A Complete Chronological Story of the Role Kristin Kreuk Had With Nxivm Is Needed to Hold Feet to Flames and Inform Public

By Bangkok

I’m not gonna reply to another ‘Lauren’ article again. Too many of them now.

Instead, I’m gonna put a bee in Frank’s bonnet for a future article.

I think that Frank has let Kristin Kreuk off too easily and has never written a ‘single’ article that connects all of the dots in chronological order, using an easy-to-understand format for the layperson to digest all of her NXIVM history.

Instead, he’s done things piecemeal for KK.

Frank needs to outline a single ‘NXIVM case history’ for Kristin Kreuk in a single article, written in chronological order, regarding all of her past NXIVM activities, her entrance and exit dates, her recruitments, her progression thru sash/stripe levels, her teaching activities thru the years, her alleged trips from Canada to the US and the alleged purpose of those trips (written as an opinion), her attendance at NXIVM events and even ‘hearsay’ (from 2nd hand sources) about when she truly left NXIVM and whether that matches the date she told the public she left.

If using 2nd hand sources, hearsay or opinions then just state it as such and you’re fine (no need to conceal juicy details just because it’s from a 2nd hand source). She’s also a public figure and scrutiny of her behavior is allowed. Also, you should include a dissection of her final ‘tweet’ while analyzing why it’s deceptively worded to make her sound like a ‘beginner’ or ‘student’ — when in fact she was a teacher and a recruiter.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM

Is her attempt to obfuscate her level of NXIVM involvement the same as lying? I think so.

Is this a reflection of her true character? I think so. It needs to be explored.

Yeah, I realize much of that has already been written by Frank before (several times) —– but not in a ‘single’ case history shown in chronological order, to make KK’s total activities easy to see from A-to-Z for a beginner/layperson who isn’t familiar with NXIVM’s details.

This article should include things like:

1) Her entry date into NXIVM
2) The circumstances of her entrance
3) The years she spent progressing thru sashes/stripes
4) When she first began as a teacher
5) How many courses she likely taught (based on hearsay/opinion)
6) When she first began recruiting other suckers into NXIVM
7) Who, and how many people she recruited over the years
8) Her attendance at NXIVM events to celebrate Keith
9) Her attendance at Necker Island and what it likely meant (opinion)
10) How she used her star power to aid the rise of a sicko like Keith
11) Frank’s opinion: But for KK, would NXIVM have had fewer victims?
12) Her self-serving final ‘tweet’ analyzed for its deception
13) When she likely cutoff all ties from NXIVM, using hearsay if necessary
14) Her post-NXIVM virtue signalling
15) Why she remained with NXIVM for so long (Frank’s personal opinion)
16) Anything else that Frank can find to take a swipe at her hypocrisy, lol.


Part of helping to prevent this from happening again is to hold people’s feet to the flames, over and over again (every few months) so that nothing gets buried and forgotten about.

KK’s feet need to be held to the flames of truth and righteousness. 🙂

Frank needs to keep her NXIVM involvement visible so that it doesn’t get forgotten, so that lessons can be learned by others. 🙂

Every few months you need to give the pot a ‘stir’, Frank, and revive this story.

PS — There’s more history of KK aiding NXIVM (for recruitment) and celebrating Keith (on stage) than there is of Trump aiding the Russians, lol, even though her defenders don’t seem to realize this factual tidbit. 🙂

In fact, Trump’s decision to tear up the Iran Nuclear deal made Putin fume with anger and was against his own wishes.

Likewise, Trump’s decision to bomb the Iranian General was against Putin’s wishes too — since he’s very cozy with Iran.

Likewise, Trump’s decision to begin a trade war with China (which helped decrease the US trade deficit a bit) was against Putin’s wishes.

I can’t find a single decision Trump’s made that actually benefited Putin or Russia’s interests. In fact, every decision Trump makes seems to be against Russia’s wishes. LOL.

Have a nice day.

MK10ART sketch of Kristin Kreuk.

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  • Just because Kristin is getting a little older (as we all do) doesn’t take away from her beauty; she is still a very attractive women

  • That drawing of her on a leash is fucking disgusting and shows exactly what you think of women, you misogynistic piece of shit!

    • Awwww, did someone not get a Valentine’s Day card…? Don’t despair sugar-tits. Also, the drawing you are triggered about was drawn by a FEMALE, who goes by the name mk10art on instagram. She has drawn many NXIVM-inspired artwork.

  • For all you people complaining that Kristin was a part of nxivm, no 1 is debating that but DOS was a completely separate part that she had nothing to do with. Why don’t all you wannabe detectives actually get a life and stop trying to connect her to something she was not a part of?

    • Don’t cry. Mark Vicente was not a part of DOS, but it doesn’t mean he is clean either. It’s not just the DOS people, you sad person. In your case, white knighting just feeds the fire.

