How and why Allison Mack gave collateral to Keith

images (1)After Mark Hildreth and Kristin Kreuk broke up, Kristin left NXIVM. Mark stayed.

Allison Mack also stayed.

For a time, it seemed like Mark and Allison had some romantic chemistry.  They would stare at each other in admiration and spend time alone.


But Allison wanted to learn more from Keith Raniere, who prefers to be called by his self-given title, Vanguard.


One day, Allison left her computer open. There was an email on the screen. One of her friends saw it and was shocked: It was an email from Keith to Allison.

It said in effect:


 ‘If you and I want to have sex, you have to make a vow to have sex only with me. You have to give me collateral that you are only having sex with me.’

Friends of the actress say she pledged significant financial assets as collateral to ensure her chastity.

Allison Mack chose to be sexually healed by Keith Raniere rather than have a monogamous relationship with another man.

Keith teaches that, combined with little sleep and a low calorie diet, a woman who has sex with him will be transformed. If he ejaculates with her, on her, or inside her, she becomes his forever.

Keith Raniere is truly one of the world’s greatest liars.

As he healed her disintegrations though sex, he told her, as he had told many others, that he could die if she had sex with another man. He was ready to die, but his mission was not complete.  She had to give more collateral.

When there were no more financial assets to pledge, he allowed her to give nude pictures and videos.  She had done cute pictures in her bra and panties. Maybe topless.

Girls give pictures like that to their boyfriends all the time.


Photos have to be graphic and much clearer than this shot from one of Allison’s films.

No. Cute pictures are not collateral. Neither are sexy pictures.

It had to be completely naked. More: It had to go beyond moderate pornographic.

She had to have her legs up and her vagina spread open and it had to show her face. A shot of her inner labia with her face in the picture.

Done. Keith needed something more. After all, he was risking his life to heal her.

Over time, he kept healing her by ejaculating on her. For her part, she had to continue to give collateral.

More nudes?

No. How many graphic shots of Allison Mack were needed? If you have 10 or 20, having 100 isn’t going to do any more.

Everybody has done something they are ashamed of [except Vanguard]. Confess that on video. Something damning, something shocking. Something that could destroy her life. Collateral that would make people hate Allison Mack if Keith ever released it.

Suppose there is nothing so wicked? Then make something up. Lie about a crime. Falsely say you did something: Molest a child. Embezzlement. Fraud. Put it on video.

There were so many who depended on his teaching. Allison Mack wanted to be healed through his sperm.  She gave him collateral.

Then, like all women, she lived her life waiting for him to call and come when he commanded.

All of the women wait to be healed by Vanguard’s sperm.

Keith was pleased with Allison. He sent her out to find more women. They must be young, slender and attractive.

He liked the idea of collateral for it could work on a much larger scale.







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Allison persuaded other women to be branded.

Allison went out and found women. They added collars, a hierarchy, where slaves recruit other slaves, and human pubic branding. They called it DOS.

It had begun with Keith saying he needed assurance that Allison would not have sex with another man. Why couldn’t Allison simply have put on a chastity belt and given Keith the key?

Inscrutable are the ways of Vanguard.


Allison Mack sees only Vanguard. She lives only for him. She has no father to protect her. No brother to confirm this is all true.
Artist conception: Vanguard does not suck the life from his students as it might appear. He says it is just the opposite: He has much to offer. So much it could kill him. That’s why he needs collateral.
Could a chastity belt have worked as well for Vanguard? Maybe he didn’t think of it.


Even before he became Vanguard, he did his level best to heal women and girls.


Allison Mack chose to be sexually healed by Keith Raniere rather than have a monogamous relationship with another man. Is she a victim of Vanguard or a cruel and selfish woman who brought dozens of other women into his perverse world?


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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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