Did the Branding Doctor Danielle Roberts Suddenly Get Fat?

Dr. Danielle Roberts did the branding on most of the DOS slaves. She lost her medical license largely because of it.

This might be rather a thin post when it comes to content, but it is about something important – about a DOS slave becoming fat.

We’re not talking about any DOS slave, we are talking about Allison Mack’s DOS slave, Dr. Danielle Roberts, the winsome lady doctor who wielded the white-hot branding pen on the pubis’ of comely slaves, etching out the initials of her master, Keith Alan Raniere.

According to one reputable eye witness, Danielle, once a skinny DOS slave, has become as big as a house.

This is not body shaming.

If any man or woman went on an eating binge and put on some 50 unwanted pounds, it is more or less their business, and would not be the subject of a post on the Frank Report.

But when that person is part of a coercive sex-slaver cult that insisted on caloric deprivation of herself and other slaves, then it is fair game and newsworthy.

DOS was one such sex-slaver cult and its leader, Raniere, insisted on all his slaves being super-skinny.

Danielle Roberts, though a practicing physician, was astonishingly a member of this DOS sex-slaver cult.

Dr. Danni was the one who gave other slaves comfort that what they were doing was medically sound.

The slaves trusted Danni because she was a physician and was undertaking the same seemingly crazy rites and rituals as they were commanded to do.

And now, when we get a report that she is as big a whale, it is our duty to report it.

We get this report courtesy of Neil Glazer’s civil lawsuit against 15 Nxivm defendants.  It turns out Neil got Danielle served in his civil lawsuit.

From the affidavit of service, filed by licensed process server, Ole Gullestad, [License no 2003292], Dr. Roberts is, as of February 5 at 9:39 am, living in Port Jefferson NY., a white female, who is 5/4″- 5’8″ inches tall and weighs between 161-200 pounds.

Since Danielle was served in person, Ole must have had a decent look at her.

And while there is a pretty good range between Ole’s estimate of height [5’4″- 5’8″] and weight [161-200 lbs], old Ole could not have been that far off on her weight.

He did not estimate Dr. Roberts’ weight to be between 121-160 lbs.  He estimated her probable minimum weight at 161.

In my opinion, it is not likely that Dr. Roberts weighed more than 161 pounds when she was with DOS.

Raniere would have never “mentored” her if she was that heavy and we know Danielle left her long time boyfriend to be “spermatized” by the master Raniere.

Danielle in 2017. She does not appear to be over 161 lbs in this picture

Her Facebook photos, which are not new, show her to be more likely in the range of 120-130 lbs.

Photos of her at speaking engagements also do not show a woman appearing to weigh more than 161 lbs.

Group photos with the Nxivm gang, including one of her in a bikini, reveal a physique that seems lighter than 160 lbs plus.

DOS slaves, India Oxenberg, Michele Hatchette and Danielle Roberts [circa 2016]
What would Danielle look like at the heavier weight?

To repeat, none of this would matter – the weight gain of a mid 30s woman – but for the fact that Dr. Roberts was in a sex slaver cult that insisted on keeping women emaciated to please the desires of their sicko master. And that Roberts was more than a slave. She was a leader and probably should have been criminally charged – or at least stripped of her medical license – for her role in the cult.

As a physician, she was in putative control of the branding sessions and she knew – because she worked off of upside-down stencils – that the painful scarring she was doing was actually tracing out the initials of Keith Alan Raniere.

She knew, as testimony in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere has shown, that the women did not know the so-called “earth symbol” she was branding on the women on their pubic region was the initials of the monster Raniere.

After Allison Mack’s arrest for sex trafficking, Dr. Roberts switched from being Mack’s slave to Nicki Clyne’s slave.

Has Nicki let her slave down by not staying on top of her? Not doing enough readiness drills or penances? Has Nicki failed to make her do enough planks? Or walk outside barefoot in the snow in the dead of night as punishment for her weight gain?

Or has the branding doctor abandoned the faith?

While extra fat is not normally desirable, in this case, it might be a gain if this DOS slave got as big as a helium balloon.