  • Dammit I thought there would be pictures of the beautiful Kristin’s beautiful feet. Clickbait. Feet to the fire! BDSM! Oh Kristin!

    • I drove a lot of people on a lot of blogs crazy. LOL

      Not role playing. Someone already had the name Tex on that website, so it was my practice to use TexTex, and I’ve even used TexTexTex. LOL

  • *This is an off topic comment. 🙂

    This comment is meant for Lefty sympathizers and pseudo-commies like AnonyMaker, Flowers, Hobo Heidi and anybody else who’s a Bernie/Warren/Democrat supporter.

    It’s a 6 question quiz.

    1) Explain why it’s not okay for Trump to enforce immigration law, yet it’s okay for blackface (Trudeau) to admit that Canada needs to begin blocking illegal border crossings from Haitian immigrants crossing over from the US?

    2) Explain why it’s UNFORGIVABLE for Trump to utter the words “grab the pussy” (without actually grabbing any pussy without consent) while it’s FORGIVABLE for Bill Clinton to sexually assault 7 different women over the years? How is it okay for Hillary to support him? How is ‘uttering words’ worse than sexually assaulting multiple women?

    3) Explain why it’s not foolish for Muslims to believe in creationism, Allah (God), Muhammad (Prophet) and not eating pork (because God allegedly hates pigs, LOL) —- but it’s totally foolish for Christians to believe in Jesus, Moses and God? Do you believe that Muslims are fools for believing in creationism, just like Christians? If not, why not?

    4) Explain why you think Trump is acting as Putin’s puppet, when his decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal and to kill Iran’s top General made Putin fume with anger? Likewise, Trump’s decisions about Israel, Syria and China have also angered Putin over the last 3 years. Explain how angering Putin is akin to being his puppet? LOL.

    5) If Donald Trump’s son or daughter was taking $80k/month to sit on the board of a Ukrainian company (without any real experience in that business) would you be totally cool with that setup? LOL. Or would you demand an investigation? Be honest, now. 🙂

    6) If Donald Trump was caught with a secret email server storing top secret data illegally, would you be totally cool with that? Or would you demand an indictment? LOL. Be honest, now.

    Are there any Bernie/Democrat supporters smart enough — or brave enough — to answer these questions?

    I’m guessing not.

    Sorry AnonyMaker, you’re just another version of our resident moron known as ‘Flowers’. You’re a coward and a hypocrite and you’re likely gonna get ASS CANCER because my Lord and Savior (Jesus Christ) doesn’t like your hypocrisy.

    Case closed. I’ve made my point.

    The left wingers aren’t mentally fit for showing intelligence.

    As always, have a nice day. 🙂 🙂

  • I haven’t visited the site in a while, but I can see that people are still on it.
    What’s with the obsession with KK?
    She has been investigated and cleared by authorities and other people involved, yet on here, there are still users that are talking about her every chance they get.
    Also, to note: the stark difference in articles between KK’s involvement and India Oxenberg.
    I mean, it has been proven beyond a doubt that India was involved in the cult up until investigations and arrests were made, that she was involved in the sex cult and it’s believed that she herself might be branded.
    Yet, there are half the articles on here about her than there are about KK.
    How is that? Could it be because Frank and Catherine are acquaintances? Or because Mommy is wealthy?
    And how come no one is discussing how the rich, white girl is not involved in any legal proceedings? Even when there might be solid proof that she did do illegal things?
    Yet, Kreuk gets trashed on here on a daily basis, even though there is NO PROOF of any of her actual involvement beyond what she said.
    I mean, I read people saying that she was still in it in 2016, but apart from hearsay, where’s the proof?
    So, you should focus on India who was recruiting slaves and got away scot-free.
    But hey, that’s not as headline-grabbing as continuing to persecute someone who has not been indicted by investigators. 🙂

    • From what I can tell, including hints from those who apparently know more of the background, much of it has to do with old Smallville fan wars, and grudges carried over from fansites that no longer even exist.

      It may be true that Kreuk was less than forthcoming about her involvement and now engages in what might be called “virtue signaling” – but for instance that’s far more true of Sarah Edmondson, who recruited many more people and had a more pivotal role lasting far longer, plus who continues to try to profit such as from her recent book that whitewashes her involvement, and yet who is virtually ignored.

      I suspect it also has to do with Kreuk being more winsomely attractive in a way that appeals to fanboys than, say, Grace Park – who’s also arguably more guilty of the sorts of things claimed to be the justification for the focus on Kreuk, and is another diehard who stayed heavily involved all the way until the branding scandal broke – or even Kendra Voth.

