To Those Who Say Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design Was Not Nxivm-Inspired – Would You Let Your Own Teen Daughter Be Taught There?

Yes you are that girl ---

By Bangkok

Greetings this fine day.

I’d like to issue a CHALLENGE to any of Kristin Kreuk’s supporters or supporters of Girls by Design [GBD].

Since GBD’s founders all viewed Keith Raniere as their Vanguard…

Keith Alan Raniere, AKA Vanguard, was founder of NXIVM, DOS, Jness and the guiding light for Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design, which was geared toward 12-15 year old girls. At the same time and it might be a coincidence, Raniere was raping 12-15 year old girls.

1) Can we agree that as a follower of Vanguard, none of GBD’s leaders would ever CONTRADICT Vanguard’s general teachings?

2) Can we agree that Vanguard’s view of ALL women (including 12 year olds) is that women are subservient to men and are prone to playing the ‘victim card’ to get what they want?

Kristin Kreuk enjoys a green apple.

3) Can we agree that since Kreuk was a TEACHER and RECRUITER for NXIVM, she likely taught Keith’s own ‘philosophies’ to students attending NXIVM/JNESS intensives or classes? If not, then WHOSE philosophy was she teaching while at NXIVM?

4) Can we agree that while teaching young women at GBD events, Kreuk would not likely have DEFIED any of Keith’s philosophies? If you disagree, then why did she continue to remain with NXIVM at that time? …Especially if she viewed Keith’s general teachings about women as degrading?

One of the images on Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design, featuring a story about happy sex slaves. GBD was geared toward 12-15 year old girls.

5) Therefore, can we agree that even though we don’t know for sure everything GBD was designed to do —– it was LIKELY to have taught Keith’s general philosophies to young girls? If you disagree, explain why GBD’s leaders would contradict Vanguard’s teachings inside GBD —- while still being LOYAL to Keith’s philosophies outside of GBD? That doesn’t seem logical.

6) Knowing all this, can we agree that GBD’s idea to focus on 12-13 year old girls was LIKELY done not to ’empower’ these youngsters in any way, but to make them obedient to NXIVM/JNESS/Keith’s general philosophies about women?

Hint: If you honestly think that Keith’s views on ‘gender’ had nothing to do with GBD, then why did GBD choose to focus on girls only? Why not focus on all 12-13 year olds, including boys?

A photo used on Girls By Design [GBD] encouraging young girls to write about themselves and submit it to GBD.
7) Therefore, can we agree that whatever GBD was setup for, it could not have been a ‘healthy’ and ‘normal’ communication system for speaking with very young women?

8) Would you allow your own young daughters to be taught by GBD without you being present? …If so, please explain.

Have a nice day.

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    Kreuk was recruited into NXIVM in 2006 and would appear as the face of NXIVM for several events, including Acapella Innovations and other recruitment drives. Although Kreuk denies she was a senior member, Kreuk was involved in numerous NXIVM high-level meetings held on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Kreuk was also groomed by Nancy Salzman to be an ambassador for NXIVM and ESP due to Kreuk’s fame and notoriety. Kreuk also recruited many of her close friends into NXIVM including Allison Mack, Kendra Voth, Sima Kumar, and others.

    Kreuk’s NXIVM business was Girls by Design. The company was supposed to promote teen female empowerment and leadership through workshops and weekend escapes. However, the company folded after several years due to lack of interest and funding. Kreuk would also have meetings for NXIVM, JNess (another NXIVM organization), and Girls by Design in her home.

    Although Kreuk attempted to downplay her role in NXIVM via a statement released in 2018, it is alleged she was heavily involved in recruitment, coaching, staffing, and leadership. As a coach, Kreuk would drive for 4 hours on early Saturday mornings from Vancouver, BC to Tacoma, WA to give lessons. At these lessons, Kreuk was described as tired-looking, incoherent, and lacking personal hygiene with unwashed hair, and unshaved legs and armpits.

    Kreuk also self-promotes in the NXIVM mold, providing career highlights that cannot be verified. Although Kreuk claims to have taken ‘some college courses’, no one can verify these courses and it is believed that she is referring to her NXIVM and ESP classes. In addition, Kreuk self-promotes as a successful businesswoman, yet she doesn’t own any businesses except for the failed NXIVM business Girls by Design. Lastly, Kreuk claims to be a feminist, yet she sent many women into an abusive cult, including one of her best friends Allison Mack.

    AMERICAN CULT NXIVM Exposed By: Omar W. Rosales

    • What about the one retreat GBD did actually take girls on?

      Looks like you’ve done more speculation and “alleged”-ing than homework.

      p.s. The Google shows that the “overnight holistic retreat” looks like it was probably indeed haplessly idealistic on the part of those involved, regardless of whatever sinister designs Raniere might have had:

      • This is how MLM scams work. Only the people at the top know it is a scam, everybody else thinks they are involved in something legitimate. There simply aren’t enough evil people in the world for all of them to be in on it, and the truth would leak out too easily.

