Updated: Second Leaked Kristin Snyder Documents – List of Attendees to Snyder’s Anchorage First Intensive

An anti-Nxivm “Deep Throat” leaked to us the Nxivm file on Kristin Snyder.

As readers know, Snyder was ejected from a 16-day Nxivm intensive in Anchorage, Alaska on Feb 6, 2003, the 12th day of the intensive.

She had been claiming that Nxivm founder Keith Raniere had gotten her pregnant.

This ran afoul of the teachings and the image of Raniere who was reputed to be celibate. It was further troubling because Snyder was a lesbian. She had also been in Albany NY where Raniere lived several weeks earlier.

The intensive Snyder was thrown out of – and never seen again – was not her first.

She had previously attended a Nxivm intensive in Anchorage from Nov. 2- 17.

Frank Report has a copy of the list of attendees of that intensive. [See below]

This intensive was well attended and Susan Dones tells us that during the first five days of the intensive, Nancy Salzman was the head trainer. She also tells us that Salzman went manic when one of the students questioned her teachings and mentioned her daughters.

Salzman’s angry reaction showed her to be not in control unlike what she taught students.  Susan thinks this may be why there were fewer students at the second intensive, the one Kristin disappeared from.

Let us take a look at the people there. What’s interesting also is that next to each name is their coach.




Name of student – followed by name of coach


Aleeta Bauder- Rob Chiappone [This is Esther’s husband, not her son.]

Alison Hansen- Kathy Fletcher
Bob Brooks- Rob Chiappone
Candy Deutsch- Kathy Russell
Carmen Gutierrez- Kim Woolhouse
Colin Szymanski- Matt Mu
David Fox- Kathy Morton
Donna McCready- Esther Chiappone
Doug Stelling- Kim Woolhouse
Elaine Apperson- Esther Chiappone
Ellen Pennebaker- Wendy Rosen-Brooks
Glenda Kerry- Esther Chiappone
Heidi Bishop- [Name Redacted]
Heidi Clifford- [Name Redacted]
Huascar Pelaez-  (ask Edgar) [Boone?]
Jennifer Wirfel- Kathy Fletcher
Katia Bayer-Haase- Wendy Rosen-Brooks
Kirsten Ohlander- Theresa Verras
Kristin Snyder- Karen Abney
Lee Holen – Karen Abney
Liz Thomas- Susan Dones
Lorna Morris- Kathy Russell
Margaret Dowling- Mat Mu
Meg Simonian- Dee Dee Mitzen
Michael Haase- Michael Sutton  [Sutton was the genesis of the Rick Ross lawsuit. Raniere fleeced him of $8 million].
[Name Redacted]- [Name Redacted]
Noni Bordwell- Karen Abney
Pamela Hawk- Kathy Russell [Kathy was convicted in the Raniere case.]
Pet Clark- Karen Abney
Phyllis Plouche- Wendy Irick [One of the original Alaska Nxivm members who recruited many into the group.]
Robert Rembish- Esther Chiappone
Rodney Bradley- Wendy Rosen-Brooks
Susan Schwartz- Wendy Irick
Susan Teborek- Kathy Russell
Sydney Billingslea- Kristen Keeffe
Terri Jackson- Kathy Morton
William Bennett- Rob Chiappone
Cade Incsho – Mike Sorenson
Brandon Bennett- Kathy Russell




Huscar Paleaz

Bob Brooks
Lori ClarkSusan Luce
David Luce
Debbie Larsh
Laurie Butcher
[Name Redacted]
Carmen Gutierrez
Kerstin Ohlander
Esther Chiappone
Kristen Snyder
Noni Bordwell
Elaine Apperson
Terri Jackson
Rob Chiappone
Cathy Morton
Michael Sorensen
[Name Redacted]
Karen Abney


Suzanne Schwartz

Sidney Billingslea
[Name Redacted]
Donna McCready
Lorna Morris
Elaine Apperson
Pamela Hawk
Wende Irick
Lee Holen
Liz Thomas
Noni Bordwell
Pat Clark
Susan Dones


Here are some of the names

[Name Redacted]

Barbara Bennett
Kathy Morton
Esther Chiappone [Carlson]
Bob Rembish
Bob Beeks
David Fox
Wendy Rosen- Brooks
Carmen Gutierrez
Michael House
Katja Bayer-Haase
Collin Szymanski
Kerstin Ohlander
Jennifer Wirfel
Lorri Clark
Huscar Palaez
Heidi Bishop
Rod Bradley
Margaret Dowling
Aleeta Bauder
Doug Stelling
Allison Hansen
Michael Sorensen
Meg Simmonian
Terri Jackson
Willy Bennett
Phyllis Ploudre
Kristin Snyder
Cade Inscho
Ellen Pennebaker
Kathy Russell
Candy Deutsch
[Name Redacted], a current Nxivm member. Esther recruited [Name Redacted] into ESP. [Name Redacted] was then in her early 20s. She was from Alaska and gave up her life to be part of Nxivm.
[Name Redacted] has been in Nxivm since 2000-2001. Esther, who leads Jness and Nxivm in the USA [under Clare Bronfman], is her coach and leader.