      • Erm, no. Nobody hasn’t said anything about Kreuk’s past acting roles as nobody cares. To most readers of Frank Report, she is just another NXIVM member. The reason she gets criticised is unique to her and is justified. You first showed up on this site defending Kreuk. Or at least this alias you use…

        • The only unique things about Kreuk are that she is winsomely pretty in a way that apparently appeals to fanboys, and is the long-term obsession of partisans from former Smallville fansites. Oh, and I gather that she bested Mack for the role of Clark Kent’s girlfriend on the show – is that what you mean by “justified”?

          By any measure, her involvement in NXIVM and her current hypocrisy as such, is eclipsed by numerous others.

          Though that’s a reminder that she perhaps has one special role – she’s useful to others like Hildreth and Park, people working for them or their fans, to distract attention from those celebrities who were involved longer and more deeply, who held on actively supporting and promoting NXIVM and Raniere until the final scandal broke, and who are now managing to slither away without even saying anything at all.

          And if you pay attention, my long-term interest, preceding my involvement in this site, is in cults and culty thinking of all types. The Kreuk-obssessed are practically a little cult of their own, almost mad with unreason.

          • “The only unique things about Kreuk are that she is winsomely pretty in a way that apparently appeals to fanboys, and is the long-term obsession of partisans from former Smallville fansites.”

            if ‘fanboys’ (like you) found her ‘winsomely pretty’, they would be here defending Kreuk, not calling her out. That is what white knights do. And no, not every cult member was asked to help fight NXIVM and said no despite helping to expand the cult. Not every NXIVM cult member filmed a tax payer funded television show pretending to do on television what they should of been doing in real life. Not everyone lied in public. Not everyone was named in the pedophile expose but continued to be in the cult, etc. As for “partisans from former Smallville fansites”, that would mean most, if not all who criticize Kreuk are females (probably ugly), in or around their thirties who only know about the NXIVM cult through Kreuk. That their interest is in Kreuk and not NXIVM. Does that apply to those who criticize Allison Mack, Grace Park and Nicki Clyne? Of course, you know a lot about these fan-sites, don’t you?


            “By any measure, her involvement in NXIVM and her current hypocrisy as such, is eclipsed by numerous others.”

            Who? We can discuss them too, but we will continue to call out Kreuk.


            “Though that’s a reminder that she perhaps has one special role – she’s useful to others like Hildreth and Park, people working for them or their fans, to distract attention from those celebrities who were involved longer and more deeply”

            Feel free to criticize them too. But Kreuk will not be let off either.


            “who held on actively supporting and promoting NXIVM and Raniere until the final scandal broke, and who are now managing to slither away without even saying anything at all.”

            Call them out. Share information you have on them. Frank will happily post it. In the meantime, Kristin Kreuk is one character in the NXIVM saga deserving of investigation and exposure.


            “Oh, and I gather that she bested Mack for the role of Clark Kent’s girlfriend on the show – is that what you mean by “justified”?”

            You must be an expert on the television show you just brought up. Your attempt to play ignorant is very obvious. And no, that is not what makes it justified. What we know about her and her behavior thereafter is why it is justified.


            “And if you pay attention, my long-term interest, preceding my involvement in this site, is in cults and culty thinking of all types.”

            Can you provide a link to other sites you have posted on, from before 2017, even 2012 pedophile expose, showing you are soooo anti-cult? Do you post as ‘Anonymaker’ on other sites, pre-2017? Your writing style can be easily identified, even if you post as some other alias. You started posting on Frank Report as ‘Anonymaker’ in 2019(?) only on articles and comments that mentioned Kreuk. Why is that?


            “The Kreuk-obssessed are practically a little cult of their own, almost mad with unreason.”

            It is all you. If Grace Park was your fantasy, she would be called out more. Kristin Kreuk is Kristin Kreuk and her reasons to be criticized are her own. You don’t ever defend other actresses named. Why is that Sult.. sorry, ‘Anonymaker’?

          • Unbelievable that you fools still persist in believing that I am still commenting on this subject and that Anonymaker is me. He writes so much different from me that it’s obvious that he’s not me. Plus, Frank has already emphasized that he isn’t.

            I couldn’t give a crap about the KK stories anymore. NXIVM was basically white clique with some rich Mexicans allowed in because they had money. I have no desire whatsoever to engage in this topic anymore, nor read a repeat of any of the classless and outright vitriolic bigotry that is directed at me when I do. I thank you for the directness and immediacy of it though.

            Subtle bigotry from others that wastes my time is plenty enough for me and has been far more pernicious to my life.

          • “Anonymous,” you’d also have to consider that the babble of the trolls who post 1 to 4 line comments is so inane and simplistic that it could just be the work of well-programmed AI bots running off computers in Moscow, Tehran and Beijing, and unconnected to actual human beings or intelligent thought processes.

