The Right Side: Mr. Barr — What the Hell Are You Waiting for? – Indict Adam Schiff!


By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired

How far back shall we go?

Let’s go back to your most recent, biggest mistake (there’s been so many”)… Barack Hussein Obama.

He promised that the Affordable Health Care Act  (Obama Care) would replace current health care… wrong.

It will save about $2500 per house hold… wrong.

It is affordable…wrong, wrong, and wrong in every way and the right side had nothing to do with any part, in any way…we were shut out…remember?

But you still managed to blame the Republicans.

He had to lie to get it passed. Speaker Pelosi told the House, “Sign it so we can see what it says’…all 3000 pages, totally brain dead Speaker!

Hussein Obama said the police in Ferguson, Mo. violated Mike Brown’s civil rights… wrong.

In fact, Eric Holders “DOJ Attorneys” were found, by the Judge, to be “In Contempt of court” and charged that Holders team of geniuses, tampered with evidence and tampered with witnesses, and they were still wrong… there were no criminal acts by law enforcement, they did their job!

Obama was again wrong in New Orleans (same thing as Ferguson) and Boston (the College Professor) and the worst of those blunders…Texas.

Some 30+ States sued Obama’s White House for trying to jam through 100,000 illegal immigrants, fast track to citizenship, absolution from illegal entry and other immigration violations.

The Texas Federal Court ordered DOJ Attorneys to Cease the process…they did not and processed 10,000 illegals. The court was so pissed it issued an order banning several of Obama’s DOJ Attorneys from participating in any proceedings in any of the 30+ Federal Districts.

They should be fired, but Holder did nothing!

Imagine that… DOJ Prosecutors were barred from practicing before Federal Courts in 30+ Federal Districts because of witness and evidence tampering and the Attorney General Holder did nothing!

Justice Scalia scolded Hussein Obama twice, that he was violating the Constitution with his pen and a cellphone, by exceeding his authority. Two weeks after the second scolding… the Justice was found dead!

They, the left, “EVERYBODY”, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Hussein Obama ,Hillary and even FOX predicted Clinton would win, most said by a landslide… I said Trump would win by a landslide… read my columns before the election… the left is so wrong, that their polls for prediction are proven USELESS!

Before Trump was sworn in people like Tilab, a Muslim, said “she would impeach the MF”…wrong again. Pelosi said Trump would be impeached along with all the left candidates from Cory Booker, to Bato O Rourke to Sen Schumer, the most useless of all the Senators, as well as Swallow, Nadler, and the one I say who is in trouble… that is Adam Schiff… all wrong!

I say Schiff went too far in his lies, deceit, and conspired to commit several Federal crimes.

Schiff lied under oath to Congress, the American people, and his own committee.

He tampered with witnesses who testified before Congress, he tampered with evidence. His lies are so many and so well documented that in my opinion,  the AG Barr… to protect the integrity of our rule of law… must put the overwhelming evidence before a GJ just on that one issue…there are others… lest there be no sense in taking oaths to tell the truth, SO HELP ME GOD.

If James Comey could send Martha Stewart to jail for lying to him… we, the American people, can send Schiff to jail for lying to America, so many times and conspiring to overthrow our Constitution and our duly elected President, with no evidence.

The President wasn’t just found innocent, there was no evidence and no whistleblower. By law, the Whistle Blower Act, the Whistle Blower must have Direct Knowledge, there was none from any whistleblower! Put Schiff’s lies before a Grand Jury, outside of DC, and let them decide. Then let a jury of 12 decide if he’s a liar and traitor! I firmly believe he is. He wouldn’t be the first Congressman the FBI arrested, tried, convicted and sent to the big house.

These people must be held accountable, AG Barr.

The AG is complaining he can’t do his job with the president tweeting…well …

Mr. Barr, how do you think the President feels with the phony Russian Counter Intel Case; a Criminal Plot by the FBI Director Comey, DOJ Rosenstein, the OHRS, 2 FBI ADIC’s, and  a phony Russian Dossier paid for by Clinton and her Clinton Foundation and HER DNC; Illegal wiretaps on his election campaign; a Special Counsel Mueller, whose appointment was a well-plotted conspiracy by FBI Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller, who found NOTHING after $35 million and 2 years; an illegal Impeachment; threats against his family and his businesses; AND an entire swamp of fake news reporters, with everyone trying to be a “Bob Woodward” and none of them able to polish Woodward’s shoes or to tell the truth.

AG Barr, get off your ass and start indicting instead of waiting and whining!

In case you forgot, the DOJ is the only body that can indict and prosecute. All the IG investigations should have been FBI Criminal Investigations with people in jail, NOW, for substantive crimes and not the utter nonsense that Manafort, Stone, and Papadopoulos, et al, have been convicted for. Every single one of those convictions that “touched” that phony Dossier and FISA warrants must be dismissed!

All those who committed serious Federal Felonies against the Country, the President, and our Rule of Law…have to be prosecuted…Mr Barr…what the hell are you waiting for?!


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  • J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired – THANKFULLY.