Her fat might be a sign of new freedom. I hope so.

Of course, this is all premised on the process server getting the weight right with what was likely only a moment or two to observe.

If anyone gets a recent picture of Dr. Roberts, please send it along.


It appears India Oxenberg gained weight after leaving DOS




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  • Re Dr. Danielle Roberts medical license:

    Someone once told me it’s easier to criminally prosecute a doctor than it is to pull their medical license……. “Doctors stick together like the cops.”

    …..I once thought that was ridiculous. Now I know it’s the truth.

  • Shadow State- G”point!
    Allison Mack is a perpetrator who abused dozens of women.
    Why should we care about her mental health or her state of mind?
    We should be more concerned about her victims.”

    She is still a human, Shadow.

  • In order to reduce sexism, I think it’s important to show equality between women and men — thus, we need to body shame women as much as we body shame men, so that everything is equal and sexism will not exist.

    Therefore, I think this story helps to reduce sexism by body shaming that fat bitch, just like other people fat shame men with impunity. It sends the right message that equality is important and we shouldn’t favor one sex over the other.

    I think that even ‘Flowers’ will have to agree. Have a nice day.

    • I don’t remember body shaming anyone, except Keith – which should be allowed if we play by Bangkok’s rules since Keith is a monster and he deserves it, right?

      I don’t believe I’ve ever body shamed you, Bangkok …since I don’t even know if you’re male or female (or even if you’re human ) so it may be difficult to find appropriate insults.

  • Because, of course, you are such a playboy…have you seen yourself?
    You an ugly old guy whose life is as useless as can be…
    But I assume that you don’t see that when we read the description you made on yourself “acclaimed investigative journalist”
    more like a washed-out blogger…

    “This is not body shaming.”
    “And now, when we get a report that she is as big a whale, it is our duty to report it.”

    No…definately not body shaming you idiot…
    It didn’t come to your mind that has she was getting out of the manipulation Raniere put on her, she started to get back to reality and is psychologically shocked…

    Noooo, only the “victim” had to go through the manipulation, coercion, starvation and other things that had a factual impact on their decision-making abilities.

    “After Allison Mack’s arrest for sex trafficking”
    Still, as pathetic as ever, I see…but continue with your lies and other BS, it’s hiding well your idiocy

  • https://www.calculateconvert.com/calculators/health/bmi.php?pounds=200&foot=5&inch=8

    BMI Grading Table2 for Height 5’4″
    Weight Weight Class
    Below 107.8 lbs Underweight
    107.8 lbs – 145.6 lbs Normal Weight
    145.6 lbs – 174.8 lbs Overweight
    174.8 lbs and Above Obese

    BMI Grading Table2 for Height 5’6″
    Weight Weight Class
    Below 114.6 lbs Underweight
    114.6 lbs – 154.9 lbs Normal Weight
    154.9 lbs – 185.9 lbs Overweight
    185.9 lbs and Above Obese

    BMI Grading Table2 for Height 5’8″
    Weight Weight Class
    Below 121.7 lbs Underweight
    121.7 lbs – 164.4 lbs Normal Weight
    164.4 lbs – 197.3 lbs Overweight
    197.3 lbs and Above Obese

  • I’m curious about the state of mind of former NXIVM slaves. It seems, at least in the cases of India and Allison and Sara, when they left the group the ‘spell’ wore off and they seem to have regained their normal selves.

    Do you all think that this is the case and if so, why not also with Clare and Dr Roberts? Do they remain committed or do you think with time their former selves will re-emerge?

    • “February 18, 2020 at 5:51 pm
      I’m curious about the state of mind of former NXIVM slaves. It seems, at least in the cases of India and Allison and Sara, when they left the group the ‘spell’ wore off ”

      Sara Bronfman?
      As far as I am concerned, none of the NXIVM members is normal in any true sense of the word.

      • I meant Sara Edmondson, but the point is really the same. Do all the slaves wake up when no longer subjected to the brainwashing and sleep deprivation, or are some permanently changed?

      • Not Allison, not right away.