          • I agree with the “same babble comment”. Just because someone can explain their thoughts in a few words, doesn’t make them a troll. Trolls are the KK fans that come here in her defense with no regard for the damage done by her and Nxivm. That’s what this blog is all about. The sultan and anonymaker need four pages of the dictionary to say “hi” and think it makes them sound intelligent! And I agree with the other poster that considers their writing styles similar. Poof… isn’t it odd how the mad spanker pops out of nowhere to claim he is not anonymaker? I believe that they are both here with a personal KK agenda. Rock on, Frank!

          • “boooorrring,” you wrote about 3 times as much in response, as I did. What does that tell us about your relative level of obsession?

            Come to think of it, you write rather like a PR person, the way you carefully avoid addressing the real issues just like Kreuk did in her 2018 statement, and use “we” as if you represent others. Is the point of your “special” focus on Kreuk, to keep it off of other more guilty parties on whose behalf you work?

            Plus your assumptions and theories about me are completely wrong. As I’ve pointed out before, I started commenting in 2018 through artvoice.com on the similarities between NXIVM and Scientology, and psychopathic cult leaders; I have long commented extensively on Tony Ortega’s and Mike Rinder’s blogs under the moniker PeaceMaker, which I modified for the more rough-and-tumble environment here. See, for instance:


        • I made a comment about Kristin Crook(ed)’s past acting roles yesterday. Others have commented on her past acting roles numerous times. To most Frank Report readers, Crook(ed) had a very large advantage in recruiting others into NXIVM, she was a minor actress.

        • Edmondson is much older and not nearly as hot as Kristin Crook(ed), but as Crook(ed) ages, they are catching up with each other. How does one compare one dingbat’s intelligence to another dingbat?

        • IDK about Sarah being hotter, she is still very pretty though. It’s just that KK is a fucking babe. But Sarah is definitely smarter, braver, and more deserving of restitution and forgiveness for putting her name out there publicly and fighting it openly.

          • Did Sarah E believe Lauren that giving up collateral and naked pics would make her stronger, and recruiting others into DOS, and agreeing to be filmed while being branded then holding other women down makes her SMART?

            That is about as smart as readers who think this is a defense of Kreuk and written by Sultan.

    • When did the authorities announce that Kristin Crook(ed) was in the clear? Both Oxenberg and Crook(ed) are wealthy, and Oxengerg is much younger than Crook(ed), which makes her much more attractive and worthy of more stories. I’m all for going after Oxenberg, but there needs to be evidence and Frank has to be willing to print it. Otherwise, go start your own website.

      • Uhm, she’s not been indicted or anythung, and there’s much more recent evidence on Oxenberg than there is about KK about her involment.
        If you apply the logic, you’ll see how Frank was naming India and her involment in the cult before he an her mother got acquainted, then after that it was all “poor India got brainwashed”. I believe that India experienced an unelievable trauma, but she also was still in the cult after evidence came out. All I hear nd read about KK is hearsay, even when other people corroborate her side.
        I don’t care one way or the other about KK, but then, you gotta give India the same amount of articles; becuase, again, her involvement is much more recent and provable. Just saying.

        • India being branded was the reason Catherine called me in the first place. I found out about India from her mother.

          • So that justifies you giving her a pass on all the illegal stuff she did because her mother called you?
            Again, I’m sure she was traumatized but there’s still evidence she was into that sh*t, did illegal stuff and was still involved even when things got bad.
            You don’t have evidence as strong as the one there’s for India about Kreuk, yet there’s a new article about her almost every day.
            This feels personal, and not in a good way.

            I understand that what KK did is a cop-out, yet I read your articles on her and they are biased and all based on hearsay.
            It actually undermines your good work here. That’s why I rarely read your site anymore, as opposed to when you first broke the story.
            And the blatant silence you keep on India after you collaborated with Catherine feels like you got paid off or something, just to avoid talking about her and making her pay her dues.

            Just, if you want to keep digging on Kreuk, that’s fine, but then you should do the same for India.

            Both got out, yet you only go after one, with no concrete evidence that she was in the sex cult.

            India was. And she recruited and did illegal money stuff, so…

            You may not like Kreuk on a personal level, but your smear campaign against her feels like too much.

          • They are all stupid. It can be assumed you don’t critique India Oxenberg because you get along with her mother who fed you information and who actually made an effort. And likewise, you don’t critique Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson because they fed you information. Those two definitely deserve some criticisms.

            Also Frank, when will you drop the Kristin Kreuk/GBD story? It will make ‘someone’ we shall not name bang his head against the wall and then cry in the fetal position.

        • I don’t have to do anything. Who the HELL do you think you are, trying to boss my and Frank around? Perhaps Oxenberg cut a deal. Just because there isn’t much public information about Kristin Crook(ed) doesn’t mean the government doesn’t have much on her. LOL

      • Oh Scooter, you’re just not that smart are you? It must be that Tex-ass education. Authorities don’t announce that people are in the clear if they’ve never even considered them as suspects. They only do so for those whom they consider as suspects, who are known to the public and have been investigated and cleared of any wrongdoing in their eyes. If none of those conditions are met, for example, someone not being considered a suspect all, then they would never clear her as one. Come on, use that God-given brain.

