Raniere Wanted Sex, Money and Power and Did Not Seek to Destroy Others

This post by guest commenter Bangkok is in response to Brandon Porter Has Gone Home  wherein I write, Keith “Raniere was not really a cult leader. Most cult leaders seek to be worshiped and seek power and sex.  But Keith just had one simple desire: He wanted to destroy other human beings.” Bangkok disagrees.

By Bangkok:

More UNTRUE drivel from Frank Parlato.

This whole article is not only untrue, it’s literally WORD SALAD which was entirely born out of Frank’s ass.

Case in point… Frank (comically) claims that Keith wasn’t really a cult leader who wanted money, sex and power. LOL.

According to Frank, Keith simply wanted to destroy everybody around him. That’s all Keith wanted. Keith didn’t want money, power or sex —– at least, that’s what Frank says. He just wanted to destroy people.

My response: Uhhh, no Frank. Just no.

Frank, did you hear me? I just called you a fucken liar, sir.

Let’s look at facts.

FACT #1: Keith wanted sex. In fact, he did little else but fuck every attractive gal within a stone’s throw of himself. He did little else except think about getting more sex. He created DOS (and other organizations within NXIVM) to manipulate women into having sex with him.

In fact, without his fixation on ‘sex’ he’d have likely escaped the wrath of the NY Times and DOJ.

Yes, Frank, he wanted sex and TONS of it. You dimwitted, Sicilian dweeb.

Hair Raising Picture Below

Keith was a sex addict.

FACT #2: Keith wanted money. He simply chose not to keep the money/assets in his own name. In fact, he did little else but steal money from every NXIVM class taker, teacher and benefactor within spitting distance. He stole from Bouchey, Bronfmans, Cafritz, Jeske and every other person he ever met.

Keith Raniere with three of his inner circle: Karen U, Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske.

Yes, Frank, Keith wanted money and TONS of it.

He made people pay thru the nose for intensives, courses and sashes. He stole whatever money he could from whatever the source, including wealthy benefactors like the Bronfmans. Duh, Frank.

Keith stripped Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman of their fortunes and at times their clothes.
FACT #3: Keith wanted power. In fact, everything he did was to consolidate his ‘power’ over his followers. He did little else but punish anybody who questioned his authority and power.

Yes, Frank, Keith wanted POWER above all else.

He made every follower bow to his every wish. He tolerated no dissent. He gave irrational errands for no purpose other than demonstrating his power. Duh.

What else is Frank wrong about?

Keith did NOT purposely SEEK to destroy people as a matter of habit, as Frank claimed.

The destruction of everybody around him was merely INCIDENTAL to his quest for maximum money, sex and power. Yes, everybody around him was destroyed. But it was merely incidental.

Keith would simply milk every cow for every drop they have. Not to destroy them, just to drain them for as much money, sex and power which they can provide him.

Of course, the more he took from them the more they’d be destroyed. But their destruction was merely incidental to his goals, not the goal itself.

Finally, when they have nothing else left to offer Keith, he will discard them. But they probably deserved it.

Keith preferred younger women. And when possible little girls.

That’s why the older gals had to go. They had outlived their usefulness to him. He’d bankrupted most of them. They were too old for pleasurable sex. …and having power over grannies just ain’t appealing. So they were discarded.

Frank’s analysis is therefore SHIT.

Frank’s analysis is nothing more than WORD SALAD to confuse his readers.

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  • Wonder Woman
    Peaches- as you know, the Snyder family was NOT able to get a pregnancy test on Kris- because she disappeared too quickly. She was supposed to be brought home by Elaine Smiloff- but we don’t think that that ever happened- because Kris and Elaine were NOT at the house when Heidi got home.
    Frank and his team are supposed to be working on this case- but from what the Snyder family understands- Frank is too busy working on his case- so, he does NOT call them back. They are starting to give up and find someone else to talk to- about Kris’s case. They want an ending to things in this case.
    The Snyder family should NOT have to explain to anyone why they are angry or upset- that Kris’ investigation has NOT been concluded. Frank is too busy to do it now. We will see at a later date what happens. Until then, this case is a suicide!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What’s interesting to me is that from everything I’ve read, all the NXIVM charges stem from DOS or would not have come to light if not for DOS.

    The differing opinions between you and Frank are all about motive, we all want to know a criminal’s top motive. I think both you and Frank are correct in gauging his motives to be:

    1.) Sex
    2.) Power
    3.) Money
    4.) Destroying Others/No Conscience – psychopath.

    I want to add one you both missed:

    5.) Misogynist

    Now here is the #1 question…..