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Frank Parlato

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3 years ago

Hi Frank, “The Lost Women of NXIVM” was excellent. I have a question about Kristin’s handwriting analysis. Didn’t you have her diary from her family to analyze? Or was the analysis done before you connected with the Snyders?

Nancy Durkin
Nancy Durkin
3 years ago

Link for those in the UK, to watch Lost Women of NXIVM.


3 years ago
Reply to  Nancy Durkin

Doesn’t work. Being aired 21/12/19 on Quest Red.

4 years ago

Frank, thank you for updating this. You are amazing.

Mexican Lady
Mexican Lady
4 years ago

For people outside the US who want to watch the show today here is the link: https://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/the-lost-women-of-nxivm-rumors-vs-reality/full-episodes/the-lost-women-of-nxivm-rumors-vs-reality

You need to use a Tor browser (like chrome or Internet Explorer etc) so you can appear as you are in the US browsing:

4 years ago

as a news reporter, why is it OK to share the information of civilians? Why do we need to know their addresses?

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

So we can send Christmas cards duh

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Anonymous you made an important observation and responsible posted….

…However there is no real damage or danger….

…..The phone numbers are 17 years old and most likely all have changed. The addresses have most likely changed as well and can easily be looked up via the glorious internet. Anyone’s phone number can be purchased for a sum.

It’s not like Frank posted their social security numbers.

4 years ago

Kathy Russell
Esther Chiappone
Barbara Bouchey
Susan Dones
Karen Abney
[Name Redacted]
Rob Chiappone

Several names that recur throughout the course of the NXIVM saga.
Kathy Russell is the real surprise.
Maybe that’s why Nancy Salzman is so friendly with Kathy Russell when everyone else downgrades and mistreats her.

3 years ago

Yes, Kathy Russell isn’t up for much, if any prison time, either. During trial, testimony indicated Russell’s go-fer status, apparently her accountant work included shifting illegal documents and sums of money. There was her cash rental of a Nxivm pad, paid in one yearly money dropoff. There was witness testimony about Russell being a threesome partner who didn’t mind if somebody was too young for her old lady parts. Ugh. Never mind Kathy’s ballerina sh*t.

Hopefully some non-swat team has been dogging her every footstep and recollecting on her every use of the fifth amendment, even about how much she weighed. She wants to do the limbo rock right under the radar, as if her only speciality was being a bore. But no, Kathy Russell smells fishy as hell, worse than a sardines barbecued in rawhide tortillas. Yikes, since she might slip away mostly unaccountable, as a money-fixer, as a purveyor of illegal documentation and as a pedo-scumbucket. All of this came up at Raniere’s trial. Meanwhile, Russell only copped to one charge of visa fraud re Loretta Garza and might get a year’s time and has kept a low profile.

Often it facilitated Russell’s Nxivm “bookkeeping” roles to be easy not to notice, an older lady in ladylike attire. Russell is only strangely noticeable behind closed doors, as an older sex cult jolly good fellow out of some surrealistic porn movie. But the scariest thing about Russell are those ballet classes and recitals of hers, at least in her fifties, wearing a tutu and trying to grande jeté her anorexic limbs around with a floor full of nine year-olds. Rod Serling would’ve had a blast featuring Kathy Russell.

3 years ago
Reply to  Shivani

It’s funny you just mentioned Rod Serling.
I just mentioned in “The Faces of NXIVM” story how Marie White’s NXIVM pictures could have been featured on an episode of Rod Serling’s old TV show “Night Gallery.”
Rod Serling, who also wrote for the classic “Twilight Zone,” grew up in Upstate New York in the city of Binghamton.
I believe that all too many of these NXIVM enablers will fly under the radar altogether and escape.
Raniere was too lazy to travel to Alaska to do his dirty work but he had a lot of helpers on hand to help him cover up his scandals.
And I’ll bet that many of those helpers eventually found their way to Clifton Park to worship at the foot of Raniere’s Throne.
The Kristin Snyder story illustrates why the NDNY in Albany should continue the investigation of Raniere and NXIVM.

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Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

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