        Also, attractiveness is not defined by youth. It may be a part of it, but there are plenty of non-attractive young people and plenty of older attractive people. Again, use that God-given brain.

        And really, are you too ignorant to see that India had plenty of evidence against her, being linked as CC-2 in a warrant for Raniere’s arrest? She got off for turning state’s evidence against him and she’s also the daughter of Catherine who is on Frank’s “Not a NXIVM terrorist” list.

        • I wasn’t educated in Texas, I moved here after I was educated.

          You are twisting my words regarding who is in the clear or not. Nice try, it didn’t work. LOL

          Look at recent pictures of Oxenberg and Kristin Crook(ed) and tell me which is more attractive. THAT is my point. Again, trying to twist my point failed. I think people who twist words are quite ugly, no matter what they look like. LOL

          I’ve said many times that Oxenberg may have taken a deal, so you’re late to that game, too. LOL

          • Nobody twisted your words, Scooter. You’re just trying to slither your way out of what you wrote and meant.

            Judging from online images of these two women, and there are many more pictures of Kristen than there are of India because she’s more famous, Kristen is clearly more attractive. India is not unattractive at all, but she’s your standard, slightly better than run-of-the-mill average blonde-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian. No one would bat an eye if she walked into a talent pool of beautiful people. Kristen seems to be mixed Asian and Caucasian, is quite symmetrical, and she has sharper features and a dainty, doe-eyed look that men, in general, find attractive.

            Why is it men like you only care about judging women’s youth and beauty, and when did you and other men like you make this website a beauty pageant for former NXIVM female members?

          • Yes, my words were twisted. Prove they weren’t. Recent pictures of Kristin Crook(ed) indicate her age is showing. It’s not just me, Hollywood ignores most women when they start to show wrinkles. Crook(ed) has a flat butt and chest, she looks more like a boy. I didn’t say I cared only about youth and beauty, you did, which proves yet again you like to twist my words. LOL

          • Oh Scooter, you’re the one who said your words were twisted, so you’re the one who has to prove it.

            Tex-ass, there are plenty of famous actresses who have existed in Hollywood for decades who are still acting. That Hollywood judges most women on youth is only your warped perception. That you’re constantly bringing up the topic, saying that such a woman’s looks are fading because she’s getting older or has wrinkles, and think that India’s youth makes her prettier than Kristen reinforces the notion that you are the one focusing on a woman’s youth. No one is twisting your words you slithering creature. One gender doesn’t have immunity to aging while the other doesn’t. As both sexes get older, their looks fade. This isn’t news. Some much later than others depending upon genetics, health, and inner state. Look at Christie Brinkley.

            What do you get out of constantly trying to degrade the looks of the older former females who existed in NXIVM? You mock Allison for her cankles. You mock Kristen for your view of her body. What does any of this have to do with the blog? Aren’t you over sixty? You likely have far more wrinkles than any of these women. So act your age and just stop it.

          • This site drives me crazy because now I’m defending Scott! (retch)

            Anonymous told Scott “That Hollywood judges most women on youth is only your warped perception” which may be the most clueless statement ever made on this site. Almost matched by saying this about actors “One gender doesn’t have immunity to aging while the other doesn’t.” Well all genders age, but Hollywood treats them differently. Women actors age-out so much sooner than men who even can be action heroes well into their 60’s (Liam Neeson and Bruce Willis are late 60’s. Tom Cruise is only 57 but guess how old his female co-stars are.)

            Last year a 30ish actress was denied a role as the girl friend of a 60 something actor because she was TOO OLD!

            Enjoy this sketch where “In every actress’s life, Hollywood decides when you finally reach the point when you’re not believably fuckable anymore,” and their career changes. The short article and video is in this link.

          • You are the one who twisted my words, I don’t have to prove anything. LOL

            Brinkley is an extreme abberation. There are many more older male actors in movies than older women. You just can’t handle the truth. I don’t make the rules, I just reflect reality. I’m like Rush Limbaugh, the mayor of Realville. LOL

            I have hardly any wrinkles, and I’m almost 61. You are probably flat as a board, uglier than sin, AND have cankles. LOL

        • -Anonymous told Scott “That Hollywood judges most women on youth is only your warped perception” which may be the most clueless statement ever made on this site.

          It’s not clueless at all. They may not consider older women for particular roles, but there are plenty of women actors who have been working for decades in the industry. This idea that most women are judged in the industry by youth is baseless. They are judged first and foremost by acting talent. That a beautiful women is on the arm of a man who may be twenty years older is for a particular type of role, typically the action hero and the buxom blonde of James Bond films or the like. Action films tend to attract younger men, and they are attracted to younger, good looking women.

