mongers want to divide Americans against each other.

        • You’re right that most immigrants want to assimilate – eventually. The lessons of history tend to be forgotten, that it’s typically a slow multi-generational process, and whichever are the recent immigrant groups always get erroneously blamed as somehow being more recalcitrant than those who came before – that started at least as early as Ben Franklin’s opposition to “Stupid, Swarthy Germans.”

          Many of the first generation immigrants to places like Chicago, particularly older parents who were brought along or came later, never did learn English though – that’s why there were all those clubs, along with ethnic churches that had services in their languages and even parish schools that taught children in those idioms (some still exist in languages like Czech and Polish). This is among what is offered currently:

          “Mass is celebrated in Italian at Noon every Sunday in the Casa Italia Chapel.”

          This lists 2 more Italian language masses as well as services in over 2 dozens other languages including Croatian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak, and Slovenian:

          Sunday Masses in Languages Other than English

          And then there were newspapers in their mother tongues so new immigrants didn’t have to learn English:

          “The Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey is a collection of translated newspaper articles originally published in Chicago’s ethnic press between the 1860s and the 1930s….The bulk of the work focused on ten ethnic groups: Czech, which 1930s editors called “Bohemian” for the purposes of categorization, Danish, German, Greek, Jewish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Swedish. Some groups include a relatively small number of articles, particularly Albanian, Serbian, Slovene, Chinese, and Filipino. ”


          “By the 1920s there were four main Czech-language newspapers in Chicago: the Narod (Nation, founded 1894) served the Catholic community, Svornost (Concord, founded 1875) served the freethinkers, Spravedlnost ( Justice, founded 1900) served the socialists, and the Denní Hlasatel (Daily Herald, founded 1891) was a “neutral” paper for the larger Midwestern Czech community.”


          And those darn Italians, who the Klan were saying a century ago would just bring crime and never assimilate, still have their own Italian-language broadcast radio station:

          La Voce Italiana in America
          “ICN Radio è l’unica radio italiana che trasmette 24 ore su 24, sette giorni negli Stati Uniti”

          It looks like you’ll have a full-time job with people to “invite to leave” right in your own backyard. You can go around to all the churches and clubs asking them to taking down the other nations’ flags they display, too. Or are you unwilling to lift even a finger to do anything about the things you complain so emotionally about?

          • AnonyMaker,

            “Franklin’s opposition to “Stupid, Swarthy Germans.”

            That’s my favorite all time example. Back then it was just a bunch of loose territories that routinely were invaded.

      • The fact-of-the-matter is America the melting pot….. was actually all Western-Europeans.

        Minus the African-Americans Native and Americans.

        The Eastern Europeans, Asians, Middle Eastern, and other Africans etc did not start coming over in great numbers until the late 1800s and early 1900s.

        In the history of the world no country made from people divided by language, culture, religion, and ethnicity has ever been successful longterm.

        The United States has now allowed Spanish to become the second language and everywhere you go there is Spanish.

        If you’re from China, Germany, Russia, Korea, Vietnam, India or Mozambique etc do you have to learn English or Spanish LOL

        Someone has to explain to me how a person can get citizenship and only speak Spanish.

        How do you take the citizenship test? Easy to put it in Spanish.

        • Except for particular exceptions, you’re wrong about the citizenship test: https://www.usimmigrationbonds.com/can-i-take-the-citizenship-test-in-another-language/ As usual. LOL

          The were a lot of “Spanish” and “Italian” people who cross-bred with the Muslims, so it’s not as if all western Europeans were lilly white. Also, they had different languages, cultures, and were at war with each other a LOT. Not exactly the homogeneous group you libtards like to pretend about. It’s all about identity politics for libtards, always has been, always will be. Yet THEY are the ones who were pro-slavery/racist until the federal government stepped in during the 1960s and ’70s. LOL

          Minus the black slaves and native American Indians is not exactly “all.” LOL

          I don’t put all ingredients in the soup when I make it, why are you even making that useless point? LOL

          What do you define as “longterm?” The USA is the longest existing form of government, and we’ve always been multi-language, culture, religion, and ethnicity. You’re a joke, just not the funny kind. LOL

  • Pocahontas was a real person, a real Native American, that was captured as a child, imprisoned, and forced to marry various White settlers. Over years, revisionist propaganda has portrayed Pocahontas as a noble savage that was tamed by the good and gracious Virginia colonists. Never mind the fact that she was forced into marriage and had children, when she was very young.

    Pocahontas is an apt moniker for the ‘Fair Weather Indian’ Elizabeth Warren. White as a cracker dipped in flour and milk, Warren only claimed she was Native American when she was applying for jobs. The sad part is that real Native Americans lost jobs because this no good fake pretended to be Indian, when it suited her needs.

    Never spent a day on a Rez. Never encountered crushing poverty, the loss of resources, or genocide. Gentrified Bitch.

    • To be precise about it, Warren may be only as Native American as some of the least pure-blooded of tribal members, so I wouldn’t quite call her “white as a cracker” unless you want to consider how that may apply to people who did grow up on the Rez. If I recall from a recent notorious custody case where one parent was claiming that law given priority them as a registered tribal member should apply, the child was only about 1% Native American – meaning the one parent was just double that.

      However, Warren didn’t grow up on a reservation or in the culture, so she certainly had no right to claim that as an identity, particularly for purposes of trying to gain preferential treatment.