        Written by George Frobisher
        July 5, 2019
        10:09 pm

        Convicted racketeer and former actress Allison Mack has had a nervous breakdown, a Nxivm source told Frank Report.

        “She had a meltdown,” the source said. “She was babbling and incoherent and needed psychiatric treatment.”

        Mack lives at her parent’s home in Los Alamitos, California, and is subject to home arrest. She wears an ankle monitor so that authorities can track her whereabouts 24/7.

        “Her episode was so severe, and her lack of cognition of her surroundings caused alarm for family and friends and necessitated medical attention,” the source said.

        • My post above was for:

          Anonymous Bob
          February 18, 2020 at 5:51 pm
          I’m curious about the state of mind of former NXIVM slaves. It seems, at least in the cases of India and Allison and Sara, when they left the group the ‘spell’ wore off and they seem to have regained their normal selves.

          • Great point!
            Allison Mack is a perpetrator who abused dozens of women.
            Why should we care about her mental health or her state of mind?
            We should be more concerned about her victims.

    • India seems to have moved on, though as deeply as she was involved, a full recovery may take time, and I’d question whether she may be one of those people particularly vulnerable to falling for something else.

      I don’t think we really know anything about the state of mind of Allison who could be anywhere on the spectrum from still blindly loyal – if quiet about it as the legal process goes on – to completely disillusioned and disaffected. Sara Edmondson has clearly broken with her guru and the group, though her rather shallow book, and her keeping profits from it rather than donating all the proceeds to those who she profited off of as they were victimized, suggests to me that she’s really hasn’t come fully to terms with her involvement, responsibility and culpability. And Sara Bronfman is another one whose position I think is hard to read; she is said to have some ongoing ties to other NXians, but that could be based on anything including the infamous maxim “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

  • Kreuk looks better with some meat on her bones. I don’t like the pixie/waif look myself.

    Men who prefer the waif look are typically former Boy Scout Troop leaders.

    BTW is that a young Asian version of Sultan in the photo?

    • In that photo, the guy points at Kreuk like she’s a drunken hoe. Like one more drink and she’ll go down on me behind the table, or like, “Look who just blew me!”

  • “We need to shame this bitch just like she shamed Keith’s sex slaves into starvation diets”.

    To use the word bitch is just unnecessary and misogynist.

    Your vision of justice (shaming people as revenge) is quite amazing for a lawyer…well, a corrupted lawyer, it’s true.

    You should be ashamed, Bangkok!

    • I am not a misogynistic person. I take umbrage at that remark, sir.

      I am a thoughtful person, a merciful person, a loving person — you fucking LIBTARD ASSHOLE.

      Now please give my best regards to your FAT BITCH of a wife or girlfriend.

  • Or maybe it could be that Dr. Danielle Roberts, under the stress of a lawsuit and a possible future indictment, has been eating like a horse.
    Certainly Dr. Roberts understands that her involvement in a sex trafficking lawsuit could result in damages that literally bankrupt her and cost her professional license.
    Dr. Brandon Porter’s involvement in NXIVM has ended his career.
    Dr. Danielle Roberts’ medical career could be on life support.

    Dr. Roberts is still under investigation by the State of New York according to Neil Glazer’s complaint.
    “The brandings were performed by Defendant Dr. Danielle Roberts, M.D. She is
    currently the subject of an investigation by the State of New York’s Health Department’s Office
    of Professional Medical Conduct (the “OPMC”)”

    BATTERY (against Defendant Danielle Roberts on behalf of
    Plaintiffs Sarah Edmondson, Jane Doe 4, Jane Doe 5, Jane Doe 7 and Jane Doe 12)
    899. Plaintiffs reallege and incorporate by reference each of the foregoing paragraphs
    of this Complaint.
    900. Defendant Dr. Danielle Roberts engaged in: (i) bodily contact; (ii) made with
    intent; (iii) that was offensive in nature by branding Sarah Edmondson and Jane Does 4, 5, 7 and
    12 with Defendant Raniere’s initials as part of an outrageous DOS initiation ritual conducted as
    part of the Enterprise.
    901. Plaintiffs suffered lasting physical and emotionally injuries as a result of Defendant’s commission of battery upon their persons.