          -Women actors age-out so much sooner than men who even can be action heroes well into their 60’s (Liam Neeson and Bruce Willis are late 60’s. Tom Cruise is only 57 but guess how old his female co-stars are.)

          Which is just as silly as having a female action star in their sixties when you consider these actors and films in isolation. The only reason these films work is because these men have been in the industry so long, are still in relatively good shape, and have played the same roles over and over again, the nostalgic suspension of disbelief is maintained when the context of their history on film is considered.

          But what does this have to do with Scooter’s stupid statement that a woman being younger “makes her much more attractive and worthy of more stories”. He brought Hollywood’s treatment of women into it like they are the standard with which to judge reality: “It’s not just me, Hollywood ignores most women when they start to show wrinkles.” are his words, as if how he behaves proves anything and has any relevance as to whether someone should be discussed more or less when in the NXIVM story.

          And Scooter, you’re a moron. You’re 61 and you have the emotional maturity of a teenager. There’s no way you have less wrinkles than any of these women in their thirties. You’d never post a picture of yourself to prove it.

          • Another laugh line from Anonymous: “This idea that most women are judged in the industry by youth is baseless. They are judged first and foremost by acting talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Looks and sex always has determined what movies are made and who gets the roles. Few movies are made that require the talent of Meryl Streep–and even she is rumored to be linked to Harvey Weinstein.

            “Women are given less dialogue in Hollywood films the older they get, according to a new study. A survey of 2,000 movies by Polygraph found that women between the ages of 22 and 31 spoke 38% of all female dialogue. The figure fell to 31% for female actors aged 32 to 41 and 20% for those aged 42 to 65.”

            “To be an older woman working in Hollywood — and by older, I mean, sadly, anyone over the age of 30 or so — requires something of a Herculean effort. Women of any age have a hard time finding quality roles on-screen, but those whom the industry considers past their prime have an even more difficult time getting roles and staying relevant. A 2016 analysis found that after age 40, male actors get 80 percent of the leading roles available, leaving women with just 20 percent”

          • Now, you’re diverging into something I never said.

            I never implied people were judged primarily for acting talent, and that beauty didn’t play a part.

            I said it is not true that potential female actors for a part are mostly judged for youth and looks which is what Scooter said.

            A woman who is beautiful and youthful who can’t act worth crap isn’t going to get a job in any major film.

            But a woman who is beautiful and youthful who can act is going to get a job over someone who isn’t as beautiful and youthful and can act if that is the description for the part.

            Hollywood has always been a beauty industry for members of both sexes. Casting directors are always going to choose people who are better looking on average because “sex” sells and beauty brings in whatever type of audience they are targeting.

            Hollywood primarily chooses people based on skill and the physical characteristics of what a role calls for, which may even require a non-attractive person.

        • You said on *February 13, 2020 at 6:41 am*

          “She has been investigated and cleared by authorities”, without providing proof.

          Then you said: “I think if she was being investigated we would have heard about it by now. No way anyone wouldn’t report on it.”

          Which one is it then? This website uncovers the NXIVM cult and people involved with it. If anyone has anything to share on other members, they have a free opportunity to post on it here, or email Frank personally. Groupies and celebrity lovers offend me with their one sided infatuation and belief their favorite celebrities don’t fart or have buttholes. You are just as bad as those who followed Keith Raniere.

        • That thought that the Feds would NOT investigate her GBD program rumored to have tried to recruit underage girls into a sex cult is absurd. So it has been investigated.

          Nothing in court filings have mentioned GBD so maybe the rumors were false…or maybe an arrest is still to come.

  • Bangkok,

    Are you fishing? I think this article is just chum. You are chumming the waters trying to land the big fish. The legendary Sultanofsix. Sultan is smart and resourceful. No doubt Sultan will use a decoy alias. He sometimes likes to wait for a full 24hrs before he posts his fanboy defense of the Virgin Kristin Kreuk. Hopefully, you will bag your hunting, quarry. I hear fricassee sultan pairs well with a Cabernet or port wine. Bon appetite!

    • Sultan won’t show his dirty mug around here. Bangkok gots his number. Sultan is scared sh*tless of Bangkok.

    • Why do you keep calling her Virgin Kristin Kreuk? She’s a liberal who has been in two long term relationships, one with an actor and the other a writer. Do you think she’s one of those “good” girls who just does BJs and anal before marriage but still considers herself a virgin?

      • Anonymous 11:03am,

        Why “Virgin Kristin Kreuk?”

        It’s called a joke numbskull. 😉

        No sh*t she is no virgin! Unless of course happen to be the always delusional S***** of S**.
        I’m not saying his name anymore; last week he threatened to issue fatwa against Neutrogena if they did not renew Kristen Kreuk’s Neutrogena®️ contract.

      • Anonymous,

        Why “Virgin Kristin Kreuk?”

        Oh it’s just a joke, a tongue-in-cheek jest.