        • No, Scooter, that’s not how they work, since in GBD there is literally no separation by additional layers of those at the top in layer 0 (Kristin and Kendra) and those at the bottom in layer 1 (the girls who participate).

          MLMs necessitate that there be multiple layers–a distance of at least two, and preferably many more–between those at the top and those at the bottom, hence the term “multi-layer”, because unlike other organizations that are layered, their business model is crucially dependent upon the fact that many layers exist for people in the higher layers to make money. Those in the layers closer to the leaf nodes make less, like you in Amway.

          • You should call yourself Nobody. You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. The only way for you to be right is for Kristin Crook(ed) to be fully aware of Raniere raping girls, f*cking multiple women at the same time, etc. I don’t think she was, and most people weren’t aware of the DOS cauterizing when it was made known by Frank. There were not only multiple layers in NXIVM, there were multiple groups that knew about some things and not about other things. Most people, on the order of 99+%, LOSE money in Amway and other MLM scams. They don’t make less, they LOSE money. You are such an idiot, but keep it up, putting you in your place and educating others is both rewarding and fun. For me. LOL

          • Scooter, perhaps you should make yourself clear concerning what you’re referring to when it comes to what is an MLM. You responded to a video about GBD and said it was an MLM. You did not say NXIVM was a MLM. While some have claimed that GBD is part of NXIVM, that is far from proven, and the founders have said it was never associated with it. So while you may think when you say something about GBD it implies NXIVM and vice versa, not everyone else does. Lastly, I made a point about the structure of MLMs and how they are set up to make money. I didn’t say that people actually made or lost money, or anything about whether people are scammed by MLMs or not.

          • That’s just the bottom of the pyramid. They’re far separated from Raniere in Clifton Park, and even Sarah Edmondson, who was somewhere in between as one of the co-directors of the Vancouver center, claims she didn’t even know about about the nefarious things going on a continent away in New York state.

            That actually gets us into something interesting, which is that if GBD was really being run as a devious operation, and particularly if it was being directed from Clifton Park – rather than just being a wild idea Raniere may have tried to seed – Edmondson should have known about it. And yet she’s never given any indication that the project or similar Vancouver-based efforts were tainted at the grassroots level.

    • I don’t think you quoting Omar quoting (and misquoting) and hyping what has been posted here means much. not sultan

    • Only someone who hasn’t bothered to do an online search of Omar Rosales would quote something from that dude who has been sanctioned over $200,000 and suspended from practicing law in Texas and New York for FABRICATING evidence, perpetuating LIES, and defaming opposing counsel with “FALSE and abusive statements.”

      Here’s what the Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division: Second Judicial Department wrote about Mr. Omar W. Rosales when he was suspended:
      “In view of the severity of the misconduct, the number of FALSEHOODS and LIES, the respondent’s FABRICATION OF EVIDENCE, his DISHONESTY and DECEIT, the HABITUAL and repeated nature of the misconduct, his MISUSE and EXPLOITATION of the integrity of the judicial system, the respondent’s failure to heed the admonitions of the court, and the District Court’s finding of bad faith, we conclude that a suspension from the practice of law for three years is warranted.”

      Rosales even had the audacity to LIE during his hearing when he was arrested last year.

      “Rosales represented himself in the hearing. He said he was never properly served court documents related to the previous hearing he missed. However, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against him showed evidence Rosales was served in a courthouse in Kings County, New York.”

      If Omar has no compunction about lying or fabricating evidence in a court of law, what lies does he freely spread on here and what made up stories did he put in his book?

      • Fuck off Spanky. You hate Omar Rosales because he does not worship Kristin Kreuk at the alter like you do. Do you actually think you are not mentally unwell? You have an illness.

  • No charges on “likely actions” will win in a fair court. And, yeah, Kristin is innocent and not involved in any court case.

    Ex NXIVM women say she is innocent, the DOJ did not call for her for this case. And nobody has called to sue her for anything.

    But in Mean Girl world that doesn’t matter. We all know teenage Kristin started all this by getting the female lead in Smallville.

    Most beautiful girls like her are always up to something. Mean girls must put her in her place. Must bend reality to their

    …..Of course, they will fail. And deal with it.

  • As I responded to the original comment: You were on a good roll, until you dropped this turd: GBD was for girls only because it was, at least publicly (just like DOS), being run by women to mentor girls. They were trying, at least publicly, to raise the self esteem of girls, because of society’s obvious bias (cough-cough) against females. Plus it was called GIRLS By Design, so why would boys be invited to join?

  • Sultan of Six needs to face it!!! Kristin Kreuk was the Pied Piper!!!! She tried to lure away young girls to be Keith Raniere’s young acolytes(concubines).

    Here’s Sultan of Six:

    I can totally see Sultan sitting in front of his laptop weeping and seething with rage….

    … “Leave Kristen Kreuk alone!!! Leave her alone! Damn you all to hell!!! You racist evil white people. I’m sorry if I like half Asians and not Persian women. Leave Kristen and me alone!!!!!”

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