    I looked up Port Jefferson New York and the area is located with Dunkin Donuts.
    Many of them are open 24 hours.
    Every time Dr. Danielle Roberts has an Anxiety Attack she heads out to Dunkin Donuts.
    Donuts are now Danielle Roberts Placebo.

    Dunkin’ Donuts
    122 Main St
    Port Jefferson
    NY, 11777

    Phone: 631-473-7937
    Web: http://www.dunkindonuts.com

    Category: Dunkin’ Donuts, Coffee Shops, Donut Shop

    Dunkin’ Donuts – 501 Route 112
    Hours: 24 hours (1.7 miles)

    Dunkin’ Donuts – 5017 Nesconset Hwy
    Hours: 24 hours (1.9 miles)

    Dunkin’ Donuts – Mount Sinai
    Hours: 24 hours (2.5 miles)

    Before too long Danielle Roberts will look like the Goodyear Blimp.

    • What does it say about your miserable existence that you have enough time to study and report on the number of Dunkin Donuts in Port Jeff? How many Tim Horton’s are there? How about Italian bakeries? Chinese food restaurants? Where did you make the donut connection?
      Did you ever think the woman might be pregnant?

      Pretty funny that the President pardoned one of the many Illinois governors who ended up in prison….

  • Is Roberts in Mexico, as reported a while back, or has she returned home?

    Could she be pregnant? Those who were expecting to be Raniere’s avatar baby momma, and whose biological clocks haven’t run out (Salzman may be completely out of luck), may feel they have some catching up to do….

    Or I could engage in an old pastime, and gin up a juicy conspiracy theory. Might Raniere have stored sperm in Mexico?

    Perhaps the Boys From Mexico are coming….

    • I love this conspiracy theory, Anonymaker. Lol!
      This could be turned into a great horror movie or Netflix miniseries, but it needs a catchier name than “The boys from Mexico”.

  • This is a fair topic to discuss.

    Don’t let the leftists (like Flowers or Anonymaker) attempt to shut down this conversation, Frank, since they’ll likely try to convince you that body shaming a woman is out out bounds.

    But these same libtards will body shame people like Trump or Limbaugh for being overweight —— so it’s fair game to talk about this blimp of a doctor.

    Hypocrisy is a dog that just won’t hunt around here.

    Try again, Flowers. Try again, AnonyFaker.

    Besides, how can this bitch of a doctor claim to be a ‘healer’ (i.e., an expert at ‘natural’ healing methods) if she’s a FAT BLIMP with possible high blood pressure, high blood sugar and/or all kinds of other ailments which usually accompany being seriously overweight.

    A healer can’t claim to heal others if she can’t even heal herself.

    We need to shame this bitch just like she shamed Keith’s sex slaves into starvation diets.

    Maybe AnonyFaker can redeem himself by using his local skills to photograph this gigantic blimp and human turd, rather than wasting time putting flyers on that other doctor’s front door.

    I’d like to see a photo of this blimp of a human turd. It would be cool on a ‘postulate level’. 🙂

    • On behalf of FR, I’d like to apologize to Anonymaker for what Bangcock posted. He didn’t mean it, Anonymaker. He was just trying to get a reaction out of you when he called chiropractors, “doctors”.

        • This from the the same man who slammed osteopaths (who are now much more equal to MDs than they were in the past) and deemed marriage between first cousins to be evidence of the backwardness of Middle Eastern countries, even though said marriages are legal in more than half the states in the US.

          No surprise the spineless Shadowstate has no use for a chiropractor!


          • “Chiropractor Practice was started by a guy that spoke with a ghost.”
            And real medical doctors started out as barbers using leeches.

      • Thanks, Nutjob.

        And for the record, Roberts is a DO or osteopath, a profession that has at least been brought into the field of medicine, recognized as equivalent to bottom-rung non-specialties such as general practice and internal medicine (Porter is trained as the latter) – it’s Kinum who’s a chiropractor, and thus a total quack.