        I hope you have a lovely afternoon and a delightful evening.


        • Bangkok-

          You did it Bangkok!!!! You have trolled the great Sultan, successfully one last time.

          “There she blows!-there she blows! A hump like a snow-hill! It is Moby Dick!”
          -Herman Melville, Moby Dick

      • Technically as long as her hymen is intact she is a virgin.

        To Mari. Under the search engine on FR feel free to type in nxivm recruiter Kristin’s name. You say there is no proof but the pictures of her teaching and singing to her master will tell no lie. Also her old website juicy peach is selling 40.00 calendars of she and Ally Wack. Good luck finding the site. You’re smart you can figure it out.

  • https://www.instagram.com/p/B8fWDrWHGZH/

    “New information about #kristinkreuk ‘s involvement with pedophile #keithraniere and her #Nxivm offshoot #girlsbydesign #gdb will be published soon on Frankreport.com and it will be scandulous. Stay tuned…”


    “In October 2018 Frank Parlato interview one of #allisonmack ‘s slaves. She used the name ‘Jane’ “FR: Is Kristin Kreuk involved in the master-slave culture.? Jane: KK still communicates with all the contacts she claimed she dumped. … Girls By Design was a feminist approach to BDSM.””

  • Ummmm…Kristin still is not charged, not investigated, has nothing to do with the court case which is still waiting for sentencing.
    Poor sick mean girls still posting weirdo art in their eternal Kristin bashfest. Charging and listing her with imaginary crimes and indictments
    in their sick little brains, wishing in their dark hearts that reality will bend to their twisted will. Lol. Why oh why did Kristin get the lead in Smallville? !! Why oh why does she have a successful 19 year career? Why does Kristin have a successful 3 yr. old series she is producing? Why is the Justice dept. happy with the people they have convicted? Why do the ex NXIVM women who helped destroy the cult and publicly support Kristin as innocent? Why can’t everyone believe our made up Kristin convictions and insults? Reality is not fair!!! Yes, Kristin is a beautiful woman, loved by her fans,fellow acting and entertainment industry, but so what?!? We mean girls must have our revenge!!!
    Lol. No fake justice, no peace!!! No peace for mean girls and Kristin bashers anyway…lol

    • You really are a brain dead, blind little rat. What are you even talking about with your “mean girl” bullshit? You are convinced anyone who critiques this NXIVM cultist you are obsessed with are angry that she got a particular acting role. Newsflash: nobody gives a fuck. Most people here probably never heard of her if it were not for NXIVM and Frank Report. Nobody gives a flying dookie what you have to say. She is criticised for reasons you choose to ignore. Nothing you say and repeat on and on changes the facts that have been revealed about this NXIVM cultist. Deal with it. One would hope English is not your first language because you sound like a fucking retard.

    • Law enforcement normally doesn’t admit when they are investigating someone. Bernie Madoff was the toast of the town for decades before he came crashing down. Same with Enron and many other scams.

      • Hope they investigate her. No doubt that they will find some wrongdoing associated with Girls By Design procuring underage teen girls for the pedophile Keith Raniere.

  • WASHINGTON, D.C.—In response to the Christianity Today editorial calling for his removal, Trump called the magazine a “left-wing rag” and said, “I have done more for Christianity than Jesus.”
    “I mean, the name of the magazine is Christianity Today, and who is doing more for Christians today? Not Jesus. He disappeared; no one knows what happened to him. But I’m out there every day protecting churches from crazy liberals.”

    While Trump admitted that Jesus did do some things for Christianity in the past, Trump said he was doing more now and it was more substantial. “I’m appointing judges to help protect religious rights,” Trump stated. “How many judges has Jesus appointed? He says something about judging people in the future, but I ain’t seen it.”

    Furthermore, Trump asserted that he “saved Christmas.” “Look what I’ve done,” he said. “You can say ‘Merry Christmas’ now. In fact, if you say ‘Happy Holidays’ and don’t immediately make it clear you’re referring to Christmas, you go to prison. What has Jesus ever done for Christmas? Be born? He wants credit for that? Come on.”

    • Hey idiot, what the hell has your Trump Derangement Syndrome have to do with this article?? Get back to worshipping Satan.

        • Sultan of Six-

          I admonish you to never come back and post to the Frank Report forever. Sultan of Six your sanity depends on steering clear of the Frank Report. You always overreact to the trolls. Sultan you can’t handle light ribbing. Your psyche has a low threshold.

          May you one day find your Lana Lang. 😉

          I wish you joy and a life of prosperity.

  • You people who are trying to make Kristin look bad need to get a life of your own and stop trying to connect her to something she had nothing to do with

    • Either you have only just learnt about the NXIVM story, or you are a silly fan in denial. Kristin Kreuk was heavily involved with NXIVM. Saying “nothing to do with” is absolutely ridiculous. Mark Vicente (know him?) was not branding sex slaves in DOS, but like Kreuk, was heavily involved. She is being exposed. Hopefully, all involved with the cult will be too. This excellent site has done very well and continues to do so.