    In the Roger Stone case, the Jury Forewoman was Tomika Hart, a woman who openly hates Donald Trump and used social media during the trial to attack Trump and his allies.

    Jury Foreman In Roger Stone Case Was Trump-Hating Russia Collusion Hoaxer

    FEBRUARY 13, 2020 By Tristan Justice
    Social media posts from the lead juror in the Roger Stone trial, who is “standing up” for the four prosecutors who withdrew from the case this week, reveal she was a perpetrator of the grand Russian collusion conspiracy theory in addition to showing an obvious bias against Stone.

    In March of 2019, Tomeka Hart tweeted about the Mueller indictments which, at the time, included Stone.
    “Ignoring the numerous indictments, guilty pleas, and convictions of people in 45’s inner-circle, some Republicans are asserting that the Mueller investigation was a waste of time because he hasn’t found evidence,” Hart wrote on Twitter sharing from a now-deleted Facebook post.

    Tomeka Hart
    Ignoring the numerous indictments, guilty pleas, and convictions of people in 45’s inner-circle, some Republicans are asserting that the Mueller investigation was a waste of time because he hasn’t found evidence

    Two months earlier, she even tweeted about Stone’s arrest and posted an article laying out Stone’s indictment.

    In August last year, Hart also tweeted that anybody who supported President Donald Trump was racist.

    “Then stop being racists. Co-signing and defending a racist and his racist rhetoric makes you racist. Point blank,” Hart wrote on Twitter while linking to a piece in the Atlantic of Trump supporters complaining about the label constantly being lodged against them.

    Tomeka Hart
    Then stop being racists. Co-signing and defending a racist and his racist rhetoric makes you racist. Point blank

    But believe it or not, it gets worse. While Hart was serving on the jury, she tweeted about the president’s impeachment, sharing a letter to the editor in the New York Times requesting the outlet use more direct language to accuse Trump of committing a crime in his dealings with Ukraine.

    Tomeka Hart
    “A plea from 33 writers: Please use language that will clarify the issues at hand.

    Please stop using the Latin phrase “quid pro quo” regarding the impeachment inquiry. Most people don’t understand what it…
    Jury Foreman In Roger Stone Case Was Trump-Hating Russia Collusion Hoaxer

    • Frank could really clean up the blog by having all the left wing crackpots dismissed. They clog the blog comment section like a load of shit clogging the toilet. Your comment being a prime example.

    • I have one, it’s…, have someone read it to you. Name 1 thing that is BS in that column and back it up with facts, as I do, and then opinion, and if you want to be taken seriously… be proud of your opinion, useless as it may be, and print your true name instead of hiding behind an alias.Start with how successful Obama Care was,without blaming the Republicans,who had NOTHING to do with it! It only took you 2 sentences to tell us how smart you are and all about your entire life…The Right Side

      • The loser is a complete jackass. The democrap party mascot fits his worthless ass to a T. Wonder how much Schiff’s butt buddy Eddie Buck has spilled to the Feds. Won’t be long before he is “suicided”

      • Affordable health care and prescription drugs should BE just that. The Republicans basically couldn’t stomach having an African American as POTUS.

        • What an ignorant racist comment. Typical of the left wing democrat party cultist. Obammy was half white. His attempt to take over the health care with his bullshit affordable healthcare plan aka obammycare caused health costs to fucking sky rocket from what they were even beforehand. As the economy continues to improve, health care will become more competitive and affordable. Democraps cannot stomach a European American be successful and a tremendous President

      • So why did the Republicans have nothing to do with the legislation that attempted to provide affordable health care? Why did they not jump in and offer workable alternatives? Simple – because they only care about the wealth class, and do not care how many working Americans – men, women, and children – have to suffer for lack of affordable health care. Our government should provide exactly the same healthcare for members of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the President as the Walmart checkout lady gets, and charge them the equivalent percentage of their assets for it, if we ever want them to understand the harmful effects of lack of healthcare.

        It was all over the news that the leadership of the Republican party declared early and often for eight whole years that their sole purpose was to derail anything Obama attempted to do. They wanted to make sure this black man did not make Democrats look good to the country at large through passing effective legislation, or by installing fair judges whenever possible. And they did exactly that, including blocking his every attempt to appoint or nominate judges that were not slavering right wing idiots. BTW,, does everyone forget the model of Obamacare was a Republican healthcare initiative? Or forget that the moderate republican Obama rolled over and pulled the single-payer option off the table, not even allowing it a day of debate?

        Obama was not blameless, growing more and more into a right wing Repub from the moment he was sworn in. His intense hatred of whistle blowers, and prosecution of them, was the farthest thing from Hope and Change that any Dem would have expected. He never failed to kowtow to the military-industrial-congressional-pharma powers. He gave Shrub Bush and his cohorts a complete pass for the illegalities and mess they made of Iraq and Afghanistan, and added his own mess, too. In the end, he was more Republican than Democrat, at least to us Texas Democrats who knew what the Dems used to be about. A close look will show most of our local Texas Republicans were Democrats for decades, until the hatred of black (not half-black) Obama made it necessary for them to switch their party in order to get re-elected.

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