      Also, we have a similar case of ancestry in one branch of my family, and I’d say I’m not quite “white as a cracker” despite otherwise being about as pure a WASP Mayflower descendant as you’ll ever meet – my grandparent on that side was still noticeably dark-skinned, especially in the summer.

          • I know what 1% means, and Pocahontas is about 1/10 of that in Indian bloodlines. I’ve probably had several years more of math education than you. 1/1,024 is 0.0976525%. Trump said she has less Indian in her as he does, and he has none! LOL

            You libtards are humorless, that’s what makes you so damn funny! LOL


            You are so WRONG. The article you provided mainly discusses how much of a certain tribe you should be to belong to a particular tribe. In other words, Indians from different tribes, not white (or black or yellow or purple) people. LOL

            Here’s a document that is actually applicable to my point: http://freedomcenter.org/_media/pdf/genealogy/16.%20Native%20American%20-%20Tribal%20Membership.pdf which states that 25% is the minumum. In other words, 256.00983077 TIMES more than Pocahontas has, and she may have even less than 1/1,024. LOL

            The lineal decent rule virtually guarantees you must have a lot of Indian blood. How many white people do you know who live on reservations? LOL

            Pocahontas has less than the average American, but she must be an American Indian because Frank shows her in a fake picture with an Indian headdress on. LOL

            The U.S. government can learn a lot from the Indians by not allowing people to merely claim they are Indians to cheat the system. Pocahontas received several bogus free passes by claiming she was Indian. LOL

            You should go back to dancing with yourself, because you have two left feet when it comes to making comments on this website. LOL

            You think you’re so damn smart, yet you’re as dumb as a rock. LOL

            So keep posting comments, I love burying you under your own foolishness. LOL

          • The Connecticut Indian tribe that has the casinos are all descended from one woman.

            After the Indians invested heavily in museums and some other bad investments they are now in debt and receive next to nothing from the earning of the casino.

            Plus they had an influx of new tribal members that could prove DNA/hereditary link.

            HBO had a documentary on the tribe and the tribe bought the rights and destroyed.

            Many of the tribal members look African American or white. In fact some are fair skinned and have blue eyes. Many of the others look African-American and fo not resemble Indians

          • People who can’t do math or fact-check, are particularly susceptible to scams – and cults.

            Also people like yourself that quote so called facts from like minded cultists as you, are usually debunked. For cryin out loud, Scooter Johnson is able to easily debunk you.

        • Scott, that document you provided, which is only a cursory overview from a site not specializing in Native American issues, actually says, in part:

          “the Cherokee Nation has no minimum quantum restriction, so long as you can prove descent”

          Wikipedia lists 29 other tribes as well – about a quarter of all those shown – that “do not have a minimum blood quantum requirement”:


          And I may not know white people who live on reservations, but I know registered tribal members who live off them and are married to “white” people, which exemplifies the process by which some tribal members end up with a minimum of actual blood ancestry.

          Also, I did a fact check, and even the Republican source that attempted to make a questionable simplified fractional estimate of Warren’s Native American ancestry put it in the range of “somewhere between 1/64th and 1/1024th Native American” (Freeman, Wall Street Journal, Oct. 15, 2018) – not enough for her to have legitimately been claiming that heritage, but not necessarily nothing, either, especially at the higher end of the range. And if you did study math, you should know that citing the number at just one end of a range, is misleading and inaccurate.

          It’s actually you who are “so WRONG.”

          Seriously, Scott, do you comment sometimes when you’re in an impaired state? I have trouble imagining how some of what you write comes from someone who says they are serious about debunking MLMs and steering people away from them, which includes improving analytical skills and fact-checking* – traits I’d think you’d want to exemplify.

          p.s. Speaking of falling for MLMs, I’d wanted to find an opportunity to get back to you – there was a book about Amway you recommended, that I thought that as a matter of intellectual honesty I should follow up on, perhaps suggesting that I’d read it if you’d read one of my suggestions (The Confidence Game, Maria Konnikova), but I found it almost impossible to locate a copy, and then only at a price of $250 or higher.

          * see, for instance, this article based in part on an interview with Rick Ross – the cult specialist who NXIVM spent years attacking:

          How to Get a Friend Out of an MLM

          “According to Ross, most destructive cults and MLMs share three defining characteristics, initially popularized by Psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton: 1. A charismatic leader who is worshipped and revered. 2. A culture of coercive persuasion or thought reform, in which all members of the group are taught to think alike and isolate themselves from anyone who questions their devotion. 3. Sexual, economic or other forms of exploitation of group members by leaders.”


          • You’re completly missing the point, and that is that Pocahontas’ DNA shows she’s 1/1,024th or less an American Indian, and she misused it to gain advantages throughout her miserable life. You’re missing the forest for the trees, as usual. LOL

            You’re so “well-read” that you’re stupid. LOL

            I am the expert in MLM scams and Rick Ross is one of many wannabe experts in MLM scams. LOL

            That Vice article is full of crap, and if you’d like to come on my radio show so that I can rip it to shreds, let me know. LOL

      • White “cracker” is actually a reference to the cracking sound of a whip and not the color of a cracker.

  • Hi Waddy,

    Omg!!!!! A. politician is liar?

    Russia just sealed its border with China. The heads of Iranian government are dropping like flies.

    The CDC is lying!!!!

    .. …And you’re worried about a libtard?

    Who has no shot at becoming president. None!!!!

    I just let everyone on the rig put ahead of time that they were hundreds of cases of people were being quarantined Massachusetts.

    The government is lying!!!!!

    Wake up!!!!

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