    Whatever his motive, Keith had everything he ever needed or wanted BEFORE he created DOS.
    So why create it and risk all he ever needed and wanted?

    • Keith had gotten all of his enemies indicted – me being the last. He thought he was untouchable in the Northern and Western Districts of NY. He did not think he was at any risk.

      Think about it – he started DOS right after I was indicted. And just before I was indicted, he got Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie, John Tighe and Barbara Bouchey indicted. He also got a lawsuit going against the Times Union that led to Jim Odato resigning. The amazing culpability of law enforcement in Albany and the US Attorney’s Offices for the Northern and Western Districts of NY is what caused DOS.

      Raniere thought law enforcement ware his Bronfman-paid tools.

  • Just for clarification, there’s one obvious exception.


    Of course Keith had the goal of destroying people like Frank Parlato, Joe O’Hara, Irish Barb Bouchey and Toni Natalie.

    But that’s different.


    Cuz they had become his ENEMIES.

    Everybody wants to destroy their enemies. That’s just a natural human emotion.

    But contrary to Frank’s assertion that Keith had the goal of destroying ‘everybody’ he met, I’ve already proved Frank is wrong.

    Keith only wanted to destroy his enemies. For everybody else, he simply wanted to extract as much money, sex and power as humanly possible, before discarding them.

    Keith is not as ‘unhinged’ as Frank or Kimmy believe.

    Keith was simply lucky enough to find IDIOTS willing to worship him —- and he did everything possible to maximize that benefit. That’s all.

    Who’s to say that Frank wouldn’t do the same thing IF he found followers willing to shower him with everything?

    The truth about Frank’s relationship with Keith is not as simple as many people think.

    Frank finds himself an ‘enemy’ of Keith NOT because he chose to be on the side of righteousness. Frank never made that choice freely.

    Truth is, Keith started a war against Frank and left him no other choice. Frank simply reacted to Keith’s legal attacks against him. Frank did NOT proactively seek out righteousness of his own volition.

    In fact… If Keith had simply let Frank keep the $1 Million dollars in peace, it’s very likely that Frank Parlato would have KEPT WORKING for Keith and Clare while doing their evil bidding for YEARS!!!! Shame on Frank.

    I challenge Frank to REFUTE this allegation.

    • I can rebut this quickly by simply saying that when I worked as a consultant for Keith etc. I never did any of their “evil” bidding. Everything I did was perfectly legitimate and good. And quite possibly yes, I would have stayed and developed the Los Angeles project, made everyone a lot of money and then gone on to do other projects with them.

      Keith made a mistake in firing me. I think he lived to regret it.

  • Wonder Woman
    Keith NOT only wanted money and piower, but the SEX was the most important to him.
    How do I know this?
    I am a Wonderful friend of the Snyders- and he NOT only destroyed their daughter, Kristin, but their family, with his vicious lies and stealing of money.
    Keith is an awful narcissistic, rapist and murderer. He is someone that should be put under the jail, and never be allowed to see the light of day again!!!!
    Keith poisoned young women, and made them very sick with his milk shakes, but claimed he could “cure” diseases- being gay, homophobea, breast cancer, etc. He was suppose to be the smartest man on earth. He is NOT and never was. All of the
    Lies need to STOP!!!!!
    Enough is ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

    • “All of the
      Lies need to STOP!!!!!
      Enough is ENOUGH!!!!!!!!”

      Not to worry.
      Keith Raniere will never again walk the earth as a free man.
      And his many willing helpers need to be punished as well.

    • –Keith NOT only wanted money and power, but the SEX was the most important to him.—

      What did he want from the “men” of SOP…and what did he get…and how did he get it?

          • Any evidence or rumors that Keith had sex with any women who was already in a relationship with a Nx-man? It’s hard to believe that Keith had scruples about cucking.
            I guess he tried with Hildreth’s woman–Nikki, not Kristin (we think)–but that’s the only one I can remember reading about. Keith ordered women to be exclusive to him, but what if he cucked one from Hildreth, for example, was she then his exclusive sex-toy?

    • So, wonderful woman, where do milkshakes fit into the equation? Rape? Pregnancy? Where’s the police report for the rape and the pregnancy test results? Why after 17 years after Kris’s disappearance is Kim just now contacting an investigator that apparently won’t call her back? I thought Frank and his team, along with Mr Levens, were working on the case.
      Lastly, was Kris Raniere’s type sexually?
      Was he in Alaska when she went missing?
      Any word from Esther Chiappone Carlson, Nina Cowell, Ed Kinnum, Elaine Smiloff or Kathy Morton?