    • Defending Kreuk?
      You people defending a bad actress need to get a life. Move on to Megan Markel’s fine ass or do you not like women of color?

  • Bankook, poor Kristin could claim abuse by your using her merely as a flaky transition to defend Trump. At least you could have demanded Frank include Kristin’s view of the Trump and Putin puppet show. I’m sure her opinion is a valid as yours.

  • And while we’re going against the wooden actress Kristin Kreuk let’s go after the cutie pie heiress Sara Bronfman.
    A recent article in the Frank Report detailed how Sara Bronfman has fled France for Portugal.

    A recent article in the Seattle Times, republished from the New York Times, details how the French who have tolerated pedophilia among the elite for so long are now turning against wealthy influential pedophiles.

    A pedophile writer is on trial. So is the French elite.
    Feb. 11, 2020 at 6:02 pm Updated Feb. 12, 2020 at 8:04 am

    Gabriel Matzneff hailed by the French as a great writer and philosopher is now facing charges for decades of pedophilia.
    He is 83 so the best I can say for it is better late than never.

    But the poor pervert now has insomnia and can now barely eat and sleep.

    Gabriel Matzneff wrote numerous books bragging about having sex with 14 year old girls and 8 year old boys and the French invited him on TV to talk about his fondness for children.
    French President Francois Mitterand invited Matzneff to dinner at the Presidential Palace.
    Gabriel Matzneff was hailed as a cultural institution in France.

    “PARIS — Gabriel Matzneff, the French writer under investigation for his promotion of pedophilia, was holed up this month inside a luxury hotel room on the Italian Riviera, unable to relax, unable to sleep, unable to write.

    He was alone and in hiding, abandoned by the same powerful people in publishing, journalism, politics and business who had protected him weeks earlier. He went outside only for solitary walks behind dark sunglasses, and was startled when I tracked him down in a cafe mentioned in his books.”

    Poor dear.
    He should be sharing a cell with Keith Raniere.

    “Hiding is new for Matzneff. For decades, he was celebrated for writing and talking openly about stalking teenage girls outside schools in Paris and having sex with 8-year-old boys in the Philippines.”

    “But Matzneff has been summoned to appear in a Paris court on Wednesday, accused of actively promoting pedophilia through his books. Matzneff could face up to five years in prison, yet the case is also an implicit indictment of an elite that furthered his career and swatted away isolated voices calling for his arrest.”


    No wonder Allison Pimp Mack likes France so much and treated her mother to a trip to Paris in 2017.
    The French like perverts.

    • “Padeophillia
      Despite describing acts of pedophillia in his books, Matzneff remained sheltered from any criminal prosecution for a long time and benefited from a large support within the literary world.[11] At the end of 2019 one of his former victims, Vanessa Springora—the director of Éditions Julliard[12]—published the book Le Consentement describing the effect that Matzneff had on her at the age of 14. Her book unleashed an intense controversy over the tolerance of the literary milieu towards an assumed pedophile. This controversy first led Éditions Gallimard to withdraw their marketing services for some of his works, in particular Carnets noirs and Les Moins de seize ans, with other publishers to follow.[13]

      Matzneff’s diary Un Galop d’Enfer, published in 1985, read that whilst in the Phillipines he would regularly have sex with underage boys. He wrote that “Sometimes, I’ll have as many as four boys — from 8 to 14 years old — in my bed at the same time, and I’ll engage in the most exquisite lovemaking with them”.[1]

      Gabriel Matzneff

    • As has been mentioned many times here, Sara only looks like a “cutie pie” when she is seated next to the homely Clare.

      And as I have said many times, imagine the good these two nitwits could have done by investing their money in charity or research. Although they would, after all, still be only loved for their money, they may have earned some respect.

  • This request is hilarious coming from a guy who constantly writes bloated comments in which he constantly fawns over, and excuse makes for, Pinocchio Lauren.

    • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But to be fair to Bangkok, he does want her to get a nose job. That thing would be painful getting jammed into your belly button, right Bangkok?

    • Kreuk used her name to recruit thousands. Some of whom would become sex slaves of Vanguard. She has never issued an apology to the women who became chattel for Keith Ranerie.

    • Hey whacko,

      Kristen Kreuk recruited far more people using her star power. Get real.

      Bellevue Hospital-Psychiatry called to let you know your day pass has expired.

      Go back to crazy land.

    • Scott-

      Of course, he does. Sultan probably knows Kreuk’s menstrual cycle from all the time he has spent dumpster diving and collecting Kreuk’s garbage. Sultan has made references to his activities on other websites. Hopefully, her loved ones are aware of Sultan. Scary stuff.

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