    • Bangkok,

      “postulate level”?

      Gaining weight is a simple “ethical breach” and it’s not a postulate.

      It would only be a postulate if Dr. Roberts got away with gaining weight draining Vanguard of his inner Chi (Qi). Then Dr. Roberts would learn transgressions are okay; all equating to a postulate.

      I can’t believe Lauren Salzman and everybody else that was a member of NXIVM actually bought into all of this bullshit.

      Then again, Barbara “bushy”(Bouchey) believed in psychics and Mark Vicente followed Ramtha before joining NXIVM.

      As Mitch Garrity once so eloquently summed it up, “not all these people were playing with a fucking-full-deck of cards.

    • Bangkok, if you look at my comment – written right around the time of yours, and before Frank had posted either – you’ll see that you were completely off base, and I said nothing of the sort.

      You’re really going nuts with the fallacious strawman arguments these days – something that cultists, and cult apologists, frequently resort to in their erroneous thinking patterns, by the way.

      Your logical fallacy is: strawman
      “You misrepresented someone’s argument to make it easier to attack.
      By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument, it’s much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate.

      Example: After Will said that we should put more money into health and education, Warren responded by saying that he was surprised that Will hates our country so much that he wants to leave it defenceless by cutting military spending.”


      see also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man

      • Yes, and he also keeps implying that I’ve made comments that I, in fact, never wrote.

        Perhaps Bangkok is attributing some of the anonymous comments to me. Or has he started to hallucinate now? What’s up, Bangkok?

      • Good to see you calling the BangKook out, AnonyMaker. Banger’s been putting words in others mouths — doing the straw man schtick — from the get go under various aliases. Of course, it’s hard to detect until he/she/it attributes something to you that you know you didn’t say or do. Not so obvious when it comes to others.

        Isn’t that a narcissist’s trick? My ex uses it a lot (lies about what someone said, did or even thinks) to “triangulate” — one reason I believe Bangkok could be Jeff Apple. Bangkok, however, continuously claims I believe he/she/it is Dennis Burke. (Another example of a strange straw man argument there — and IDK why Banger wouldn’t attribute that argument to the person who IS proudly and definitively making the claim Bangkok is Dennis Burke — Jeff Peterson — but instead keeps attributing the claim to me in the worst way.

        Apparently, Bangkok doesn’t want to argue with or offend Jeffrey Peterson. Peterson, btw, is the creator of Que’ Pasa, Mexico’s social media network platform, whom Burke and Emiliano Salinas attempted to recruit into NXIVM and harassed, slandered, etc. when he refused. Peterson may be right about Bangkok being Burke, IDK, but I do know Bangkok knows Jeff Apple based on (mis)information he’s posted on FR that could only be obtained by or through Jeff Apple. Doesn’t rule out Dennis Burke as Bangkok is my only point about that. Frank’s told me Bangkok’s VPN is Irvine, CA. Could be Jeff Peterson himself for all I know but I think he could be Jeff Apple and Frank’s fruitlessly kissing his ass over a NXIVM movie deal they met without me about a few times (turns out).

        In any case, don’t roll for the troll. You’ve worked too hard for this blog, AnonyMaker, and I’ve worked too hard to honor my sister’s memory, help with the ID documentary, and help Frank help FR readers see the truth about NXIVM to let it be prematurely destroyed by the kooks like Bangkok who is only a cowardly, narcissistic, brainless, heartless straw man himself trying to scare off anyone who comes too close to the truths thinks he’s hiding.

        • Heidi & Bangkok

          5 weeks ago Heidi claimed she would never reply to Bangkok or mention his name again.

          She said and I quote, “I want you to keep your endowed schnoz out of my business.“ Heidi went on to say, “Bangkok even the prodding from your very large schnoz will not make me change my mind.”

          Now Heidi is the one that’s bringing up Bangkok’s name.


          • Sounds like love to me!

            Maybe a remake/reboot of the 80’s movie My Tutor. Maybe a special older woman can teach Bangkok……

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