    • YES! That is part of the equation. He couldn’t help himself. He needed to destroy value. He needed to destroy everyone – INCLUDING himself. If he hadn’t been stopped, he would still be pushing the envelope until he reached self-destruction.

      • In many ways, Raniere was his own worst enemy, as if he had a Death Wish.

        Had he exercised more self-control by avoiding the branding and blackmailing and the pedophilia and the many petty vendettas, Raniere would still be ruling the roost in Clifton Park with willing women lined up to service him.

        But Raniere could never get enough.

        • It’s like the gambling addict who can’t stop. No surprise, Keith doubled as one.

          Didn’t matter how much money he had, he was gonna eventually lose it all in the commodities market.

          Didn’t matter how much sex, adoration, freedom, and power he had, he was eventually gonna lose it.

  • It is clear that Keith wanted it all: sex, money, and power until who the person used to be was destroyed. When one does something to someone through the point of draining them in any regard, then the end result is included in what the person wanted. Yes, it can be seen as a bi product of what they were after, but Keith needed to destroy people one way or another to ultimately get what he wanted whether that be power or money or sex or a destroyed person. That is also why he was trying to set someone else up to take a fall for him should anything ever get out. To get someone willing to do that, you must destroy their person within, and recreate that person into the individual that you want. It is all symbiotic and circular. You cannot have one without the other in this case. To me, everyone is right with their view point in part. Additional proof of his desire to break people is that he was not only focused on rich pretty women. Mark Vicente and other, relatively speaking, laymen were used to the point of destruction of who they once were. Dani’s “father” is one more example. Keith broke him into literally being abusive to his own daughter. Not physically as far as we know, but mentally and emotionally.

  • Bangkok exists on this message board to perpetuate the “Raniere as the sole bad guy” narrative.

    That’s his job.

    Keeping Emiliano Salinas out of jail.

    Aside from being nervous about his own involvement in NXIVM and wanting to check on any available hint of progress in the case, every single day of the week.

    Surely, Raniere was responsible for ALL the bad in NXIVM. No one else need be prosecuted. Raniere is the PERFECT “fall guy” firewall for this or any organization. That’s why Vanguard was shipped out of Mexico in two seconds flat as the proverbial “mierda” hit the fan.

    Readers have been told who Bangkok is, the origin of his agenda and instructions.

    However, Bangkok and his pal Sandweg, through frequent posts here have somehow been at least moderately successful in messing with Frank Parlato’s head, the way they intended to.

    Now, Frank Parlato sometimes deletes/censors posts that remind readers about Bangkok’s identity and intentions.

    Apparently, Frank can’t believe the impressive, “prestigious” disgraced one-time U.S. Attorney, Dennis K. Burke, would sit around EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK monitoring and creating fake comment threads on the Frank Report website. Inconceivable!

    Surely, big-shot Burke has more important things to do than trying to desperately steer the NXIVM narrative through any means possible.

    Impressive work, Dennis.

    As your Mexican handlers have helped you learn.

    A combination of persistence and brute force can get some stuff done in this world.

  • He wanted all of us to have the good things. Yes sex is good and money should be controlled by evolved people now. And power should be in the hands of noble people. Yes Vanguard wants that for us and why shouldn’t he have that himself?

    • “money should be controlled by evolved people”
      “And power should be in the hands of noble people. ” Mary LaCosta

      Spoken like a true NXian.
      How exactly is Keith Raniere evolved and noble?
      Is it that he doesn’t scratch his balls in public anymore?
      Is it that he takes the dishes out of the sink before he takes a pee?

  • There is some truth to this.

    Narcissists, such as Keith, are selfish and unempathetic, and therefore they simply use people to get what they want. People are tools for them to use as they require, in order to achieve their goals.

    Lives are destroyed in the process, but the goal was not to destroy lives, the destruction is an unplanned result of their selfishness.

      • Whatever, babbling Brooke
        I actually didn’t contradict Bangkok (I agreed with him, which is the opposite…) so maybe learn to read before you babble.

  • Why does a Frank Report enable racists? Bangkok openly said in comments that Mexicans were less intelligent than Americans. That is a racist and ignorant comment without any facts. Why does Frank Report enable and give power to individuals who are racists?

    Frank Report loses its credibility by enabling racists. Is it for clickbait? Do you tolerate racism to get more clicks? What is the difference then with NXVIM which did a lot for money and to get more women for Raniere.

    • I don’t think just because Bangkok made a racist statement that he is actually a racist. In my opinion, it was satire, which he does exquisitely. I would like to add that I think it’s important to hear what racists have to say. It makes for interesting reading and debating.

      • So Frank Report keeps racist people for click-bate basically….”It makes for interesting reading and debating.”

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